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Online Chat Archive – September, 2014


  • BMCM Jones 3933 (30 Sep 2014 9:42pm EDT) : Austal USA launched the Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) the future USNS Trenton from its shipyard Sept. 30.Launch is a major milestone for a ship and its class, signifying that the vessel is ready to enter the final stages of construction. USNS Trenton will be the U.S. Navy’s fifth Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV 5).
  • Rodolpho! (30 Sep 2014 6:26pm EDT) : You´re Here?
  • Rodolpho! (30 Sep 2014 6:25pm EDT) : Hey Dear ;D
  • lbbrennan (30 Sep 2014 4:07pm EDT) : Guest. Go to the court where you were sworn as a citizen or contact INS
  • guest_6175 (30 Sep 2014 2:56pm EDT) : Hi, how can I get a copy of my Naturalization papers? I lost my passport and they’re asking for my Naturalization papers.
  • lbbrennan (30 Sep 2014 1:41pm EDT) : Good news. Good to hear from you Karl.
  • Karl Zurn (30 Sep 2014 10:51am EDT) : For you Crosby fans I posted on the home page of www.karlscovers.com what I believe is the first Crosby cover with a cachet (Not for sale). I have a long history on this cover. I finally go it after chasing it for a number of years.
  • Karl Zurn (30 Sep 2014 10:30am EDT) : I thought I would give our bloggers the first shot at them.
  • Karl Zurn (30 Sep 2014 10:29am EDT) : I put some covers and postcards on my web site (www.karlscovers.com) that I received from Herb Rommel just before he passed away. Herb felt these some of the best early cancels he had seen. Click on the tab Navel
  • esink (30 Sep 2014 8:49am EDT) : Thanks, John…for your response.
  • Axel (30 Sep 2014 8:22am EDT) : @ Steve :
    I send you a mail in reply to yours but got it back twice, I send a mail from another emailaddress, hope you get that one…If you can confirm the reception of the mail?Thanks


  • lbbrennan (30 Sep 2014 7:23am EDT) : Last day for candidates to submit self nominations to Nominating Committee. Chairman is Mike Bock, Members, Pete Leenhouts, Paul Huber, and me.
  • Dan Goodwin (30 Sep 2014 7:12am EDT) : In just a week the leaves have turned from green to reds and yellows. Signs of what’s to come I guess.
  • John Young (30 Sep 2014 6:12am EDT) : Esink: Will get addressee of Canadian
    Coast Guard icebreakers- once I find my
    notes- send requests to both LOUIS ST
    LAURENT & AMUNDSEN, via their district
    offices in QuebecIt appears ST LAURENT & TERRY FOX departed Halifax/ St. John NS (7/26 or 8/9) to map Lomonosov Ridge from Ellesmere Island (Nunavat) northward over the North Pole”Louie’ was in Denmark Strait by 8/14,
    at the Pole 8/27 & in the Beaufort Sea

    Have to check HEALY website

  • lbbrennan (30 Sep 2014 6:12am EDT) : Jimmy. Thanks. The page 5 notice mentions two amendments but only one amendment is proposed. Best. Larry
  • John Young (30 Sep 2014 12:34am EDT) : Mid rats: Fish Tacos
  • 4487 (29 Sep 2014 6:55pm EDT) : Paper log sailed into Maine today
  • Jimmy Jordan (29 Sep 2014 6:18am EDT) : Larry – see October 2014 USCS Log page 5 “Change to the USCS Constitution”.
  • lbbrennan (29 Sep 2014 1:02am EDT) : Late for midrats and thoroughly confused. What proposed amendments are there for membership’s action.
  • Don Tjossem (29 Sep 2014 12:51am EDT) : From MILCOPEX:”Rich Hoffner submitted a proposal that a member with write in votes be considered as a
    candidate and that in the absence of a nominee to fill a board vacancy, the member with
    the most write in votes be seated to fill a vacancy. The proposal was discussed and
    withdrawn. The President will appoint a committee to study write in votes.”Will anyone interested in being on this committee please email me regarding your interest. I will be making appointments by October 15th. My email address is in the LOG.


  • Jimmy Jordan (28 Sep 2014 9:18pm EDT) : USCS Constitution ChangeRe: email clarification to me from Steve ShayThe references in the October Log to “both modifications” and “vote on the two proposed amendments” are typos. The addition of subparagraph 12.e. is the only proposed change open to a vote.
  • esink (28 Sep 2014 12:42pm EDT) : John Young – Do you have the postal address for the CCGS LOUIS S. ST LAURENT?
  • john macco (28 Sep 2014 12:39pm EDT) : steve shay- Can you tell me if you received my email pertaining to the Constitution changes? I sometimes have trouble with my isp.
  • lbbrennan (28 Sep 2014 8:35am EDT) : Another summer like morning this Sunday. The end of September is magnificentAny more candidates for USCS officers or directors.
  • John Young (28 Sep 2014 7:03am EDT) : Who’s the expert on Canadian spray cancels, as I got back cacheted cover
    from CCGS LOUIS S. ST LAURENT & penned ” North Pole”/ August 27,2014/ 1926 EDT/ signed like a doctorsmall 5LK/ ship’s tonnagespray cancel (top) 1409222012 (9/14/14
    2012 hrs)
    (bottom) 3855 A1 9 unreadable because rest is in stamp

    Only send one cover this icebreaker! Might be worth a story in Ice Cap News,
    maybe the Goat Locker once I figure out where cover entered mail.

    One wish for all collectors- bring back hand cancels for all philatelic mail, even thought the APS judges don’t like them in exhibits

  • lbbrennan (28 Sep 2014 2:47am EDT) : Happy Birthday Phil. Scrambled eggs easier. Omlets easy. Brown shells better. Easier to pick out when I break shells and drop them in the bowl. Is it lucky to get a double yolk?
  • John Young (28 Sep 2014 12:52am EDT) : Finally got it right. First you boil the water like you’re making tea & then you
    gently drop them in for a minute or twoPhil: Belated Happy New Year
  • PHIL SCHREIBER (27 Sep 2014 8:45pm EDT) : John Young: Flogging was discontinued in the Navy. The Coast Guard will not discontinue it until cooks learn to boil eggs properly.
  • esink (27 Sep 2014 1:01pm EDT) : Hard copy OCT Log just received today in central PA…many great articles!
  • esink (27 Sep 2014 12:01pm EDT) : Superb OCT eLOG just read…will look forward to hard copy version.
  • lbbrennan (27 Sep 2014 7:45am EDT) : Great October LOG. Lots of articles and covers. New authors required. We still have too many pages written by some of us who have written too much for too many decades. Congratulations to our long-serving and cheerful editor. Keep the record running.
  • Axel (27 Sep 2014 4:40am EDT) : @ John, I’ll start with the electronic version till april next year and check out the hard copy.@ Thad, thanks a lot, will send email when I receive them.Have you all a nice weekend!!


