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BRANCH NUMBERS: Post office Department security numbers assigned to Navy shipboard post offices during WW II, appearing in postmarks. Listing in two parts: Alphabetic and Numeric sequences, (24 pages) Download USN Branch Numbers – Data sheet 1 PDF


A) U.S. WW II Submarine Losses (with cover scarcity factors)
B) U.S. Peacetime Submarine disasters
C) Operation Crossroads (Atomic Bomb test at Bikini Atoll 1946) Download Operation Crossroads PDF
D) Operation- Highjump- (Antarctic Expedition 1946-1947) E) Operation Inland Seas (Great Lakes Exercise 1958)
F) U.S. Battleships (Complete list with dates and histories) (22 pages) Download all #2 Datasheets PDF


NAVY NUMBERS: Secret numbers used in addresses on mail to and from Navy Overseas bases during WW II. Useful in tracing origins of wartime covers. (22 pages) Download DS#3_Navy_numbers PDF


PEARL HARBOR/TOKYO BAY: Complete listing of all major ships in Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack on 7 December 1941 and in Tokyo Bay for the Japanese surrender on 2 September 1945. (10 pages) Download Pearl harbor Tokyo Bay PDF

5 SUBMARINE MISSILE FIRINGS: Complete list of all submerged test missile firings by Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines 1960 to 1991. (sequenced by ship and by date). Also included U.K. SSBNs 1968 to 1986. Revised June 1992. (20 pages) Download Sumarine Missile Firings PDF
6 U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION CRUISE 1931 – 1934: Complete list of all ports of call visited by the U.S. Frigate Constitution on her 1931 – 1934 national cruise. Includes postmark dates. killer bar wordings and quantities of covers for each port. (18 pages) Download U.S. Frigate Constitution Cruise 1931 – 1934 PDF
7 THE FAMOUS FIFTY: Complete list of the 40 Destroyers traded to Great Britain in the 1940s exchange for bases in the Western Hemisphere. Includes American and British names, notes on which ships were manned by Canadian or Norwegian crews, and those transferred to Russia. (24 pages) Download Famous Fifty PDF
8 U.S. NAVAL WAR LOSSES OF WWII (Surface Vessels): All known names U.S. Naval vessels lost in action during WW II (excluding submarines). List includes location and cause of loss and dates, (8 pages) Download US Naval War Losses of WWII
9 VOYAGE OF THE GREAT WHITE FLEET AROUND THE WORLD: Contains an introduction synopsis the historic cruise from 16 December 1907 to 22 February 1909, and a complete itinerary of ports of call by ship. This sheet includes a tract map of the cruise, postmarks from ships and port of call, cruise covers and picture postcards of ships and the Australian Souvenir Set. (32 pages) Download Great White Fleet PDF
10 AMELIA EARHART SEARCH JULY 1937: Complete list of ships participating in the search for Amelia Earhart. (2 pages) Download Amelia Earhart Search PDF
11 U.S. NAVY SHIPS LOSSES DURING WORLD WAR I: (And subsequent Operations until end of 1919). (6 pages) Download Navy Ship Losses WWI PDF
12 A LISTING OF: FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC PORT LOCATIONS: Appearing within the killer bars of U.S. Naval Cancels. (25 pages) Download Foreign and Domestic Port Locations PDF
13 OPERATION END SWEEP: Mine Clearing of Haiphong Harbor by Task Force 78, 6 February 1973 – 18 July 1973. (7 pages) Download Operation End Sweep PDF
14 NAVAL COVERS AND CANCELS OF THE Xth OLYMPIAD, 1932: (9 pages) Download Covers_Cancels of Xth Olympiad PDF
15 U.S. NAVAL VESSELS TRANSFERRED TO FOREIGN NAVIES: September 3. 1945 – December 31. 1991. (25 pages) Download Vessels Transferred to Foreign Navies PDF
16 U.S. NAVAL FORCES IN OPERATION DESERT SHIELD: (7 Aug 1990-Jan. 1991) and Desert Storm (11 Jan-April 1991 )-includes- MSC and Foreign Naval Forces (29 pages) Download Operation Desert Shield PDF
17 IN SPANISH WATERS: Cancels & Cachets of Squadron 40 Tare (1936-1940) (12 pages) Download_In Spanish Waters PDF
18 SLOGAN CANCELS OF THE USS BROOKS (DD-232) (1932 – 34): (6 pages) Download_Slogan Cancels USS Brooks PDF
19 NEW YORK FLEET REVIEWS: Hudson-Fulton Celebration 2S Sept.-9 Oct. 1909. New York Fleet Reviews One thru Six. Starting with April 1988-May 1993. (16 pages) Download_New York Fleet Reviews PDF
20 EXTRACT OF INFORMATION CONCERNING THE 1931 – 1934 CRUISE OF THE U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION: Contained in Bulletins #1-45 of the USCS. (32 pages in book form) Download Cruise of the US Frigate Constitution
21 U.S.F. CONSTITUTION: Download USS Constitution transits of Panama Canal PDF
22 US NAVY & MSC SHIPS NAMED FOR UNITED STATES MARINES: Lists of all 220 US Navy fighting ships and Military Sealift Command ships that were named to honor valiant USMC personnel. Lists the ships in alphabetical order by formal name with additional columns for hull number, full name and rank of the Marine, and the ship’s class. (revised 2007) (20 pages) Download US Navy and MSC ships named for Marines.
23 KOREAN WAR SHIPS: Listing of USN and MSTS ships that earned battle stars on the “gun line” or “in theater” off the Republic of Korea between 1950-1953.  (14 pages) Download Korean War PDF
24 NAVY DAY 1945 CANCELS: Listing of known USN ships that canceled covers on October 27, 1945. Includes over 500 ships with postmark types listed and shore stations with cancels on this date. 1 page in color.  (6 pages) Download_Navy Day 1945 Cancels PDF
25 ALEUTIAN ISLANDS/ALSAKAN WATERS, NAVAL SHIPS 1931-1941: Listing of cachets and cancels including killer slogans used on US Navy ships while in Alaskan waters.  Includes history of naval operations.  5 pages color cachets.  (67 pages) Download Naval Ships in Alaskan Waters PDF
26 AMERICAN POLAR OPERATIONS: Listing of Arctic and Antarctic research expeditions from 1946 to 2003. Four parts list USN, USCG, MSTS and MSC vessels deployed in these operations. (68 pages) Download American Polar Operations PDF
27 US WARSHIPS IN CUBAN WATERS:  Listing of US warships, USN and USCG, during 1933-34 period of Cuban unrest.  (12 pages) Download U.S. Warships in Cuban Waters PDF
28 US NAVY IN MEXICAN WATERS: Listing of US warships that earned the Mexican Service Medal for participation in the 1914 and 1916 Campaigns against Mexican forces.  (7 pages) Download Navy in Mexican Waters PDF


