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Online Chat Archives – Jan – Feb, 2016

  • lbbrennan (29 Feb 2016 1:53pm EST) : Quiet as a churchmouse here
  • Lbbrennan (29 Feb 2016 6:04am EST) : Anthem of Sea returns home to Bayonne early
  • lbbrennan (26 Feb 2016 2:01pm EST) : Royal Caribbean cruise from hell: NJ man files class action lawsuit

    By: Mike Davis
    Date: February 25, 2016
    Outlet: Ashbury Park Press

    A passenger from a cruise ship that was battered by a major storm in the Atlantic Ocean filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Royal Caribbean in Miami federal court, his lawyer said Thursday.

    The lawsuit filed on behalf of Cinnaminson resident Frank DeLuca alleges that Royal Caribbean “knew or should have known” of warnings for hurricane-force winds in the Atlantic before Anthem of the Seas set sail Feb. 6 from Bayonne.

    The complaint includes forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Ocean Prediction Center, which noted the possibility of hurricane-force winds along the coast near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, about a half-hour before the ship set sail.

    According to the lawsuit, passengers had to hold onto their beds or anything else “to keep from falling due to the severe crashing of waves and listing of the vessel” for about 12 hours. Furniture was overturned, broken glass littered the ship, elevators were inoperable and water rushed through numerous areas of the ship.

    “We could feel the ship going on top of the waves and crashing back down. Every time, we’d get knocked a little off to the side. You could feel everything just jolt and slide,” Farmingdale resident Keith Hollender said of the trip. “We had packed our bags in case there was an emergency. We just thought, ‘We have to be ready in case something crazy happens, because this is really bad.”

    A portion of the propulsion system was damaged during the storm, causing Royal Caribbean to cancel the remainder of hte trip and return to New Jersey.

    Any passenger who was on the ship can be represented by the lawsuit, which alleges gross negligence on the part of Royal Caribbean. The lawsuit seeks punitive damages for severe emotional, psychological and emotional stress endured by passengers.

    Fordham adjunct law professor Larry Brennan said cruise lines often have many defenses for the kinds of lawsuits filed by passengers.

    “The recent filing of civil litigation by a passenger is unlikely to be the harbinger of many law suits unless there are compensable claims for actual bodily injury or damage to luggage or personal property,” said Brennan, a maritime law expert. “As in the case of the vast majority of civil litigation, settlement may be the parties’ preferred route.”

    At least one other lawsuit was filed over the incident — on Feb. 18 by Bruce Simpson of Delaware. Minutes before the ship docked in Bayonne, two Massachusetts men were arrested and later charged with possession of marijuana.

    Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez said via email that the company doesn’t comment on pending litigation.

    Mike Davis: (732) 643-4223; mdavis@gannettnj.com

  • lbbrennan (25 Feb 2016 7:30pm EST) : Quiet time around here. I was interviewed by a Miami paper about the lawsuits filed from the recent cruise of MS ANTHEM OF THE SEAS.
  • lbbrennan (25 Feb 2016 9:49am EST) : Sorry about the spacing problem. I forgot to edit.
  • lbbrennan (25 Feb 2016 9:48am EST) : A dangerous rescue effort by USCG in local NY waters. Their boat capsized but all USCG personnel and the crew of the grounded fishing vessel were safely recovered.

    U.S. Coast Guard boat overturns while on rescue mission in East Rockaway Inlet

    BY Christopher Brennan, Keldy Ortiz, Thomas Tracy /


    Updated: Thursday, February 25, 2016, 8:59 AM



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  • Five Coast Guard officers on a rescue mission ended up becoming the ones in distress early Thursday when their vessel capsized off the Rockaways during a massive storm, officials said.

    The 25-foot Response Boat Small was buffeted by 10- to 12-foot waves before flipping over in the East Rockaway Inlet about 5 a.m.

    The five seamen aboard swam to shore near Beach 19th St., a Coast Guard spokesman said. Their vessel ultimately washed up on a nearby beach.

    NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi
    Todd Maisel/New York Daily News


    A U.S. Coast Guard boat trying to help a fishing vessel in Far Rockaway overturned Thursday morning.
    Todd Maisel/New York Daily News


    Fishermen were pulled from the boat by helicopter after the U.S. Coast Guard boat (r.) that came out to help them overturned.

