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Online Chat Archive – November – December 2016


  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Jan 2017 4:39pm EST) : Today I received my replacement covers from Camden, NJ. (USS Guardfish SSN 612) There were four replacements and they were returned with perfect cancels and they did replace the stamps. Excellent.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jan 2017 4:52pm EST) : “Gain more weight” well said by a “cook”. Remember aboard most cutters mid-rats are “open galley” so enjoy and keep in mind that if the cutters budget is affected, the kitchen will be locked down until it balances. The mid-rats galley aboard ARBUTUS is where I learned to make fried banana sandwiches. Calories? Carbohydrates? Never thought of them in those years.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jan 2017 4:47pm EST) : I return ALL badly applied postmarks. Many times it involves 50 covers that I had submitted for the chapter. I also send my own un-serviced envelopes (laser envelopes from Karl Zurn) as I don’t want them done on what I call 5&10 store envelopes. I also enclose USPS Form 3533, signed. You can not download the most recent version (2003 and 2006 are on-line) but it is available at your local post office. It is bar-coded now.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jan 2017 4:39pm EST) : Called Camden NJ and Bellmawr NJ (District Customer Services) to see who is cancelling covers and to ask that they do so in a manner that collectors can enjoy them. Left messages both places, hopefully someone is listening.
  • John Young (02 Jan 2017 11:30am EST) : My New Year’s Resolution: Gain more weight or Buy more coversHope to keep one of them!
  • John Young (01 Jan 2017 4:37am EST) : A Happy New Year with good health to all my friends in the coming yearMay you all find that missing cover during the year, whether Coast Guard,
    polar or naval.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (31 Dec 2016 10:32pm EST) : To the folks who occupy this chat area, a Happy New Year and great collecting in 2017. May there be many ship returns with clear cancels! And thanks to all of you who have responded to me pleas for help on this chat.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (31 Dec 2016 10:30pm EST) : Elgin (and others) – someday it might be interesting/useful to share our respective processes for getting covers and timing, including how we word our requests. For example, I used to send for ship covers well in advance of the date requested and got great returns. Then as returns started dwindling over the last two years, I started sending them 21 days out which has helped my returns a bit in the last 6 months (or something has). And so on…
  • Mike Meister (31 Dec 2016 8:04pm EST) : I hope everyone has a very happy, healthy and safe 2017!
  • esink (31 Dec 2016 2:43pm EST) : Thad/Nice cancels on Schiffspost blog, but I haven’t tried to read German since I took college German 50 years ago…wondering about an English version of the blog.
  • esink (31 Dec 2016 2:35pm EST) : Tom Kean: My STENNIS covers must have been the first ones into the ship post office because I sent quite early; that means they are on the bottom of the stack…you know, first in and last out (-:
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (31 Dec 2016 11:48am EST) : Correction – USS Washington SSN 787 pictorial is Ma5 25, 2017 at Norfolk, VA and NOT Groton.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (31 Dec 2016 11:23am EST) : Take a look – Google this blog…. US Navy Schiffspost der blog. It has the Decommission pictorial for USS Enterprise CVN 65 – Newport News, VA Feb. 3, 2017; USS Carl Vinson CVN 35th Anniversary pictorial Norfolk, VA Mar 13, 2017; USS Washington SSN 787 Commission pictorial – Groton, CT – Mar 25, 2017 plus others. I look at this blog every day.
  • esink (30 Dec 2016 8:38pm EST) : Thad/I send out every five years to the TR for anniversary postmarks and always have gotten a good return…but not this year, yet.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Dec 2016 3:45pm EST) : Neal, no never did get the USS TR 30th anniversary from the ship. I haven’t gotten any covers from TR even from my earlier mass mailing to the fleet over the summer. They went into shutdown… probably because of the work that was being done in the yard. they are just now getting it together. Haven’t gotten anything from Nimitz or IKE from my mailing either. Usually carriers are pretty good.
    Still waiting for the pictorial for 30th for TR from Norfolk.
  • esink (30 Dec 2016 3:38pm EST) : Interesting summary for 2016 Navy events on this website: https://news.usni.org/2016/12/28/23030
  • Neal Mills (30 Dec 2016 12:58pm EST) : Thad, did you get your covers back from USS TR or are those still in the wind also?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Dec 2016 10:15am EST) : Tried calling Norfolk PO multiple times about USS TR & California pictorials from October but no answer or voice mail that no one returns. Wrote a letter to Sharon Gregory, Customer Relations at Norfolk so lets see what happens.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Dec 2016 2:40pm EST) : I had a date of 17 Jan 2017 for LDC of ALBUQUERQUE. I am told it had slipped to at least 2 Mar 2017 (in Bremerton WA). No pictorial has been considered since the date is fluid and can’t be confirmed yet. DALLAS hinted to be deactivated in March 2017 at Groton.
  • esink (29 Dec 2016 2:14pm EST) : Nicely processed FREE frank received today from USS WASP LHD-1 with rubber-stamped (unit included) corner card, ship cachet and clear type ? (no unit included) cancel dtd NOV 15, 2016. (Never expected to get any returns from this ARG and especially this carrier now returned stateside).
  • Don Tjossem (29 Dec 2016 12:17pm EST) : Richard,Thank-you again for producing a wonder LOG for our enjoyment. Fairwinds on your year-end cruise.Don
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (29 Dec 2016 11:59am EST) : ???
  • Tom Kean [Member] (29 Dec 2016 8:56am EST) : Richard Jones – Happy New Year and have a great time on your cruise! Thanks for all your hard work as Editor!
  • Tom Kean [Member] (29 Dec 2016 8:51am EST) : I am with you Rich. I am so busy since I retired, I wonder how I ever had time to work!
