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Online Chat Archives – January- February, 2018

  • esink (06 Mar 2018 3:11pm EST) : March hardcopy periodical rate LOG just received in central PA Harrisburg area…great issue and nice reading material during impending snowstorm.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Mar 2018 6:03pm EST) : The USPS Cancellations Division in Kansas City (The Caves) was unable to convince the Denver CO post office to issue the pictorial for the Commissioning Ceremony of the USS COLORADO SSN 778. Not very customer service friendly. ?
  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER (03 Mar 2018 4:46pm EST) : john young: If you get to Key West try to visit USCG MOHAWK museum ship and send me a postcard with its current cachet
  • John Young (03 Mar 2018 10:35am EST) : On Spring Break in FL for the week’ Hope all north of us= survive northeastern

    Will miss (AWOL with Granny) New Jersey Chapter meeting on Tuesday

  • Rich Hoffner (27 Feb 2018 5:59pm EST) : Just had a call from “Victor” who is cancelling the USS OMAHA covers in San Diego. He was asking where I wanted the cancel applied. After a few moments I realized the cancel he was using was very large, not the size requested. We asked for 1 3/4″ high x 2 3/4″ long. He thought it was over 3″ long. He agreed to put my cancels along the bottom edge of the stamps as far to the right as possible. Hope everyone elses covers come back OK.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Feb 2018 4:46pm EST) : The Application Support Center that serves your area is located in Phoenix, AZ.

    The address is:

    USCIS Application Support Center

    1330 South 16th Street

    Phoenix, AZ 85034.

  • guest_2466 (27 Feb 2018 3:29pm EST) : Hello,
    I am Helga Rita Huhn Eichelberger

    I have to find the date i was naturalized.
    I was born in Germany, April 17, 1953,

    I was naturalized in the late 1960’s through the Chicago office.

    I’m a US Citizen and was naturalized with my parents when I was a minor.

    I’m applying for medicare and they are asking for the date. I cannot find the information, and I don’t want to pay $555 dollars.

    I live near Phoenix, but don’t know where the local office is. Can you help?

  • Rich Hoffner (27 Feb 2018 3:01pm EST) : Many of our older members where and still are friends with Ron Reeves. Many of you still communicate with him. Today I had a call from his brother, who is up from Florida. Ron suffered a severe clot in his brain and has been on life support since it happened last Thursday. He is being transferred to a hospice situation tomorrow. The clot was in a area of the brain that controls most of the bodies functions and even after operating they are unable to do anything more for him. He is in my prayers.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (26 Feb 2018 9:11pm EST) : Still haven’t caught up with the year.

    Should be 2018 March eLOGs

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (26 Feb 2018 9:09pm EST) : March 2017 USCS eLOGs have been sent to the 300+ members requesting the service.
  • Randy Pence (26 Feb 2018 3:51pm EST) : I recently got a post card with an indistinct cancel. I haven’t been able to determine the ship from which it was sent. However, I do know that it was in Norfolk in July, 1912, and I know the name of the sender. Any ideas as to how I find out which ships were in that port at that time, or how to track down the sailor?



  • Neal Mills (24 Feb 2018 4:28am EST) : I also got an email supposedly from Leonhard Venne. There are 2 subtle giveaways. The email is from
    lvenne49550@aol.com but the correct email is lvenne4950@aol.com
    Also, it is signed Leonard vice Leonhard.
  • Dan Goodwin (23 Feb 2018 5:36pm EST) : My email list has been hijacked several times. I get messages even from family members that I know are bogus.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Feb 2018 4:46pm EST) : Richard Springer:


  • Rich Hoffner (22 Feb 2018 4:44pm EST) : Warning: It appears that member Leonhard Venne’s AOL email may have been hijacked. Myself and one other member today received an email asking for a favor, but the language used was confusing. I don’t think he sent it. If you get one, I would not answer it. I have sent a separate email to him without a response. He travels for work at times and may not know about these messages.
  • Richard Springer, phone 407-85 (18 Feb 2018 4:50pm EST) : I just completed an oil painting showing my ship, the AGC 8, USS Mount Olympus underway in the North Sea. Anyone interested in receiving a copy, call me. I’m pretty proud of my service on her for 3 of my 4 year enlistment. I have a pretty colorful sky behind her and she is doing about 12 knots, Ha, ha
  • Richard Springer, phone 407-85 (18 Feb 2018 4:40pm EST) : My enlistment in the US Navy was from March 15, 1951 to March 13 1955. Last night I pulled out my Blue jackets manual that I received at Boot camp

    Nowhere did I find any mention of or statistics of my ship in the Amphibious Force, the AGC 8 Mt. Olympus.

    It was very disheartening that my 4 years enlistment was for something else than the US Navy.

    The date on the inside of the cover included the year 1950.

    All of the Pacific battles of the amphibious Forces to defeat Japan was not enough for a short recognition in the Blue Jackets Manual.

  • esink (16 Feb 2018 2:33pm EST) : Covers originally sent a year ago to Navy Cargo Handling Battalion One at McMurdo Antarctica were received today with a nice note from the XO…nicely applied cachets and cancels dtd JAN 26 2018.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Feb 2018 5:46pm EST) : Listed 120 Navy stickers today. Proceeds to USCS. Seller patchesnaval.


  • esink (13 Feb 2018 2:11pm EST) : My last covers received from the NIMITZ were cancelled MAY 26, 2017 during operations in Korean waters…
  • esink (13 Feb 2018 2:03pm EST) : NIMITZ covers received by Thad and Neal must have been “out-of-sight/out of mind” drawer clean-out stuff…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (13 Feb 2018 10:59am EST) : Neal – I too just recently received covers back (Monday) from USS NIMITZ dated November 1, 2017.
  • guest_8076 (13 Feb 2018 6:20am EST) : Any good cellphone virus scanners?
  • guest_8076 (13 Feb 2018 6:19am EST) : Waz up
  • Neal Mills (12 Feb 2018 10:04pm EST) : Has anyone received holiday covers back from USS NIMITZ (CVN68) in the past year or two? Today I received covers back for Navy Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. All were cancelled Feb 6, 2018. Looking back through my records, these are the first returns from NIMITZ in over two years.
  • John Young (12 Feb 2018 9:15am EST) : Neat FEB Cover: Last Day Cover from
    Battleship No. 30 with fancy cancel (F-12g) signed by mail Clerk, Norman H. Pecore

    See similar cover signed by last C.O.
    LCDR Herman E. Fischer (E) and mail clerk from my collection at Naval Cover Museum under USS FLORIDA

    Crosby sold FLORIDA Last Day Covers for two dollars & signed covers for three dollars. No mention, with or without cachet

    Note: same four swastikas in corners but extra line with word Commanding Officer under line.

    Pecore would go aboard USS PENNSYLVANIA

  • esink (11 Feb 2018 1:43pm EST) : …always wondered about that too, John
  • john macco (11 Feb 2018 8:31am EST) : I have a question. On the ship address lists published in january 2018 Log, all ships have Unit-1 as part of the address. Why is this needed when sending to the ships?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (10 Feb 2018 7:28pm EST) : USS MASON DDG 87 and USS DONALD COOK DDG 75 are using a new cancel. Nice strikes.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Feb 2018 4:14pm EST) : USS MISSOURI (guest 2336)
    What kind of plaque is it? Plastic, paper? A reproduction? The real plaque was replaced by the USS Missouri Association in 1969, due to wear over the years. The original plaque is now at the Navy Museum in the Washington Navy Yard.
  • esink (10 Feb 2018 2:37pm EST) : Nicely processed 30th Anniversary covers received today from USS SAN JACINTO CG 56 with rubber stamp corner card, ship cachet and clear cancel dtd JAN 23 2018…always great processing and response from this ship.
  • Steve Shay (08 Feb 2018 10:33pm EST) : Doug Gross: the Treasurer sent you a Paypal invoice. You can find that by checking your e mail. You can also mail a check or even cash via regular mail, you do not have to pay via Paypal. You can send to me, or the Treasurer, our addresses are in every Log.
  • guest_2336 (08 Feb 2018 5:48pm EST) : surrender plaque from uss missiouri would anyone know buyers
  • Doug Gross (08 Feb 2018 4:53pm EST) : Need help figuring out how to pay my dues via paypal. Thanks!
  • Rich Hoffner (08 Feb 2018 10:13am EST) : The NEW JERSEY Chapter meeting was well attended. A large lot of U S Coast Guard covers changed hands. I picked up a dozen missile submarine test covers from Florida. Even came home with a U S Army ship cover.
  • Steve Shay (07 Feb 2018 9:34pm EST) : Doug, the store is not set up for renewals. Please refer to the e mail I’ve sent you or send me an e mail at shaymur@flash.net
  • Rich Hoffner (07 Feb 2018 9:14pm EST) : Doug Gross, we will check the site and see what went wrong. Thanks for leaving your message. We do get glitches now and then.
  • Rich Hoffner (07 Feb 2018 9:12pm EST) : Don’t send for the Denver pictorial. I have spoken with several customer service reps in Colorado (4 to be exact) and all are against issuing a pictorial since the ceremony is not in Denver. I’m still pushing the rock uphill but at this point don’t waste your effort.
  • Doug Gross (07 Feb 2018 1:09pm EST) : Can’t figure out how to pay for dues at: receipts@uscs.org Please help!
  • John Young (07 Feb 2018 7:05am EST) : Another New Jersey Chapter went into the record books, hosted by Phil Schreiber with great refreshments and
    cheese platter from Quaker country.
    The brownies are to die for!

    Even found some 1945 Navy Day covers, a launch of the newest cutter-USCGC MIDGETT & some John Paul Jones stamp first day covers. Love those 25 cents box!

    Belated birthday greetings Phil

  • guest_9932 (31 Jan 2018 8:47pm EST) : hello Sir,
    My Name is Sunil
  • Rich Hoffner (31 Jan 2018 3:12pm EST) : Had a very officious call from the Customer Services folks serving Denver CO (they are in Nebraska). Questioning my submission of a pictorial in Denver CO for the USS COLORADO Commissioning. Our conversation did not seem to go well. She was on a conferance call with the Denver CS rep. Seems she was calling to determine if there was an “event” in Denver because my letter of request mentioned the “event” in Groton and a pictorial there. I could read between the lines, no event, no cancel. She spoke of the expense of setting up an event in the lobby of the Denver CO post office, which I told her was not necessary and can be waived by the USPS. I tried to share the information with her that Denver was the capitol of Colorado, thus a pictorial commemorating the namesake state seemed appropriate to me. Some of the information she was giving me was off track and I then told her that I am familure with the operations of the USPS after just serving five years as a PMR. The conversation ended with her telling me that they will discuss this request and get back to me with their decision. I thanked her for following the USPS regs in getting back to me. Nearly 99% of the time the USPS does not follow their own regs to notify anyone on the approval or disapproval of pictorial cancels. I’m thinking a “full court press” is in order here. I have had conversations with a member of the Schwab family in Colorado who is on the COLORADO Commissioning Committee. Perhaps he could be more persuasive with them then I was (Charles Schwab Corp)? He contacted me last week about the pictorials and how to do covers for the Commissioning Committee.
  • esink (31 Jan 2018 1:36pm EST) : Received my eLOG, Richard…nice issue!
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Jan 2018 12:49am EST) : 300+ February eLOGs have been sent to members on the lists.

    I have 5 kickbacks so far.

    Keep your email addresses current with Steve Shay.

  • esink (30 Jan 2018 2:05pm EST) : Nicely processed FREE frank received today from USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CVN 71 with rubber stamp corner card, nice new-style ship cachet and clear cancel dtd JAN 06 2018 (first response for the new year).
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Jan 2018 12:52am EST) : Also looking for email address and snail address for USS PORTLAND. I lost contact with PAO who had a T-F approved by the CO months ago. Now I have the design to send them, and I lost my contact aboard.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Jan 2018 12:50am EST) : Has anyone heard any info on these two Keel Layings?

    USS MONTANA SSN 794 and

  • Rich Hoffner (30 Jan 2018 12:46am EST) : Will bring the Dan Goodwin donated covers (USCG) to the next USS New Jersey chapter meeting on Feb 7th. Includes many USS Puget Sound cachets. If you are interested in attending, send an email to me or Phil Schreiber.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Jan 2018 12:42am EST) : I think the recent ORION mock-up capule recovery was the final test before an actual launch occurs and the Navy recovers it on it’s return. Space missions are coming back, but I doubt we will see all the cooperation the Navy gave collectors for Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Apollo-Suez flights and recoveries of past years.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Jan 2018 12:37am EST) : On the sad returns from the USCG cutters. On the ELM, I asked if they had a retrun address stamp and they did not. I would have had one made, but they declined due to the upcoming yard period. I don’t think she will return to North Carolina after the SLEP. Other new cutters that we have donated cachet stamps to, also admitted they did not have return address markings. Says something about how much outgoing official “snail” mail leaves the cutters.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Jan 2018 12:33am EST) : So, don’t expect to see your SPRINGFILED covers for a week or so. The new manufacturer turns around orders in less then a week, so perhaps you will see your SPRIN GFILED covers next week. I need a secretary or assitant! Pay is not so good and no benefits.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Jan 2018 12:29am EST) : Interesting day on emails with USPS Hartford District customer service retail manager, a rubber stamp maker and the Groton CT post office. I had sent a complaint to Hartford about the poor quality of the SOUTH DAKOTA pictorial at Gorton. After listening to folks who have no idea why it was the way it did, I figured it out. After questioning I figured out that my original submission to Hartford via First Class mail, was faxed to the Groton post office. They in turn scanned in that image to their stamp manufacturer. BUT, trying to figure why it was so poorly made had them pointing at me. They simply felt I sent a poor copy and that is what they had. I tried loading the design up into a stamp maker I use and it was perfect. Back to Gorotn and I sent them a digital copy and told them it had not distorted. I had just last week suggested they change to a stamp maker I use, and they did. Unfortunately they sent two designs (Springfield and Colorado) and the new stamp maker immediately told them the designs were not going to give them good images, thus they called me. I then attached both designs to an email (jpegs) and sent to the manufacturer and Groton, The manufacturer thanked me and said they were perfect and good to go. My advise to both Groton and Hartford was that I will no longer send the requests for pctorials via First Class mail, but by PDF files and a jpeg of the design. Oh, this new manufacturer will save the Groton psot office a couple of bucks on each cancel.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Jan 2018 12:18am EST) : On ELM, she did get a new cachet form us, but has already departed North Carolina for a “SLEP” at the Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay MD. Hopefully it will still be available when her SLEP is completed.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (29 Jan 2018 7:31pm EST) : Elgin – Last year they used the zip + 4 but now it’s just the 96698 I believe. Like I wrote earlier, I received covers from both the Seattle and FPO address last year. I wasn’t sure what would work and sent to both.. both worked for me then. Actually, covers returned last year had two different cachets, both the same design but a small and large version.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (29 Jan 2018 7:26pm EST) : Elgin – I used that last year and it worked. I sent to the Seattle and the FPO address and they both worked with covers processed. This is the FPO on their website too.
  • esink (29 Jan 2018 1:40pm EST) : Yes, Thad, just checked an old letter format from December 2013 and that was the exact same address used then…unsuccessfully.
  • esink (29 Jan 2018 1:35pm EST) : Thad, Thanks for the address…possibly the same used from about 5 years ago; the other one was the Seattle address suggested in more recent years.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (29 Jan 2018 11:43am EST) : Elgin – Address for USCGC Polar Star WAGB 10 – FPO AP 96698-3920. The problem is that the break-in to MacMurdo Sound has already happened. There isn’t specific cachets for the Deep Freeze like in the past. You were able to see the DF date and specific cachet form past events. Like everything else things change. You cannot even send to the Coast Guard Cutters and ask them to service covers and put their return address stamp on the cover because they don’t even have a return address stamp to apply. Sending to the new WPC’s has been a real bust, almost nothing coming back. I was so happy to see the new cachet Rich Hoffner had made for the USCGC Elm WLB. There hasn’t been many made for the CG lately.
  • esink (28 Jan 2018 9:35pm EST) : Isn’t mail delivered to the USCGC POLAR STAR during operations and if so, what is the best address to be used?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Jan 2018 7:38pm EST) : Thanks Richard.. Looks like I missed it this year.
  • esink (28 Jan 2018 6:53pm EST) : Thanks, Richard for the info…
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (28 Jan 2018 3:48pm EST) : OP deep freeze


