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Online Chat Archive – July, 2014

Welcome to the first of the new Online Chat Archives!

Every one to three months we will copy the contents of online chat to a new page labeled for each month. The information will thus be retained and available into the future.

The beginning of this process will start on July 13, 2014.

The items will be posted in reverse order as they appear on the chat.


  • lbbrennan (31 Jul 2014 9:50pm EDT) : Muster ftom St Peter’s hospital
  • Steve Shay (31 Jul 2014 9:47pm EDT) : Note for John “Ice Pick” Young: Polar Star is in the Bay Area tied up at San Francisco, departing tonight for dry dock at Mare Island for some work.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Jul 2014 4:13pm EDT) : Must be too hot for folks to post on Chat lately.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Jul 2014 4:12pm EDT) : Hamilton NSC 4 Acceptance Trial scheduled
    The fourth National Security Cutter Hamilton (WMSL 753) will sail
    the Gulf of Mexico on her Acceptance Trial Aug. 13-15.
  • John Young (30 Jul 2014 8:05pm EDT) : Good Night, Mrs. Calabash.
  • John Young (30 Jul 2014 12:16am EDT) : Mid rats: Bagel thins & peanut butter
    with glass of cold milk.
  • John Young (29 Jul 2014 9:53am EDT) : Cover rec’d yesterday from USS COLE (2 JUL 2014) bearing a new cachet donated by Decatur Chapter (FDU)Thanks, Rich for keeping up great service
  • Arthur Cole (29 Jul 2014 9:26am EDT) : You must be correct; that could only be the shaft hole. It was hard to see how those very lean lines of the hull visible in this photo could become such a large, rounded stern that is so obvious in other photos. There must be three or four decks yet to be built in this photo.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (28 Jul 2014 12:08pm EDT) : Art ColeFrom the photo and a look at the blueprints, it looks like the photo caption is correct. Aft looking forward. The single shaft hole in the stern is clearly shown. The is no similar opening at that deck level in the bow. Savannah was a single shaft ship.
  • John Young (28 Jul 2014 11:53am EDT) : Back from vacation & returned to the retired list. Picked up mail- Only the
    Decatur Chapter covers in the mail.Hard copy of Log & Ice Cap News- great
    reading for the rest of the week.
  • Don Tjossem (28 Jul 2014 9:59am EDT) : Checking in……..
  • Dan Goodwin (27 Jul 2014 3:49pm EDT) : Arthur Cole, it sure looks like forward looking aft to me. But I am no expert.
  • Mike Brock (27 Jul 2014 3:14pm EDT) : Checking in…
  • Arthur Cole (27 Jul 2014 12:51pm EDT) : I need some help in trying to understand this photo of the N.S. Savannah during construction:
    http://pictures.historicimages.net/pictures/_7/6923/6922792.jpgIn the lower left it is labeled: AFT LOOKING FORWARD. Can this be true?I’m also wondering if the original negative was printed in reverse. The location for this photo is New York Shipbuilding Corporation on the East shore of the Delaware River. The Savannah was built in their southern-most way, and launched stern first. But in the photo the open side of the building is at the right. Does this seem possible?
  • lbbrennan (27 Jul 2014 10:44am EDT) : Eggs, ham, rolls and tea for breakfast. Going to rain today. Humid. Glad the Ayatollah forced me to see the balloons yesterday. Saw about 15 just before sunset. A bit far away and they had to get above the tree lines so they could be seen from a couple of miles away.
  • lbbrennan (27 Jul 2014 8:28am EDT) : Morning muster. Late start.
  • lbbrennan (26 Jul 2014 8:48pm EDT) : Don. New shoes, inserts, and braces help with knees and back. Good luck.
    Received cover addressed to USS Covington special delivery 28 sep 17 from NY to Charlestown Mass. Hunting nearly 50 years for my uncle’s ship sunk off France in Jul 18.
  • Mike Brock (26 Jul 2014 6:47pm EDT) : The tow date for the ex-USS CONSTELLATION has been pushed back.
