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Online Chat Archives – September – October, 2016

  • Tom Kean [Member] (02 Nov 2016 12:00am EDT) : Received hard copy of the LOG today.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Nov 2016 11:27am EDT) : And in case you have not noticed, “Chicken Little, the sky is falling” ! Don’t forget to vote!
  • ex-PMR from Earlington PA (01 Nov 2016 11:25am EDT) : I will ask again if Corpus CHristi TX was asked about the covers that did not return. Rich Hoffner
  • Your friendly ex-PMR from Earl (01 Nov 2016 11:24am EDT) : News about the 4-1-16 Corpus Christi TX 100th Anniv. U S Coast Guard Aviation pictorial cancels:

    Weigel, Cynthia M – Kansas City, MO

    8:40 AM (2 hours ago)

    to me

    Good Morning Mr. Hoffner,

    I received the stamp device from Corpus Christi today for the 100th Anniversary of the US Coast Guard Aviation Station. If you would like to send in all the covers that has bad cancels we will exchange them. You may also send any covers that did not receive a cancel and we will take care of everything here at SFS. If possible could you let me know when all covers have been sent to SFS. I apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused.

    Please mail all covers to:

    Stamp Fulfillment Services

    Cancellation Services Attention: Cynthia Weigel

    8300 NE Underground Drive, Pillar 210

    Kansas City, MO 64144-9998

    Thank You,

    Cynthia Weigel

    Unfortunately, the message did not address missing covers that were sent and never returned. Rich Hoffner

  • esink (31 Oct 2016 6:22pm EDT) : Great NOV hardcopy LOG issue received in central PA Susquehanna River area…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (31 Oct 2016 5:23pm EDT) : Covers received today – USS Makin Island LHD 8 – October 19, 2016 – Both covers were over inked and not collectible.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Oct 2016 4:56pm EDT) : 300 eLOGs have been sent.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Oct 2016 4:54pm EDT) : eLog received… Great issue Richard.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Oct 2016 9:12pm EDT) : Following covers arrived today – USS Chicago SSN 721 – 30th Anniversary – Norfolk, VA pictorial Sep 27, 2016 and USS Paul Hamilton DDG 60 – Excellent cancel – September 20, 2016. The covers coming back have been excellent cancels.
  • Rich Hoffner (28 Oct 2016 1:57pm EDT) : I had several questions about ILLINOIS commissioning date recently.

    Sorry to say I advised several members that the date had slipped into December.

    My Bad! It did not slip. The Commissioning is tomorrow. There is a pictorial in place for the event.

  • Keith MacKay (28 Oct 2016 12:19pm EDT) : I’m looking for US naval covers cancelled in my hometown, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, during the 1930s. Hoping to hear from someone who has some and willing to part with same. My email address is idolon1951@yahoo.ca.
  • Neal Mills (28 Oct 2016 10:53am EDT) : Received Murtha covers from the ship but nothing yet from Philadelphia.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Oct 2016 10:22am EDT) : Covers from commissioning of USS Detroit came yesterday from Detroit, nicely done. Hope the Murtha from Philadelphia arrive.
  • esink (27 Oct 2016 8:53pm EDT) : My MURTHA commissioning day (FPO)covers from the ship have not arrived yet…has anybody else besides Rich and Thad received theirs yet?
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Oct 2016 5:13pm EDT) : My CHEYENNE (9-13-16) came in today. Not the design as we submitted! The outer line was the shape of Wyoming. Someone “squared” it off, guess they thought they were being helpful!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Oct 2016 3:44pm EDT) : Rich – Texas SSN 775 – 10th Anniv, Cheyenne SSN 773 20th Anniv are the last received from Norfolk. Have Asheville SSN 758 25th Anniv, Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 30th Anniv., California SSN 781 5th Anniv still out. The Asheville is from 9/28.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Oct 2016 2:59pm EDT) : Does anyone know when MURTHA had FDPS?
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Oct 2016 2:58pm EDT) : Also have cover from MURTHA dated Oct 3, the date she arrived at Philadelphia’s Penns’ Landing.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Oct 2016 2:57pm EDT) : JOHN P MURTHA covers have an error on both cancels. This is a catalog variance. I would think that in a year or so we will see new cancels aboard with a “P” in the postmarks.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Oct 2016 2:53pm EDT) : Navy tells world to expect more missile attacks on ships. Seems they are not prepared to stomp out the threats, just warm sailors to expect the attacks to be the norm.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Oct 2016 2:52pm EDT) : I have left several updates about ZUMWALT hot having a post office aboard and she is reporting she will catch up to her postal equipment in San Diego and service covers on Commissioning Day. I now read she is staying on the east coast for further updates and crew training. So much for catching up with her postal equipment. Perhaps her SUPPO will simply ask for whatever is waiting for her in San Diego to be shipped east? Makes sense to me! Then again, with her being undermanned (can they admit that?), perhaps they did not even plan to have a post office. Undermanned, well, the LCS community did admit that the LCS ships are undermanned and changes are on the way to that community.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Oct 2016 2:45pm EDT) : I will probably be going to the USS New Jersey Chapter meeting next week with George Marcincin and Ron Finger. We have room for one more. Are you game? You won’t get home until approx. 1 AM. I have a USCS circuit here and will take it to the meeting.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Oct 2016 2:41pm EDT) : Several event covers are languishing in Norfolk VA. Has anyone had their covers returned? I think I have four anniversary dates sitting there.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Oct 2016 2:41pm EDT) : I have had several questions about a pictorial for USS ILLINOIS Commissioning. Date is 12-20-16 and there is a pictorial in place for Groton CT
  • Steve Shay (26 Oct 2016 8:32am EDT) : Frank, your cards were shipped yesterrday
  • guest_3262 (25 Oct 2016 11:45am EDT) : I have not received my order of USS Ranger and USS Constellation cancellation/post card.