  • esink (27 Jan 2018 8:55pm EST) : Here is interesting info on postal processing improvements at Pearl Harbor: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=104112
  • esink (26 Jan 2018 8:22pm EST) : more on “ORION” project…must try for covers in the future. http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=104117
  • esink (26 Jan 2018 8:19pm EST) : me too…
  • john macco (26 Jan 2018 2:53pm EST) : I would be interested in those details too.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Jan 2018 11:01am EST) : Anyone have info/dates on Deep Freeze 2018 and USCGC Polar Star?
  • guest_4919 (22 Jan 2018 9:51am EST) : John Young. Congratulations on your Anniversary. But if you had joined the Navy you would have gotten a longer ride to Boot Camp,(Newport Rhode Island)
    plus a free complete haircut (no hair left on head) and a more elaborate breakfast: bacon & eggs, oat meal, real Navy Beans, coffee and toast with butters and jam. We also got a full seabag plus a real navy mattress and the Bluejackets manual.
  • esink (21 Jan 2018 6:01pm EST) : Future cover possibilities for “Orion”?http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=104032
  • John Young (21 Jan 2018 6:54am EST) : Yesterday was an anniversary- 58 years ago (1960) I was sworn into the Coast Guard, given a ticket from Penn Station to Philadelphia, with a
    transfer to Cape May NJ where about 80 plus recruits (regular & reserve)
    became Delta 42. We all were given a 25 cent haircut & full seabag.

    Next morning; SOS on toast for breakfast and we learned to a march

    Nothing better than Cape May in late January.

  • esink (20 Jan 2018 12:24pm EST) : Warmest weather ever for the York PA Stamp Show…fairly good, but lighter than usual turnout; maybe improvement in PM.
  • Lbbrennan (20 Jan 2018 9:33am EST) : Happy Saturday. Good weather for a change.
  • Neal Mills (19 Jan 2018 4:24pm EST) : A miracle ?
    After only 3 months, my USS EISENHOWER 40th anniv. pictorial postmarked covers are back from the Norfolk PO.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Jan 2018 10:03pm EST) : Read on German Blog the new address for USS WASP LHD 1 , Unit 100261 Box 1, FPO AP 96692
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (17 Jan 2018 9:29pm EST) : USCG Looking to lease Jail ships


  • Rich Hoffner (12 Jan 2018 2:02pm EST) : John Young, to me ALL USCG covers are special. These are all modern covers, Dan Goodwin cachets, Puget Sound cachets, DC#4 cachets and many corner card covers from the 1960’s.

    They will be available at the Sunday meeting of Decatur Chapter. All members are welcome to attend. Will have a door prize for the USCS member who travels the farthest.

  • Rich Hoffner (12 Jan 2018 1:57pm EST) : I keep seeing the infamous FLK FREE mail covers on eBay. So, I guess more education is necessary for these unsuspecting dealers who were duped into purchasing them for resale. I have created a word document, that I can cut and past into a message to a dealer when I see a FREE mail Karcher created.

    I sned this to the dealer:

    All of your FREE covers were fake covers made by the late Frederick L. Karcher. You can find information on Karcher on the web site www.uscs.org. Karcher created thousands of these covers using subterfuge, stolen cancels, backdating when visiting Navy ships and in some cases created counterfeit postmarks.

    Go to: http://www.uscs.org/cover-collecting/about-collecting-naval-covers/naval-covers-fakes-forgeries-and-frauds/

    Check part 5 and part 6. Your covers are FAKE and you should advise the buyer of this status.

  • John Young (11 Jan 2018 4:40pm EST) : Rich: anything special with Goodwin’s covers. What time period?

    Cover arrived today USS TEDDY ROOSEVELT, dated 23 NOV 2017 with new cachet sponsored by USCS

  • Rich Hoffner (11 Jan 2018 4:11pm EST) : USCS member Dan Goodwin has donated nearly 1000 U S Coast Guard covers to the USCS. I will have them at the Stephen Decatur chapter meeting this Sunday. Fifty are in the process being listed to the eBay site with seller patchesnaval this afternoon and proceeds will go the the USCS. This will give all collectors an opportunity to “jump start” your USCG collection. Several covers are shown on the Stephen Decatur Facebook page and several more on the USCS Facebook page. Thanks to you Dan for the nice donation!
  • esink (09 Jan 2018 1:40pm EST) : Nicely processed FREE frank received today from USS SAN DIEGO LPD-22 with corner card, ship cachet and clear cancel dtd DEC 20, 2017.
  • Rich Hoffner (08 Jan 2018 3:43pm EST) : Stephen Decatur Chapter Meeting Notice
    Sunday, January 14, 2018
    1 PM
    415 Moyer Rd
    Souderton PA 18964

    215-721-8606 or 215 622-0139 (C)

    We hope you can make it. Resfreshments will be served and complimentary covers will be distributed to all. Meeting will be held even if there is a “cyclone bomb”. I’m not far off the Lansdale exit of the NE Extention of the PA TPK.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (03 Jan 2018 5:25pm EST) : The USCS annual convention will be held in conjunction with the APS StampShow.

    Information and prospectus for exhibiting is on the website


    Check it out. All officers and Board Members have been notified so they can make their plans to be there.

    Why not start working on your exhibit today so we have a good representation of navophilately.

  • esink (01 Jan 2018 11:02am EST) : HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY “Chat” FRIENDS AND FAMILIES!
  • esink (30 Dec 2017 3:17pm EST) : More on cachets (made for my own needs and none produced for profit)…I have the standard envelope size set on my computer and use the manual envelope feed on my BROTHER B&W HL-2140 laser printer to print my return address on my envelopes. I also use occasional word cachets in MS WORD for FDCs or presidential inauguration or other special events. These are also set in MS WORD and make for a nice permanent print job. When covers are received from ships and the ship cancel or cachet does not reflect the event or mission, I DO create and add wording as a memory aid (when envelope space permits) so when I see the envelope in the future I will know why I even have bothered saving it for my collection.
  • esink (30 Dec 2017 2:56pm EST) : A trip to the mailbox this snowy central PA Harrisburg morning found the January hardcopy issue of the LOG…great issue, but have still not received the eLOG yet.
  • Don Tjossem (30 Dec 2017 3:09am EST) : Thanks Richard!

    Great January Log…………

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (29 Dec 2017 11:56pm EST) : 300+ eLOGs for January issue have been sent to members requesting the service.

    Happy New Year

  • john macco (29 Dec 2017 5:47am EST) : I look forward to that article.
  • Lbbrennan (27 Dec 2017 9:03pm EST) : A lot of modern information about cachets making that should be shared with the membership in a Log article
  • Lbbrennan (27 Dec 2017 8:58pm EST) : Belated Merry Christmas to all
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (26 Dec 2017 5:11pm EST) : Rich Hoffner

    I load 6-7 covers in the tray with the adjustable slides. My printer takes them face down with flap to the left.

    I run one copy to check alignment and text, color, etc. Then I run the remaining set. I then check each and reload the tray for another group and run them.

    It takes some time, but it prevents jams and misprints.

  • John Young (26 Dec 2017 12:13pm EST) : Another Christmas has passed-till have six days to think about my new years’ resolutions for 2018 and a week until the New Jersey Chapter meeting.

    Christmas was great, but like Hoffner I found no covers or coal in my large Christmas socking. Just a lot of love with family & friends.

    Time to think about next Goat Locker column and future exhibit for this year’s convention in Columbus OH

  • Neal Mills (26 Dec 2017 11:10am EST) : Rich, I’d be real surprised if you couldn’t load the envelopes in the tray for printing. My printer will take about 6 in the tray.
  • esink (26 Dec 2017 6:44am EST) : …and Des Jagyi was mine too, Rich.
  • Rich Hoffner (25 Dec 2017 10:24pm EST) : On the cover of the month, the autograph was my sponsor to membership in the USCS. “The old skipper”.
  • Rich Hoffner (25 Dec 2017 10:23pm EST) : No naval covers in my stocking, but the good news is, no coal either.
  • Rich Hoffner (25 Dec 2017 10:22pm EST) : BMCM Jones. So, do you think I could load the envelopes in the tray (stacked) for printing? Never tried it.
  • Rich Hoffner (25 Dec 2017 10:20pm EST) : Merry Christmas to all my friends. Hard to believe that 2018 is getting so close. Installed new PC today with Windows 10. Beginner as of today. Hunting and finding things as I go. Also installed MS Word 2016 with a lot of frills. Might make a computer geek out of me yet!
  • Neal Mills (25 Dec 2017 1:54pm EST) : Merry Christmas everyone.
  • John Young (24 Dec 2017 3:29pm EST) : Looks like USCGC ELM (WLB 204) has new cachet provided by USCS (Rich Hoffner) with m.c. Charlotte NC on 20 DEC 2017. the ship’s crest is the cachet

    Her mailing address; C.O., CGC ELM (WLB 204/ 2301 E Fort Macomb Rd/ Atlantic Beach NC 28512

    Interesting that cutter is on coast and
    cover went to other side of the state for cancellation.

    filler card has cutter’s embossed seal

  • Neal Mills (23 Dec 2017 11:34am EST) : I haven’t received my IKE pictorial cancels from Norfolk either.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (22 Dec 2017 4:14pm EST) : January Log is at the printer with all FPO addresses.

    For covers–I use WORD like Rich Hoffner. However, I set it up under PAGE LAYOUT–PAge Size — #10 envelope

    Then I build the cachet on the Left side of the envelope and save it under ship name and event.

    This lets me print a test copy to see if it fits the envelope then I print 5-6 at a time from the middle of the paper tray.

  • john macco (22 Dec 2017 2:44pm EST) : When will the next elog be sent? I am asking because of the ship address list that is included in the January log.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Dec 2017 8:32pm EST) : Just wondering. Am I the only one concerned that the DWIGHT D EISENHOWER pictorial cancels from Norfolk have not returned? Guess the Christmas rush has delayed their return.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Dec 2017 5:50pm EST) : John Macco. Interesting question. I use the most primitive method you can imagine to do my computer cachets. I work in Microsoft word. Save a photo that I like, or graphics I need, and cut paste onto a word page. Add wording as necessary, including various free fonts available then print out a test page to see where the design fits on the page and to see if the colors are satisfactory. As long as it is printing appropriately in an area that will print it on a cover correctly (position), I then turn to printing an envelope. I print one at a time. The back flap is placed over the piece of paper (page) and affixed with 3M Post-It tape to hold it in place. Then insert the page in my printers tray and print it. The 3M Post-It tape removes easily with out damaging the envelope. Vintage envelopes make the process a bit dicey. Colors do not look good on older envelopes, and some papers bleed so care must be used and sometimes printing carefully by setting the print parameters to the lowest quality so as to use less ink.
  • John Young (21 Dec 2017 11:23am EST) : Today, the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter. Time to start planning an exhibit for next year’s convention in Columbus, OH

    Only four more days to Christmas!

    Wrote Santa last night asking for an unusual naval cover in my socking this year.

  • esink (20 Dec 2017 8:39pm EST) : Interesting holiday mail activities at NAS Sigonella: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=103793
  • esink (16 Dec 2017 10:58pm EST) : Denny and Neal: Again, thanks for your prompt email responses to my chat posting…
  • esink (16 Dec 2017 3:32pm EST) : Thanks, Denny and Neal for the info about cachets…’would appreciate the best websites to use for the public domain free ship chevrons that can be used. For word cachets on First Day Covers and some add-on wording to ship covers, I just use MS Word on a black and white Epson HL-2140 laser printer. My email for the websites: eesink@verizon.net Thanks/Elgin
  • Neal Mills (16 Dec 2017 12:16pm EST) : John – Like Denny, I’m also not an expert and have been making cachets for about 2 years. The graphics I use come from the Internet. I “massage” the graphics using PaintShop Pro and then paste the graphic into PowerPoint. In PowerPoint, I add text, size the graphic(s), and move things around until I have something I like. I paste the “finished” cachet onto a Publisher envelope template and print using a color laser printer. The envelopes are purchased from USCS.
  • john macco (15 Dec 2017 7:32pm EST) : Denny- Thanks for information.
  • Denny Gill (15 Dec 2017 5:33pm EST) : John: I’m certainly not an expert or even very skilled at designing/printing cachets (less than a year’s experience), but I’ll share what I do. I “build” a cachet using Google Docs (which has a Great envelope add-on). On the ‘net there are tons of naval graphic material, everything from ship line drawings to borders to photos; I find what I intend to use, copy the graphic (respecting copyrights) and paste it onto my intended cover. Text can be added, symbols—ship’s crests, for example—and whatever else you think is appropriate. Once I get things placed in the Docs envelope template where I want them (which can take hours or even days), I’m ready to print.
    Printing is another aspect of cover making on which there are lots of different views. I use a laser printer, with envelopes that I purchase from
    Hope this helps. Perhaps the more-skilled cover makers here will log in and offer you further advice.
  • john macco (15 Dec 2017 3:27pm EST) : What program do most use to design and print cachets?
  • esink (14 Dec 2017 1:45pm EST) : I was learning and using WordPerfect in the mid-80s when I started working for the Navy Department after having used an integrated package called “Enable”. When the Navy started using Windows, I never used WordPerfect again, but thought it was a great package.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (14 Dec 2017 12:26pm EST) : Rich Hoffner
    Try some of the Open Source packages