  • Tom Kean [Member] (29 Dec 2016 8:50am EST) : Elgin – I got my Stennis covers back, but not anything from TR.
  • esink (29 Dec 2016 6:55am EST) : Quickly scanned current JAN eLOG…much interesting history within; great issue, Richard.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (29 Dec 2016 12:45am EST) : 380 copies of the first 2017 USCS eLOG have been sent tonight,Heading for New Year’s Cruise to Eastern Caribbean on Friday.Still need articles for February (short) and for March and April to keep files full.Happy New Year!
  • esink (28 Dec 2016 11:56pm EST) : Rich, So which one happens first? (I thought the post office had quit with the DEACT.)
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Dec 2016 11:12pm EST) : LDC and LDPS are not the same for CVN-65.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Dec 2016 11:11pm EST) : Interesting note on USS Charles F Adams DDG-2 website. Notice mention of 12 OHP Class FFG’s to Poland. News to me.”SAVE THE ADAMS” project update – December 21, 2016We now have a project update from the JHNSA. Following are excerpts from a message sent from JHNSA President Dan Bean to ACVA directors.The ship repair facility has 12 Perry Class Frigates they are preparing for Poland, hence we were moved to the back of the line. If there are delays with the Perry Class project, we will be delayed too. “We are letting the public know that March 7, 2017 is our dry dock date.You can also share that we are moving forward on the pier preparations

    More funds will be needed after her arrival for us to build her out the way we hope, so please keep asking. For now, we believe we can establish top-side tours within six weeks of her arrival. Then we focus on the berthing compartment and go from there.

  • esink (28 Dec 2016 9:48pm EST) : More info on the IKE’s return and the impact on the middle east: http://www.defensenews.com/articles/no-us-carrier-now-in-the-mideast
  • esink (28 Dec 2016 3:25pm EST) : Is the Last Day Postal Service for the USS ENTERPRISE the same as the decommissioning date?
  • esink (28 Dec 2016 2:20pm EST) : MORE Interesting info on the IKE CSG returning home: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=98300
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Dec 2016 8:54pm EST) : Got it Rich – USS Enterprise CVN 65, Unit 100350 Box 1, FPO AE 09543.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Dec 2016 8:38pm EST) : Rich or anyone… what is Unit # and zip for Enterprise???? Jan 17 is right around the corner.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Dec 2016 8:33pm EST) : Wow Rich H….. good info and thank you. Appreciate the sharing. I resent covers to Honolulu for the Dec 7 cancels hope they forwarded them to the “caves”. I still never gotten the Brooklyn cancel for Arizona. Sharon Gregory has been pretty good in Norfolk but never took this long to prepare pictorials. The USS TR 30th and USS California 5th from October are still out. I hope she is still there. That was part of my phone call to Norfolk today. I might try again tomorrow.
    Having spent 40 hectic years in IT has made retirement over the past four years a dream. Except the part of recovering from a broken back. It has helped slow me down over the past 18 months.
    Keep us posted please Rich….
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Dec 2016 5:37pm EST) : Two new forms have been sent to me by “the caves” to be filled out and submitted with pictorial cancels in the future. These are legal documents that pass any liability about intellectual property rights issues to the artist and submitter of the postmarks. I have used the new forms for the first three naval pictorials I have submitted for 2017, but I have signed as a member of the USCS. These should be reviewed by a lawyer on behalf of the Society, but at this point we no longer have a legal liaison. Any thoughts? I do have written permission from the Navy to use the ships crests in cancels now (that took nearly a year to get permission), but these forms go as far as demanding that the font used in the postmarks is not someone’s intellectual property. It also states that the release is governed by US federal law and the laws of the State of New York. I sent a message about the fonts and the issue of following the laws of New York. I did not expect a speedy reply, and none has come yet.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Dec 2016 5:26pm EST) : For those asking about the pictorial for Dec 7 at Honolulu HI, I am told by the editor of a philatelic blog that that due to the Customer Services person at Honolulu expecting a deluge of collectors sending for the cancel, the postmark we presented them will be transferred to “the caves” with all covers received for cancelling in Kansas City.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Dec 2016 5:22pm EST) : Ever since Hervey Trimyer retired, my contact at Norfolk post office has been Mrs. Sharon Gregory. That has been a few years, so I am hopeful that she is still there.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Dec 2016 5:20pm EST) : I think you all know that I got 50 bad cancels from Brooklyn NY and returned them all for replacements. Nothing back and it has been several weeks since I sent them back.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Dec 2016 5:18pm EST) : A pictorial has been submitted to Newport News post office for Decommissioning date for CVN-65. The carrier has not responded about a T-F for Decommissioning.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Dec 2016 5:16pm EST) : Last Day Postal Service aboard CVN65 is reported as 1/17/17. Use the normal FPO address for her. This came from one of my sources, not the carrier.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Dec 2016 5:12pm EST) : Bad cancels from Camden NJ? Mine are not back yet. This has been a problem with Camden NJ for many years and each time we make contact with the customer services person asking them to have someone cancel them who knows what a pictorial cancel is.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Dec 2016 5:11pm EST) : Thad, I don’t know where you get all this free time. I can’t get everything done I want to each day.
  • esink (27 Dec 2016 5:09pm EST) : ‘Have yet to receive USS ARIZONA 100th from Brooklyn, PEARL HARBOR 75th (pictorial) and FPO from USS STENNIS; also the FPO (USS TR 30th)…anybody get any of these yet?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Dec 2016 4:28pm EST) : Tom -That’s great. I packaged up all my bad cancels and sent new covers (minus stamps) back to Camden, NJ today for a replacement. Let’s see what happens.
