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Online Chat Archives – October – November, 2015

  • Neal Mills (01 Dec 2015 9:37am EST) : Received the December eLog last evening. Another great edition! Thank you Master Chief.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (01 Dec 2015 12:45am EST) : 300+ December eLOGS have been sent to members requesting the eLOG service.Enjoy.

    I need articles for the beginning issues of 2016. Any new writers are welcome to contribute as well as our regulars.

  • Karl Zurn (29 Nov 2015 6:41pm EST) : We are trying to repair the site. You can email the covers you are interested in and we can arrange for you to get them. KarlZurn@gmail.com
  • Navy88 (29 Nov 2015 10:54am EST) : Karl from Karl’s Covers .. trying to buy a few of your Herb Rommel covers but the shipping total won’t allow completion of purchase. I’m using a valid address but the site doesn’t seem to like it. Happy to contact you via phone or e-mail to resolve.
  • lbbrennan (28 Nov 2015 2:16pm EST) : Rob, Thanks Do you have the link to the story of Commander of Isquith. I am writing about USS Oklahoma, the first ship lost in the Pacific during World War II, and USS Indianapolis, the last. Both were built at NY shipbuilding in Camden NJ. Thanks, Larry
  • lbbrennan (28 Nov 2015 2:15pm EST) : Dan Great point. I just spoke about three US humanitarian efforts Belgium in World War I, The Hungnam Evacuation in December 1950, the Removal of People from North Vietnam in 1954, and the Vietnamese Boat people in 1975. I was the only person in the room who was alive for any of these events. You would be pained to realize how little is taught in school today. General knowledge has been replaced by specific ignorance. Perhaps some of our teacher friends can comment.
  • Dan Goodwin (28 Nov 2015 6:49am EST) : Many young people today don’t even know where Pearl Harbor is and couldn’t care less. I was a youngster during WW2 but I remember a lot about it by living through it. Recycling paper, metal, rags; ration coupons, very little gasoline, nightly blackouts, etc, etc, etc. I don’t think they even teach about WW2 in school any more. So sad. I could go on and on but I think I have made my point.
  • Rob Nelson (Member) (27 Nov 2015 4:53pm EST) : I have been reading about Pearl Harbor a lot too lately. My Grandfather served in the War in the Pacific, but before he was old enough to join he and my great grandfather and great grandmother were living at Ford Island in Hawaii when the Japanese attacked. His father helped remove sailors from the wreckage. I spoke to my Grandfather (he’s 89) last night and he had an interesting commentary. He said that in some ways the Japanese were humane in that they did not attack civilian targets or even he the family as they watched the zeros fly overhead — he could see the faces of the pilots! Though, the account of the Utah is that the pilots heavily strafed survivors in the water. Utah wasn’t even supposed to be a target. He noted 3 failures of the Japanese in the attack 1) Big fuel depot – untouched: that was a real missed target 2) Drydocks relatively untouched — allowed for repairs and 3) attacked on Sunday where many of the crew were off — casualities could have been many times worse. I also grew on Guam which was also taken Dec 7. The beach I grew up on was the landing site of the US liberation forces. I have found many relics from that battle from landing craft remants to bazooka rounds, 50 cal bullets to hand grenades!I received a new cover today which is very interesting – the righting of USS Oklahoma signed by Commander Isquith who. He was involved in the salvage operations. He was also acting CO on Utah when attacked. He ultimately made Flag rank and he was awarded a Navy Cross for Dec 7 actions. The minute by minute story of each ship is so amazing I started reading about Utah specifically — both the day of attack and the long effort to salvage her. There is a great article online.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Rob Nelson (Chicago)

  • lbbrennan (27 Nov 2015 2:04pm EST) : There are some interesting survivors’ accounts of 7 December 1941 which I just came across while researching for my article on USS Oklahoma for New Jersey Postal History Society.These six interviews allow for a greater understanding of the personal experiences of American sailors during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The overwhelming feeling of surprise forced the sailors to immediately rely on their disciplined training in order to survive.
    Pearl Harbor:
    First Hand Accounts of December 7, 1941

    William A. Brown
    Professor Dudley (HIST 3000)
    15 December 2010


  • lbbrennan (27 Nov 2015 1:20pm EST) : Glenn I think I served with some great naval officers who came from Alabama. Not sure what part of the state, possibly Mobile. Admiral Denton was USNA just before RDR, as was Admiral Stockdale. Admiral Snuffy Smith also was from Alabama. He was a character. Remind me to tell you the story about his coon hunting and my New Guinea watch and cannibals. They all were naval aviators too. Good luck and be gentle with Lieutenants. Still my favorite time in the Navy. Best and happy Thanksgiving plus one. Larry
  • lbbrennan (27 Nov 2015 11:37am EST) : Happy Thanksgiving + 1 aka Black Friday. Quiet day to travel to NYC. but lots of fog in the Meadowlands.
  • John Young (27 Nov 2015 2:28am EST) : S. Milstein: Louis Kasmer was cachet director of Moffett Chapter (1935-38) and the regional gathering in Detroit
    cover was hand-drawn by Artist T.R.I suspect Ted Rauterberg at the artist

    The Meadowlands was annexed by New York Mob when they built Giants Stadium and buried Jimmy Hoffa there

    Black Friday is here and I’m going shopping for Coast Guard covers

  • Stewart B. Milstein (26 Nov 2015 1:24pm EST) : Who was the cachet maker in Moffet Chapter in 1937 using the initials TR? He did a cover showing 2 terriers for a 1937 Regional meeting in Detroit.Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    I am free of football team loyalty as my school thought that the reason you went to college was for an education – hence no varsity football team.

    Besides, NY has only 1 pro football team – the Buffalo Bills. The other 2 professional teams claiming a NY home play in the swamp lands in NJ.

  • John Young (26 Nov 2015 11:13am EST) : Wishing all who visit this chat page, a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving.Being a resident of the lower Hudson Valley I have to support the “Black Knights of the Hudson”. Go Army!
  • Glenn Smith (25 Nov 2015 5:17am EST) : Rob Nelson:Another coincidence…I am a Blue & Gold Officer (BGO) for the Naval Academy. It was something I had never heard of before…until I took my grandson (who wants to be a naval aviator) to Annapolis. At the admissions briefing, the young LT (all are young now!) mentioned the BGO system and emphasized that anyone could do it, not just Annapolis grads.