  • Don Tjossem (27 Sep 2014 12:35am EDT) : Paper LOG received today in Longbranch, WA! Thanks Richard and contributors for a good read this week-end!
  • John Young (27 Sep 2014 12:13am EDT) : Boats, Have a safe tripMid rats: Fried Bologna Sausage with mustard & cole slaw, Yuengling Light
  • bmcmjones 3933 (26 Sep 2014 11:14pm EDT) : 330 eLOGS have been sent from my hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada.Heading home the long way from Milwaukee. Will be in Florida on Monday.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Sep 2014 7:23pm EDT) : Axel,
    Today I sent you the USS Kearsarge Reunion pictorial and some other covers you may enjoy.
    Thad 5797
  • lbbrennan (26 Sep 2014 7:17pm EDT) : BMCM congratulations on a great milesone. Your recognition is long overdue and well earned. Many more years of continued success.
  • John Young (26 Sep 2014 5:05pm EDT) : Axel: take the hard copy!
  • John Young (26 Sep 2014 5:04pm EDT) : The October LOG arrived today in this afternoon mail- another great issue by
    Richard Jones AKA Perry WhiteAfter 15 years and several awards- they
    finally recognized your dedication with the Ray & Helen St. John Award.Wishing you another 15 years of great editorship- its great working for/ with you. Boats!

    By the way- Phil Schreiber is still writing
    at 90

  • lbbrennan (26 Sep 2014 5:04pm EDT) : Did anyone do covers today for the 50t anniversary of Gilligan’s Island
  • Axel (26 Sep 2014 5:00pm EDT) : Thanks Glenn, Electronically means one receives a pdf file?Axel
  • Glenn Smith (26 Sep 2014 4:34pm EDT) : Great news, Axel. I am pretty sure you will enjoy the experience. Our monthly journal alone is worth the dues. You can get the USCS LOG either in the mail or electronically…I chose electronically because the postal service is so slow that I cannot stand the wait!If you need a sponsor, I volunteer!Glenn Smith
    USCS 8073
  • Axel (26 Sep 2014 3:10pm EDT) : I just saw in the Postalbulletin of 9-18-14 some special postmarks for :
    * USS America LHA6 Commissioning
    * USS Henry M. Jackson SSBN 730
    StationIs anyone preparing some covers and could I join in?Ok there you have it, I’ll join the Society….
  • lbbrennan (26 Sep 2014 2:10pm EDT) : Crossing the line ceremonies involved a bit of flogging. Fire hoses crawling on non skid flight decks always memorable.
  • John Young (26 Sep 2014 10:19am EDT) : Larry, I almost got flogged aboard CG 83464 when I over-cooked Chief’s his
    two soft-boiled eggs in 1961Back then (Iron men & wooden ships)
    Coast Guard patrol boats had O-in-C except 95-footers were commanded by
    C.O.’s (Lt or Ltjg)CG 83464 was off-shore Omaha Beach
    on 6 JUN 1944- she was last 83-footer
    in Third CG District. Decommissioned in
    October 1961

    Replaced by CG 82325 (later named Point Dume) that assisted in search for
    bodies & debris from Eastern DC-7 crash
    off Long Island in FEB 1965

    Five month later, PT DUME was part
    of of CG RON ONE, DIV 12, Vietnam

  • John Young (26 Sep 2014 8:15am EDT) : The “Captain” went out with class!Sorry, I didn’t see more Yankee games
    being an old Dodger fan- never got over there move to west coastNever got close to Mets!

    I only watch baseball in the fall because two of my kids live in Yankee Stadium. Wish #2 a long life

    Derek Jeter, Derek Jeter, Derek Jeter

  • lbbrennan (26 Sep 2014 7:51am EDT) : Despite opposition from the hidebound tryants Congress outlawed flogging in the USN.Anti-Flogging Act – 28 September 1850
    An Act making Appropriations for the Naval Service was enacted into law on 28 September 1850. In its time, it was better known as the Anti-Flogging Act [found at http://www.brymar-consulting.com/wp-content/uploads/Misc/Flogging_Act_1850.pdf ] because included within its various financial provisions was the following: “Provided, That flogging in the navy, and on board vessels of commerce, be, and the same is hereby, abolished from and after the passage of this act.”
  • John Young (26 Sep 2014 2:36am EDT) : Emil Cobos, great guy, fine gentlemanBorn & raise in New York City- went to
    sea as Merchant MarineFounder & plank owner of Chapter #79
    and produced Coast Guard covers of
    cutters visiting the Rose City.

    Now he joins “Mac” at the table looking
    for covers on the other side of the bar

    Rest in Peace, Old Friend!

    No mid rats tonight, just prayers

  • Mike Brock (25 Sep 2014 10:52pm EDT) : Sad news USCS member Emil Cobos passed away.http://obits.oregonlive.com/obituaries/oregon/obituary.aspx?pid=172558810
  • lbbrennan (25 Sep 2014 6:27pm EDT) : Three Samuel B. Roberts. A DE sunk at Leyte Gulf in Oct 44; a DD that lasted until late 60s. Or 70s. And a FFG that was damaged in a attack in the middle east.
  • John Young (25 Sep 2014 4:19pm EDT) : Speaking of Douglas Munro- he joined
    the Coast Guard in September 1939 and
    since there was no boot camp he and a
    friend (Raymond Evans) went to ashore station where they cut grass.Eventually- they went to sea aboard USS SPENCER, CG (WPG 36) that was operating in Alaskan waters.When SPENCER came to east coast,
    Munro was signalman, third class and
    Navy had just obtained Army transports
    (3) that were manned by Coast Guard

    Munro & Evans requested transfer and
    they eventually went aboard HUNTER LIGGETT which was at Guadalcanal in September 1942

    The rest is history- Munro was killed
    and was awarded the MOH

    Evans was aboard another Higgins
    boat- his Navy coxswain Samuel B.
    Roberts was killed & Evans was awarded the Navy Cross. Believe the
    navy named a destroyer, after COX3/c Roberts

    CDR Raymond Evans, USCG (retired)
    crossed the bar, Memorial Day 2014
    at the age of 92