    Frank Nolan

    I have been billed by PayPal

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (24 Oct 2016 7:16pm EDT) : Covers received today – USS Essex LHD 2 – Excellent cancel – October 18, 2016. Cancel USS Essex LHD 2 FPO AP 96643 in cancel with black ink and date of Oct 18, 2016 in red ink.
  • s. milstein (23 Oct 2016 10:20am EDT) : Sales Circuits will start going out again after Nov 1st. I am in transit to Tucson from Brooklyn.
  • s. milstein (23 Oct 2016 10:19am EDT) : A winter World Series – Cleveland and Chicago.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Oct 2016 5:20pm EDT) : While filing away the Carney covers I now see the why the COPE used April 13th – it’s the Carney’s anniversary of commissioning.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Oct 2016 5:10pm EDT) : Covers arrived today – USS Carney DDG 64 – April 13. 2016 (yes, April) – Excellent cancels – Returned all covers I had sent to them over the past year and with a note “sorry for the delay”. There is still hope for those covers out there.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Oct 2016 7:50pm EDT) : Elgin – Unit type from Gonzales must be real new since mine were with the old ships name from the mass mailing this summer. I too am going to send for the new unit cancel.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Oct 2016 7:48pm EDT) : Elgin – the covers I mentioned below were FDC from the ship – USS John P. Murtha LPD 26 – they were serviced perfectly. Yours are probably still on the way.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Oct 2016 7:47pm EDT) : Covers received today – USS John P Murtha LPD 26 – FDC – October 8, 2016 – Excellent cancel – Rich Hoffner cover service; USS Curtis Wilbur DDG 54 – Unit/FPO type cancel no ships name – August 23, 2016 – Excellent cancel.
  • esink (20 Oct 2016 1:32pm EDT) : Received OCT 12 USS GONZALES 20th Anniversary covers (with the original “First Day in Commission” cancel included)with the cancel used for the anniversary (which was new unit type ? cancel too light to be appreciated)…May send them back to see if they can be re-done.
  • esink (19 Oct 2016 6:56pm EDT) : Thad-…nor have I received my USS John P. Murtha LPD 26 commissioning day covers from the ship.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (18 Oct 2016 2:20pm EDT) : Elgin – Hope to get my Nitze covers as part of the mass mailing but so far nothing from her.
  • esink (17 Oct 2016 10:43pm EDT) : Nice FREE franks received today from USS NITZE DDG 94 with rubber stamp (unit) corner card, no ship cachet, and clear (no) unit (included) type ? cancel dtd SEP 12, 2016. USS NITZE was the ship that struck three radar sites last week on Yemen’s Red Sea coast because of recent missile launches threatening USS Mason and other vessels.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Oct 2016 8:21pm EDT) : I just noticed on the covers from the USS John P. Murtha LPD 26 that the cancel or the giant type 9 does not have the “P”. The cachet has USS John P. Murtha.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Oct 2016 2:31pm EDT) : USS John P. Murtha LPD 26 FDC covers arrived today – October 8, 2016 – Excellent cancel
  • esink (16 Oct 2016 10:10pm EDT) : Just bought the DECEMBER “Sea Classics” magazine which is a great special Pearl Harbor 75TH Anniversary issue…also included in the same issue is an interesting article on the Panay Sinking with two illustrated navy covers from that Yangtze gunboat era.
  • esink (15 Oct 2016 11:10pm EDT) : Just returned home from Baltimore for USS ZUMWALT commissioning ceremonies…very impressive ceremony with many dignitaries, navy (military and civilian) including SECNAV who delivered keynote speech. USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55) and USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109) as Fleet Week participants are docked next to the ZUMWALT…Blue Angels made several passes during the air show before the ceremony began. USS ZUMWALT is an unbelievable ship and quite a sight to behold!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Oct 2016 5:29pm EDT) : Covers received today – USS Laboon DDG 58 – Excellent cancel – August 18, 2016; USS Chafee DDG 90 – Excellent cancel – September 16, 2016.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (13 Oct 2016 7:37pm EDT) : Happy Navy Birthday
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Oct 2016 8:39pm EDT) : Covers received today from USS Ross DDG 71 – Excellent cancel – August 27, 2016. Covers have been slow in coming back from my mass mailing but the covers that have been returned for the most part have been excellent cancels.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (12 Oct 2016 12:08pm EDT) : Mike – Guest_9815. Back home now. As to the postcard you mentioned. The USS South Dakota (ACR-9) was an armored cruiser that was renamed in 1920 as USS Huron (CA-9). Much of what you see online about USS South Dakota is related to the World War II battleship – not the same ship on your postcard. At the time the postcard was dated she visited a number of countries in the Orient, including China. While envelopes/cancels can carry different values depending on scarcity (and other factors sometimes), all of the cancels from the USS South Dakota at the time are listed as either scarce or rare depending on their classification according to the 1997 5th Ed., of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society’s Catalog of United States Naval Postmarks. Eleven different cancels are shown from that ship in the catalog – one of which (LOCY Type 9w) is listed as in use from 1912 and R3 rare meaning only 6-10 covers known. The US Naval Cover Museum (navalcovermuseum.org) has a couple covers from the ship illustrated – you may want to look and see if any have similar cancels to yours. Also, I am curious as how the information about it being Independence Day (by the date in the cancel or the words inserted in the killer bars of the cancel or some other way) and also the location as Shanghai (again, words inserted in the killer bars of the cancel or part of the message on the card). I can’t help you with the value of the cover per se, but it is certainly not a common cover as far as I can tell and is a nice piece to have inherited. Best wishes.
  • John Young (12 Oct 2016 7:50am EDT) : Guest 755: Back in 1950, first class rate was three cents, but you could mail Christmas cards for two cents provided it was unsealed.