    After visiting the BGO web site, I decided that I could do it, and it might be fun. I was right on both accounts. I serve 11 high schools in DeKalb and Cherokee counties, Alabama (northeast AL, near Chattanooga).

    This year, after working for two years on one young man, he got into the class of 2019! The first from northeast Alabama since 1972.

    GO NAVY-BEAT ARMY (and Houston, too!) Keenan Reynolds for Heisman, as well!

  • Rob Nelson (Member) (25 Nov 2015 12:37am EST) : Hi everyone. Thanks for the ideas and advice and the encouragement. I do feel a little nerdy – but I really find holding history in my hands appealing.Glen – I was in intel and then surface warfare. I like USS Ray because I did my midships cruise and it was the first vessel i had the helm of (and comming into port). I didn’t sleep practically the whole time i was aboard as I was so excited.

    I like WWII subs too. Seems they are difficult to come by for the war years.

    I collect my own ship too but I have a lot of that already.

    I’ve never been to a chapter meeting or even a show. I’ll look into that and the circuits — I admit mostly what I do have is from ebay.

    My Lincoln’s are usually birthday celebrations.

  • Stewart B. Milstein (24 Nov 2015 10:37pm EST) : Rob Nelson – I might be able to hjelp as I run the Sales Circuit, I am at sbmilstein@gmail.com.
  • Glenn Smith (24 Nov 2015 10:26am EST) : Shipmate Rob Nelson:From a fellow mustang, former CPO, CWO, & LDO.

    You have quite an interesting set of collecting interests. I agree with Phil and Dan. Phil’s advice on writing about your interests is a great one. The editor of the USCS LOG, BMCM Richard Jones would be very helpful should you choose to do so. To Phil’s list of sources, I would add the USCS members who dealers…they are listed on our web page. Several know what I am looking for and hold them for me.

    My main interest now (it has changed several times over the past 35+ years) is covers addressed to Mrs. W. A. Benshoff and her kin.

    Others are:
    *USS Stewart DD-224
    *WWII lost subs (I am a bubblehead, since you list WWII subs and USS Ray, is it safe to assume that you are also?)

    If you would like to have a more complete discussion, my email is: highlandglenn(at)farmerstel.com.

  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER (24 Nov 2015 9:11am EST) : DON NELSON: YOU DO WHAT I DO. I COLLECT LSTs, Foreign Navy, Polar, War Covers & etc. My main source, and the least expensive has been USCS CHAPTER MEETINGS to swap covers, USCS SALES CIRCUITS and USCS MAIL AUCTIONS. ALSO, WRITE AN OCCASIONAL ARTICE for the USCS LOG and this stimulates contact with kindred souls. Try to put together an exhibit, there’s lots of help in the USCS. THIS ALSO ESTABLISHES CONTACT WITH COLLECTORS. I’VE OBTAINED SOME OF MY MOST FAVORITE STUFF THIS WAY. GOOD LUCK and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have for nearly eighty years.
  • Dan Goodwin (24 Nov 2015 7:37am EST) : Bob Nelson, your collecting interests are fine. One of my interests is ships with Dec. 25 postmark. Collecting Lincoln is not at all strange. We have a member that collects Teddy Roosevelt. Good luck and welcome to the chat.
  • Rob Nelson (Member) (23 Nov 2015 11:30pm EST) : Hi everyone. I am pretty new here. First time to chat. I am a former naval officer and enlisted both.My interest is in the following:

    My main interests are
    1) Any ship celebrations of Lincoln
    2) USS Lincoln (both the CVN and SSBN)

    Other interests include
    3) USS Wyandott (My grandfather’s ship)
    4) USS Ray SSN
    5) USS Chicago (Battleship that was sunk at Guadalcanal)
    6) WWII Battleships
    7) WWII Submarines (especially Shark, Thresher)
    8) Guam related items

    I don’t know if it is common for people to collect naval covers based on a topi such as “LINCOLN” vs being ship specific or type o of ship etc. I like Lincoln stuff.

    Please let me know what you think and also if you have anything interesting.