    Great read: The Gold Dust Twins, by
    Raymond Evans

  • lbbrennan (25 Sep 2014 7:20am EDT) : SM1c Douglas A. Munro, USCG – died 27 September 1942
    SM1c Douglas A. Munro, USCG, died on 27 September 1942 during the Battle for Guadalcanal when he maneuvered his landing craft into the line of fire so as to protect a group of evacuating Marines. He was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He is buried at the Laurel Hill Memorial Park Cemetery in Cle Elum, Washington, his hometown. The US Coast Guard and the US Marine Corps conduct a joint ceremony there each year in commemoration of his sacrifice.
  • lbbrennan (25 Sep 2014 7:14am EDT) : Morning muster. Coastal storm. Heavy rains and chilly.Thanks John. That’s a great find. Cover of the month?
  • John Young (25 Sep 2014 12:42am EDT) : Amongst my finds at MILCOPEX 2014
    to be featured in future “Goat Locker”
    columnsYale vs. Navy football (15 OCT 1938) posted aboard USS WYOMING
    Checked sources and midshipmen
    went down in defeat 9 to 7. Don’t know if Yale scored 3 field goals or a safety & a touchdownUSS COLORADO with type 6 cancel, dated 20 MAY 1930 (uncacheted)
    On that date, Prez Herbert Hoover reviewed U.S. Fleet from aboard USS
    SALT LAKE CITY, off the Virginia Capes

    USS TENNESSEE 27 OCT 1935 Navy
    Day with interesting fillers

  • John Young (25 Sep 2014 12:25am EDT) : Mid rats: chicken pasta soup w/ crackers
  • John Young (25 Sep 2014 12:24am EDT) : lbb: has to be 22 SEP 1915 but franked stamp green Washington penny stamp
    hides the date, time group in dialCard has penned Sept 22
  • lbbrennan (24 Sep 2014 8:41pm EDT) : Happy New Year to our Jewish friends.
  • lbbrennan (24 Sep 2014 6:48pm EDT) : John. I don’t have a Chester type 3 postmark. I have type 1 cancels dated oct 09, Mar 10,Sep 10, Mar 11 (Tampico, Mex), Blue postmarks 14 oct 12, 11 mar 13, 25 march 13, black postmark 2 apr 14. Would type 3 be post apr 14?
  • Axel (24 Sep 2014 4:32pm EDT) : Glenn, Steve & Thad, thanks for your replies. Thad, indeed I referred to the Kearsarge Reunion. I’m patient, no hurry and thanks in advance.I discover just this special aspect of stamps & cover collecting and I have nothing at all concerning this particular subject. Oh no I’m wrong I have this FDC :http://jazzstamps.blogspot.fr/search/label/Coast%20Guard

    I don’t know if it’s something particular or not.

    I’ll consider becoming member, thanks for the offer.


  • lbbrennan (24 Sep 2014 11:40am EDT) : What stamp. Green 1 cent?
  • lbbrennan (24 Sep 2014 11:39am EDT) : Great find John. There are wonderful classics from ships in the Med before and after WW I. Type 3 cancels have so much detail.
  • John Young (24 Sep 2014 10:53am EDT) : Morning muster: Interesting cover that was found in the dollar box in the USCS hospitality roomPenny postcard Alexandrie- Colonne de
    Pompei et Sphinx, posted aboard USS
    CHESTER (unreadable date) in type 3 cancel with ALEXA−-−−-−-/ EGYPT betw the killers. Second half of city off cardThe dated message SEPT 22nd

    USCS Cat has it listed as (R-1) 25 to 100 copies known type 3 usage (1915)

    P.O. aboard 5 NOV 13- 12 DEC 14 & 4 APR 15-10 MAY 16
    Check on DANFS reveals that CHESTER was at Vera Cruz (1914) and was in Med protecting our American interest in late 1915 & early 1916

  • Don Tjossem (24 Sep 2014 1:56am EDT) : http://www.millercoors.com/Home.aspx
  • John Young (24 Sep 2014 12:55am EDT) : Don, you are correct. Cigar or beer?Love those “Conrath Printery” border
    cachets. Have about 15 different types
    done over the years 1931 thru 1936Been chasing them for years. It’s my
    belief that D.P. Christy or L.T. Ayrault
    USCS #24 produced them.

    Christy was member of Int’l Postal Marking Society (A-203) & North Bay
    Stamp Club #306)

    Mid rats: Sardine & onion sandwich on
    flat bagel

  • lbbrennan (24 Sep 2014 12:08am EDT) : Midrats
  • Don Tjossem (23 Sep 2014 2:19pm EDT) : John,I read this somewhere and it seemed to be a reputable source:”A cover is my collection includes a “Conrath Printery” envelope, with manuscript addressee M.F.McCamley, KGW, City and it bears a three straight-line cachet / AMER. LEGION/ CONVENTION/ 9/ 12-15, posted aboard USS OMAHA with type 6 cancel on 12 SEP 1932 at 1 PM.

    Another covers to a New Jersey collector with similar 3LK posted aboard USS OMAHA on 16 SEP1932 at 7 AM. The cruiser’s mail clerk, H.G. Dyer had serviced other covers with a ship’s American Legion cachet for the National Convention in Portland on 12 SEP 1932 at 9 AM.

    Other ships- USS REDWING, CG, HMCS SKEENA, HMCS VANCOUVER, USS EAGLE # 38 & USS EAGLE #57 visited Portland during the Legion’s convention and had various marking applied to collector’s covers and were brought to the Portland post office for cancellation.”

    What do you think?


  • Mike Brock (23 Sep 2014 1:16pm EDT) : From the USCS Election Nominations Committee:This is the final call for candidates to submit their names for the USCS Officers & Directors Election to be held in December. The cut-off date for potential candidates to decide is September 30th. Thank you
  • John Young (23 Sep 2014 3:19am EDT) : Mid rats: Cold meat loaf sandwich w/ mayo & sliced picklesGreat Convention: Looking forward to
    PIPEX 2015Found some treasures in dollar boxes in the hospitality room, but no Yuengling

    Visited Charlie Hamilton, Jim Smith &
    Fairwinds (Paul & Becky Huber) & spend
    grand kid’s milk money

    Spend most of my time at ASPP Table & was able to recruit one new member

    Signed in at USCS table & picked up neat convention cover by Helen Fowler.
    Great job!

    Suggestion for next year PIPEX cover

    Back in SEPT 1932, the American Legion held their national convention
    in Portland OR. One of ships that
    visited Portland was USS REDWING, CG- covers with ship’s boxed receiving stamp. She was a Bird Boat
    (mine sweeper) that was lost during
    WW II, as Navy vessel.

