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Online Chat Archive – May – June 2016


  • Rich Hoffner (06 Jul 2016 8:45pm EDT) : My 13 year old Dell 4550 crashed during a power failure, actually several close together, coupled with brown outs several days ago. While I was restarting the PC, another outage while it was rebooting. That seemed to kill it. I had the files from my hard-drive saved and put on a stick and have cranked up another vintage Dell (Insperion 530) I own (also WindowsXP). As soon as I can find a Microsoft Word program that I can put in this PC, I should be able to get most of my files back.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Jul 2016 8:34pm EDT) : Can someone scan in their USCG Aviation Anniversary Corpus Christi TX pictorial to me? Lost files for now, due to a computer crash. I need a copy to haggle with Corpus Christi TX postmaster trying to get replacements for my missing 10 covers sent there.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Jul 2016 12:30am EDT) : Whoa, I did eat too many of Bruno’s brownies! Thank you Bruno and thank you Phil Schreiber for hosting another robust NJ Chapter meeting. BTW Phil, thanks for showing up tonight. Swapping covers in your lobby just does not cut it.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2016 10:50am EDT) : MapQuest tells me it is 168 miles round trip. But worth every mile due to the great members who attend. And seeing the great cover circuits that Stew Milstein brings to each meeting.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2016 10:40am EDT) : USS New Jersey Chapter meeting tonight. Contingent from Decatur Chapter slated to attend. I know there are a number of members in the Central and North Jersey areas, why not check in with Phil Schreiber and attend a meeting? Our designated Uber driver (George Marcincin) will be in my driveway at 1630 hrs. We have a planned pit stop in New Hope to pick up our Bristol PA member (Frank Faustino). Does an Uber driver get tips?
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2016 10:29am EDT) : On this Day in the U S Coast Guard: 1884-An Act of Congress (23 Stat. L., 118) created a special service known as the Bureau of Navigation, under the Treasury Department, with the duty of supervising the work having to do with the administration of American navigation laws. “The act specifically allotted to the bureau the numbering of vessels and the preparation of the annual list of merchant vessels of the United States.”
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jul 2016 4:13pm EDT) : Sequestration caused the USN to cancel Fleet Week NYC in 2013. But something tells me that they backed off a little and a few ships attended anyway. Can anyone tell me which ships and or cutters attended? Thanks.
  • guest_6161 (02 Jul 2016 4:10pm EDT) : Three days since a message was left here? WOW.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (28 Jun 2016 4:18pm EDT) : Getting back up to speed.
    July eLOGs have been sent this morning.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Jun 2016 12:25pm EDT) : Just read Capt. Brennan’s article in the July Log about Water Tender Chief Peter Tomich, Medal of Honor recipient aboard USS Utah. As a former BT in the USCG, I know that when bad things happen in the boiler room, people die. Top notch article and too much bureaucratic “red tape” from the USN.
  • Tjossem (28 Jun 2016 12:15pm EDT) : On this day in Naval History……..June 28
    ? 1814—The sloop of war USS Wasp commanded by Johnston Blakeley, comes across HMS Reindeer, commanded by William Manners, off Plymouth, England, and engages in battle. After the 19-minute battle, USS Wasp captures HMS Reindeer, taking her crew as prisoners, and burn her at sea.

    ? 1869—The Navy’s first surgeon-general William M. Wood is appointed, and serves until Oct. 25, 1871.

    ? 1914—Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated at Sarajevo, Bosnia. This act eventually leads to World War I.

    ? 1919—The Versailles Peace Treaty is signed, which ends World War I.

    ? 1943—USS Peto (SS 265) and USS Tunny (SS 282) sink Japanese hydrographic-meteorological research ship Tenkai No. 2 northeast of Mussau Island and a gunboat Shotoku Maru off the west coast of Rota, Mariana Islands.