  • lbbrennan (23 Nov 2015 3:15pm EST) : If anyone is interested in my article “Spilling the Secrets” here is the link to the Naval Historical Foundation edition, slightly expanded from an earlier version published in the USCS LOG>http://www.navyhistory.org/2013/02/spilling-the-secret-captain-morton-seligman/
  • lbbrennan (23 Nov 2015 3:10pm EST) : Rich, There are some openings in Grand Jury secrecy. There is pressure for a historical exception and this case, if any, fits the bill. I talked with Elliot Carlson years ago when we gave him the Roosevelts Book award for an earlier effort and he read my article “Spilling the Secret”. I submitted a FOIA request to USN and Justice and got nothing back. The report re the Grand Jury proceedings by the Asst AG and the Special Counsel were helpful. I never saw them until last week. Best, Larry
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2015 12:36pm EST) : BMCM Rich: how did you thicken your blood to come north? I am suffering with temps at 40, as if I am above the arctic circle after returning from Florida. I’m dressing like an Eskimo and still freezing.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2015 12:34pm EST) : FYI. In the last two days I listed 100 maritime/merchant ship post cards on eBay, all donated by Martin Longseth. eBay seller patchesnaval, proceeds to USCS. Also have some Bill Everett cachets listed under cgcoverguy, proceeds to the Decatur Chapter.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2015 12:19pm EST) : Larry, you are right. I’m now thinking we will never get those transcripts involving the Grand Jury and the USS Lexington, press problems. Gotta protect even newer grand jury deliberations, and if this crack in the ice prevails, much truth could come flowing forward, which some in power would not want released, ever.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2015 12:13pm EST) : Speaking of lawyers, I received a post card check for 12.32 in a class action settlement through the Online DVD Rental Claims Administrator. Didn’t even recall I was part of the lawsuit.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2015 12:10pm EST) : Larry, glad to hear your wife is coming home. Hope she is feeling better. Drugs are good, sometimes. But, I spend too much time focusing on the negative comments, broadcast on TV drug commercials. Seems most newly developed meds (for almost any malady you think you might have) can kill you, cause suicide or something else can go wrong or fall off! And then there are all the Lawyer commercials, telling you to call 1-800-Bad Drug that seem to run right behind the latest drug for skin disorders and or high blood pressure.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Nov 2015 12:03pm EST) : Still trying to track down my THOMAS HUDNER DDG-116 covers for Keel Laying at Bath Maine. The Navy delayed DDG-115 and DDG 116, trying to in some way relieve the BIW work force, who had been balancing the construction of these two vessels and DDG-1000 and DDG-1001, even threatening the cancellation of DDG-1002 which is nearly 50% complete. (My tax dollars at work). In any event, the new K/L date for DDG-116 was on 11-16-15. In tracking down the covers, I found out that Bath has shifted the cancelling responsibilities to one of their RMPO (Remotely Managed Post Offices), a 4 hour office nearby. The O-I-C at Sebasco Estates will now be applying the Bath ME hand cancels we write for. But your covers should still be sent to Bath Maine.
  • lbbrennan (23 Nov 2015 10:35am EST) : Craig, Get the Secretary to restore your initial number. You are not alone with that problem. Larry
  • lbbrennan (23 Nov 2015 10:34am EST) : Thanks Craig for your posting.
  • lbbrennan (23 Nov 2015 10:33am EST) : Rich, Don’t hold your breath. The case is being briefed before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal. Perhaps they will decide the middle of 2016. IF they affirm the release of the Grand Jury records I expect that the US will petition for certiorari to the Supreme Court. I would be pleased to see the records within a year. The memo from the Assistant Attorney General and the other memo from the Special Prosecutor are full of new material. Perhaps I need to revise my article and explore the fourth hypothesis how Johnson got the information. Strange case. If this had been a court martial there would have been classification issues but not grand jury secrecy issues. I think the old procedure under the articles for the government of the Navy were similar to the Article 32 proceedings under the UCMJ.
  • Lb brennan (22 Nov 2015 9:28am EST) : Safe trip BMCM The old USCS flying circus?
  • BMCMJONES 3933 (21 Nov 2015 10:49pm EST) : Just looked out the window and I have about 2 inches of snow on the van. Still snowing all night.
    On vacation about 200+ miles north of Buffalo. The nice thing about the snow is we can leave it and head back to Florida after Thanksgiving in Lexington.
  • Lb brennan (21 Nov 2015 2:48pm EST) : Who wants the criticism for exhibiting Rich see you and the wandering Quakers on 1 December, ayatollah permitting She’s on the way home and I’m at the pharmacy
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Nov 2015 11:07pm EST) : Geez Louise, sounds like work. Put an exhibit together for Americover ’16? Where to start. Custom printed borders for pages? Sort through thousands of covers to see which ones would please the judges. Or, pick out those I like and do it for my own enjoyment no matter what the judges think. Blank pages? Computer printed descriptions vs typed? Not sure where I stashed my typewriter anyway. Plus, where would I go to replace my black and red ribbon? How about exhibiting USS Nicotine covers? Sounds perfectly not politically correct. I like that!
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Nov 2015 10:55pm EST) : NJ Chapter meeting scheduled for Dec 1 at the home of Phil Schreiber at 7PM. Some Quakers will be traveling North to attend. It is a scary ride, we have to almost traverse the grounds of Rutgers.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Nov 2015 10:50pm EST) : I don’t think Lot # 524 in the Dutch Country Auctions (sold for 95.00) was the property of RDR. I believe it may be from a collection I saw at Portland that a USCS member won in an auction conducted during the show in May (USCS Convention). An auction that was not attended by other USCS members or it would have sold for much more at that show. I doubt it presently contains everything that I saw in it at the show.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Nov 2015 10:37pm EST) : Read the petition and Judges decision to release the Grand Jury deliberations in the 1942 case. When do we get to read the Grand Jury records on this case?
  • Steve Shay (20 Nov 2015 10:17pm EST) : Craig, you may have gotten a nice lot but I doubt that was Bob’s. John is right, Paul Huber bought his exhibit. But it looks like you got a good price for the lot.
  • Craig Martin (20 Nov 2015 8:24pm EST) : I won Bob’s BB-3 exhibit! It will stay in the USCS family. Now there’s even a historical simulation boardgame w/ BB-3 in it: “Remember the Maine!” (Avalanche Press. Hey don’t laugh, have you ever seen the complexity of some these “wargames.”) Let me introduce myself. Dave Kent got me started back in Waterbury, CT. It is true that If I could have gone into the Navy, I would have. But I’ve been on Prednisone since age 10. And I have cerebral palsy in one side. I have to dream in terms of “Wooden Men & Iron Ships, etc, etc.” I actually used to be a show dealer Ugh. BTW, I know Paul & Becky Huber from a couple of stamp shows I worked in the Northeast. Nice people. I live in Desert Hot Springs, CA now- a bit of a change.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Nov 2015 7:21pm EST) : Still no Coast Guard pictorials except for Mobile. I thought they may have been lost. I was going to mail them locally here in Pittsburgh but I ended up carrying them in my pickup on a trip up to north central PA. I put them in a mail box in a small, small town with only a couple of houses. I wasn’t sure if they ever left there…. maybe they didn’t.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Nov 2015 7:13pm EST) : Two covers arrived today with nice cancels. The first is from USS Cole DDG 67 (Oct 29, 2015) and the second is from the USS Chancellorsville CG 62 (Oct 7, 2015). Both are the old type cancels but nicely done. This is the first cover I have received from the USS Chancellorsville CG 62 in years. I’ll bet I sent six or seven times over the past several years. They must have a new person handling the mail.
  • Craig Martin #12377 (20 Nov 2015 5:23pm EST) : There must be a Log where Bob wrote on why he collected BB-3, no? I myself collect CV-3 because in a simulation boardgame (“Midway” by Avalanche Press,} Big Stripe as Sara was known, along w/ Big E and Lady Lex won the mythical Battle of Wake Is. on Dec. 20-22, 1941. Sara survived, the other two carriers did not. The AAR w/ juxtaposed covers could be a nice “what if” article. Now I just have to get the covers!:) Right now I’m buying AR-9 Delta covers for my uncle, Lt jg. Paul “Gerry” Maurer, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
  • Craig Martin #11112, 12377 (20 Nov 2015 4:39pm EST) : Eeenteresting.
  • John Young (20 Nov 2015 4:27pm EST) : As far as I know, Rawlin’s USS Oregon exhibit was sold to Paul Huber, along with all his other exhibits.
  • Craig Martin #11112, 12377 (20 Nov 2015 2:42pm EST) : Gents:I know that Bob Rawlins stuff is being auctioned off by Dutch Country today. How do I know? Who else has a specialized BB3 collection? This comprises one lot (#524.) Then there is a load of material in the Naval Cover section that is obviously some collector’s mighty lifetime collection. The BB3 stuff is going for only $60.00 at present but I do not know what I would do w/ it. It just is a shame that Bob’s prized BB3 collection is going that low. Best, Craig
    (I list two numbers because I let my membership lapse one year [illness]. But I guess I’ll go w/ #12377)
  • lbbrennan (20 Nov 2015 2:37pm EST) : If anyone is still interested in the saga of the Chicago Tribune and the publication of an account of the breaking of the Japanese Code in June 1942, here is a link to a site discussing a recent Court Opinion ordering the release of the Grand Jury Minutes including the testimony of a number of naval officers including Commander Morton T. Seligman, USN, former XO of USS Lexington (CV 2).
  • lbbrennan (19 Nov 2015 3:30pm EST) : Dan, Good idea. I cannot eat turkey. Assuming the Ayatollah gets released from the hospital, Mary Kate will come home and cook for her mother. Her sister Elizabeth will assist, designated taster. The dog and I will stay out of the way. We have ham and a turkey breast. A lot for four people and the dog shouldn’t have much human food. He is about 7 months old and a lot of the rich holiday food isn’t good for him for really for us.
  • lbbrennan (19 Nov 2015 3:28pm EST) : Kidnapped. No ransom notes posted.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Nov 2015 10:14pm EST) : Nothing in the pounds of mail on my dining room table from Astoria OR or Newport OR for August 4 USCG Anniversary. Perhaps covers on a “slow boat to China”?While our Navy is not doing well with China, I read that the U S Coast Guard is tasked with working with China Coast Guard on like projects, such as pollution. For now, China Coast Guard vessels are and have been unarmed. But, recently the Chinese Navy has laid up some frigates that will be transferred to the China Coast Guard. This seems problematic, as they will carry arms, and it is thought they will be tasked with enforcing the Chinese maritime claims. So it seems to me that “buddying up” with the China Coast Guard is not a good thing to get into.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Nov 2015 10:06pm EST) : Saw a message that our “Cape Cod Mouse” s in the Cape Cod Hospital with an infection. I wish him well and a quick recovery.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Nov 2015 10:04pm EST) : OK, back home after wife kidnapped me and took me to FL for 19 days. If you have unanswered mail or orders not filled, well, it’s Peggy’s fault!
  • Dan Goodwin (18 Nov 2015 1:25pm EST) : No turkey for us this year. The three of us will cook a small chicken. Christmas is when my house is so full of family that you have to make an appointment to use the bathroom.
  • lbbrennan (18 Nov 2015 9:59am EST) : Quiet days here. Guess it is time to sharpen knives and pick turkeys.
  • John Young (15 Nov 2015 3:12pm EST) : Sunday morning: Hope all is quit in the French Republic as they prepare to bury
    their dead.
  • guest_6131 (15 Nov 2015 5:11am EST) : Hello, I am new member trying to view scans of covers in the current USCS Auction #10-15 but get “not found “when typing in http://tinyurl.com/p8c4b7e..Any advice?
  • guest_6131 (15 Nov 2015 5:07am EST) : Hello, I am new member trying to view scans of current USCS Auction #10-15.
    I am typing in http://tinyurl.com/p8c4b7e but getting not found. Any suggustions?
  • Lbbrennan (14 Nov 2015 7:32pm EST) : Sounds like the French mean war Ugly development
  • John Young (14 Nov 2015 1:31am EST) : Probably do nothing except hold a candle-lite vigil outside Notre Dame
  • Stewart B. Milstein (13 Nov 2015 9:39pm EST) : I wonder how the French will react to the terrorist attack in Paris?
  • Lbbrennan (12 Nov 2015 9:09pm EST) : Rich not much here not even a Veterans Day comment
  • John Young (12 Nov 2015 1:11pm EST) : Time to think about exhibiting at next year’s convention at AMERICOVER ’16Should be a great show with 3 great organizations- USCS (navals), ASPP (polar philately) & MPHS (war covers)
  • Jimmy Jordan (12 Nov 2015 6:23am EST) : Thanks Thad and Rich. That makes me feel better. These were late announcements and the PO probably had to scramble to get a rubber stamp ready.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Nov 2015 9:34pm EST) : I only received the USCG Mobile, AL cancel. Others not back yet.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Nov 2015 8:37pm EST) : Not much going on here. Only 3 messages visible, earliest on 8 Nov. Perhaps my iPad can’t see more then that?
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Nov 2015 8:34pm EST) : Jimmy, my Mobile AL came back. I’m away till the 18th so I don’t know about thr rest.
  • Jimmy Jordan (11 Nov 2015 9:50am EST) : Have I had bad luck or are they just slow? Anyone received covers?So far cancel requests have not been returned from the following Post Offices:

