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Online Chat Archives – December, 2015

  • esink (02 Jan 2016 9:45pm EST) : Hardcopy January LOG was received in central PA (Harrisburg area) today…superb issue!
  • guest_Kay Neuthor (02 Jan 2016 8:57pm EST) : A happy new year to all members of the Society.
    A question to all who are present or will be present in the next time.
    I am looking for a book what was published in 1996:
    The United States Navy and the Spanish Civil War July 1936 – March 1939. Autor was Jerry A. Wells who lives in Dallas.
    Has anybody this book or a friend who can make copies in the Philateltic Library in Denver?
    My emal address:
    Kay (USCS #8466)
  • Mike Meister (02 Jan 2016 6:18pm EST) : Paper LOG arrived today in Columbus
  • Lb brennan (02 Jan 2016 11:21am EST) : Sitting in the car outside Macy ‘s waiting for the ayatollah on her first search and burn mission of the year
  • Stewart B. Milstein (02 Jan 2016 12:27am EST) : An easy New Year’s Day – worked on covers, got the phone to company to fix their screw up with wires, and listened to the Strauss Concert from Vienna.

    A good year collecting to one and all.

  • Lb brennan (01 Jan 2016 4:40pm EST) : Happy new year
  • Richard Hall #9553 (01 Jan 2016 1:08pm EST) : Hope all will have a very good 2016, plan on being at the convention in August. Semper Fi to all Marines
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Jan 2016 9:54am EST) : Happy New Year.. Great January Log and mailing listings. USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 – Unit 100328 Box 1, AE 09523 for FYI.
  • John Young (01 Jan 2016 3:15am EST) : Wishing all our members a Healthy & Happy New Year.

    Suggested resolutions:

    Plan on attending the USCS convention
    in August at AMERICOVER in Virginia

    Recruit one new member

    Put together an exhibit of covers or post cards that you have been chasing
    for years

    Write an article for the USCS Log

    Happy is a man (woman) that has a hobby, for he (she) has two worlds to
    live in.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Dec 2015 10:33pm EST) : 300+ January 2016 eLOG have been emailed to members requesting the service..

    Enjoy and have a great New Year

  • Mike Meister (31 Dec 2015 7:25pm EST) : Hope everyone has a very happy, healthy and safe 2016!
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Dec 2015 5:23pm EST) : That was our Stew Milstein culling through the naval covers at the Naval Heritage and History Command. Shame they did not show the VIP parking space they created for him outside the front door. Guess he will want VIP parking at the next USCS convention.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Dec 2015 5:19pm EST) : Just got word today from Richmond Dist. USPS that my appeal was honored and the cancel will be ordered and sent to Norfolk for the 20th Anniversary of the carrier JOHN C STENNIS. USPS has a regulation that says they are to either deny or approve every pictorial submitted. Meaning let the person who submits the cancel know the status. Almost no one in the USPS does that. They ignore their own regs.

    So, this is one of the few times that one of my requests went missing in action (lost by USPS) but had they followed their own rules, I would have know something was wrong when I did not get a response from them. Since they don’t acknowledge pictorial requests, I am caught flat footed when they say, “we will cancel your covers with a regular date stamp, we have no record of you submitting this pictorial”.

    So, it may take a month or so, but the cancel will be issued in Norfolk.

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (30 Dec 2015 1:48pm EST) : Yes.

    That is Stewart holding a cover. Will have the photo in Feb LOG.

  • Bob Lamb (30 Dec 2015 6:27am EST) : Would that be the picture of USCS member Stewart Milstein on page 13 of the Feb, 2016 Naval History magazine? Promo article for the Navy Department Library.
  • lbbrennan (29 Dec 2015 2:10pm EST) : Merry Christmas and a prospective Happy New Year to all USCS members.

    As an unrelated thought, since our FB is open to non USCS members why should this site be closed. These are recruiting tools among other things so why not open up to the world. If we have troubles with a visitor or member the admins can take appropriate action.

    Time to take action to keep the membership from falling further.