  • Don Lawson (26 Jul 2014 12:16pm EDT) : Just checking in, putting items on Ebay, finish Aug LOG Auction (with scans), clean stamp den, rake the hay in the front yard. Buy new shoes so my right knee & ankle stop hurting. sould keep me off the street and outta trouble.
  • lbbrennan (26 Jul 2014 5:25am EDT) : E LOG received. A few interesting things as usual. No mid rats. Late pizza because I caught the late and local train that was behind schedule. No express trains between just after 7 pm and about 840 pm. Strange gap just after rush hour. Light is breaking before sunrise.Jimmy hope you have better weather.
  • Jimmy Jordan (25 Jul 2014 5:23pm EDT) : Hard copy of the “LOG” arrived in southeastern North Carolina today. Going to be a wet and rainy weekend, It will be nice to have something good to read.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (25 Jul 2014 3:41pm EDT) : 300+ eLOGs have been sent to those requesting this service.I have a few kick-backs because email boxes are over quota or size.
  • Mike Meister (25 Jul 2014 3:04pm EDT) : Got covers back from Montfort Point and Coronado both returned as “Not Deliverable As Addressed” Seems a lot have come back this way since the mail started going thru Chicago.
  • lbbrennan (25 Jul 2014 8:50am EDT) : Late for muster. Crisp morning.
  • john young (25 Jul 2014 6:06am EDT) : Morning muster: looks like hard copy is in the mail. Enjoy the weekend
  • Don Tjossem (24 Jul 2014 7:21pm EDT) : Connie’s last trip through Puget Sound:http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/decommissioned-uss-constellation-to-pass-west-seattle-next-week/
  • Don Tjossem (24 Jul 2014 6:08pm EDT) : Paper LOG has arrived in Longbranch, WA! Thanks to Richard, contributors, advertisers and postmaster.
  • lbbrennan (24 Jul 2014 2:12pm EDT) : Greetings from the McGuire AfB medical center. Back for more tests next Monday AN. Nice new building. Seem squared away.
  • john young (24 Jul 2014 8:40am EDT) : Morning muster- followed by coffee & muffins. Hope everyone has great day
  • lbbrennan (24 Jul 2014 4:47am EDT) : Cookies + diet coke for misrats. Good weather? Clear skies and humidity down. And a day without a suit and tie. Going to 80f with north wind. Doing more research on USS Covington and her sinking off France in Juky 1918. My uncle was a survivor
  • Glenn Smith (23 Jul 2014 7:31pm EDT) : Towing “Connie” around South America…whoa! What a feat. The waters around the Strait of Magellan are littered with shipwrecks, hope Connie doesn’t end up on some forlorn shore.
  • Jimmy Jordan (23 Jul 2014 8:42am EDT) : Noted in the news the other day that the decommissioned USS Saratoga is waiting in Newport, Rhode Island for her tow to the scrap yards in Texas. However, the trip can not begin until after a pair of Peregrine Falcons finish raising their young. The birds, a Protected Species, found the ship an ideal nesting place.
  • john young (23 Jul 2014 7:11am EDT) : Present on beach, sand & sea shells
  • lbbrennan (23 Jul 2014 6:05am EDT) : Morning muster
  • Don Tjossem (22 Jul 2014 6:46pm EDT) : Farewell Connie! We’ll miss you.http://www.ussconstellation.org/
  • lbbrennan (22 Jul 2014 6:23pm EDT) : Checking in. Constellation coming back to the Atlantic. Last Carrier built in a navy yard. NYNSY in brooklyn. Massive fatal fir during construction.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (22 Jul 2014 2:50pm EDT) : After the decommissioning of all of Mayport’s FFG by next year, word is out that it will be the base for the LCS East Coast Fleet.The Navy is expanding its support infrastructure at Naval Station Mayport, Fla., to accommodate eight littoral combat ships (LCSs), all of which will be of the single-hull Freedom class.LCS Squadron Two, the parent squadron of the ships, is overseeing the build-up, which by 2016 will include an LCS Support Facility, LCS Training Facility, Integrated Tactical Trainer, and Mission Module Readiness Center, according to LT Sonny Lorrius of the staff of Naval Surface Force Atlantic.