    Aug 4 USCG Mobile Al
    Aug 4 USCG Newport OR
    Aug 4 USCG Astoria OR
    Aug 18 USCG Pensacola FL
    Aug 18 USCG Rockland ME

  • Lbbrennan (08 Nov 2015 3:21pm EST) : Guest and captain Pete Leenhouts have connected about the cover Pete posted we can meet other people interested in navy issues when we use technology
  • guest_7072 (07 Nov 2015 10:00am EST) : Re my message just now, I got the link to the envelope image wrong. Here it is:
  • guest_7072 (07 Nov 2015 9:52am EST) : Dear USCS
    I am a freelance writer in Oxfordshire, England writing an article for the UK’s Stamp Magazine about unusual mail and I would like to ask your permission to include this picture which ‘Old Salt’ put on Flickr –
    a much-readdressed letter trying to get to a sailor (see link below). If you are happy for me to use it, how would I credit you?
    John Wright
  • lbbrennan (06 Nov 2015 6:18pm EST) : Great work and good authors. Thanks BMCM
  • bmcmjones 3933 (05 Nov 2015 4:55pm EST) : WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy released online Nov. 4, its recently-published, two-volume history of U.S. naval aviation.United States Naval Aviation 1910-2010 by Mark L. Evans and Roy A. Grossnick (2015, ISBN 978-0-945274-87-2, hardback, two volumes) is the Naval History and Heritage Command’s fourth update to the original history which was initiated in 1960. That first issue celebrated the first 50 years of United States naval aviation and this two-volume set commemorates the centenary.