  • Rich H (27 Dec 2015 11:25pm EST) : Just thinking out loud. I have not had eggnog or fruit cake yet this Christmas season.
  • Rich H (27 Dec 2015 11:24pm EST) : The following will be added to the Active Chapter page on this site under Virtual Chapters, a new heading. If you are involved in any of these chapters and see where info is lacking or in error, let me know and changes, corrections and or additions will be made to the listing.

    108 DSV ALVIN Chapter

    Visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/494656184076548

    David DuBois, seadave26@comcast.net

    109 N.S. SAVANNAH Chapter

    Art Cole, 11004 Louis Dr SE, Huntsville AL 35803-1008

    110 USS Constitution Chapter

    Visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/147329905602253

    Skip Eckel, 36 Paseo Hermoso, Salinas CA 93908-9166

    111 Coast Guard Chapter

    Visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/926783114076581

    John Young, 146 N Lincoln Ave, Pearl River NY 10965-1709

    112 Pearl Harbor Chapter

    Visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/682025965265945
    Lloyd Ferrel, PO Box 2086, Beaverton OR 97075-2086

  • Mike Meister (26 Dec 2015 2:45pm EST) : Hope everyone had a great Christmas
  • bmcmjones 3933 (25 Dec 2015 12:12am EST) : Merry Christmas everyone.

    Just finished dinner with 15 friends and family.

    Get to enjoy the day quietly and eat leftovers.

  • Stewart B. Milstein (24 Dec 2015 8:10pm EST) : I am not sure that in Feb 1946 SEPE stood for Seattle, Port of Embarkation. Can anyone confirm via a specific source or reference? Thanks.
  • Neal Mills (24 Dec 2015 8:02pm EST) : To all a very Merry Christmas!
  • Karl Zurn (22 Dec 2015 2:34pm EST) : I have acquired a good number of ship models and have posted some on www.karlscovers.com until we can set up a separate site. These are museum quality-might want to ask Santa for one.
  • Karl Zurn (22 Dec 2015 2:31pm EST) : Some people mentioned on this chat that they could not check out on my site www.karlscovers.com The problem is fixed.
  • esink (20 Dec 2015 8:28pm EST) : Thanks Neal and Thad…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Dec 2015 8:16pm EST) : Elgin – Neal is correct… AE
  • Neal Mills (20 Dec 2015 7:13pm EST) : AE
  • esink (20 Dec 2015 3:40pm EST) : Thad: What are the 2 letters in that USS FORD address? Thanks.
  • Neal Mills (20 Dec 2015 10:59am EST) : Thad, Thank you. Will give it a try.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (19 Dec 2015 8:17pm EST) : Neal,
    I sent covers to the COPE, USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 using zip code 09523-2807 and they got there. I didn’t use the new address format since I didn’t have the Unit #. The cancel has the zip 09523-2807 in cancel itself.The covers were serviced with a clear cancel (Dec a tad light) but without a cachet. It was a shot in the dark that hit the mark.
  • Neal Mills (19 Dec 2015 4:20pm EST) : Thad W. Kaczkowski, what is the mailing address for USS Gerald R. Ford? Haven’t been able to find it. Thanks.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (19 Dec 2015 4:05pm EST) : Covers arrived today from the USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 dated Dec 15, 2015.
  • bmcmjones 3933 (18 Dec 2015 10:18pm EST) : USS OMAHA (LCS 12) will be christened in Mobile Alabamuh on Saturday.
  • bmcmjones 3933 (17 Dec 2015 2:42pm EST) : January 2016 Log is at the printer.

    I need more articles for February and March issues.

  • lbbrennan (17 Dec 2015 2:00pm EST) : Quiet days here. Hope things are doing better on the FB sites. The new chapters are active and worth following. Some great stuff. Larry
  • lbbrennan (16 Dec 2015 6:05pm EST) : Richard, Let’s talk. I walked over to Utah. I don’t know if there are special USCG tours but there might be some help from USN. There has been a lot done about the KIA from USS Oklahoma. I am finishing an article about her for NJ Postal History. Now to select covers. She had lots of postmarks and a few censor devices during her 25 years. NJ built.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Dec 2015 5:44pm EST) : Mr. Hoffner,
    I spoke to the District Manager in Portland, OR and she stated that they still have a large amount of covers to cancel for Newport, OR and they will get those completed and mailed out after the Holidays. I would look for them about mid -January. I believe there was a large response for the US Coast Guard Pictorial Postmarks and some offices fell behind. I will continue to check in with Newport, OR at the first of January to monitor the progress and will keep you posted.
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I appreciate your patience.
    I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!
    Thank You,
    Cynthia Weigel
    USPS/Stamp Fulfillment Services
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Dec 2015 4:39pm EST) : I am planning a visit to Pearl Harbor in February. I see there is an observation pier to view the Utah. Hopefully I’ll get to USS ARIZONA, UTAH and Punch Bowl.