  • Rich Hoffner (14 Dec 2017 12:07pm EST) : Dave, that sounds like a good program. If memory serves me correctly I had Word Perfect many years ago. Seems Microsoft weaned folks off Word Perfect by putting MS Word in their new PC’s back then, Will look into it. Thanks.
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Dec 2017 12:04pm EST) : So, if you are going to the LITTLE ROCK commissioning in Buffalo this weekend, dress warm. Last week a lake effects snowstorm gave the area one foot of snow. Today’s temp is 19 degrees. Friday and Saturday will be in the high twenties. Two inches of snow are expected Friday with flurries Saturday.
  • Dave Kent (13 Dec 2017 10:28pm EST) : If you are looking for a good word processing program, I recommend WordPerfect. I’ve used various versions for years and have been pleased with them. None of the problem you get with Microsoft Weird. Although it has its own document format, it can also save documents in a wide range of other formats.The same company has a program called Corel Presentations which I prefer over PowerPoint. Very easy to use.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Dec 2017 2:13pm EST) : Had an email from “the caves” asking if collectors had received covers from Olympia WA. Apparently some had questioned where their covers were. I responded that yes the covers were being returned but that the postmark was extremely small. It appears to me that the Olympia WA post office used the size that was published in the Postal Bulletin to produce the cancel.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Dec 2017 2:11pm EST) : Wolfgang and I are working on pictorials for Commissioning of USS COLODADO SSN 788 and USS RALPH JOHNSON DDG 115. If I can confirm the daye we will also try to do USCGC JOSEPH GERCZEK WPC 1126.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Dec 2017 2:08pm EST) : Snow finally gone here. Sloppy day with mud and dreary skies today in the Indian Valley of SE PA.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Dec 2017 8:49pm EST) : Just posted two CBS News cachets and a poster with their label for the Statue of Liberty Celebration 07-04-86 in New York on our Facebook site. Does anyone else have any of these covers or know who did them?
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Dec 2017 7:57pm EST) : Just came across a box of naval covers from the Arrington collection, no cachets on them yet. Budd had set aside many un-cacheted covers with a plan to hand draw his cachets on them. One group of covers is from the USS SQUALUS SS-192 search and recovery ships. Most indicate info in the killer bars. Some planning will be necessary to create respectful cachets for them.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Dec 2017 3:07pm EST) : So now I have a new PC sitting in a box. With Windows 10 operating system, and trepidation about setting it up. Will I know how to use it? I have been using Microsoft programs like Windows Vista and Windows XP for so many years, it seems like it will be daunting to make the change? Also need to find a WORD program that will work on it. Not interested in “leasing” Microsoft Word from them by the year. Must be a program I can purchase and not pay a yearly fee.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Dec 2017 3:03pm EST) : Did the snow in Philly nix NAVY?
  • John Young (07 Dec 2017 3:13pm EST) : Remember Pearl Harbor- fly the flag at half mast.
  • Don Tjossem (07 Dec 2017 3:28am EST) : Read all about the USS DALLAS “Inactivation Ceremony” below:


  • Rich Hoffner (05 Dec 2017 2:04pm EST) : Interesting that a “Decommissioning Ceremony” was held for DALLAS SSN 700 today in Silverdale. But what was the ceremony really? The boat is in Bremerton. Her deactivation was last June 16. Her decommissioning is tentatively scheduled for April 2018.
  • guest_5960 (04 Dec 2017 10:32pm EST) : Paper Log arrived in Columbus. Always sad to see a member expelled.
  • John Young (04 Dec 2017 5:01pm EST) : MY ERROR: NEW JERSEY CHAPTER MEETING IS WEDNESDAY< 12/6/17


  • Rich Hoffner (04 Dec 2017 3:23pm EST) : Recently acquired a USCG uniform owned by the late Walt Grabowy. Might wear it to the NJ meeting if it fits. If you were thinking of going, this may be a site you won’t forget. Now to see if it fits! ?
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Dec 2017 3:19pm EST) : Psst… I’ll be bringing some beer coasters to the NJ Chapter meeting for our Rockland County Coastie who gave up covers to collect them.
  • RIch Hoffner (04 Dec 2017 3:17pm EST) : Somehow my copy of the postmark catalog was an older version, but others did get the correct version, the one with a striped first page and illustrations throughout the catalog pages in color. Mine had none of that. Thanks Greg C for forwarding the correct version.

    My first class Log arrived a day after Peggy’s Periodical Log. Perhaps the mailing envelopes or label should be marked FIRST CLASS MAIL, something is not right that first class is not getting here first.

  • RIch Hoffner (04 Dec 2017 3:12pm EST) : John Young, is it 12-5? Wednesday is 12-6. I will go on the 6th. Several Quakers will accompany me on the journey to the State of North Jersey.
  • John Young (03 Dec 2017 5:17am EST) : Ahoy Mates,
    Hard copy of December’s USCS Log came in Saturday’s mail

    Looking forward to Wednesday’s New Jersey Chapter meeting, 12/5/17 at
    Phil Schreiber’s apartment (7:30 PM)
    123 South Adelaide, Highland Park, NJ

    Should be a good time. Need a cover fix before the holidays.

  • john macco (02 Dec 2017 8:17pm EST) : I highly recommend everybody get the Reference Collection flash drive.The information contained on it is very informative.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Nov 2017 8:11pm EST) : Okay got it..
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Nov 2017 7:17pm EST) : Anyone else having difficulty opening December e-Log? Catalog opened just fine.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (28 Nov 2017 1:06pm EST) : I have just emailed 300+ copies of the December eLOG to members who requested the service.

    eLOG was mailed early as I am leaving for Panama Canal cruise Wednesday.

    Also sent was the pdf file with the 2017 Update to the USCS Postmark Catalog.

    The pdf version is free to members who had valid emails to receive the file.

    Paper copy ordering instructions and costs are found in the December LOG

    Richard Jones

  • esink (27 Nov 2017 7:42pm EST) : I buy the 25% cotton fiber envelopes from Karl and they process very nicely even when sent for USPS digital color-postmarked first day covers.
  • esink (27 Nov 2017 7:29pm EST) : Check out this conscientious handling of mail at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti:
  • esink (26 Nov 2017 3:45pm EST) : Nicely processed FREE frank received yesterday from USS AMERICA LHA 6 with handwritten corner card, ship cachet and clear type ? cancel dtd 26 OCT 2017.
  • john macco (24 Nov 2017 8:40am EST) : I plan to make a mailing in January using the list published in January Log to see what I get back in response. I will document my returns to Greg C. What I will do is send a sase with each request to avoid overcancels.
  • john macco (24 Nov 2017 8:34am EST) : I fully suggest and recommend getting your envelopes from Karl Zurn as I ordered some from him and received my order in 3 days. I actually ordered them on Sunday and received them on Wednesday.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2017 2:53pm EST) : Phil. I still have not figured out the “hand” problem. I guess it is sort of like giving a collector the finger? A mail clerk certainly knows what is in the envelope and it seems some take delight in giving us the “hand”. In the past two years or so, all APO, FPO and DPO mail goes through a facility in or near Chicago to determine if it is deliverable to the addressee and correctly addressed. It could be, but if it is it’s not 100% working, to eliminate mail that is not sent to an actual person. Since so much of our mail does get through without an actual persons name on it, I don’t think it happens there. Also I am not sure if the facility I mentioned is part of MPSA or DOD. I don’t think it is a USPS facility. If anyone knows, let us all know.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2017 2:42pm EST) : Oh, and while away I did keep an eye out for well laid out beer coasters for someone I know who is switching from covers to coasters.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2017 2:41pm EST) : On return from two weeks away from my mail, I found a news clip on a Simi Valley native son who is now XO of USS Washington. Mailed at Santa Barbara CA on 9 Nov 2017. But unknown who sent it to me. If you sent it, thanks, very interesting reading and I’ll pass it on.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2017 2:38pm EST) : HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my USCS Family!
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2017 2:37pm EST) : Yes, Karl Zurn is one and the same as those envelopes on the website store.
  • Jimmy Jordan (23 Nov 2017 12:41pm EST) : Anyone know if the #63/4 envelopes sold by the USCS website store are the same as the ones sold by Karl Zurn? Is the store listing just out of date? Big difference in price.
  • esink (23 Nov 2017 12:18pm EST) : Happy Thanksgiving to all the USCS members and your families!
  • esink (22 Nov 2017 5:33pm EST) : With all the electronic means to communicate quicker from anywhere including navy ships, the sad decline of the USPS including post offices on board ships is becoming a reality…
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (22 Nov 2017 3:08pm EST) : Re your remarks about the day coming when the navy no longer needs postal clerks. It’s here! I just got the word. My mail to a navy postal clerk was just returned to me with the Pointing Finger “Return to Sender” red stamper with the box checked for reason : Addresse Unknown. Tell the navy that it’s ok because the day is also coming when we don’t need a Navy. (just ask the Air Force)
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Nov 2017 1:26pm EST) : While USCG is and has been telling congress for several years that they need funding for three heavy and three medium icebreakers, an independent study suggests that the USCG should go ahead with a buy of 4 heavy icebreakers saving 100 million over starting the cost for the first medium icebreaker. Looking back at how cautious the USCG is in proceeding forward with new construction, someone needs to step in and show them how you get more for less, not take handouts and make it go further. Navy needs to get involved and seriously assist the USCG tell congress in more stronger terms, what they really need. They have been too timid recently.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Nov 2017 1:19pm EST) : In the mail that piled up while I was away, a USCS Cover Service cover for “First Day Use New Cachet” from USCGC JOHN McCORMICK WPC 1121. Nicely applied hand cancel from Ketchikan AK 99901 on 10-31-17.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Nov 2017 12:22am EST) : As I opened a new checking account at a local FCU recently, I was caught by surprise when I was told the credit union office did not have tellers. They have ATM type computers both inside and at their drive up window. Sort of like the self-check out line at the supermarket. It has me thinking about our hobby. It is evolving. Shipboard post offices will also evolve. A day will come when a ship will not need a mail clerk. Enjoy what we have now but be open to collecting older covers when and if this happens.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Nov 2017 12:15am EST) : USS LENAH H. SUTCLIFFE HIGBEE (DDG 123) Keel Laying Ceremony 11-14-17 by HII at Pascagoula MS. So, could this be the longest U S Navy ship name in history? How will they squeeze it into the ships crast or into a postmark? Guess it will appear as LENAH H S HIGBEE.

    From Wikipedia: Lenah H. Sutcliffe Higbee (May 18, 1874 – January 10, 1941) was a pioneering Canadian-born United States Navy chief nurse, who served as Superintendent of the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps during World War I. She is best known for being the first female recipient of the Navy Cross.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (17 Nov 2017 12:16am EST) : Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is to be commissioned by the Queen in a ceremony on December 7, the UK defense ministry announced.

    UK’s new defense secretary Gavin Williams made the announcement as he visitedthe carrier on Thursday, while at sea, sailing on trials around the south coast of England.

    “In a world of intensifying global threats, this magnificent ship will be a leading force fighting to protect the values of the UK and our allies,” Williams said.

    “It’s an honour to visit her at sea, and to meet such a passionate crew. I’m sure Her Majesty will be similarly impressed at next month’s historic ceremony for the nation’s new flagship, which proudly bears her name.”

    The carrier is currently on sea trials and will return to her home port in Portsmouth for the formal commissioning ceremony.

  • guest_2530 (16 Nov 2017 5:10pm EST) : Dear Steve:
    Thank you very much for your kindness and promptly reply.I will try to contact any of the members you´ve mentioned close to Chicago.I will send donation to Lloyd in opportunity of my US visit or from Argentina.Thanks again and hope to visit you at San Francisco.Kindest regards.
  • guest_2530 (16 Nov 2017 5:10pm EST) : Dear Phil:
    Many thanks. If I go to NY I will contact you certainly. Kindesr regards
    Julio Pestalardo
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (16 Nov 2017 5:00pm EST) : JULIO PESTALARDO: IF YOU WILL BE NEAR THE


  • guest_5863 (16 Nov 2017 7:05am EST) : Dear sir:
    Nice to contact you. I am membership Julio Pestalardo from Buenos Aires , Acassuso , Argentina. I read and follow society activities enjoying them very much to me. In February 2018 I am going to visit my daughter who lives at Chicago and I was wondering if I could meet any member who lives there and exchange experience about our hobby. I am Captain retired from the Argentinean Navy and I collect Argentinean Navy Post, Maritime Postal History and Austral and Antarctic material. Some pieces are very few known and good too. Pehaps if I could I will take with me some material. I would like to donate some good material to USCS thru any member who lives in Chicago. Many thanks for all and BZ to the USCS indeed.
    Best regards,
    Julio Pestalardo
  • John Young (15 Nov 2017 7:24pm EST) : Ahoy Jim Moses: the Harry Moore aboard US Frigate CONSTITUTION was a storekeeper (SK), later SKC aboard USS TENNESSEE

    & Moore didn’t die aboard LANGLEY.

    You have to read Lloyd Ferrell’s well written article in October 2013 Log.

    Lloyd solved an mystery that was lost
    to the cobwebs of history that was written so long ago- where his death was reported in the ANCS Navigator and nobody checked it out. If fact Moore himself probably never knew that his death was reported

  • Neal Mills (15 Nov 2017 4:14pm EST) : Not the same Harry Moore. Below is quoted from a Linn’s article by John Young,

    “One mail clerk familiar to cover collectors is Harry Moore, who canceled mail aboard the frigate USS Constitution during its famous 1931-34 cruise.
    Moore, who was later the mail clerk aboard the battleship USS Tennessee (BB 43), was lost with the USS Langley (AV 3) on Feb. 27, 1942.”

  • guest_5697 (15 Nov 2017 3:14pm EST) : Have a 11 Nov 1942 cover from USS Ariel with sender listed as Harry Moore APC USN Could this be the same Harry Moore usn postal clerk from the Constitution, etc?

    Jim Moses USCS #12317

  • Steve Shay (14 Nov 2017 8:39am EST) : Keith, I’ve not seen one but then I also don’t collect those so I’ve not looked for one
  • Keith MacKay (13 Nov 2017 8:44pm EST) : Got it! Thanks, Steve. Have you ever seen one “live”?
  • Steve Shay (13 Nov 2017 8:22pm EST) : Keith, Google “1939 presidential cruise” and look a the images. There is a 1939 cruise cachet but it’s cancelled in 1940
  • Keith MacKay (13 Nov 2017 7:01pm EST) : … or have I just not been looking patiently for a cacheted cover long enough yet ???
  • Keith MacKay (13 Nov 2017 2:40pm EST) : I have a couple of covers cacheted specifically for FDR’s cruise in USS Potomac in 1936. I also have about a dozen covers for his 1939 cruise in USS Tuscaloosa, none of which have a cachet for the event (although 2 of them are overprinted “Presidential” on a USS Benham shakedown cachet). I’m puzzled and intrigued by that contrast. Does anyone know of a reason why there would be no cachets produced for the ’39 trip ?
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Nov 2017 10:51pm EST) : I want to thank all Veterans for their service. And a belated Happy Birthday to my three Marines and my extended Marine family including Maj. B and Greg C and his wife. But, i would be remiss if I did not mention that the U S Coast Guard is the oldest continously serving miltary service.
  • John Young (11 Nov 2017 12:35pm EST) : I wish to thank all Veterans for their service, whether Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard.

    And a special thank you for those that
    served during wartime

    We knee for the Lord & stand for the Flag.

  • John Young (10 Nov 2017 10:47am EST) : Wishing all our Marine Corps members a Happy USMC Birthday, especially our N.C. Pirate
  • John Young (07 Nov 2017 2:30pm EST) : New Jersey Chapter meeting tonight at Phil Schreiber’s apartment, 7:30 PM
    123 S. Adelaide Ave, Highland Park NJ
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (07 Nov 2017 10:38am EST) : I am working on January issue early so I can go on a cruise to Panama Canal at the end of November.

    Will take January columns early if ready.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (07 Nov 2017 10:37am EST) : December Log is almost ready to go to printers early to help with holiday mailings.

    Still in need of articles for January and February 2018.

    What research do you have ready to share?

