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Online Chat Archives – June – August 2020

  • Edward Githens (31 Aug 2020 9:32pm EDT) : I apologize if this has been answered before – it’s very hard to search forums on a smart phone.

    My question is this: in reference to USN ships in the 1930’s, would a “first day commission” cancel have been struck onboard the vessel, or elsewhere using that ship’s stamp?

    I’m new to the hobby of naval covers, and am learning all I can.

    Thank you!

  • Bob Lamb (30 Aug 2020 8:23pm EDT) : Rich Hoffrner – Crop anything before creating the JPEG ? That’s what I do
  • Bob Lamb (30 Aug 2020 8:21pm EDT) : I have been using Word and Mailchimp for our VFW. Complete the document or scan in Word and then use the Sniping tool to create a JPEG. Upload in Mailchimp. Probably the most complicated thing I know how to do on a PC. 🙂
  • BMCMJONES (29 Aug 2020 11:14am EDT) : Rich Hoffner
    I use Snipping Tool which is part of Microsoft programs. I snip the area to be used and drop it into PAINT and crop it and clean it up there Then I save it as a JPEG
  • John Young (28 Aug 2020 6:49pm EDT) : It appears Roger Wentworth passed away as his obit is on USCS Facebook page.

    Rest in Peace & thanks for the covers.

  • Rich Hoffner (21 Aug 2020 7:19pm EDT) : Any computer geeks out there? Since I started to use Microsoft Word 2019 I have been unable to crop JPEGs or photos that I download? Any ideas? Do I need to purchase another Microsoft program to “crop” stuff? All help appreciated.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Aug 2020 7:15pm EDT) : Opppsss… should be BB-63.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Aug 2020 5:13pm EDT) : Elgin, a similar cancel will be available in Honolulu for the surrender ceremony aboard the USS MISSOURI BB-62 at Honolulu on 9-2-20.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Aug 2020 5:07pm EDT) : Someone just reported their USS ALBANY anniversary covers returned that were AWOL in Norfolk (4-7-20). Perhaps the ice-jam is about to clear up. Covers are out there sine June 2019.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Aug 2020 5:04pm EDT) : USCGC MELLON WHEC 717 has been decommissioned. I have conflicting dates of 8-20-20 and 8-21-20. I am trying to determine exactly where she was decommissioned in Seattle. Was she at the Coast Guard base for the ceremony?
  • Elgin Sink (21 Aug 2020 11:03am EDT) : Thanks, Neal…covers have already been sent.
  • Neal Mills (21 Aug 2020 9:32am EDT) : Elgin Sink – Yes, they have a 30 day grace period.
  • Elgin Sink (20 Aug 2020 2:06pm EDT) : Noticed nice cancels on the Facebook site received for 10th anniversary of the USS MISSOURI from Hawaii…Does this have the usual 30 day USPS grace period?
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Aug 2020 7:03pm EDT) : Leonhard Venne has solicited the assistance of Darrell Millner to help with the pictorials for Newport News. After TUCSON and MONTANA the next pictorial in Newport News will be the anniversary of the STENNIS in December.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Aug 2020 6:59pm EDT) : All the work involved in trying to solve the AWOL covers for pictorials that have been submitted have worn me out. Looking back on unraveling problems with Bath ME, Norfolk and Honolulu post offices were like pushing a rock uphill. Two offices who published pictorials but never serviced covers are acting dumber then rocks. One office offered, “I’m new here and don’t know anything about it”. Another office with a new postmaster simple says “I don’t see your envelopes anywhere”. I am worn out. I am not going to submit pictorial postmarks in 2021. If anyone wants to continue with this, contact me and I’ll be hands and point you in the right direction until you are comfortable doing it.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Aug 2020 6:48pm EDT) : BMCM Jones, my bad for not reading your column more closely. I never noticed it.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Aug 2020 6:46pm EDT) : Light at the end of the runnel. It’s there! “The Caves” is inquiring as to the dates I submitted for pictorials at Norfolk post office sinse June 2019. They also asked for digital images of the pictorials. It took me an hour to pull it all together and answer them. Hopefully this will be step one in them working their way through all the requests that went AWOL since June 2019.
  • guest_9908 (14 Aug 2020 2:40pm EDT) : companies that still sell prerelease first day cachet envelopes
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (13 Aug 2020 12:17am EDT) : Nominations formally open 1 September for the coming slate of nominees.

    Chair of Nominating Committee is David Kent.

    Slate of nominees will be printed in the December Log along with bios and photo as we have done for 20 + years.

    I have been seeking nominees in the President’s column on page 5 every month since the January 2020 USCS Log.