    Previous editions have proved an invaluable first-stop research tool to aviation, naval and military historians. This latest update breaks U.S. naval aviation history into two volumes: Chronology and Statistics. Both have greatly increased content over the previous version beyond simply including years not previously covered. New and expanded research makes these the definitive volumes on U.S. naval aviation’s first century.

    This and other free Naval History and Heritage Command publications can be found at: http://www.history.navy.mil/research/publications/recent-publications.html.

    Hard bound copies of the book are available from the Government Publishing Office Website:

    About the Authors:
    Mark L. Evans is a Navy veteran and historian who researches and writes the histories of the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships for the Naval History and Heritage Command. His professional writing also includes several books: The Most Illustrious Name The USS Enterprise (CVN-65); Volume I of United States Naval Aviation 1910-2010 (with Roy A. Grossnick); and Great World War II Battles in the Arctic; as well as numerous papers and articles. He resides in Virginia.

    Roy A. Grossnick, former head of the Naval Aviation History Branch, Naval History and Heritage Command, is a Navy veteran and holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point and Madison. He is a recipient of the Arthur W. Radford Award for Excellence in Naval Aviation History and Literature for creating the Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons series and authoring the first volume in 1995. Mr. Grossnick worked on the third edition of United States Naval Aviation, 1910-1980, and was the guiding author for the 1910-1995 update. After his retirement in 2008, he continued to work for the command as a historian/archivist consultant and is responsible for researching and updating Volume II, the statistics for United States Naval Aviation, 1910-2010.

  • Don Tjossem (05 Nov 2015 3:00am EST) : 5 November 1945Ensign Jake C. West, embarked with VF-51 on board USS Wake Island (CVE 65) for carrier qualifications with the FR-1 aircraft, loses power on the forward radial engine shortly after taking off, forcing him to start his rear engine. Returning to his ship, he makes a successful landing, thus becoming the first jet landing on board an aircraft carrier.


  • lbbrennan (04 Nov 2015 7:23pm EST) : Bob, I need to let him out around 500 AM It may make his life, and mine, a bit easier. He is about six months old and I thought he was house broken but the past week or so he has regressed. At least it isnt like the dog I had when I was in grammar school who ate the $5.00 Hamilton Stamp that I had saved up to buy at the Post Office. Someone said that stamps had a glue that dogs liked. I have a few naval covers that have bulldog tooth impressions but they were protected by the plastic sleeves. Dogs don’t like wrappers.I may make a train at a civilized hour this evening. I could use half an hour nap on the way home. I had hoped that things would ease up a bit after Friday but now it looks like a few more weeks or months of sprinting at work. No complaints but a bit of a weekend break would help and I promised an editor of the NJ Postal History Journal an article about USS Oklahoma that was built by NY Shipbuilding before World War I.
  • Bob Lamb (04 Nov 2015 11:39am EST) : My dog does not have a stomach reset button either.
  • lbbrennan (04 Nov 2015 10:04am EST) : really quiet time here. Glorious weather in NYC. Almost springlike. Going to last into Saturday. The puppy is confused by the end of Daylight savings time. Why do humans make him wait an extra hour to go out and to have breakfast. He should enjoy the peace and quiet.
  • lbbrennan (03 Nov 2015 6:36pm EST) : For those who try to obtain covers from ships a “current” unclassified edition of the SDNL (Standard Navy Distribution List) can be found at http://www.navy.mil/sndl/table.htm Hope this is of help in your cover hunting. l
  • lbbrennan (03 Nov 2015 1:33pm EST) : quiet times here again. Glorious day in NYC. Warm almost perfect weather.
  • lbbrennan (02 Nov 2015 7:15pm EST) : Suspected El Faro Wreck Found Upright, in One PieceBy MarEx 2015-11-01 13:15:09

    A search team on board the USNS Apache has found the wreckage of a vessel that they believe to be the cargo ship El Faro, which went missing on October 1 during Hurricane Joaquin. The vessel was located at a depth of about 15,000 feet in the vicinity of its last known position.

    Sophisticated sonar equipment towed from Apache first detected what are believed to be images of the vessel using Orion, a side-scanning sonar system, at about 1:36 pm ET on October 31 during the fifth of 13 planned search line surveys.

    To confirm the finding, specialists on Apache will use CURV 21, a deep ocean remotely operated vehicle (ROV), to survey and confirm the identity of the wreckage.

    The target identified by Orion is consistent with a 790-foot cargo ship, which from sonar images appears to be in an upright position and in one piece.

    On Sunday, the U.S. Navy salvage team prepared to launch the ROV. The team’s mission is to document the shipwreck and any debris field and to retrieve the sunken vessel’s voyage data recorder as part of an investigation into its loss, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

    If human remains are encountered during the submersible operation the Navy will attempt to recover them, NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson said.

    On October 23, after arriving at the last known position of El Faro, specialists on Apache placed a towed pinger locator (TPL) into the water and began slowly traversing the area according to a preset search pattern in hopes of picking up sounds of the pinger from El Faro’s voyage data recorder.

    After three days without any indication of a pinger signal, the TPL was withdrawn from the ocean and Orion was put in the water in an attempt to locate El Faro with sonar technology, which creates sonar images from the processing of sound patterns.

    If the vessel is confirmed to be El Faro, CURVE-21, outfitted with a video camera will start the documentation of the vessel and the debris field and attempt to locate and recover the voyage data recorder. Those operations are expected to take up to 15 days to complete in ideal conditions but could take longer depending on weather and conditions encountered during the documentation process.

    There were 28 Americans and five Polish crewmembers on board at the time of the vessel’s disappearance. The search for survivors was called off on October 7.

