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About USCS

The Universal Ship Cancellation Society, Inc., (APS Affiliate #98), a non-profit, tax exempt corporation, (IRS 501(c)(3)) founded in 1932, promotes the study of the history of naval vessels, naval postal markings, and other postal documents involving the U.S. Navy and other maritime organizations of the world. Members of the society typically collect naval covers. Some members are primarily interested in cachets, some are primarily interested in postmarks, and some are interested in both. Some members conduct research in their areas of interest and publish their findings through the Society. Such reference material is then available for all collectors. Many members share an interest in naval covers as well as an interest in naval or maritime history. The Society’s monthly journal, the Log, contains a blend of these two interests.

The U.S.C.S. Log (ISSN 0279-6139), the official publication of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society, Inc, is published monthly.


History of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society

Navy Cover Collectors’ Hall of Fame


Society Officers:

President: Richard D. Jones, Email: (Richard D. Jones)
Vice President: John Germann, Email: (John Germann)
Secretary: Steve Shay, Email: (Steve Shay)
Treasurer: Lloyd Ferrell, Email: (Lloyd Ferrell)
Past President: Don Tjossem, Email: (Don Tjossem)


Greg Ciesielski, Email: (Greg Ciesielski)
Nancy Clark, Email: (Nancy Clark)
David Bernstein, Email: (David Bernstein)
Richard Hoffner, Sr. Email: (Richard Hoffner)
Laurie Bernstein, Email: (Laurie Bernstein)
Stewart Milstein, Email: (Stewart Milstein)
Lawrence Brennan, Email: (Lawrence Brennan)
John Young, Email: (John Young)

Member Chapters:

Many society members elect to form local chapters. This provides the members the opportunity to get together and discuss mutual interests, sell or trade covers, create new cachets and socialize. Several chapters already exist, perhaps one is near you! If you are near one of these chapters, please contact the representative listed for the date of the next meeting

Interested in Forming a Chapter? The Chapter Coordinator can help with lists of members in your area, organizational materials and other assistance to form a chapter contact George Marcincin, george.marcincin@verizon.net.

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