    I also tried calling the post office at Norfolk, VA about not getting pictorials back from October (USS TR 30th and California 5th) wanted to speak to someone but just had to leave a message to have someone call….. no one has. Man after retiring I didn’t realize how much time I have on my hands.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (27 Dec 2016 3:58pm EST) : Thad – My Guardfish pictorials arrived today. Both have excellent cancels. Sorry yours were not, and hope you get a return with good ones. Tom
  • esink (27 Dec 2016 1:46pm EST) : Interesting info and history on the IKE CSG leaving the Med and the 6th fleet: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=98291
  • Tom Kean [Member] (26 Dec 2016 12:46am EST) : Thanks Steve. I give that a try. Hope your holiday was a great one. Tom
  • Steve Shay (25 Dec 2016 4:52pm EST) : Tom, put all the Log files into one single folder then do a search on the folder, not a search on a single issue. I do it all the times and get hits in multiple issues. Or put all the Logs onto one flash drive if you don’t store them on your hard drive and do the same, search on the flash drive
  • Neal Mills (25 Dec 2016 3:16pm EST) : Hope Santa was good to all of you. I’m spending a few days with my not quite 2 yr old grandson. Life couldn’t be better.
  • esink (24 Dec 2016 1:21pm EST) : Best wishes for Happy Holidays to all USCS members and your families!!
  • Neal Mills (24 Dec 2016 12:49pm EST) : Thad, Tom, All — Merry Christmas!
  • Tom Kean [Member] (24 Dec 2016 11:59am EST) : Question – I have been using the CD version of the LOG archives. I have not been able to get a single hit on a search of all LOG issues on a single volume as a group of LOGS. The search function works well one LOG issue at a time. Is that they way this is supposed to work? Thanks to anyone who might know! Merry Christmas.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (24 Dec 2016 11:57am EST) : Merry Christmas to also Thad – and to anyone else who see this!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (24 Dec 2016 11:48am EST) : Tom… I’m going to send them back to Camden, NJ and see what happens…I’ll let you guys know.
    Where’s Neal??? He’s the only one that hasn’t checked in on our chat page.
    Merry Christmas everyone..
  • Tom Kean [Member] (24 Dec 2016 11:18am EST) : I have had some success with returning them – c/o of the postmaster at that zip. In a number of cases, I have actually gotten new covers along with the bad ones with apology notes. Still haven’t seen my 75th PH covers yet.
  • esink (24 Dec 2016 9:27am EST) : Thad, It’s probably worth the effort even though extra postage expense may be incurred…never know until attempted. Some of ill-trained clerks anywhere will most likely never get it right.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (24 Dec 2016 8:58am EST) : Can pictorials that are serviced poorly be returned for a free replacement at the post office were they applied or is that just wishful thinking. Results at the usual places, Norfolk and Groton are for the most part perfect, it’s the odd ball places that seem to service them poorly.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (23 Dec 2016 10:04pm EST) : Thad – sorry to hear about your Guardfish cancels – hope mine are better. It is interesting to me that we are getting so many poor cancels for ship events. I also get pictorial cancels for lots of other non-naval events for my grandkids – and the vast majority of the (say 95%) come back very nicely done or at least acceptable. Don’t know what that tells me, but it is odd.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Dec 2016 7:16pm EST) : Thanks Neal. I saw that too but was also looking at the pictorial in the November Log from Olympia, WA as January 7, 2017.
    Covers received today for the USS Guardfish SSN 612 – 50th Anniversary from Camden, NJ. Two separate mailings of four covers (two each) and all junk. If these places have a pictorial cancellation why not have someone apply it that does it right or not at all… another waste of time and money.
  • Neal Mills (23 Dec 2016 12:39pm EST) : Thad – the latest info I’ve seen is “The commissioning will be late March 2017 in Norfolk.” This is from the commissioning committee’s web page.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Dec 2016 11:02am EST) : Is the commissioning of the USS Washington SSN 787 at Norfolk still scheduled for January 7, 2017 ??? Someone pleas confirm please. Thanks.
  • esink (20 Dec 2016 1:24pm EST) : yup you got that right!
  • Neal Mills (19 Dec 2016 10:11pm EST) : Someone has to keep chat alive ?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (19 Dec 2016 6:34pm EST) : Thanks Neal, Tom and Elgin. It seems we always have our own chat going on here.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (19 Dec 2016 4:59pm EST) : Thanks Elgin. Interesting and informative.
  • esink (19 Dec 2016 2:31pm EST) : Interesting historical info and planned upgrades for the USS GW: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=98195
  • esink (19 Dec 2016 2:02pm EST) : Thad/Answer is “NO” to all, except the USS CA and the USS TR (Norfolk)for which no covers were sent…
  • Tom Kean [Member] (19 Dec 2016 12:44pm EST) : Haven’t seen any of those Thad. I don’t hold much hope out for sub covers, but every once in awhile I get a nice surprise. I keep trying though. Good luck!
  • Neal Mills (19 Dec 2016 12:44pm EST) : Thad – Still waiting on all of them.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (19 Dec 2016 11:21am EST) : Has anyone received the following pictorials from Norfolk….USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 – 30th anniversary, USS California SSN 781 – 5th anniversary.
    From Brooklyn – 100th anniversary USS Arizona or the 30th anniversary from the ship – USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71???Has anyone received the correct 75th anniversary pictorial from Honolulu? All cancels I know of have been forwarded to the Pearl Harbor Naval Station and cancelled there instead of the pictorial at Honolulu.
  • Lbbrennan (18 Dec 2016 8:22am EST) : Good morning. Need to visit here’s more often.