    The LCS Support Facility also will serve as headquarters for LCS Squadron Two. The build-up is expected to add 700 Sailors to Mayport.

    The eight Freedom-class ships — built by a team led by Lockheed Martin — scheduled to be based at Mayport are the future Little Rock (LCS 9), Sioux City (LCS 11), Wichita (LCS 13), Billings (LCS 15), Indianapolis (LCS 17), LCS 19, LCS 21 and LCS 23, the latter three yet to be named.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (22 Jul 2014 2:40pm EDT) : The decommissioned carrier Constellation will be towed July 31 from the Navy’s inactive ships maintenance facility in Bremerton, around the tip of South America and up to Brownsville TX
  • lbbrennan (22 Jul 2014 9:28am EDT) : Checking in.
  • greg ciesielski (22 Jul 2014 8:01am EDT) : Hanging out, waiting for my car to get checked up.
  • Don Tjossem (22 Jul 2014 1:35am EDT) : Crab cakes for dinner tonight. (BBQ)
  • lbbrennan (22 Jul 2014 12:49am EDT) : No midrats tonight. Lobster bisque and shrimp and crab salad for dinner. Ugly Yankee loss.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (21 Jul 2014 9:48pm EDT) : NORTH DAKOTA Commissioning setCaptain Doug Gordon, the Commanding Officer of PCU/USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN-784), reported on Tuesday, July 1st, that the Secretary of the Navy has officially approved Saturday, October 25, 2014, as the new commissioning date. With this good news we can now start making final plans for great events to celebrate the commissioning of the second ship named for our great State of North Dakota. The commissioning will be held at the US Naval Submarine Base in Groton CT.
  • Dan Goodwin (21 Jul 2014 12:33pm EDT) : ….and I did not add the back slashes.
  • Dan Goodwin (21 Jul 2014 12:32pm EDT) : That October morning just changed into a mid July day. Took a ride along the coast stopping at the Nubble Light for awhile. Sea was very calm and reminded me of the Victory At Sea episode “Mare Nostrum”.
  • lbbrennan (21 Jul 2014 10:34am EDT) : Dan it’s warm not hot but the sun is strong. We are in for a comfortable summee day.
  • lbbrennan (21 Jul 2014 10:33am EDT) : Sounds like fun John. More fun than NJ transit
  • guest_9261 (john young) (21 Jul 2014 9:59am EDT) : Sorry about identity-working off laptop
  • guest_9261 (21 Jul 2014 9:58am EDT) : Missed morning colors> Down at the beach X No covers, just seashells
  • Don Tjossem (21 Jul 2014 9:43am EDT) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1944: Task Force 53, (commanded by Rear Adm. Richard L. Connolly) lands the Third Marine Division and the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, along with the U.S. Army 77th Infantry Division on Guam. The island is declared secure on Aug. 9 though bands of enemy Japanese are long encountered after VJ Day.
  • Dan Goodwin (21 Jul 2014 7:21am EDT) : This beautiful July morning feels more like October.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (20 Jul 2014 1:47pm EDT) : PASCAGOULA, Miss. (July 18, 2014) – Huntington Ingalls Industries announced today the successful completion of builder’s sea trials for the company’s fourth U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter, Hamilton (WMSL 753). The ship, built by HII’s Ingalls Shipbuilding division, spent three full days at sea testing all of the ship’s systems.
  • lbbrennan (20 Jul 2014 9:43am EDT) : Rich sounds like a bear of a time. I just tried to explain certified mail return receipt to the Ayatollah. She may drive to your postoffice. Hopefully the desk clerks in central NJ can help.Mary good luck with the records search. You may do a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request or if the matter is in litigation your lawyers can demand document production. Rich has the right idea at the start.
  • lbbrennan (20 Jul 2014 8:26am EDT) : Need to read postings on the desk top to get back to what I missed. Lots of talk last night. Tea and eggs and bacon. The Ayatollah is in the kitchen again.
  • lbbrennan (20 Jul 2014 1:40am EDT) : Midrats. Cold roast beef and diet coke. Horrible news and death dominate evening news. Ugly days and increasing tension. Summers in years ending 14 have been bad for at least 3 centuries.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Jul 2014 3:46pm EDT) : Worked 19 1/2 hrs between two post offices in the past three days. With power outages, computer connectivity losses, I am about to go, well you know. You should try calling the USPS Help Desk from work! The rest of the weekend will be for puttering around the house, yard and the covers.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Jul 2014 3:42pm EDT) : Mary Brower, which shipyard? Perhaps we can provide some information on the Shipfitter shop for you.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Jul 2014 3:39pm EDT) : CORRECTION TO MY LAST POSTING:
    To sort this out, there will be a Decommissioning Ceremony…
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Jul 2014 3:38pm EDT) : An exclusive for the “Chat” page from the “Oldest Gator in the Swamp”:The ship’s official decommissioning date is 30 Sep 2014; it will be transferred to INACT SHIPS on 18 Sep 2014; the ceremony will be 14 Aug 2014.Vr, CO

    CAPT Buzz Donnelly, USN
    Commanding Officer
    FPO AP 96663-1712

    To sort this out, there will be a Commissioning Ceremony on 14 August (Deactivation). The crew is moving onto a barge shortly. Ships crew services will stop, as well as the closing of the post office before the Deactivation Ceremony. Since FPO mail takes so long it may be impossible to get covers to the ship in time for LDPS, but if you get them there in time, I suspect they will give you the date you request, perhaps even is backdating or forward dating is involved. But, just my guess.

