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Historical list of USCS Chapters

From the very beginning, the USCS has never been a local organization. Its first twenty members ranged across the United States, from New England to Florida, from the mid-west to the Pacific Coast. Within its first year, the Society already had members overseas. Local chapters have always been an important part of the USCS, with the first such group formed when the Society was less than six months old. Chapters provide an opportunity for Members to meet and exchange ideas, and serve a useful social purpose as well. Chapters also supply a valuable organizational structure to compensate for the inherent weakness of a society so geographically widespread. Many national officers of the Society learned their organizational skills in service with local chapters. Unfortunately, the USCS has never maintained official records of its chapters. 106 different numbers have been set aside for local chapters over the years. Through poor record keeping and simple carelessness, some numbers have been used twice for entirely different groups at different times. Several chapter numbers were allocated for groups that never formally organized or selected a name for their chapter.

Entries with a * at the end of the line designate active chapters as of June 2005.
#1- Old Ironsides Chapter, Boston, Mass. Organized January 26, 1933. *
#2- John Paul Jones Chapter, Seattle, Wash. Organized June 1, 1933.
#3- Admiral Farragut Chapter, New York, N.Y. Organized August 15,1933.
#4- Stephen Decatur Chapter, Philadelphia, Pa. Organized Sept, 9, 1933. *
#5- Oliver Hazard Perry Chapter, Columbus, Oh. Organized November 12, 1933.
#6- Adm. Moffett Chapter, Chicago, II,. Organized March 26, 1934. *
#7- Fighting Bob Evans Chapter, San Pedro, Calif. Organized September 21, 1933.
#8- Adm. George Dewey Chapter, Harrisburg, Pa. Organized November 23, 1933.
#9- Dr. Francis E. Locy Chapter, San Francisco, Calif. February 1,1934.
#10- Neptune Chapter, Schenectady, N.Y. Organized January 13, 1934.
#11- RADM Byrd Chapter, Washington, D.C. First meeting April 6, 1934. *
#12- CONSTELLATION Chapter, Providence, Rhode Island. First meeting April 13, 1934.
#13 Teddy Roosevelt Chapter, Bronx, N.Y. Name assigned 1934.
#14- ADM Joseph M. Reeves Chapter, Los Angeles, Calif. Name assigned 1934.
#15- CDR Gulliver Chapter, St. Petersburg, Fla. Named assigned 1934.
#16- Edwin Denby Chapter, Detroit, Mich. Organized November 1934.
#17- Robert Fulton Chapter, St. Louis, Mo. Organized June 15, 1934.
#18- Commodore Bainbridge Chapter, Weehawken, New Jersey. Organized June 1934.
#19- CDR John Barry Chapter, Trenton, New Jersey. Name assigned 1934.
#20- USS LEXINGTON Chapter, aboard the ship. Name assigned 1934. -also Daniel Dobbins Chapter, Detroit, Mich. Organized September 23, 1963.
#21- USS PENNSYLVANIA Chapter, Pittsburg, Pa. Organized July 15, 1934.
#22- Battleship OREGON Chapter, Portland, Ore. Organized July 30,1934.
#23- USS PORPOISE Chapter, Tacoma, Wash. Name assigned 1935.
#24- U.S. Fleet Chapter, Pacific fleet headquarters aboard USS PENNSYLVANIA. Org. October, 1934.
#25- Early Birds Chapter, for first 25 USCS members. Name assigned 1935, never organized. -also USS CLEVELAND Chapter, Cleveland, Oh. Organized June 23, 1965.
#26- John Rodgers Chapter, Honolulu, Hawaii. Organized January 1935.
#27- USS SAN DIEGO Chapter, San Diego, Calif. Name assigned 1935. *
#28- RADM Selfridge Chapter, Fairhaven, Mass. Organized March 31, 1935.
29- Battleship CONNECTICUT Chapter, Bridgeport, Conn. Name assigned 1935.
#30- Capt. Vancouver Chapter, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Chartered June 1, 1935.
#31- assigned to a group in Bremerton, Wash., 1935. Never formed.
#32- assigned to a group in Fox River Valley, ILL. 1935. Never formed.
#33- USS MILWAUKEE Chapter, Milwaukee, Wisc. Name assigned 1935.
#34- Harry Moore Chapter, Ogden, Utah. Name assigned 1935.
#35- assigned to a group in Ohio, 1935. Never formed.
#36- Commodore Sloat Chapter, Modesto, Calif. Organized June 22,1935.
#37- assigned to a group in Georgia, about 1935. Never formed.
#38- assigned to a group in Buffalo, N.Y., about 1935. Never formed.
#39- assigned to a group in Collinsville, III., about 1935. Never formed.
#40- Capt. M. T. Woolsey Chapter, Ithaca, N.Y. Name assigned 1936.
#41- Coco Solo Chapter, Coco Solo, Canal Zone. Chartered August 21, 1935.
#42- assigned to a group in Monmouth County, N.J. about 1935. Never formed.
#43- USS CINCINNATI Chapter, Cincinnati, Oh. Organized October 21, 1935.
#44- assigned to a group in Hampton Roads, Va., which formed July 15, 1934 but was never active.
#45- assigned to a group in Luckey, Oh., about 1935. Never formed.