  • Neal Mills (17 Dec 2016 7:15pm EST) : Tom – Glad you got a good cancel back from JCS. Gives me hope for my Christmas & New Years covers.
  • esink (17 Dec 2016 7:11pm EST) : I wonder if the clerks could do better with some kind of quick-drying ink pad…
  • Tom Kean [Member] (17 Dec 2016 6:00pm EST) : Neal – I got my 2 covers back from USS John C. Stennis this afternoon. The cancel on the SASE was good but overprinted with a San Diego spray cancel. One of the two covers in the SASE was a partial blob, the other was quite good. Both covers were signed by the Postal Clerk.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (17 Dec 2016 3:52pm EST) : Yikes Neal. Haven’t seen my covers from JCS for Dec 7 yet. I wonder what’s with all the over-inking lately?
  • Neal Mills (17 Dec 2016 12:35pm EST) : Covers received yesterday from USS John C. Stennis for Thanksgiving, Navy Day, and Dec 7th. All over-inked. A couple may be salvageable, the rest go into the trash.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Dec 2016 10:18am EST) : Covers that arrived yesterday – USS Milius DDG 69 – just a big ink blob as a cancel, only knew where it was from by the return address and USS New York LPD 21 – Very good cancel December 12, 2016. The cancel has ships name, FPO AA 34092 and Unit 100333 all in the circular cancel. Ice storm going on in western PA and with a driveway of over 550 feet, not sure if I’ll even get to the mail box… mailman probably won’t come anyway.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (16 Dec 2016 7:07pm EST) : Received today two covers from USS Bulkeley cancelled on 12/8/16 – the 15th anniversary of the ship. Cancels are good except there is an over-inking issue just with the year part of the date plug – however it is legible.
  • esink (15 Dec 2016 3:12pm EST) : Phil: That is why I like to collect and restrict my navals from actual floating moving vessels (FPO type cancels) instead of from some USPS building near where the ship may be docked. Perhaps, more recently than the MO situation, the FPO pictorial also requires USPS approval.
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (15 Dec 2016 10:51am EST) : Elgin: The questioners claimed that postal regulations require authorization by the USPS AND approval by USPS officials for pictorial postmarks. The Navy claims that the skipper of a navy ship has the authority to do what he sees fit to do on his ship. In philately there are questions as to what it is “legitimate” and otherwise. There are true believers on all subjects.
  • esink (14 Dec 2016 4:15pm EST) : guest_1327: I have one of those covers with a terse handwritten statement about the cover’s validity. If the pictorial cancel was actually authorized by the MO’s skipper and the ship was still in commission at that time, how could the “legitimacy” be questioned?
  • Neal Mills (13 Dec 2016 10:30am EST) : Same issue with the Dec 7 pictorial. Sent covers to the Naval Station MOU and covers to Aolele St. Wanted both postmarks. Everything came back with the Naval Station postmark. Resent covers to Aolele St and will see what I get back this time.
  • esink (12 Dec 2016 10:07pm EST) : Well, Thad, somewhere there is a communication problem; let’s see what I get back…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Dec 2016 9:51pm EST) : Elgin, I did send my covers to the address in the Postal Bulletin at 3600 Aolele Street, Honolulu, HI 96820-9998 and all my covers were forwarded from there to Pearl Harbor Naval Base… Honolulu did not apply the pictorial as in the bulletin.
  • esink (12 Dec 2016 9:47pm EST) : Thad/I had sent to the NPS at WWII VALOR IN THE PACIFIC NATIONAL MONUMENT asking them to direct covers to the correct USPS address if they could not provide a special cancel. I just received the covers back with a nice letter that they had no knowledge of any special pictorial cancels for the event so I have re-sent them to the 3600 Aolele Street publicized in the USPS Bulletin.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Dec 2016 7:10pm EST) : The return address that sent the Pearl Harbor covers was Naval Station MOU No 1, US Postal Service. Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-6000, so someone had to forward my covers from 3600 Aolele Street, Honolulu, HI 96820-9998 to them.`
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Dec 2016 7:05pm EST) : Sent two separate mailings to 75th Anniversary Station – 3600 Aolele Street, Honolulu, HI for the special pictorial for Pearl Harbor and received today−-−- Covers (6) with a circular postmark from Naval Station, Pearl Harbor, December 7, 2016 WITHOUT THE PICTORIAL. Why even bother to send to the correct address for a pictorial when it goes somewhere else and you don’t even get what you asked for. They even enclosed my original letter of request for the pictorial that included the correct address in the letter header. This gets so frustrating…. now to try and get the 75th Anniversary pictorial I wanted in the first place.. Anyone else experience this?
  • Lbbrennan (11 Dec 2016 10:14am EST) : Checking in
  • esink (09 Dec 2016 8:51pm EST) : Nicely done historic LOG for Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary, Richard…received my hard copy on Tuesday.
  • john macco (09 Dec 2016 5:57pm EST) : I wanted to let all who had a part in the December Log that I read all articles and learned something about the events around Pearl Harbor that I did not know. Great job to all who contributed and had to do with the publication. Great job by all.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 Dec 2016 11:22am EST) : Was anyone able to get “Ballot” verification postmarks from ships not normally assigned a postmark? In years past I obtained numerous postmarks from the submarines and minesweeps but it proved to costly to do it this year.
  • Neal Mills (08 Dec 2016 6:42pm EST) : Thad – Thank you for the heads up and I think you’re correct. Have sent covers for the last 3 LCS commissioning and am 0 for 3 on returns. Guess its time to stop wasting money on them.
