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Latest Message: 2 hours, 27 minutes ago
  • John Young (23 Jan 2019 3:22pm EST) : Joe Morper: Contact Steve Shay at for a hard copy or Richard Jones at for email copy
  • Mike Meister (22 Jan 2019 9:04pm EST) : January LOG still hasn't arrived her in Columbus.
  • Joe Morper # 11838 (22 Jan 2019 12:48pm EST) : Hello,

    I lost my recent copy of the USCS log. It's the one with the new list of FPO address for the ships. Can I get another copy--would be glad to pay for it. Can you send me the cost and where to mail the payment,.

    Also, looks like my subscription renews this year. Am I late or hasn't the invoice gone out yet.

    Thank you
    Joe Morper
  • guest_1332 (21 Jan 2019 7:11pm EST) : 0-0
  • John Galla (19 Jan 2019 6:08pm EST) : Thad - certainly is odd how they have different addresses even though they are in the same place. Unlike say Boston where all the units there have the same address.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (19 Jan 2019 7:33am EST) : John - The SDL gives the address for Reliance as 03904 - Kittery, ME and Campbell and Tacoma as 03804 - Portsmouth, NH but all using PNSY as the common address. Strange that they are located together and one uses Kittery and the other two use Portsmouth as the city code.
  • John Galla (18 Jan 2019 8:22pm EST) : Sorry, that should have said Thad that is correct. no idea why the eight is a smiley face either.
  • John Galla (18 Jan 2019 8:21pm EST) : That - correct, the address is still the same. The Tahoma (WMEC-908) and Campbell (WMEC-909) are at the same location although their addresses are a little different from each other. Not sure why, they tie up at the same pier. I've taken photos of all 3 ships.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (18 Jan 2019 6:59pm EST) : Great news John. I will try sending to WMEC 615. They did have a cachet and rubber address stamp at one time. Is the address still % PNSY, Bldg 171, Kittery, ME 03904-5000 ? I have the CG Standard Distribution List from 2008. I believe that's the last published list. I gathered the new -WPC's addresses from the addresses published in the Log but not much luck getting the covers back from them. Again, please share anything you get back.
  • John Galla (18 Jan 2019 3:45pm EST) : Thad - I just got my first one back today. Certainly was quick. It was from the USCGC Reliance WMEC-615 out of Portsmouth NH (or Kittery ME depending upon where you stand). They hand wrote the return address and instead of using the embossing seal on the envelope, they took the index card I used for filler and stamped that, put it inside the envelope and returned it. It's a little hard to see, but I'm happy to have gotten something back. I will have to reword my letters, they might not have been sure of what I was asking them to do. I'm still happy they sent it back, pretty cool getting the first one.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (18 Jan 2019 9:48am EST) : John - I just never hear back from them. Most cutters no longer use rubber stamp return address stamps (corner cards) on envelopes because they basically no longer use the mail with all the electronics out there. If they ever do it's a computer generated printed sticker. It's a shame because in the past the CG did a wonderful job with collectors mail - all sizes of vessels serviced covers. This is why if you get something back please post. Now, USCGC Thetis WMEC 910 out of Key West, FL serviced covers with the new cachet supplied by Rich Hoffner. I resent to the cutter and they serviced my additional cover perfectly. This was the exception rather than the rule I have found lately. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HUNTING !!! When you do get something back it will be worth it. Happy collecting.
  • John Galla (17 Jan 2019 8:34pm EST) : Thad - I will post if I get any back from CG Cutters. Is your mail returned as refused or do you just never hear back?
  • Elgin Sink (17 Jan 2019 6:45pm EST) : Nice covers received today for the 10TH Anniversary of commissioning (10 JAN 19) of USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH CV77 processed by the LS2 mentioned in a previous post or on the website...surprised they got to the carrier in time because my mailing was sent on 5 JAN 19.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Jan 2019 6:27pm EST) : John Galla - please share any responses you get from Coast Guard Cutters. CG covers have been tough to come by over the past years. I haven't had ANY luck with CG Cutters over the past 3 - 4 years except for OP DF's. In the old days (pre-9/11) almost all cutters responded to collector requests and so did Navy ships.
  • John Galla (17 Jan 2019 12:02pm EST) : John Young: Got the list, thank you. That sure was fast. I have a couple updates that you and others might be interested in. CGC Grand Isle (WPB-1338) is not out of Gloucester, Mass anymore. From what I understand it was decommissioned in late 2016. CGC Key Largo (WPB-1324) was transferred to Gloucester to replace Grand Isle and is still tied up there. And CGC Reef Shark (WPB-87371) has been out of Boston for at least a few years now. My contacts in the CG have long since retired, so I can't say exactly when this was transferred or why. But, I can say it's been stationed there since at least 2016.
  • john macco (16 Jan 2019 6:06pm EST) : John Young- I received the lists you sent. Thank you very much. Can you give me a tip when sending covers to Coast Guard ships?
  • Mike Meister (16 Jan 2019 10:10am EST) : No LOG here in Columbus yet.
  • John Young (16 Jan 2019 8:54am EST) : Ahoy John Galla,
    USCG dates, rating & duty stations
    and I see if I have any duplicate covers
  • John Galla (15 Jan 2019 12:18pm EST) : John Young: awesome, thank you. I'm ex Coast Guard, so I like the CG Cutter covers. But, I'm also interested in USN ones as well. My Dad served on the USS Columbus (CA-74) and the USS Des Moines (CA-134) and have several covers with post marks from those ships. I attended the commissioning of the USS Thomas Hudner in Boston and that was pretty special, especially since my dad was on the crew that commissioned the USS Des Moines in Boston 70 years earlier. I never thought to write ships myself and am looking forward to giving it a try.
  • John Young (15 Jan 2019 11:58am EST) : John Galla: Welcome aboard, USCG addresses will be in tomorrow's mail

    Enjoy the adventure of chasing naval
    covers, what's your interests?