  • esink (03 Nov 2017 4:12pm EDT) : Interesting info about LS training, Rich…the basic technique of applying a decent cancel to make a fairly good cover should not require much skill, just some care, practice and common sense about what might be wanted. Somebody, probably the CO, should decide if and/or how cover processing for collectors is going to occur on his ship.
  • John Young (03 Nov 2017 1:44pm EDT) : Ahoy Mates,
    Neat COM from Steve Shay, cachet was done by Edward Bryan, (USCS #170) Albany OR who sponsored a serious of historical event with rubber stamp cuts and service aboard ships that had something to do with event
    i.e. Sam Houston posted aboard USS TEXAS or USS HOUSTON
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Nov 2017 1:34pm EDT) : Glitches exist for both cities where the USS WASHINGTON commissioning pictorials were requested. Both Norfolk and Olympia WA have problems. Some would say SNAFU. Working on both problems.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Nov 2017 1:31pm EDT) : First 2018 pictorial submitted, USS SPRINGFIELD 1-9-18 to Groton CT. Thanks Wolfgang for your help.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Nov 2017 1:28pm EDT) : And Phil’s note says it all… “many in the Navy do not know what they are doing.”

    There is currently no training of the mail clerks until they have two years duty, the change was made to speed up the schools that are attended by LS rate sailors. So if the Navy skips that portion of the LS rate schools (mail clerk), what are we to expect? Shortcuts and lack of training have results. Usually not good!

  • Rich Hoffner (03 Nov 2017 1:23pm EDT) : Agree with Elgin and Neal. That marking may come from the ship or from the MPSA at the Chicago facility where they screen APO FPO AND DPO mail for correct names and addresses.
  • esink (02 Nov 2017 8:17pm EDT) : Neal and Phil, that is also my impression when I receive covers “Addressee Not Known”; also some are clueless about postal processing in this digital age.
  • Neal Mills (02 Nov 2017 12:57pm EDT) : “Addressee Not known” is shorthand for “I don’t want to be bothered with this.”
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (02 Nov 2017 12:43pm EDT) : Denny Gill: Read today’s posting in Facebook and you will understand why your “Addressee Not Known” mail to Curtis Wilbur was returned. The Facebook posting of the San Diego news article reporting on the two recent Navy collisions shows that many in the Navy do not know what they are doing.
  • Denny Gill (02 Nov 2017 12:20am EDT) : I received an “Addressee Not Known” return today for this ship and address:

    USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54)
    Unit 100160 Box 1
    FPO AP 96683

    This is the address listed in the Jan. 2017 Log as well as at the Navy.mil site and every other source that I’ve checked.

  • John Young (30 Oct 2017 6:45pm EDT) : Both Ecopy & hard copy of USCS Log
    (November) arrived in lower Hudson Valley today.

    Another fine job by Richard Jones

    Hope everyone survivors Halloween

  • esink (30 Oct 2017 5:59pm EDT) : Rich, About your USS SAN JACINTO returns; I received 4 covers back today all nicely processed…sticker label corner card, nice cancel (dtd 10.23.17) and ship cachet. I had sent covers for NYC fleet week 2017 and more recently for Irma hurricane assistance so 2 of them JUST may have been holdover “cleanouts” from Fleet Week…
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Oct 2017 4:53pm EDT) : PONCE reportedly “steamed” to NISMF Philadelphia after decommissioning. Strange way to move a ship to “mothballs”. She should have to be still in service to steam anywhere. Usually ships are towed after decommissioning.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Oct 2017 4:51pm EDT) : Sent 50 covers to Norfolk for KEY WEST 30th Anniversary pictorial. Thirty-three returned, seventeen MIA!
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Oct 2017 4:50pm EDT) : Bob L, cancel was submitted to the Postmaster, Buffalo NY but no response yet. But that is the norm these days. Even though the rules on pictorials mandate the USPS notify the requester of approval or rejection of the pictorial, I almost never get a reply.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Oct 2017 4:45pm EDT) : Spotty reports of Return to Sender marking on covers sent to “Z” many months ago. It appears even though the ship had ordered postal effects, they are not operating their post office and covers on hand since commissioning are slowly being returned. I suspect that she will have to undergo so many upgrades and training it could be a year or more before they ever deploy and perhaps that is why no psot office is operational.
  • RIch Hoffner (30 Oct 2017 4:42pm EDT) : Interesting, my Periodical class Log arrived today, one hour before the electronic version. The First Class version is still somewhere in the bowls of the USPS.
  • RIch Hoffner (30 Oct 2017 4:41pm EDT) : USS San Jacinto CG 56 must be cleaning out the drawer in the post office. Seven covers returned today from three separate mailings to the ship. Three were sent to document their assignment to assist after Hurricane IRMA.
  • esink (30 Oct 2017 4:28pm EDT) : Yes,…also my NOV issue (hard and soft copy) received today…great articles!
  • Lbbrennan (30 Oct 2017 3:28pm EDT) : Checking in. Nice Nov log received today
  • esink (30 Oct 2017 2:49pm EDT) : Second cover received today for hurricane assistance…USS KEARSARGE LHD-3 cancelled 10.18.17 when offering MARIA support off Puerto Rico; nicely cancelled with corner card and ship cachet (my add-on statement).
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Oct 2017 1:58pm EDT) : November eLOG has been sent to members requesting that service.

    Still looking for articles to start January and February 2018 LOG issues.

  • esink (29 Oct 2017 3:29pm EDT) : I sent a post card to USS ZUMWALT in July reminding the COPE about covers sent September 17, 2016 and not received. Saturday the post card was received with the iconic “Return to Sender” finger as “refused”…but my actual covers expected to be returned also as “refused” have not arrived yet.
  • John Young (27 Oct 2017 5:10pm EDT) : Happy Navy Day.

    Too bad some A…holes painted the Teddy Roosevelt’s statute at Museum of Natural History this week.

  • Don lawson (24 Oct 2017 5:44pm EDT) : is the USCS Facebook page down for some reason?
  • esink (23 Oct 2017 10:07pm EDT) : I am still awaiting (and hoping) to at least get my “refused” ZUMWALT covers returned so they can be used for something else…like the ship was commissioned over a year ago.
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (23 Oct 2017 5:21pm EDT) : Just received my request for postmark from USS ZUMWALT DDG 1000. It was marked “RETURN TO SENDER…REFUSED” stamped in red ink with the “pointing finger.” A second “pointing finger” label says: INVALID OR CLOSED/MILITARY/DESIGNATED UNIT OR ZIP CODE. I addressed it to unit #.Box & zip code listed in USCS LOG and mailed it Sept.2016. Also during Sept.2016 I mailed another request for postmark/cachet to the Russian Ice Breaker “50 Let Pobedy.” (Homeport Murmask, Russia). On the internet, the ship’s operator announced it was going to the North Pole. My reply came back last September with clear strikes of postmark, ship’s cachets and captain’s autograph. I invite your comments on this report.
  • esink (23 Oct 2017 1:53pm EDT) : USS EISENHOWER covers for 40th anniversary 10.18.17 received in very BAD shape…very light unclear cancels; no ship cachet, taped shut, and sprayed over. (I don’t mind the spray-over because I never sent a SASE so can be expected). In the past I have received great processing from the IKE but not THIS time…may try and send covers back for re-processing to see if it works. Somebody on board there does not know what they are doing.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (23 Oct 2017 10:19am EDT) : Working on the December 2017 issue of the LOG.

    I need articles for January 2018 Log.

    Share your covers and research in the new year!

    Richard Jones
    LOG Editor

  • Bob Lamb (18 Oct 2017 5:07pm EDT) : new-uss-little-rock-commissioning

    Per the Buffalo News

  • Bob Lamb (18 Oct 2017 5:02pm EDT) : Rich Hoffner – The December 16th date is confirmed of the LCS 9 Facebook page
  • John Young (16 Oct 2017 11:49am EDT) : Anyone attend the USS Nathan Hale bourse on Saturday?

    Never made it because of grandson’s high school soccer game

    Looking forward to Clifton Fall Stamp Show on 28-29 OCT 2017 at the Community Recreation Center, 1232 Main St (at Washington Ave) Clifton NJ
    9:30 AM to 4:00 PM


  • Mike Meister (15 Oct 2017 9:02pm EDT) : My ZUMWALT covers came back refused also.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Oct 2017 8:25pm EDT) : Recent activity on Naval Vessel Registry (NVR).

    USS BUFFALO status changed to “In Commission, in Reserve (Stand down)” 9-30-17.

    USS DALLAS status changed to “In Commission, in Reserve (Stand down)” 6-16-17.

    USS CITY of CORPUS CHRISTI status changed to Decommissioned 8-3-17, stricken to be disposed of.

  • Rich Hoffner (15 Oct 2017 8:17pm EDT) : Need scans of any covers that anyone might have from ships Kemp Tolley served on. Particularly the “Sailors Mail” rubber stamp he had made with his facsimile signature in the rubber stamp. Larry B and I have worked up a “Member of the Month” for him, but covers would make the article much better. You will be credited for anythig you submit. Thanks. Scans to pauscg@gmail.com
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Oct 2017 8:14pm EDT) : Bob Lamb. We do have a design ready for LITTLE ROCK commissioning in Buffalo NY but have not acted on it because everything I could find said the date was “tentative”. If it is chiseled in granite, I am ready to submit it. Thanks for any updated info you can provide.
  • esink (14 Oct 2017 11:23pm EDT) : Decommissioning day today for USS Ponce (AFSB(I)15): http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102868
  • esink (10 Oct 2017 10:05pm EDT) : Thad, Hope I get my ZUMWALTs back too…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (10 Oct 2017 6:59pm EDT) : Received all my USS ZUMWALT DDG 1000 covers back that I sent to the ship with “Refused” marked. At least they weren’t just thrown away.
  • Bob Lamb (09 Oct 2017 7:25pm EDT) : Commissioning for the USS Little Rock announced for Dec 16th in Buffalo. Will there be a cancel for this? I am on the ground there now.
  • Lbbrennan (07 Oct 2017 8:21am EDT) : Lloyd brilliant article. Thanks for the hard work.
  • Lbbrennan (07 Oct 2017 8:20am EDT) : Rich. You were missed at the NJ chapter meeting where we had lots of covers. Not the water logged ones in Florida. Enjoy
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Oct 2017 9:05pm EDT) : Thad, yes on 2012 Pascagoula MS hand cancel. I was wondering if she used that cancel on any of the covers submitted for the 5th Anniversary date in 2017.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Oct 2017 9:02pm EDT) : DALLAS has announced her decommissioning date. Check on-line for it.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Oct 2017 8:58pm EDT) : Oh, starved for covers. Any dealers in the Cape Coral/Ft. Myers FL areas?
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Oct 2017 8:54pm EDT) : The first page of this website has an added benefit. A short cut to our Naval Cover Museum (NCM). It will be tweaked a bit more, but hopefully this shortcut will be useful to all members and visitors.
  • esink (03 Oct 2017 10:42pm EDT) : TODAY: President Trump’s visit to USS KEARSARGE (LHD-3)http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102707 and USNS COMFORT (T-AH 20) arrival in Puerto Rico http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102710
  • Neal Mills (01 Oct 2017 1:53pm EDT) : guest_5571 — the best place to share the post cards would be on the USCS Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/uscsnavalcovers/
    You need to join the group but that is painless. You don’t have to be a member of USCS, you just need to be interested in the subject. I’m looking forward to seeing the postcards.
  • guest_5571 (01 Oct 2017 1:01pm EDT) : I recently was given 12 post card photos from the Great White Fleet I believe as they are old and have a service emblem on them . aI put these on my Facebook to Honor the US Navy. I think that means I am missing 4 ships photos . I found you using a search engine. I do not understand very much but wondered if I may share some from the net the last 4 to put them on would you advise me if I can do this without causing problems?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Oct 2017 9:55am EDT) : Rich H. – Did you see my Sep 18 post about your question on MISSISSIPPI. Is this what you were looking for?
  • john macco (01 Oct 2017 9:05am EDT) : Great October issue of the Log. I have the dvd set and really enjoyed reading about the history of the USCS.
  • Lloyd Ferrell (30 Sep 2017 1:28pm EDT) : Thanks John – Glad you asked me to look into Harry Moore. I think that was the most rewarding project I’ve been involved with. Lots of fun. Never knew Bill Boss, but I’m sure we’d have gotten along. –so your research on Harry is missing…another mystery!!

    I’m heading out to a local postcard/paper show. Don’t expect much, but you never know–a couple of years ago I found some interesting CG covers related to Honolulu Harbor there. Hope lightning strikes twice.

  • esink (30 Sep 2017 1:09pm EDT) : First covers received for hurricane assistance…USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN cancelled 9.13.17 when offering IRMA support off the Florida coast; nicely cancelled with corner card and ship cachet.
  • John Young (30 Sep 2017 8:10am EDT) : Great issue with Lloyd Ferrell solving the Harry Moore mystery. The late Bill Boss would be proud of your effects & I’m glad I passed the ball to you.

    “Bravo Zulu” Lloyd.

    Still haven’t found my data on Moore,
    must have disappeared during my five
    year clean-up.

    Back from Spain & Portugal, looking forward to next N.J. Chapter Meeting on Tuesday, October 3th. See Phil
    Schreiber’s column on the chapter.

    Found no naval covers at Lisbon Flea Market, only saw one submarine postcard and its still there.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (29 Sep 2017 9:30pm EDT) : 300+
    October eLOGs have been sent to members who request that service.

    Also taking articles for the December LOG. November articles are filled except for the monthly columns.

    Will be working on December LOG early so most of it is set up before we go to Panama Canal cruise end of Novmber.

  • esink (29 Sep 2017 8:12pm EDT) : USNS COMFORT (T-AH 20), departed for Puerto Rico to assist following Hurricane Maria: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102666
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (29 Sep 2017 4:09pm EDT) : Received covers from the USS PINCKNEY DDG 91 today, Sept 9, 2017, excellent cancel. I have been chasing this ship for three years. These covers cost me plenty in past postage. Also received “Return to sender” “REFUSED” from USS HIGGINS DDG 76, at least they didn’t throw it out. I can reuse the covers inside. Received USS GABRIELLE GIFFORD LCS 10 Commissioning covers from the “caves” in Kansas City, MO.
  • esink (28 Sep 2017 3:29pm EDT) : Here is interesting info on the PONCE history and its return to Norfolk in preparation for decommissioning:
  • esink (26 Sep 2017 9:41pm EDT) : Richard, Thanks for the COMFORT info…covers to be sent tomorrow.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (26 Sep 2017 8:36pm EDT) : The Navy’s hospital ship USNS Comfort will depart Naval Station Norfolk by Friday and head to Hurricane Maria-ravaged Puerto Rico,
    The Comfort is operated by civilian mariners and, fully crewed, carries about 1,215 Navy medical personnel.
    Military units from across the U.S. have been responding to the Caribbean in the aftermath of Maria, including members of the Virginia National Guard. Ships include the Norfolk-based amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge and dock landing ship USS Oak Hill, based at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Virginia Beach, along with the USS Wasp.
  • Rich Hoffner (26 Sep 2017 3:43pm EDT) : Seems it would make sense for USNS MERCY to depart West Coast and head toward San Juan or U.S.V.I. Things are only getting worse on these islands and not enough help is available. Have not heard of Navy SeaBees getting involved. Big projects should be at least started by our Naval Constriction Battalions, such as clearing roads, repairing bridges, working on electrical grids.
  • Rich Hoffner (26 Sep 2017 3:30pm EDT) : I just mailed a dozen covers to Cdr. Ring, subs that he served on over the years. I suggested he join the society and included an application blank.
  • Rich Hoffner (26 Sep 2017 3:28pm EDT) : News conference live on FOX just mentioned USNS COMFORT on way to Puerto Rico. Not sure why she is not already there.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (25 Sep 2017 10:12am EDT) : Agreed Elgin – CDR Ring went above and beyond what most CO’s would have done. Giving CDR Ring a complimentary membership may go a long way down the road in helping the Navy understand our hobby.
  • esink (24 Sep 2017 9:33pm EDT) : ‘Just returned home from Ottawa to find my HOUSTON covers also received in great shape (same as Thad); also with personalized note from CDR Andrew Ring. ‘will acknowledge with “thank you” card or note…To keep him interested in the USCS and naval covers processing, he should get a complimentary membership to USCS if not already offered.
  • (Keith MacKay #12477) (24 Sep 2017 9:21pm EDT) : Thanks to Neal and Steve for info re USS Potomac.
  • Neal Mills (24 Sep 2017 11:58am EDT) : Keith MacKay – Yes, the Catalogue of US Naval Postmarks.
  • Steve Shay (23 Sep 2017 9:35pm EDT) : Potomac also had a Type 3(AC) cancel. Both are pretty scarce.
  • guest_4201 (Keith MacKay #1247 (23 Sep 2017 7:56pm EDT) : Thanks, Neal. I obviously don’t have the catalogue you referred to. Is it the Catalogue of US Naval Postmarks ?
  • Neal Mills (22 Sep 2017 6:08pm EDT) : guest3107 —
    USS Potomac (AT-50) had a post office from:
    October 18, 1911 to February 14, 1914
    and May 1, 1917 to July 16, 1919

    My catalog says she had a T1z cancel.