  • Tjossem (28 Jun 2016 12:11pm EDT) : Check this out!http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=94978
  • Tjossem (28 Jun 2016 12:00pm EDT) : July LOG arrived in Longbranch, WA with yesterday’s mail. Thanks again Richard and contributors!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Jun 2016 11:22am EDT) : Still nothing from Sacramento on USCG Aviation pictorial, sent twice. Only one missing from the set. I guess another lost cause. Anyone get NY Fleet Week pictorials back yet?
  • John Young (28 Jun 2016 5:57am EDT) : July LOG arrived in lower Hudson Valley with yesterday’s mail.Guess I have to start on August column
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Jun 2016 12:39am EDT) : guest_7088. The uncancelled envelopes have little or no value. Perhaps save them for a commissioning anniversary date and have them hand cancelled at Vallejo or Mare Island CA post office. Hard to say about the medallion. Many ships, subs and bases had medallions forged and used as gifts to VIP, retirees, promotions, re-enlistments and sought after by collectors. Back in the era when Mare Island built subs, the base probably had them made in the yard or on a tender. They would usually be attached to a wood plaque, sometimes with a name plate of who it was presented to. Perhaps you could go to the USCS Facebook page and upload it to our Facebook page. so we can all see it.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Jun 2016 12:31am EDT) : Just noticed my 100th Anniversary USCG Aviation pictorials to Corpus Christi TX never returned. Letter out to Postmaster to look around for them.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Jun 2016 12:27am EDT) : First Class July Log arrived in the Indian Valley of SE PA today. Speedy Delivery!
  • guest_7088 (27 Jun 2016 10:33pm EDT) : I have two Mariano G Vallejo covers with no postmarks. Also a large bronze medallion (diameter about 5 inches) for Mare Island naval Shipyard. I would love to know more history about them as I grew up in Vallejo and my father worked on submarines there.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Jun 2016 5:07pm EDT) : July Log arrived in Pittsburgh, home to the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • esink (27 Jun 2016 3:25pm EDT) : Hard copy (periodical rate) July LOG received in central (Harrisburg area) PA today…Great issue as usual!
  • lbbrennan (27 Jun 2016 12:11pm EDT) : BMCM sounds like fun. Glad you found records of your ancestors. Ireland has similar problems with Church only records pre-1865 I will send you (or have sent) an article about WTC Tomich and USS Utah. Captain Lunney, who sued the USN to get the Medal of Honor presented to his survivors a decade ago, had to go to Croatia to get the records from the Franciscans who had the clan records of baptisms and deaths. It is an interesting story and an account of great heroism by Chief Tomich.
  • Dan Goodwin (24 Jun 2016 3:11pm EDT) : Welcome home chief
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (24 Jun 2016 2:49pm EDT) : Just got home from Baltic cruise and 5 days in Sweden tracing wife’s family in Swedish archives. Great success–Sweden relies on churches to maintain record all details for centuries. Most until after 1910 have been digitized. Even found an address in Karlstad where grandfather lived. Building is now
    gone for new high rise housing.Hundreds of emails to read and act on this weekend.
  • lbbrennan (24 Jun 2016 12:07pm EDT) : Thanks Thad. Rich, let’s chat and see if we can coordinate an attack plan. I know i got some the past few federal elections, even USCG ships. Might be a fun project. see you the first tuesday in July. Only 100+ days to go.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Jun 2016 8:27pm EDT) : The Postal Bulletin from June 9, 2016 has a section on how ballots from APO/FPO’s should be received and handled by the post office.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Jun 2016 6:07pm EDT) : Sorry about the double entry of the word election. Then again, perhaps a Freudian slip? Well, some cities have a motto, Vote twice and often.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Jun 2016 6:04pm EDT) : Larry, how does one determine what ships have “election election postmarks every four years”. As far as I know that was a one time program instituted by DOD and MPSA after many states rejected a large majority of military absentee ballots because they were not postmarked. For those that still exist, they are probably hidden in a desk drawer or the pursers safe and no longer have current daters.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Jun 2016 5:58pm EDT) : Replacement covers I sent to Clearwater FL returned today. Dismal is the best way to describe the cancels. D minus if graded.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Jun 2016 2:47pm EDT) : A pictorial cancel has been submitted to the USPS Bremerton District for the Deactivation of the USS HOUSTON SSN-713. Pictorial is in the shape of the state of Texas. Date of the event is 26 August 2016. Cancel will be for Bremerton WA 98337. I would wait a couple of weeks to send your, because if you send now, who knows what you will get.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Jun 2016 2:40pm EDT) : A collector from Odessa, Ukraine contacted me and wanted to swap naval items he has in exchange for U S Naval event covers. He did not have anything I collect so I declined his offer of swapping. He did say it was OK to put his information here so that if anyone is interested, they could contact him. He said he was an ex-Master.Capt.Alex Miloshunas


    mob +380 67 4848190

    SKYPE — alexmil_home

  • lbbrennan (23 Jun 2016 1:38pm EDT) : I am thinking of trying again this election year to get cancels from ships that only have election postmarks every four years. Otherwise, i rarely mail to ships but should do more to get the ships’ covers when they are commissioned and decommissioned.
  • Dan Goodwin (23 Jun 2016 9:02am EDT) : I stopped sending a few years ago due to the cost and poor returns. Now I only consider covers postmarked on December 25 and most of the old ones for sale are a little out of my price range. I still enjoy the thrill of getting a new addition to my collection but I have turned back to my stamp collecting for relaxation and more enjoyment. You might say I am now a passive cover collector. I love to look but rarely buy.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Jun 2016 11:50am EDT) : Rich… Like you, I have been a generalist Naval collector from the perspective if it would float I would try and get a cover from it. As a result I have thousands and thousands and thousands of Naval, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine covers. I remember starting in 1965 in my dorm room in college first hearing from a fellow down the hall that collected postal markings from Navy ships. I took the bait and here I am 52 years later somewhat disappointed in where it ended me. I did have 52 years of fun times though. My returns are in the 5-10 percent range for surface ships and a 1 percent for submarines, a far cry from 50 years ago when the percentages were reversed. Coast Guard cutters are even worse.
  • esink (21 Jun 2016 3:48pm EDT) : Rich: Informative and interesting posting on “DOD instructions for handling requests for postmarks”. Thanks.
  • Mike Brock (21 Jun 2016 3:11pm EDT) : Checking in.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jun 2016 3:16pm EDT) : Phil. You will be getting another knock on your door.Did you have covers in Russia for the launching/float out of the worlds largest icebreaker (ARKTIKA) from Baltic Shipyard last week?


  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jun 2016 3:12pm EDT) : I spent about a week culling hundreds of cancels into my general ship postmark Locy type collection. The lot was donated to me by a chapter member George Marcincin. The whole time wondering how such a large lot of cancels on filler cards was put together and ended up being sold as a large lot. Then it struck me like a lightening bolt. Someones prized cancel collection was taken apart by a dealer and all these cancels on paper and cards were deemed not worthy to go into their stock. Not only are we loosing members in this society but we are also seeing the demise of collectors who collect one of every cancel used by a ship. I had a hard time trying to put together a list of collectors like me, and did not get past five that I know. Perhaps we need to survey our membership as to what they collect.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jun 2016 3:03pm EDT) : Thad. My last cover from PORTER was March 20, 1999. Long time no hear! Guess they went green and recycle all paper.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jun 2016 3:00pm EDT) : My DC#4 Chapter covers for City of Corpus Christi Deactivation came in today. I sent 70 stamped envelopes. Sixty-nine returned and one with a cachet on it made 70. Did someone send cacheted covers for Honolulu post office to use as replacements? If someone did, that was a nice thing to do. Cover is printed with the subs crest, and two lines in red Inactivation Station / Pearl Harbor 05.30.2016
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jun 2016 2:54pm EDT) : This is an interesting section of the DOD instructions for handling requests for postmarks. This is clipped and pasted and not my spelling of the word Defense.DOD 4525.6-M
    Dept. of Defence Postal Manual

    C10.4.4.1. Philatelic services shall be accomplished within the resources of
    the post office and may not be provided if they interfere with regular business.