    You cover was probably canceled on the ship and dropped into the our mail
    system where it was over-canceled in

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Oct 2016 7:55pm EDT) : Covers arrived today – USS Gridley DDG 101 – Excellent cancels – September 28, 2016.
  • Rich H (08 Oct 2016 12:01pm EDT) : After seeing hulk and the missile damage to HSV-2 SWIFT, it apparent that our Navy must rethink their concept of the Littoral Combat Ship. Construction should stop immediately. Just ask the Brits about the HMS Sheffield during the Falklands War. Aluminum does not fare well in combat.
  • Rich H (08 Oct 2016 11:54am EDT) : I was,advised that they have ordered their postal supplies and will get them on arrival at San Diego.
  • Rich H (08 Oct 2016 11:51am EDT) : According to the Command Master Chief aboard Zumwalt, they have been advised by the Forces Postal Officer (no clue what that is) who visited that they are to cancel all covers sent for Commissiong when they get their postmarks. Could that be gundecking?
  • guest_755 (08 Oct 2016 10:52am EDT) : Howdy, I’m going through my dad’s stuff and found a box of “covers”. one in particular caught my attention due to it having 2 postage cancellations. the cover has the USS New Jersey celebrates Christmas 1950. one postmark is from the ship the other is a Brooklyn cancellation. any ideas why one envelope would carry two postmarks?



  • esink (07 Oct 2016 10:09pm EDT) : Followup on (06 Oct 2016 2:20pm EDT) posting: After sending this out, noted actual commissioning date for USS BUNKER HILL (CG-52)…(from more than one website) was 20 SEP, not 30 SEP as listed in anniversary section of LOGs…
  • Tom Kean [Member] (06 Oct 2016 7:29pm EDT) : Mike (Guest_9185). I am traveling right now but will reply with info when I get back next week.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (06 Oct 2016 7:19pm EDT) : Good luck Richard!
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (06 Oct 2016 2:57pm EDT) : Standing by for heavy seas here in East coast Flori duh.

    Beach side evacuated. Cooking turkey breast for supper while we have power.

  • esink (06 Oct 2016 2:20pm EDT) : Nice covers received today from USS BUNKER HILL (CG-52) done on 30th Anniversary SEP 30, 2016 with new unit type (?) cancel, ship cachet and hand-written corner card; also “directory service markings” and red cancel on back.
  • John Young (06 Oct 2016 8:19am EDT) : Sorry I missed New Jersey Chapter meeting last night
  • guest_1300 (06 Oct 2016 8:17am EDT) : Forgot to Log in JOHN YOUNG
  • guest_1300 (06 Oct 2016 8:16am EDT) : Larry, If memory selves me right look for September 1933, as there is a extra page containing a copy of USCS Constitution and By-Laws that was approved on September 30, 1932

    The first USCS Bulletin was dated October 15, 1832

  • Tom Kean [Member] (03 Oct 2016 5:42pm EDT) : My mailed LOG arrived on Monday 10/3/16 in great shape.
  • Rich guest_4418 Hoffner (03 Oct 2016 1:39am EDT) : Peggy’s periodical Log arrived Friday in SE PA. Hopefully my First Class mail Log will be here today, Monday.
  • guest_4418 (03 Oct 2016 1:36am EDT) : Forerunner of EPF’s hit be missile and apparently sunk yesterday. HSV-2 SWIFT was being operated under contract by UAE and reports say Houthi rebels sunk her. Video on YouTube. Aluminum burns very hot a bright. Hope we are not expecting to ever deploy our EPF’s in combat or close to where one could be hit by a missile.
  • guest_9185 Porritt,Michael (02 Oct 2016 11:35pm EDT) : Hello and forgive me if this is the wrong forum.
    I’ve inherited an Independence Day post card from the USS South Dakota Shanghi China 1912 with a South Dakota cancel. Would this be uncommon?..rare??…uninteresting???
    Thank you, Mike.
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (02 Oct 2016 10:26am EDT) : That’s progress: getting rid of ratings. Why not also get rid of officer’s ranks and just call them what they are: O-1, O-2, 0-3 & etc. The media is doing it with the U.S.A. when they refer to the President as “potus.” When is progress not progress?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Oct 2016 5:51pm EDT) : Covers received today – USS Monterey CG 61 – Excellent cancel – August 28, 2016; USS Whidbey Island LSD 41 – Good cancel – August 27, 2016.
    October Log arrived in Pittsburgh today.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (01 Oct 2016 3:03pm EDT) : I even received my October Log today.

