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  • John Young (01 May 2017 9:17am EDT) : Ahoy Mates,
    Back from Norfolk & the Int’l Tattoo (bagpipe & band music) where we observed the NATO parade with floats, marching bands & boy scouts.
    Sorry, no covers. It was worth the trip for a bunch of seniors from the lower Hudson Valley that stayed on the beach in Virginia Beach. Even got
    to visit old Coast Guard Lifeboat Station that was used until 1970’sTrip included a visit to Norfolk Navy
    Yard that is celebrating its 100th year in 2017 and lunch on a river cruise on the Elizabeth River that upped my sea time by 2.5 hours.Happy DEWEY DAY
  • esink (29 Apr 2017 6:04pm EDT) : Just returned from the Lancaster PA(LANCOPEX) show which had a nice variety of dealers including one with three huge tubs of covers which would have taken a couple of months to just scrape the surface. Found in the melee were some of Rich’s (“H#”) sponsored covers from the 70s and early 80s…
  • Tom Kean (29 Apr 2017 1:41pm EDT) : I received yesterday my SASE back from USNS 1st Lt Jack Lummus T-AK-3011 with an undated, ship cancel on the face and the stamp tied with a Guam cancel dated 24 Apr. The SASE was unsealed. I am hoping the two covers I sent for servicing wander in over the next couple days. Had about 4″ of snow overnight. Thought we were through shoveling – but now I have an excuse to work on my collection.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Apr 2017 4:45pm EDT) : As an old fashioned collector, Sea Trials covers come in two flavors, usually at the whim of the cachet maker. Initial Sea Trial dates can be on the departure date or on the return date. Both fine with me. In “the good old days” sea trials came in bunches. Sometimes “A” trials, “B” trials etc. In the past few years, the builders and Navy do “super” trials and do everything during one sea trial. Of course there could be more if there was too big a “too do” list or major problems discovered during the initial sea trials. Then there are “Acceptance Trials” which include sea trials and dock trials, these take place over a day or two. The LCS ships call theirs Acceptance Trails.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Apr 2017 4:38pm EDT) : Oh, the HORST WESSEL (now CGC EAGLE) anniversary cover was relisted in eBay, without overseas shipping.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Apr 2017 4:35pm EDT) : Thad, I did not do chapter covers with the cancels from Dayton and Elgin AFB.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Apr 2017 4:33pm EDT) : Just a last minute reminder as I send my covers. Broward Navy Days – Fleet Week takes part starting May 2 in Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale FL 33310. I did not do a pictorial this year, as info was sketchy on what ships were attending. At the last minute, the Navy committed five ships. But shortly after, took four off the visit due to world conditions. So, there will be one Navy ship, USS New York, and two Coast Guard cutters. The Margaret Norvell and the Forward. I’ll do a cachet on my covers when they return. Too late to get covers to the ships, even if you live there. One of our members does and has attended for years. He has hand carried covers and none ever return!
  • esink (28 Apr 2017 3:35pm EDT) : Hard copy PERIODICAL rate May LOG received in central PA…superb issue and great reading for the weekend.
  • Tom Kean (28 Apr 2017 12:22pm EDT) : Thanks Thad! I appreciate the help.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (28 Apr 2017 12:33am EDT) : Over 300 USCS eLOGs have been sent to members requesting the service.October is or 75th anniversary. I am accepting articles for the October issue of the LOG that focus on the early years of the USCS and/or the early leadership or founding members. What stories do you have?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Apr 2017 8:35pm EDT) : Tom – You may find that some of the USNS cargo type ships are not always active. They may move from “active” to “inactive”. I have seen this with mostly T-AK and T-AG types.
  • Tom Kean (27 Apr 2017 7:18pm EDT) : Has anyone recently tried for covers from USNS 1st Lt Baldomero Lopez T-AK-3010? I got an April 5 request returned to me today with a “not deliverable” notice. Thanks.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Apr 2017 5:02pm EDT) : Covers received today, Wednesday – USS Mahan DDG 72 – April 19, 2017 – excellent strike. this was a resend to the ship, the first covers were over inked.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Apr 2017 9:57pm EDT) : Thanks Rich – Brenda Bodney CR from Dayton sent me that cacheted envelope also – very nice. Save me (2) two of the chapter covers if they are for sale. If you want to send them to me I will pay whatever they cost plus all postage. 290 Broadlawn Drive Elizabeth, PA. 15037. Thanks..
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Apr 2017 12:24am EDT) : Sent five covers for each Doolittle Raid cancels. Both back with terrific cancels applied. Clerk at Dayton OH post office apologized that several strikes were not perfect and sent me a cover with a cachet on it, done by a cachet maker by the name of DOCAERONUT. I’ll scan the cover on our Facebook page.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Apr 2017 12:18am EDT) : Thad. I did get chapter covers done on ship for LDC of CVN65, cancels like those on the German blog. It was not an easy task. I checked with every source I could think of and finally asked a retired PCC to walk them through for me. They took awhile to return and until I had them in my hands, I thought it was a lost cause. Just finished printing them. On the German blog, and I think I mentioned this before, they also show a cover marked “Last Day Postal Service”. Not sure how that date could be correct, as she officially had her LDPS some time ago.
  • Tom Kean (22 Apr 2017 5:06pm EDT) : Received Doolittle covers from Eglin AFB and Dayton this morning. Three of the four cancels were perfect and one from Eglin was slightly off, but certainly keepable. Great cancel designs!
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Apr 2017 2:03pm EDT) : We have removed your item as it was made available with shipping to Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Some WWII items cannot be shipped to this region, additionally those items may not be listed if found in breach of our Offensive Materials policy.
    We encourage you to list items that follow our policies, so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this information. Be sure that your current and future listings, including any items that are relisted automatically, follow these guidelines. If they don’t, they’ll be removed and your fees may not be refunded. It could also result in additional actions, including loss of buying and selling privileges on eBay.
    Here’s a list of the item(s) that were removed:
    371924343578 – Horst Wessel 75th Original Commissioning Anniversary 2011 Cachet by EdwardsWe appreciate your understanding.Thanks,
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (21 Apr 2017 7:25pm EDT) : Covers received today (Friday) – USS GERALD R. FORD CVN 78 – Sea Trials – April 8, 2017 – nicely done. 70th Anniversary Doolittle Raid on Tokyo – Dayton – received. Brenda Bodey, Customer Relations – Dayton sent me a note saying she wasn’t satisfied with the way she struck one of my covers and sent me a superb post office prepared multi-colored cachet and perfect cancel. These are surprises that make the other frustrations acceptable.
  • Neal Mills (20 Apr 2017 10:04pm EDT) : Great!
  • esink (20 Apr 2017 8:53pm EDT) : Neal: I was off one day…the sight said “returned from Builder’s Sea Trials to Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia on April 14 after seven days at sea”. I guess I have a “first day” of sea trials cover…
  • Neal Mills (20 Apr 2017 6:09pm EDT) : Elgin, where did you see that Builder’s Sea Trials for Ford began on April 7? Everything I’ve seen said trials were 8-14 April.
  • esink (20 Apr 2017 3:42pm EDT) : USS FORD covers cancelled APR 8, 2017 were received today originally sent to be processed during builder’s sea trials. The trials were conducted APR 7 through 14…no extra markings denoting the trials were applied to the covers on the carrier, but ship cachet was included.
  • esink (20 Apr 2017 2:19pm EDT) : One of two PALMER ANTARCTIC STATION covers were received and cancelled APR 17, 2017 from Denver, Colorado; originally sent to Palmer in June 2016 with International Reply Coupons via Punta Arenas Chile address. Cover was affixed with American stamp and displays Palmer Station “tourist” cachet dtd FEB 22, 2017 and sticker on reverse side reads that mail is always sent to Denver from Palmer and postmarked there.
  • esink (20 Apr 2017 1:41pm EDT) : Thad and Rich: I too tried to get FPO covers from the ENTERPRISE for LDC but still no results…did get spray-overs from VA though; will try for replacements.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Apr 2017 10:20am EDT) : Rich – Thanks for the info – I too sent directly to ENTERPRISE for LDC several weeks before LDC but nothing happened. Sent covers to the PAO, Postal Officer and the COPE trying to cover all bases. Almost $6.00 tied up trying to get them but to no avail. I wonder how did those on the German blog get theirs posted on board ENTERPRISE for LDC.. I wonder.
    Thanks for the info on MORGENTHAU – covers going out today. Sharon Gregory in Norfolk said “no” to servicing covers after date of events and the same for Pascagoula, no back dating per PO rules even if only days after. I read about the events happening and send immediately and try for covers but no luck lately. Oh well.
    Groton has serviced excellent pictorial cancellations… thanks for the name Rich, I am going to send a thank you to him for doing such a good job.
  • esink (20 Apr 2017 6:48am EDT) : So not understood why the FORD has had an “operational” post office so long before it is even commissioned and the ZUMWALT was commissioned six months ago and the whole postal process is still not there.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Apr 2017 11:26pm EDT) : ANNAPOLIS cancels back. All good strikes by the clerk at Groton, Keith Winter.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Apr 2017 11:23pm EDT) : I am sure I mentioned this before. I sent to ENTERPRISE directly, two covers, perhaps two or three weeks before LDC. I wanted to see how such a request would be handled since I suspected the FPO address would not work. My two covers did come back, but they had the pictorial cancel from Newport News VA, not the ships cancel. Someone redirected my request. Did anyone else receive the same treatment? If you covers have not returned by now, as Thad suggested, you may never see them.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Apr 2017 11:18pm EDT) : Most recent scuttlebutt on USS ZUMWALT is that she will not get a post office aboard until she is operational. That will be at least a year and possibly longer. Also hear any covers aboard will or have been forwarded to the Postal Advisory in San Diego. That is a civilian position and could mean that the covers will be returned to the sender. We shall see.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Apr 2017 11:15pm EDT) : Thad. If you are referring to the MORGENTHAU in Honolulu, the contact I listed will do your covers within a reasonable time frame. I have not had that happen with Pascagoula or Norfolk, but I usually have the covers there close to the date by a few days.
  • Tom Kean (19 Apr 2017 7:06pm EDT) : Received 11 Apr 2017 25th anniversary Groton pictorial cancels for USS Annapolis on 18 Apr 2017. Cancels in super condition.
  • Don Tjossem (19 Apr 2017 12:38pm EDT) : April 19
    ? 1917—The U.S. Naval Armed Guard crew on board SS Mongolia engages and damages a German U-boat, the first engagement against the enemy after declaration of war on April 6.
    ? 1920—The first German submarine brought to the United States after World War I arrives at New York. During World War I, U 111 sank three Allied merchant vessels that included the British steamer Boscastle on April 7, 1918. The submarine surrendered later that year.
    ? 1945—USS Buckley (DE 51) and USS Reuben James (DE 153) sink the German submarine U-879 southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    ? 1955—USS Albany (CA 123) and USS William Wood (DD 715) begin providing disaster relief to citizens of Volos, Greece, following a catastrophic earthquake.
    ? 1960—The Grumman A2F-1 “Intruder” makes its first flight. The Intruder receives the designation of A-6A in 1962, and upon entering service in 1963, becomes the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps principle all weather/night attack aircraft.
    ? 1997—USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) is commissioned at Staten Island, New York. The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer is the second Navy ship named after the five Sullivan brothers who died when USS Juneau (CL 52) was sunk during the Battle of Guadalcanal Nov. 13, 1942.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (18 Apr 2017 5:50pm EDT) : Rich – will they back date the covers if they are sent now and the LDC was today? I know when I asked for covers to be posted after an event at Norfolk and Pascagoula the answer was no and envelopes returned.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (18 Apr 2017 5:43pm EDT) : Pictorial covers received today from Norfolk for the 35th Anniversary of USS Carl Vinson CVN 70 but unfortunately they are light, incomplete and non-collectible. It will cost another 49 cents to send them back and then who knows what will happen.
    Still waiting for USS Enterprise CVN 65 from the ship and Newport News for LDC as well as those for the commissioning of USS Zumwalt DDG 2000. I don’t think I will ever see these covers.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Apr 2017 2:01pm EDT) : LDC of USCGC MORGANTHAU reported as today at Honolulu. No pictorial was requested but if you want to service your own covers, send to:Customer Services
    Attn: Cindy A. Nakagawa
    Retail Manager
    3600 Aolele St.,
    Honolulu HI 96820-9661
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (18 Apr 2017 11:00am EDT) : Postal Clerk training for LSMERIDIAN, Miss. (NNS) — Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC) Meridian’s Logistics Specialist (LS) Course convened the first delivery under the new block learning construct, April 17, marking a major milestone in the transformation to Ready Relevant Learning (RRL).The first group of Sailors to participate in the new block learning construct are new accession logistics specialists who just completed recruit training. The new course, referred to as Block 0, focuses on the basics of afloat and aviation logistics, to include procurement and inventory management, as well as the documents and directives required to perform these tasks.