    Limit covers to private (personal) collectors. Covers falling within one or more of the following categories shall be returned to the sender with a letter of explanation.

    These covers may not have a postmark or cachet applied:
    • C10. Receipt of more than five covers from any one collector.
    • C10. Covers received after the established deadline date.
    • C10. Covers bearing insufficient or foreign postage.
    • C10. Covers bearing international return address.

  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jun 2016 2:52pm EDT) : Had to call Clearwater FL today asking what happened to the replacement covers I sent. My original sending was 10 covers for the USCG Aviation pictorial Out of 10, only 4 returned. Today’s call was my third to them. The clerk who does them affirmed that mine are there and will be sent out today. She said she had been away for training.
  • Lbbrennan (19 Jun 2016 7:43am EDT) : Happy. Fathets day
  • Lbbrennan (18 Jun 2016 7:49am EDT) : Thad. Troubling but correct analysis besrt. larry
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Jun 2016 9:23pm EDT) : Sending covers to ships is a waste of time and money anymore. I started in 1965 while in college and I think I am going to quit. No future in it.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Jun 2016 9:21pm EDT) : Phil… let me know how you make out with the USS Porter. I have sent covers to her also about a month ago and nothing back yet. Have sent to her in the past with the same results.
  • PHIL SCHREIBER (17 Jun 2016 4:05pm EDT) : News on internet induced me to send for covers from USCGC BERNARD WEBBER which unloaded $214 million in cocaine at CG base Miami. Also covers were sent for from USS PORTER deployed to Black Sea to meet the Russian threat,and to the Russian DDG ADM GRIGOROVICH also deployed to Black Sea to meet the American threat. Wish me luck.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (16 Jun 2016 2:22pm EDT) : Nice cancelled covers back from Pearl Harbor Naval Base posted with a clear cancel May 30, 2016 for the deactivation of USS City of Corpus Christi SSN 705. Still no Coast Guard pictorial from Sacramento after multiple requests and I thought Honolulu was going to be the problem for the Coast Guard pictorial.
  • lbbrennan (15 Jun 2016 12:08pm EDT) : Next year will be the 85th anniversary of the USCS. What is the plan to celebrate.
  • Lbbrennan (14 Jun 2016 2:09pm EDT) : Happy flag day. Glorious weather Enjoy
  • lbbrennan (13 Jun 2016 6:22pm EDT) : $214 Million Worth of Cocaine Unloaded at Miami Beach Coast Guard StationMonday, June 13, 2016 at 3:14 p.m.

    By Kyle Munzenrieder

    $214 Million Worth of Cocaine Unloaded at Miami Beach Coast Guard Station

    Courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard

    The U.S. Coast Guard today unloaded $214 million worth of cocaine in Miami Beach. If you’re not up on your street price-per-pound math, that’s about eight tons of pure coke. That’s the biggest haul of cocaine at the Miami Beach Coast Guard station in more than four years.

    The drugs were collected from 11 interdictions of smuggling boats, along with an unrelated bale of cocaine picked up. They were made in April and May in Pacific waters off Central and South America. Cutter Bernard C. Webber unloaded the drugs at the Miami Beach station.


    $214 Million Worth of Cocaine Unloaded at Miami Beach Coast Guard Station (2)

    Coast Guard Unloads $17M of Cocaine on Miami Beach

    Coast Guard Offloads Another $41 Million of Coke and Pot in Miami Beach

    The departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security; Navy; U.S. Customs and Border Protection; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Drug Enforcement Agency; and Immigration and Customs and Enforcement were all involved in the interceptions. More than 12 people were turned over to the DOJ for questioning.

    The drugs will eventually be destroyed.

    To give you an idea of the sheer amount of cocaine unloaded today, most hauls at the Miami Beach station are worth less than $20 million.

    Last November, $17 million was unloaded in Miami Beach. In September 2015,the Coast Guard brought in $11.8 million worth of cocaine and marijuana. A $13.7 million haul was taken to shore last June.

