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Home > About USCS > Officers > Secretaries & Treasurers (1932 to present)

Secretaries & Treasurers (1932 to present)

USCS began with Temporary Secretary-Treasurer. The first USCS constitution adopted created separate positions however, in practice, both were held by the same person. Constitution changed in 1996 to formally separate the two.
Alfred E. Newman 1932 Temporary Secretary-Treasurer
Alfred E. Newman 1933
Alfred E. Newman 1934
Alfred E. Newman 1935
Dr. S .E. Hutnick 1936 Resignation reported in May 36 Log
Oscar Anderson 1936 Appointed by the President
Bennon Guzo 1937
Lottie Eshliman 1938
Edgar D. Brewer 1939
May Luhta 1940
Victor C. Reichenback 1941
Victor C. Reichenback 1942 Listed as person who submitted the Secretary’s reports in the Log.
Edward McGrath 1943 Called to active duty as reported in June Log
Almira Hillman 1943 Reported as appointed in July Log
Almira Hillman 1944
Henry Wright 1945
Fred Lammlin 1946
Robert Wenholz 1947
Robert Wenholz 1948
Wesley Dreher 1949
Wesley Dreher 1950
Wesley Dreher 1951
Wesley Dreher 1952
Edward C. Wadsworth 1953
Sidney Fingerhood 1955
Richard Dahlen 1957 Resigned 31 August 1958
Howard Neill 1958 Assumed office 1 September 1958
Howard Neill 1959
Howard Neill 1961
Calvin Seabold 1963 Died before taking office
Howard C. Koeppen 1963 Replaced Seabold who died before assuming office
Albert O. Wickard 1965
William Lawton 1967
Edward Koschmann 1969
Stanton Honeyman 1971
Dr. Forrest M. Swisher 1973
LaRita M. Longseth 1975
David A. Kent 1977
Frank M. Hoak 1979
James P. Myerson 1981
Richard F. Hoffner 1983
Huber Paul 1985
Lorraine Kozicki 1987
Lorraine Kozicki 1989
Lorraine Kozicki 1991
Lorraine Kozicki 1993
William Amick 1995
Terrance Holmes 1997 Resigned in June 1998
Steve Shay 1997 Appointed in June 1998
Steve Shay 2001
Steve Shay 2003
Steve Shay 2005
Steve Shay 2006
Steve Shay 2007
Steve Shay 2009
Steve Shay 2010
Steve Shay 2011
Steve Shay 2012
Richard Morain 1997
Robert Rawlins 1999
Robert Rawlins 2001
Robert Rawlins 2003
Robert Rawlins 2005
Robert Rawlins 2006
Robert Rawlins 2007
Robert Rawlins 2009
Robert Rawlins 2010
Robert Rawlins 2011
Robert Rawlins 2012
Robert Rawlins 2013
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