    Wife can’t figure out why I needed to read it!

  • esink (01 Oct 2016 10:35am EDT) : Periodical rate October LOG received in early mail today in rainy central PA; superb issue!
  • esink (30 Sep 2016 9:08pm EDT) : Richard, Thanks much for the USNS CARSON CITY address…
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Sep 2016 8:51pm EDT) : Got Tom Kean’s cover from Spruance and it still has the DGG 111 error reported earlier in the Naval Cover Museum
  • Tom Kean [Member] (30 Sep 2016 4:46pm EDT) : Two covers returned today (9/30/16) with 5th anniversary cancels from USS Spruance (DDG 111). One of them has a nicely applied and inked cancel and cachet; the other has a poorly inked cachet and and poorly applied cancel. I have send Richard Jones a scan of the good one.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (30 Sep 2016 3:08pm EDT) : Rich – I got mine back from Corpus Christi. The cancel was OK but unevenly inked.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (30 Sep 2016 3:05pm EDT) : No LCS covers for me. I agree with Rich’s idea. What few sub covers I get back almost always have the feel of someone not from the boat itself servicing them – although a couple of those have been creative in trying to honor the requests.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Sep 2016 2:51pm EDT) : Navy screwing with tradition AGAIN

    Effective immediately, Sailors in paygrades E1-E3 will be addressed as “Seaman,” E4-E6 will be called “Petty Officer Third/Second/First Class” as appropriate, and Senior enlisted in paygrades E7-E9 will be “Chief,” “Senior Chief,” or “Master Chief” depending on their paygrade.

    I’m surprised they did use extreme PC and call them Seapersons!

    Master Chief JONES! Where is my BM?

    Ohhhh–the Navy leadership has it!

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Sep 2016 2:43pm EDT) : ELgin
    100 ADDSCO RD
    MOBILE AL 36633
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Sep 2016 2:33pm EDT) : Elgin will do…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Sep 2016 2:32pm EDT) : Rich – Yes, I did get covers back from 100th Anniversary of Coast Guard Aviation 4-1-16 from Corpus Christi, TX
  • esink (30 Sep 2016 2:01pm EDT) : Thad: If possible, please send your email address so we can share cover return info: eesink@verizon.net
  • esink (30 Sep 2016 1:57pm EDT) : Sent covers to other participating ships for Fleet Week in Baltimore: USS MESA VERDE, LEYTE GULF; and JASON DUNHAM. Already sent covers for ZUMWALT commissioning a couple weeks ago. Anybody know FPO address for USNS CARSON CITY (could not locate)?
  • esink (30 Sep 2016 1:51pm EDT) : Great Oct eLOG received yesterday; interesting issue as usual.
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Sep 2016 1:46pm EDT) : Did anyone get covers back sent to Corpus Christi TX for the 100th Anniversary of Coast Guard Aviation on 4-1-16? I asked Kansas City Cancellations Division to check what happened to the covers and they want to know if others also did not get covers back. I did not and Jimmy Jordan also sent and nothing came back. Are there others?
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Sep 2016 1:43pm EDT) : Thad, quite right on LCS covers. I think the fact that they each have several crews, each with a specific name and address causes the lack of covers. Our covers possibly do not reach a crew. Perhaps they reach a squadron and get deep sixed there. There are now two squadrons, one on each coast. This might be where our covers end up.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Sep 2016 12:34pm EDT) : I happened to see the addresses for the new LCS’s in the on-line October Log. Has anyone ever gotten covers back from an LCS? I cannot remember how many times I have sent to the LCS’s and never get a reply… too bad, this is like the submarine portion of the afloat fleet… nothing ever returned.
  • Lbbrennan (30 Sep 2016 7:35am EDT) : Need to find the log. The anniversary of the creation of the USCS in 1932
  • Rich Hoffner (30 Sep 2016 12:25am EDT) : Great October Log arrived electronically tonight. Read the President’s Message. Several items that are necessary for the future of the society. We Need You. Volunteer and get involved.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Sep 2016 12:03am EDT) : October eLOG has been sent to 300+ USCS members.

    Check your email inboxes for the file.

    Still need a few articles for November. December is totally full with Pearl Harbor articles.

    What can you write about for January 2017 issue?

  • Lbbrennan (29 Sep 2016 5:14pm EDT) : Thanks for updates
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Sep 2016 5:33pm EDT) : Cover received today: USS Germantown LSD 42 – Excellent cancel – Unit type cancel – September 1, 2016
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Sep 2016 8:54pm EDT) : Cover received today – USS Somerset LPD 25 – Very Good cancel – September 7, 2016.
  • esink (27 Sep 2016 8:42pm EDT) : Hoping for one of those from the ship too, Rich. My ZUMWALT covers went last week.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Sep 2016 4:29pm EDT) : Rich – Hope you can get a T-F aboard USS Zumwalt before commisioning. I just mailled my covers to USS Zumwalt this morning along with USS John P. Murtha.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Sep 2016 4:27pm EDT) : Covers received today – USS Stockdale DDG 105 – Good cancel but no date in cancel; USS Wayne E. Meyer DDG 108 – Excellent cancel – July 21, 2016. Both of these ships were difficult to get in the past by me.
  • Neal Mills (26 Sep 2016 4:25pm EDT) : Rich – Thank you for the info, and good luck.
  • Rich Hoffner (26 Sep 2016 4:25pm EDT) : Address of LCS-5:

    Commanding Officer
    USS Montgomery LCS-5
    Unit 100244 Box 1
    FPO AP 96692

    Took a few days to get this right, as ship was reporting 10024 as unit #, which was incorrect.