    Recent news is the US will embark on a mission to identify the unknowns buried at Punch Bowl after the Dec. 7, 1941 attack. The Defense Dept POW/MIA Accounting Aency will undertake identification of the unknowns, many buried in common graves, by comparing DNA of relatives.

  • Rich Hoffner (16 Dec 2015 4:22pm EST) : My local NFCU gave away GO NAVY towels. Hung mine in my front window during the game. If you live close to a branch, stop in and ask if they have any left.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Dec 2015 4:21pm EST) : My STENNIS covers from the ship were sprayed upside down, avoiding the pesky spray over the postmark and pictorial cancel. A little luck I guess as I have seen several that got it right side up.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Dec 2015 4:16pm EST) : Disturbing note from Norfolk post office. They notified me they would use their standard hand cancel on the chapter covers I submitted for the USS John C Stennis anniversary. They claim they had no record of a request for a pictorial. I found a copy of the letter of request, dated September 8. It was properly submitted. I have asked that since the USPS apparently lost the request letter, they consider an extension of the pictorial and have it issued. Norfolk advises they will refer it to the District Customer Services in Richmond VA.
  • lbbrennan (15 Dec 2015 6:18pm EST) : another great report Elgin
  • esink (15 Dec 2015 3:03pm EST) : Nice FREE frank received today from USS ARLINGTON with corner card updated to include “unit” and “box”, nicely applied ship cachet, clear cancel dtd 25 NOV 2015 with five-digit FPO zip code but without the “unit” and “box”…basically the same as USS KEARSARGE cover reported yesterday.
  • lbbrennan (15 Dec 2015 1:17pm EST) : Great and thanks Elgin
  • esink (14 Dec 2015 3:16pm EST) : First FREE frank received under new system today from USS KEARSARGE with corner card, nicely applied ship cachet and clear cancel dtd 2 DEC 2015
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Dec 2015 2:55pm EST) : Go Eagles!
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Dec 2015 2:55pm EST) : Email went out today to “the caves” with reference to a pictorial they approved for 8-4-15 at Newport OR To date, no one has received back covers who sent for it. The pictorial was shown in the Postal Bulletin of 9-17-15 pg 36.
  • John Young (13 Dec 2015 10:36am EST) : Well, another great game with Navy Midshipmen torpedoing Black Knights

    Its like being a Brooklyn Dodger fan of
    my youth- wait until next year

    Great game, NAVY!

  • Craig Martin (13 Dec 2015 3:24am EST) : My Great Uncle was at Pearl on a PT-Boat. He would never talk of his war experiences. Before Pearl, he was on USS Oklahoma (BB-37.) Much of my family on my father’s side were from Oklahoma and came to California during the Dust Bowl. But he went into the Navy at age 15 (!). Thus, he was put on the Oklahoma, along w/ many other Oklahomans. Evidently that’s how it went back then. If you came from Arizona you were assigned to the Arizona, etc. Am I right?
  • Craig Martin (13 Dec 2015 3:05am EST) : Thanks Rich and Larry for the follow up on RDR’s stuff and my old number. There is a lot of neat stuff in this collection, but I suspect RDR had some really, really neat stuff like early postal history.
  • Craig Martin #12377 (12 Dec 2015 11:48pm EST) : That was a good game! Too bad Army lost. They committed suicide. I’ve got an active Lt. Colonel cousin in the Army who has four Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, a retired Navy Lt. (jg) uncle 67-69? USS Delta, a retired Marine Corps (two tours) nephew, and a retired Master Sgt. cousin in the Air Force. I am a disabled librarian. Granddad and that uncle are Stanford grads. I’m looking forward to the 40 bowl games topped off by the Rose Bowl.