    The most recent case to crack the nine-figure mark was a $110 million haul brought to the station in April 2014.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (13 Jun 2016 4:29pm EDT) : Still nothing from Sacramento for the Coast Guard aviation pictorial after sending twice.
  • lbbrennan (13 Jun 2016 1:30pm EDT) : Tom Kean, You have the lead. Is there any info regarding the ship that sent the cover.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Jun 2016 5:23pm EDT) : If you were trying to get into eBay and look up patchesnaval, I found out that it can take a long trail to get there. Try this:http://www.ebay.com/sch/patchesnaval/m.html?_trksid=p3692
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Jun 2016 10:06pm EDT) : I have listed a batch of t-2 and t-9 cancels on cards (most IBM or Univac cards) most early 1960’s. Proceeds to USCS. Seller is patchesnavalTake a look.
  • Steve Shay (11 Jun 2016 3:26pm EDT) : Tom, Battleship Oregon Chapter 22
  • Tom Kean [Member] (11 Jun 2016 1:36pm EDT) : Hi – I have a cover with a cachet (c1945) that has a partially illegible attribution to a USCS chapter. It reads BATTLESHIP [maybe 6 letters] CHAPTER NO [2 numbers with the first one possibly being a 2] – U.S.C.S.. I haven’t come up with anything yet that helps me identify that chapter fully. Do you have any ideas of resources to point me towards to find out, or possibly even know which chapter this may have been? Many thanks and have a great weekend. Tom
  • esink (10 Jun 2016 12:54pm EDT) : Nice cover received from USS BATAAN with ship cachet and new style cancel (FPO) dtd MAY 28, 2016 during Fleet Week New York..no other special markings for event.
  • lbbrennan (09 Jun 2016 5:14pm EDT) : quiet day here
  • lbbrennan (09 Jun 2016 5:13pm EDT) : Interesting tracking of the mailed LOG. I usually read the email LOG and barely look at the printed one even though it is better quality and color.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (05 Jun 2016 11:36am EDT) : Thanks Rich. I sent to the address in the Postal Bulletin, they had the 30 day extension. Hope it arrives. thanks again.
  • esink (05 Jun 2016 12:12am EDT) : Rich, My periodical class Log got the same cancel treatment for both months.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jun 2016 8:52pm EDT) : Thad. Let me know if you need an email address for Sacramento.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jun 2016 8:51pm EDT) : Interesting to note on mailing of the USCS Log. First Class and Periodical class Logs arrived the same day this month. The Periodical class (not in an envelope and with no postage attached, somehow this month and last month arrived with a large “Flat” cancel, usually used by a USPS First Class flat sorter. In recent months, my First Class Logs that had postage stamps on, did not get postmarked.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (04 Jun 2016 6:18pm EDT) : Still nothing back from Sacramento for the USCG Aviation pictorial.. need this to complete set.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jun 2016 5:20pm EDT) : Numerous programs have been uploaded to eBay, with proceeds going to the USCS. Seller: patchesnaval
  • Mike Meister (02 Jun 2016 8:34pm EDT) : Bad day for the Blue Angels. Accident in Tenn claimed the pilot during a practice.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (02 Jun 2016 3:32pm EDT) : Several members reported not getting the June eLOG.I have resent to all on that list just to be sure.

    Will be gone for 3 weeks–BUT−-−
    keep writing articles and emailing them while I am gone.

    July issue is at the printers.
    August issue is 50% complete and I have a good start on September issue.

  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jun 2016 2:55pm EDT) : What draws us to the NJ chapter meetings, well, great host, new cover circuits provided by Stew and those fresh baked brownies (I notice that there are never any brownies left at the end of the meeting).
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jun 2016 2:52pm EDT) : Looking forward to next NJ Chapter meeting next Tuesday evening. We are booking seats here for DC members who want to go via the Marcincin Uber transportation service.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jun 2016 2:43pm EDT) : On ASL (Arctic Sub Lab). I am not sure who out there in San Diego is now handling this collector project for ASL. In the past, a USCS member Bob Bissonnette was involved, both while still on active duty and for several years after he retired (he was part of the crew that deployed to the Ice Camps). He is no longer involved. But, sending covers directly to the subs may or may not work. They depart for the Ice several weeks before surfacing. One from Groton and one from San Diego or from Pearl. Probably too late to get your covers aboard for a North Pole surfacing by the boat. Your best bet is to have covers n hand with the ASL, and keep your fingers crossed that they will be serviced by the ASL, one on each boat. Also remember that these ICEX projects now only take part every two years.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jun 2016 2:37pm EDT) : We do have a volunteer who is compiling new ship postmarks. He publishes the results in the Log and in the Naval Cover Museum. Anyone getting a new postmark, or discovering a ship postmark that is not in the USCS Postmark Catalog should forward scans to Greg C.
  • Lbbrennan (01 Jun 2016 11:05pm EDT) : Good points Rich. The postmark and Cachetmakers catalogs need to be indexed and updated in electronic form. Essential to our hobby to update tgese 20 year old books.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Jun 2016 1:07pm EDT) : Some thoughts on the 3000 + covers I just mentioned. You may ask, who would put such a collection together? Well, remember the name of our society? The Universal Ship CANCELLATION Society. Yep, there was a time that nearly 90% of our collectors were on a quest to get every ships cancel out here. And there were many who shared their information with the postmark catalog editors for many years. After the last edition of the Postmark Catalog was published postmark collectors have fallen by the wayside. I wonder of we will see another edition of the postmark catalog? One clearing house is the Naval Cover Museum, but this is not a USCS function, although it is supported by USCS volunteers. Gleaning all I could as I sorted these cards, it came to mind that whoevers collection this was, was an ardent collector of all types of cancels, and his or her letting go of the collection, means one less person interested in the fun of collecting postmarks from ships.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Jun 2016 12:59pm EDT) : Speaking of postmarks, a chapter member gave me approx. 3,000 cancels on filler cards and scraps of paper, etc. Not your high priced sought after rare R4 stuff, but run of the mill cancels that are really sleepers. I say this because being a collector since the early 1960’s many mail clerks would not put their all purpose cancels on a cover, thus many are scarcer then you might think. But if asked, many would give a strike on a filler card or index card and even IBM punch cards. If you are a ferret for trying to get every cancel used aboard every ship, you would get a thrill going through these cards. I will probably add more then three hundred type 9 cancels to my collection. Two days to sort the cards into alphabetical order, now to check each card against my collection. This may take a week. Am I in heaven or what?
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Jun 2016 12:51pm EDT) : Saw a note on getting current postmarks. I hold off sending until I see someone has been successful in getting a ships cancels back. Too many losses to send to all ships, as some just don’t cancel for collectors. Loss rates are high. But, don’t fret. There are thousands of cancels you don’t have sitting in dealers boxes. Lets not forget, ships started cancelling mail in 1908. And some of the most challenging years to collect are the early to mid 1920’s.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Jun 2016 11:43am EDT) : Joshua McG. Fleet Week Ft. Lauderdale sumitted to USPS by me with approval of Broward Navy Days. Designed by USCS member Wolfgang Hechler who has done some great work on these pictorials for the USCS. More and more of the pictorials are uphill battles.
  • John Young (29 May 2016 7:25am EDT) : Ahoy Mates~
    New York 2016 is big! Lots of exhibits
    but only saw three naval covers in one exhibit. Some great exhibits and got to
    see Hal Vogel’s 1837 Wilkes Exhibit for the second time.Stop by the USCS/ ASPP/ MPHS table #1280 and there was enough people,
    as Nathan Hale Chapter had a senior trip to New York City and dropped a couple of navo-philatelists off at the
    Jarvits Center.

