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Online Chat Archives – September, 2015

  • John Young (30 Sep 2015 5:50am EDT) : Morning coffee, read the LOG & a day
    of working on December column.

    Due date- usually around 20th of each
    month but heading to Carolina for a week after the Jersey Chapter meeting

    Looking forward to Shrimp & Grits.

    An week at Wrightsville Beach, Friday
    Night football game & looking forward to
    attending the North Carolina Chapter
    meeting in Raleigh.

    Look their Round Robin game- each member donates $20.00 to the pot.

    They draw numbers 1 to 6, depending
    on the number attending and then pick
    covers from the table.

    The money in the pot is used to buy
    covers for the next meeting- heard
    they purchased a large lot of naval
    covers from somewhere

  • Dan Goodwin (29 Sep 2015 9:49pm EDT) : Glad to see that this is working again.
  • esink (29 Sep 2015 4:37pm EDT) : one entry in the chat forum
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Sep 2015 4:14pm EDT) : Log hard copy here in the Indian Valley, both First Class and Periodical class.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Sep 2015 4:12pm EDT) : Wow, several reported this site down. I tried twice and failed, then completed a message on our Facebook page, which included “uscs.org” and that left a shortcut on the posting. I clicked on that and got right in. Strange. A Kraken in the midst of the gremlins.
  • John Young (29 Sep 2015 2:21pm EDT) : eLog received yesterday and paper LOG arrived in lower Hudson Valley in
    today’s mail.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (28 Sep 2015 10:40pm EDT) : USS YDG 5
    Ex HMAS NAMBUCCA (misspelled in U.S. sources as NAWBUCCA or NAUBUCCA), ex merc. NAMBUCCA, wooden coaster or river steamer, launched 1936, 489 tons gross, 900 tons full load, 162.5′ oa, 154′ pp x 34.5′ x 8.3′, 2 screws, 2 compound steam engines (built circa 1899), 396 shp, 8.25 kts, 28 men, 1-12pdr 2-20mm (changed in American service to 4-20mm). Requisitioned by RAN 7 Nov 39, comm. 10 Jan 40, served as auxiliary minesweeper, and paid off and transferred to USN 19 Apr 43. Acquisition directed by BuShips and the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts on 23 Oct 42. Conversion to degaussing ship by Evans & Deakin, Brisbane, completed 31 Jul 44 and vessel placed in service. Inspected at Okinawa in November 1945 by USS BLACK HAWK (AD-9) which reported that she required major machinery repairs, her main propulsion plant was obsolete, her capabilities as a degaussing barge were limited, her wooden hull was old and in need of recaulking, and she was not safe for sea under her own power. The Board’s recommendation to strip locally and dispose of was approved by SecNav on 19 Dec 45. She was declared a total loss as of 30 Dec 45, decommissioned on 7 Feb 46, and destroyed on 8 Feb 46.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (28 Sep 2015 10:25pm EDT) : October eLOG has been sent.

    Some problem with Google kickbacks so let me know if you don’t get the eLOG in the next day or two.

  • guest_6969 (28 Sep 2015 5:58pm EDT) : Hello Folks, this is my first time accessing this website or contacting this Society. I acquired some WWII Army and Navy covers recently and I am trying to research the APO’s/FPO’s, the units/ships and any other interesting things about the covers. I’ve just started on the Navy covers and the first one is giving me some difficulty. The sender’s return address says USS YDG-5 and FPO San Francisco. The postmark is a typical circular one 21 mm in circumference w “U.S. Postal Service NO. 2” dated Dec. 13, 1944. I have found some info on the vessel, but I find nothing on US Postal Service No. 2. It is not shown in any of the US Navy FPO listings I have seen. The cancel looks more like some of the US Army cancels I’ve seen.
    Can anyone help me figure this one out?
    Regards and thanks
    Peter A. Amster
  • Mike Meister (28 Sep 2015 4:56pm EDT) : guest 8100 was me
  • guest_8100 (28 Sep 2015 4:56pm EDT) : Paper LOG arrived in Columbus today.
  • John Young (28 Sep 2015 9:19am EDT) : Looks like next New Jersey Chapter meeting will be Tuesday, October 6th
    just before the Brooklyn snow-bird (Stewart Milstein) departs for his desert retreat

    Visited the Clifton Stamp Show last Sat
    and only dealer with naval covers was
    “Coverman” and his son. Found a few
    covers to add to my Christmas collection

    Jimmy Jordan:
    Heading towards Wrightsville Beach &
    Raleigh in October. When does the NC
    Chapter meet.