    The BB-3 collection I bought at auction appears possibly to be Dr. RE Nichols collection, or else a remainder from Bob’s collection. There are a lot of covers, real photos up to 8 1/2 x 11,” postcards and clippings in two big binders.


  • esink (12 Dec 2015 1:56pm EST) : USS STENNIS covers for 20th Anniversary received today with 9 DEC SPRAYOVERS from Tacoma… cancels and cachets a little over-inked
    but one sprayover missed the FPO cancel because I had put the stamp low on the envelope.
  • John Young (12 Dec 2015 12:26pm EST) : Ahoy Mates,
    Getting ready to watch Army-Navy game today with hope for Black Knights
    of the Hudson take home the win this
    year. Go Army!
  • guest_6054 (esink) (11 Dec 2015 9:52pm EST) : hi (back) guest_516…who are you?
  • guest_516 (10 Dec 2015 7:42pm EST) : hi
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (08 Dec 2015 6:05pm EST) : Covers from the USS Bonhomme Richard LHD 6 were received today with a new clear cancel and cachet. This is another ship that I have been trying for years to get covers from and they all were returned today. A new mail clerk??? The cancel is the new Unit type. The cancel does not have the ships name in it but rather Unit 100184 FPO AP 96617. This cancel is similar to the one from the USS Fitzgerald DDG 62.
  • Jimmy Jordan (07 Dec 2015 11:23pm EST) : Hard copy of the December USCS LOG (First Class Mail) arrived in southeastern North Carolina today.

    Just curious – the Feature Cover on the LOG cover has a cancel dated Dec 9 2015 which is still two days in the future. Most interesting!

  • lbbrennan (07 Dec 2015 3:30pm EST) : Bob, I am well aware of the loss of Utah and her history. I have spent years involved in arranging the presentation of Chief Tomich’s Medal of Honor to his family. In any event, Utah was an auxiliary not a warship when she was lost. I walked across Ford Island to visit the wreck when I spent a few weeks there in the early 2000s. Sad sight. Best Larry
  • Bob Lamb (07 Dec 2015 11:35am EST) : As part of the 1931 Disarmament Treaty, the Utah’s 12 inch barrels were removed along with 5 inch bombardment guns. The turrets were retained. In later years, as a target ship, the Utah also added and subtracted test gun mounts but nothing bigger than a 5″. Utah was scheduled to go to the West Coast on December 6th but Pennsylvania was in the needed dry dock. The dry dock was required to remove the timbers from Utah’s deck. Utah was struck by 3 torpedoes (Duds?) between 0756 and 0802 and maybe even one bomb. By 0812 Utah was capsized. Oddly, these attacks occurred despite the Japanese pilots having been giving clear orders to ignore the ship.
  • lbbrennan (07 Dec 2015 10:15am EST) : I was the unnamed guest.

    Remember Pearl Harbor

  • guest_4547 (07 Dec 2015 6:58am EST) : Rob the naval district commandant at pearl was jewish previously adm claude bloch had been cinc us fleet a four star billet.

    Thanks re utah. Another new jersey bilit ship but she wasnt a warship. She had even less combat capacity than uss WYOMING.

  • Dan Goodwin (06 Dec 2015 8:46am EST) : Navy’s new ‘stealth’ destroyer headed to sea
    The BIW-built Zumwalt could cruise down the Kennebec River as early as Monday for long-awaited sea trials of the lead ship in the new class of Navy destroyer.
  • Rob Nelson (Member) (05 Dec 2015 5:40pm EST) : Oh, Larry, I think some would make the case that Utah was the first sunk and lost not Oklahoma. While Utah was the oldest ship in port and then a target ship, it was still fast and could have helped in the pacific had she survived. See the chronology in the first link I posted.
  • Rob Nelson (Member) (05 Dec 2015 5:37pm EST) : http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/ssisquith.htm
  • Rob Nelson (Member) (05 Dec 2015 5:37pm EST) : http://navy.togetherweserved.com/usn/servlet/tws.webapp.WebApp?cmd=ShadowBoxProfile&type=CollegeAttendedExt&ID=202972
  • Rob Nelson (Member) (05 Dec 2015 5:36pm EST) : Larry, here are two more links on Isquith…he is buried with his wife at Arlington. What is remarkable is that he was Jewish and at that time it could be difficult for someone of that faith to advance to flag. His path was slow but he made it. He received the Navy Cross for his actions on Utah as acting commanding officer. He and many of the Utah surviving officers were on the salvage effort after involving the successful re-float of Oklahoma. They were unsuccessful though tried mightily to raise Utah given the encouragement of the success with Oklahoma. Ironically, Utah wasn’t even supposed to be a target and Japanese commanders were said to be upset about diversion to that target.



