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Naval Covers Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds

As long as there have been collectors, there have been those who have manufactured articles meant to deceive a collector or have manufactured not quite genuine articles meant to please a collector. Depending on the intent behind the manufacturing, these articles are known as fakes and forgeries. Many hobbies run into fakes and forgeries. Some collector groups do an excellent job of documenting these articles to inform members. Sometimes the information is well known by current collectors but not documented and the next generation of collectors must learn the hard way.

In 2007 the directors of the USCS had extensive conversations about the sale of fraudulent material to a member. A decision was made to run a series of educational articles in the USCS monthly Log to document known fake, forged and fraudulent naval covers. The resulting series ran monthly in the February 2008 – February 2009 Logs. The authors of these articles, Bob Rawlins, David Kent, John Young, Frank Hoak III, Lawrence Brennan, Rich Hoffner and Mike Vining were subsequently awarded the USCS Stanton Honeyman writing award for the 2008 Log year.

The information in these articles is presented here for all collectors of naval covers.

Part 1, Introduction to Naval Cover Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds

Part 2, John Gill’s “Chapter No.1” Cancel

Part 3, The Hobby Shop Covers

Part 4, Naval Ship Cancels of December 7, 1941

Part 5, Fred Karcher Vietnam Covers

Part 6, Fred L. Karcher: A Legacy of Fake and Fraudulent Naval Postmarks

Part 7, Fraudulent Covers of Ron Reeves

Part 8, US Space Recovery Ship Cancels and Charles Riser

Part 9, Glenn Dye Covers

Part 10, Glenn Dye Covers, continued

Part 11, Back Dates

Part 12, 1931 Wilkins-Ellsworth Trans Arctic Expedition

Part 13, Parting Thoughts


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