    The new curriculum removed the postal clerk portion of the training and shortened LS “A” school by seven training days, which ultimately gets Sailors to the fleet faster. LS Sailors on first operational tours who actually perform postal clerk duties will receive the postal clerk training, referred to as Block 1, no later than 24 months (in most cases) after arrival at their operational unit to align this specific training to the point of need – one of the major goals of RRL.

    Block learning is the first step in the RRL transformation to a lifelong learning continuum for these Sailors. Training will only be delivered to students who require it for the billet that they are going to fill, thereby minimizing the amount of time required to train to only that which is mission relevant and enhances fleet readiness.

  • Mel #11911 (18 Apr 2017 5:23am EDT) : Looking for a USS Lexington CV2 May 1942 cover to purchase ASAP. Can be Sailor mail. Or, Doolittle signed military oriented cover, or Gen. George Marshall cover. Contact at Pollodelmar143@Yahoo.com
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Apr 2017 6:12pm EDT) : Covers received today – all with excellent cancellations – USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 – April 6, 2017 new cancel, same as earlier cancel but now with smaller type; USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN 69 – April 11, 2017 new cancel but now with full name, Unit number, and FPO number, No hull number in cancel; USS Truxtun DDG 103 – March 27, 2017 new cancel but now without DDG 103 in cancel; USS Bataan LHD 5 – March 24, 2017. All cancels were excellent
  • Neal Mills (17 Apr 2017 4:37pm EDT) : They must be cleaning out the drawers. Saturday I received New Years Day covers from USS RONALD REAGAN and today received Christmas and New Years Day covers from USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER.
  • esink (17 Apr 2017 2:18pm EDT) : Superb JAPANESE ANTARCTIC covers sent out almost a year ago, and received today from the SYOWA STATION, the 58th JARE, and (assuming, based on hull number in cancel) the icebreaker SHIRASE (AGB-5003).
  • guest_5517 (17 Apr 2017 1:10pm EDT) : Great Cover of the Month.Rich Hoffner, thanks for the reminder. Need to find out about the covers the chapter does for donated cachets. See you at the May NJ Chapter meeting. Thanks for the consistent work you and Decatur Chapter do.Will check 1992 NY Fleet week. Think Larry Briend did covers. I remember 1991 fleet week since Georg Eyerman and I had a memorable reunion on the pier. Just after the First Gulf War.

    Good work on NY Fleet week covers and postmarks.

    Happy Easter. We have an entire Octave to celebrate.

  • Rich Hoffner (16 Apr 2017 4:47pm EDT) : Decatur Chapter Automatic Cover Service: The chapter maintains a deposit service for those who want to receive our chapter covers on a regular basis against your deposit. If you are interested, you may send a deposit to start an account. Send the chapter a deposit of $30.00 and ten #10 self-addressed and stamped envelopes (S.A.S.E.). This will get you started. Just let us know what covers to send to you. The covers will be mailed three or four at a time, as available. Some collect all covers we do. Others just USCG, some just USN, others just submarines and still others have varied wants. You let us know what to send, and that’s what we will do. As covers are mailed, you will be kept informed of your balance and when to renew your deposit. You will also get a copy of the most recent chapter “Newseyletter”, with naval tidbits of news, personal notes, scuttlebutt and opinions, not necessarily in that order. Send to and make checks payable to: Rich Hoffner, 415 Moyer Rd., Souderton, PA 18964.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Apr 2017 4:47pm EDT) : Happy Easter to all. Elgin, thanks.
  • esink (16 Apr 2017 10:19am EDT) : Rich: Found on the web as starters, USS L. Y. SPEAR and USS JFK…will keep checking.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Apr 2017 9:34pm EDT) : Anyone have any naval covers from Fleet Week NYC 1992? I’m looking for list of ships in attendance.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Apr 2017 9:33pm EDT) : Navy attendance at Fleet Week NYC is uncertain, with some Navy types worrying about sequestration and where the next dollar is coming from. A pictorial is in the works, a generic design without ships name in the postmark. A DDG will be featured in the cancel for Staten Island NY. Probably should have just left the ship out altogether. Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler with his help on the cancel design.
  • Rich Hoffner (13 Apr 2017 2:23pm EDT) : Broward Navy Days, Inc. was informed on April 12 that the U.S. Navy has been forced to reassign four ships originally planned to visit Port Everglades during Fleet Week 2017. The destroyer, two cruisers and submarine have been cancelled due to the global security situation and fiscal constraints. Broward Navy Days, Inc. supports this decision because our military’s foremost mission is to keep our nation safe and secure. All tours aboard those ships were forced to be cancelled and, unfortunately, the remaining ships cannot increase capacity. We regret the situation and offer our apologies for any inconvenience.USCS member Alan Fisher believes that only the USS New York LPD 21 will be at Port Everglades this year in addition to the announced Coast Guard and Marine Corps assets.
  • Tom Steiner (12 Apr 2017 10:13pm EDT) : esink – here is my e-mail tsteiner@umich.edu
  • Tom Kean (12 Apr 2017 5:45pm EDT) : John Young – thanks for looking John! Glad to know there were some out there! I’ll contact you by email for more info. Appreciate the info, as always.
  • esink (12 Apr 2017 5:14pm EDT) : Tom Steiner: I have an additional Apollo 13 item which might be of interest if you can provide your email address…
  • Tom Steiner (12 Apr 2017 2:05pm EDT) : esink. Thank you for finding the books and checking them for me. The reference to Peter Wilhelm – yes, Peter’s catalog mentions the foreign ships and actually shows a portion of a cover for the RFA Tartatness for the recovery. They are also mentioned on a recovery ship website by Ross Smith which includes a link to Peter Wilhelm’s Tartatness image (http://www.angelfire.com/space2/australia/recovery/recovery-apollo/apollo_13_cachets.htm) and the ships mentioned on this webpage (http://www.helis.com/database/ops/41). They were added to the recovery fleet during the mission after the explosion in space and uncertainty about where/how the Earth re-entry would take place.
  • esink (11 Apr 2017 7:55pm EDT) : Tom Steiner: I DID locate my copies of Schultz’s (Mercury, Gemini and Apollo) books and could find no mention in any of them about foreign ships of any kind including British and German ships. Try David S. Ball, author of “American Astrophilately: The First 50 Years” (ISBN 978-0-615-34201-6) written in 2010…email: dball@alumni.musc.edu…a very fine book about all the space events. BTW, a quick review of my copy of that book found nothing about foreign ships either, except Philatelic Resources in the back list German books written by Peter Wilhelm. Good Luck on your research!
  • John Young (11 Apr 2017 4:51pm EDT) : #2 printed & tinted MASSACHUSETTS
    with 3LK/ 175th ANNv USCG#3 printed CG emblem & SL/ 175th ANNV
  • John Young (11 Apr 2017 4:48pm EDT) : Tom Kean: When I into old Coast Guard exhibit- found 3 cacheted post cards (UX 52) canceled 4 AUG 1965
    #1 printed Artcraft depicts Cutter MASSACHUSETTS (1791) & CG 95304
  • Tom Steiner (10 Apr 2017 10:13pm EDT) : Rich Hoffner. Thanks for your reply ….. interestingly ….. the ATA’s Space Unit members suggested contacting members of the USCS!!!!!!!
  • RIch Hoffner (10 Apr 2017 8:13pm EDT) : Tom Steiner. Dan Lewendowski and Don Schultz printed books with data for all missions (Mercury, Gemini and Apollo). One was for Apollo. I have no idea where mine are, but I suspect they are among items I packed when moving ten years ago. But, I do not recall if they listed ships of other nations. Perhaps someone else has these publications and could check for you. As for covers, perhaps member and cover dealer Sean Marsar could answer that question. Or try members who also belong to ATA’s Space Study Unit.
  • Tom Kean (10 Apr 2017 8:12pm EDT) : Does anyone have any Coast Guard or Navy covers made with the 175th Coast Guard Anniversary postcard? It was issued 4 Aug 1965 and is Scott UX52. I posted an FDC of this postcard on FB/USCS to see if anyone had one, but haven’t had a nibble yet. Thanks.
  • RIch Hoffner (10 Apr 2017 8:08pm EDT) : Broward Navy Days, Ft. Lauderdale FL begins May 2. No pictorial was submitted.Amphibious Transport Dock – USS New York
    Destroyer – USS Nitze
    Cruisers – USS San Jacinto and USS Monterey
    Nuclear Submarine – To Be Announced
    Cutters – USCGC Forward and USCGC Margaret Norvell
  • esink (10 Apr 2017 6:46am EDT) : Thad: My covers have been out to the FORD since late February because I thought the trials were going off in March…
  • Tom Steiner (09 Apr 2017 11:50pm EDT) : During the Apollo 13 mission abort there were a number of British ships that joined the recovery mission …. does anyone have any idea on who to contact about looking for April 1970 covers from the following ships:HMS Nubian F-131
    HMS Phoebe F-42
    HMS Vidal A-200
    HMS Hermione F-58
    HMS Rothesay F-107
    RFA Tarbatness A-345
    RFA TideFlow A-97MS Cap Blanco German Freighter
    MS Cap Vilano German Freighter
    Libanon German Freighter

    Thanks for your thoughts

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 Apr 2017 11:56am EDT) : Just read that USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 had builders sea trials, Saturday, April 8, 2017. I had covers aboard and asked them to be cancelled on sea trials – hope they serviced them. Also, USS Paul Ignatius DDG 117 was christened at Pascaqoula, MS on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Had covers at Pascaqoula post office – hope they serviced them too. I know they both as PCU’s but I still use USS. Let you know what happens.
    USS Carl Vinson CVN 70 cut short port visit to Australia and is heading to Korea – send covers to the battle group.
  • esink (07 Apr 2017 8:29pm EDT) : Here’s a good summary seen for the first time about last night’s attacks on Syria: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=99789
  • Tom Kean (07 Apr 2017 5:07pm EDT) : Got my Carl Vinson CVN-70 covers for the 35th anniversary back. They also had great strikes as reported earlier. Maybe they had a good size number of these covers to service as Mike Brock posted his on FB/USCS on the 20th (7 days post the anniversary) and the other have been trickling in since. Happy however it happened.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (07 Apr 2017 4:55pm EDT) : Save your money if thinking on sending covers to USS Porter DDG 78. I have been sending to the ship for the last 2 1/2 years on and off – to the COPE, PAO and Postal Officer no response ever. The USS Ross DDG 71 has been hot and cold on cover returns. Since Ross has been at Rota the response has been better though.
  • lbbrennan (07 Apr 2017 4:21pm EDT) : I WAS QUOTED ABOUT THE LAW OF WAR AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW REGARDING USE OF MILITARY FORCETrump didn’t need approval from Congress to strike Syria
    Alex LockieUS President Donald Trump arrives to deliver a statement about missile strikes on a Syrian airfield, at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, on April 6, 2017. REUTERS
    Lawmakers slammed President Donald Trump for not seeking congressional approval before his strike on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s military infrastructure on Thursday night, and while he could use their support — he didn’t need it.
    Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., called the move an “ill-thought out military action” that “exposes the immoral hypocrisy of this administration’s policy in the Middle East,” in a statement.
    In 2011 former President Barack Obama did not seek Congress’ approval to carry out a strike on Libya’s Mummar Qaddafi.
    Later, in 2016, Obama did not seek Congress’ approval to strike Houthi-controlled radar sites in Yemen after the Houthis had targeted US Navy ships with anti-ship guided missiles.
    “The law as to declaration of war is very clear in the constitution,” Lawrence Brennan, a former US Navy captain and expert on maritime law, told Business Insider. “Having said that,” he added, the constitutional law on declaring war “has not been followed since World War II.”
    The War Powers Resolution, passed in 1973 over then-President Richard Nixon’s veto, enshrined Congress’ right to approve or reject military action that lasts longer than 60 days. For now, the Trump administration has given every indication that the strike was limited, and a one-off.
    Speaking about the cruise missile strike at a briefing late on Thursday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said “I would not in any way attempt to extrapolate that [the strike] to a change in our policy or posture relative to our military activities in Syria today. There has been no change in that status.”