    The El Faro was 36 nautical miles northeast of Acklins and Crooked Islands, Bahamas, and close to the eye of Hurricane Joaquin. The ship was en route from Jacksonville, Florida, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, with a cargo of containers and vehicles.

    Just minutes before distress alerts were received, the El Faro master had called TOTE’s designated person ashore and reported that the ship was experiencing some flooding. He said the crew had controlled the ingress of water but the ship was listing 15 degrees and had lost propulsion. The Coast Guard and TOTE were unable to communicate further with the ship.

  • Glenn Smith (02 Nov 2015 12:02pm EST) : November LOG:The November edition of the USCS LOG had some great news for naval cover collectors, specifically the highly impressive list of awards. By my count there were two gold and one vermeil award at the Greater Houston Stamp Show, and one gold, one vermeil, and two silver naval cover awards at Baltimore’s BALPEX. Plus some other recognition, as well.

    Hopefully, this will set a new trend of naval cover exhibits receiving the credit that, in my opinion, has been long overdue. This list of awards should serve to encourage more of our USCSers to take the time to build some exciting exhibits of the fabulous material we all know that our members hold!

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (01 Nov 2015 10:55pm EST) : Nice cachets and clear strikes on November’s covers of the month
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (31 Oct 2015 6:02pm EDT) : 300+ eLOGs have been sent to those who request that format. Something to read between Trick or Treaters tonight.Looking for articles and research for the 2016 Log run. What do you have to share with our readers?
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (29 Oct 2015 11:50pm EDT) : The Navy will christen its newest guided-missile destroyer Rafael Peralta, Saturday, Oct. 31, during a 10 a.m. EDT ceremony at General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Oct 2015 9:19pm EDT) : FYI, I know someone will ask, there was no pictorial submitted for MILWAUKEE.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Oct 2015 9:11pm EDT) : The noise sounds like a crowd mumbling. Or, perhaps gremlins in my PC?
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Oct 2015 9:10pm EDT) : I notice that when I hit “say it” there is an audible signal. Not sure I ever noticed that before. Speakers happen to be at 100% so perhaps that is the reason?
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Oct 2015 9:08pm EDT) : Test
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Oct 2015 9:08pm EDT) : A great meeting at Phil’s home. Did pick up a few covers that will fit into my collection. One, a THRESHER launch cover has what looks like a business card mounted on the cover with photo corners. Interesting way to do a cachet. See you guys at the next meeting in December.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Oct 2015 9:05pm EDT) : Nov. 1, 1915 is the anniversary date. A certain Marine probably already has covers in Beaufort post office for cancels.
  • lbbrennan (29 Oct 2015 3:23pm EDT) : Master Chief Young. A great meeting and a great celebration of the contributions of Captain Rommel. We are the first multi-time zone chapter meeting in USCS history.Master Chief Jones The USMC changed the spelling of Paris Island to Parris Island just after WW I. I have some postmarks and an article in the works.
  • John Young (29 Oct 2015 6:50am EDT) : A first for the USCS occurred Tuesday night (27 OCT 2015) when Stewart Milstein attended the chapter meeting, via phoneAnother great meeting- even found some covers
  • bmcm Jones 3933 (27 Oct 2015 11:46am EDT) : For members interested in the Marines
    Special report
    A special report on the past and present of Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island on its 100th anniversaryhttp://www.islandpacket.com/news/local/community/beaufort-news/bg-military/article39395994.html
  • lbbrennan (27 Oct 2015 9:27am EDT) : Happy Navy Day to all.
  • lbbrennan (27 Oct 2015 9:27am EDT) : One of our members has been hacked and there are multiple strange postings on the USCS facebook site in his name. Be careful; this may be related to other hacks reported recently by some members. Another reason why this chat room is essential to our membership.
  • Glenn Smith (27 Oct 2015 4:18am EDT) : USCG Loran Station French Frigate Shoals must have been one of those great Coast Guard duty stations. Did you have it as #1 on your “dream sheet,” John?
  • Stewart B. Milstein (26 Oct 2015 10:11pm EDT) : I wsill attend tomorrow’s NJ Chapter meeting by phone from AZ. They have a circuit that I sent before I left Brooklyn.
  • John Young (26 Oct 2015 9:53am EDT) : Visited Coast Guard Chapter #111 on Facebook- glad to see we have 21 members and great covers provided by
    members.Lloyd Ferrel is doing an article on USCG Loran Station French Frigate Shoals & I provided several covers

    Station was in operation 1943/44 to 1975 and was re-supplied by USCGC KUKUI (WAK 186)

  • bmcm Jones 3933 (25 Oct 2015 9:10pm EDT) : Reminder–
    Please complete and mail the USCS Survey found in the middle of October’s LOG.
    OR complete the on-line suvey at the link found in the President’s message in October LOG.Thank you.
  • John Young (25 Oct 2015 10:34am EDT) : Looking forward to New Jersey Chapter meeting to be held on Navy Day 2015.
    (Tuesday, October 27, 2015)Phil Schreiber’s apartment:
    123 S. Adelaide Ave. Highland Park NJ