  • Rich Hoffner (26 Sep 2016 4:20pm EDT) : USS ZUMWALT – no postmarks aboard. Also word that LS will not be mail clerk, but an SH (ships serviceman) is handling their mail, possibly through the ships store. Mechanicsburg spokesman indicates they may get cancels when they arrive at their home-port of San Diego. Possibly someone dropped the ball here. I have proposed a T-F aboard, but no guarantee I can get that approved and in place by commissioning.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Sep 2016 8:15pm EDT) : Tom, keep us posted on submarine returns.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (23 Sep 2016 8:13pm EDT) : Covers received today – USS Boxer LHD 4 – Excellent cancel – September 9, 2016; USS Carl Vinson CVN 70 – Excellent cancel – August 26, 2016; USS Decatur DDg 73 – Excellent cancel – August 25, 2016 – this is the third cover received from this ship, two of these covers were originally sent a year ago. I guess someone came across them too.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (23 Sep 2016 7:51pm EDT) : I send to cover requests for all the 5-year anniversaries of ships in the fleet, even the submarines – though that’s fruitless for the most part as we know. Today however, I had returned to me the two covers I sent for the 7/21, 25th anniversary of USS Kentucky (SSN 737). While my covers were not serviced, they were kind enough to send me 2, 8×10, official color photos of the ship along with 2 giant size ship stickers and one very large one (haven’t seen these sizes before, and they certainly won’t fit on an envelope. Nevertheless, I appreciate anything I can get from the subs, and along the way, I have gotten a couple of very creative items. The original envelope I sent the covers in was returned along with the cover letter, 2 envelopes and my SASE – no note accompanied the reply.
  • esink (22 Sep 2016 10:36pm EDT) : guest_6955 is me: esink
  • guest_6955 (22 Sep 2016 10:35pm EDT) : Interesting info on free mail tracking for military for the election: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=96792
  • Rich H (22 Sep 2016 1:18pm EDT) : So now an “engineering casualty” on the PCU ZUMWALT DDG-1000. Not good news for USN.
  • Rich H (22 Sep 2016 1:16pm EDT) : SecNav Mabus named two LCS’s today. MARINETTE LCS-25 and MOBILE LCS-26. He has been on a naming spree this year. Will there be anything left for the next SECNAV to name?
  • guest_2384 (22 Sep 2016 1:13pm EDT) : Y.W.X. YOKE WHISKEY XRAY or YANKEE WHISKEY XRAY. Who is in charge of our flag bag on this site? Is there a Navy signal raising these three flags together on a ship? Any quartermasters or bos’nmates aboard?
  • Tom Kean [Member] (22 Sep 2016 1:07pm EDT) : Will do Neal – I actually have a number of covers I will be sending a copy of to the Museum once I get through my whole collection (I only have the w, x, y and z names to go). The more I looked into this after your suggestion of USS Viking, I am sure they are the same ship. That vessel had an interesting evolution from a minesweeper to salvage vessel. Thanks again.
  • Neal Mills (22 Sep 2016 12:46am EDT) : Tom Kean – Recommend you send a copy of the cover to the Naval Cover Museum. Greg C. is always looking for new covers to add.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (21 Sep 2016 9:52pm EDT) : Oh – and there was no ship listing for Viking in the Naval Cover Museum. Thanks again Neal.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (21 Sep 2016 9:51pm EDT) : Neal – thanks very much. It never occurred to me to try searching under USS Viking – another great lesson learned. I had tried SS Viking and Salvage Steamer Vicking, looked in the CG site. I also looked in the USCS Catalog and there was no Viking listed – but John Young taught me something about harbor ships not always being included. The cover I have is was cancelled 12 Mar 1946, so the dates work and I think you probably hit the nail on the head. Thanks so much.
  • Neal Mills (21 Sep 2016 8:12pm EDT) : Tom Kean – I’m shooting in the dark, but think the cover you have may be from USS Viking (ARS-1). Viking, a Lapwing-class minesweeper, had an interesting history. A link to her history follows:
  • Tom Kean [Member] (21 Sep 2016 7:12pm EDT) : OK – so I have another question. I have a cover with a return address reading SALVAGE STEAMER VIKING / U.S. NAVY HARBOR CRAFT / BERTH 36 – SAN PEDRO, CALIF. Below that is a black handstamp reading GOVERNMENT BUSINESS / CONTRACT NObs-36. And below that an green anchor overprinted with UNITED STATES / NAVY. So I get this was a contract vessel, but haven’t turned up any information on the ship, or and classification system for such ships. Is this an area people are collecting in the Naval Cover spectrum? Thanks again. Sorry for the endless questions. I have been documenting every cover in my collection, and am coming across various things I don’t have the background in. Thanks for you patience and help.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (21 Sep 2016 7:07pm EDT) : And thanks Phil too!
  • Tom Kean [Member] (21 Sep 2016 7:06pm EDT) : Thanks Neal, Thad and lbbrennan. Next time I will try that. I too have a dismal return rate generally compared to the pre-unit designation info. Haven’t calculated it yet for this year, but probably the 30% mark is generous in my case.
  • Phil Schreiber 9110 (21 Sep 2016 1:04pm EDT) : Let’s face it. Postmarks and mail by postal service is being overtaken by internet and cell phone communications. That does not mean the end of cover collecting, but adjusting to the evolving modes of communications. The USCS provides the means for sustaining our hobby and it is very good at it, thanks to their