    For a cigar (beer), can anyone name the other naval ships that visited Portland for the A.L. convention

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (22 Sep 2014 10:08pm EDT) : USS ARLEIGH BURKE and PHILIPPINE SEA have launched Tomahawk missiles against ISIS targets in Syria along with air strikes
  • StampFan69 (22 Sep 2014 9:51pm EDT) : Hey Larry!Sending some love and hugs from SS Arizona! Tally-Ho Gents!Much Love,

    Greg Hartson

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Sep 2014 8:32pm EDT) : Elgin, Thank you.
  • esink (22 Sep 2014 5:13pm EDT) : Thad: http://www.tortuga.navy.mil/ states FPO AE 09588-1734…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Sep 2014 5:07pm EDT) : Anyone know the correct zip for USS Tortuga LSD 46? Sent to zip 96679-1734 but was returned as undeliverable.
  • lbbrennan (22 Sep 2014 2:27pm EDT) : Today is the 233 anniversary of the hanging of Nathan Hale. NY city hall has a great bronze of this brave, young patriot. Long a favorite.
  • lbbrennan (22 Sep 2014 9:04am EDT) : Not much news from the Convention.
  • Mike Brock (21 Sep 2014 2:08pm EDT) : Checking in…next USCS convention May 8-10, 2015 Portland, Oregon. I’m looking forward to being there!
  • lbbrennan (21 Sep 2014 8:19am EDT) : Last day of convention.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Sep 2014 6:00pm EDT) : Thank you Mike.
  • Mike Brock (20 Sep 2014 5:54pm EDT) : USS Ashland (LSD 48), FPO AP 96660-1736
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Sep 2014 3:39pm EDT) : Anyone know the correct zip code for USS Ashland LSD 48? I sent to zip code 09564-1736 and they wer return as undeliverable.
    Also, has anyone received a good cancel from Newport News for the USS John Warner SSN 785 Chrisstening? I just received my second set of covers from there and they were just as poor as the first and uncollectible. It seems there was a problem there before if I remember correctly.
  • lbbrennan (20 Sep 2014 9:33am EDT) : Changes to mailing addresses?NAVSUP Announces 2014 Holiday Season Mailing Deadlines
    Story Number: NNS140915-17Release Date: 9/15/2014 3:15:00 PM A  A  A
    From NAVSUP Office of Corporate Communications
    MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (NNS) — The Naval Supply Systems Command’s (NAVSUP) mail-by dates for pre-Dec. 25 deliveries of holiday cards, letters, and packages were released Sept. 15.For mail addressed to/from:
    APO/FPO/DPO AE zips 090-098 (except 093); AA zips 340; AP zips 962-966
    * Priority Express Mail Military Service: Dec. 17
    * First-Class and Priority Mail (letters/cards and packages): Dec. 10
    * Space Available Mail: Nov. 26
    * Standard Post Mail: Nov. 8

    * Priority Express Mail Military Service: N/A
    * First-Class and Priority Mail (letters/cards and packages): Dec. 3
    * Space Available Mail: Nov. 26
    * Standard Post Mail: Nov. 8

    Domestic Mail (For Ships in Port and Personnel on Shore Duty in the U.S. mailing to U.S. destinations-not including APO/FPO)
    * First-Class Mail: Dec. 20
    * Priority Mail: Dec. 20
    * Priority Express Mail: Dec. 23

    International First-Class Packages and Priority Mail addressed to Africa and Central and South America should be mailed no later than Dec. 2.

    International First-Class Packages and Priority Mail addressed to Asia/Pacific Rim; Australia/New Zealand; Canada; Caribbean; Mexico, Europe; and the Middle East should be mailed no later than Dec. 9.

    All classes of mail addressed to FPO addresses must contain the proper nine-digit ZIP code or the New Navy Standardized Address format, which includes ship or mobile unit number, (or PSC number for ashore FPOs), virtual mail box number, and five-digit ZIP code to ensure delivery. Mail not addressed correctly could be returned to sender as undeliverable.

    Priority Express Mail Military Service (PEMMS) is available from selected military post offices. If mailing to an APO/FPO/DPO address, check with your local post office to determine if PEMMS service is available and specific delivery service standards.

    Space Available Mail (SAM) refers to parcels mailed to APO/FPO addresses at parcel post rates first transported domestically by surface, then to overseas destinations by air on a space available basis. The maximum weight and size limits are 15 pounds and 60 inches in length and girth combined. From overseas locations, items mailed at Standard Post rates are sent to CONUS by air on a space available basis. The maximum weight and size limits are 70 pounds and 130 inches in length and girth combined.

    It is recommended customers check with local civilian or military post offices for information regarding size restrictions and customs declaration form requirements. Customers are advised mailing restrictions apply and some items cannot be mailed. Examples of non-mailable items are: alcohol, switchblade knives, pornography, controlled substances, and explosive or incendiary devices. If in doubt, contact your local civilian or military post office.

    As a final note, customers should ensure articles are packaged properly for mailing and packages do not display markings related to any type of hazardous material, such as bleach, alcohol, or cleaning fluids. Parcels found by U.S. Postal Service with such markings or labels on the outside of the box will not be processed.

    The NAVSUP and Navy Supply Corps team share one mission-to deliver sustained global logistics capabilities to the Navy and Joint warfighter. NAVSUP/Navy Supply Corps’ diverse team of more than 25,000 civilian and military personnel oversee a diverse portfolio including supply chain management for material support to Navy, Marine Corps, joint and coalition partners, supply operations, conventional ordnance, contracting, resale, fuel, transportation, security assistance, and quality of life issues for the naval forces, including food service, postal services, Navy Exchanges, and movement of household goods. The NAVSUP/Navy Supply Corps team forms a vast network of professionals who deliver unparalleled products and services to customers in the fleet and across the world.

    For more news from Naval Supply Systems Command, visit www.navy.mil/local/navsup/.

  • lbbrennan (20 Sep 2014 6:10am EDT) : Thanks Rich. Trust civility prevailed.
  • Rich H (20 Sep 2014 1:53am EDT) : Long board meeting
  • lbbrennan (19 Sep 2014 12:43pm EDT) : If the Brewers are home go to a game. Great stadium and super food court. Enjoy a Brat or two.
  • lbbrennan (19 Sep 2014 6:57am EDT) : Travel day for those going to the convention.
  • John Young (19 Sep 2014 12:33am EDT) : Rich, thanks for the heads up. Now I have to change flights plans.Called Motel Six- all the rooms are gone
    Maybe I’ll go to Milwaukee and look for
    some beer coastersTake in a Packer game, eat some cheese & take a tour of one their

    Isn’t Yuengling brewed in Milwaukee?

    Hear Eagles are moving to Milwaukee!

    Liberty Bell too!