  • Thad W. Kaczowski (08 Dec 2016 10:33am EST) : Neal – I’ll bet you don’t get anything back from USS Detroit. The LCS’s do not return mail. I have NEVER received mail from any of them. Rich Hoffner explained in the Chat some time ago that the mail does not go to the ship but a shore facility and with the two different crews never ends up with someone on the ship. Hope you do get something back and if you do make sure you report it here. LCS’s are a dead end for mail.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (07 Dec 2016 9:07pm EST) : Thanks Elgin. Great Story. Gonna share it around.
  • esink (07 Dec 2016 8:29pm EST) : interesting info for this special day…https://news.usni.org/2016/12/07/elvis-helped-save-uss-arizona-memorial
  • Neal Mills (07 Dec 2016 7:25pm EST) : Thad – Your response made me go look again…. I did get the Detroit pictorial back. Its the ship covers that are still in the wind. The Baltimore cancels for Zumwalt were over-inked but I got two that were okay.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (06 Dec 2016 7:19pm EST) : Neal – Yes, my USS Detroit pictorials arrived a week or so after the event from Detroit and were very well done. I wish I could say the same about those done for the USS Zumwalt DDG 1000 from Baltimore, they were awful.
  • Neal Mills (06 Dec 2016 12:50pm EST) : My Murtha pictorials also arrived yesterday and are well done. Has anyone received pictorial cancels from Detroit, MI for USS Detroit?
  • Tom Kean [Member] (06 Dec 2016 12:01pm EST) : My USS John P. Murtha covers with pictorial cancels arrived yesterday also and were really well done.
  • esink (05 Dec 2016 9:39pm EST) : Superb FREE frank received today from VFA-32 on USS EISENHOWER with handwritten corner card and clear type (unknown?) cancel (no unit) dtd NOV 21, 2016.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (05 Dec 2016 8:34pm EST) : Paper LOG arrived in Colorado just in time for the storm that starts tomorrow. Great looking edition. Thanks for a great job Richard and all the PH article authors.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (05 Dec 2016 7:53pm EST) : The pictorial from Philadelphia for the commissioning of the USS John P. Murtha LPD 26 came through and were excellent.
  • John Young (05 Dec 2016 3:24pm EST) : Ahoy Mates,
    Hard copy of December Log arrived in
    lower Hudson Valley today, with the list
    of candidates and ballot. Do forget to vote early before the Christmas card rush.New Jersey Chapter meets tomorrow
    evening at Phil Schreiber’s apartment,
    Tuesday, December 6th, 7:30PMWednesday in 12/7/16- Pearl Harbor Remembrace Day & fly the flag at half
  • Lbbrennan (04 Dec 2016 11:00am EST) : Great december log for special anniversary of PH AttackRich. Sorry about the fish. Wonder if the emperor has similar problems.
  • Lbbrennan (04 Dec 2016 10:57am EST) : Nj postal history journal published my article about USS UTAH built in camden nj and sunk at pearl harbor.
  • esink (03 Dec 2016 8:45pm EST) : Mail finally arrived 5:40 PM, but no paper LOG; new USPS (New Cumberland) record for late mail delivery…Thad, have not received my USS ARIZONA (Brooklyn) covers either. I also thought I would have gotten my USS THEO ROOSEVELT covers from the ship by now, but not so.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Dec 2016 8:14pm EST) : Speaking of pictorials … what’s going on at Norfolk? Sharon Gregory in customer relations is usually pretty good about getting things out. Waiting for USS Theodore Roosevelt 30th Anniversary (both from Norfolk and ship) – 10/25/16, USS California SSN 781 – 5th Anniversary – 10/29/16. Never did get USS Arizona 100th Anniversary from Brooklyn – 10/16/16.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (03 Dec 2016 6:36pm EST) : No joy today Rich. Maybe Monday. Mine are usually timely, so I am fine with it.
  • esink (03 Dec 2016 4:45pm EST) : me too…waiting for today’s delivery which is unusually late.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (03 Dec 2016 3:35pm EST) : Hi Rich – no LOG yet in my mailbox, but still waiting for today’s delivery.
  • Rich H (03 Dec 2016 2:49pm EST) : Did your covers for MURTHA cancel in Philly return?Contacted Philadelphia retail yesterday and they were silent on the pictorial cancel for MURTHA. I suspect they dropped the ball, but pointed questions seemed to awaken them. I have a feeling they are just waking up to the fact that they need to order the device. We shall see. This has happened to several pictorials over the past few eyars, and when they finally ordered the device, it was produced from a degraded faxed copy, and didn’t look so good.
  • Rich H (03 Dec 2016 2:38pm EST) : Pondering. Navy PEO folks faced with so many problems with LCS vessels, the Navy considering changing them to FF’s. Much has been said about them being under-gunned and with little serf-protection. Aluminum hulls are soft. Will a change to FF make them be more survivable? Will larger guns help? If these major changes are developed (how many years will be needed) and will the size of the crews increase? Will post office be necessary aboard the new class of FF’s? Perhaps they will not have three or four crews per ship as the current LCS program has.
  • Rich H (03 Dec 2016 2:32pm EST) : With a “defroster” in the pond, we decided to let the Koi winter-over. Won’t matter now as a heron visited and had a very large lunch. 11 Koi KIA. Are heron a protected species?
  • Rich H (03 Dec 2016 2:27pm EST) : Word is that if Honolulu HI post office is swamped with 75th Anniversary requests, they will forward overload to “the caves” to be done.
  • Rich H (03 Dec 2016 2:23pm EST) : Any December Logs delivered yet? No periodical or First Class Log here yet in the Indian Valley of SE PA.