    Time: 7:30PM

    What’s there? Friends, snacks & covers

  • Don Tjossem (24 Oct 2015 11:43pm EDT) : USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) is commissioned at Newport News, Va.http://www.navy.mil/local/cvn71/
  • Don Tjossem (24 Oct 2015 12:03am EDT) : http://www.afdcs.org/americover/2016.html
  • Don Tjossem (24 Oct 2015 12:00am EDT) : According to Foster Miller:AFDCS SETS AMERICOVER 2016 FOR WASHINGTON, DC, AREA
    Show Hotel Rates Once Again Below $100
    The American First Day Cover Society, the world’s biggest non-profit organization of FDC collectors, has chosen Falls Church, Va., a Washington, DC, suburb, for its 2016 show and convention. The AFDCS will be joined by the Universal Ship Cancellation Society, which will hold its annual convention at Americover 2016.
    Americover 2016 will be held at the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park August 19-21, 2016.
    The official hotel rates for every Americover have been below $100, and that will be true for the 2016 edition: $99, good from Wednesday through Sunday nights. Parking is free. In-room wi-fi service is free to Marriott Rewards members. Although Americovers run for three days, there will be a special tour on the preceding Thursday and a post-show dinner event Sunday evening.
    Americover 1997 and Americover 2008 were held at the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park. The Washington, DC, area has very strong interest in first day covers, and boasts one of the AFDCS’ most active chapters, the Robert C. Graebner Chapter.
    “Some of our most successful Americovers were held in Northern Virginia, and this should be another good one,” said AFDCS President Lloyd de Vries. “If you collect covers, this is the place to be, because virtually all the major FDC dealers, exhibitors and collectors will be here.”
    All Americovers are World Series of Philately shows dedicated to first day covers and the fun of stamp collecting. Locations move around the country: Last year’s show was held in Columbus, Ohio, the year before that, in Somerset, NJ.
    For more information on any of the Americover shows, visit the AFDCS website at afdcs.org, send e-mail to showinfo@afdcs.org or write the AFDCS at PO Box 16277, Tucson, AZ 85732-6277.
  • Mike Brock (23 Oct 2015 2:13am EDT) : guest_4711
  • guest_4711 (23 Oct 2015 2:12am EDT) : Americover 201661st Annual Convention & Exhibition

    Hosting the USCS Annual Convention

    August 19, 20, 21, 2016

    Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park

    3111 Fairview Park Drive

    Falls Church, VA 22042

  • Stewart B. Milstein (22 Oct 2015 3:08pm EDT) : Next time I post here I will be in AZ.
  • guest_8327 (21 Oct 2015 2:31pm EDT) : I am sending you an email. Thanks!
  • Stewart B. Milstein (20 Oct 2015 6:05pm EDT) : Guest_5756 – I am at sbmilstein@gmail.com. I can give you info and / or assistance in disposing of this collection.
  • lbbrennan (20 Oct 2015 12:53pm EDT) : Guest-5756you may wish to contact the USCS Sales Circuit Manager, Stewart Milstein, who helps estates and heirs with their family members’ collections. If interested please contact me at Lawrence.brennan7@gmail.com
  • guest_5756 (20 Oct 2015 11:45am EDT) : My uncle was a collector of naval postmarks. He has around 20,000 of them. Would anyone be interested in purchasing them or know where I can sell them. There are too many of them for me to sell on ebay. Any information you can provide would be helpful. Thanks!
  • Bob Lamb (20 Oct 2015 10:29am EDT) : Is there an British equivalent to DANFS on line?
  • Mike Meister (19 Oct 2015 4:48pm EDT) : Covers arrived from the USS San Antonio that I sent out in May of 2013!
  • John Young (19 Oct 2015 11:01am EDT) : Returned home from Southern trip that included 4 days at Wrightsville Beach,
    Friday night football, girls soccer game & North Carolina Chapter#99 meetingSorry I left before their Round Robin, but had to see grand-daughter’s game

    Bob McGovern’s southern hospitality included food & a beer. Enjoyed seeing
    Jim Hanson, Bill Lowe & Bill Wladyka
    again. Too the two Bills- thanks for your
    Coast Guard First Day covers

    Have a great fall & mild winter.

  • bmcm jones 3933 (18 Oct 2015 5:28pm EDT) : Sailors, veterans, family members and Naval Support Activity Washington staff gathered in the Cold War Gallery at the Washington Navy Yard to bid farewell to Display Ship Barry (DD933), Oct. 17.Naval Support Activity Washington hosted the departure ceremony, honoring the ship and its past crew members. The event served as the final send-off before the ship is towed down the Anacostia River for dismantling.
  • bmcm jones 3933 (17 Oct 2015 11:08am EDT) : The U.S. Navy accepted delivery of the future USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) during a ceremony at the Marinette Marine Corporation shipyard Oct. 16.Milwaukee is the sixth littoral combat ship to be delivered to the Navy and the third of the Freedom variant to join the fleet.

    Delivery marks the official transfer of LCS 5 from a Lockheed Martin-led team to the Navy. It is the final milestone prior to commissioning, which is planned for Nov. 21 in its namesake city.

  • bmcm jones 3933 (16 Oct 2015 4:28pm EDT) : November Log is at the printers for processing now.Last chance to have an article printed in the 2015 run of LOGS. Send me your articles now.

    Leaders of the USCS Chapters should send news, photos, contact info to be included in the December LOG.

    Congratulations to the newly approved Pearl Harbor Chapter.

  • Stewart B. Milstein (15 Oct 2015 6:56pm EDT) : I will be at the NE Regional this coming Sat, with lots of covers from the Sales Circuit.
  • bmcmjones 3933 (15 Oct 2015 10:25am EDT) : Bob LambThe direct link is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KMPKLCZ
  • Bob Lamb (15 Oct 2015 9:49am EDT) : I went to the Survey Monkey – but how do you find the individual survey?
  • Don Tjossem (14 Oct 2015 6:36pm EDT) : HERE YE! HERE YE!Please complete the USCS Project 2025 Member survey that was included in the October LOG.

    Paul Helman has worked very hard to compile this survey that will help carry the USCS on into the future. It won’t take very long and will help determine future directions we should take in planning the future.

    This survey was in the email LOG and hard copy of the LOG. Please complete it only once and send it to Paul.

    Thank-you for participating .

  • bmcmjones 3933 (14 Oct 2015 2:38pm EDT) : Guest 4919Address notes from GW Facebook

    GW Friends and Family,

    As of May 1, 2015, the USPS Mailing Address for your favorite Sailor has the following format:



    UNIT 100148 BOX ###

    FPO AP 96650

    You will need to contact your Sailor to get their specific BOX #. As of August 1, 2015, the current mailing address for USS GEORGE WASHINGTON will no longer be active, and letters/packages sent will be returned.

    We LOVE hearing from you all, and receiving the mail you send. As always, thank you for your support!


    Daughter has to give her Box number to you.

