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Members of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society collect naval covers, some with an interest in primarily the cachet, others primarily interested in the postmark, others interested in both cachet and postmark. Members provide research on these subjects and the society publishes reference material for the collector. Many members share an interest of covers with an interest in naval or maritime history. The monthly society journal contains a blend of these two interests.


Why should you join? There are many reasons to join. The award winning monthly journal keeps members current and provides historical articles of interest. The society offers an excellent opportunity to meet other collectors around the world.  Below are just some  reasons to consider.

USCS LOG – Monthly 32 page magazine filled with articles of lasting interest on Navy covers, history of the U. S. Navy and other maritime services. Every issue contains auctions and news of covers you can request. Members may also run advertisements at very low cost.

USCS HANDBOOK – Detailed articles on types of postmarks and benefits of the Society (Free to new Members)

STUDY UNITS – Small groups within the USCS study certain aspects of maritime history and publish newsletters to help you learn more.

LOCAL CHAPTERS – Over 20 active chapters in cities throughout the U. S. and Europe provide the opportunity to meet with friends and neighbors who share your interest.

SALES CIRCUITS – Specialized sales circuits provide the opportunity to add covers to your collection at modest prices and to dispose of your duplicates.

ANNUAL CONVENTIONS AND REGIONAL MEETINGS – These provide the opportunity to meet other collectors with similar interests, find new covers for your collection, and exhibit your covers in a competitive exhibit judged by USCS accredited judges. (See What’s New)

HEIRS AND ESTATES SERVICE – Is available to recommend sources to family members who want to dispose of deceased member’s collections.

MENTOR PROGRAM – Is available to members needing assistance in a variety of areas, from beginning collecting to exhibiting, research and selling naval covers. (See Mentor Program)

DISCOUNTED  PRICES – on all the USCS publications!

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Cover of the Month:
USS Tutuila (PR-4)
Cover by
Steve Shay (#L-10821)
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