  • esink (02 Dec 2016 5:50pm EST) : Future cover possibilities for ORION MISSIONS? http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=97545
  • esink (01 Dec 2016 2:50pm EST) : USS MURTHA COMMISSIONING covers (2) finally received today with nice cancel and ship cancel…cancel completely missed one stamp on one cover and other just barely “tied”. ‘Glad I got the covers back at all.
  • esink (01 Dec 2016 2:33pm EST) : Cover Possibilities: Navy Releases Official Logo for 75th Anniversary of WWII: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=97863
  • esink (30 Nov 2016 6:51am EST) : Looks like a great issue, Richard…much history and will be thoroughly enjoyed when more time to read.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Nov 2016 12:08am EST) : 300+ eLOGs for December have been sent to members requesting the service.For eLOG only members, Steve Shay has mailed your paper ballots for the election of officers.For those who receive a paper copy of the LOG, the ballot is part of the outer cover.Please vote and send your ballots to the Ballot Counting Committee.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Nov 2016 11:31am EST) : In the morning mail to you Richard.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Nov 2016 10:16pm EST) : Will do Richard… but cannot be a scan (problem) but will send a copy by snail mail.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (27 Nov 2016 1:44pm EST) : Thad
    Please send me a scan of the Bulkeley cover. I have an article for the January LOG that would be enhanced with this new cancel.Thank you.Richard Jones
    Log editor
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Nov 2016 4:07pm EST) : Covers received today – USS Blue Ridge LCC 19 – November 8, 2016 – Excellent Cancel – Unit type – 100102 and zip 96628 in cancel – no ships name.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Nov 2016 11:12am EST) : Covers that arrived yesterday – USS Sterett DDG 104 – November 1, 2016 – Excellent cancel – COPE must have cleaned out cabinet because I got covers I sent long ago also. USS Bulkeley DDG 84 – Excellent cancel but no year – November 14 – cancel has ships name but no designation (DDG 84) – This is the first cover received from this ship in over four years and I have sent to her many times.
  • Lbbrennan (25 Nov 2016 5:52pm EST) : Belatedly happy thanksgiving
  • esink (24 Nov 2016 11:41am EST) : Thanks, Tom…saw it already yesterday; will wait to see what I get back from other address and then take advantage of 30 day grace period for this address.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (24 Nov 2016 11:31am EST) : Elgin – today’s 11/24) Postal Bulletin (#22455) lists this address for the 75th anniversary pictorial cancel as follows:75th Anniversary Station
    Marketing Office
    3600 Aolele Street – #106
    Honolulu, HI 96820-9998That’s where I am sending mine.Happy Thanksgiving.
  • esink (24 Nov 2016 10:38am EST) : Have a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday to all USCS friends and families!
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (24 Nov 2016 10:07am EST) : Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy family and friends. Drive safely to your destinations–there are crazies on the road!
  • Tom Kean [Member] (22 Nov 2016 8:31pm EST) : Hi Dennis! For convenience, the USCS LOG also puts out a current list of ship addresses in its January edition. Periodic updates are also provided during the year. I used the website also, but with my cluttered desk, have found it easier to keep the January issue of the LOG handy (which I update when address changes come out). Welcome to the USCS! Great group of people and really helpful.
  • Dennis Gill (22 Nov 2016 2:04pm EST) : Neal Mills: thank you very much! Exactly what I was looking for.
  • Neal Mills (22 Nov 2016 10:42am EST) : Let me try that link again –www.navy.mil/sndl/table.html
  • Neal Mills (22 Nov 2016 10:40am EST) : Dennis Gill – Addresses for Navy commands are in an instruction called the Standard Navy Distribution List (SNDL). A copy can be found at http://www.navy.mil/sndl/table.htmlEnter the name of the ship and the address should pop up.
  • Dennis Gill (22 Nov 2016 1:40am EST) : Tom Kean, could you tell me the address where you mailed the USS Milius 20th anniversary covers? I’m a new USCS member and I’m still sorting things out, especially mailing addresses for covers to be cancelled. Is there a place that lists all addresses? Thanks very much.
  • esink (21 Nov 2016 10:21pm EST) : After some research, I am trying this address as a last attempt for Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary cancels (unless anybody knows of a better place):
    National Park Service
    WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument
    1845 Wasp Blvd. Bldg. 176
    Honolulu, HI 96818
  • Tom Kean [Member] (21 Nov 2016 7:04pm EST) : Received today – USS Milius 20th anniversary covers. Over inked cancels, but the ship’s name can at least be made out. Interesting the cancel is upright and the date plug is vertical. That’s a new one for me. The handstamp of the ship’s crest was inked perfectly. 11/20 was the anniversary date and is in the cancel – SASE was postmarked San Diego on the 16th.
  • esink (21 Nov 2016 5:52pm EST) : FYI…..If you haven’t sent to the PEARL HARBOR MEMORIAL address reported (chat: 09 Nov 2016 7:18pm EST)yet, DON’T!…Just received my covers sent NOV 12 back yellow stickered as “not deliverable as addressed-unable to forward”…Let me know if you get a better address.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Nov 2016 2:20pm EST) : John Zaranek. Small world! Any chance you knew the late George Benz? An avid U S Coast Guard collector and a columnist in the USCS publication, the LOG.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Nov 2016 2:18pm EST) : Well, winter not expected here until mid December. But, mother nature gave us sleet and snow last night. No accumulation, but it did cover autos and sidewalks. Very cold today with high winds. Koi in the pond are puzzled. We had two warm days and now near freezing temps. They like cold water, but like it to come a little slower so they can adjust. Me, no, I am not adjusting well.