    I’ll return to show and will man the
    table Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

  • Mike Meister (28 May 2016 3:38pm EDT) : June paper Log arrived today
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 May 2016 5:35pm EDT) : CG Aviation pictorial arrived today from Honolulu, nicely done and arrived under post office cover. Only need Sacramento now to complete.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (27 May 2016 3:01pm EDT) : DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER Carrier Strike Group deploys to 6th Fleet 1 June 2016USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN 69) Deployed 1 June 2016
    USS STOUT (DDG 55)
    USS MASON (DDG 87)
    USS NITZE (DDG 94)
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 May 2016 9:10pm EDT) : Still waiting for my CG Aviation covers from Sacramento and Hawaii…
    Neal Mills …. Nothing back yet from USS Emory S. Land.
  • Joshua McGee (26 May 2016 7:43pm EDT) : Got Honolulu back today. My set is now complete:http://collectpostmarks.com/cover/uscg-aviation
  • lbbrennan (25 May 2016 5:37pm EDT) : concerning the PI guerrilla stamps on fb
    SPECIAL MISSIONSInvolving Delivery of Supplies to, and Personnel to and from,
    The Philippine Islands by SUBMARINES

    Period covered: Approximately 1 February 1943 to 23 January 1945.

    Total No. of Missions 41
    No. of Submarines Taking Part 19


    No. Missions


    No. Missions

    Bowfin 1 Gar 2
    Narwhal 9 Blackfin 1
    Angler 1 Gunnel 1
    Crevalle 1 Hake 1
    Harder 1 Ray 1
    Redfin 2 Gudgeon 2
    Nautilus 6 Grayling 1
    Seawolf 2 Tambor 1
    Stingray 5 Trout 2
    Cero 1

    Missions involving apparent attack by enemy 4
    1 with complete success (Seawolf)
    3 without damage to our subs

    Missions involving attacks upon enemy 5
    3 with complete success
    2 without success

    Missions — unsuccessful — partially only 3
    1 all personnel and 60% cargo delivered
    1 all personnel and virtually all cargo delivered
    1 missions as modified, accomplished. No supplies delivered. Returned to Australia.

    Mission — unsuccessfully completed (Sub lost or presumed lost) 1

    Missions involving delivery of important mail 4
    This in addition to personnel and cargo delivery.

    Missions involving pickup of important captures or secret documents of intelligence value 7

    In addition to above, personal gear, equipment, food, cigarettes, toilet articles, etc., belonging to officers and men of all submarines were freely given to Guerrilla land forces and natives.

  • Bob (24 May 2016 5:41pm EDT) : Thanks Larry,, I looked all over & couldn’t find any for sale or sold.. I’ll hold on to it for now..Bob
  • lbbrennan (24 May 2016 12:19pm EDT) : Parade of ships is schedule to being at 1000 in New York harbor.
  • lbbrennan (24 May 2016 12:19pm EDT) : Bob, I think it has value but the actual value is a question I cannot answer. Perhaps you may want to contact our sales circuit manager, Stewart Milstein, who is knowledgeable about naval covers and the market.Best,
  • Bob (24 May 2016 8:12am EDT) : Thanks for your help on my USS Texas Ship’s Log PC.. 6/3/14 Is this something of value? or should I just include it in a lot of PCs I will sell, Thanks Bob
  • esink (23 May 2016 12:56pm EDT) : Superb FREE franks received today from squadrons VAQ 140 and VFA-83 both on USS HARRY S. TRUMAN CVN 75 with handwritten corner cards, no cachets (but squadron decal and embossed seal for VAQ-140) and clear new type cancels dtd MAY 5, and MAY 14, 2016 respectively.
  • lbbrennan (23 May 2016 12:49pm EDT) : Fleet Week New York DetailsUSS Bataan (LHD 5), Pier 88 South Manhattan

    Please note there will be no tours of the USS Bataan on Sunday, May 29.