    U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) conducts strike operations while in the Mediterranean Sea which U.S. Defense Department said was a part of cruise missile strike against Syria on April 7, 2017. Ford Williams/Courtesy U.S. Navy/Handout via REUTERS
    However, “at the end of the game, Congress controls the budget. They can do what Congress did with Ford at the end of the Vietnam war — cut off the funding,” said Brennan.
    So while Trump acted within the legal and practical norms of the presidency with his unilateral strike on Syria, congressional authorization for limited strikes is ” lawfully not required, but practically, often a good thing,” according to Brennan.

  • esink (07 Apr 2017 3:18pm EDT) : Also received my 35th Anniversary covers postmarked on USS CARL VINSON today with nice strikes.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Apr 2017 11:21pm EDT) : Great cover and short story as Cover of the Month by Steve Shay about USS Henderson. Nice marking from PanAm.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Apr 2017 11:19pm EDT) : I am still waiting for my CVN65 covers from the Newport News post office. Two covers that I sent to ENTERPRISE at her FPO address, came back but with the Newport News post office pictorial, not the ships cancels. I sent them late, as a test to see what would happen. I have heard that some had received their covers back, returned by the USS Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln apparently served as Directory Service for the crew of 65 after decommissioning.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Apr 2017 11:12pm EDT) : On the USCG luncheon, the talk was about the Coasties in WW I. While there was a jumper and “flat hat” the differences were drastic from later Coast Guard uniforms. Ratings, patches, etc. nothing like the uniform of WW II or later years.
  • Neal Mills (06 Apr 2017 7:24pm EDT) : Thad – my Enterprise covers from Norfolk came back about 10 days ago but nothing from the ship.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (06 Apr 2017 6:34pm EDT) : Ditto on the covers back from USS Carl Vinson for the 35th Anniversary – Excellent strikes – March 13, 2017. No covers from Norfolk on CV 35th yet.
    Still no covers for CVN 65 decommission from ship or Newport News either.
  • Neal Mills (06 Apr 2017 4:30pm EDT) : My 35th anniversary cover postmarked onboard USS CARL VINSON came back today. Still waiting on the Norfolk pictorial cancellations.
  • Tom Kean (05 Apr 2017 9:29pm EDT) : Thanks Rich. I am sure the ‘other’ clerk did the same. Thanks for the laugh. Didn’t know you were a part-time PM. No wonder you understand their systems so well.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Apr 2017 2:15pm EDT) : Had lunch today with an unorganized Coast Guard Veterans Group that meets twice a year here in Franconia for lunch. First time I attended. What a great crew. Mostly 60’s to 90’s age. All had sea stories to share. Next time they meet I promised to bring a USCG cover for each attendee. Who knows, I might find a collector among the group? One attendee gave a history of USCG in WW II mentioning the cutters who served in the Squadron in the Med. He was dressed in a WW I USCG enlisted uniform. No shield on his sleeve as that did not appear until 1922.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Apr 2017 2:08pm EDT) : Thad. Interesting that I was able to track down the chapter covers for the T-F and four bar cancels from CVN 65, but the pictorial from Newport News post office is still MIA.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Apr 2017 2:07pm EDT) : Tom K: When I worked as a part time postmaster, I would tell customers who handed back mail that was not theirs, that the other clerk must have put that in your box!This new notice of mail via email is erratic. Usually shows pics of mail delivered many hours before my mail arrives. Most days only shows four or five pieces and I find much more. Some days no notice comes but I do have mail.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Apr 2017 2:02pm EDT) : Broward Navy Days is coming up. No pictorial this year as I didn’t see the date until it was too late to do a pictorial. You could either write the Navy ships involved or send to PM of Ft. Lauderdale FL post office for hand cancels. Navy: USS New York, USS Nitze, USS San Jacinto and a nuke sub which remains unnamed at this time. Coast Guard: USCGC Forward and USCGC Margaret Norvell. Ships open for registered visitors on May 2.
  • Tom Kean (04 Apr 2017 6:09pm EDT) : Rich – I haven’t used the Informed Delivery system with pics, but have been getting daily email notices when new mail is in my PO box. Is that part of the same system? It’s usually is pretty accurate and saves me a run to the post office. Once in awhile though I get a notice and there is nothing there. Not sure how good the connection between the automated system and the person stuffing the boxes – I have visions of my mail being in a box adjacent to mine.
  • Tom Kean (04 Apr 2017 6:02pm EDT) : Paper version of the April LOG arrived yesterday and already enjoying it! Thanks.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Apr 2017 8:34pm EDT) : Rich – I mentioned that the JPJ cancel would probably clog up quickly with ink because of the extremely small lettering in the cancel. I was luckily enough to get mine back okay. I did not notice the AP error in the cancel. I will pull it back out and check it. I hope my CVN 65 FPO’s come back too.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Apr 2017 6:27pm EDT) : Anyone take part in USPS Informed Delivery (Informed Delivery Daily Digest)? Not sure how I signed up, but it delivers pics of you mail that will arrive that day. It is sporadic and not all pieces show each day. I knew the USPS was taking pictures of packages for several years, but didn’t know it extended to letter mail. Big Brother is watching! Question is why? Will they sell this information? Have they done so already?
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Apr 2017 4:06pm EDT) : Thad, I got a strike of the JPJ four bar. It was so over-inked (very wet pad) that it is uncollectable so I will resend. Did you notice the error in the cancel? AP appears twice in the dial.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Apr 2017 4:01pm EDT) : My Jefferson City also came in, but cancels were lightly struck. Anyone want to donate a stamp pad to them? It appears that their pad needs to be re-inked.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Apr 2017 3:59pm EDT) : Our chapter covers for CVN 65 with ships 2 and 9 cancels came in (old school catalog buff). I had figured they made it into someone’s circular file. Thank you Davy Jones for your intervention.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Apr 2017 3:53pm EDT) : Periodical rate Log arrived Saturday (Peggy’s copy). First Class in envelope arrived in today’s mail (my copy). Something is going wrong with the method of dispatching these two different classes of mail at the Toledo OH entry point. Sustaining fee should give members a perk of getting the Log in a timely manner. This is not the first time this has happened where the periodical class mail gets here before the First Class Log. It has been going on since we started mailing the Log in Toledo. Perhaps the envelope or the label needs to specify FIRST CLASS? The postage meter from Stamps.com does say First Class, but that does not seem to help.
  • guest_8721 (03 Apr 2017 3:44pm EDT) : Norman Y, there is no clear cut way to determine the value of naval covers with cachets. Many covers are pretty common from the 1930’s. Cachets that are hand drawn and hand painted may command a premium. Others might only bring a buck apiece. Some may be valued higher, if submarines, aircraft carriers and battleships. Those prices could range from 2.50 to 8.00. Actually the best way to see what sellers get for these items would be to surf through eBay for naval covers and see what some have sold for. Ship cancels dated 1908 could bring 50.00 to 100.00 or more, depending on the ship and scarcity. Hope this helps.
  • John Young (03 Apr 2017 2:05pm EDT) : Thad W>K>
    Thanks for your duplicate POLAR STAR DF 2017, as it arrived in today’s mail. IOU one!
  • guest_458 (03 Apr 2017 10:41am EDT) : Lbbrennan I have about 100 to 150 envelopes with different caches how do I determine for her if there is any value. Norman
  • Lbbrennan (03 Apr 2017 5:24am EDT) : Norman. Sorry. I misread the names in your posting. Larry
  • Lbbrennan (03 Apr 2017 5:23am EDT) : Richard the covers from HMS DRAGON are fairly common. USCS estate and heirs director Stewart Milstein may be able to assist
  • guest_5791 (02 Apr 2017 11:59pm EDT) : I have many naval envelopes with caches on them. I am trying to find out if they have value for a friend of mind. I have envelope in front of me, that Has a cache on the left side of the envelope. It is in one color red. I believe it to stands for a ship’s bell or the liberty bell. the top says Welcome the center of the bell has I believe a outline of a Dragon. Below the bell is H.M.S. Dragon. left of the bell is Phila. and to the right is Penna. The postmark is Philadelphia Oct.13 1934. on the back of the envelope has your emblem. above the stamp is Member no.27, and below is Richard H. Green. I can be reached by e-mail at normy@elect-rec.com My full name is Norman yermish and I live in Delray beach, fl 33446. Thanks for any and all assistance.
  • John Young (02 Apr 2017 11:26am EDT) : Ahoy Mr. President
    Hard copy of April Log arrived in lower Hudson Valley in yesterday’s mail & we
    are looking forward to Tuesday’s New
    Jersey Chapter meeting.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (01 Apr 2017 4:02pm EDT) : Received back today pictorial cancels from Norfolk for USS Jefferson City 25th Anniversary. Cancels were pretty good, but inking on the portion with the ship name was very light. Need a magnifying glass to read it (if you didn’t already know from hull number).
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Mar 2017 3:13pm EDT) : I separated out all the aol addresses and resent the eLOG.So far, I can’t see any kickbacks yet.Any .AOL members no get an eLOG?
  • Mike Meister (30 Mar 2017 2:00pm EDT) : Paper Log arrived in Columbus today.
  • esink (30 Mar 2017 1:43pm EDT) : USS ARIZONA (100th Anniversary-Brooklyn) Replacement covers received today in great shape from USPS Fulfillment Services in Kansas City.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (29 Mar 2017 8:58pm EDT) : April eLOGs have been sent to members.However, I have a large number of rejects from members who have .aol
    addresses.Trying to figure why .aol is blocking the eLOG
  • John Germann (29 Mar 2017 4:02pm EDT) : Steve: Thanks so much. I’ll pursue it. Best……John G.
  • Steve Shay (29 Mar 2017 12:23am EDT) : John, you need the Censor Marking book by Randy Kimes.
  • Neal Mills (28 Mar 2017 12:52pm EDT) : Elgin – Haven’t yet received anniversary covers from Vinson or Norfolk.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Mar 2017 10:07am EDT) : Elgin – Did not receive the anniversary covers from the USS Carl Vinson (FPO) or Norfolk as of yet.
  • John Germann (28 Mar 2017 9:58am EDT) : Am hoping that someone “out there” can help me. I recently have gotten interested in WWI naval covers. Occasionally I see an otherwise unidentified ship pinpointed by the censor marking. Apparently there’s a source which matches censor marking/numbers to certain ships during the war. Does anyone know what that source is? Appreciate any help here.
  • esink (27 Mar 2017 10:50pm EDT) : Has anybody received 35th Anniversary (3.13.17) FPO covers from the USS CARL VINSON yet?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (25 Mar 2017 5:29pm EDT) : I received a “Return to Sender” today processed through the Navy Regional Mail Center, San Diego for the USS Cowpens CG 63. I sent it July 13, 2016. Cowpens may be in the Yard and not accepting mail.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (25 Mar 2017 11:13am EDT) : Any word on the new commissioning date for Washington SSN 787?
  • esink (23 Mar 2017 9:15pm EDT) : I am guest_6478…
  • guest_6478 (23 Mar 2017 9:13pm EDT) : Thanks for the USS ARIZONA info, Rich…my two covers are going back tomorrow.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Mar 2017 10:30am EDT) : Rich – as usual thanks for all the update. Now I wish I didn’t throw away the poorly struck covers from USS Arizona – Brooklyn. I just thought it was a lost cause. Thanks again.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Mar 2017 9:29pm EDT) : Geed news from “The Caves”. Contacted them about the bad cancels that I returned to Brooklyn NY for the 100th Anniversary of USS ARIZONA. The retail specialist there went off the air after promising to replace the 50 terrible strikes they originally sent me. I have been sending emails to her with no return messages. Last week I sent her an email suggesting she contact “The Caves” and ask them to do the cancels for her. No response from that message either. So, I contacted Kansas City myself and they called her and made arrangements to have my covers express mailed to K.C. where they will take care of the replacement covers. If you have bad cancels for ARIZONA, this is your chance to get them replaced. Send your bad cancels to them for replacement. Send your envelopes without stamps and your bad cancels.Send covers to:Stamp Fulfillment Services, USPS
    Manager, Cancellation Services
    Attn: Cynthia Weigel
    8300 Underground Dr., Pillar 210
    Kansas City, MO 64144-0001

    Be sure to spell out that you need replacement covers for the USS ARIZONA pictorial from Brooklyn NY dated 10-16-16.