  • guest_7617 (19 Nov 2016 2:14pm EST) : Hello Rich Hoffner,
    Thank you about the information to contact John Lesak, I do know John, but I was not aware that he was a former member of the group.John C Zaranek
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Nov 2016 7:00pm EST) : From your Webmaster: Every once in a while I check and verify dealer listings on the USCS Website to see if there are any updates, corrections or additions needed. If you are a member/dealer and want to be listed, send me your information and I will have it added to the site. The site can be seen at http://www.uscs.org/shop/dealers/
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Nov 2016 5:54pm EST) : Replacement, well actually original covers never returned, so these are not replacement covers, but Kansas City MO Cancellations Division has procured the Apr 1, 2016 100th Anniversary of Coast Guard Aviation for Corpus Christi TX. Some covers did return to some collectors, others never returned. The covers I sent to Kansas City returned, with superb cancels. Actually, is is not the original cancel used by Corpus Christi. It is a bit smaller then those that did return from Corpus Christi. I sent a nice thank you note to Kansas City and received a reply today that they will keep the cancel for another month for anyone who wants replacements or wants to send covers.Address to send is:Stamp Fulfillment Services, USPS
    Attn: Cynthia Weigel
    Cancellation Services
    100th Anniv. Coast Guard Aviation Sta. Corpus Christi
    8300 Underground Dr., Pillar 210
    Kansas City, MO 64144-0001
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Nov 2016 5:41pm EST) : John C. Zaranek. You might try to contact John A. Lesak, a cover dealer and former member of the USS Buffalo Chapter. He lives in Buffalo. You can google him and White Pages and you will find a phone number.
  • Steve Shay (18 Nov 2016 8:34am EST) : John C Zaranek, please e mail me at shaymur@flash.net regarding the Buffalo Chapter
  • Lbbrennan (18 Nov 2016 8:14am EST) : checking in. Good day all
  • Tom Kean [Member] (17 Nov 2016 8:35pm EST) : Elgin – I sent mine to Theodore Roosevelt on 9/8 and haven’t received anything back to date.
  • Neal Mills (17 Nov 2016 2:39pm EST) : Elgin, mine also haven’t come back yet.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Nov 2016 8:46am EST) : Elgin – I have covers out to Theodore Roosevelt for 30th Anniversary both to the ship and Norfolk and neither have been returned as of yet.
  • esink (16 Nov 2016 8:23pm EST) : Did anybody that may have sent covers for Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) 30th Anniversary (OCT 25) get them back yet?
  • guest_9434 (16 Nov 2016 3:04pm EST) : Hello Steve Shay,Thank you for the information. Do you or anyone happen to know any board members.John C Zaranek, Retired Member Buffalo Fire Department
  • Tom Kean [Member] (16 Nov 2016 2:51pm EST) : Thanks so much Steve and Elgin! Very helpful. Many years ago I belonged to the MPHS but drifted off for some reason I don’t recall. May have to rejoin! I am an APS member and will go look at that article now.
  • esink (16 Nov 2016 1:46pm EST) : Superb FREE frank received today from USS SAN JACINTO CG-56 with rubber stamp corner card, nicely applied ship cachet and clear cancel (no unit number) dtd OCT 28 2016.
  • Steve Shay (16 Nov 2016 12:57pm EST) : John, the Buffalo Chapter is long defunct I’m sorry to say.
  • guest_7596 (16 Nov 2016 10:43am EST) : Dear Sir,I am looking for some information regarding a cover I have in my fire collection. It was cancelled in Buffalo, NY on March 17, 1985 with a Fireboat Station ‘Edward M Cotter’ 1910-1985.It was issued by the USS Buffalo Chapter 89 U.S.C.S.. It is my understanding this chapter was serving Buffalo, NY & Southern Ontario Region. I beleive it was organized in 1984. What I am looking for who were the board members of this group. Are the still a viable chapter.I thank you for your time and co-operation.John C Zaranek, Retired Member Buffalo Fire Department
  • Steve Shay (16 Nov 2016 8:41am EST) : This Military Postal History Society publishes reference books with the Navy, Marine, Army and Air Force numbers. Marine 300 was at the Savaii, West Somoa Detachment in May 42.
  • esink (15 Nov 2016 3:50pm EST) : Tom, the March 2016 “APS Journal’ has an extensive article on Wake Island postal history (including a cancel like the one you referenced in Figure 20)…perhaps that article might prove useful.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (14 Nov 2016 9:46pm EST) : Question – Having sorted through all my ship covers, I am left with a handful of covers with US Navy postmarks and return addresses I am having trouble getting info on. For example, I have one cover dated 16 May 1942 with and U.S, Navy generic cancel that has REMEMBER/WAKE ISLAND in the killer bars and a return address for Unit #300 USMC. Any ideas for sourcing this kind of thing? I have tried Google, multiple USMC related history sites, etc. and can’t seem to get down to the level of ‘unit’. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (14 Nov 2016 9:27pm EST) : More pictorials – 100th anniversary of USS Arizona (Brooklyn NY cancel 11/16/16). Under-inked and over-struck but legible all around.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (12 Nov 2016 5:15pm EST) : Not sure how that happy face got into the post just sent – replaced the ‘8’. Technology that escapes me………..
  • Tom Kean [Member] (12 Nov 2016 5:14pm EST) : Related to the quality of pictorial cancels – I received today both covers back with the USS Asheville (SSN 758) 25th anniversary cancels (Norfolk, VA) – bother were very clean and just ‘kissed’ the stamps. Well done on those.