  • lbbrennan (18 Sep 2014 11:20pm EDT) : Safe trip wanderers.
  • Rich H (18 Sep 2014 10:19pm EDT) : George MARCINCIN and I dropped anchor tonight in Mishakawa IN enroute to MILCOPEX in Milwaukee. Will arrive ready to go early tomorrow. Hopefully the cover dealers will have lots of naval covers.John Young, the show has moved to the Motel 6 in Waukeegan IL. Go there instead of Milwaukee.
  • Mike Brock (18 Sep 2014 8:22pm EDT) : Steve…Maybe I will see you at Filatelic Fiesta.
  • Mike Brock (18 Sep 2014 6:21pm EDT) : Away All Conventioneers!
  • lbbrennan (18 Sep 2014 3:16pm EDT) : Good John.
  • John Young (18 Sep 2014 12:10pm EDT) : Still looking for CAYUGA cover, posted during it deployment in Spanish WatersWith 12 officers & 85 enlisted aboard
    someone had to write home, since we didn’t have cell phones or email back
  • John Young (18 Sep 2014 12:07pm EDT) : Its nickle knowledge! Read enough, the
    more you (I) retain. Too bad, I learned it late in life!
  • lbbrennan (18 Sep 2014 12:02pm EDT) : John, Are there any naval/uscg subjects beyond you? Packing the battle rattle for the national convention? Safe trip. Larry
  • John Young (18 Sep 2014 11:52am EDT) : A Spanish Civil War started in July 1936
    and American warships visiting Europe
    were sent to Spanish Waters to protect
    American interestsUSS OKLAHOMA carrying midshipmen to
    Europe was sent, along with QUINCY who as making her shakedown cruise.In European waters, USS CAYUGA, CG which was carrying USCG cadets that would transfer to USS ARKANSAS for the
    trip home. The cutter would operate in
    Spanish waters until 1 OCT 1936

    RON 40 TARE (temporary) was esta 17
    SEP 1936 with RALEIGH (flag) and the
    destroyers HATFIELD & KANE

    The squadron ships would change over the next four years, but it would
    be relieved by USS CAMPBELL, CG in OCT 1940

  • lbbrennan (18 Sep 2014 6:15am EDT) : Morning Muster
  • lbbrennan (17 Sep 2014 11:21pm EDT) : A slice of ham for midrats.
  • John Young (17 Sep 2014 7:44pm EDT) : The Campbells were here! Seven sisters
    that were the lead ships of the Coast
    Guard fleet from 1936 through 1988Named for Secretaries of the Treasury
    four were built at the Philadelphia Navy
    Yard- CAMPBELL, DUANE, INGHAM & TANEYTwo more at the Brooklyn Navy Yard-

    BIBB at Charleston (SC) Navy Yard

    Only Philadelphia built cutters had
    K.L..Lau & FDC covers

    Mail clerk aboard SEATTLE documented
    the launch of two built in Brooklyn

    Keel Laying of BIBB was documented by a Savannah GA collector


  • lbbrennan (17 Sep 2014 3:35pm EDT) : John. Bait is always good. We need a LOG article encouraging members to visit. No many regulars.
  • John Young (17 Sep 2014 11:46am EDT) : No, just putting information on the chat
    page. Maybe we’ll get visitors!
  • lbbrennan (17 Sep 2014 11:42am EDT) : John. Another article?
  • John Young (17 Sep 2014 11:10am EDT) : Daily visit- Forgot mid rats last nightThe ANCS’ Brooklyn Crew was formed in
    SEPT 1935 and among its members was
    Edward J. Duncan (ANCS #11), Alex Hesse (ANCS #81), Mike Sanders (ANCS
    #189 & John von Losberg & Louis Weigand (ANCS #234)Both Sanders & von Losberg started STANLOS Cachet Service- in late 1933
    and produced event & holiday covers
    posted aboard ships at the Brooklyn
    Navy Yard.

    Duncan was 10-year member of NYPD
    that was injured in a 1928 Brooklyn fire and took up collecting naval covers from an Lindhardt article in Gossip Weekly. He joined USCS #447
    in April 1934. Sponsored “Mourning”
    envelopes (4) for Memorial Day 1934
    posted aboard USS TEXAS & USS PORTLAND

    Who has the other three?

  • Steve Shay (17 Sep 2014 8:28am EDT) : Mike, I usually go to Filatelic Fiesta.
  • lbbrennan (17 Sep 2014 5:54am EDT) : But no one from Litchenstein
  • esink (16 Sep 2014 10:08pm EDT) : It’s unbelievable how many different countries are represented with USCS memberships.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (16 Sep 2014 10:05pm EDT) : USS Mustin (DDG 89) fired two SM-2 missiles during a sinking exercise as part of Valiant Shield 2014. Air and sea units from the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force participated in the sinking of ex-USS Fresno (LST 1182). Valiant Shield is a U.S.-only exercise integrating U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine Corps assets.
  • Mike Brock (16 Sep 2014 4:39pm EDT) : Checking in…Anyone going to the Filatelic Fiesta in San Jose, CA this November?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (16 Sep 2014 10:03am EDT) : Axel:
    If you are referring to the pictorial for the USS Kearsarge Reunion at San Diego, CA on September 1, 2014, I can send you one of mine when they are returned from San Diego. I will email you when they are returned and will send one along to you. It may take some time though.
  • John Young (16 Sep 2014 8:51am EDT) : Steve: You forgot Brooklyn & New Jersey
  • Steve Shay (16 Sep 2014 8:42am EDT) : Glenn and Axel, we have members in:ARGENTINA
  • lbbrennan (16 Sep 2014 8:06am EDT) : Canada – Franklin Expedition ship found
    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a news release [found at http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/news/2014/09/09/statement-prime-minister-canada-announcing-discovery-one-ill-fated-franklin ] announcing the discovery of one of the ships of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition. The HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror, along with their entire crews, were lost in 1846. The goal of the expedition was to discover the Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific through the islands north of North America. The sunken wreck was found by Canada’s Victoria Strait Expedition.
  • Glenn Smith (16 Sep 2014 6:37am EDT) : Axel: For membership information, click on “Become a Member” in the blue box on the lower right of this page!
  • Glenn Smith (16 Sep 2014 6:36am EDT) : Axel: I am sorry but do not have a KEARSARGE cover to share. Hopefully someone else will.Please consider joining our society, sounds like you have much to offer. We have a small but active group on international members, not sure if any are in Belgium, but several are in Germany.Sec’y Steve Shay: Do we have any in Belgium?
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (15 Sep 2014 9:50pm EDT) : The Navy accepted delivery of Joint High Speed Vessel, the future USNS Fall River from the Austal USA shipbuilder, Sept. 15.The delivery marks a major milestone, the official transfer of the vessel from the shipbuilder to the Navy. USNS Fall River is the U.S. Navy’s fourth Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV).
  • esink (15 Sep 2014 9:28pm EDT) : …(continuation) stamps used.
  • esink (15 Sep 2014 9:25pm EDT) : Phil, same covers received today. I figured I must have sent covers a long time ago because of the “Liberty Bell” FOREVER
  • lbbrennan (15 Sep 2014 7:37pm EDT) : Thanks for the good news Phil
  • PHIL SCHREIBER (15 Sep 2014 5:54pm EDT) : Received covers today from Arctic Submarine Laboratory mailed from USS SPRINGFIELD SSN 761 and USS NEW MEXICO SSN719 at North Pole Postmarked Sept. 12, 2014 San Dieago Ca. Covers were sent for March 2, 2009. You just need a little patience when servicing your own covers.
  • Axel (15 Sep 2014 4:29pm EDT) : Hi all, I’m a belgian living in France collecting stamps and covers, just discovered your society and found out about the recent special postmark for the USS Kearsarge.Could anyone here around help me in getting a cover with this postmark?I can swap with some of my own created special military history covers here
    or send some $.