    The seamen were treated at the scene. No injuries were reported.

    The Coast Guard vessel had been dispatched to rescue the members of the Carolina Queen III, a 76-foot scallop fishing boat from Virginia.

    The boat had been on an eight-day fishing excursion when it lost power and began taking on water about 2 a.m., officials said.

    The crew of seven managed to bail out the water but later radioed for help when the boat ran aground near the East Rockaway Inlet.

    All seven fisherman were airlifted by U.S. Coast Guard helicopter to shore near Beach 56th Pl. in Arverne unharmed, officials said.

    NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi
    Todd Maisel/New York Daily News

    All five members aboard the U.S. Coast Guard boat and the seven-member crew of the fishing boat were safe by 6 a.m. Thursday.

    “Nothing about this really was routine,” FDNY Fire Chief George Healy said. “This was a very treacherous operation.”

    The waters off the Rockaways were under a gale warning Wednesday night as 34 mile-per-hour winds buffeted the area.

    “FDNY had some marine resources coming and because of the conditions, we actually had to turn them back for their safety,” Healy said. “A U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer went in the water and he couldn’t even handle the conditions

  • lbbrennan (24 Feb 2016 10:46am EST) : Sadly quiet here these days.
  • lbbrennan (23 Feb 2016 2:53pm EST) : Quiet times here. A gray, wet, and cold day in NYC> Last week I finished two article. For the USCS Log a piece about Chief Watertender Peter Tomich and the delivery of his Medal of Honor and for the NJ Postal History Society, the history of USS Oklahoma -inspired in large part by Captain Rommel.
  • lbbrennan (22 Feb 2016 12:04pm EST) : Thad, Rich can tell you where he is on the FLK FFFs. Not sure how much Greg has posted on the NCM site. But just presume if it is a FLK cover it is a Fake.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (19 Feb 2016 6:53pm EST) : Rich Hoffner … Rich do you have a listing or work in progress on FLK – Karcher Fakes ?
  • lbbrennan (19 Feb 2016 4:52pm EST) : Some submarine covers are beyond expensive. But so are Civil War covers. I have one Confederate Navy cover for a ship that never was commissioned CSS PEE DEE.

    Missed the midrats menu. Guess I should visit more often. I can skip the PB&J sandwich. Usually, I am asleep in the chair or on the couch at midnight. Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich sounds great. We have to work at keeping this site alive and work with our members who are not FB.

    There has been a lot of progress on FB particularly with our new chapters and some active members. Great to see folks share the covers — I like the Pearl Harbor covers. This will be the 75th anniversary.

  • John Young (19 Feb 2016 12:11pm EST) : Probably because its on one of the two ships (USS YANCEY, the other) that didn’t have a post office aboard and
    she left early being deployed in the
    Antarctic (28 DEC 1946- 7 FEB 1947)

    Remember covers requests went to the ships and there were no post office
    facilities on the Antarctic continent until
    after Deep Freeze II (19957-58)

  • Neal Mills (18 Feb 2016 10:35am EST) : The Sennett cover sold for $114.49. Does anyone know why this cover would bring $114.49? Or, is this just a case of 2 guys with really deep pockets wanting the same item?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Feb 2016 8:10pm EST) : Oops.. bidding on Sennett SS 408 isn’t over yet…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Feb 2016 7:52pm EST) : USS Sennet SS 408 Operation High Jump went for $103.52….
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Feb 2016 8:03am EST) : I noticed item # 111901653814 on Ebay for USS Sennet SS 408 Operation High Jump – listed incorrectly under title : 114D GSStamps US 1947 Navy USS Merrick (AKA 97) Antarctic Expedition Cachet Cover. There is also a cover listed for the USS Merrick. Too rich for my blood… currently $94.00 w/free shipping.
  • John Young (17 Feb 2016 12:09am EST) : Mid rats: peanut butter & jelly

    Breakfast: S.O.S. on toast

    Soup of the Day: Oxtail with barley

    Dinner: Baked Ham, Candid Sweet Potatoes & Buttered Corn Nibs

    Supper: Grilled Cheese & Tomato
    Lime Jello with banana chips

  • John Young (17 Feb 2016 12:00am EST) : Irene Griffin
  • Lbbrennan (16 Feb 2016 1:29pm EST) : We’ve had our frigid weekend In the 50s with rain and wind not a fun day outside for man or dog

    Who was the woman who painted cachets in the early 40s other than Mae Wegliand?