  • guest_4919 (14 Oct 2015 11:19am EDT) : Are the zip codes posted on your page, the most recent. My daughter is on the USS George Washington and is on the Southern Seas 2015. Would love to send a package, but the zip code she gave me is incorrect.
  • guest_4224 (13 Oct 2015 9:47am EDT) : hi
  • John Young (13 Oct 2015 9:47am EDT) : Good morning, Wrightsville Beach
  • john young (12 Oct 2015 10:25am EDT) : fly by
  • lbbrennan (09 Oct 2015 2:07pm EDT) : Will the First Lady participate in an event known as a Christening?
  • lbbrennan (09 Oct 2015 2:07pm EDT) : Great meeting. Hope we get our photo in the USCS LOG. A dozen looking for a baker? L:ots of great covers and friends, even one abandoning us for warmth at the end of the baseball season.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (07 Oct 2015 4:15pm EDT) : One of the downsides of being in AZ is not being able to attend NJ Chapter meetings. I will attempt to skype into the Nov meeting.
  • John Young (07 Oct 2015 3:24pm EDT) : Last night’s USS New Jersey Chapter meeting had a even “Dirty Dozen” who
    enjoyed brownies. sourdough pretzels
    and other assorted goodies.It was the last meeting for our B’klyn
    Snowbird” will be heading for his desert
    retreat in Arizona for the winter.

    We even found some time to look at covers, as Stewart had several circuits
    and Rich Hoffner came with donuts &
    a box of covers.

    Meeting was attended by the “usual suspects” from the tri-state area (NY, NJ & PA) and hosted by Phil Schreiber.

    Our resident psychologist (Dr. Marion Rollings) was excused one again, as
    she has late office hours on Tuesdays

    Do you think MEDICARE would cover office visits to a psychologist- there is a fine line between mental illness and collecting old envelopes with old
    canceled stamps

    We’re like “junkies” we never have enough

  • bmcmjones 3933 (06 Oct 2015 3:34pm EDT) : General Dynamics Electric Boat in christening Illinois (SSN-786), the U.S. Navy’s newest and most advanced nuclear attack submarine, at a ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 10, at 11 a.m.
  • Don Tjossem (06 Oct 2015 12:24pm EDT) : Today in Naval History 6 October 1984:USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730) is commissioned at New London, Conn. Originally named Rhode Island, the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine is renamed after the death of Sen. Henry M. Scoop Jackson. It is the only Ohio-class submarine not named after a state. The submarine is homeported at Bangor, Wash.
  • John Young (06 Oct 2015 7:30am EDT) : Good Morning, time for coffee & bagel
  • Goat Locker Trivia (John Young (05 Oct 2015 6:42pm EDT) : Evening colors: Tomorrow’s NJ Chapter Meeting- should be good one with many covers, cookies & other goodies
  • esink (03 Oct 2015 3:31pm EDT) : Glad to see the chatroom again…
  • lbbrennan (03 Oct 2015 10:06am EDT) : Hurricane will not hit shore in the northeast but we are having a Nor Easter. Looks like two US ships are missing in the Caribbean. Tough to be a sailor on an old ship in peril on the seas.
  • lbbrennan (03 Oct 2015 10:04am EDT) : John, Great find. Look forward to seeing this cover in the USCS LOG.Only see one or two postings at a time but a scroll bar to see more. Still logged I as a guest
  • Goat Locker Trivia (John Young (03 Oct 2015 6:47am EDT) : Found interesting cover with printed cachet- a photo of English “Nurse Edith Cavell” who was executed by Germans as being a spy on October 13, 1915. He ran a Nursing School in Belgium since 1906 and her students
    cared for soldiers on both sides.Her final words appear below photo
    “I have seen death so often that it is no stranger or fearful to me”

    Cachet maker unknown to me, but cover has penned addressee: Donald Graf, N. Tonawanda NY

    Don Graf ANCS #1750 was cover sponsor: 1937-51

    Its posted aboard USS DALE on Navy Day (28 OCT 1935) while destroyer at
    Washington DC

    During Navy Day 1935, navy mail clerks serviced covers on 10/27/35 (Sunday) and 10/28/35 (Monday)

  • Rich Hoffner (02 Oct 2015 10:27am EDT) : Peter Amster. Try uploading the cover on the USCS Facebook page. Perhaps seeing the cover will shed some light on the cancel.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Oct 2015 10:23am EDT) : Alfred E. Neuman (Mad magazine) used to say “What me worry?”. OK, so a Chinese SSBN deployed in the Pacific, a Soviet style spy ship off Kings Bay, China building a landing strip on a sand dune they built with a dozen dredges. Russia and Iran on the ground in Syria. Nearly all SE Asia nations scrambling to build submarines. And the Russian SSBN docking in Syria. What me worry, naw, probably all are just opportunities to send for covers. Anyone send for covers to either SSBN?
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Oct 2015 10:14am EDT) : Covers sent for the USCG Pictorial at Pensacola FL dated 8-18-15 returned, but canceled with a red bump of NAS Pensacola. Apparently my request was only partly read and someone forwarded my covers to the branch at the NAS. They are on the way back, with a pic of the page from the Postal Bulletin and a USPS form for a refund of 4.90.
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Oct 2015 10:11am EDT) : Getting desk cleared off in preparation the Nathan Hale NE Regional. Can’t wait to see some familiar east coast naval cover collectors, provided the rains in the area are not debilitating.
  • John Young (02 Oct 2015 9:56am EDT) : Looks like Jouquin is heading out to seaGood news for collector friends below the Mason-Dixon line

    October should be called “Naval Cover”
    month because the USCS (York Briddell)
    published his first newsletter 10/15/32
    and more cachets celebrating Navy Day
    & Teddy Roosevelt appeared on covers
    in 1932

    the USCS celebrated “Cover Week” in October, 1935 & 1936 usually during the week of Teddy Roosevelt’s birthday
    (October 27, 1858)

  • Dan Goodwin (01 Oct 2015 4:06pm EDT) : Larry, you nailed it on the P-3’s. My son used to ride back and forth between Pax River and Brunswick on those very same P-3’s.
  • lbbrennan (01 Oct 2015 2:22pm EDT) : Nice cover of the Month. A real mail VP and an old minesweeper.
  • lbbrennan (01 Oct 2015 2:20pm EDT) : Quiet times. Hurricane heading up the east coast? Batten down the hatches. Still reading the great October LOG. John leave the grits but bring me back some shrimp. Now you know why the P 3s were stationed in Key West and Brunswick Maine. Not to keep tabs on Soviet Submarines but to move shrimp from the south to the north and lobster from the north to the south.


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