    auctions and sales circuits and members getting together personally at meetings of all kinds.
  • lbbrennan (20 Sep 2016 9:14am EDT) : Tare Victor George was the old flag hoist for Well Done before Bravo Zulu.
  • lbbrennan (20 Sep 2016 9:13am EDT) : The struggle continues. Thanks for the updates and efforts to collect postmarks and cachets. it is dismal.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Sep 2016 8:48am EDT) : Tom/Neal – I too have received the labels as you have and the address was correct. I resent the covers (two) but never received anything back. I am covering the ships with post offices and over the past months I have had less than a 30 per cent return rate (129 sent). The ships that never return covers continue to do so with the exception of two ships that I have been trying to get over the years. My last grand attempt after almost 50 years of collecting. Losses are too great.
  • Neal Mills (20 Sep 2016 12:08am EDT) : Tom Kean – I’ve had one request (to USS Emory S. Land) returned with a label like you received. The address was fine – I’d used it before with success. I covered the label and gave it to the postman. A couple of weeks later I got my covers. No idea who/where the rejection occurred.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (19 Sep 2016 3:49pm EDT) : Received back today, 9/19/16 a cover request to USS Ashville dated 9/7/16 with a yellow label saying RETURN TO SENDER / INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS / UNABLE TO FORWARD. I have had a couple of these this year. I double checked the address and it is correct – using the unit designation format. Is anyone else having this problem? Wondering where in the system this determination is being made. Thanks.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (16 Sep 2016 7:13pm EDT) : Thanks again John! Always helpful. I did get a laugh at what popped up on Google when I just typed Y.W.X.
  • John Young (16 Sep 2016 4:57pm EDT) : Tom Kean:
    I believe Y.W.X. was flag & code alphabet for “Well done” while today it’s Bravo Zulu
  • Tom Kean [Member] (16 Sep 2016 1:44pm EDT) : I have another question. I have a 1934 Last Day In Commission cover from USS William B. Preston with YWX in the cancel dial, below the year, in capital letters, and Y. W. X. in the cachet. I haven’t seen this before and can’t locate any information via Google. I did see a couple covers in the Naval Cover Museum with the same marks. Does anyone know what this stands for? Thanks for your patience with my questions.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (16 Sep 2016 12:42pm EDT) : lbbrennan thanks for the idea. Will keep looking.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (16 Sep 2016 12:38pm EDT) : Thanks Rich for the great suggestion about providing pictures of the cancels when multiple cancels/dates are in play.
  • lbbrennan (16 Sep 2016 10:14am EDT) : Possible Tom and John that it was the same man who was a temporary LT during WW I but reverted to enlisted grade and then eventually became a Warrant before retiring. Keep digging.
  • lbbrennan (16 Sep 2016 10:12am EDT) : Richard Great effort and report. Hope the BMCM brought good luck to the troubled class of small combatants.
  • lbbrennan (16 Sep 2016 10:11am EDT) : Great news about USCS convention postmarks and covers and the Decatur Chapter meeting . My barber tells me that he leaves his home in PA for Metuchen at 400 AM and awakens at 2:30 AM This makes clear the dedication and friendship of our Decatur friends who drive to the NJ chapter meetings regularly.
  • RIch Hoffner (15 Sep 2016 4:18pm EDT) : Page 54 of the 9-1-16 Postal Bulletin lists the USCS Convention cancels. There were three dates used with one design. But, each day the Falls Church VA post office was there with multiple cancels. First day of the show was a first day of issue, which added the FD cancel and a bulls eye along with the USCS and AFDCS pictorials. Day two gave us two pictorials, one for USCS and one for AFDCS, along with the two cancels from the FD of issue the day before. The final day of the show gave us the USCS pictorial, the AFDCS pictorial and a pictorial celebrating the ice cream stamps plus the two FD cancels from day one. I can imagine that if you don’t submit a picture of the cancel you want, you would be at risk of getting the wrong cancel back.
  • Hoffner Farm (15 Sep 2016 4:07pm EDT) : Will host the Decatur Chapter Meeting this Sunday 1PM at my home. If lost, call me at 215-622-0139.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (15 Sep 2016 12:32pm EDT) : The September LOG showed 3 covers for the USCS Convention. But no post-convention ordering information was provided. I too got the Americover Station – Yellowstone back…..
  • Tom Kean [Member] (15 Sep 2016 12:28pm EDT) : Thanks John for your reply and, as always, helpful information. The Lt. on Kansas was also named as E. O. Tauer. I got this from the 1919 Navy Directory, pg 452 under STATIONS and was listed under: Sq 2, Div 3, Battleship Force, US Fleet and Stations, US Atlantic Fleet. That directory is some piece of work to wade through :-). Since it’s the same last name and initials I wondered if that was just coincidence or actually the same guy. Thank again John – I appreciate it.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (14 Sep 2016 11:01pm EDT) : Went to Mobile AL for Saturday’s commissioning of USS MONTGOMERY (LCS 8). Great looking ship right across from Austal’s building sheds. You could see LCS 16 in the shed and 3 others in the river.