  • Rich Hoffner (21 Mar 2017 9:17pm EDT) : Also I did see the CVN 65 four bar cancel for LDC on the German U S Navy ships blog.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Mar 2017 9:15pm EDT) : Thad. My error. Strike Norfolk, it was Newport News, not Norfolk. I was promised covers with ships regular cancel and they are still not back from the LSC. I sent fifty for the chapter months ago so I will keep my fingers crossed.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Mar 2017 9:12pm EDT) : Thad. Covers were sent back to collectors from 65 with a T-F about 2 weeks ago. I posted one on the USCS Facebook page. I sent them to a legacy PCC now LSC and he serviced them. I think most covers sent to ship via FPO address may have been sent to Norfolk post office, as two I sent to FPO address came back from Norfolk not the ship.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (21 Mar 2017 4:19pm EDT) : Covers received today (Tuesday( – USS Harry S. Truman CVN 75 – Excellent cancel as always. The USS John Paul Jones DDG 53 must have a new COPE because covers from past mailings arrived with mixed results. Covers were posted Feb 3, 2017 with some very clear and others non-collectible. The cancel has tiny wording with ships name, zip code and Unit number all in the cancel. The cancel fills up with ink easily.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Mar 2017 10:09pm EDT) : Thanks for the reply Elgin and Neal.
  • Neal Mills (20 Mar 2017 2:13pm EDT) : Thad – Haven’t received mine either.
  • esink (20 Mar 2017 2:07pm EDT) : not me, Thad…neither received, not even the one from Norfolk.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Mar 2017 10:37am EDT) : Has anyone received LDC covers from USS Enterprise CVN 65? I do know covers were posted aboard for LDC using the ships cancel and there was to be a special pictorial aboard ship (not the Norfolk pictorial). Has anyone receive either of the cancels actually aboard Enterprise?
  • lbbrennan (17 Mar 2017 4:20pm EDT) : BMCM, President elect. Let me see what I can get you for this summer. Best, Larry
  • lbbrennan (17 Mar 2017 4:19pm EDT) : Carney Begins Third Rotational Patrol in U.S. 6th Fleet
    03/17/2017 08:40 AM CETThe Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Carney (DDG 64) departed Naval Station Rota, Spain, March 15, to begin the ship’s third forward deployed patrol in support of U.S. commitments to our allies and partners in the region.Happy St. Patrick’s day Inspector Young and all.
  • John Young (17 Mar 2017 4:46am EDT) : A Top of the Morning to you all, on this cold frigid St. Patrick’s Day in the lower Hudson Valley!Worked too many St. Patrick’s Day parades on Fifth Avenue, especially if the wind is coming from the west.An early morning doctor’s appointment, then the parade on T.V.
    after a Irish breakfast (bunch) at the Muddy Creek.

    A New England Boiled Dinner- Corned Beef, cabbage, carrots, red potatoes & one small onion

    Town busy clearing Central Avenue & Middletown Road for Sunday’s parade in Pearl River (second largest in the state)

  • Rich Hoffner (16 Mar 2017 10:32pm EDT) : Should have said Navy cancelled trip to Galveston….
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Mar 2017 10:31pm EDT) : Nay cancelled trip to Galveston as too expensive. No date released yet for Inactivation but most likely will be in Groton. Galveston was pushed by politicians and NLUS but the idea did not catch on very well with Navy. A postmark was submitted, but I sent a letter withdrawing the pictorial to the Galveston Postmaster.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Mar 2017 10:28pm EDT) : Correction to news about DOOLITTLE RAID postmarks:My error. Cancels were designed by Philip S. Dockter of Glendale, CA not Stephen Stein. Sorry!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (16 Mar 2017 8:44pm EDT) : Can anyone confirm inactivation of USS Dallas SSN 700 – April 9, 207 at Galveston, TX?
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Mar 2017 4:12pm EDT) : WOW, looks like I just missed a last minute pictorial for the Doolittle Raid for the April Log. May Log will have to do as there is always a 30 day extension. Final designs were just approved and submitted to the PB. Designer is a non-member, Stephen Stein. Cancels showing B-25. Cachets showing USS Hornet CV-8 seems appropriate.Date of the two pictorials is: 18 Apr 2017.Postmaster: Doolittle Raid on Tokyo 75th Anniversary Station, Postmaster, 1111 East 5th Street, Dayton, OH 45401-9998;

    Postmaster: Doolittle Raid on Tokyo 75th Anniversary Station, Postmaster, 307 Van Matre Avenue, Eglin AFB, FL 32542-9998.

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (16 Mar 2017 3:42pm EDT) : April LOG proof has been approved-printing now.I need more articles for May and June
  • Tom Kean (Member) (16 Mar 2017 11:56am EDT) : Does anyone have a mailing address for the commissioning of USCGC Munro WMSL-755? The LOG showed a Smith Cove Terminal in Seattle, but I can’t connect that to an PO for cover cancels. Thanks. Happy St. Patrick’s day tomorrow.
  • esink (15 Mar 2017 4:20pm EDT) : …Also, Rich, 35th Anniversary of VINSON commissioning was March 13 so maybe many of us had covers on board already.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Mar 2017 3:42pm EDT) : Interesting news from USNI. USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) is transiting the East China Sea with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Murasame-class destroyer JS Samidare (DD-106) on March 9, 2017. The American aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is set to arrive in South Korea today to join in joint exercises with the Republic of Korea armed forces, U.S. officials told USNI News on Tuesday. The carrier and its strike group will be part of the bilateral Operation Foal Eagle and Key Resolve 2017 exercise series that train for potential conflict with North Korea? Perhaps covers will come back during her transit of the South China Sea?
  • esink (13 Mar 2017 9:26pm EDT) : When the USS KITTY HAWK arrived at the Philadelphia Naval Base in the late 80s for a 3-year SLEP, the postal clerk ended up in an office in Building 6 (COMNAVBASE) where I was working. I struck up a conversation with him and he did some nice covers for me from the carrier.
  • Rich Hoffner (13 Mar 2017 4:57pm EDT) : On Jagyi’s name on the reverse of covers that are not his cachets, I will be listing an example of one for the USCS as patchesnaval on eBay this afternoon. Cachet was printed by Zoobay for NCS, partial design by M Fay Muridge. Reverse with rs of Jagyi. Cover is Launch of BOSTON CA-69 at Boston in 1942.
  • Rich Hoffner (13 Mar 2017 4:52pm EDT) : Neal, I think Thad hit the nail on the head. I have been in the Norfolk Naval Yard (not NPN yard) but it is interesting to see carriers with nearly no crew. Crews are on a “barge”, well not really, but they say that. Offices for various departments move to various offices around the base. I suspect the Supply Department has a lot of work to do during these yard periods, and like Thad said, covers are not a priority at all.
  • Rich Hoffner (13 Mar 2017 4:46pm EDT) : Hummmmmm…… Watching Weather Channel Local Now on my new set-up with Direct TV Now and my Amazon Firestick. It is proof you can teach an old dog new tricks.If I got it right, it will snow tomorrow! So I brought the snow blower from the barn to the porch, along with 50 lbs of some type of “friendly” salt type melter. Am I ready? Not till it is all down which will take nearly a day and a half. In the middle of the snowfall, locally we are told to expect 1 1/2″ of sleet, then returning to heavy snow. Accumulation, could be 14″ to 18″. I am not complaining since we have possibly been short changed here. Maine may get 18″ to 24″. To add to the misery, 30 to 50 MPH winds are expected. I get winds like that without a storm, as the winds through my property come across a corn field any time the winds pick up a little. The sleet will also bring an unwanted side issue. Trees and wires will come down. Not looking forward to a power outage but it is possible. Another down side is the possibility of no mail for two days or more. Drat!
  • David Lorms #12402 (12 Mar 2017 5:28pm EDT) : I am putting together a gift for a fellow sub sailor in honor of his induction to the Holland Club. Looking for a cover…keel laying, launch or commissioning of the USS Baya (AGSS 314)
    Pls contact me at subvet0046@ gmail.com if you can help. Thanks
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Mar 2017 10:47am EDT) : Neal – I haven’t received anything either but she is undergoing work. I remember recently when USS TR was undergoing yard work I didn’t receive covers back for 6-8 months or more and then they all arrived. Maybe this will be the case with USS GW. Covers might not be a priority. Let us know when they do arrive.
  • Neal Mills (11 Mar 2017 9:59pm EST) : Has anyone received covers back from USS GEORGE WASHINGTON in the past 3-4 months? I haven’t received anything back since the crew swap.
  • esink (11 Mar 2017 8:22pm EST) : Thanks for the membership info, Rich; ‘have always appreciated your chapter covers received at Decatur Meetings and the periodic one sent with the “Newseyletter” when announcing upcoming chapter meetings.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (11 Mar 2017 6:18pm EST) : Received my Enterprise decommissioning pictorial covers from Newport News back today. One cover is somewhat lightly cancelled and when the cancel meets the stamp the ink blurs completely. The cancel is inked pretty well and doesn’t have the blurring problem. But my beef with it is that both cancels set the device to cancel 80% of the way across the stamp. Would be nice if we could get cancels that went 20% into the stamp – but I guess that’s asking a lot. Grateful to have them anyway.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (11 Mar 2017 6:14pm EST) : Not sure why I am guest_2948 all of sudden…….. Maybe my old hull has been redesignated…….
  • guest_2948 (11 Mar 2017 6:13pm EST) : Great idea to send covers Rich – as a way of welcoming new folks. Back in the mid-70s, I joined the Pacific Islands Study Circle of Great Britain and within a couple weeks, I received a single cover each from several members. It got my attention and opened up some immediate connections for me. Well done!
  • guest_2948 (11 Mar 2017 6:11pm EST) : Rich – thanks for your 1:27 pm EST of 3/11. I was about to send Greg an inquiry about a cachet I too saw in the Museum that Jagyi had signed on the reverse. The cachet itself is unsigned, so I have been trying to figure out who did it. Anyway, this is helpful and timely. Thanks.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Mar 2017 4:21pm EST) : Retention in something we need to work on. My first step along this route is to welcome aboard each new member. I send a couple of chapter covers with a welcoming letter to each new member. Lately I have also included a Welcome Aboard from DDG-31 until they run out. I believe that this step in welcoming a new member instills good thoughts about us. I could be wrong, but back in the 60’s Ray St. John sent me a couple of covers welcoming me aboard. I have been aboard over 50 years, so it must work! Check each issue of your log and welcome someone (or all) aboard and offer to assist with whatever questions they my have.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Mar 2017 4:13pm EST) : Several have responded to the Decatur Chapter checking account problems. One suggestion is to file for an IRS EIN. Then check with banks and CU’s to see where I can get the most frugal business checking account. Thank you for the suggestions. Will be working on this next week.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Mar 2017 1:27pm EST) : My nexus of finding the USCS was through Our Navy Magazine and the column by Des Jagyi. I also sent him some covers to service. Visiting his page in the naval Cover Museum, I would suggest that most of the covers attributed to him, were not his cachets. Many are simply annotated on the reverse of covers as his way of documenting that he serviced the cover, not the cachet. Many are easily identifiable as a different cachet maker.Much work on this issue is necessary in the NCM as many covers with markings on the reverse are erroneously attributed to the wrong person.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Mar 2017 1:16pm EST) : Not sure why 000 appears after initials FLK
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Mar 2017 1:15pm EST) : Elgin. Found your hard copy membership file card. Indeed Desmond Jagyi was your recruiter as was mine. You joined in June 1966 and lived in Wellsboro PA. Address change to Mt. Joy PA put you in the neighborhood of one FLK000 at the time?
  • lbbrennan (10 Mar 2017 1:56pm EST) : quiet time. Checking in. Need to do a few more articles. Next MOM should be Admiral Kemp Tolly, a USCS member
  • esink (06 Mar 2017 2:06pm EST) : Nicely processed FREE frank received today from USS COLE DDG-67 with unique corner card showing UNIT, CLERK NAME, DATE RECD 20 FEB 17 and DATE FWD 27 FEB 17, nice ship cachet and clear type ? cancel (without unit) dtd FEB 27, 2017.
  • esink (03 Mar 2017 8:32pm EST) : Did anybody happen to have covers on board the carrier FORD yesterday for President Trump’s visit?
  • guest_4680 (01 Mar 2017 9:00am EST) : GETLEMEN, I have aout. 3,000 naval/space covers . I would like to sell them . How to do it is the prolem . What do you sugest?I possile contact me by phone or any other meathod you sugest . My phone # 787-722-8742 or 787-507-6012Thank you Arthur Medina
  • esink (28 Feb 2017 8:46pm EST) : Super articles in March eLog, Richard…
  • Neal Mills (28 Feb 2017 1:49pm EST) : Master Chief — The March eLog has arrived. Another great issue! Thank you for everything you do for USCS.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (28 Feb 2017 12:33pm EST) : 300+ March eLOGS have been sent. Paper copies are in the mail.Also sending file for the 2016 Log Index.Please use it to see if there are areas of our hobby that need additional stories/coverage. If you find a topic, please develop a story. Always need new research and topic coverage.

