Exhibit by Steve Shay Frame 3, Page 16

A History of the Submarines Built at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard

USS Drum SSN-677
Sturgeon class (No reported postmarks)
Launched May 23, 1970

Upper: Launch cover, cachet sponsored by USS Saginaw Chapter USCS, shipyard handstamp postmark.
Lower: Mare Island Naval Shipyard conversion cover, design by Al Eckert, Pictorial cancel.


















The Drum would be the last of forty-four submarines built at Mare Island. A total of 17 nuclear submarines and 27 diesel submarines were built in just over 40 years. Drum would be the 513th ship and last ship to be built at Mare Island. While continuing to service the fleet, Mare Island was converted for civilian use on March 31, 1996 after 142 years of service to the fleet.


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