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USCS Log Copy Guidelines

Every newspaper and magazine has “rules of style” for its writers and editors so that the appearance from article to article and page to page will be the same. Items 1 through 10 are the Log “rules of style”. Additionally, the Log is produced by desktop editing and input is by computer. I scan typed copy into my computer and edit on the screen. Items 11 through 20 relate to scanner processing; a few minutes per document correcting items of style can cost me an hour or two over the course of a month.
Rules of Style:

1. Title your article in lower case using normal capitalization (I will automatically bold the title). Type your name and USCS number, in parentheses, and your address on the next line. If you wish to list your e-mail address, include it on the third line. Send a clear head & shoulder picture of yourself if you wish it to be included with your article.

2. Use navy style dates, i.e., 10 Jan 2008 rather than civilian style dates (Jan 10, 2008).

3. Capitalize ship names; do not use periods with USS/USCGC/SS; separate designation and hull number with a space and enclose in parens:

4. When referring to ships in the third person, call a ship “she”, never “it”.
Example – USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (SSBN 602) was the first ship so named. When she was decommissioned, her name was given to (CVN 72).

5. Do not use “the” with a ship’s name, as “the USS FOX”. USS FOX is sufficient; “the” is superfluous. Additional or subsequent references could be FOX.

6. Type book titles in quotes (“ ”) rather than all caps or underlined. Include a bibliography or cite your references for all articles and photographs/illustrations.

7. Submit copy either single or double-spaced, as you prefer. Size 12 font is best for scanning from hard copy. You can send as an e-mail attachment or with a hard copy and clear illustrations by mail.

8. Use lower case throughout, with normal rules of capitalization. The only exceptions to the lower case rule are for ship names and killer bar legends.

9. Use normal 1” margins. Do not hyphenate words at the end of a line – I’ll just have to undo.

10. I accept short handwritten/hand printed copy if legible. Applicable rules of style apply.

11. Articles are normally run in the next scheduled issue unless they are particularly suitable for a future or special issue, in which case I will advise. If I have a backlog, as I often do, I will run articles in the order received. Don’t worry about length of an article, I can run an article of up to five pages including illustrations in one issue. I prefer not to serialize articles on one topic; so long articles will probably have to wait in line for an issue with available space.

12. Do illustrate your article with cover(s) or photo(s). Send several illustrations so I will have a choice to use to best enhance your work. Do not send rare or valuable covers – send a (good quality color-300 dpi) photocopy instead at full size. If you do send a cover, I will copy and return. Please send a short cover description or cut-line telling the reader a little about the cover or a feature of the cover. An identification of the stamp with Scott’s number always enhances a cover description. Again, include a clear head/shoulders close-up picture of yourself in color if you would like it shown with your article.

13. Select covers with an eye to reproduction. Cachets should have good contrast and postmarks should be clear and dark — Make a copy for yourself–if the item is not clear for you, it will not be clear in the Log. Do not attempt to strengthen weak postmarks or cachets; our Art Editor does a fine job on enhancements.

14. Do not copy covers with the photocopier cover raised. This causes toner to wash over on the copy and creates extra work to clean up. Position the cover so that the entire item is reproduced. Look at your photocopy to be sure it compliments all the work you’ve put into writing your article.

15. Photographs/postcards do not photocopy well on a normal b&w copier, either send the photo itself, which I will return, or preferably make a color copy on a color photocopier. I prefer full size for copies of photos or postcards. IF you send scans of covers, scan in color and make sure the cover is square to the page and in jpeg or PDF format.

16. Please send illustrations and photos in a flat mailer. Since we create the PDF version in color, you should send color copies of covers and photos whenever you can. Do not fold the illustration to fit a #10 envelope as the fold marks will show in the printing process on older toned covers. Alternatively, you can trim the photocopy leaving a ¼ inch border around the illustrations.

17. Chapter news of the type reporting meetings, social events, change of officers, etc. is limited to one typed double spaced page every other month (BOD July 1985/May 1990). To avoid arguments over pitch and margins, this limit equates to 250 words of text. Excess will be edited to the allowed length if space becomes an issue for a particular month.

18. Use plain bond, 8½” x11” white paper – do not use letterhead. Do not add extraneous marks, address labels, page numbering or instructions to your copy. If you need to send instructions, use a ‘Post-it’ note or write in pencil, which can be erased. Send an original document rather than a copy, but keep a copy for your files.

19. My flatbed scanner reads any standard font (type face) with a high degree of accuracy, but has a difficult time with dot matrix, faint type (worn ribbon), light print or filled letters (typewriter keys not clean). Send original copy with clear, dark type. Corrections are OK but please make them in pencil.

20. If you use a printer, use only left justification for your copy. Do not use both left and right (full) justi-fication, which confuses the scanning program. Do not hyphenate–let the words wrap to the next line.
Word Processing:

21. I use an IBM compatible computer running Windows and Microsoft Word. Copy should be submitted on 3½” double density diskette or on a CD in ASCII, Word .DOC, or Rich Text File format. In all cases, if you send a diskette or CD, be sure to tell me what format/version you are using and always send hard copy in case I cannot read the media.

22. You may send your articles as e-mail messages for short items, or you can send them as attachments to an e-mail message followed by hard copy and your illustrations for major articles. Preferred.
23. Covers for sale – To ensure completeness and avoid mistakes, submit info on the special form provided by the Editor on request.

24. Auctions: see Auction Guideline sheet for more detailed instructions.

25. Advertising rates are noted on page 2 of each Log. A check or money order, payable to USCS, must accompany the ad or auction.

26. Deadline for receipt (not postmark date) of copy is one month in advance of the issue month, i.e. 1 July for the August Log.

27. Mail copy to Log Editor, Richard D. Jones, 137 Putnam Ave., Ormond Beach FL 32174


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