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David A. Kent, Editor in Chief

The Universal Ship Cancellation Society has reprinted its “Catalog of United States Naval Postmarks, Fifth Edition” after the first printing sold out. The 548 page book is the most comprehensive reference on Navy ship postmarks and Naval postal history ever published. The Universal Ship Cancellation Society has published earlier postmark catalogs, but this reprinted edition represents the most up-to-date catalog ever available.

Postmarks are classified according to an organized system that was completely revised and updated to reflect modern canceling devices, and is described in detail in the 40 page introduction. The introduction also provides in-depth information on the history and operation of post offices aboard navy ships, and the format of the listings.

There are 388 pages of listings of all Navy ships that have had post offices since the first was opened in 1908. Dates describe the ship’s period(s) of service with the Navy and the date(s) when it operated a post office. Listings include every distinguishably different postmark ever reported to have been used by the ship. Footnotes describe its final disposition if not still active. The book is up to date through 1996 and a 16 page addendum includes new information developed since the original printing.

Postmarks are not valued in dollars, but rather with a broad set of scarcity codes, A, B, C and four levels of “Rare.” The introduction explains that scarcity codes were used because the postmark is only one feature of a cover, and other features may affect its actual selling price much more than the postmark alone. The listings are followed by a 114 page appendix illustrating all postmarks that could not be classified uniquely by the standard system.

The catalog lists more than 5,000 ships, ranging from the U.S. Frigate Constitution to the modern aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis. More than 40,000 different postmarks are listed for these ships. The illustration pages include some 3,000 clear drawings of postmarks of all kinds.

The 548 page book is a loose leaf, 3 hole punched, photocopy ready to insert in a binder. The “Catalog of United States Naval Postmarks, Fifth Edition, Reprinted” (ISBN 0-9657316-0-X)

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