  • John Young (12 Feb 2016 6:54pm EST) : Cold front coming in from Arctic this weekend and talk that might break a record in the NYC area.

    Time to survey naval covers for next
    month’s Goat Locker column

    Everyone have a safe weekend!

  • Don Tjossem (09 Feb 2016 10:27pm EST) : Jim, You may be interested is the USCS Data Sheet at the link below:


    (Sorry for the double posting.)

  • Don Tjossem (09 Feb 2016 10:26pm EST) : Jim, You may be interested is the USCS Data Sheet at the link below:
  • Jim (09 Feb 2016 7:59pm EST) : Thank you so much for the information. None of the other envelopes were from ships. This looks like a really interesting topic to learn more about.
  • John Young (09 Feb 2016 6:46am EST) : Jim Kelly: asking price (150) is high for eight covers from 1932 Old ironsides
    cruise. Even with a 1909 cancel are not
    scarce and to be honest- would have to
    know the names of the other ships.

    The scarce Constitution covers are those canceled before Dec 1931 when
    she went through Panama Canal

    More people started sending for covers and mail Clerk, Harry Moore serviced more than 1 million covers

    Without knowing what other items in lot it would be unfair to give a price, but I suspect they are quiet common

    Recently saw several Constitution covers in the dollar box at Jersey Chapter meeting

  • Jim Kelly (08 Feb 2016 4:58pm EST) : Looking for advice regarding a small collection of postmarked envelopes from the U.S.S. Constitution. They are postmarked in 1932. The asking price is $150 for about eight envelopes, two of which are from the Constitution. Another is from 1909 and is simply postmarked “China”. The price seems really high so I’m wondering if anyone can give advice on what a fair price to offer would be. Thanks!
  • lbbrennan (08 Feb 2016 2:25pm EST) : Quiet weekend. Everyone must have watch the superbowl. Little snow in NYC so far but further north it is a mess. Forecast bad for the week. And a large passenger ship returned to NY after encountering bad weather off the coast.
  • John Young (07 Feb 2016 3:48pm EST) : Both Angus & Phil did a great job of promoting the USCS and naval covers.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (07 Feb 2016 1:54pm EST) : https://youtu.be/Lb6Dj9nCw3w
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (07 Feb 2016 1:53pm EST) : Angus Kress Gillespie speaks with Phil Schreiber a member of the NJ Chapter of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society.


    Great interview now on YouTube.

  • guest_4069 (07 Feb 2016 4:57am EST) : Hard copy log received
  • esink (04 Feb 2016 11:19pm EST) : Hardcopy LOG arrived in central PA today.
  • Mike Meister (03 Feb 2016 1:38pm EST) : Paper LOG arrived in Columbus today.
  • lbbrennan (03 Feb 2016 10:24am EST) : We need a new member of the month. The current member has been the member of the month for a quarter or two. Someone step up. Please
  • lbbrennan (03 Feb 2016 10:24am EST) : Great NJ Chapter meeting last night. Thanks to our host Phil Schreiber for his hospitality and patience and to Stewart Milstein who sent many covers from the sales circuit. The food was ignored while the boxes were examined. A great meeting.
  • lbbrennan (02 Feb 2016 11:34am EST) : Meeting times are always an issue for groups. Week nights have been the pattern at NJ chapter and after missing 2 of the last 3, I hope to make it tonight. Years ago, Larry Briend and I frequently made Sunday afternoon Nathan Hale chapter meetings. They must have been 150 mile round trips. New York to near New Haven. Sundays were easier with no family demands and football and baseball are fine on the radio. Now I have trouble scheduling anything on Sundays.
  • lbbrennan (02 Feb 2016 11:31am EST) : Nice Cover of the Month for February.
  • Bob Lamb (02 Feb 2016 10:18am EST) : Rich – No way my local town post office has ever heard of WTIL. The multiple clerks seem to be on a continual job action while the uneducated public doesn’t help. Fortunately a new contract station opened near my house – I will try to keep it secret.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Feb 2016 9:05pm EST) : As a part time postal employee in a very small office, I have the luxury to be able to speak with the customers, without holding up the line. There is no line! I go out of my way to help the customer and one of the tips I gave away was for eBay mailers to use “Click and Ship” on USPS.com and save on postage. They indicate my office zip, and we get the dollars credited to our office. With the new rate increases in January, the USPS removed the discounts for “Click and Ship”. Way to go, USPS.