    Canadian Ships

    Pier 92 Manhattan

    USS Ft. McHenry & USS Shamal

    Homeport Pier, Staten Island, Edgwater St, Stapleton

    USS Farragut, DDG 99, USS Bainbridge DDG96, USCGC Foward WMEC 911

    Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

  • john macco (22 May 2016 4:52pm EDT) : Can anybody provide to me any place that will accept my USCS Logs and the contact information? I know others have donated their Logs to VA. Email me at spacecovers2003@yahoo.com
  • Joshua McGee (21 May 2016 12:48am EDT) : My USS Bataan (Broward Navy Days) submissions came back today: http://collectpostmarks.com/cover/uss-bataanRich, you arranged for this one, right?
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (20 May 2016 11:33am EDT) : Adm. Michelle Howard picked to lead U.S. Navy forces in Europe
  • lbbrennan (20 May 2016 7:47am EDT) : Thanks Joshua and Elgin for the information. We need to work together to get current covers and postmarks. Greatly appreciated. Larry
  • Joshua McGee (19 May 2016 10:16pm EDT) : As a side note, if anyone has not yet sent for USCG Aviation Sacramento or Fleet Week Port Everglades, the postmark dimensions are 76mm × 37mm and 71mm × 39mm, respectively.
  • Joshua McGee (19 May 2016 6:00pm EDT) : CGAS Sacramento came back today. I sent eight, and they’re the best of the bunch so far. Only Honolulu has yet to return.Same link: http://collectpostmarks.com/cover/uscg-aviation
  • esink (19 May 2016 5:50pm EDT) : Superb FREE frank received today from USS GONZALES DDG-66 with corner card, nicely applied ship cachet and clear new type cancel dtd APR 20, 2016.
  • lbbrennan (19 May 2016 3:45pm EDT) : Gator did a great job, as usual. Thanks Glen. Best, Larry
  • lbbrennan (19 May 2016 3:45pm EDT) : READ MY ARITCLE
    “USS INDIANAPOLIS (CA 35) The Last U.S. Navy Ship Sunk During World War II – Built In New Jersey – Part I” Pages 83-103 http://www.njpostalhistory.org/media/journal/202may16njph.pdf
    “USS INDIANAPOLIS: Men Courage”If you prefer, I will be happy to send you a copy. Please send your email address, fax, or mailing address to me: LBrennan@rubinfiorella.com
  • Joshua McGee (18 May 2016 2:34pm EDT) : This shows the difference in servicing quality I experienced from the six stations: http://collectpostmarks.com/cover/uscg-aviation
  • Joshua McGee (18 May 2016 2:14pm EDT) : Hey Rich and Thad. I’ve been lurking here. I’ve also gotten everything back, except for Hawaii and Sacramento — the other six have come back, serviced with inconsistent quality.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (18 May 2016 1:13pm EDT) : Rich -Sent two covers to Clearwater FL for the 100th Anniversary CG Aviation and one was trash and the other okay. Corpus Christi also the same, one good one bad. The rest came back just fine except nothing from Hawaii or Sacramento yet.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 May 2016 12:31pm EDT) : 10 covers sent to Clearwater FL for the 100th Anniversary Coast Guard Aviation. Included a SASE. Only four returned, six are MIA. Three good cancels out of the four that returned. They were not cacheted yet (unadressed), so perhaps someone there has my missing six covers? A call to the post office was made yesterday and the only employee there was not sure who did the cancelling and said someone would call back after lunch. Still waiting for the call.
  • Glenn Smith (18 May 2016 5:49am EDT) : Bob:Lobos Island is off Mexico at latitude 27.5N and longitude 110.5W. It was the rendezvous point for ships involved in the Veracruz campaign. At least one other documented visit was by USS Tacoma also in 1914.

    See: https://archive.org/details/scottscampaignin00moor

  • lbrennan (17 May 2016 3:15pm EDT) : Bob, Glenn Smith is our navigator and most knowledgeable of ports.Best,
  • John Young (16 May 2016 7:01pm EDT) : Ahoy Bob,
    In the old days, before WW One each ship with a print shop would print
    part of the ship’s log onto postcards,
    especially if they were away from their
    home port.The cards would be sent home to the
    sailor’s relative or girl friends

    You don’t get to see many, and I just
    checked my Vera Cruz collection and
    I have photo post card with a partial
    cancel, dated 13 JUN 1914

    The photo depicts 5 sailors & a marine
    standing in front a monument in Vera Cruz, Mexico

    Sailor (AVB) wrote to Miss Doris Bentley
    Newburgh, NY that they were on Lobos Island Mexico

    He wrote in Spanish & I forgot most
    of my high school Spanish

  • bob (15 May 2016 7:48pm EDT) : Have a USS Texas Lone Star Log postcard from Lobos Island June 7 to June 13 1914 Ship cancel Lobos Island .. Can’t find any info on this. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Bob
  • lbbrennan (13 May 2016 12:43pm EDT) : Fellow Naval Cover collectors and anyone who may be able to HELP. Please help me find covers for USS INDIANAPOLIS (CA 35) article that I am completing for New Jersey Postal HIstory. I am particularly interested in World War II era mail from and to INDIANAPOLIS. i have a few covers and access to the Naval Cover Museum. I suspect that there are a lot of Sailors’ Mail and Offical Mail (normally Size 10 penalty envelopes, perhaps with Locy Type 2z and 3z postmarks and occassional Type 9s on registered mail). Any help would be greatly appreciated. JPG scans would be best. My email is lbrennan@rubinfiorella.com Thanks, Larry
  • John Young (12 May 2016 3:30pm EDT) : Covers, covers, covers! One goes to a chapter meeting for covers, covers & more covers.And good coffee!
  • lbbrennan (12 May 2016 12:10pm EDT) : New Jersey Chapter and our Quaker contingent had a great May meeting last night (yes Wednesday) thanks to our gracious host and long time leader, Phil Schreiber. We had cookies, sweets, and drinks thanks to Jan and Georg Eyerman and Bruno and Phil kept the coffee for Master Chief Young. George M brought covers.Thanks also to Stewart Milstein for an overwhelming number of great covers from the USCS Sales circuit. If you chapter has not participated in the sales Circuit, strongly recommend that you contact Stewart and get on board. Our attendance has increased since New Jersey chapter has been the beneficiary of Stewart’s kind efforts. Covers dominate our time and attention but not to the exclusion of other things. Great to see Stewart after his return from Arizona; he looks trim and fit nearly in fighting condition. Hope that we see many visitors at the New York show later in May. At one time the USCS was going to participate but that did not come about. Some of our members from NY, NJ, CT, and PA will help man booths for the USCS and related organizations. I hope to stop by a few times on my way to Penn Station. The Number 7 train now runs close to Javits Center so it won’t be a hike. See you there.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (11 May 2016 9:06pm EDT) : ThadReceived your NP scans.

    Thank you. I will get it in July LOG.

    June Log is at printer now.

  • lbbrennan (11 May 2016 2:31pm EDT) : Acknowledged, Dave.Sorry about compliance with New York law. That seems burdensome. But every state has similar issues. That is why I strongly objected to the “doing business” in various states. Wait until California decides it is going to look for taxes for all the USCS income since the USCS had a “doing business” certificate in California and in fact transacted business there for years. Hope all the paperwork is current for the corporation and the IRS nfp status.

    Thanks much John. I thought I remembered and today I confirmed the Postmark Catalog has a note but not the detail you have provided. I am finishing the first of two Indianapolis articles for New Jersey Postal History. The first of two movies about the loss of the ship is scheduled to be released soon.