    You can contact me by mail at lexmanbis@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance


  • lbbrennan (15 Sep 2014 11:22am EDT) : More new authors needed for Log articles. It’s fun. And you will let everyone knows what interest you.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (15 Sep 2014 11:10am EDT) : October LOG proof was received and is now being printed.Convention news will be in November LOG.Election ballots will be in December LOG.

    Still time to offer yourself to be a candidate.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (15 Sep 2014 11:07am EDT) : The great part of this is Lew Klotzbach is still writing articles for the LOG. He has Dick Morain finish the computer work to send them to me.I have two of their articles for November and December in the files.You, too, can write for the LOG!
  • lbbrennan (15 Sep 2014 8:45am EDT) : How many name ship FDCs in 1945 were backdated.
  • John Young (15 Sep 2014 1:17am EDT) : Lewis Klotzbach #608
  • lbbrennan (14 Sep 2014 5:39pm EDT) : John. Sounds like Log articles and exhibits. Who is old enough to have been alive before the uscs?
  • John Young (14 Sep 2014 2:31pm EDT) : The year 1930 was an very interesting
    year for naval cover collectors- only the
    North Bay Stamp Club was operating
    having been established in August 1928The club had held its 35th meeting on 12 FEB 1930The Navy held two fleet problems in the
    Caribbean an: FP X 10 MAR 30 & FP XI
    14 APR 30.

    The London Naval Treaty was signed
    in April 1930 & the U.S. Delegation came
    home aboard S.S. Leviathan
    Escorted into New York by USS TEXAS
    & three other battleships
    Covers canceled 16 MAY 1930

    Then fleet was reviewed by Hoover aboard USS SALT LAKE CITY

    During this period: 100+ destroyers cross-decked with crews doing the
    work- taking early Wilkes class being
    recommissioned & most of 300 series
    being decommissioned

  • lbbrennan (14 Sep 2014 8:33am EDT) : Found letter to bill Fredericks confirming that FDC for Fort Mandan were gundecked
  • lbbrennan (14 Sep 2014 4:38am EDT) : Early morning muster. Cold night. 55f and customary pains and aches get me up too early.
  • Mike Brock (14 Sep 2014 2:30am EDT) : Back from SEAPEX…we had a good chapter meeting.
  • lbbrennan (13 Sep 2014 12:40pm EDT) : Don. Enjoy and support our dealer uscs members.
  • lbbrennan (13 Sep 2014 12:39pm EDT) : John you’re amazing. What a scholar. If we had Data Sheets this would be a great subject.
  • Don Tjossem (13 Sep 2014 12:13pm EDT) : Going to SEAPEX today………..
  • John Young (13 Sep 2014 11:38am EDT) : Looking for early Presidential Naval Reviews that might appear on coversAny covers from 4 JUN 1927- the day
    Cal Coolidge reviewed fleet off Cape
    Henry VA (Hampton Roads) from USS
    posted 20 MAY 1930 when President Hoover was aboard- once again off the
    Virginia Capes.
  • lbbrennan (13 Sep 2014 7:00am EDT) : Morning muster and hunger. Can I make tea and toast without awakening the hostiles?
  • lbbrennan (13 Sep 2014 6:19am EDT) : BMCM. Oh Canada. Enjoy the trip. Hear that snow has been reported north of the border.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (12 Sep 2014 9:41pm EDT) : October LOG is complete and off to the printer. Had to get it out early because I’m driving up to Milwaukee and then on to Canada, Eh?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Sep 2014 1:39pm EDT) : Christening station covers from USS John Warner SSN 785 were received from Newport News, VA today… poor strikes and not collectible… pretty standard for Newport News.
  • lbbrennan (12 Sep 2014 12:25pm EDT) : Again my morning muster posting thanking John Young didn’t post.
  • John Young (12 Sep 2014 6:40am EDT) : The Official Register of Vessels of the
    United States Navy was published by the USCS, as Educational Bulletin #1It cost 10 cents and continued 6 pages
    of data on ships- name, mailing address
    of ships & types of known cancelsi.e. 2 New York- 3, 3r, 3s, 3t, 5, 5hks, 6, 6i, 8, 9v, 9w

    The 2 before New York was the code to contact Mail Clerk via c/o Postmaster,
    1 New York, 2 San Pedro, 3 San Diego
    4 San Francisco 5 Seattle 6 Pearl Harbor

    The pamphlet was changed to Bulletin
    #2 in JAN 1937, according to my copy

    It belonged to Chet Knowlson

    Q: What became Educational Bulletin

  • John Young (12 Sep 2014 3:36am EDT) : Got the 0400-0800 watch. Mid watch eat all the Mid ratsmaking morning coffee!
  • lbbrennan (11 Sep 2014 4:36pm EDT) : Seems I had problems/delays with this site this morning using my blackberry.Interesting 13th anniversary of 9/11. Still a brutal day of memories.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Sep 2014 1:56pm EDT) : Was just watching Fox News and they mentioed that the Chinese Navy will surpass the US Navy in six years in numbers of ships.
  • Don Tjossem (11 Sep 2014 1:22pm EDT) : Touch-n-go from Longbranch, WA
  • Rich H (11 Sep 2014 11:21am EDT) : Will return from OBX next Tuesday and shove off for USCS coonvention next Thursday. Can’t wait to renew old acquaintences. Will you be there?
  • Rich H (11 Sep 2014 11:17am EDT) : Nice to wke up and not hear any news related to a terrorist attack againsst the west. My prayers go out today to those killed during the 9-11 attacks.
  • Rich H (11 Sep 2014 11:12am EDT) : Master Chief. I thibnk the screen on one of those new wrist iPhones is a bit too small for me to see.
  • Rich H (11 Sep 2014 11:08am EDT) : Would have be great to have had a list of ships that attend the celebration. USCGC William Tate will be there as a platfom for some VIP’s according to Lt. Chis Jasnoch, CO.
  • Rich H (11 Sep 2014 11:03am EDT) : iPad did not recognize me.Working out details for a pictorial cancel (T-F) for USS Abe Lincoln’s Anniversary. More to come!
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (11 Sep 2014 11:03am EDT) : guest_246How about getting one of those new Dick Tracy IWatches?
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (11 Sep 2014 11:01am EDT) : The U.S. Navy’s second joint high-speed vessel entered Baltimore’s Inner Harbor yesterday with other Navy ships to celebrate the Star-Spangled Spectacular, the 200th anniversary of the poem penned by Francis Scott Key that later became the national anthem.USNS Choctaw County (JHSV 2) sailed from Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, Virginia, and hosted Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus and other distinguished guests for the last leg of the voyage.The ship’s 20,000-square foot mission bay holds a Riverine Patrol Boat, land-based vehicles, a diving chamber and a variety of other displays from Naval Expeditionary Combat Command, the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Coast Guard. These displays will be open to the public and media Sept. 11-14, noon to 5 p.m.