    Their reason for offering the discounts, was to save time when the package got the the post office. No need for the clerk to weigh and put postage on the parcel, thus a savings for the USPS and savings for the customer.

    I have seen no comment as to why this discount was discontinued except that the deletion of the discount was mentioned in their filing for the January rate increases. Look for longer lines when you go to the post office in the future. The person in front of you might have a pile of eBay packages to mail.

    Did you know that the USPS strives to keep the wait time in line to 3 minutes? They call it WTIL. Next time you are in line for ten or fifteen minutes, ask the clerk what happened to their quest to keep the WTIL to three minutes?

  • Rich Hoffner (01 Feb 2016 8:53pm EST) : Covers in last week from KEARSARGE. Looks like the new norm for cancels is newly issued postmarks without the zip + 4 in the dial. Got their PVI also. Hopefully the Unit # postmarks were a short lived mistake and those with them will get new cancels.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Feb 2016 8:49pm EST) : Among this months resignation was a member we tried to have participate in Decatur Chapter meetings. We had him to a meeting at my home, one at the BucsMont Stamp club and one at the USS New Jersey Chapter meeting. The only response we heard from him was that out meetings fell on days where he had other club meeting conflicts. Well, we could not solve that for him.

    Lets face it, we can’t please everyone and should not try to.

    There is no way to recruit what is termed “youth”. Today’s youth are minimalists. Notice the show on TV that shows 300 square feet of living space in a house? That is today’s youth. You won’t find an antique in their home. Probably not even a magazine subscription, and probably not a newspaper.

    Their news comes from their Iphone via Yahoo.

    Their entertainment also comes through their “tablet”. Movies via Hulu.

    I say double down on seniors, they still know what a collection is, know what WW II was and may even have an antique or two in their homes.

    The next area to look for to recruit is ex-military.

    This is not earthshaking news. But, when I have proposed advertising, it is shot down as too expensive.

    So, anyone got an alternative to our society simply evaporating?

  • Rich Hoffner (01 Feb 2016 8:37pm EST) : I lost my rubber stamp manufacturer. She moved to Florida. I am looking for someone who makes custom rubber stamps. I order both mounted and unmounted depending on need. I use the unmounted to print from on a letterpress. Do you know someone who can do mail orders? Thanks.
  • lbbrennan (01 Feb 2016 4:32pm EST) : Thanks for another interesting LOG. But the loss of USCS members continues. Can we have a membership over 900 or even 800. The resignations are particularly troubling and the few new members show that the trend is continuously decreasing.
  • John Young (01 Feb 2016 8:20am EST) : Well, January flew by and I have to work
    on March column today.

    Since retirement (1999)- not enough time in the day, especially on my bride’s “Honey Do” list

  • esink (31 Jan 2016 7:58pm EST) : …and a nice issue it is with a wide variety of subjects covered, Richard.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (31 Jan 2016 3:19pm EST) : February USCS eLOG has been sent to email subscribers.


  • John Young (30 Jan 2016 2:33pm EST) : Surprise visit from Antarctica today- a cover from USCGC POLAR STAR posted at USAF McMurdo on 19 JAN 2016.

    Ship’s circular cachet (polar bear on ice floe)

    Reverse has cutter’s corner card with
    its Seattle address & stamped cachet from McMurdo Station, dated JAN 19 2016

    Cover from Rich Hoffner’s cover service

    Hope they service my covers!

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (29 Jan 2016 1:53pm EST) : The Navy will christen its newest Freedom variant littoral combat ship, USS Sioux City (LCS 11), during a 10 a.m. CST ceremony Saturday, Jan. 30 in Marinette, Wisconsin.

    Sioux City, designated LCS 11, honors the city of Sioux City, Iowa.