  • John Young (11 May 2016 12:14pm EDT) : Larry: FDPS aboard INDIANAPOLIS was never a secret, as P.J. Ickeringill with three others wrote article (check list) that appeared in August 31,1933 USCS
    bulletin.Looks like 9 DEC 1932 was FDPS
  • John Young (11 May 2016 12:06pm EDT) : The embossed seal with signature of ASL ice pilot, Kevin M. Searls is from USS
    HAMPTON. managed to read particular of numbers 67 & first letter of ship’s name H on bottom of seal imprint.took filler and used pencil to dark area
    over seal

    Tonight is Jersey Chapter meeting at
    Phil Schreiber’s apartment in Highland Park NJ Time: 7:30 PM

  • Dave Kent (10 May 2016 10:07pm EDT) : While I’m here: we need help staffing our booth at the big stamp show in New York, May 28 to June 4. It seems like an ideal place to recruit new members. Because of the complications in shipping books to the show (to say nothing of New York State’s insistence that we collect sales tax from each buyer), we won’t have anything for sale, but we will hand out membership applications, and will accept them with the promise that we will forward them to the secretary. There is no admission fee to the show, and you don’t need a badge to help at the table. If you can help, please contact me: kentdave (at) aol.com.
  • Dave Kent (10 May 2016 10:03pm EDT) : Larry: RE: USS INDIANAPOLIS. Catalog states “Postmarks were received Dec. 7, 1932. FDC covers are backdated.” This sort of thing happened a number of times over the years. Not worth making a FFF sheet for, but we do try to mention each one in the Catalog.
  • lbbrennan (10 May 2016 6:50pm EDT) : Wow Elgin. Looks good at 50%.Help, please. Not near my USCS Postmark catalog and nothing in the FFF series on line.

    Is the FDC for USS Indianapolis (CA 35), 15 November 1932 backdated? I have a remote suspicion and finishing part I of an article re USS Indianapolis. Nice cover with autograph by the NMC and a rubber stamp of the CO’s signature. One of my earlier cover purchases.

  • esink (10 May 2016 1:01pm EDT) : Two covers received from USS HAMPTON to which I had sent directly as explained in my 07 May posting…nothing special; no corner card, cachet, or pertinent markings, just a “Santa Approved” undated red cancel and sprayed over 07 MAY 2016 from Hartford CT. Sub decals were inside each envelope and an old USCS membership card sponsored by Ray Costa #3072 when Howard Neill from Glenside PA was the secretary.
  • Neal Mills (09 May 2016 7:34pm EDT) : Thad, Looks like we’re getting a 50% success rate :-(. I’m sending the covers back out in the morning and will see what happens. It took 2 weeks for the package to be returned to me.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 May 2016 6:46pm EDT) : Neal – That’s what happened to me with the USS Emory S. Land. Your earlier covers were serviced and mine were returned “undeliverable”. I resent after you said your covers were serviced and I haven’t received anything from the ship.
  • Neal Mills (09 May 2016 6:20pm EDT) : Guess its hit or miss getting covers to USS Emory S. Land. Sent covers for the Submarine Force Birthday and they got to the ship and back to me. Using the same address, I sent covers to Land for Memorial Day and the envelope was returned today as undeliverable.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 May 2016 9:44am EDT) : I noticed the three ICEX 2016 covers are posted on the German blog… Search ..US Navy – Schiffspost der blog mit informationen fur sammler von schiffspost US Navy
  • esink (07 May 2016 4:08pm EDT) : The first I heard of the two subs at the polar area for ICEX 2016, I sent covers directly to them. Does anybody know if I can expect successful returns or might the covers just be returned at the return from the mission?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (07 May 2016 9:55am EDT) : Richard – I sent copies of the ICEX 2016 covers from USS Hartford SSN 768 as you requested. There are three different covers, not two as I originally thought. You should get them in the upcoming days.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (06 May 2016 12:16pm EDT) : The Navy will christen its newest Independence-variant littoral combat ship, USS Manchester (LCS 14), during a 10 a.m. CST ceremony Saturday, May 7 in Mobile, Alabama.Manchester, designated LCS 14, honors the city of Manchester, New Hampshire.
  • lbbrennan (05 May 2016 6:59pm EDT) : Glenn, Great cover. the precise site was not theologically necessary? Do you know the name of the RC Chaplain. Perhaps he served in WW II. Let’s chat off line. I have the DIrectory for that time so I may be able to get his name. Never know if he was a young chaplain or an old Captain. We have two of our favorite topics, your handwritten covers and chaplains. Happy Cinco de Mayo.
  • lbbrennan (04 May 2016 6:47pm EDT) : Help Please. I am completing the first part of an article about USS Indianapolis and editor of the NH Postal History Journal asked for a cover from her last cruise. I would settle for any 1945 postmark from Indianapolis, June or July would be ideal. I suspect mail was off loaded at Guan or Sapian around 28 July 1945 and earlier and previously at Pearl Harbor. I have not seen a post 1943 postmark even on the NMC. A jpg scan would be great please email me at lbrennan@rubinfiorella.com Thanks and best, Larry
  • guest_8168 (04 May 2016 5:13pm EDT) : Any you guys in Navy l963 or l964 when there was a dry dock fire at Norfork Naval Ship Yard on USS Arneb AKA 56?
  • Neal Mills (04 May 2016 1:41pm EDT) : esink,Never mind. I didn’t read John Young’s comment before I sent mine.
  • Neal Mills (04 May 2016 1:40pm EDT) : esink, do you still have the address for the lab?
  • esink (03 May 2016 10:47pm EDT) : Forgot to state that posting was for Thad…
  • esink (03 May 2016 6:59pm EDT) : I sent a bunch of covers like you did to the Arctic Research Lab for the ICEX Projects (I believe) and was instructed to use forever stamps then because of not knowing what future postage rates would be…I have not received any of these covers that John reported yet, so either mine are yet to be returned or I did not have enough with them.
  • John Young (03 May 2016 5:36pm EDT) : Ahoy Thad,The last address: Officer In Charge,
    140 Sylvester Road, San Diego CA