  • Rich Hoffner (12 Aug 2020 3:30pm EDT) : I had a phone call today from the Newport News post office and learned that the clerk who handled our pictorial postmarks had a stroke and was recovering at home. He did not know if she would return to work or not. He had a mailing from me requesting pictorials for TUCSON and MONTANA and did not know what to do. I have asked member Leonhard Venne to call or stop in and let them know our relationship with past pictorial cancels.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Aug 2020 9:57pm EDT) : Has anyone heard from the USCS nominating committee with reference to who has been asked to run or laying out the dates that are coming up to report the slate of candidates for the next fiscal year or information on self-nominating? I mention this because no one has asked me yet if I will run and nothing has appeared in the Log about the nominations and the process. Perhaps the information will be in next months Log, but that seems a tad late.
  • Darlene Hall #12547 (11 Aug 2020 10:37am EDT) : In the August 2020 issue, the photo on page 20, with the caption identifying the ship as the USS Birmingham, is not correct. That photo is actually of the USS Pennsylvania; a comparison with the photo right next to it makes that clear. For a photo showing the flight from the USS Birmingham, Please visit https://warriorgirl3.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/trial-run-the-worlds-first-aircraft-carrier-in-action/
    or scroll through http://www.navsource.org/archives/04/002/04002.htm
    One can see that the superstructure of the Birmingham is very different from that of the Pennsylvania.
    Just thought I’d point that out.
  • Mike Meister (07 Aug 2020 4:07pm EDT) : Thanks for the info Rich, Thad and Elgin. The covers going in boxes are all in sleeves. I will be giving Pittsburgh File & Box a call.
  • Rich Hoffner (07 Aug 2020 3:29pm EDT) : Computer is back but I am swamped trying to “catch up”
  • Rich Hoffner (07 Aug 2020 3:27pm EDT) : Mike M. Ditto on the info Thad K shared. I, having had covers in corrugated boxes manufactured specifically for covers, knew nothing about the browning or acid toning that could occur. I did have covers in such storage boxes for decades (purchased from Blackstamps in New Jersey). Later years had me switch to vinyl six quart size containers made by Iris “Modular Box”. The way the lids go on leaves a little space for “breathing”. As the years move on I am sleeving more and more covers, already in these containers and covers I am adding day by day.
  • Elgin Sink (07 Aug 2020 2:26pm EDT) : Mike, I use quality plastic shoe box size (or bigger) storage containers for excess dupe covers and my best covers are stored in G-K acid-free archival cover albums available by Subway Stamps in Altoona PA (800.221.9960) and also similar Scott Albums are sold via Linn’s.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (07 Aug 2020 11:15am EDT) : Mike M. – I just spoke to the owner of Pittsburgh File and Box (412413-5465). They aren’t too far from me here in Pittsburgh, He said they are not archiival quality but he uses only top quality material in there making. He said the cost would be extreme and getting the material to make archival isn’t easy. He said by putting the covers in the sleeves protects the covers and there is very, very low acid in the product he uses. He said it would take decades to have covers turn yellow in the boxes themselves and the sleeves would stop it altogether. They are a mom and pop operation… not many left. They will only continue to make cover size boxes as long as there continues to be a market. Thought I would pass it along… give them a call. Nice people.
  • Mike Meister (05 Aug 2020 5:19pm EDT) : Rich. I’m not sure if the ones for FDC storage offered by Pittsburgh Fil & Box are archival quality or not.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Aug 2020 8:19pm EDT) : John Macco. My PC is down or I would send the PDF file to you. As far as I can remember nothing has returned since last June. For the rest of 2020 I will do NPNSB&DDCo anniversaries at Newport News P.O.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Aug 2020 8:16pm EDT) : JY, any city announced for MELLON? Bremerton? Seattle?
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Aug 2020 8:11pm EDT) : Mike, don’t uses corrugated unless they are archival quality.
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Aug 2020 8:09pm EDT) : I just posted the latest Decatur Chapter “Newseyletter” on our Facebook page. It announces I will l not be working on requesting pictorials in 2021. Any takers? I will offer hands on training and guidance if someone wants to take this on.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (01 Aug 2020 12:04am EDT) : 300+ eLOGs for August have been mailed along with the USCS Cancellation Catalog updates for 2019-2020.


    Richard Jones
    Log editor

  • BMCMJONES (30 Jul 2020 10:18am EDT) : ST LOUIS pictorial info is in today’s Postal Bulletin.

    Commissioning is 8 August at Mayport.

    Video live of ceremony will be shown–Limited attendance on base.