    Adm. Michelle Howard, vice chief of Naval Operations, will serve as principal speaker. Mary Winnefeld, wife of retired Adm. James “Sandy” Winnefeld, will serve as the ship’s sponsor. The ceremony will be highlighted by Winnefeld breaking a bottle of sparkling wine across the bow to formally christen the ship, which is a time-honored Navy tradition.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (28 Jan 2016 3:30pm EST) : Phil Schreiber
    Thanks for the two articles and the 5 color scans for the Log.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Jan 2016 2:13pm EST) : As of the latest USPS price increase, the USPS did removed the considerable discount they have offered for years using “Click & Ship” on USPS.com. I have been looking for an alternative and saw a program called “ShippingEasy” which is coupled with Endicia. Is anyone using this service? It offers the USPS discounts but surfing through the site I am confused on how it operates. If you are using it, please contact me at pauscg@gmail.com
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Jan 2016 7:13pm EST) : Thanks for the update Larry. I will be looking forward to the list when it becomes available.
    The snow is beginning to melt here in southwestern PA. We are to have flurries but warmer temps this week. This has been an extremely warm winter in Pittsburgh so far. Hope it stays that way…
    Again, thanks Larry.
  • lbbrennan (27 Jan 2016 2:04pm EST) : Thad we had nearly 28 inches of snow in Metuchen on Saturday. Didn’t miss any time at the office. Best, Larry
  • lbbrennan (27 Jan 2016 2:02pm EST) : Thad, Rich Hoffner is compiling a list of all known FLK FFFs. Far more extensive than the list in my old Log article. Best, Larry
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Jan 2016 11:54am EST) : Need some help… can anyone direct me to a listing of known Karcher forgeries? I thought I had the list from a article by Rich Hoffner but after checking it out it was for the Ron Reeves forgeries. I also have the article by Larry Brennan (Log – Jul.-2008) about Karcher forgeries. I could have swore someone (Rich Hoffner ??) had a listing of known Karcher forgeries. I thought I had all the articles produced in the Log on the forgery series but I guess not.
    After 51 years of being in the society and collecting navals I have a tendency to misplace things. Retirement isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. THANKS !!!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Jan 2016 9:39pm EST) : Rich.. Your correct, I forgot. I checked and I do have the one from the Stennis you serviced. I never received the two I sent to her. I will still keep it on my tracking list and maybe it will turn up some day. I’ll be looking for the O’Kane cover.
    Covers from USS Cape St George just showed up yesterday after almost 18 months but they were really bad so they were canned.
  • Rich Hoffner (26 Jan 2016 5:28pm EST) : Snow here was problematic in that I had to use the snow blower to get to the chicken coop. We had four to five foot drifts due to the farmlands around us and a clear path for the winds to do their magic. Chickens were not any worse for the snow that blew into their coop and shed. They did not miss a beat when it comes to laying.
  • Rich Hoffner (26 Jan 2016 5:23pm EST) : Thad. I believe that I included a cover for you when I sent the pictorial cancel to the STENNIS. Mine came back. I sent about 20 covers for members who have covers on hand for the USCS cover service.

    Just checked and there is one for you for the O’KANE for a new cachet stamp the USCS is donating. That will go in the mail this week to Pearl.

  • Rich Hoffner (26 Jan 2016 5:17pm EST) : Stealth price Increase:

    Any of you use “Click-n-Ship” on USPS.com? There was always a discount when paying for the postage on line and printing out the label for your package. Just noticed that they no longer show or give a discount for using the site to pay postage. Did I miss something in the latest announcement form the USPS about rate increases? If it was announced, I missed it.

  • John Young (26 Jan 2016 9:47am EST) : Broke up my old Navy Day exhibit from
    years gone by. Its been 11 years since I wrote the Navy Day series

    Time flies when your chasing covers

    Working two special articles concerning
    two battleships, USS OHIO & the “Pennsy”. With the latter, DANFS has one paragraph on the 10 year period
    before WW2 and I’m attempting to trace
    its movements through covers

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Jan 2016 7:20pm EST) : Lucked out today in southwestern PA with only 11 inches of snow from the big storm. Just 20 miles south received 24-30 inches.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (23 Jan 2016 3:08pm EST) : I hope members from the middle and northeast are staying safe and indoors.

    Now would be a good time to review your collection and write some articles for the LOG.