    Went to post office two blocks away and got covers cancelled.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Sep 2016 5:38pm EDT) : Covers received today: USS San Diego LPD 22, Very good cancel – September 9, 2016. Also sent for covers from the USCS Convention cancel at Falls Church, VA. but received useless covers from Americover Station – Yellowstone, a waste and trashed. I guess no USCS Convention covers this year.
  • John Young (14 Sep 2016 10:30am EDT) : Ahoy Tom: Regarding you inquiry on Tauer- the Warrant Officer aboard USS
    Texas first name was Eric with middle initial O and he served aboard thebattleship (1932-34) and USCS
    Bulletin (6/33) has him retiring from
    Navy- he wasn’t the mail clerk but he
    handled covers for collectors.

    ANCS Roster (11/36) has him listed as
    ANCS #202, while he listed a second time as ANCS #550 with mailing add: Inspection Office, Naval Supply Depot,
    San Diego

    What was LT’s name aboard KANSAS

    Hope this helps

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Sep 2016 8:59pm EDT) : Cover received today – USS Hue City CG 66 -Very light cancel, boxed Unit cancel with ships name – September 14, 2016 – and today is September 12th.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (12 Sep 2016 7:29pm EDT) : USS Nipsic – Cover in 9/21 Auction. I hardly ever post anything, but today seems to be my day. Cavendish Auction UK (www.cavendish-auctions.com) has a 9/21/16 auction of several collections belonging to Tony Eastgate. One of those is Gilbert & Ellice Islands Postal History (my biggest specialty collection). Lot 2304 is an 1889 envelope from Fanning Island (one of the G&EIC islands after it was named a protectorate of GB in 1892). The return address reads U.S.S. NIPSIC / FANNING ISLAND / SHIP’S LETTER and was sent without postage to Philadelphia where it received a U.S. CHARGE TO COLLECT 20 CENTS handstamp. On the reverse are two strips of 5 postage due stamps cancelled Aug 16, 1899. The pre-auction estimate is 1,600 pounds. Since I am actually in process of disposing of my own G&EIC collection, I will not be bidding but wanted to let someone know about this. Will also let Richard Jones know via email. I didn’t find this ship listed in the Catalog, but some interesting history the internet. I’m done now. ?
  • Tom Kean [Member] (12 Sep 2016 6:05pm EDT) : Cover received today, 9/12/16: USS Hue City. Clean cancel in the Unit designation format. Interesting it has around the dial and killer bars a thin-line, black, square border with rounded corners. I haven’t seen that before. Also on the face is a purple, worn handstamp of the ship’s crest. 9/14/16 is the 25th anniversary of the ship and the cancel has that date on it…… In logging this in, I noticed that for some reason, I also asked for the same anniversary date in 2015, and I did get a return with the cancel also dated 9/14. So I now have a 24th anniversary cover as well. ?
  • Tom Kean [Member] (12 Sep 2016 10:28am EDT) : I think it’s great Elgin got tickets for the Zumwalt commissioning. I was blessed to be invited to the commissioning of USS George H. W. Bush, CVN 77. Was able to bring my wife and two oldest grandchildren with me. Incredible experience that my grandkids still talk about! I was also able to get multiple covers from various CVN events autographed along the way. Have fun Elgin!
  • Tom Kean [Member] (12 Sep 2016 10:23am EDT) : Good morning everyone. I could use a little help from you Navy vets (I was Air Force). I have a 1933 USS Texas cover signed by E. O. Tauer, U.S.N. I found a Lt. with that name on USS Kansas in a 1919 Navy Officer’s directory. I also found someone of the same name listed as a Chf. Mach in an Officer’s Directory for 1937. On eBay there are a couple of similar covers which identify him as the mail clerk on Texas. Is the Chf. Mach a non-commissioned officer’s rank? Do you think this was the same guy in both directories? Would a Chf. Mach have also been a mail clerk? Or does anyone else know who this guy is/was? Many thanks for any help you might provide. Tom
  • esink (11 Sep 2016 7:29pm EDT) : Thanks Neal for the complete address…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Sep 2016 12:13pm EDT) : Thank you Neal !!!
  • Neal Mills (11 Sep 2016 10:32am EDT) : Thad,
    The full mailing address for Zumwalt is:
    USS ZUMWALT (DDG-1000)
    UNIT 100381 BOX 1
    FPO AP 96693
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Sep 2016 9:55am EDT) : Wow Elgin great news, I see online that the tickets for the commissioning are now closed. Hope you enjoy yourself. I’m trying to get the unit number to get some covers aboard.
  • esink (10 Sep 2016 11:57pm EDT) : Thad, I was lucky to get invitation info for getting tickets to the commissioning and one of the cards had that address but no unit number.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (10 Sep 2016 5:44pm EDT) : Elgin … would you happen to know the Unit number ?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (10 Sep 2016 5:42pm EDT) : Thank you Elgin. Covers received today… USS Mesa Verde LPD 19 – Good cancel but a little over inked – September 1, 2016 and USS The Sullivans DDG 68 – Excellent cancel, boxed Unit cancel with ships name – August 11, 2016.-
  • esink (10 Sep 2016 4:47pm EDT) : Also Thad, more info and nice website:
  • esink (10 Sep 2016 4:30pm EDT) : Thad:
    USS ZUMWALT (DDG-1000)
    FPO AP 96693 active no earlier than 7 SEP 16
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (10 Sep 2016 2:24pm EDT) : Anyone know ship zip code for USS Zumwalt DDG 1000 for commissioning ?
  • Neal Mills (10 Sep 2016 9:56am EDT) : Guest 7906: The Wikipedia page for ARA General Belgrano, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARA_General_Belgrano, has a picture of her and a link to the USS Phoenix page which also has a picture. Entering the ship names in Google pictures also brought up several photos of each.
  • John Young (10 Sep 2016 2:40am EDT) : Guest 7906: ARA BELGRANO is former USN Light Cruiser, USS PHOENIX
  • guest_7906 (09 Sep 2016 4:37pm EDT) : I am looking for a picture of the Argentine Navy Ship: ARA Belgrano