  • Don Lawson (19 Jul 2014 3:05pm EDT) : Ozone action tomorrow here in Beatiful Downtown Grand Rapids MI.
  • guest_5116 (19 Jul 2014 2:35pm EDT) : What happened to Shop 11? My father worked there during WWII and My husband worked there during the 1960s. He died from brain cancer. Where can I get the employee logs?Mary Brower
  • esink (19 Jul 2014 1:30pm EDT) : Covers received today from USS COLE (DDG-67) nicely done type 13 cancels dtd MAY 23, 2014 (during Fleet Week New York participation), rubber stamp corner card and ship cachet…also rubber-stamp ship picture on reverse. Both covers were perfectly done.
  • lbbrennan (19 Jul 2014 8:11am EDT) : Jimmy. You’ve got your priorities right. Elizabeth is home for the weekend and Mary Kate is flying to Italy witH college classmates. Enjoy! Larry
  • Jimmy Jordan (19 Jul 2014 5:31am EDT) : Good morning. No cover activities today, I’m going to spend the day with my grandchildren.
  • lbbrennan (18 Jul 2014 10:56pm EDT) : Another quiet day. Midrats. Cookie and diet coke.
  • Dan Goodwin (18 Jul 2014 4:09pm EDT) : I’m doing my anniversary list for 2015 and find that NVR lists CORONADO FDC as Jan. 27, 2014. I presume that is “In Commission-Special”. The published date is April 5 so that is what is going on the list.
  • lbbrennan (18 Jul 2014 2:36am EDT) : Cookies and diet coke.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (18 Jul 2014 12:09am EDT) : Mike Brock reports–Jul 17 at 11:26 PMCV-64 Move for Scrapping.

    The word is out. From the captain of the Carbon Foss:

    The Corbin Foss is in route to Seattle. USS Constellation tow to Brownsville is tentatively scheduled for around 7/30.

  • lbbrennan (17 Jul 2014 7:58am EDT) : Good morning, clear and crisp. Good sleeping weather with the windows open
    Good news about the August LOG. New authors (young and old) please contribute.
  • lbbrennan (16 Jul 2014 10:11pm EDT) : Don. GOod news. What’s the cure. I have some summer crud. Lungs and throat tickle. Meds haven’t helped. Cough is annoying. Even Asian soups haven’t cured me yet.
  • esink (16 Jul 2014 9:27pm EDT) : Thanks, John…will try some covers.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (16 Jul 2014 5:59pm EDT) : August LOG is at the printers — got proofs back today.I need more short articles 1/2 to 2 pages to break away from the longer articles.I am also looking for new writers to come up with new material and collecting aspects with an emphasis on Locy types.

    If member #608 Lewis Klotzback can still submit articles–how about you?