    Expect a freeze in mid Florida tonight

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Jan 2016 11:19am EST) : Thanks Elgin – I sent for it when announced but I never received it from the ship.. oh well
  • esink (21 Jan 2016 10:03pm EST) : Thad, I received and reported the special 20th anniversary DEC 9 pictorial from the STENNIS on 12 DEC.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (21 Jan 2016 8:38pm EST) : I see the new Postal Bulletin has extended the pictorial for the USS John C. Stennis CVN 74 20th anniversary for 90 days from Norfolk. Has anyone received the special pictorial from the ship for the 20th anniversary December 9th?
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Jan 2016 12:25pm EST) : Covers back with hand cancels from Charleston WV for Naming Ceremony of USNS HERSCHEL “WOODY” WILLIAMS T-ESB 4. Results shown on the Facebook page. Woody Williams was at the ceremony!
  • John Young (21 Jan 2016 3:00am EST) : Heard someone talking
  • John Young (21 Jan 2016 2:59am EST) : No mid rats
  • Rich H (20 Jan 2016 9:41pm EST) : On the grumbling, can we change it to a buoy bell ringing or a fog horn blowing? Would make some of us seafarers feel more at home
  • Rich H (20 Jan 2016 9:39pm EST) : Having a hiccup with my PC. Running WindowsXP. For three days I keep crashing, getting a note reading Plugin-container.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Well. Does this sound fatal for my windowsXP? And who is “We” ?

  • guest_3547 (20 Jan 2016 9:33pm EST) : Ok, now that I know it was not my tummy growling, I feel better. Was about to schedule an appointment with
    a therapist!
  • Steve Shay (19 Jan 2016 8:07pm EST) : There is an option with Simple Ajax, the Chat software, to hear a sound when new Chats are posted. The default sound is the grumbling sound.
  • BMCMJONES 3933 (19 Jan 2016 11:11am EST) : Yes, it sounds like someone grumbling when you hit the say it button
  • BMCMJONES 3933 (19 Jan 2016 11:09am EST) : February LOG is at the printers now.

    I need more articles and research material for the next few months.

    I am trying to bank articles for the July issue which will go to the printer by the 4th of June prior to my vacation.

    New authors are always sought and welcome.

    Richard Jones, LOG editor

  • Mike Meister (19 Jan 2016 11:01am EST) : I hear it too Rich and Elgin.
  • esink (18 Jan 2016 6:34pm EST) : I have heard human voices also, Rich, and wonder what is happening. My wife thinks I am losing my hearing even though I passed the test last year with flying colors. I have had no trouble hearing these voices every time I have entered a message.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Jan 2016 4:13pm EST) : OK, I know I am not loosing it. Has anyone else noticed this? When I hit “Say it” a crowd mumbles. Turn your speakers up to high. I first noticed it monhhs ago.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Jan 2016 4:11pm EST) : Mike Gilbert is looking fr dates for the next SSN’s slated to be decommissioned. Probably to do Nathan Hale Chapter covers. I think four are on the horizon, but dates are elusive. HOUSTON, ALBUQUERQUE, CITY OF CORPUS CHRISTI and perhaps LA JOLLA, which was deactivated and under conversion to MTS-701. I do not think she as yet had a Last Day in Commission. Last photo I saw of LA JOLLA she was sitting in a dry-dock sliced in three pieces, and had her skin removed. She looks kinda rusty.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Jan 2016 4:01pm EST) : The USCS Chapter Facebook pages are interesting. This week I noticed two Facebookers who asked to join and when I checked one belonged to 200 groups and the other more then 2200 groups. Can these be legitimate collectors, or is there a new hobby, collecting groups?
  • lbbrennan (18 Jan 2016 9:45am EST) : I need to visit more regularly. Cold morning and slippery icy platform for the train. Quiet trip into NYC
  • Art Cole (16 Jan 2016 12:01am EST) : Phil, John, Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a try. I’m guessing it could be months to get covers back, but it will sure be nice if it works out.
  • John Young (15 Jan 2016 10:57am EST) : Phil, you beat me to it!
  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER (15 Jan 2016 6:35am EST) : ART COLE: CORRECT PHONE # 011-7-8152-553-355
  • Glenn Smith (15 Jan 2016 4:51am EST) : Finally! A ship naming decision that nobody can criticize. Williams received the MOH for heroism at Iwo Jima. ‘Nuff said.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (15 Jan 2016 12:04am EST) : Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced the Navy’s newest Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB) ship, T-ESB 4, will be named USNS Hershel “Woody” Williams during a ceremony in Charleston, West Virginia, Jan. 14.
  • Art Cole (14 Jan 2016 4:41pm EST) : Does anyone have a postal address for Atomflot in Murmansk? Sevmorput is about to go back to work and I was thinking about sending some covers over.
  • John Young (14 Jan 2016 4:08am EST) : Glenn Smith sure knows his classics-
    cutters NORTH STAR & NORTHLAND on the Greenland Patrol.