29 CARRIER DEPLOYMENTS FOR WESTPAC AND VIETNAM 1964-1975: Listing of aircraft carriers and squadrons deployed to Westpac or Vietnam.  (36 pages)  Download Carrier Deploymnets for Westpac and Vietnam PDF


30 US NAVY RECOVERY FORCES, NASA SPACE LAUNCHES: Listing of US Navy ships participating in the Mercury through Apollo-Soyuz programs with some cover illustrations.  (16 pages) Download Recovery Forces- Nasa Space Launces PDF
31 OPERATION MAGIC CARPETDownload Operation MagicCarpet PDF
32 SHIPS NAMED FOR SIGNIFICANT MILITARY OR NAVAL EVENTS: Listing of 119 US Navy ship names that commemorate military and naval events.  Events include battle sites and other events. (13 pages) Download Ships Named for Significant Events PDF


33 SUBMARINE OPERATIONS IN THE ARCTIC : The philatelic history of unclassified sub operations in polar waters, including US Navy nuclear subs, Foreign Navy nuclear subs and US Navy diesel subs. Includes date of operation and cover postmarks and cachet information. (40 pages) Download Submarine Operations in the Arctic


34 SLOGANS OF USS AMPHION AR-13: Listing of slogan cancels for the repair ship as discussed in the July 1961 LOG by Capt. Herb Rommel who was CO of the ship in 1960-61. (4 pages) Download Slogans of USS Amphion PDF


35 SHIPS NAMED FOR GEOGRAPHIC PLACES: This list is intended to be an aid for collectors of naval covers interested in focusing on a collection representing a particular state. (41 pages). Download Geographic Places PDF


36 SHIPS NAMED FOR NAVAL AVIATORS: This list joins the other thirty-five USCS Data Sheets created and/or compiled over the years to aid collectors of naval covers with another focus area on which to build a collection and develop into a navophilatelic exhibit. (12 pages). Download Naval_Aviator PDF


37 NAVY NUCLEAR TESTS: In the data sheet that follows I have listed only those hull-designated ships with hull numbers that appeared in the Official Reports. With the exception of ARGUS and MILROW the reports also cited many small ships with a hull designation of LCI, LCVP, and similar small boats but without a hull number. Additions or corrections to Stew Milstein. Download Navy Nuclear Tests PDF


38 UNITS OF TASK FORCE 78: Units that sealifted the US Marines to North China, and transported Chinese Nationalist forces to North China and Formosa, Oct 1945 – Feb 1946  (17 pages). TASK FORCE 78 DATA SHEET
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