  • Mike Meister (29 Jul 2020 11:37pm EDT) : What size boxes does anyone use for storing covers? I’m thinking of ordering some from Pittsburgh file & box.
  • john young (29 Jul 2020 10:44am EDT) : Ahoy Mates, Looks like USCGC MELLON will be decommissioned 20 AUG 2020 after 52 years of service. Guess she will join sister-ship in VietNam Navy?? She completed last ALPAT on July 7 and is in homeport: Seattle
  • john Macco (27 Jul 2020 2:11pm EDT) : Thad- I would be interested in a list of missing covers.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (24 Jul 2020 8:59am EDT) : John Macco… that’s how I felt with all the covers and money I lost at Honolulu post office. Never anything back from them either. Norfolk has gotten pretty bad.
  • john Macco (23 Jul 2020 7:09pm EDT) : My last post should have been directed to Rich Hoffner who sent the 17 page letter to the caves. I can see how one can frustrated when you do not get even a simple reply to an inquiry
  • john Macco (23 Jul 2020 9:15am EDT) : Kevin Colton is who i am directing this email.
  • john Macco (23 Jul 2020 9:14am EDT) : Kevin- Can you send me a copy of the 17 page letter you sent to the Caves? t would tell me what covers are missing. I saw facebook post. My email address is spacecovers2003(at)gmail.com Thanks.
  • Neal Mills (22 Jul 2020 9:43am EDT) : Stewart – I sent an email to Greg Finnegan asking him to contact you.
  • Stewart Milstein (21 Jul 2020 5:49pm EDT) : My computer is in the shop and I am working from memory. Can some one please let Greg Finnegan know that I am trying to get in Touch with him. Thanks
  • Neal Mills (18 Jul 2020 9:37am EDT) : Susie R. – Hi
  • john Macco (17 Jul 2020 4:14pm EDT) : I just received the Nimitz 45th anniversary cancels from Newport News. great cancels. I second the opinion on the Fleet week NY cancels. superb job
  • Susie R. (17 Jul 2020 2:52pm EDT) : Hey everyone
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Jul 2020 1:34pm EDT) : I have an email out to Becky Kaiwi, Consumer Affairs for JAX FL post office (She was in Honolulu HI many year in the same position and did terrific work for us). The LCS-19 FDC pictorial is approved. She is not at the usual address we use when sending to Jacksonville, so I have asked what address should we use.
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Jul 2020 1:29pm EDT) : Naval Surface Forces (Twitter Post of 7-16-200
    Out of an abundance of caution the pier and ship were cleared of personnel due to an initial shift in the ship’s list. Personnel are now pier side. We will continue to monitor as the ship settles.
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Jul 2020 1:23pm EDT) : The Acting Supervisor of Honolulu Consumer Affairs has not answered my email as to where to send for the USS MISSOURI anniversary pictorial.
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Jul 2020 1:20pm EDT) : Thank John Young for the perfect strikes of the NY FW pictorials. John mentioned hundreds of requests going to China and Hong Kong.
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Jul 2020 11:45am EDT) : I doubt that the pictorial requested at Pascagoula MS for TRIPOLI LHA 7 was issued. I tried three times this week to try to confirm by phone if it was issued. Personnel there did not have a clue, which to me indicates that the request for the pictorial was not processed. One said he was sort of new and had no information on it. Another call indicated I should call back Wednesday when she would be in. I called Wednesday and was told the Postmaster was out sick to call Thursday when the supervisor would be in, and another call went unanswered. It was a great design by Wolfgang. If anyone else has any information let us know. It was not in the Postal Bulletin. A very well done pictorial provided by Wolfgang Hechler.
  • Elgin Sink (16 Jul 2020 9:02pm EDT) : John, Try 64144-9998
  • john Macco (16 Jul 2020 5:54pm EDT) : What is the zip code for the Caves in Kansas City?
  • john Macco (16 Jul 2020 5:24pm EDT) : Today I received back the Fleet Week New York cancels superbly serviced.
  • Elgin Sink (15 Jul 2020 1:11pm EDT) : Here is interesting info about today’s commissioning of USS TRIPOLI LHA 7…https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=113549
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Jul 2020 11:34am EDT) : Per member David Durbin, a mailing address for Honolulu pictorial for 10th Anniversary of USS Missouri.

    Horace K. Dudoit, III, Acting Supervisor
    USPS, Accountable Papers Depository
    Honolulu District Consumer Affairs Office
    USS Missouri 10th Anniv. postmark
    3600 Aolele Street, Room 333
    Honolulu, HI 96820

    I have an email out to Mr. Dudoit be sure this is the correct person but I don’t expect an answer until Monday.