  • guest_3107 (22 Sep 2017 5:49pm EDT) : Did USS Potomac (AT-50) (NOT AG-25) have a cancel ?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Sep 2017 4:36pm EDT) : USS HOUSTON SSN 713 decommissioning covers arrived today from CO. Excellent pictorial and cachet. The CO also enclosed a crew colored cover, again excellent. These were well worth waiting for.
  • Neal Mills (21 Sep 2017 10:39am EDT) : Thad – Same here. Sent covers and a SASE to the CO but nothing has come back.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Sep 2017 8:53pm EDT) : Were any covers received from the decommissioning special cancel for USS HOUSTON SSN 713? I sent covers to the CO at the address given on the Chat Page. Only cover received was the one serviced by Rich Hoffner – Decatur Chapter. with a Tacoma over cancel. Just checking to see if anyone received anything. I sent two covers and a SASE for their return.
  • Neal Mills (20 Sep 2017 1:00pm EDT) : Does anyone have a date for inactivation of USS DALLAS (SSN700) or USS BUFFALO (SSN715). Both are at Bremerton for inactivation and decommissioning.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (18 Sep 2017 10:06pm EDT) : RICH – Are you talking about USS MISSISSIPPI SSN 782 ? I have covers posted in circle, “USS MISSISSIPPI 39567 – Pascagoula” “Jun 2, 2012” with four bar killers and a another in circle, “USS MISSISSIPPI SSN 782 ” in killer bar “Commissioning Station Pascagoula 39567″ ” June 2, 2012″. Really weird, I only have one of each. I always send two of everything. I wonder if I sent two covers to Pascagoula and they posted one of each. Are these any of what you are asking about?
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Sep 2017 8:03pm EDT) : Did anyone get covers back from Pascagoula MS with the cancel they had on commissioning day five years ago? It was a four bar Pascagoula MS hand cancel with the name of the sub in the standard hand cancel dial. I didn’t send for it because another collector said it was no good as it didn’t have 2017 date in the device. I am leaning now that it indeed did have 2017 date in the device.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Sep 2017 7:58pm EDT) : JY remember there is strife about a section of Spain that wants independence. So, skip the bars there looking for beer coasters.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Sep 2017 7:56pm EDT) : I’m getting news releases from the USCG that they are pulling their assets working in US Virgin Island after IRMA back to Puerto Rico ahead of Hurricane MARIA. Hope this one is a bust or a lot of people are in dire trouble.
  • esink (18 Sep 2017 5:22pm EDT) : …also the same McLEAN address I used listed in the LOG.
  • Neal Mills (18 Sep 2017 3:46pm EDT) : Rich, The latest Navy SNDL (Sep 1) has that address.
    UNIT 100387 BOX 1
    FPO AE 09578”
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Sep 2017 3:09pm EDT) : Covers to USNS WILLIAM McLEAN T-AKE 12 returned, “RETURN TO SENDER” – “UNABLE TO FORWARD”. Sent to Unit 100387 Box 1 FPO AE 09578. Was there an address change?
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Sep 2017 1:36pm EDT) : From NC to Maine we on the East Coast are wondering how Hurricane JOSE will give us problems, but here comes Hurricane MARIA, churning toward the Caribbean. Expected landfall on PR Wednesday as Cat 4. Could affect emergency efforts in place after IRMA. Not good.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Sep 2017 1:26pm EDT) : List of ships involved in assistance after hurricane IRMA is getting larger by the day. I have sent to 21 Navy and Coast Guard vessels to date, not including WRIGHT.

    For HARVEY I sent out to 9 ships and cutters.

  • Rich Hoffner (18 Sep 2017 1:22pm EDT) : Thad. She has been seen in Baltimore for many years, but recent news indicated home-port as Philadelphia. I am re-caulking my dingy and heading for the “breakwater” where I’ll put covers in a bottle for her. Tried everything else with no luck. If we discover who had the contract to keep her active, we will then have an address that might work.
  • Neal Mills (16 Sep 2017 9:41pm EDT) : Dennis Gill — Thank you. If you’re getting covers back then there is hope for me. ?
  • Dennis Gill (16 Sep 2017 1:34pm EDT) : Neal Mills: I send Bremerton-related covers to the address listed in the Jan. 2017 “Log” issue: Postmaster, Customer Services, USPS, 602 Pacific Ave., Bremerton, WA 98337-9998. Although I’ve only been submitting covers for a year or so, I believe I’ve received back all that I’ve sent to that address. In fact, just yesterday I received the last-day-in-commission cover I prepared for the USS Houston, dated Aug. 26, 2017. I did note that the zip code on the cancel was 98312-9998, different than the address listed in the Log. Hope this helps.
  • guest_5785 (16 Sep 2017 7:47am EDT) : According to AIS, WRIGHT Tracked from Philly @ 1300 9-12-17 to breakwater @ 1911. ETA Virgin Islands 9-16-17 @ 0800. Course 156 degrees true SSW.
  • Neal Mills (15 Sep 2017 6:18pm EDT) : Does anyone have a point of contact at the Bremerton PO? My return rate for that PO is very low and I’d like to figure out how to improve it. Thanks.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Sep 2017 10:03pm EDT) : Rich… Went through a big box of USNS/SS ship covers to see if I had anything from WRIGHT T-AVB 3 that may have an address. I found a cover from USNS WRIGHT T-AVB 3 with a ships cachet and posted June 29, 1989 in Philadelphia. No return address but it probably has changed many time over since then anyway.
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Sep 2017 3:26pm EDT) : JY, they have some cool beer coasters in Spain and Portugal. Also look for the WW I cutters assigned to the squadron.
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Sep 2017 3:24pm EDT) : Through the USCS cachet program, we just donated a cachet stamp to USCGC JOHN McCORMICK WPC 1121 in Ketchikan AK. overs were included for members who have envelopes with me for the USCS Cover Service and I asked for the cutters return address stamp to be applied. The CO responded that he did not have one and there was no place to order one locally in Fairbanks. I’ll get one for him. But, it just goes to show why covers don’t come back. They mostly have no cachets and now I am finding out they have no return address stamps. perhaps senders will have to ask for the cutters embossed seal, but, perhaps they won’t have one of those either.

    In past years Walt Grabowy lead the charge to give every USCG cutter and unit he could contact a new cachet stamp. His work went a long way to letting units know what we were collecting. We need another Walt Grabowy.

  • John Young (14 Sep 2017 3:17pm EDT) : Ahoy Mates, will be away on trip to Spain & Portugal for next two weeks
    and will be looking for naval covers &
    post cards.

    Hope everyone keeps safe & healthy during my absence & that we’ve have seen the last of the hurricanes.

  • Rich Hoffner (14 Sep 2017 3:17pm EDT) : Thad. Interesting that she is so stealth that we can’t figure out what Shipping company is her “keeper”. Also another ship I sent to TS GENERAL RUDDER was returned. I used a street address for the Texas Maritime Academy in Galveston Texas. Nixie label reads No Such Number.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (13 Sep 2017 8:11pm EDT) : Rich – I too couldn’t find an address or shipping company only that Wright T-AVB 3 home port is Baltimore.
  • Lbbrennan (13 Sep 2017 12:59am EDT) : Frustrating to send for covers
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Sep 2017 10:48pm EDT) : Looking for a mailing address for SS WRIGHT T-AVB 3. Even what shipping company is managing her would be helpful. My Internet sleuthing failed me on her.
  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER (11 Sep 2017 3:48pm EDT) : THAD: Our hobby of collecting covers is not dead. But we all know that modern technology has moved on, and we need to keep up with it. Servicing your own covers is much different now from when it was not too long ago. You have to adjust to it. The old days are gone.
    On a recent cruise I went on, the cruise ship did not have a postmark, cachet or corner card. And the port of call did not have a post office or even a mail box I was told by a local policeman. He offered me his cell phone and asked me who I wanted to contact.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Sep 2017 10:52am EDT) : Thanks for the info Rich. I document very carefully to the cutters as to what I am looking for. I do not even mention the word “cover”, I use “envelope”. I send drawings and have a photo copy of what a serviced envelope should look like and still nothing. After 54 years and I’ll bet hundreds of wasted dollars I try everything in my power to explain what should be done. Who taught the guys in the old days what to do? The smaller ships and cutters did not have Navy Postal Clerks and they serviced envelopes with corner cards and seals just fine and mailed them. I just think it’s the “it’s not my job” attitude. Our hobby is dead I’m sad to say and I know in our hearts we believe it to be true. It’s gone the way of railroad and highway post office collecting. I’m so frustrated… 54 years collecting Navals and 70 years old has taught me a lot.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Sep 2017 11:37pm EDT) : Reading the news releases on the USN moving assets from Mayport before IRMA struck, included an interesting sentence.

    USS Detroit (LCS 7) and USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) will both remain in port and will be heavy weather moored.

    So, why? The article did not mention why. But it does make one wonder.

  • Rich Hoffner (10 Sep 2017 9:55pm EDT) : Thad. On the Sentinel-class cutters. I suspect most of them don’t have any idea what a collector wants when they receive a request.

    For the last three I managed to get a CO name and mailing address while attempting to verify their commissioning dates and we are in the process of donating cachets to them.

    The earlier cutters, well, perhaps we will get them educated also. If you write, as Larry Brennan mentioned, send a copy of a cover from a cutter that you have in your collection, sort of a “show and tell”. Most should at least have a return address stamp.

    Mention if they do not have a rubber stamp of their crest, the USCS will donate one at no cost for use on collector submitted envelopes.

  • Rich Hoffner (10 Sep 2017 9:42pm EDT) : Last week the following ships were covered for Hurricane HARVEY. Several have already been diverted to Hurricane IRMA:

    USCGC Barbara Mabrity
    USCGC Hatchet
    USCGC Clamp
    USNS William McLean
    TS Empire State
    TS Kennedy
    TS General Rudder
    USS Kearsarge
    USS Oak Hill

  • Rich Hoffner (10 Sep 2017 9:40pm EDT) : Not a good day in Florida, but a good day in the NFL with an EAGLES win over perennial enemy REDSKINS.
  • esink (09 Sep 2017 12:04pm EDT) : Yet more info on additional ship sent for Irma assistance: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102335
  • esink (08 Sep 2017 7:18pm EDT) : I am guest_6893…
  • guest_6893 (08 Sep 2017 2:13pm EDT) : More navy ships contributing humanitarian support for Hurricane Irma: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102329
  • esink (07 Sep 2017 8:47pm EDT) : USS Kearsarge and Oak Hill, (supporting Hurricane Harvey) and USS Wasp (enroute to Japan)…ALL re-directed to U. S. Virgin Islands for Hurricane Irma support: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102309
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (07 Sep 2017 3:01pm EDT) : Standing by for heavy seas-AGAIN in Florida.

    Will hunker down in place again this storm–at least we lost 6 huge trees in the backyard last year’s hurricane so nothing big is around the house for this storm.

    At Mayport up the road 80 miles–
    As a precautionary measure, U.S. Navy ships home ported at Naval Station Mayport are getting underway in anticipation of Hurricane Irma.

    The following ships headed to sea Sept. 6: USS Shamal (PC 13), USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) USS Bulkeley (DDG 84) and USCG Tahoma (WPG 80).

    USS Philippine Sea (CG 58), USS Farragut (DDG 99) and USS Lassen (DDG 82) are scheduled to depart Sept. 7.

    USS Hue City (CG 66), USS Tornado (PC 14) and USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) will be moved to a safe haven location and made ready for heavy weather.

    USS Detroit (LCS 7) and USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) will both remain in port and will be heavy weather moored.

    The decision to sortie is based on concerns for the safety of Sailors and preservation of the ships and associated equipment.

    Navy vessels can remain safe at sea by maneuvering to avoid storms altogether. Additionally, having ships underway ensures they are ready to respond to any national tasking if required.

  • guest_2620 (06 Sep 2017 2:30pm EDT) : Hi. My name is Chris Wright, from London, UK. I wonder if I may ask your advice? Today I came into possession of what seam to be some 1970’s, 80’s Navy envelopes. They seem to celebrate the commission/decommission of various USS submarines as well as the first launching of Trident missiles from below sea level. I have quite a lot of these, all with attractive frontage, depicting various submarines.There are around a hundred of these envelopes, most franked including 7 unopened letters from US Naval bases to a very prominent German psychologist, Helmut Skowronek. Two postcards are in the tin, too! I have not a clue what to do with them and would love to know if they are collectable. I’d love to know what you guys think!! Best wishes, Chris. PS, I can send some photos if you contact me on pop.song@icloud.com
  • john young (06 Sep 2017 6:51am EDT) : Last night’s New Jersey Chapter meeting was standing room only with 18 cover hunters gathered around Phil’s diving room table. It was practice for NOJEX this weekend.

    Excellent presentation of naval mishaps in the Pacific by Larry Brennan. Quakers came with cheese & crackers, some covers and Bruno wife’s brownies- no nuts and I even found about 2 dozen covers- no Coast Guard.

    A great time was has by all.

  • Steve Shay (04 Sep 2017 11:47am EDT) : See page


  • lbbrennan (04 Sep 2017 10:47am EDT) : Who is writing for the USCS LOG and what subjects interest you and your collecting friends.

    Just visited the NCM again and it still shows no affiliation with the USCS or a link to the NCM site from here or other USCS sites.

  • lbbrennan (04 Sep 2017 10:45am EDT) : Phil, It helps to put a copy of a good cover and cancel received from a ship in the recent past or one addressed to someone they may recognize. I am illiterate in every language except English but picture menus have helped around the world. Best, Larry
  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER (03 Sep 2017 2:57pm EDT) : to THAD W K: If you visit any of these vessels, or any other ships of any kind, you’ll discover why you get so few, or no, responses to your requests There can be many reasons, such as they do not care, or know what you want, or even know what a postmark or cachet is, or have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve learned this by my personal visits and talking to them: skippers, copes, public affairs officers & etc. But, like you, I keep trying, and do appreciate whatever I get back which includes some really great stuff. Like John Paul Jones said: Don’t Give Up the Ship.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Sep 2017 12:51pm EDT) : Has anyone received any covers from the CGC’s (Sentinel class) that John Young posted in the June LOG? I sent to nine (9) and haven’t received a thing. I am wondering if it’s just a waste of time and money. Anyone get anything from these cutters? I do know several of the early 1100’s had cachets but they have even dried up.
  • Cathie Dalzell (03 Sep 2017 1:07am EDT) : I forgot to include..my email..2flocath@gmail.com
  • Cathie Dalzell (03 Sep 2017 1:04am EDT) : In search of: written by my husband, 1979.