    Index will also be posted on the web site with the other resources.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Feb 2017 10:29am EST) : Just read on the German blog that the USS Albuquerque SSN 706 was decommissioned 2-27-2017 at Keyport, WA.
  • esink (25 Feb 2017 11:53pm EST) : Tom/Thanks for that link…Now I remember that letter but had forgotten about scanning it to the museum…
  • Tom Kean (Member) (25 Feb 2017 10:50pm EST) : Just sent the link it to your Facebook account via Messenger. If you don’t get it that way, send me an email and I will email it to you. Thanks.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (25 Feb 2017 10:38pm EST) : Thanks Elgin. I will send you the link in FB Messenger
  • esink (25 Feb 2017 9:40pm EST) : Tom/I have several of Jagyi’s covers but nothing like what you describe. When I started collecting navals in the mid-sixties, I would send occasional covers to his “Old Skipper” column in “Covers” magazine and he would acknowledge with a nice handwritten letter and include one’s name in his “Thanks for the covers” section. I am unable to locate that note in the museum so maybe you can send me the link. I believe Des sponsored me into the USCS when I decided to join. I’ll keep checking and see what I can find.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (25 Feb 2017 4:49pm EST) : esink – Elgin (or anyone else who sees this) – I was looking through the Desmond D. Jagyi section in the Naval Cover Museum’s Cachet Makers area and happened to see a scan of a 1966 letter from him (as Editor of COVERS) to you. Since I know of no other direct, past link to him, I wanted to pose a question to you in hopes you might know the answer. I have a cover from USS Tarawa CV-40 dated 15 Mar 1951 and with his D. D. Jagyi handstamp on the reverse. It has no cachet but in very nice cursive it has a notation of FIRST DAY OF POSTAL SERVICE AFTER RECOMMISSIONING MAR 15, 1951. Do you know if he ‘serviced’ covers using hand annotations like this? Thanks for any help or direction you can give me on this. Tom
  • esink (24 Feb 2017 9:17pm EST) : Finally received one of two (maybe three-can’t remember how many sent) covers from USS TR CVN 71 for the Commissioning Anniversary…nicely applied cancel, but cachet was not clear…better late than never!
  • Tom Kean (Member) (24 Feb 2017 7:14pm EST) : I received back a SUB cover today! (My reward for having to shovel snow I am sure.) The 2 covers were sent for the 25th anniversary of the USS Jefferson City SSN-759 which was 2/21. The covers were returned in a SASE with a red JBPHH (Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam) cancel dated that day. The enclosed covers have no cancel (not surprising – it’s a sub) but there is a nicely struck embossed seal on each and just below that are two single-line handstamps that read RECEIVED FEB 21 2017 and CANCELLED FEB 21 2017. This is awesome turn around as I mailed the cover request 2/8, received and cancelled 2/21 and in my hands 2/24! Will post SASE and sample cover on FB/USCS later today. PS – came with 6 small ship stickers also.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (24 Feb 2017 5:42pm EST) : Covers received today (Friday). USS Winston S. Churchill DDG 81 – February 14, 2017 and USS George H.W. Bush CVN 77 – February 10, 2017 .. both excellent cancels. CVN 77 is new, not that large cancel they used previously.
  • lbbrennan (24 Feb 2017 1:44pm EST) : Good afternoon.Just submitted a new member of the month, VADM Dyer. He was a three war veteran and USNA Class of 1919 but was graduated in 1918.Glad that BMCM admits to being a pack rat, that is a common habit in this hobby Agree with the need to invigorate the USCS Let’s work for the second century and make ourselves visible to all sorts of naval enthusiast. People collect a lot more than cancels, cachets, and postmarks.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Feb 2017 10:51am EST) : Elgin – Nothing from either Zumwalt or Enterprise FPO – ship pictorial or the ships cancel just the Norfolk pictorial.
  • esink (22 Feb 2017 7:56pm EST) : meaning ZUMWALT…
  • esink (22 Feb 2017 7:20pm EST) : Thad and others concerned: Still have not received any covers directly from the ship for the Oct 15, 2016 Commissioning…how about anybody else?
  • Neal Mills (22 Feb 2017 10:59am EST) : Thad – Haven’t received my covers back for USS Enterprise LDPS and decommissioning either.
  • John Young (22 Feb 2017 10:14am EST) : BMCM Jones: Boats, saw your email concern’g the N.S.C. #61 newsletters “Nukes” from Sept 1968 thru Aug 1971 & April 1974 thru Nov 1977 and will sent them to Art Cole for scanning
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Feb 2017 9:47am EST) : Elgin – Thanks for the info on Anzio, very interesting. This is the first time a COPE has told me he did not have a postal cancel for the ship. His letter was very nice and polite about not having it. He took the time to use the cachet as a cancel. I wonder if it was just misplaced.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Feb 2017 10:10pm EST) : FARRAGUT arrived here today, dated 2-12-17. Type 9 on reverse. Filler cards repossessed by mail clerk.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Feb 2017 10:07pm EST) : Believe I saw that FRANK CABLE will be heading to Vigor Shipyard in Portland for four month multi-million dollar overhaul. Vigor tried and failed in their attempt to build the next class of USCG cutters. Used to be Todd Shipyards.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Feb 2017 10:01pm EST) : Question to chapters who maintain checking accounts. I have kept a chapter checking account, in my name for many years. It has gone through several mergers and currently Santandar is my banker. When originally opened, it was known as a “garden club account” by what was then a local bank around Philly. In the years following the original account, the banks who survived gave me free checking and now senior free checking. I have continued to deposit checks in the name of the chapter in that account but several months ago the bank questioned the checks and said they could not take “third party checks” and I would have to open a business account for the chapter. Last week they let me deposit several checks made to the chapter, but said they could no longer accept them due to bank policy. Has any other chapters had this problem? To open a business account has several negative problems, one could be tax liabilities, secondly it could bring about business privilege license issues, local sales tax issues and the big one, fees on the account. At this point I have had to return several checks and ask for replacement checks made to me. Would like to hear from other chapters.
  • esink (21 Feb 2017 8:40pm EST) : Thad/I have received USS ANZIO FREE franks cancelled as recently as APR 12 2016 with UNIT cancel, corner card, and cachet. They may have been shown in a LOG shortly thereafter. Hopefully the ship post offices are still going to exist or their decline would greatly impact our hobby and society.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (21 Feb 2017 8:24pm EST) : Anyone get covers back from USS Enterprise CVN 65 decom (ships FPO)? I do know covers were cancelled using CVN 65’s ship FPO cancel on February 2, 2016. How about the fancy cancel issued for the ship? The Norfolk pictorial cancels came through just fine.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (21 Feb 2017 7:43pm EST) : Covers received today from USS Anzio CG 68 – The COPE sent me a polite note saying that the Anzio does not have a postal cancel but used the ships cachet as a cancel. With email and cell phones I guess snail mail is dying out and no need for a regular postal cancel for letters.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (20 Feb 2017 9:16pm EST) : I sent my files of the Nuclear Ships Chapter newsletters to be scanned to pdf format to Art Cole. He quickly scanned the 1962-1968 monthly newsletters and returned them and a cd with all the files in pdf.Great fun reading them again. Art still needs issue number 1 and copies of the newsletter when the chapter was transferred to Chicago area. Contact Art Cole if you can help fill in the missing newsletters.Once completed, the total disk will benefit nuke cover collectors and those interested in deep submergence vehicles.

    I am proud to be a pack rat and had saved those newsletters for 50+ years.

  • esink (19 Feb 2017 4:00pm EST) : Nicely processed FREE frank received today from USS MAHAN DDG-72 with hand-written corner card, no ship cachet and clear type ? cancel dtd JAN 24, 2017 and first one received in 2017…(this ship in Iranian standoff earlier in January). Noted that many of these cancels received recently do not have unit included.
  • John Young (18 Feb 2017 3:13pm EST) : Left out….. after Hall & BartleyThen came World War II and many collectors went overseas…….leaving their collections at home.
  • John Young (18 Feb 2017 3:10pm EST) : Boats,
    I didn’t take offense at your remark, as any organization with as many different personalities that has lasted
    over 80 years is great.We had over 1000 members by 1935,
    then the ANCS came on the scene after a bitter election between Hall &
    Bartley.The came and many went overseas, leaving their collections at home. The only exception was Nalibow, who’s collection went down with “Lady Lex”
    in 1942.

    By war’s end- the USCS had less than 300 members, with many of the ships
    going into mothballs.

    The !950’s saw the building of the DEWLINE and the introduction of the
    nuclear submarines. The 1960’s saw
    collectors sending for space covers,
    while the ’70s they were looking for
    covers from the North Pole

    As one of our ASPP members from
    New Zealand said once “… there is a very fine line between a collecting type hobby and mental illness, but
    philately (naval covers or polar material) keeps us sane…”

    Our Jersey Chapter psycho-therapist
    “Doc” Rollins wrote recently that the naval collecting disease is incurable!
    So let’s suffer together.