  • Jimmy Jordan (28 Sep 2015 7:51am EDT) : Checking in.
  • lbbrennan (27 Sep 2015 10:51am EDT) : Quiet here. We need to pass the word that the chat room is up and back.
  • guest_1661 (27 Sep 2015 7:40am EDT) : Hi
  • lbbrennan (25 Sep 2015 5:10pm EDT) : HI and bye
  • Jimmy Jordan (25 Sep 2015 1:40pm EDT) : Rich Hoffner: I’ll send you my covers as soon as they all come back. There are still some stragglers out there especially the last batch to be listed in the Postal Bulletin.
  • John Young (24 Sep 2015 1:36pm EDT) : Greg Jacobs: Just got Cover Connection
    Auction today- he has a few hundred naval covers that he placed what he
    thinks they are worth ($6.50 to $10.00)

    Only problem- just name of ship & date of cancel (nothing else)

    From what I see- you would do better
    on Bid Start- there you get a photo of
    each cover and prices are fair

  • Rich Hoffner (24 Sep 2015 12:52pm EDT) : Just rechecked Facebook and got in. Perhaps it was overloaded with photos of Pope Francis in Washington DC.
  • Rich Hoffner (24 Sep 2015 12:45pm EDT) : I am putting together a new collection. The new USCG forever stamp. I have 55 covers in the collection so far. I am looking for covers that I do not have. If you produced a cover, please let me know as I would like to purchase one. All FD’s, even unofficial cancels and First Day of Sale cancels.
  • Rich Hoffner (24 Sep 2015 12:41pm EDT) : LBB, change the single vowel to what?
  • Rich Hoffner (24 Sep 2015 12:38pm EDT) : I notice the message box we read seems short, requiring a lot of work to read past messages. Was it always this short? It gives the appearance that not many messages exist, until one scrolls down a bit.
  • Rich Hoffner (24 Sep 2015 12:35pm EDT) : I remember John Lezak bringing covers to regionals loose in clothes baskets. His latest auctions seem to focus on stamps, not much in covers. Perhaps someone should ask him to attend the NE Regional in October. He probably has a hoard of moderately and low priced covers.
  • Rich Hoffner (24 Sep 2015 12:32pm EDT) : This is a first for me, reporting a site down. No, not our Chat or our website, but Facebook. When I sign onto my account, I get a message “Sorry Something Went Wrong”.
  • John Young (22 Sep 2015 8:32pm EDT) : Greg Jacobs: Did in the past, he used to do shows on east coast but it looks like he doing monthly auction.

    I haven’t seen mush in naval covers

  • Greg Jacobs (22 Sep 2015 7:19pm EDT) : Anybody do business with the Cover Connection?
  • John Young (22 Sep 2015 11:49am EDT) : Glad to see, chat page is back
  • Lbbrennan (21 Sep 2015 7:52am EDT) : If you google USCS and change the single vowel you’ll find links about a jv terrorist org
  • Stewart B. Milstein (20 Sep 2015 8:17pm EDT) : Long term planning means letting the person(s) who will be handling your estate know where the covers are, what they are worth, and WRITING down any special instructions (i.e. specific material to specific people).

    Short term planning means putting the covers in a cool dry place. If you are in an area prone to flooding, or storm surges, the higher off the ground the better.

    I do not know what the answer is for fire as a sprinkler system might save your house but ruin your covers. There are fire resistant storage lockers and safes, but they can be expensive.

    We are the stewards of these primary source documents. With stewardship comes the responsibility for caring for the covers.