    Will have to start putting Mid Rats on chat page again. Guess everyone is on facebook

  • Stewart B. Milstein (10 Jan 2016 12:27pm EST) : Rich: I have a photo of my one-day only parking spot.

    I could have finished entering all their covers into a data base were it not for the fact that nothing is allowed to leave the library.

    I hope to get in some more time with them either in the spring or around the time of the convention.

  • Glenn Smith (10 Jan 2016 7:08am EST) : JY: Hmmmmmmm? NORTHLAND cover, 1944, mimeo cachet on back…I think I saw one of those in a box with several CYCLOPS covers, and a 9efu from NORTHSTAR. I check again! :-)
  • John Young (10 Jan 2016 12:17am EST) : I may have a copy of Wells book- will
    have to mail it sometime this week- you
    can borrow to copy but you have to promise to put your exhibit at USCS convention.

    Glenn, can’t make Atlanta show! Keep an eye out for USS NORTHLAND cover (August 1944) with an mimeographed cachet on reverse

  • John Young (10 Jan 2016 12:08am EST) : Ahoy Kay Neuthor,
  • Glenn Smith (08 Jan 2016 6:14pm EST) : How many of y’all are coming to the APS StampEXPO in Atlanta at the end of this month?
  • lbbrennan (07 Jan 2016 5:44pm EST) : Quiet time again.

    The chapter Facebook sites are amazingly active. Great improvement and embrace of technology. Need to grow from here.

  • Steve Shay (06 Jan 2016 10:35pm EST) : Thx Larry.
  • lbbrennan (04 Jan 2016 2:35pm EST) : Great cover of the month and linkage between two ships.
  • esink (02 Jan 2016 9:45pm EST) : Hardcopy January LOG was received in central PA (Harrisburg area) today…superb issue!
  • guest_Kay Neuthor (02 Jan 2016 8:57pm EST) : A happy new year to all members of the Society.
    A question to all who are present or will be present in the next time.
    I am looking for a book what was published in 1996:
    The United States Navy and the Spanish Civil War July 1936 – March 1939. Autor was Jerry A. Wells who lives in Dallas.
    Has anybody this book or a friend who can make copies in the Philateltic Library in Denver?
    My emal address:
    Kay (USCS #8466)
  • Mike Meister (02 Jan 2016 6:18pm EST) : Paper LOG arrived today in Columbus
  • Lb brennan (02 Jan 2016 11:21am EST) : Sitting in the car outside Macy ‘s waiting for the ayatollah on her first search and burn mission of the year
  • Stewart B. Milstein (02 Jan 2016 12:27am EST) : An easy New Year’s Day – worked on covers, got the phone to company to fix their screw up with wires, and listened to the Strauss Concert from Vienna.

    A good year collecting to one and all.

  • Lb brennan (01 Jan 2016 4:40pm EST) : Happy new year
  • Richard Hall #9553 (01 Jan 2016 1:08pm EST) : Hope all will have a very good 2016, plan on being at the convention in August. Semper Fi to all Marines
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Jan 2016 9:54am EST) : Happy New Year.. Great January Log and mailing listings. USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 – Unit 100328 Box 1, AE 09523 for FYI.
  • John Young (01 Jan 2016 3:15am EST) : Wishing all our members a Healthy & Happy New Year.

    Suggested resolutions:

    Plan on attending the USCS convention
    in August at AMERICOVER in Virginia

    Recruit one new member

    Put together an exhibit of covers or post cards that you have been chasing
    for years

    Write an article for the USCS Log

    Happy is a man (woman) that has a hobby, for he (she) has two worlds to
    live in.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Dec 2015 10:33pm EST) : 300+ January 2016 eLOG have been emailed to members requesting the service..

    Enjoy and have a great New Year

  • Mike Meister (31 Dec 2015 7:25pm EST) : Hope everyone has a very happy, healthy and safe 2016!
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