    Its my belief, membership will level out but we will have to work together
    to try and get people interested in the


  • BMCM JONES 3933 (16 Feb 2017 8:04pm EST) : Re: my message 15 FEB.I did not intend to imply that USCS was not great.
    Poor attempt at humor!Richard Jones
  • esink (15 Feb 2017 2:07pm EST) : ancient history…still waiting for fpo anniversary cancels for uss tr cvn71, uss stennis (pearl harbor anniv and oct commissioning for uss zumwalt…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (15 Feb 2017 10:43am EST) : Rich – Thanks for the great info.
    Tom – Thanks for the reply.
  • John Young (15 Feb 2017 9:16am EST) : Hey, Boats
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (15 Feb 2017 1:29am EST) : Just go home from 80 miles north of Toronto. Great winter weather and a Snow Moon with icy rain and foot of snow on the ground. Wife and daughter got to walk on lake ice out to the fish houses–great fun for Florida crackers.March Log is finished and off to the printer.Time for April columns and a change over to the new administration.

    Still looking for volunteers for committees– Have time? Special talents?

    Let’s make USCS Great Again!

  • Rich Hoffner (14 Feb 2017 11:48pm EST) : USS Albuquerque SSN-706 date of 3-2-17 may be too early. Who has contacts at Bremerton?
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Feb 2017 11:46pm EST) : USS Albuquerque SSN-706 Decommissioning 3-2-17 ??? Bremerton WA – good date? Not confirmed officially yet. She had deact in San Diego on 10-16-15.
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Feb 2017 11:40pm EST) : On Brooklyn NY cancel for 100th Anniversary of USS ARIZONA. I returned the chapters 50 cancels in November after getting 50 crappy strikes. The customer Services person at Brooklyn promised to replace mine and the stamps that were ruined. Sent back, and included 50 of my envelopes. Nothing back yet. Returned in November. Sent a reminder yesterday, sort of hay, did you remember me? The person to contact if you want to ask about sloppy cancels contact is is Vadessa Hernandez.
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Feb 2017 11:33pm EST) : There are indications (unconfirmed) that the Deactivation of the USS DALLAS SSN 700 will take place on Apr 9, 2017 in Galveston TX. Anyone else able to confirm this? We have a pictorial ready to deploy, but I can find nothing on the Internet to confirm the date. Perhaps a local NLUS Council is involved? Which one?
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Feb 2017 11:32pm EST) : BLUE RIDGE unit cancel here today. No ships name.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (14 Feb 2017 10:30pm EST) : Thad – I mailed it January 21 for the Feb 5 date requested. I typically mail 21 days in advance but am thinking about shortening that to see if I can up my return rate which fell off big time after the new address system went into place. Any thoughts about that? Or anyone else?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Feb 2017 5:29pm EST) : Thanks Neal – may be hope for mine too.
  • Neal Mills (14 Feb 2017 4:51pm EST) : Thad – I’m guessing there is a new COPE on USS FRANK CABLE. My requests for Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s were all serviced and returned with nice cancels.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Feb 2017 4:02pm EST) : Tom – Good news on the USS Frank Cable Unit Number cancel. Several other members and I have been trying to get covers from the Frank Cable for some time now. Hope our covers are found and serviced. How long ago did you send to the Frank Cable?
  • Tom Kean (Member) (14 Feb 2017 3:38pm EST) : I received covers back yesterday from USS Gridley (very nice cancels) and USS Frank Cable – two excellent cancels, one is the first cancel I’ve seen yet with only a Unit Number in the dial to identify the ship; and the other was a 100th Anniversary Great While Fleet T-F cancel with a 2/5/2017 cancel. I posted scans of the Frank Cable cover on the Facebook/USCS page.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (13 Feb 2017 7:13pm EST) : Covers received today (Monday) 100th Anniversary – USS Arizona – Brooklyn – Horrible cancels, went into the trash. I will no longer send for pictorials from the off beat post offices servicing pictorials, not worth the frustration and cost. I’ll stick to the Norfolk and Groton post offices and save my money.
  • guest_7584 (13 Feb 2017 2:23pm EST) : Since the NJ Chapter meeting last week week we’ve had some snowy days and gray weather but not as bad as Maine and New England.A surprising good turnout considering the winter weather. Thanks John for the show and tell. Great photo cards.When Stewart gets back for the summer we can have a board meeting at Chapter meetings. It will be interesting to see what we do the next two years for the 100th anniversary of WWI and the 75 th anniversary of WW II.

    I am doing an article about the NJ built ships that fought in the pivotal naval battles of Guadalcanal 12-14 November 1942. To appear in the NJ Postal History Quarterly.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (10 Feb 2017 4:26pm EST) : 75th Anniversary PH “Dorie Miller” pictorials arrived today – excellent cancels.
  • Dennis W. Gill (10 Feb 2017 3:25pm EST) : John Young: many thanks!
  • John Young (10 Feb 2017 2:16pm EST) : Dennis Gill: When my “Picketing Antarctica” exhibit is finished I’ll scan the pages concerning CALCATERRA & send them to you.According to my records- your DER made five patrols to Lat 60 South & were deployed from 24 SEP 1967-25 FEB 1968.USS MILLS (DER 383) was the other radar picket ship during D.F. ’68
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 Feb 2017 7:49pm EST) : Pictorial covers arrived today (Thursday) from Newport News, Va for the decommissioning of the USS Enterprise CVN 65 – very nicely done.
  • Dennis W. Gill (09 Feb 2017 4:46pm EST) : John Young: I served on the USS Calcaterra (DER-390) on the Deep Freeze cruise of 1967-68, as an STG2. We made several voyages to “the ice” at the time, swapping out picket station duties with the USS Mills (DER-383). Alas, my philatelic interests as an 18-year-old at the time were non-existent, so I have no covers from my time on-board; I remember being much more interested then in chasing and falling in love with various Kiwi girls during our home port periods in Dunedin, NZ. Would like to see your DER exhibit, but I’m unable to attend RMSS.
  • John Young (09 Feb 2017 9:41am EST) : Looks like first big snowfall of 2017 is hitting lower Hudson Valley. Good time to work on my exhibit for RMSS in May. Still have to remount two frames of DER covers that picketed the frozen continent until Deep Freeze ’68
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (08 Feb 2017 2:58pm EST) : Covers received today (Wednesday) – USS Mason DDG 87 – very nicely cancelled cover with type 9 – February 6, 2017
  • Steve Shay (08 Feb 2017 8:31am EST) : Thank you for the artist name John.
  • John Young (08 Feb 2017 6:40am EST) : Steve Shay: Neat St. Valentine’s Day cover, posted aboard USS RELIEF. The artist made be Relief sailor J.W. Uhl, who drew many of the mimeo-cachets for the 1934 east coast trip.
  • John Young (08 Feb 2017 6:30am EST) : Another New Jersey Chapter meeting went into the record books, with good friends, snacks & covers and a phone in from our Brooklyn “snow-bird” spending the winter in Arizona.Our three “Quakers” from Pennsylvania brought more Decatur Chapter covers and cheese & crackers
    while Bruno’s wife sent nut-less brownies for GeorgShow & tell by yours truly of U.S. Revenue Cutter BEAR photo cards taken by the cutter’s Master-at-Arms (1912-14) recently obtained from the late Dave Larson collection

    THANKS DAVE for putting together a
    great collection of BEAR material.

    One post card will be featured in next “Goat Locker” column in March issue of USCS Log.

    A special thanks to Phil Schreiber for hosting another great Jersey Chapter meeting.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (06 Feb 2017 7:15pm EST) : Covers received today (Monday) – USS Comstock LSD 45 – very good cancels. LSD 45 must have a new COPE because I received covers from mailings I made to the ship up to a year ago – four covers received. There is always hope for those long lost covers.
  • esink (05 Feb 2017 3:55pm EST) : btw…was this the popular or electoral college vote? (-;
  • esink (05 Feb 2017 11:24am EST) : Great choices and results!
  • Don Tjossem (04 Feb 2017 8:04pm EST) : 2017 – 2019 Election Results:President: Richard Jones
    Vice President: Richard Morain
    Treasurer: Lloyd Ferrell
    Secretary: Steve ShayDirectors:

    Stewart Milstein
    Gregory Cieielski
    John P. Young
    Steve Henderson
    Larry Brennan
    Richard Hoffner
    John Germann
    George Marcincin