  • Rich Hoffner aka guest_670 (10 Jul 2020 7:37pm EDT) : Interesting SASE came in yesterday. Cancelled by USS Laboon dated July 8. But inside were two covers from USS Ramage DDG 61, OSC on the two covers, no cancel on the stamps, but the reverse both had a strike of the ships AP chop of Ramage dated May 27. Strange!
  • Rich Hoffner aka guest_670 (10 Jul 2020 4:26pm EDT) : A note from member David S Durbin indicates that there will be a pictorial cancel at Honolulu HI on July 31 for the 10th Anniversary of the USS MISSOURI SSN 780. Since I have lost use of all access to my Microsoft word files I can’t show the mailing address for the cancel. It is the Aoele St address (not sure on spelling) but if you have files you can find the proper address. I don’t know who is currently servicing covers there, so do not use the name of the person who used to to the covers, She has moved on to another post in the Honolulu post office and no longer has anything to do with cancelling covers for collectors.

    There is also a design available at the Groton CT post office for this event.

  • Rich Hoffner aka guest_670 (10 Jul 2020 4:16pm EDT) : A Zoom meeting of the Website Committee was held on the 8th. All went well. We have embraced a “forum” over a chat. I have been convinced that a forum will enable uploading graphics, which can not be done with a chat page. Hopefully we will keep it simple, following the KISS principle.

    We also discussed transferring date from the old site to the new site. It was mentioned that we could have the new website up and running in three months or less. Depending on how long it will take to do the work of transferring data. Brain Kreck, our contractor, has promised to create YouTube tutorials to train any of us who might want to volunteer to help with this project. The quicker we can get it done, the quicker the new site will be ready. Additionally it could save thousands of dollars vs paying someone to do it for us.

  • Elgin Sink (10 Jul 2020 4:14pm EDT) : I like the USCS CHAT room, but there is no option to view graphics…Perhaps it is time to move on to the digital age and opt for a better mode possibly on the new forthcoming website, or to continue posting on Facebook. For those not comfortable using Facebook, email could still be used among members with the option of attaching and viewing cover scans when applicable.
  • guest_670 (10 Jul 2020 4:09pm EDT) : Elgin Sink. The date of July 15 is official for TRIPOLI. A pictorial was requested at Pascagoula MS and a pictorial was prepared for the ship. Our initial design incorporated the state of Missouri in the ships T-F pictorial (Fancy postmark). It was submitted. At the last minute, teh SUPPO has asked us to prepare a similar cancel but use the state of Florida in the pictorial, since the Commissioning Committee in FL did so much work he wanted to honor teem. A new device has been ordered and hopefully I’ll get it to them before their commissioning using Overnight Express Mail service to them.
  • John Young (09 Jul 2020 7:05pm EDT) : Just a short visit and hard copy of July USCS Log arrived in lower Hudson Valley

    Received word that CHICAGOPEX 2020 was cancelled in November- no ASPP & MPHS convention this year.

    Its been months (NOJEX 2019) since I looked at boxes of naval covers, and last
    USS New Jersey Chapter meeting was in
    March. Miss Milstein’s cover circuits!

    Found some items on bidstart today

  • Rich Hoffner (06 Jul 2020 1:30pm EDT) : John M. My second fight to keep the current chat was a major overhaul and crashed affecting the chat. Many cited the lack of use as a reason not to continue the “chat”. The chat remained with my persistence but is now heading for what RDR once quoted about a change and said it was going into “the dust bin of history”. If any of you feel that the “chat” as we know it should be retained, contact the chair of the committee and let him know your views. My self I do not know why we can’t have both. Cost should not be a consideration.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Jul 2020 1:22pm EDT) : John Macco. The website committee has a virtual meeting scheduled for July 8 with the company hired to create the site for the USCS. Unfortunately, against my protests, the “chat” as we now know it will not be in the new site. They have chosen a “forum” style instead. In our last re-build, we had a forum style page on the Beta test site, and it was not easy to use. I and others assisting with that new site, left information and messages and they were not easy to follow or find. I’m told that the forum is better then a chat page. I have my donuts. But as they say “the proof is in the pudding”.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Jul 2020 1:15pm EDT) : Leonhard Venne is calling Newport News post office to see if they still have any covers not processed for NIMITZ anniversary. Also, some collectors sent to Norfolk VA post office because although they went AWOL in June last year, the NIMITZ pictorial showed up in the PB (6-18-20) with an extension. Showed up “out of the blue” as they say. If anyone got covers back from Norfolk VA post office, please let us know.
  • guest_873 (02 Jul 2020 8:18pm EDT) : hard copy received today in New Jersey
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Jun 2020 10:04pm EDT) : 300+ USCS eLOGS for July issue have been sent.