  • Cathie Dalzell (03 Sep 2017 12:45am EDT) : IN SEARCH OF: Around Aug 20, there was a envelope bought on ebay from a German seller. It was described as a “cover letter” although it doesn’t fit the common definition. It has a postmark from the USS Hunley dated Sept 22, 1979. No other markings. Weirdest thing ever..it is actually a personal envelope written by my husband, M. S. Dalzell addressed to his parents, Mr.and Mrs. Darwin Dalzell in San Jose, CA. We feel that it was never actually mailed. We are searching for the buyer hoping to putchase it, especially since my father-in-law recently passed. Quite a mind-boggling mystery as to how this envelope survived almost 40 years and ended up in ebay. Please share our story. Any help is appreciated.
  • Lbbrennan (02 Sep 2017 3:53pm EDT) : Checking in. Happy end of ww ii day. Great topic
  • john young (02 Sep 2017 11:31am EDT) : Hard copy of September Log arrived in lower Hudson Valley in yesterday’s mail.

    Great story by Phil Schreiber & his story of the Peleliu & Angaur Invasion. Thanks for sharing your wartime experience

    Thanks for hosting our New Jersey Chapter meeting and looking froward to Tuesday meeting on 9/5/17 at 7:30 PM
    at 123 S. Adelaide Ave., Highland Park
    NJ Apt 3B

  • John Young (02 Sep 2017 5:23am EDT) : Hope everyone has a safe Labor Day weekend
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Sep 2017 10:58am EDT) : Wow.. too bad about Zumwalt. I hope they aren’t setting the new standard for Michael Monsoor DDG 1001 and Lyndon B. Johnson DDG 1002 currently under construction.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Sep 2017 10:54am EDT) : USS WASP LHD 1 left east coast for new home port of Sasebo, Japan on August 30. I have covers aboard but haven’t received anything back. Maybe when they get settled in Japan.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (01 Sep 2017 12:27am EDT) : September eLOG was sent Thursday along with an extra file of pictorial postmarks that will be available in the next week or two.
  • esink (31 Aug 2017 1:41pm EDT) : Here is more info on disaster relief assistance for Hurricane Harvey: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102213
  • esink (31 Aug 2017 1:32pm EDT) : Hope this is not the beginning of a trend to eliminate post offices on navy ships…
  • guest_2296 (31 Aug 2017 5:07am EDT) : All covers mailed to the USS Zumwalt for Commissioning will be returned to sender says Supply Officer. Seems ship does not want any kind of cancel, and same for the rest of the class. No Post Office aboard now but possibly when they become fully operational in a year or so.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Aug 2017 12:38pm EDT) : USS KEARSARGE to be deployed with Marines to Gulf coast area.
  • John Young (30 Aug 2017 9:59am EDT) : Neat COM with Toyko Bay cover from USS MOUNT OLYMPUS, a year later she was Flagship of Task Force 68 that
    carried Admiral Byrd in his 4th attack on Antarctica

    She was deployed below Lat 60 South
    from 30 DEC 1946 to 1 MAR 1947 on
    Operation Highjump.

    Main objective was the aerial mapping of Antarctica, establish American sovereignty over the largest area of the frozen continent and the feasibility of American bases.

    Ten years later, 7 American bases were built during IGY

  • Rich Hoffner (29 Aug 2017 5:48pm EDT) : Covers from USS HOUSTON SSN 713 LDC (24 Aug 17) arrived yesterday, over-cancelled at Tacoma/Olympia WA sectional center 24 Aug 2017(Drat). These are the covers with the subs FPO pictorial postmark.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Aug 2017 5:43pm EDT) : Note from “the caves”, MISSISSIPPI covers for Pascagoula and GABRIELLE GIFFORDS covers for Galveston TX are shipping. Also, Pascagoula MS post office returned my Keel laying covers for FRANK E PETERSON DDG 121 (2-21-17) and Christening covers for PAUL IGNATIUS DDG 117 (4-8-17). Both arrived today, great strikes but a tad light on the ink.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (25 Aug 2017 9:48pm EDT) : WASHINGTON (NNS) — The U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command has awarded a $3.1 million firm, fixed-price contract for the heavy lift of USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62).

    Patriot Shipping, based out of Houston, Texas, has been awarded the contract to move Fitzgerald from Yokosuka, Japan, to Pascagoula, Mississippi where the ship will be repaired by Huntington Ingalls Industries.

    Heavy-lift will be completed by November 2017.

  • esink (25 Aug 2017 1:40pm EDT) : Joshua, ‘Have sent covers in the past to the FORD for three different occasions and have always been processed with great results.
  • Joshua McGee (25 Aug 2017 9:28am EDT) : The Postal Logistic Specialist aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) did a fantastic job with my covers. Did everyone else experience satisfactory results?


  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (21 Aug 2017 10:41am EDT) : It’s a shame about USS John S. McCain, yet another. I have been trying to get covers from her for almost 2 years and just received some back about a week ago with the new Unit cancel. I forwarded a copy to Greg C. for the catalog and museum, very nicely done. No idea why but the COPE cancelled them December 25, 2017.
  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER (20 Aug 2017 5:37pm EDT) : Yesterday was the anniversary of the GULF OF SIDRA INCIDENT in which aircraft of USS NIMITZ shot down aircraft of the the government of Libya which challenged them. Larry Brennan who was the Nimitz legal officer at that time will speak at the next USS NEW JERSEY CHAP.90 USCS, Tuesday Sept.5, 2017. His topic will be the recent collision of the USS FITZGERALD legal implications. Larry is a retired JAG captain who lectured at the Navy War College, Newport RI. For more details call me: #732 993 0780
  • Lbbrennan (20 Aug 2017 8:01am EDT) : Sad to learn about absent friends at nojex. Have to see John Young’s beer coaster exhibit
  • guest_2294 (17 Aug 2017 11:30pm EDT) : USS Bowen was DE1079. DE 1078 was USS Joseph Hewes
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Aug 2017 5:30pm EDT) : Pictorial for SOUTH DAKOTA christening submitted today. Date is 10-14-17 in Groton.

    Working in pictorial for PONCE in Norfolk same date.

  • Rich Hoffner (17 Aug 2017 5:28pm EDT) : Elgin. Doubt there is any change of FPO address for PULLER.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Aug 2017 3:18pm EDT) : Another set of covers from the USS RAFAEL PERALTA DDG 115 Commissioning arrived today and these were cancelled on July 29th commission day. It is one of the largest type 12 ?? cancels I have seen. Really nicely done though.
  • john young (17 Aug 2017 3:02am EDT) : Going to and exhibiting at NOJEX 2017,
    as that will be my first stamp show since
    National show in New York City
  • esink (16 Aug 2017 9:37pm EDT) : Thanks, Thad…agree that probably may not change.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (16 Aug 2017 9:19pm EDT) : Elgin – The address for PULLER when she was listed as a USNS was – Unit 100195 Box 1, FPO AE 09591. I’ll bet it’s the same now for USS PULLER.
  • esink (16 Aug 2017 9:14pm EDT) : Rich…any idea what the “new” FPO address will be for the USS PULLER?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (16 Aug 2017 9:14pm EDT) : Covers returned for the USS RAFAEL PERALTA DDG 115 commissioning were returned with the ships cachet on the filler cards and returned in my SASE unserviced (uncancelled).
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Aug 2017 7:10pm EDT) : Navy announces Commissioning date for ESB 3. The USS LEWIS B. PULLER ESB 3 (ex-USNS LEWIS B. PULLER T-ESB 3) will be palced in Commissioning tomorrow at Khalifa bin Salman Port in Al Hidd, Bahrain. Anyone have covers aboard? Lewis B. Puller will be replacing Afloat Forward Staging Base (Interim) USS Ponce. As an AFSB(I), Ponce was able to stage people and equipment in support of multiple maritime missions in the 5th Fleet area of operations. Lewis B. Puller will serve as the first ship built specifically for the purpose of serving as an afloat expeditionary sea base.

    As the security environment has become faster paced, more complex and increasingly competitive, the Navy has a growing need to station more diverse and capable warships around the globe. Redesignating USNS Lewis B. Puller as a commissioned warship will allow the Navy greater operational flexibility and provide critical support to TF 51/5’s joint forces at sea, from the sea and ashore to meet potential threats in the 5th Fleet area of operations.

    USS Ponce (AFSB(I)-15) is expected to be Decommissioned in Norfolk VA on her return to the USA.

  • Rich Hoffner (16 Aug 2017 7:00pm EDT) : Next major show will be BALPEX on Labor Day weekend in Hunt Valley MD. Paul H will be there.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Aug 2017 6:59pm EDT) : Heard that PERALTA got her postal equipment late. Perhaps the four bar will show up at a later time.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Aug 2017 6:58pm EDT) : Anyone going to NOJEX? Was thinking about going, but now know that Paul Huber and Howard Tiffner will not be there. Dates 9-8 thru 10th.
  • esink (16 Aug 2017 5:04pm EDT) : Rich, ‘Completely overlooked and forgot about the PERALTA commissioning so no covers were sent to the ship…
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Aug 2017 3:58pm EDT) : Anyone get FDC cancels back for RAFAEL PERALTA? Only cancel I have seen so far is an AP chop, no four bar yet.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Aug 2017 12:05pm EDT) : I should have been a hostage negotiator during my law enforcement career. FINALLY, the Commissioning pictorial has been approved by “the caves” in Kansas City. If you sent covers, the Galveston TX post offices promises to forward covers on hand to Pictorial Services Division for the Gabrielle Giffords postmark dated 6-10-17. The pictorial will be published in the Postal Bulletin of 8-31-17 with a 90 day extension. Persistence and an even keel prevail. SO, send your covers to: USS Gabrielle Giffords Station, Cancellation Services, Supervisor, Stamp Fulfillment Services, 8300 NE Underground Drive, Pillar 210, Kansas City, MO 64144-9998

    This has been kicking around since March when I submitted the request to the Galveston TX post office and the USPS District covering Galveston just in case Galveston dropped the ball. Well, seems both missed the ball completely. The Galveston TX office I addressed the request to moved, but no one knows where my request went, but it did not come back to me. The person at the District who handled pictorials moved to another job. When I called Galveston TX postmaster in June asking when it was going to be in the PB, they started to grapple for excuses that made no sense telling me since I mentioned they didn’t need to attend, there was no approval (well that tole me someone did get my request). Then a call from the District blamed me for not calling earlier telling me that no one would want to send for the cancel after the event. So it was my fault according to them! They went away, but I didn’t and the cancel is finally approved.

  • Lbbrennan (12 Aug 2017 8:06am EDT) : Need to visit more frequently
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (11 Aug 2017 2:53pm EDT) : I have had a good response from members for articles for the USCS LOG.

    For those who have been working on some great research articles, now is the time to finish them off and get your scanned covers together to send them in.
    Only October-November-December issues to be filled before the judging begins for the next Stanton Honeyman Awards.

    Send them on in.

    Log Editor

  • esink (11 Aug 2017 6:56am EDT) : The post card sent to ZUMWALT was more of a reminder that somebody out there is missing “something” (like covers) from the ship and it was to rattle somebody’s memory…not necessarily requiring a reply.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Aug 2017 12:42am EDT) : Per a contact, the LDC for USS CITY of CORPUS CHRISTI SSN-705 was reported as 8-3-17 in Bremerton. Anyone else get that info? I initially had a later date this month. Before someone asks, yes the Navy did call a previous ceremony a Decommissioning, but that was the Deactivation (or some say Inactivation), but the day the CO and skeleton crew takes down the flag and makes the final entry into the ships log, that is the real Decommissioning. At that point the sub becomes property of the shipyard.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Aug 2017 12:36am EDT) : JY – what was the event on the cover with the missing white USA 25? Want to check my covers, just in case!
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Aug 2017 12:32am EDT) : Today I uploaded approx 150 items on eBay, items donated to the USCS. Many Dan Goodwin cachets are among the covers, along with patches, postcards and photos of ships. All proceeds to USCS. Seller is patchesnaval. Thank you Dan Goodwin for the donation of covers.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Aug 2017 12:32am EDT) : On ZUMWALT request. Not sure why any ship would reply to a post card. An SASE may have helped get a reply, but from whom? There is no COPE or MAIL CLERK or even a post office.
  • esink (05 Aug 2017 5:06pm EDT) : Rich and others: Currently, I have not yet had a reply to my post card I sent to the COPE about my ZUMWALT covers.
  • guest_4132 (05 Aug 2017 3:14pm EDT) : I have spent the last few years acquiring covers from all ships present at Pearl Harbor on 12-7-1941 so my grandson will have a reminder of that momentous event and hopefully remember. I have all of the ships that had post office capability with the exception of the USS Sunnadin (AT-28) and the USS Keosanqua (AT-38) both ocean-going tugs. If any member has a cover from these vessels and would like to sell, please contact me at swbco@msn.com. I would prefer postmarks prior to the end of the war.
    Thank you.
    Peter Silver
  • John Young (05 Aug 2017 11:10am EDT) : Hard copy August Log arrived in lower Hudson Valley in Friday’s mail. Where is
    the year going?

    Coast Guard Day spent going through covers- looking for sponsor of printed Coast Guard (1950 style) emblem in
    green or blue ink- usually printed on left side of envelope.

    Envelopes have stamped numbers 400000 series on reverse

    400339 USCGC INGHAM embossed seal
    9 DEC 1951 m.c. Norfolk VA

    400346 USCGC IROQUIOS (WPG 43) c/c
    17 JAN 1952 m.c. Long Beach CA

    400349 USCGC WINONA (WPG 65) c/c
    1 DEC 1951 m.c. Port Angeles WA

    400350 USCGC KLAMATH (WPG 66) c/c 28 NOV 1951 m.c. Seattle WA

    Cover are addressed to several individuals i.e. written, stamped, label, printed that suggests the were send to cachet sponsor who printed the emblem on envelopes & then he
    forwarded them to cutters.