  • lbbrennan (04 Feb 2017 3:36pm EST) : BMCM the start of a major increase in operations. I was cited in three articles about Iran, US and ROEs in Business Insider and they got nearly 100,000 hits in just over a day. Pete Leenhouts’ proposal on the web needs to be implemented to help the chances of survival and growth for the USCS.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (04 Feb 2017 12:20pm EST) : Elgin – I always provide a SASE for both pictorial and ship covers. About one out of 10 times, the SASE and covers are returned separately through the mail. Hate it when that happens, although sometimes they come out OK. Spray cancels are a curse not matter what – witness this last SEASON’S GREETINGS cancels which effectively usually obliterated the stamp.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (04 Feb 2017 10:49am EST) : Anyone have any info on the decommissioning of the USS Albuquerque SSN 706 in Bremerton, WA.?
  • esink (03 Feb 2017 5:59pm EST) : Here’s some interesting info on today’s decommissioning of the “Big E”: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=98707
  • esink (03 Feb 2017 1:51pm EST) : Brooklyn’s cancel for USS ARIZONA BB-39 100th Anniversary finally received today with NYC sprayover dtd 1 FEB which is 4 months after the anniversary date of 16 OCT…at least they were received but will have to think about using a SASE from now on…
  • Don Tjossem (03 Feb 2017 12:32pm EST) : Art Cole has agreed to take over the responsibilities of Publications Distribution for the USCS, a position Ray Younkins recently resigned from. Thank-you Art for volunteering to serve in this capacity. Everyone should look for the “Fire Sale” in the March LOG!
  • Joshua McGee (03 Feb 2017 12:11pm EST) : This is Joshua McGee from the collectpostmarks.com postmark site. The Stephen Decatur chapter recently sponsored a postmark for the USS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN-658), and his widow posted on my site to say that funeral services for her husband Dick Erb, who served on the vessel, will be held tomorrow (Saturday, February 4). I don’t know if anyone can use this information, but her comment is here:http://collectpostmarks.com/postmarks/50th-anniversary-station-vallejo-ca-2016-12-16/#comment-2225
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (03 Feb 2017 11:54am EST) : USS COLE patrolling off Yemen– covers out?
  • Lbbrennan (02 Feb 2017 6:24pm EST) : Checking in.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (02 Feb 2017 11:19am EST) : Thad – several times I have received covers from the caves in my SASE that were not mine; and never saw got my covers. I assume someone got SASE’s mixed up. In two cases I got my covers back in my SASE along with covers that belonged to someone else. Maybe something liked that happened to you?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Feb 2017 6:08pm EST) : Elgin – I did not receive my USS Arizona – 100th Anniversary covers from Brooklyn.I haven’t received my 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor pictorials but something really weird came though today. I received USS TR 30th Anniversary unaddressed serviced covers under separate cover from the mines in Kansas City. I already received my serviced covers from USS TR 30th anniversary from Norfolk. They cannot be for my PH cancels either since they are unaddressed and have different stamps than I use. No complaints since they are perfect.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (01 Feb 2017 4:39pm EST) : Received both my Polar Star covers yesterday with large cachet and pretty good USAF McMurdo cancels. Also got my Honolulu 75th Ann. PH pictorial cancel covers and both were nice – good to get them after all the early confusion. Also got my Norfolk pictorials for the 5th anniversary of California SSN 781 – cancels were pretty good, just a tad underinked.
  • esink (01 Feb 2017 3:39pm EST) : Did anybody ever get Brooklyn’s cancel for USS ARIZONA BB-39 100th Anniversary?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Feb 2017 10:00am EST) : Covers received yesterday (Tuesday) – USS Cole DDG 67 – Excellent cancel and type 9 but date in ships cancel of December 27, 2016 a little light.
  • esink (01 Feb 2017 7:03am EST) : More current info on Deepfreeze in McMurdo: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=98641
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Jan 2017 11:51pm EST) : USS Washington commissioning is delayed again–NOT as listed in February LOG
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Jan 2017 11:49pm EST) : DDG 1003 keel laying was held at Bath Iron Works 30 January
  • esink (31 Jan 2017 5:20pm EST) : Nothing received yet (nor expected)from USS STENNIS for Pearl Harbor Day…and have yet to receive the USS Roosevelt CVN 71 covers for 30th Anniversary of October 25, 2016 which I have heard are starting to trickle in. Mine must have been on the bottom of the pile.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (31 Jan 2017 10:05am EST) : John Y. – I sent one set to the PAO aboard Polar Star and one set to Chris Jasnoch because he said he would get covers aboard. I’m not sure how there were different sizes of the same cachet.
  • John Young (30 Jan 2017 6:55pm EST) : Thad, still waiting for the sister cover,
    as I sent two SASE
  • esink (30 Jan 2017 5:53pm EST) : My Pearl Harbor 75th covers were nicely processed and received today from Honolulu via Kansas City protected in cellophane and cardboard…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Jan 2017 5:09pm EST) : John Y. — Polar Star used two different cachets on two separate set of covers returned to me. One is the large cachet used in the past and the other set of covers had a small version of the same cachet.. two sets of covers…two different cachets.Covers received today – a second set of covers arrived today from USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 – this set had the October 25, 2016 cancel requested for the 30tth Anniversary… so guys looks like they are coming back… first Norfolk and now the ship for the 30th anniversary.
  • John Young (30 Jan 2017 5:01pm EST) : Ahoy Mates,
    Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus as USCGC POLAR STAR cover for Deep
    Freeze came back today, posted at
    USAF McMurdo, Antarctica APO AP 96599 on 17 JAN 2017Cover has large circular OSC of polar bear on ice floe, same as last yearLooks like a new cancel being used at
    McMurdo Station
  • guest_1260 (29 Jan 2017 10:19am EST) : I am looking for any ship cancellations that used Sc # 703 or
    Sc # 1937-8 (Battle of Yorktown stamps issued 10/19/31 and 10/16/81 respectively. I have the Comte de Grasse (dd-974) already. Thanks, Carl Flaum
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (29 Jan 2017 10:17am EST) : Rich H. – I was just looking at the German blog – US Navy schiffspost der blog for Sunday and it shows covers posted on USS Enterprise CVN 65 using ships FPO cancel (Jan 27, 2017), corner card and cachet along with a cover posted using Enterprise’s own FPO cancel and cachet posted already for February 3, 2017. It looks like Enterprise does in fact still have a cancel device aboard. The cancel is different from what I have seen in the past from Enterprise but is in fact a cancel a issued cancel, also shows the large type 9. Hope my covers get the cancel that I sent for.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Jan 2017 2:54pm EST) : Covers received today (Saturday) – Deep Freeze covers from USCGC Polar Star WAGB 10 received today with APO McMurdo, Antarctica cancels January 17, 2017. Two different cachets from Polar Star both the same of Polar Bear from years past but one is the large cachet and the other is the same but much smaller. Covers were returned from USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 – January 19, 2017 – Excellent cancel- Cancel is small wording of ships name and FPO. These were originally sent for the ships 30th Anniversary back in October but just serviced now.
  • esink (28 Jan 2017 8:22am EST) : Just noted that those USS TEMPEST covers used JAN 2016 year in the cancel…NAVSUP BAHRAIN clerk forgot to change the device to 2017.
  • esink (27 Jan 2017 9:14pm EST) : eLOG received and quickly read…another superb issue! Hope to receive hardcopy tomorrow for in-depth weekend reading (especially liked the POW-MIA cancel article which can be used for future reference).
  • John Young (27 Jan 2017 4:51pm EST) : As New Jersey Rec’d FEB eLOG & hard copy, so did this navo-philatelist living in lower Hudson Valley.Remember USCS ballots have to be in by FEB 1st, so remember to vote often & early
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (27 Jan 2017 4:05pm EST) : eLOG and hard copy both received this afternoon in north New Jersey! My only regret is that the Pulitzer Prize people probably do not see it. It deserves a prize.
  • esink (27 Jan 2017 2:15pm EST) : Nicely processed FREE franks received today from USS TEMPEST PC-2 with handwritten corner card (UNIT 100281 included); clear but light cancels dtd 16 JAN 2017 from NAVSUP FLC BAHRAIN (FPO AE 09834). These covers sent on August 27, 2016 represent the first patrol craft response ever.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (27 Jan 2017 2:09pm EST) : 300+ eLOGS for February have been sent.My paper copy arrived today in the mail.
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (27 Jan 2017 7:40am EST) : esink: I used Neal’s address. I got it from their website and then phoned them to verify it.
  • esink (26 Jan 2017 6:24pm EST) : Neal: Thanks for the info…will try that one and whatever Phil gives me if different; thought there would be FPO address if serving in Deepfreeze Antarctic.
  • Neal Mills (26 Jan 2017 6:12pm EST) : esink – I have the following address for Battalion One:COMMANDING OFFICER
    290 4TH ST
    WILLIAMSBURG VA 23185-5832Hopefully Phil will confirm.
  • esink (26 Jan 2017 2:29pm EST) : Phil: What mailing address did you use for Navy Cargo Handling Battalion One?
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (26 Jan 2017 9:38am EST) : esink; re op deep freeze and your link. I sent for covers from Navy Cargo Handling Battalion One. I’ll let you know what happens. thanks for the info.
  • esink (25 Jan 2017 9:56pm EST) : Just saw the March 2017 “Sea Classics” magazine including interesting article on USS DRAYTON DD 366 history with two illustrated naval covers.
  • esink (25 Jan 2017 3:21pm EST) : More stimulating info and possible cover opportunities with current Operation Deep Freeze 2017: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=98551
  • Dennis W. Gill (24 Jan 2017 9:40pm EST) : Dan Goodwin: thank you for your reply. No, the USS Frank Cable anniversary date did not cause me any problems. As a new USCS member–and being new to preparing cover cachets for submission to ships–I was double-checking the anniversary date and wondering if I was misunderstanding something. Thank you for preparing the anniversary list; I find it quite useful when preparing covers.
  • Dan Goodwin (24 Jan 2017 8:08am EST) : Dennis Gill: The wrong date for Frank Cable is my error. When I put the list together I obviously read the wrong line. I am getting old and it may be a good time for another member to consider providing this information to the Log editor. Until that time I will try my best to submit error free information. My apology if this wrong info has caused problems for you or any other USCS member. – Dan Goodwin
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Jan 2017 7:30pm EST) : Covers received today (Monday) – USS Philippine Sea CG 58 – December 28, 2016 – Excellent cancel – Ship name in upper part of cancel and U.S. Navy in the lower part of the cancel.
  • esink (23 Jan 2017 6:20pm EST) : Interesting info for polar collectors about current Operation Deepfreeze operations: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=98511
  • Dennis W. Gill (23 Jan 2017 2:55pm EST) : The last several issues of the “Log” have listed, under “Ship Anniversaries” on page 2, “35 Years – Frank Cable AS-40, 2/5.” Every source I’ve checked has shown USS Frank Cable being commissioned on 29 Oct. ’79. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Jan 2017 11:24am EST) : Rich H. – Thank you very much for all the great information !!!
  • S.B.Milstein (22 Jan 2017 10:41pm EST) : I am selling covers on hipstamp.com that did not sell via the Sales Circuit. I sell as SBM Ship covers. USCS bebefits from the sale of the covers.
  • esink (22 Jan 2017 9:45pm EST) : Rich: Thanks for keeping us updated with all that useful info.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 8:41pm EST) : Following have been submitted for Norfolk:JEFFERSON CITY SSN 759 Feb 28
    CARL VINSON CVN 70 Mar 13
    WASHINGTON SSN 787 Mar 25Also submitted, to Groton:

    ANNAPOLIS SSN 760 Apr 11
    HAWAII SSN 776 May 5
    MISSISSIPPI SSN 782 June 2

    Submitted to Newport News:

    INDIANA SSN 789 Chris Apr 29

    The following do not have dates confirmed yet or are questionable:

    ALBUQUERQUE SSN 706 (held a deact ceremony in Hawaii so date for “real” deact is questionable)
    DALLAS SSN 700 Deact