  • esink (12 Nov 2016 2:14pm EST) : My USS GONZALES 20th Anniversary covers previously reported on (20 Oct 2016 1:32pm EDT) chat were returned for re-processing and received today with great cancels this time including ship cachet, and original commissioning day cancel from 1996. ‘Will send a thank you note for this great processing job…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 Nov 2016 9:39pm EST) : The zip code in the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary that shows Dorie Miller shooting Japanese planes has the zip code of 96818 in it but I wonder if they will be serviced at 3600 Aolele Street, Honoulu HI 96820-9661. Hope someone can clear it up.
  • esink (09 Nov 2016 7:18pm EST) : Neal, unless I can get a better USPS address, I will be sending covers to: PEARL HARBOR MEMORIAL,
    1 ARIZONA MEMORIAL PLACE, HONOLULU, HI 96818 in hopes that it can be directed to the right place…
  • Neal Mills (09 Nov 2016 4:33pm EST) : Which post officer is servicing covers with the pictorial cancellation for the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor?
  • Tom Kean [Member] (08 Nov 2016 5:55pm EST) : Thad – my 2nd Zumwalt/Baltimore cover arrived today. This was had the ship’s name and hull designation over-inked and illegible. I guess I should be thankful I got a very nice one of the two I sent – or rather my youngest grandson got a very nice one, and my great-granddaughter did not. Sorry about yours.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (07 Nov 2016 5:54pm EST) : Sorry to hear that Thad. I will let you know about the cancel if the other Zumwalt cover shows up. Elgin – thanks for the heads up on the John C. Stennis and the 75th anniversary event at PH.
  • esink (06 Nov 2016 5:14pm EST) : Too nice a day in most places to be on the chat page, I guess…
  • lbbrennan (06 Nov 2016 4:13pm EST) : Checking in
  • esink (05 Nov 2016 11:24pm EDT) : Cover possibilities: USS JOHN C STENNIS will participate at 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Pacific Command event.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (05 Nov 2016 7:41pm EDT) : Tom, you are lucky. I got two more Baltimore (Zumwalt) today and were again over inked and trashed. I must have had the guy that thought the more ink the better. I also have been short changed on my covers from them I had three separate mailings of two covers each total of six and have four – all bad and two MIA. That’s a loss of $5.64 – nothing to show for it.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (05 Nov 2016 6:07pm EDT) : Thad – I got a Baltimore pictorial back yesterday with a very clean cancel. Only problem is I sent two covers and only got one back in the SASE. The other is probably in someone else’s SASE – which on occasion I have received someone else’s and send them along to the owner. Interestingly, only one time has that person ever dropped me a thank you line.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (04 Nov 2016 8:11pm EDT) : Cover received today – Another USS Zumwalt DDG 1000 pictorial from Baltimore – over inked and smeared – another for the trash. Anyone get Murtha pictorial from Philadelphia? This is another post office that I haven’t had luck with so not expecting much here either.
  • esink (04 Nov 2016 2:56pm EDT) : NZ Royal Navy is celebrating 75th Anniversary with USS SAMPSON DDG-102 participating and first American navy ship to visit NZ in 30 years. International Naval Review in Auckland Harbour between 17 and 22 November…details: http://nznavy75.co.nz/
  • esink (03 Nov 2016 9:16pm EDT) : I wonder how long it will take for the ZUMWALT to send out commissioning day covers from the ship. It is my understand that these will be backdated to the commissioning date of 15 OCT when the ship’s post office is set up on the west coast.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (03 Nov 2016 8:49pm EDT) : Thad – doesn’t hurt to try. I got some back that way, but maybe its a local decision (I don’t know). Interestingly, on a bunch of occasions I didn’t even have to send them back – the local folks sent me my crummy one back with an apology note and franked replacement envelope (or postcard) with a clean cancel. I always send a note thanking them when that happens. Never tracked how often that happened though. I collect pictorials for my grandkids and probably send out 20+ a month. Good luck.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Nov 2016 4:20pm EDT) : Question – If pictorial cancellation is terrible can you send it back to the issuing post office for a replacement without having to a fix another stamp?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Nov 2016 4:18pm EDT) : Covers back today – USS Zumwalt DDG 1000 – Commissioning pictorial Baltimore – terrible cancellation (scrap) and not all were returned in SASE. Covers for USS Illinois SSN commissioning at Groton and USS LaJolla SSN 701 35th Anniversary from Groton all were excellent.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (02 Nov 2016 12:00am EDT) : Received hard copy of the LOG today.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Nov 2016 11:27am EDT) : And in case you have not noticed, “Chicken Little, the sky is falling” ! Don’t forget to vote!
  • ex-PMR from Earlington PA (01 Nov 2016 11:25am EDT) : I will ask again if Corpus CHristi TX was asked about the covers that did not return. Rich Hoffner
  • Your friendly ex-PMR from Earl (01 Nov 2016 11:24am EDT) : News about the 4-1-16 Corpus Christi TX 100th Anniv. U S Coast Guard Aviation pictorial cancels:Weigel, Cynthia M – Kansas City, MO8:40 AM (2 hours ago)to meGood Morning Mr. Hoffner,

    I received the stamp device from Corpus Christi today for the 100th Anniversary of the US Coast Guard Aviation Station. If you would like to send in all the covers that has bad cancels we will exchange them. You may also send any covers that did not receive a cancel and we will take care of everything here at SFS. If possible could you let me know when all covers have been sent to SFS. I apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused.

    Please mail all covers to:

    Stamp Fulfillment Services

    Cancellation Services Attention: Cynthia Weigel

    8300 NE Underground Drive, Pillar 210

    Kansas City, MO 64144-9998

    Thank You,

    Cynthia Weigel

    Unfortunately, the message did not address missing covers that were sent and never returned. Rich Hoffner


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