#46- Adm. Sir David Beatty Chapter, Warwick East, Bermuda. Organized 1935, never officially active.
#47- assigned to a group in Bellingham, Wash., about 1936. Never formed.
#48- David Bushnell Chapter, New Haven, Conn. Organized April 1936.
#49- assigned to a group in Oklahoma, about 1936. Never formed.
#50- Capt. Reid Chapter, Rahway, N.J. Organized January 27, 1936.
#51- USS CALIFORNIA Chapter, Pasadena, Calif. (Now greater Los Angeles.) Organized April 21, 1936. *
#52- USCS Buccaneers Chapter, for first 50 USCS members. Name assigned about 1938, never functioned.
#53- USS CACHALOT Chapter, Cleveland, Oh. Organized June 1938.
#54- USS SAVANNAH Chapter, for members at large in floating merchant marine. Organized February 1939. Later became Maritime Postmark Society.
#55- USCS Insiders Chapter, for junior and shut-in members at large Organized November 11, 1940. -also HMCS NOOTKA Chapter, Windsor, Ont. Organized March 24, 1964, suspended February 8, 1965.
#56- Midway-on-the-Seaway Chapter, Sarnia, Ont. Organized May 22, 1965.
#57- Gasparilla Chapter, Tampa, Fla. Organized September 1965.
#58- Adm. Rickover Chapter, Santa Barbara, Calif. Organized December 1, 1965.
#59- USS SAGINAW Chapter, Vallejo, Calif. Organized November, 1963. *
#60- Adm. Plunkett Chapter, Westchester County, N.Y. Organized September 1947.
#61- Nuclear Ships Chapter, Appleton, Wisconsin. (later Chicago, ILL.) Organized May 19, 1962.
#62- USS CHICAGO, Chicago, III. Organized September 10, 1965.
#63- Hampton Roads Chapter, Norfolk, Va. Name assigned 1963.
#64- Commodore Preble Chapter, Madison, Wisconsin. Organized September 11,1965.
#65- Graf von Spee Chapter, Berlin, West Germany. Organized June 17, 1967. *
#66- Raritan Valley Chapter, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Chartered October 30, 1968.
#67- Great Salt Lake Chapter, Salt Lake City, Utah. Organized September 1967.
#68- USS NATHAN HALE Chapter, greater Connecticut. First meeting November 16, 1969. *
#69- USS DETROIT Chapter, Detroit, Mich. Organized March 18, 1970.
#70- Adm. Lockwood Chapter, Los Gatos, Calif. Organized March 3,1970.
#71- USS AMERICA Chapter, Staten Island, N.Y. Organized July 1970.
#72- USS GEORGIA Chapter, Atlanta, Ga. Name assigned about 1973. Never organized.
#73- Narragansett Bay Chapter, Newport, Rhode Island. Organized December 4, 1975.
#74- USS PUGET SOUND Chapter, Seattle, Wash. Organized 1975. *
#75- USS KALAMAZOO Chapter, Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. Org. January 16, 1976. *
#76- Seminole Chapter, in the Florida Keys. Organized September 1976.
#77- USS SPRINGFIELD Chapter, Springfield, Mass. Organized 1976.
#78- USS ARIZONA Chapter, Phoenix/Tucson, Ariz. Organized January 2, 1977.
#79- USS OREGON Chapter, Portland, Ore. Chartered March 31,1977.
#80- USS MICHIGAN Chapter, Detroit, Mich. Organized July 31,1977. *
#81- USS KENTUCKY Chapter, central Kentucky. Organized July 15,1979, never active.
#82- Capt. Henry Glass Chapter, Guam. Organized 1979.
#83- Ocean State Chapter, Rhode Island. Organized 1983.
#84- USS PHOENIX Chapter, Organized 1983.
#85- Mercator Chapter, Belgium. Organized 1983. *
#86- USS FLORIDA Chapter. Organized 1983.
#87- FADM Nimitz Chapter, Dallas, Texas. Organized 1983. *
#88- Aloha Chapter, Hawaii. Organized 1984.
#89- USS BUFFALO Chapter, Buffalo, New York, South Ontario area. Organized 1984.
#90- USS NEW JERSEY Chapter, Northern New Jersey. Organized 1984. *
#91- USS SACRAMENTO Chapter, North Central California. Organized 1985. *
#92- USS SOUTH CAROLINA Chapter, Carolinas. Organized 1985.
#93- USS SUSQUEHANA, Binghamton, New York. Organized 1986.
#94- USS VANDEGRIFT Chapter, Southern California. Organized 1986.
#95- USS COLORADO Chapter, Colorado. Organized 1986. *
#96- USS MASSACHUSETTS Chapter, southeast Mass. and Rhode Island. Organized 1988.
#97- USS LOS ANGELES Chapter, Los Angeles-Long Beach area, California. Organized 1989. *
#98- USS IOWA Chapter, Staten Island, New York. Organized December 1989. *
#99- USS NORTH CAROLINA Chapter, North Carolina and Southern Virginia. Organized 1991. *
#100- USS TEXAS Chapter, Houston, Texas. Organized 1992.
#101- Grace Hopper Chapter, on line computer chapter. Organized July 1995, never active.
#102- USS GLACIER Chapter, Montana. Organized August 1998.
#103- USS NEVADA Chapter, Nevada. Organized August 1998. *
#104- Tazewell Nicholson Chapter, Tidewater area, Virginia. Organized December 2001. *
#105- USS INDIANAPOLIS Chapter, Indiana area. Organized May 2005. *

Interested in Forming a Chapter? The Chapter Coordinator can help with lists of members in your area, organizational materials and other assistance to form your Chapter. Contact Dick Morain, 302 Lindenshade Ct, Millersville MD 21108-1838. E mail: Dick Morain


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