  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 8:26pm EST) : As for PH covers from caves, we will just have to relax. Besides filling orders for every post office across the nation, they also fill philatelic orders and also our pictorials. I am sure that there are many cover collectors and dealers sending for the Inaugural postmark and that may delay all other cancels.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 8:23pm EST) : See notes of non-receipt of ARIZONA 100th Anniv. of Commissioning. Mine did come in, and I immediately contacted the contact at Brooklyn PO. The covers were all badly done. She gave me approval to return them for replacements. I did so. About two weeks ago I contacted her again and reminded her that I was still waiting. She replied that she had been busy and would get to them. Still waiting. Perhaps tomorrow will bring a surprise to my rural mail box.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 8:20pm EST) : BMCM Jones. Congrats on being at the helm for the Log as it reaches issue 1000. Thank you! “BZ”.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 8:19pm EST) : Neal, you are our “on the spot cub reporter”! You might call the ship and ask the SUPPO. By now her civilian land line phone to the quarter deck is probably operational. Perhaps they will have an update on the Post Office.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 8:14pm EST) : A translation with the T-F FPO CVN65 cancel that is in the 22 Jan 2017 Schiffspost blog:Since the extra-service is already taking place in two weeks, documents should be sent to the carrier without delay (if not already done) (see address list). For a success I can not guarantee!I really doubt collectors from Germany will get the covers to the ship on time or with a proper address.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 8:07pm EST) : I did notice that covers returned from Norfolk were (my Priority Mail package) hand cancelled at a different station then previous covers. Perhaps there has been a change there? No tracking was applied so I could not check further. These were the TR and CA covers.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 8:03pm EST) : The Spanish message translates to: GOOD AFTERNOON HELPS ME TO TRY THE COMMITMENT, THE TRACKING NUMBER IS … CC008602695ESIt appears to be a tracking number for the USPS, perhaps a customs label or Express Mail but it does not track in their system.
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 7:57pm EST) : No ZUMWALT ship FDC covers here either. I’m thinking the ship has so many problems that the ships Supply Dept is not worrying about supplies or postal effects at this point. Last word I had was that no one ordered postal effects for the ship. I can’t find out why, but I have an idea. Initially, during studies and costs to build the ship, it was to be built with a vary small crew, thus possibly too few to warrant a post office. As the project went along and costs rose, so did the crew needed to run the ship. The current crew size does rate a post office, and I was told that the postal effects were ordered and the ship would catch up with them when they arrived in San Diego. I was also advised that covers on hand would be done with the commissioning day date. Some would call this “gun-decking”. Me, I’ll call it a commissioning cover and file it away, IF IT COMES THROUGH!
  • Rich Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 7:48pm EST) : My covers for the last two events just came through from Norfolk VA post office. Somewhat late but all cancels perfectly applied.Our contact at Newport News post office has advised that it is not her job to any longer submit pictorials for approval. I know the regs and it is the job of the Postmaster (local post office) to get the requests and forward them to the district for approval. I’m not going to quote regs to her, but the one she had on her desk and the next pictorial from Newport News have been submitted by me directly to the District in Richmond for approval.
  • RIch Hoffner (22 Jan 2017 7:44pm EST) : Thad. According to officials on the ship, they do not have postmarks any longer. I am hopeful that what you saw on Schiffspost blog works out. I only got approval last week, and device is not yet done. When it is it will be sent to a Chief’s home address in Norfolk (he is a “Legacy” PC) to avoid delays in U S Customs inspections for FPO addresses for packages. Hopefully he will do whatever covers are already on hand. I am not sure the FPO address is valid any longer. I will include members covers that have covers with me for the USCS Cover Service.
  • Keith MacKay #12477 (22 Jan 2017 5:58am EST) : Thanks, Don. That’s what I found on the USPS website for first class domestic letters. I’ve been led to understand that the 1 1/2 cent and 2 cent stamps represent the rates for unsealed envelopes and/or printed matter, but I haven’t yet found a quotable reference source for that. And I have no guidance at all concerning the 4-cent rate, although I assume it applied to the foreign (i.e. Canadian) delivery destination. I think I need to join APS!
  • Don Tjossem (22 Jan 2017 3:19am EST) : Keith, This link may help answer you questions:https://about.usps.com/who-we-are/postal-history/domestic-letter-rates-since-1863.pdf
  • Keith MacKay #12477 (21 Jan 2017 10:11pm EST) : I’m new to naval cover collecting and US material in general and I don’t fully understand what I’m looking at in the few covers that I’ve acquired so far. They’re all cancelled in Canadian ports in the period 1932-1940; and most of them are addressed to US destinations and franked with 1 1/2, 2 and 3 cent stamps. The USPS website shows me that 3 cents was 1/2 ounce domestic letter rate from July 6, 1932 to December 31, 1951, but I haven’t found anything on line that explains the 1 1/2 and 2 cent rates. I have a couple franked with 6 cents which I assume must have paid an airmail rate; and one addressed to a Canadian destination franked with a 4 cent stamp.
    I’d appreciate guidance to a comprehensive source of US rate info for the 1930’s.
  • esink (21 Jan 2017 12:43pm EST) : Just returned from the York PA stamp show…some nice 50 cent naval covers bought from Baltimore-based “Geezer’s Tweezers”.
  • esink (21 Jan 2017 12:39pm EST) : Here is interesting info about NAVSUP GLS mail delivery to Antarctica and other places: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=98484
  • Neal Mills (21 Jan 2017 11:42am EST) : Great news Thad.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Jan 2017 7:57pm EST) : Covers arrived today (Friday) for the pictorial from Norfolk – USS California SSN 781 – 5th Anniversary. Both covers had excellent cancels.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Jan 2017 12:55pm EST) : I was just looking at the Feb 3, 2017 Decommissioning pictorial from Newport News for the USS Enterprise on – US Navy Schiffspost der blog – and it really is detailed. I hope it turns out to be a clear cancel, the detailed pictorials tend to fill with ink…. will wait and see. Hope the cancels (FPO) from the ship are okay also.
  • esink (18 Jan 2017 8:53pm EST) : …nor have I seen ZUMWALT (FPO) commissioning covers yet.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (18 Jan 2017 8:44pm EST) : Neal – I haven’t seen Zumwalt covers.
  • Neal Mills (17 Jan 2017 10:23pm EST) : Thad – Thank you for the response. I’m missing the same covers plus some Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s covers from some of the CVNs.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Jan 2017 7:48pm EST) : Covers received from Norfolk for the USS TR 30th Anniversary today (Tuesday) but one was great and one was poorly struck. These go back to October 25, 2016. The USS California 5th Anniversary from October are still out for Norfolk. Sharon Gregory usually services covers perfectly … wonder if someone else did these.
    Neal — nothing back from USS Zumwalt on this end.
  • Neal Mills (17 Jan 2017 7:31pm EST) : Has anyone received commissioning covers from USS ZUMWALT? Supposedly, she was going to receive her cancellation device when she got to San Diego. ZUMWALT has been here about a month.
  • Tom Kean (Member) (17 Jan 2017 6:03pm EST) : My TR 30th pictorial covers arrived today. Very, slightly underinked (better than over), but very nice looking anyway.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (16 Jan 2017 1:18pm EST) : February Log is at the printers–short month for turn around.Will need March’s columns next week and any articles you all have been working on.March issue is #1000 !!
  • Tom Kean (Member) (13 Jan 2017 10:00pm EST) : Not sure why I suddenly became Guest_7502. Downloaded a Windows update – maybe that wiped out my name.
  • guest_7502 (13 Jan 2017 9:58pm EST) : No 75th yet Elgin or 100th. Hope to see them soon….
  • esink (12 Jan 2017 11:26pm EST) : Thanks Thad for the info…will not hold my breath awaiting these returns.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Jan 2017 9:49pm EST) : Elgin – I have Not received the 100th Anniversary – USS Arizona – Brooklyn and No to having received covers from USS TR (FPO) for the 30th Anniversary. The Pearl Harbor pictorials per Rich Hoffner will be applied at the “Caves” in Kansas City. Honolulu forwarded those that weren’t cancelled at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base.
  • esink (12 Jan 2017 5:40pm EST) : A repeat posting from (27 Dec 2016 5:09pm EST): Has anybody received the following: USS ARIZONA 100th from Brooklyn, PEARL HARBOR 75th (pictorial) and the FPO (USS TR 30th)? (I know some of you have received the FPO from USS STENNIS dtd on PEARL HARBOR 75th.)
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Jan 2017 2:26pm EST) : Received a letter today (1/12/17) from Norfolk Post Office in regards to not receiving pictorials as far back as October. Sharon Gregory, Customer Service Coordinator wrote – This is in response to your letter of December 28, 2016. Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, the stamps were ordered late. However, I am working on the Theodore Roosevelt cancellations. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you for your patience” signed Sharon Gregory.
    Looks like they are still in process… USS California anniversary and TR anniversary from October.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (10 Jan 2017 10:54pm EST) : Tom…Ditto on the SSBN 658 from Vallejo, CA today. My two cancels were both perfect.
    I have tried calling Norfolk PO and even sent a letter to Customer Relations, Sharon Gregory to see what is going on with the pictorials not being returned as far back as October. But no answer on the phone (left messages) or answer to my letter Hope it gets cleared up soon since there are three scheduled pictorials for February and March for Norfolk.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (10 Jan 2017 6:22pm EST) : Received 50th anniversary covers back today with pictorials for USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN-558. The cancels are dated 16 Dec 2016 at Vallejo, CA. One of the covers has a perfect cancel, this other one is slightly underinked (or under pressed?), but legible and keepable.
  • Lbbrennan (10 Jan 2017 9:18am EST) : Checking in
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 Jan 2017 7:08pm EST) : Covers received today from USS Mustin DDG 89 – Excellent cancels – December 9, 2016 – Unit cancel 100198, FPO AP 96672 – no ships name in cancel.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (09 Jan 2017 6:14pm EST) : Got my hard copy of the LOG on Friday. Haven’t looked through it yet, but look forward to it.
  • esink (08 Jan 2017 3:56pm EST) : Hard copy Jan Log received in central PA yesterday…great issue, especially the Alvin article!
  • esink (07 Jan 2017 3:19pm EST) : Nice covers with ship cachets received from (not yet commissioned) carrier GERALD FORD CVN 78 clearly cancelled DEC 26, 2016 on tenth anniversary of the president’s passing.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (05 Jan 2017 11:31am EST) : Great information Rich. Thanks!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (04 Jan 2017 8:34pm EST) : Thanks Rich for all the info.
  • esink (04 Jan 2017 5:35pm EST) : Thanks, Rich, for that concise explanation…answers my questions well for those three situations.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jan 2017 5:08pm EST) : I posted my most recent TR cancels on our Facebook page. Nov 2015 was my latest.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jan 2017 4:39pm EST) : I know someone will ask, what ship will have Directory Service for ENTERPRISE. That is above my pay-grade ?
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jan 2017 4:37pm EST) : Elgin, Deacts, LDPS, LDC and last use of cancels aboard large ships is very fluid. Depends on amount of crew still left behind. After Deact. Ceremony, a large amount of the crew are reassigned and depart for new ships or units. Smaller ships are predictable and Deact and LDPS usually are same date, but sometimes not so. Official documentation is spotty and sometimes can be determined in person at a shipyard or by phone. Some crews (what’s left after Deact Ceremony) move into a building (some say “barge”) and continue ships business and partial postal operations until last day when flag comes down and last entry is made into ships log. There is no norm with this process. I mention “partial” postal operations as usually such services as registry, money orders, certified mail are no longer available. A ship as large as ENTERPRISE will have their forwarding transferred to another ship which will preform “Directory Service”. Sometimes this results in a unique postal cancel with wording Directory Service in the cancel, but usually it is just a boxed rubber stamp with lines to place dates of service in.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jan 2017 4:21pm EST) : A tip: When sending for pictorials, I find that including the following sentence with your polite request….Cancellations should be applied in a clean clear manner with evenly applied pressure in black ink.I found the sentence either in the DMM or possibly in USPS Publication 230. Can’t hurt when sending covers to USPS post offices that are not familiar with philatelic postmarks.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jan 2017 4:17pm EST) : Cancels on that site are submitted by Wolfgang Hechler as he designs them for me. US Navy Schiffspost der blog, is more timely then our Log at times. But beware, sometimes revisions are made to the pictorials at my request after being uploaded to that site. I am still pursuing a t-f for CVN65, but no permission yet. A design is ready if I get a go. I believe that the ships FPO address will be deleted from USPS computers after LDPS, so if you are sending, address your covers to Postal Officer at FPO address ASAP. Late sendings may be returned to you.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jan 2017 4:10pm EST) : Replacement covers from Brooklyn NY for 100th Anniv. of commissioning of ARIZONA still not back, but retail person says she will take care of them, said she had a busy Christmas season as reason for delay.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jan 2017 4:08pm EST) : Covers in yesterday from Camden NJ for GUARDFISH. All 50 covers had perfect postmarks. I had my fingers crossed and early reports were not good.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Jan 2017 4:07pm EST) : “The Quakers” did indeed enjoy the NJ Chapter meeting and the 1,000 covers from a USCS circuit that awaited members. Brought some nice covers home, priced at, are you sitting down…. 3 for a dollar!I think the new site that Stew is selling covers on for the USCS is called Hip Stamps.On the rain, better then the white stuff.
  • guest_9870 (04 Jan 2017 12:39am EST) : Another great Jersey Chapter meeting, as the Quakers came bearing boxes of coversStewart Milstein called from sunny Arizona, as he was BBQ’ing hamburgers
    and we were going through the circuits
    that came via pony express.He reports that he selling covers we’ve already seen on Bid-start.com

    First meeting of the new year- had 11
    not bad for a rainy evening

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Jan 2017 4:39pm EST) : Today I received my replacement covers from Camden, NJ. (USS Guardfish SSN 612) There were four replacements and they were returned with perfect cancels and they did replace the stamps. Excellent.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jan 2017 4:52pm EST) : “Gain more weight” well said by a “cook”. Remember aboard most cutters mid-rats are “open galley” so enjoy and keep in mind that if the cutters budget is affected, the kitchen will be locked down until it balances. The mid-rats galley aboard ARBUTUS is where I learned to make fried banana sandwiches. Calories? Carbohydrates? Never thought of them in those years.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jan 2017 4:47pm EST) : I return ALL badly applied postmarks. Many times it involves 50 covers that I had submitted for the chapter. I also send my own un-serviced envelopes (laser envelopes from Karl Zurn) as I don’t want them done on what I call 5&10 store envelopes. I also enclose USPS Form 3533, signed. You can not download the most recent version (2003 and 2006 are on-line) but it is available at your local post office. It is bar-coded now.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jan 2017 4:39pm EST) : Called Camden NJ and Bellmawr NJ (District Customer Services) to see who is cancelling covers and to ask that they do so in a manner that collectors can enjoy them. Left messages both places, hopefully someone is listening.
  • John Young (02 Jan 2017 11:30am EST) : My New Year’s Resolution: Gain more weight or Buy more coversHope to keep one of them!
  • John Young (01 Jan 2017 4:37am EST) : A Happy New Year with good health to all my friends in the coming yearMay you all find that missing cover during the year, whether Coast Guard,
    polar or naval.


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