    Two covers arrived yesterday
    #1 OSC/ USS HARTFORD (SSN 768)
    penned North Pole 30 MAR 2016
    Ryan Hooper ASC – Ice Pilot
    pmk 20 APR 2016 Groton CT

    #2 embossed seal penned North Pole
    10 MAR 2016 sign Kevin M. Searls ASL with North Pole express mail Santa
    Sleigh cancel on Reagan stamp plus
    additional Purple Heart stamp pmked
    29 APR 2016 Groton CT
    Embossed seal unreadable but suspect it might be USS HAMPTON (SSN

  • Neal Mills (03 May 2016 4:09pm EDT) : Thad, thank you for the response. Hopefully someone will remember the address.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 May 2016 2:44pm EDT) : Will do…Chief
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 May 2016 2:41pm EDT) : Neal… I sent 20 or so covers years ago to the Arctic Lab in San Diego as directed by someone in the USCS I believe. They keep coming every year. I lost the address so when they are done they will be done. These have the ships seal and some have the ships cachet and all are signed and annotated. There is either a Groton postmark or a North Pole Santa Sleigh postmark on the covers. Maybe someone hear knows the address…
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (03 May 2016 2:16pm EDT) : The U.S. Navy will join allied and partner nation forces for the 11th Pacific Partnership mission, scheduled to begin May 11.This annual maritime operation will help improve disaster response preparedness while enhancing partnerships with participating nations throughout the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

    Pacific Partnership is the largest annual multilateral humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness mission conducted in the Indo-Asia-Pacific. This year’s mission will be led by Commander, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 23, embarked on the hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19), and will include more than 600 military and civilian personnel from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Republic of Korea and Japan.

    Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malaysia, the Republic of the Philippines, and Vietnam are all scheduled to host this year’s Pacific Partnership mission. Japan will also lead a mission to Palau.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (03 May 2016 2:12pm EDT) : Thad
    Please send copies of Hartford NP covers for the LOG/Thanks
  • Neal Mills (03 May 2016 1:13pm EDT) : Thad, did you send the request for ICEX covers to the boats or to the Arctic lab? Did you send the request before the boats left port or after the ICEX announcement was made? Trying to mine you or info so that I may be able to get covers next year. Thanks.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 May 2016 1:03pm EDT) : Good day today… North Pole – ICEX 2016 covers from USS Hartford SSN (4 – covers – 2 different), USS Anzio CG 68 – Combo ship name and unit number in cancel and USS San Francisco SSN 711 anniversary pictorial from Norfolk. No Log yet in Pittsburgh.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (03 May 2016 12:56pm EDT) : CGC WPC 1117 CommissioningFRC DONALD HORSLEY COMMISSIONING

    Fast Response Cutter Donald Horsley will be commissioned in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A tentative date of Friday, May 20, 2016 has been set. The cutter is named after the late Master Chief Petty Officer Donald Horsley. Master Chief Horsley served over forty-four years of active duty was both a World War II and Vietnam Veteran. Many of our Association Vietnam Veterans served with Horsley and have expressed an interest in attending. Please check the website for information as it becomes available. If you are considering attending, please contact me at: cgmasterchief22@hotmail.com. I will make sure you are added to the invitation list.

  • Dan Goodwin (03 May 2016 8:43am EDT) : I have placed copies of our Log in the local Library and touted the USCS at philatelic events including stamp club meetings. I even leave copies that I have read at doctor and dentist offices when I have appointments. Apparently none of these things are working. Most people I talk to really don’t care.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 May 2016 6:02pm EDT) : On recruiting. I challenge anyone who has answers to our efforts in recruiting and retention to please step forward and volunteer to chair a committee or at least form a committee. I recruit, and I know several others who go out of their way to bring in new members. But, I constantly hear we need to do something. I am sure the board would agree with me, give us a plan. Over the past fifteen or twenty years we have tried several avenues and nothing has worked. Do we beat a dead horse and start over and do the same things we already did? We can throw money at it, but what would that accomplish? APS is lamenting loosing over 700 members in the past year. Will they come up with an answer to this question of recruiting and retention? They have been addressing this problem for more then five years that I can recall and I don’t see them having a plan in place yet.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 May 2016 5:53pm EDT) : San Diego post office returned the chapter’s USS GARY FFG-51 Decommissioning pictorial cancel of 8-5-15. All perfectly applied in a deep black ink. Actually, it had been so long I didn’t realize that hey were MIA.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 May 2016 5:51pm EDT) : June Log arrived in the Indian Valley of SE PA today. Peggy’s periodical class Log had a large “flat” cancellation across the back page. My First class arrived at the same time, but the stamps were not postmarked.
  • esink (02 May 2016 3:26pm EDT) : Superb FREE frank received today from USS ANZIO CG-68 with corner card, nicely applied ship cachet and clear new type cancel dtd APR 12, 2016.
  • lbbrennan (01 May 2016 1:03pm EDT) : Happy Dewey Day. Hope the celebrate in Vermont and off set “Comrade Bernie” as President Obama called his fellow progressive democrat”Log received electronically yesterday. No new members reported. I may be mistaken but that is a first in my memory for over 45 years of USCS membership. Sad commentary on recruiting and retention effort. There has to be a change of course. What isn’t working won’t start working.
  • John Young (01 May 2016 1:00pm EDT) : Happy Dewey Day! It was celebrated on
    May 1st during the mid-1930s to off set
    the worker’s celebrating a Labor Day by
    the Communists in AmericaStill have not figured out why Bones Crosby and others celebrated Dewey Day on April 26th


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