    and a picture of the same ship when it was in the U.S. Navy.

    Thank you,

    Dan Chaij

  • John Young (09 Sep 2016 2:01pm EDT) : Ahoy Mates,
    Sunday marks the 15th Annv of the murder of 2996 individuals on American soil by 19 Islamic Terrorists that hijacked
    four airliners that were flown into the World Trade buildings, the Pentagon and crash in a field in Pennsylvania.

    Even today, many police, fire and EMS
    personnel are dying from what was in the air on September 11, 2001.

    Remember to fly the flag (half staff)
    on Sunday

  • lbbrennan (07 Sep 2016 6:00pm EDT) : great meeting. Thanks for the report John and to our cheerful host Phil Schreiber
  • John Young (07 Sep 2016 5:21am EDT) : Another great Jersey Chapter meeting was held, with some visitors from the Pennsylvania Dutch country, less Rich Hoffner who was spending some time on the Outer Banks

    Rich, we missed the cheese & crackers

    Stewert Milstein had some circuits, where I found some cruiser covers, but Jan may have took home a 1911 USS WASHINGTON Fancy cancel (W-9) It’s listed as C- great find

    Even found a POLAR SEA cover from 2007 Deep Freeze for 67 cents

    Heard next Decatur Chapter meeting
    was Sunday, September 18 at the Hoffner Farm

  • Lbbrennan (06 Sep 2016 12:15pm EDT) : The last was my postv
  • guest_757 (05 Sep 2016 9:10am EDT) : Back to our hobby and chapter meetings. Tomorrow night in highland park. We never take a summer break.
  • esink (03 Sep 2016 8:37pm EDT) : Attended BALPEX today for a few hours; nice show with many dealers (several with good supply of naval covers) and nice exhibits…no USPS booth however. Show continues tomorrow…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Sep 2016 5:24pm EDT) : Cover received today – USS Kearsarge LHD 3 – August 30, 2016 – Excellent cancel.
  • John Young (03 Sep 2016 12:32pm EDT) : As Larry says, great cover from Ship’s Cook 1/c (I assume) to a relative living
    in the Bronx (Davison Street) in 1945.
  • lbbrennan (03 Sep 2016 8:24am EDT) : Standing by for the probably impact of the storm due to arrive late Sunday and linger off NJ and NY for a few days. overcast but the center is 500-600 miles or so to the south just returning to the water.
  • lbbrennan (03 Sep 2016 8:23am EDT) : Great cover of the Month. Timely remembrance of Tokyo Bay.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (02 Sep 2016 7:20pm EDT) : If you live in the Greater NY-NJ metro area, the next combined USS NJ & IOWA Chapter meeting will be this coming Tues. in Highland Park NJ. Contact me if you need more info.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (02 Sep 2016 3:30pm EDT) : Covers that arrived today – USS Decatur DDG 73 – August 25, 2016 – Excellent cancel; USS New Orleans LPD 18 – August 26, 2016 – Excellent cancel. The Decatur sent covers that I had sent to her many, many months ago along with the most recent mailing I made – 6 covers came back … all perfect.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (02 Sep 2016 12:18pm EDT) : Covers received yesterday (Sep 5), USS Halsey DDG 97 – August 19, 2016 – a little over inked but collectible, USS Leyte Gulf CG 55 – August 24, 2016 – Excellent cancel- she was on my list on ships that I had difficulty in getting cancels from in the past.
  • Rich H (01 Sep 2016 9:17pm EDT) : Next Stephen Decatur Chapter meeting will be on Sunday, September 18, 1PM at my home. Looks like I will have to miss the NJ Chapter meeting since I will be leaving for the OBX that day. When is the next North Carolina chapter meeting? I might be looking for shelter.
  • Tom Kean [Member] (01 Sep 2016 6:35pm EDT) : Agree that’s a really nice cover Rich. Nice to have the separate page for it as well. Also agree that this issue of the LOG is very well done and lots to explore. LLoyd’s article is really interesting among many others.
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