    The highest number 400384 was send to CGC YAMACRAW WARC 333
    (cable ship) who applied a straight-line cachet 5 NOV 1951 m.c. Boston

  • Rich H (04 Aug 2017 11:52pm EDT) : Can anyone tell me if there was a pictorial for Seattle Seafair?
  • Rich H (04 Aug 2017 10:22pm EDT) : From Mike Brock, commissioning date for PORTLAND is now set for 4-21-18. Pictorial (T-F) is in preparation for ship and the city of “KPW”.
  • Rich H (04 Aug 2017 10:20pm EDT) : A recent posting from me indicated that the post office aboard the ZUMWALT was run out of the corner of the ships store (they only sold postage stamps there). That information was wrong. ZUMWALT has yet to have a post office established. They have no postmark. I have feelers out to personnel who have tracked down the collector submitted covers, to provide the ship with a T-F and cachet stamp to process the covers. I will move on this as soon as the ship sends me approval.
  • PACOASTIE (04 Aug 2017 10:16pm EDT) : So, to all my Coastie friends, Semper Paratus to those who served in the oldest continuous military service!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Aug 2017 8:07pm EDT) : Thanks Rich… covers ready to drop in mail tomorrow.
  • esink (03 Aug 2017 8:03pm EDT) : Thanks for the HOUSTON info, Rich…will send some covers.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Aug 2017 3:19pm EDT) : HOT NEWS:

    Last Day in Commission for the USS HOUSTON SSN 713 (Unit 100518 Box 1, FPO AP 96667)will be August 24, per CO, Cdr. Andrew Homer Ring, USN. He has asked for a postmark and a special Last Day cachet stamp. Both are on order today. I will ask the USCS will pay for them. I would send your covers ASAP, as FPO mail is a bummer, slower then snail mail and that is slow. The cachet and postmark will be shipped to Cdr. Ring as soon as it is manufactured. Initially Cdr. Ring tried to contact the USCS via a link on our website, “Contact USCS” but that link was and still is down. His persistence in finding a USCS contact paid off finally (Thank you Mike Brock for forwarding his message). Be sure to include a SASE if you don’t want the covers to be over-cancelled.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (02 Aug 2017 10:09pm EDT) : Thanks BMCM Jones and Elgin for information.
  • esink (02 Aug 2017 5:09pm EDT) : Members may have already seen this website which I just found recently, but sharing it anyhow: http://www.navycommissionings.org/
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (02 Aug 2017 4:29pm EDT) : DDG 114 crew will still be arriving through August.

    No web link to any commissioning committee in Charleston SC area.

    DDG 114 still has to go through acceptance trials before delivery to Navy.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (02 Aug 2017 9:57am EDT) : Has anyone heard of the date of the commissioning of the USS RALPH JOHNSON DDG 114? It is to be in Charleston, SC.
  • John Young (01 Aug 2017 2:50pm EDT) : New Jersey Chapter Meeting tonight at
    Phil Schreiber’s apartment

    123 South Adelaide Ave, Apt 3B
    Highland Park, NJ Time: 7:30 PM for civilians or 1930 Hours for those with a military clock in the house.

    Should be fun! Might even find a cover
    or two. Last month’s find of the month
    was a 25 cents Lighthouse stamp on a
    cover without white (USA 25) omitted
    on a Coast Guard cover.

    No I didn’t get it! Unused copy listed at $80.00 Hope Bruno writes it up for
    USCS Log.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Aug 2017 10:07am EDT) : Covers arrived from North Kingstown, RI yesterday for the July 8, 2017 keel laying for the USS Oregon SSN.
  • esink (31 Jul 2017 3:21pm EDT) : My USS FORD commissioning day covers received today from the ship (FPO) in great shape with nice clear cancels and ship cachet on each cover…many thanks to Mike Brock in Oregon who forwarded them (How did they get all the way out there with my address on each cover?)
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Jul 2017 2:16pm EDT) : Mobile Bay is just returning to the fleet after a long overhaul 28 July
  • Neal Mills (31 Jul 2017 11:12am EDT) : Thad – my covers to USS Mobile Bay were also returned, “Addressee Unknown.” The ship’s directory stamp is on the back with the clerk’s initials, so the envelopes did make it to he ship. He/she just didn’t want to be bothered.
  • esink (30 Jul 2017 8:08pm EDT) : Just returned from a great week at OBX to find in my mail a 30th Anniversary cancel dtd JUN 06 2017 from the USS ANTIETAM CG-54… handwritten corner card and no ship cachet, and cancel displays UNIT 100130 and FPO AP 96660, but no ship name.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (29 Jul 2017 9:55pm EDT) : August eLOG file has been sent to 300+ members who requested the format.

    Still need articles for November and December Log issues.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Jul 2017 8:39pm EDT) : Elgin – I received both sets of covers for the the FDC of FORD, pictorial and from the ship. Pictorial was poor and I returned them for replacement and the others from the FORD were what I described in the previous post.
    Several sets of covers sent to the USS Mobile Bay CG 53 were all returned with the “Red Finger” stating Addressee Unknown. I guess they don’t know who the C.O.P.E. is. The covers returned date back to March 3, 2016. Oh well, at least I now send them to another ship.
  • esink (28 Jul 2017 11:43am EDT) : Thad, are your Ford FDC covers from the ship(FPO)?…Elgin
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Jul 2017 9:08pm EDT) : Anyone get ship (FPO) covers back from the USS John Finn DDG 113 commissioning?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Jul 2017 9:06pm EDT) : Neal – glad your Finn covers that came back were great. I sent for replacements to the “caves” to see what happens. I received my USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 FDC covers today. The postmarks were only okay with a lite date in the cancel with a terrible, incomplete ships cachet. I was going to do my own cachet and I should have done so. Maybe I can buy one.
  • Neal Mills (27 Jul 2017 5:56pm EDT) : Thad – Received my Finn cancellations and they were great. Sorry yours were not.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (26 Jul 2017 6:52pm EDT) : Great photo essay on Old Ironsides 2017 restoration


  • Lbbrennan (26 Jul 2017 5:45pm EDT) : Check-in
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (24 Jul 2017 7:44pm EDT) : Anyone else get their pictorials from Honolulu for USS John Finn commissioning ? Mine came today and were over inked and not collectible. I am forwarding them to the “caves” with a letter and asking for a replacement.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Jul 2017 3:57pm EDT) : Well, when the headlines and wall to wall TV and Internet live news coverage of the Commissioning of the USS GERALD R. FORD CVN 78 got everyone’s attention, some started thinking about sending for cancels. It brought some questions to my mailbox. Where do I send for the commissioning? Answer is that there was no pictorial submitted to USPS for the event. Since the Navy decided to hold off in announcing the date in a timely manner, when it finally became official, the window of opportunity to submit a request for the cancel had closed for me. USPS wants eight to ten weeks lead time. Add to that the change recently where Norfolk VA declined to approve pictorials, sending me to Customer Service folks Richmond VA for approvals. We did prepare two preliminary designs, but dates and locations would have been changed if we had the time necessary to do it.

    I have sent my covers to Norfolk for a standard hand cancel. Also sent five covers to the ship asking for Commissioning date. Both dates are now past and requests may or may not be granted.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (21 Jul 2017 9:06pm EDT) : Hey Rich…. my mistake… Galveston and GIFFORDS, not Corpus Christi.
  • guest_4572 (21 Jul 2017 8:28pm EDT) : My Grandfather served on the USS CONSTELLATION. He enlisted 12/16/1905. His discharge record states he was 21 when discharged 11/25/1909. He was a Mastor at Arms 3rd class. He then listed on his WWI draft registration that he had been a chief petty officer. I think he had a habit of playing with the truth. I would like to know if there are any records or ship lists to track his whereabouts while in Navy. Any help would be appreciated. Any group photos going around or posted somewhere that I could study (via online) to see if see my grandfather in any of them? Thank you, in advance.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Jul 2017 1:17pm EDT) : What event is Corpus Christi?

    I am fighting an uphill battle with USPS over the Commissioning pictorial for USS GABRIELLE GIFFORDS at Galveston. Requests went to both PM at Galveston and USPS District office. Both never replied. When I tried to find out what went wrong, I was given conflicting answers. Apparently they just ignored or lost the request then when I bothered to probe what went wrong, they are doing a “soft shoe” on the reasons it was not issued. I have turned it over to “the caves” to see if it can be issued.

  • Rich Hoffner (21 Jul 2017 1:12pm EDT) : INDIANA Christening covers (4-29-17) arrived today from Newport News VA. Snail mail for sure!
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Jul 2017 1:11pm EDT) : Last I heard on ZUMWALT is that the post office is operating in the corner of the ships store. Folks I contacted have no idea where the Commissioning covers got to. Seems there is a lot of “passing the buck” going on. I recently made a new contact aboard and it is being looked into. My fear is that someone may have filed the covers in the proverbial “circular file”. Many crew members have already departed to other commands, so no telling if the covers will be found or not.
  • Neal Mills (20 Jul 2017 10:17am EDT) : Hi Rosemene Joseph
  • Rosemene Joseph (19 Jul 2017 7:12pm EDT) : hello
  • guest_2993 (16 Jul 2017 1:26pm EDT) : definitely will do, Thad…
  • Neal Mills (16 Jul 2017 12:58pm EDT) : Elgin, please let us know if you get a response from ZUMWALT.
  • esink (16 Jul 2017 11:17am EDT) : Thad, I am sending out a post card follow-up (already worded) to the ZUMWALT tomorrow…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (16 Jul 2017 11:03am EDT) : Has anyone heard anything new about USS ZUMWALT? Will they have a PO and the status of all those covers from FDC? I almost forgot about them.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Jul 2017 8:46pm EDT) : Neal – No, I forgot about that one… add that to the Corpus Christi and Newport News pictorials.
  • Neal Mills (14 Jul 2017 12:00pm EDT) : Has anyone received covers back with the June 2nd USS MISSISSIPPI 5th anniversary pictorial from Pascagoula?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Jul 2017 10:35am EDT) : PM John Young – the Staten Island – NY Fleet Week arrived yesterday…thanks. How about taking a trip to Newport News and checking out the status of the USS Indiana christening from April.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (13 Jul 2017 8:10pm EDT) : Looking ahead to September Log–I still have a need for more articles. October 85th special issue is filling up nicely.


  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Jul 2017 2:46pm EDT) : Thanks Elgin, I appreciate it.
  • esink (12 Jul 2017 1:46pm EDT) : Thad, Sent on 3.24.17 to address provided on the chat, possibly by Rich, –Stamp Fulfillment Services, USPS, Manager, Cancellation Services
    Attn: Cynthia Weigel, 8300 Underground Dr., Pillar 210
    Kansas City, MO 64144-0001;
    request was nicely processed and returned by Celia Rodriguez on 3.30.17…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Jul 2017 9:27am EDT) : Elgin, Did you send your badly serviced pictorials to any particular address to the “caves” in Kansas City…. any special department, pillar or person.
  • Neal Mills (11 Jul 2017 10:41pm EDT) : Thad — Thank you for the info.
  • esink (11 Jul 2017 6:21pm EDT) : One of the few pictorials I ever sent for was the USS ARIZONA cancel from Brooklyn which was processed badly. I did return the bad covers to the USPS “caves” in Missouri and they processed my replacement covers perfectly right down to and including the same stamps originally used…the only time I have ever done this. Perhaps this replacement service should be used more often by everybody and then maybe somebody in the USPS will tell the uncooperative post offices (with their smeared and bad cancels) to clean up their act.
  • LBBrennan (11 Jul 2017 3:11pm EDT) : Rich, the issues you mention may explain, in part, the motivation of Gill, Karcher, Reeves, et al to gundeck postmarks. Sometimes it is just too hard to do it right.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Jul 2017 3:10pm EDT) : Neal – try sending to Sharon Gregory, Customer Service Coordinator, PO Box 719, Norfolk, VA. 23501. She is the one that applies the pictorials at Norfolk and she has hand posted specific dates for me as long as you are not asking for something to be back dated. She is very nice.
  • Neal Mills (11 Jul 2017 12:02pm EDT) : Rich Hoffner — saw your USS Liberty 50th Anniversary covers on FB. How did you get the Norfolk cancels? Several times over the past year I’ve asked Norfolk to cancel covers on a specific date. Never got anything back on any of the requests.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Jul 2017 10:05am EDT) : Received my USS GEORGE WASHINGTON CVN 73 – 25th Anniversary from Norfolk yesterday and were very good.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Jul 2017 12:51am EDT) : Seriously though. The USPS could not be more problematic with pictorial cancels if they tried. Actually, they probably have my photo on the wall of some of the offices and if there is a caption with it, it probably says #wehatepictorials under my name! I am fighting an uphill battle with USPS personnel who just do not care that there are specific regs in place to request pictorials and the mandated follow-up on approval or denial. I am finding more and more employees who simply ignore the requests and when confronted about it, make up stories to cover their a~~’s. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Jul 2017 12:44am EDT) : I have an idea. I appoint JY as the liaison for all lost naval covers, smeared ink, poorly applied pictorials. Send your complaints to him, as no one else listens. Thank you postmaster John.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Jul 2017 12:42am EDT) : Al Eckert received his GEORGE WASHINGTON 25th Anniv. covers back from Norfolk un-serviced. Did this happen to anyone else? The cancel is in the July 6 Postal Bulletin with the standard PO box address for Norfolk.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 Jul 2017 8:41pm EDT) : Way to go John !! Hope mine were in there. We need you to get started on the USS Indiana at Newport News from April…
  • John Young (09 Jul 2017 6:56pm EDT) : First batch of Staten Island Fleet Week covers will be in mail tomorrow, as they are on my dining room table dying.
  • Rich Hoffner (09 Jul 2017 6:46pm EDT) : Deep Six my report of USCGC OLIVER BERRY WPC 1124 Commissioning at Sand Island on 7-4-17. She will have the ceremony in the fall in Hawaii. My Bad!
  • Rich Hoffner (09 Jul 2017 6:42pm EDT) : Member John Young becomes “Temporary Postmaster For A Day” and is assisting the post office in Staten Island with the cancelling of the covers. For those waiting John is perhaps bumping his way through the covers today?
  • Rich Hoffner (09 Jul 2017 6:39pm EDT) : From Star Tribune

    Keel laying marks attack submarine construction

    Associated Press
    July 08, 2017 – 1:30 PM

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The Latest on the keel laying of the nation’s 20th Virginia-class attack submarine named for Oregon (all times local):

    12:30 p.m.

    The keel of the nation’s 20th Virginia-class attack submarine named for Oregon has been laid at the manufacturing plant for General Dynamics’ Electric Boat.

    The milestone was marked Saturday at a Rhode Island shipyard. It comes at a time when many in Congress and in the military are eager to get more submarines into the fleet.

    Electric Boat in Groton, Connecticut, and Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia have an agreement to build two attack submarines annually.

  • esink (08 Jul 2017 9:29pm EDT) : Thad, no covers were received directly from ships for NYC Fleet Week 2017. I send directly to participating ships only, and not for the pictorials.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (08 Jul 2017 7:47pm EDT) : Again, has anyone received pictorials from NY Fleet Week or USS Indiana christening? They are for sale in the July Log.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (08 Jul 2017 12:00am EDT) : Sponsor Mrs. Dana L. Richardson will lay keel of USS Oregon @ 10:00a. A live webcast begins @ approx 9:45a https://t.co/vuBtdRz1qm
  • LBBrennan (07 Jul 2017 3:30pm EDT) : No USCS members from the Pacific Northwest made it to the Oregon keel laying ceremony. Sad that the press release was wrong. Let’s see who attended the Keel Laying of the battleship USS Oregon 120+ years ago.

    Great NJ chapter meeting and splendid report from Rich Hoffner. Lots of reasons to join us. We don’t take off for the summer months. Last night we had 14 members. Food, soft drinks, coffee, coves, friends, and lower price gas for visitors. We always have guys from three states and some visit the Costco or Wawa pumps for the savings.

    Lot about USS Finn commissioning. There is a move to have him declared the earliest to earn the Medal of Honor on December 7, 1941. That probably is an unnecessary distinction. There were many heroes that morning and Chief Finn certainly was one who stood out. Timing is hard to determine. Perhaps it was Chief Tomich who intentionally gave his life by descending into USS Utah’s fire room to save his shipmates and secure the boilers. This probably happened eight minutes after the attack began, say 0805. Likewise, Admiral Kidd and the CO Arizona were lost about the same time. I am not sure what purpose there is to making a temporal distinction. Chief Finn was in his quarters when he first hear the noise of h Japanese aircraft. He dressed and drove to NAS Kaneohe. His valor was without question.

  • Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2017 4:04pm EDT) : Looking for dates:

    USNS Burlington T-EPF 10 Keel Laying
    USS Vermont SSN 792 Keel
    USS Buffalo SSN 715 Deactivation
    USS Ponce AFSB(I) 15, Decommissioning
    USS Dallas SSN 700 Deactivation
    USS Houston SSN 713 Decommissioning
    USS Charleston LCS 18 Christening (tentative) 8-26-17) Mobile

    All help appreciated.

  • Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2017 4:01pm EDT) : Two new WPC’s enter the Coast Guard.
    USCGC Benjamin Baily WPC 1123 commissioned 7-4-17 at Pascagoula MS. USCGC Oliver Barry WPC 1124 commissioned Pearl Harbor (Sand Island CG Base) 7-4-17.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2017 3:58pm EDT) : Did anyone notice that the Keel of SSN 753 is being laid before SSN 752? What’s that all about?
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2017 3:57pm EDT) : he home made brownies somehow always disappear quickly at the USS New Jersey Chapter meetings. In previous meetings a retired Coast Guard cook was reported to have been seen stuffing them into his pockets for the drive home.

    I know we have several USCS members in this region who have not attended before. Well, if you like fresh brownies, that’s a great reason to attend, second is the naval covers provided through Stew Milstein with a new batch of “circuit” covers. USCS member and dealer Howie Tiffner might also be there with a few boxes. So, how about you?

  • Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2017 3:10pm EDT) : Next hurtle: While away I got an email from the Honolulu HI post office asking if I was having the pictorial made for the Commissioning of the USS John Finn DDG 113 on July 15 (at Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam). I have been trying to shift the costs of these postmarks to the USPS, as the cost had significantly gone up in the past two years (doubled) and it was breaking the chapters bank. I have almost achieved that goal, except for Honolulu. So, today that pictorial was ordered. It may be a week or more before it is in Honolulu but better late then never.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2017 3:04pm EDT) : New hurtle. Galveston TX is doing a “line dance” about their ignoring the proposed Commissioning postmark for the USS GABRIELLE GIFFORDS LCS 10 (June 10, 2017). After several emails asking why the proposed postmark was not in the PB, the folks in Galveston PO lined up for a “line dance” about the cancel. First, they said it was not considered because my letter said they were not requested at the ceremony. They were told that this is standard and that they can waive attendance. No reply came on that issue. Then they explained to the USPS Regional customer services folks that since the event had passed no one would want it anyway, so it would not be issued. All of this came several months after the pictorial was submitted. I notified them that they had violated PO 230 (their rules on following up on pictorial requests), that they must notify the requester of the approval or denial when they got the request. Seems they didn’t know that was the protocol for them to follow. The district customer services person got very defensive during a phone call telling me that they couldn’t know all these regulations. I ended that phone call telling her that I expected the postmark to be made available, and I know that it fell on deft ears. I have contacted the USPS Cancellations Division in Kansas City for advice on this cancel. There is no doubt in my mind that the folks in Galveston simply ignored the request and are now backtracking (did you ever see Texans’ doing a line dance)?
  • guest_8594 / Rich Hoffner (05 Jul 2017 2:46pm EDT) : OK, it was me!
  • guest_8594 (05 Jul 2017 2:45pm EDT) : Back from the Aloha State and facing a deluge of mail to wade through. Also read a news release/blog mentioning public officials of the State of Oregon are not attending, mentions a Keel Laying ceremony date for USS OREGON SSN 793 as 7-8-17 at North Kingstown RI 02852 (Postmaster, 7715 Post Rd.). Same article stated no officials from Oregon attended the naming ceremony. Can that be so? Well, not so. Perhaps the writer should have checked as the mayor of Portland OR was there with other officials. Don’t believe all you read. The ceremony will be “live cast” by EB at 9:45 AM (ET). Sponsor will be Dana L. Richardson.
  • John Young (05 Jul 2017 1:59pm EDT) : Looking forward to the New Jersey Chapter tomorrow night at Phil Schreiber’s apartment.

    See Phil’s column in July Log, page 26
    for address. Time 7:30 PM

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (03 Jul 2017 10:32pm EDT) : All Chapter Leaders–

    I am preparing an 85th Anniversary issue of the Log for October.

    I need articles from each chapter on their history to be included in the issue.

    I have the history of the New Jersey chapters now.

    How about your Chapter?

  • esink (03 Jul 2017 2:03pm EDT) : Interesting, Larry…Is that USNI info available on a website?
  • LBBrennan (03 Jul 2017 10:34am EDT) : Interesting article about mail and letters in current issue of Navy History by USNI and a post WW I Red Cross post card. We really have a broader audience if we can break into the general interest naval fanaticos.
  • LBBrennan (03 Jul 2017 10:32am EDT) : Guest why trashed. USN use of German stamps not permitted.
  • esink (02 Jul 2017 2:57pm EDT) : In case anybody is wondering, I am guest_6808…
  • guest_6808 (02 Jul 2017 2:55pm EDT) : Emails sound like GREAT fun, John…Get this; just received two covers (apparently sent originally for FREE markings) from USS PHILLIPPINE SEA with used cancelled German stamps taped to the envelope…ship’s cachet and cancel dtd JUN 6, 2011…YES, 2011 included. Both passed through the mail successfully and have been trashed.
  • John Young (01 Jul 2017 1:36pm EDT) : Time to start collecting emails, as this method of communication has killed the post office and saved the trees- you don’t need envelopes & stamps to send emails.

    Can we put cachets on emails?

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Jun 2017 6:27pm EDT) : Neal – None of the pictorials received… add the NY Fleet Week to the list of pictorials not being received. Covers for Indiania and NY Fleet Week are being sold in the July LOG though.
  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER (30 Jun 2017 5:46pm EDT) : The decline in the return of navy covers is related to the USS FITZGERALD incident: NOBODY IS PAYING ATTENTION TO ANYBODY ELSE! People are too busy looking for a fast fix from their IPHONES and whatever they are being offered by cyberspace providers. We who care about such things are as old fashioned as spats.
  • LBBrennan (30 Jun 2017 3:27pm EDT) : The decline in returns is the result of a number of factors not just the disestablishment of the PC rating. It began before 9/11 but the operational tempo and obsession with security plus fear of the use of mail to transmit poisons have hurt our hobby. We failed to communicate our purpose and confer with the navy postal community. Also, people just don’t write letters frequently.
  • Neal Mills (30 Jun 2017 1:18pm EDT) : Has anyone received their PCU Indiana (SSN789) Christening covers from Newport News, or USS Mississippi (SSN782) 5th Anniversary covers from Pascagoula, or USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS10) Commissioning covers from Galveston?
  • Roger Wentworth (30 Jun 2017 6:02am EDT) : When I first started sending off for ship cancellations in the late 80’s, I got back nearly 100% of what I sent out. Now, I am getting back about 50%. This decline in covers returned all started when the PC rating was done away with. What a crying shame!!! Also, of the covers that I do get back about a quarter of them have really crappy cancels or dates other than what I asked for. I have not gotten a cover back from a submarine now in over a year. If what I am being told is true, a lot of COPEs on the smaller ships will not do collector’s covers and just throw them away.
    I just got back three sets of covers this week from the USS America that I mailed out over two years ago. The new COPE found them tucked away in a desk drawer with other collectors covers during field day. Also got some covers back from USS Roosevelt DDG-80 that I sent out two years ago for St. Patrick’s Day cancels cancelled on SPD 2017…also found during field day. So, at least I do get a few of my missing covers back.
  • esink (29 Jun 2017 4:28pm EDT) : Also, NAV STA Norfolk 100th Anniversary should possibly have some cancels available…http://wtkr.com/2017/06/26/naval-station-norfolk-largest-navy-base-in-the-world-turns-100/
  • LBBrennan (29 Jun 2017 3:58pm EDT) : Elgin, Sorry I missed that. Also it is the 50th anniversary of the loss of Scorpion soon. Sad day. Best, Larry
  • esink (29 Jun 2017 1:37pm EDT) : Big event for “Canada 150″…First time I heard about the USN participation; did anybody have covers out?http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=101247
  • LBBrennan (28 Jun 2017 5:10pm EDT) : it is painful to watch the declining rate of return. I have been doing this 50 years and have some early note books from the covers sent during the Vietnam era. Much higher rate of return. It was easier when we just had FPO NY and FPO SF.

    We really owe a great vote of thanks to the members who saved our hobby with Pictorial cancels. It is the best source of naval type cancels. We should do a LOG article about this important development over the past 10-15 years. I don’t want to leave out people deserving of credit but a few regular NJ Chapter members, Phil
    Schreiber and Rich Hoffner, along with director Greg C, have been at the forefront along with Wolfgang and others. I cannot express my admiration for the foresight and hard work that has created a new and only reliable source of covers for naval postmark collectors. Thanks all and write the story for the LOG and posterity.

  • LBBrennan (28 Jun 2017 5:05pm EDT) : Great July LOG ahead of the first of the month. Been quiet here. Need to focus on a few cover related things. The USS Fitzgerald collision with MV ACX Crystal has taken some time for the past few weeks. A sad collision.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (27 Jun 2017 9:25pm EDT) : NEEDED: A scanned copy or original copy of Nuclear Ships Chapter #61 Newsletter Issue #1 from April 1962.
    This is the last missing issue in order to have a complete archive of the Chapter #61 Newsletters. Original copy will be scanned and returned to owner. Or send a PDF scanned copy by email.
    Please contact Arthur Cole at artcole@att.net or call 256-842-0233 (days) or 256-882-9951 (evenings).

    Can you help Art Cole with this project?

    My copies started with Issue #2.

    The first Issue is the only one missing that has not been scanned for the series.

  • esink (27 Jun 2017 2:23pm EDT) : Did anybody get any covers back directly from the participating ships during NY Fleet Week?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Jun 2017 10:44pm EDT) : Anyone get USS Indiana christening covers or NY Fleet Week? I see some are for sale in the July LOG. How were these received?
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (26 Jun 2017 9:10pm EDT) : 300 + eLOGs for July have been sent out tonight.

    Paper LOG was mailed today.

  • Neal Mills (26 Jun 2017 7:46pm EDT) : Received my Mississippi 5th anniversary covers from Groton today. Very nice cancellations.
  • Neal Mills (26 Jun 2017 2:36pm EDT) : I’m still waiting for my Indiana christening covers and my Mississippi 5th anniversary covers from Groton and Pascagoula.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (26 Jun 2017 1:52pm EDT) : L Venne received his INDIANA christening covers back from Newport News. He has them for sale on page 30 of July LOG.

    July LOG will be sent today. eLOG tonight

  • esink (25 Jun 2017 11:05pm EDT) : Thanks, Thad…also, never knew that was the issue with the TR delay…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (25 Jun 2017 8:52pm EDT) : USS George Washington CVN 73 is undergoing yard work, not sure if post office is operational. It maybe like USS TR when it was in the yard during their anniversary. They serviced covers months and months after the event when the PO was back open.
  • esink (25 Jun 2017 8:17pm EDT) : …and don’t forget about 25 YEARS in COMMISSION on 7/4–USS GEORGE WASHINGTON CVN-73 (short time left however).
  • Neal Mills (25 Jun 2017 2:35pm EDT) : Thad – LOL, I logged on to ask the same question about Indiana christening covers. It has been almost two months and I haven’t received mine back either.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (25 Jun 2017 12:46pm EDT) : Remember – USS John Finn DDG 113 – Comm. – July 15; USS Rafael Peralta DDG 115 – Comm. – July 29; USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 – Comm. – July 22 (or earlier); USS Washington SSN 787 – Comm. – Oct. 7.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (25 Jun 2017 12:41pm EDT) : I haven’t had anything new to report. Anyone get USS Indiana back from Newport News?
  • Neal Mills (25 Jun 2017 11:23am EDT) : Is everyone on vacation?
  • esink (25 Jun 2017 10:35am EDT) : It has NOW been six(6) days since any posts…(my 2 posts don’t count).
  • esink (22 Jun 2017 6:47am EDT) : Good Morning: This is to break the losing streak of NO posts in three (3) days…
  • John Young (19 Jun 2017 9:22am EDT) : Found s bunch of treasures at last New Jersey Chapter meeting, mostly post- WW2 Destroyer Escorts & one 1949 CGC MENDOTA (WPG 69) m.c. 4 AUG 1949 Wilmington NC
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Jun 2017 2:30pm EDT) : Q. Is it possible to have the missing posts archived? Last time an outage happened, the posts were archived and that cleared up the glitch. Was there a different problem this time?
  • RIch Hoffner (17 Jun 2017 2:27pm EDT) : Error in Log. I have an anniversary cover for DC#4 in the Log for JEFFERSON CITY, but the Log says it is Decommissioning. It is not. Sorry for any inconvenience. Many have sent orders and I have returned them.
  • RIch Hoffner (17 Jun 2017 2:25pm EDT) : I have some skinny that the FDC may go a week earlier. But, Commissioning Committee still lists 7-22-17.
  • esink (16 Jun 2017 11:04pm EDT) : more detailed info on the USS FITZGERALD DDG-62 collision: https://news.usni.org/2017/06/16/destroyer-uss-fitzgerald-collides-japanese-merchant-ship
  • esink (16 Jun 2017 10:51pm EDT) : Thanks for the info, Neal…a good reminder to send covers soon.
  • esink (16 Jun 2017 10:49pm EDT) : Info about today’s USS FITZGERALD collision with a Philippines container ship; http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=101080
  • Neal Mills (16 Jun 2017 6:20pm EDT) : Noticed today that the Commissioning Committee’s web site is now listing July 22, 2017 as the commissioning date for PCU GERALD R. FORD.
  • Rich H (16 Jun 2017 1:42pm EDT) : My bad! Elgin you may be correct and all that data gone, nothing archived between Apr 1 and June 12. Not sure what happened to those posts? Not sure if those posts have crashed or if they are recoverable.

    We should try to get an answer to what happened, if the posts are still recoverable and how we can prevent this in the future?

    Many come aboard and scroll through the posts to learn of new ship cancels. That data seems to be lost for now.

  • Rich H (16 Jun 2017 1:35pm EDT) : Large turnout last night at home of Phil Schreiber for the USS New Jersey Chapter meeting. Thanks Phil for your hospitality and for hosting the Quakers from Pennsylvania! Hundreds of covers changed hands. Thanks to Stew Milstein for supplying a large number of circuit covers and to Howard Tiffner for bringing several boxes of covers for us to “finger” through.
  • Rich H (16 Jun 2017 1:29pm EDT) : There should be an archive of posts somewhere on this site.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (15 Jun 2017 2:46pm EDT) : Site is up after a few days down..great. Covers received over the past few days – USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER CVN 69 – June 8, 2017 – Unit # and ships name – excellent cancel but date somewhat light, USS SHILOH CG 67 – May 23, 2017 – excellent cancel – Unit # 100149 – no ships name in cancel, USS MILIUS DDG 69 – big messy blob on both covers – terrible, but it was returned.
  • esink (15 Jun 2017 1:38pm EDT) : Thanks, Steve…guess we can no longer see previous postings anywhere, right?
  • Neal Mills (15 Jun 2017 10:32am EDT) : Glad to see Chat back.
  • John Young (15 Jun 2017 5:49am EDT) : Just checking before tonight’s Jersey Chapter meeting, Phil’s apartment at 7:30 PM. Should be a fun night!
  • USCS (13 Jun 2017 10:15pm EDT) : Welcome to the USCS Chat from Steve Shay
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