    Anyone in the Baltimore area going to try and get covers or at least a corner card from the ship?

  • guest_246 (11 Sep 2014 11:00am EDT) : Had me worried. All appears in order. Get an iPhone!
  • lbbrennan (11 Sep 2014 9:36am EDT) : Steve. There were delays but the posts appeared. My blackberry is sketchy this morning. Thanks. Larry
  • Steve Shay (11 Sep 2014 8:32am EDT) : Test
  • Mike Meister (11 Sep 2014 7:42am EDT) : My morning touch n go
  • lbbrennan (11 Sep 2014 6:52am EDT) : Morning muster. Not much traffic here for a long time.
  • lbbrennan (11 Sep 2014 6:51am EDT) : Morning muster. Not much traffic here.
  • lbbrennan (10 Sep 2014 5:01pm EDT) : Tomorrow is 9/11 again. This morning’s sky was as clear as it was that terrible day.
  • lbbrennan (10 Sep 2014 8:36am EDT) : The 1912 Yankton card is addressed by a crewman to his family in Port Richmond, Staten Island Ny
  • lbbrennan (10 Sep 2014 8:34am EDT) : I have 5 Yankton post cards. 4 with type 1 (3 1910, 1 1912) and a type 3 (1914) with manzan.. B C. In Kbs and a Brooklyn received mark
  • lbbrennan (10 Sep 2014 6:37am EDT) : Morning muster.
  • lbbrennan (09 Sep 2014 6:08pm EDT) : Thanks John
  • John Young (09 Sep 2014 10:02am EDT) : Have a R-1 cancel from YANKTON- on a facing slip, dated 9 JUN 1914 with VERA CRUZ/ MEXICO betw killer bars of type 3 (AC) postmarkOver the years (100), its fainted a little somebody in Texas saved these facing slips- Got them from a stamp dealer in Valley Cottage in 1980’s as giftAs I bought naval covers for 50 cents each. None had cachets, and most of the covers were addressed to William

    Hornbeck was one of the six early
    naval cancel collectors who helped
    Doc Locy with information on cancels
    for his American Philatelist article in
    February 1929

    The others- Walter Lester, Dr. William
    Evans, C.S. Williams (Navy Savings Bank), Harry Konwisher & Albert Gorham

    Gorham, worked for Navy Department
    1898- 1933 and was responsible for
    saving those penalty envelopes that
    were mailed to Bureau of Navigation
    (Personnel Bureau)

  • lbbrennan (09 Sep 2014 8:34am EDT) : Something new every day.USS Yankton & Rum Running: A Black Mark on an Illustrious CareerUSS Yankton at Hampton Roads, December 10, 1916.

    Built as a luxury yacht in 1893, the Navy acquired USS Yankton in May 1898. Commissioned at Norfolk, it was prepared for operations in the Spanish-American War. As part of blockading duties off Cuba, it participated in shelling Spanish gunboats and land batteries. After the war, Yankton was converted to a fleet tender. In December 1907, it sailed out of Hampton Roads as part of the Great White Fleet for that around-the-world cruise, returning in 1909.

    After the cruise, the converted yacht continued as a fleet tender until America’s entrance into WWI. In 1914 it participated in Navy operations off Mexico during the Vera Cruz Crisis. During the war Yankton performed convoy escort duty off of Gibraltar, rescuing a damaged Italian merchant ship from a U-boat at one point. By September 1918, the yacht was summoned back to the United States to operate with the Atlantic Fleet.

    Shortly after the Armistice, Yankton was sent back overseas, this time to the Barents Sea off of northern Russia. From February to July 1919, the yacht and a handful of other American ships (including subchasers) supported operations against the Bolsheviks in Murmansk and Archangel. For the remainder of the year it was stationed off England before returning stateside in January 1920.

    Decommissioned soon after returning, the vessel was sold in 1921. Two years later the ship sprang into national news. Operated as part of a rum running ring, the yacht was captured in New York by customs officials. It was registered as a British ship and according to reports, had come to “Rum Row” (a group of smuggling ships anchored outside of the maritime limit) from the West Indies with a valuable cargo of illegal rum worth $500,000. The ship was eventually returned to civilian maritime service but was scrapped in 1930.