  • John Young (16 Jul 2014 5:18pm EDT) : Icebreakers: USCGC HEALY (WAGB 20) or USCGC POLAR STAR (WAGB 10)
    1519 Alaskan Way, South
    Seattle WA 98134
  • Don Lawson (16 Jul 2014 4:09pm EDT) : no energy today, sinus congestion last three days. at least I can breath out of my nose today.
  • esink (16 Jul 2014 4:04pm EDT) : John…Assuming only postal addresses to HEALY and POLAR STAR are the Seattle addresses?
  • lbbrennan (16 Jul 2014 1:57pm EDT) : udon noodle soup with chicken. Helps and tastes great.
  • John Young (16 Jul 2014 1:40pm EDT) : USCGC HEALY participating in AWS Ops until fall- send off 2 SASE in a hope that
    they service on this voyage.Send to POLAR STAR on its Deep Freeze
    deployment- fist since 2007. Nothing back
  • Don Tjossem (16 Jul 2014 12:53pm EDT) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1915: The first Navy ships, the battleships USS Ohio, USS Missouri, and USS Wisconsin transit the Panama Canal, steaming from the Atlantic to the Pacific.https://history.state.gov/milestones/1899-1913/panama-canal
  • lbbrennan (16 Jul 2014 2:18am EDT) : Good All Star game but too long. Cookies and cough medicine.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (16 Jul 2014 12:30am EDT) : Guest 2054A member of the USCS Board has been given your contact info and will discuss your collection.USCS LOG EDITOR
  • guest_2054 (15 Jul 2014 6:56pm EDT) : My name is Paul Herron and I live in Cornelius, OR. My late mother, Anna E. (Susie) Herron was a member of your oganization for a number of years until her death in 1988 in Phoenix, AZ. I found an old trunk hidden in my storage room recently and found all/part of her collection of naval covers. I know nothing about this subject and would like very much to speak to one of your officers about this collection. You can reach me by phone at 503-357-7769 or by email at herronsnestnw@gmail.com as I would very much like to discuss this collection and find a contact person in my area of the country. I am very hesitant to walk into just any stamp store without a referral as I have no idea of the value of the collection and do not wish to be victimized by someone with questionable ethics. Thank you very much in advance and I hope to hear from someone soon.
  • Don Tjossem (15 Jul 2014 9:49am EDT) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1942: USS Terror (CM 5), the first minelayer built as such, is commissioned. During World War II she participates in Operation Torch, the Battle for Iwo Jima, and the Okinawa Invasion, where she is struck by a kamikaze on May 1, 1945.
  • lbbrennan (15 Jul 2014 1:39am EDT) : Butterscotch pudding cup and coigh medicine. This summer crud is annoying. I’d like to sleep a couple of hours.
  • John Young (15 Jul 2014 12:45am EDT) : Midrats: peanut butter on bagel thins &
    glass on milk
  • lbbrennan (14 Jul 2014 8:51pm EDT) : Two severe weather alerts. Heavy rain for a while. Flooding on local roads. Tornado warning near Ft Dix. McGuire AFB heading NE. Think we’re safe.
  • lbbrennan (14 Jul 2014 6:38pm EDT) : On delayed early train. Just got storm alert email. Sky is ugly. Violent and dark. No elect at home. Really ugly over Meadowlands. Had a good Asian Udon soup for lunch. Need to stay away from solid food until this lung thing improves. Raining cats and dogs as we approach Newark.
  • lbbrennan (14 Jul 2014 5:05am EDT) : Happy Bastille Day!
  • John Young (14 Jul 2014 12:44am EDT) : Mid rats: crepes, Happy Bastille Day!
  • lbbrennan (14 Jul 2014 12:39am EDT) : Storm front is here. Nearly an hour. Heavy rain and winds. Shut down computer. Yankees lost in 5 inn rain out.Midrats. Pressed ham sandwich. On white bread. Helps with cough? Or it’s in my head.Got some rearch and writing done. Trying to keep them short. Three pieces re 1921, 1964 and 2005-14 cover. Longest wait for cover sent to ship.
  • lbbrennan (13 Jul 2014 9:49pm EDT) : Storm coming. NJ severe weather fb page usually is spot on. Yankee game in Baltimore looks like frontal passage is about to strike. Hopefully after the front passes we’ll get cooler and dry air. Lunch out with ayatollah Lobster bisque, crab cake and baked potato, yingling and rolling. Rock. The Ayatollah wanted to taste RR. She prefers Yingling (me too). This crud has to go coughing and choking for days isn’t fun. Think it’s improving but I’m an unhappy Panda. Re reading Two Years Before the Mast.
  • Rich Hoffner (13 Jul 2014 4:52pm EDT) : Someday, I will make one of the NC chapter meetings. I come to the OBX at least twice a year and one of these times will include a side trip to a meeting.
  • lbbrennan (13 Jul 2014 1:34pm EDT) : Finished another article (rewrite) about Capt Richard Birtwistle USNA 60. He sent a cover from Enterprise’s round the world cruise while in VF 33. Still need to work on Naquin. Church call at hospital. Feel cruddy but Ayatollah wants to go out to watch Euro soccer. Not my preference today.
  • Jimmy Jordan (13 Jul 2014 1:18pm EDT) : Very nice USS North Carolina Chapter #99 meeting yesterday. A rare meeting where 100% of the active membership was in attendance! Good to see Greg Ciesielski again. Next meeting is scheduled for 16 August.
  • John Young (13 Jul 2014 8:22am EDT) : Church call again, where did the week go?
  • lbbrennan (13 Jul 2014 7:30am EDT) : Pretty much finished article on lieut Parks and his family’s long connection with USNA. Hot tea and a muffin before church call.
  • lbbrennan (13 Jul 2014 12:50am EDT) : Finishing rearch on two articles. Lieut Hugh Peters USNA 21 and Radm Naquin, cO Squalus.Yankees seem to have one good rookie start. Two good starts. Not enough to judge but this year the bar is lowMidrats. Carrot bread and diet coke. This cough/lung infection is annoying sleep deprived. Watching Chris Rock


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