  • Lbbrennan (20 Sep 2015 4:35pm EDT) : Stewart important question what are our plans for our collection Can we exhibit, write articles, talk at club and other meetings. Will our covers outlast us? What is the plan Thinking ahead need not be morbid Planning makes things easier and help impose order on chaos
  • Dan Goodwin (19 Sep 2015 8:13am EDT) : Stewart asks a very good question. Like most people, I have done very little to protect my stuff. How does one protect over 100 albums?
  • guest_4074 (19 Sep 2015 3:08am EDT) : fly by
  • Stewart B. Milstein (18 Sep 2015 5:16pm EDT) : As we approach the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, and as I view the devastating fires that afflict the western states, a question comes to mind, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SAFEGUARD YOUR PAPERS, PHOTOGRAPHS, AND COVERS IN CASE OF DISASTER?”
  • Don Tjossem (18 Sep 2015 11:51am EDT) : Walk by
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (18 Sep 2015 9:15am EDT) : Fly By … Today is Air Force birthday.
  • Dan Goodwin (18 Sep 2015 8:17am EDT) : Drive by (can’t fly).
  • Glenn Smith (18 Sep 2015 7:04am EDT) : FSCM: Gee, I did not know that you were an Airedale!
  • guest_2981 (john Young) (18 Sep 2015 4:30am EDT) : Fly by
  • John Young (18 Sep 2015 4:27am EDT) : Fly by
  • John Young (18 Sep 2015 4:26am EDT) : fly by
  • Glenn Smith (17 Sep 2015 10:43pm EDT) : Welcome back, Chat Room. Hope all of your friends return!
  • Lbbrennan (17 Sep 2015 8:39pm EDT) : A resurrection
  • Dan G (17 Sep 2015 8:28pm EDT) : A pictorial is available 30 days from the date if issue. An extension of 30 days makes it a 60 day period. Therefore, Aug. 4 pm’s are available until Oct 4 (or thereabouts)
  • Jimmy Jordan (17 Sep 2015 6:07pm EDT) : Rich – It has always been my assumption that the extension is from the date of the postmark. Below is the complete text from Handbook PO-230 Pictorial Postmarks about cancel extensions. It appears to me that the intent is to time availability from the date of the postmark. No where in the handbook is there a reference to the date of Postal Bulletin publication.

    Handbook PO-230

    9-3 Extending Mail-Back Service

    The standard period of mail-back service for a pictorial postmark is 30 days after the postmark date. However, requests for extending the period may be made by the sponsor, the postmaster, or the district manager (or designee). Requests must be approved by Stamp Services Pictorial Postmarks program manager.

    If the request is approved, an extension is normally made for 30, 60, or 90 days. Items submitted through the mail during the extension period are to receive the postmark, provided that they meet all other conditions for acceptance as discussed in 9-1-2 and 9-2. All extensions will be published in the Postal Bulletin.

  • Rich Hoffner (17 Sep 2015 12:28pm EDT) : I have heard concerns expressed about extensions in the Postal Bulletin here and on the Facebook page. I believe that when you see an extension it refers to the date of that postal bulletin, so the extension runs for thirty days after publication. I have seen extensions granted for 60 days and 90 days. It would be a good idea to list all late pictorials with a 90 day extension.
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Sep 2015 12:23pm EDT) : Is G R Ford post office opened yet? Some of the crew moved aboard on August 3rd.
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Sep 2015 12:13pm EDT) : I believe the Illinois SSN-786 website may be wrong. It is a Christening not a Commissioning for Illinois. She was launched on 6-27-15. She may be Commissioned on December 20. I have a pictorial in place for the Christening on Oct 10 (second design as earlier scheduled Christening date was delayed). Cancel designed by Wolfgang Hechler.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Sep 2015 10:25am EDT) : The new Postal Bulletin has the five Coast Guard pictorials listed for August 4th with a 30 day extension, but that has already pasted and the bulletin came out this morning. I will be sending anyway. Also, Decommission pictorial from USS Simpson FFG from Jacksonville is listed for September 29.
    Received pictorial from Norfolk for commissioning of USS John Warner SSN 785 under 30 day extension. They returned my original sending saying I missed the date.
  • Dan G (17 Sep 2015 7:30am EDT) : Thanks to those who made this site well again.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (16 Sep 2015 7:56pm EDT) : Glad the site is back up. It was down for some time. I thought it finally bought the farm….

    Website for USS Illinois SSN 786 says the commissioning will be October 10th at 11:00AM in Groton, CT. Will there be a special pictorial for the event???

    The old zip code for the PCU Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 was 09523-2807. Does anyone know the new zip code with the Unit Number?

  • Steve Shay (16 Sep 2015 7:37pm EDT) : Thank you Randy.
  • Randy (16 Sep 2015 6:47pm EDT) : Hi guys,

    I have the chat working as before, but haven’t managed to restore your previous posts yet. I’ll keep working on that. In the meantime it should be safe to use this now.


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