Locy Type 8 Examples

The Type 8 has a small dial to the left with “U.S.S.” and the ship’s name at the top, and a series of seven wavy lines about two inches long to the right to cancel the stamp. It is essentially the same as a Type 7t except that the wavy lines of the killer have been made into the form of a waving flag.

Only the following ships are known to have used the Type 8 cancel:

Altair AD-11

Arkansas BB-33

Chicago CA-29

Florida BB-30

Lexington CV-2

Melville AD-2

Nevada BB-36

New York BB-34

Pennsylvania BB-38

San Francisco CA-38

Saratoga CV-3

Texas BB-35

Utah AG-16

Whitney AD-4

Wyoming BB-32


In addition, Type 8 cancels were issued with “Destroyer Squadron No. 3” and “Destroyer Squadron No. 14” in the dial instead of “U.S.S.” and a ship’s name. These cancels were used aboard the USS Dobbin AD-3.

The following cancel is classified as Type 8

Locy type 8 example 1


The following cancel is classified as Type 8







The following cancel is classified as Type 8



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