  • Rob Nelson (Member) (05 Dec 2015 5:29pm EST) : Larry
    Here is the link to an exceptional history and article about the Utah which also discusses Isquith
  • Dan Goodwin (05 Dec 2015 8:06am EST) : KITTERY – The USS Providence has arrived at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for maintenance, repair and modernization.

    The Los Angeles-class attack submarine with a crew of 16 officers and 122 enlisted personnel was accompanied by tugboats as it arrived Friday. Shipyard spokesman Gary Hildreth said the nuclear-powered submarine will be spending about 16 months at the shipyard.

    The submarine, which is homeported in Groton, Connecticut, is the fifth ship to be named for Providence, Rhode Island. Commissioned in 1985, it’s the first Los Angeles-class submarine to be equipped with the Tomahawk missile vertical launch system.

    The sub returned in October from its latest deployment in which it covered more than 32,000 nautical miles while supporting national security.

  • lbbrennan (04 Dec 2015 12:59pm EST) : Master Chief Young has a great “Christmas present” for us as the Cover of the month.
  • lbbrennan (04 Dec 2015 12:58pm EST) : Stewart we both were UA. Let’s do better in 2016.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (03 Dec 2015 10:53pm EST) : Missed the NJ Chapter meeting. Will have to make sure that I do not miss the next one.
  • lbbrennan (03 Dec 2015 2:02pm EST) : Thanks Glenn
  • Glenn Smith (03 Dec 2015 9:53am EST) : From Your APS Representative:

    There are two articles worth special note in the December American Philatelist:
    USCS member Richard Martorelli’s fabulous article “Experimenting with Christmas Stamps,” and ‘The Battle of the Falklands 1914, Mail from a Sailor on the SMS Gneisenau.

  • lbbrennan (02 Dec 2015 10:05am EST) : Sorry I missed the NJ Chapter meeting last night. The Pennsylvania trio and many of the usual. NJ Chapter has been a thriving operation for more than 30 years. Thanks to Phil Schreiber we have had a few homes (his) over the decades. Chapters — real and virtual — are keys to sustained membership. Just read what our members write here and on the fb sites. The new virtual chapters are brilliant ideas. Make an effort –become an active chapter member or help establish one. It will make your hobby even better and develop life long friendships.
  • John Young (02 Dec 2015 4:26am EST) : Another great Jersey Chapter meeting went into the record books last night.

    Even the all day rain didn’t keep the 3
    Pennsylvanians home, as they were at
    Phil’s table armed with Decatur Chapter covers

    A great time was had by all- even found
    some WW 2 destroyer escort covers by
    Mike Sanders USS MARTS (DE 174) & USS PENNEWILL (DE 175)
    m.c. Newark NJ 8 AUG 1943

    Both tin-cans went to BRAZIL NAVy in 1944 & 1945

    While b.s. Walter Pettit P.O. Box 963, Wlmington CA they were both done by
    Brooklyn printer Sanders, as filler cards
    were never removed from the covers

    Note: b.s. address bears 5 digit Zip code that came into use in mid-1960s

  • Neal Mills (01 Dec 2015 9:37am EST) : Received the December eLog last evening. Another great edition! Thank you Master Chief.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (01 Dec 2015 12:45am EST) : 300+ December eLOGS have been sent to members requesting the eLOG service.


    I need articles for the beginning issues of 2016. Any new writers are welcome to contribute as well as our regulars.

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