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USS Fairfax DD 93

November 2008 Cover of the Month

By Don Tjossem (USCS #L-10,987)

This USS FAIRFAX (DD 93) cover was cancelled on Thanksgiving Day, 26 November 1936. At the time a Type 3 cancellation was used on this 1 1/2 cent (Scott U524) embossed postal stationary envelope FAIRFAX was in Balboa, Canal Zone as evidenced by the letters set inside of the killer bars. On the reverse side is a Fancy Cancel, Type F-1c, of the FAIRFAX, also dated 26 November 1936, identifying it with the Special Service Squadron.

This cover was addressed to Edward V. Bedney of Owatonna, Minnesota. The Navy Mail Clerk of FAIRFAX, R, C. Carey, has signed this beautifully designed and colored cover.

The cachet artist is Irene Griffith, USCS # 765, as indicated by her rubber stamp on the reverse. Ms. Griffith, from Topeka, Kansas, was most active in the era between 1935 – 1939. She was also a member of the ANCS (# 64) and the RCD (# 123).

The keel was laid for FAIRFAX on 10 July 1917 and she was commissioned on 6 April 1918. Yes, she was built in less than one year during WWI! That is pretty impressive. After the war ended she had routine missions of the East Coast and in the Caribbean. From June 1922 until May 1930 she was out of commission at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. When World War II started up she was reactivated into the Neutrality Patrol and also used in the training service.

FAIRFAX was decommissioned on November 1940 and became one of the Fifty Famous destroyers transferred to the United Kingdom. She became known as the HMS RICHMOND. In 1944 she was leased to the Soviet Union and became known as the ZHYIVUCHI until she was later scrapped in 1949.

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