  • Don Tjossem (09 Sep 2014 12:01am EDT) : Learn something new every day. Had never heard of the Honda Point Disaster until today.
  • Don Tjossem (08 Sep 2014 11:58pm EDT) : Steve, Does the marker a little ways down this page look familiar??http://www.pointhondamemorial.org/
  • Steve Shay (08 Sep 2014 10:29pm EDT) : I toured Vandenburg AFB once about 10 years ago. It’s the only way to see Honda Point unless on a boat. There is a marker there if I remember right.
  • Don Tjossem (08 Sep 2014 5:11pm EDT) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Point_Disaster
  • lbbrennan (08 Sep 2014 4:03pm EDT) : Thanks Elgin and John.
  • John Young (08 Sep 2014 3:41pm EDT) : DES RON 11destroyers lost at Point Honda, CA were DELPHY (261) Flag,
    S.P. LEE (310), YOUNG (312), FULLER
    (2977), WOODBURY (309), NICHOLAS
    (311) & CHAUNCEY (296)Twenty sailors drowned aboard the
    YOUNG that rounded over & CHAUNCEY
    grounded in an attempt to help YOUNGSomewhere in my collection, I have an
    anniversary cover commemorating the
  • esink (08 Sep 2014 1:25pm EDT) : USS ROOSEVELT DDG-80 free franks perfectly cancelled AUG 15, 2014 with nicely applied corner card, ship cancel and cachet received today.
  • lbbrennan (08 Sep 2014 7:22am EDT) : Disaster at Honda Point – 8 September 1923
    The Honda Point Disaster occurred just off the spit of land at the north end of the Santa Barbara Channel on the evening of 8 September 1923 when seven US Navy destroyers, traveling at full speed, grounded in the fog on charted rocks. Due to poor visibility, the ships, transiting as a squadron from San Francisco to San Diego, were utilizing dead reckoning. A radio signal from a new radio direction finder (RDF) station had been received but misinterpreted. Twenty-three sailors died in the grounding. Two other destroyers grounded briefly, but refloated themselves. Five destroyers from the rear of the formation were able to avoid grounding. The squadron commander and the squadron navigators, as well as the commanding officers of the seven destroyers that were lost, were all court-martialed. This marine casualty is the first in which electronic navigation played a significant role.Fire on the SS Morro Castle – 8 September 1934
    The passenger/cargo ship SS Morro Castle caught fire and burned on 8 September 1934, while on a voyage from Havana, Cuba to New York. The origin of the fire was never conclusively determined. The master had died in his sleep the previous night of an apparent heart attack. The fire was detected in the First Class Writing Room at about 3 a.m. It spread rapidly through the extensive wood used in construction of the passenger spaces. The Acting Captain maneuvered the ship toward the New Jersey shore, but the ship soon lost power and steering. It eventually grounded on the beach at Asbury Park. A total of 137 passengers and crew died in the casualty. Major changes were later made to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention to address use of fire retardant materials, automatic fire doors, fire alarms, and life boat drills, reducing the risk of future casualties.
  • lbbrennan (08 Sep 2014 6:36am EDT) : Love oyster crackers. Morning muster.
  • John Young (08 Sep 2014 12:31am EDT) : Mid rats: Manhattan Clam Chowder &
    Oyster crackers
  • lbbrennan (07 Sep 2014 6:17pm EDT) : Quiet. Derek Jeter day but Yankees shut out again. Not going to be october baseball in the Bronx.
  • lbbrennan (07 Sep 2014 11:06am EDT) : Jimmy good news.
  • Jimmy Jordan (07 Sep 2014 9:51am EDT) : Good morning!The USCS receives a little promotion in the Postmark Pursuit column in the Sep 22, 2014 issue of Linn’s Stamp News (digital edition published yesterday).The 01 Sep 2014 USS Kearsarge Reunion Station, San Diego CA fancy cancel is the featured announcement. Included in the write up is “If you have an interest in ship cancellations, visit the Universal Ship Cancellation Society website at www.uscs.org.”
  • lbbrennan (07 Sep 2014 7:43am EDT) : Morning muster. Everyone is packing for Milwaukee?
  • lbbrennan (07 Sep 2014 1:21am EDT) : Past midnight muster.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (07 Sep 2014 12:40am EDT) : For those who wanted IWO JIMA’s new FPO address at Mayport FL.It is now FPO AA 34094-1664.I hope they have the new cancel device with the new FPO ZIP in it.
  • Mike Meister (06 Sep 2014 11:20am EDT) : Touch a-n-go and off to the Post Office
  • Steve Shay (06 Sep 2014 10:38am EDT) : Thanks John and Karl.
  • lbbrennan (06 Sep 2014 9:46am EDT) : The end of the hot humid September weather in the Northeast? Thought I was back in Charleston.Time to visit the post office. Hope they don’t slam the door in my face minutes before closing time.
  • lbbrennan (06 Sep 2014 8:29am EDT) : Good morning.
  • John Young (06 Sep 2014 12:52am EDT) : Mid rats: chocolate chip cookies & milkGreat cover of the month! Same printed
    cachet on #6 envelopes. I would say that “Bones” Crosby had something to
    do with the printer’s cut, one way or anotherBelieve he did 1932 WEE VEE cachet where West Virgina won the gunnery trophy
  • Don Tjossem (05 Sep 2014 4:17pm EDT) : Touch-n-go.
  • Mike Brock (05 Sep 2014 2:08pm EDT) : Howdy…
  • lbbrennan (05 Sep 2014 1:31pm EDT) : Hi Karl. The smell of printer’s ink.
  • Karl Zurn (05 Sep 2014 12:34pm EDT) : Steve,
    Nice cover. Reminds me of my day on the Yellowstone hanging out in the print shop.
  • lbbrennan (05 Sep 2014 5:14am EDT) : Good morning.
  • lbbrennan (04 Sep 2014 10:32pm EDT) : Dead quiet
  • lbbrennan (04 Sep 2014 5:53am EDT) : Morning muster.
  • John Young (04 Sep 2014 12:31am EDT) : No picture, Mr. President.
  • Mike Brock (03 Sep 2014 1:58pm EDT) : The USCS Nominations Committee is still open for business searching for members to run for USCS Society Officers & Directors. Cut-off date to run is September 30th. The election will be held in December.
  • Don Tjossem (03 Sep 2014 12:54pm EDT) : Any pix for FB??
  • John Young (03 Sep 2014 10:04am EDT) : Great September meeting of the Jersey chapter, as the three musketeers (Rich, George & Frank) traveled from Decatur
    country. Great cheese, next time leave it at the other end of the table.The Iowa Chapter (Stewart & Carl) brought along 4 circuits of dollar covers
    great finds- 1932 fleet maneuvers, a
    famous fifty, Navy Days & rare find as
    I’ve been looking for cover canceled on
    28 DEC 1940
    It’s cacheted but not documenting my
    birth!Jan & Geog came with soda & chips, while Bruno brought wife’s brownies w/o nuts.

    Once again “Doc” Rollins was working
    and missed by her new patients aka cover junkies or old envelope nuts!

  • lbbrennan (03 Sep 2014 6:31am EDT) : Morning muster. Great new cover of the month. Thanks Steve Shay.
  • lbbrennan (02 Sep 2014 10:28pm EDT) : Good NJ Chapter meeting. Thanks to our host Phil Schreiber who is great form after a little surgery. Thanks too to our Decatur Chapter trio who made the long trip. Lots of great covers from the Decatur Guys and our USCS Sales Circuit manager Stewart Milstein. Large crowd for a summer weekday night – 10 plus. Chapters are the lifeblood of the USCS.
  • guest_4549 (02 Sep 2014 4:58pm EDT) : Hello good people, i was wondering if anyone good place value on an envelope and letter from the U571.. i was instructed to contact you .. is there anyone who can help me… i want to know for insurance .
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (02 Sep 2014 1:30pm EDT) : Jeanne Warner, wife of former Sen. John Warner and ship’s sponsor,
    will smash a bottle of sparkling wine across the submarine’s bow
    on Saturday, Sept. 6, to christen the newest Virginia-class submarine
    John Warner (SSN 785).Have you sent for covers?
  • lbbrennan (02 Sep 2014 8:32am EDT) : New Jersey Chapter meeting tonight. Hope to make it and see many members.
  • lbbrennan (02 Sep 2014 6:34am EDT) : Muster.
  • John Young (02 Sep 2014 12:59am EDT) : Mid rats: egg, cheese & Taylor Ham on
    a onion roll
  • roger_8743 (01 Sep 2014 2:19pm EDT) : to lbbrennan, many thanks for your replies.
  • lbbrennan (01 Sep 2014 9:41am EDT) : Happy Labor Day. Enjoy the last summer holiday weekend.


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