  • john Macco (29 Jun 2020 7:09pm EDT) : What is the latest on the website overhaul? I can imagine it was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • john Macco (27 Jun 2020 4:34pm EDT) : I just received back 2 separate requests I sent in 2019 to the USS Wayne E. Meyer DDG-108 returned with only ships crest applied to the covers. I plan to send them back to the ship to get the 4 bar cancel on them.
  • Elgin Sink (21 Jun 2020 8:46pm EDT) : Thanks Rich…I won’t send covers to TRIPOLI until I hear something definite. A T-F pictorial commissioning day cancel directly from the ship would be great!
  • john Macco (21 Jun 2020 7:46am EDT) : I had my first return from my 19 mailings on 5-1-20 from the USS Vicksburg. I posted scan of cover on Facebook page. What I also did was send a thank you note to the COPE for their excellent servicing of my request. Maybe if every collector did this, the quality of cancels could improve. Personal choice.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jun 2020 11:34pm EDT) : Elgin Sink. I sent a note to the SUPPO LHA 7 and he was unsure that the date is right. He said he would get back to me. A pictorial was submitted to Pascagoula MS. Hope the date is correct. The ship had sent an OK for a T-F pictorial cancel, a year ago, but no sense getting it in place until they can verify the date.
  • Elgin Sink (17 Jun 2020 12:32pm EDT) : “Administrative” commissioning date 15 JULY 2020 for USS TRIPOLI LHA-7 https://www.pensacolachamber.com/tripoli-commissioning/
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (16 Jun 2020 7:51pm EDT) : Rich – I sent a message to both DDG 117 and DDG 121 asking for dates and locations for commission. See what I get.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Jun 2020 11:24am EDT) : On an Arizona 12-7-41 cancel, has not all covers that have surfaced been debunked? One would have to have salvaged the ships machine cancel to create them. I also have doubts that anyone collected mail on Saturday or Sunday to cancel the mail, particularly Sunday. Impossible in my mind.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Jun 2020 11:19am EDT) : Sad to hear of the MILCOPEX show being canceled. Hopefully the racial strife sweeping the country and COVID-19 situation will be history by then. I will miss all my USCS friends and dealers. Next year is BALPEX. Lets all turn out and make it one of the best USCS conventions ever. Will you be there?
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Jun 2020 11:08am EDT) : Anyone have any news of delays of dates of the following Commissionings:

    USS DELBERT D. BLACK DDG 117 Commissioning Port Canaveral FL 2020


  • Rich Hoffner (14 Jun 2020 11:43pm EDT) : I know several collectors have threatened to give up sending to ships due to covers that do not come back. Those that do come back are welcome. Those that don’t, so be it.

    It is our hobby, but not their obligation to cooperate. Most do.

    I predict that the day will come when ships will no longer process mail. That would mean no cancels. Bad? Not so.

    There are hundreds of thousands of covers out there to collect. I collect ships postmarks from 1908 to present. I try to find one of each type from every ship that had a post office. Do I have them all. NOT. But even if ships don’t have a postmark in the future, my hobby will continue as I try to fill holes in my naval postmark collection.

  • Rich Hoffner (14 Jun 2020 11:36pm EDT) : My return rates have been great sending to ships. BUT, I only send if I know it is a new cancel that I need AND saw that the ship is servicing covers from posts on the USCS Facebook page. Think about the investment to get two covers processed. At least 2.20 plus cost of the envelopes.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (12 Jun 2020 8:51pm EDT) : MILCOPEX website indicates that the 2020 show has been cancelled.

    Therefore, the USCS Annual Convention that was to take place in Milwaukee Wisconsin September 25-27 2020 has been cancelled.

    Plans will be developed over the next month to have the annual board meeting via some form of internet connection to take care of the USCS business.

    Several of the Awards that normally are presented at the convention have been forwarded to the awardees earlier.

    If you had booked hotel reservations, don’t forget to cancel them so you don’t get charged as a no-show.
    Stay tuned for updates.
    Richard Jones
    USCS President

  • Elgin Sink (04 Jun 2020 2:32pm EDT) : Hard copy periodical rate June LOG just received today in central PA…Great issue!
  • john Macco (01 Jun 2020 3:20pm EDT) : I just mailed 19 cancel requests to Navy ships. Depending on the return rate, this may be the last time I send for cancels. I do plan to send to ships upon hearing about successes from collectors.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 May 2020 1:03pm EDT) : June 2020 eLOG file has been sent to 300+ members.


    Richard Jones
    USCS Log editor

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