Exhibit by Steve Shay Frame 2, Page 9

A History of the Submarines Built at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard

USS Stickleback SS-415
Balao class (No reported postmarks)
Launched January 1, 1945

Upper: Navy Official post card to crew member while on service in Korea area, reverse indicates correspondence course material has not been returned, noting completion letter is being withheld.
Lower: Cover to a crewmember from Japan dated April 21, 1955.



















Began first war patrol on August 6, 1945, the date of the atomic bomb drop at Hiroshima, Japan. Decommissioned June 1946. Recommissioned three months later, serving as training ship at San Diego. Converted to Guppy IIA (Greater Underwater Propulsive Power) snorkel submarine 1952. Supported UN forces in Korea February through July 1954. During an antisubmarine warfare exercise on May 28, 1958, damaged during a collision with USS Silverstein, DE-534, sinking the next day.


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