    Visit the Naval Cover Museum and find
    your poison i.e. battleships, cruisers, destroyer or aircraft carriers

    Try our cover circuits run by Stewart Milstein. See page 31

    Take a look at Facebook chapters
  • John Galla (15 Jan 2019 8:06am EST) : John Young, is it possible for me to get a copy of the Coast Guard addresses as well? New member here and just found the online chat.
  • john macco (14 Jan 2019 2:33pm EST) : Thanks John Young
  • John Young (13 Jan 2019 2:26pm EST) : Way in tomorrow's mail
  • John Young (13 Jan 2019 2:26pm EST) : John Macco: Copy of Coast Guard addresses coming you
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Jan 2019 3:00pm EST) : Greg C just updated the NCM page for cachet-maker Lt. Lewis Glow board BB-62. Can you add any covers to his page?
  • Elgin Sink (10 Jan 2019 10:41pm EST) : Also sent covers for ALVIN 5000 with my own created cachet and hope I too allowed enough room for that large cancel...
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Jan 2019 8:41pm EST) : Just sent covers to Boston for the ALVIN 5000 dive pictorial. Interesting size, and if correct a whopper! 4" x 2"? A tad large?
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Jan 2019 8:40pm EST) : Cindy A. Nakagawa has assumed a new position in Honolulu HI and is no longer their retail specialist. The acting retail specialist is Ann A. Rilveria. If you keep up to date records, use her name when sending for cancels in Honolulu HI.
  • John Young (10 Jan 2019 3:11pm EST) : Interesting that FDC (8 NOV 2018) covers from Commissioning Station, San Pedro CA 90731 arrived today in sealed wrapper

    Nice job! Richard
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Jan 2019 1:38am EST) : Ann RIilveria: Please email me at about the cancellation device. Thanks, Rich Hoffner
  • Ann RIilveria from United Stat (09 Jan 2019 5:29pm EST) : Hi,

    I'm trying to get a hold of Mr. Richard F. Hoffner. This is regarding a cancellation device that we received.
  • Paul Huber (08 Jan 2019 6:16pm EST) : We have decided to go to ARIPEX in February. We got the last booth
  • Denny Gill (03 Jan 2019 6:37pm EST) : Mike Meister, yes, my covers to the Peralta also came back marked “refused,” last week. Wonder what’s up with the ship?
  • Mike Meister (03 Jan 2019 4:00pm EST) : My covers to USS Rafael Peralta came back today marked "Refused"
  • Rich Hoffner (02 Jan 2019 7:54pm EST) : John Macco, I don't think there is a complete list of US Coast Guard units or cutters. Last one was published and in the public domain just before 9-11. Most can be found by using a search engine for the ships name or unit name.
  • PHIL S (31 Dec 2018 7:16pm EST) : hard copy uses log arrived today in northern new jersey. another great issue!
  • Elgin Sink (31 Dec 2018 5:23pm EST) : January hardcopy LOG received today in central PA Harrisburg area...great reading for the New Year holiday tomorrow!
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Dec 2018 12:59am EST) : JAnuary 2019 eLOGs pdf have been sent tonight.

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Ocean Science Discovery Center
    15 School Street, Woods Hole, MA 02543

    The U.S. Postal Service, in conjunction with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the DSV Alvin Chapter #108 of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society welcomes the public to the one day DSV-2 ALVIN 5000TH Dive Station pictorial cancel event from 10am-2pm on Friday, December 28, 2018 at the Ocean Science Discovery Center at
    15 School Street, Woods Hole, MA.

    Major milestones in Alvin’s career:
    Dive #1 - 6/26/64, Woods Hole Harbor
    Dive #1000 - 1/15/80, Panama Basin
    Dive #2000 - 3/22/88, East Pacific Rise
    Dive #3000 - 9/20/95, Endevour Ridge
    Dive #4000 - 4/12/04, East Pacific Rise, 9N
    Dive #5000 - 11/25/18, Guaymas Basin

    The last time a pictorial postmark was sponsored by WHOI was for the Open House celebrating their 75th Anniversary on September 10, 2005.

    Those who cannot attend the event may submit a mail order request. Requests must be postmarked no later than 30 days following the requested pictorial postmark date (12/28/18).
    Customers wishing to obtain a postmark must affix stamps to any envelope or postcard of their choice bearing at least the minimum First Class Mail postage. Items submitted for postmark may not include postage issued after the date of the requested postmark (12/28/18). Leave ample room for the size of the postmark; ~4”x2”. Items may be addressed to themselves or others with a card of postcard thickness in envelopes for sturdiness, and the flap tucked in.

    Place the envelope or postcard in a larger envelope and address it to:

    Pictorial Postmarks
    DSV-2 Alvin 5000th Dive Station
    25 Dorchester Avenue, Room 4009
    Boston, MA 02205-9600
  • john macco (28 Dec 2018 10:45am EST) : Can anybody direct me to a link or to a list of addresses so I can send to the Coast Guard vessels?
  • Elgin Sink (25 Dec 2018 11:03am EST) : Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my USCS friends and families!
  • guest_4510 (24 Dec 2018 11:10pm EST) : Happy Holidays to all. I hope everyone gets what they wish for so that they can start a new list on Jan 1.
  • John Young (24 Dec 2018 11:00am EST) : It's the day before Christmas here in the lower Hudson Valley with a lite dusting of snow on the ground and we're waiting for Santa Claus to bring some Coast Guard covers.

    Hope all have a wonderful Christmas and healthy New Year.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Dec 2018 6:46pm EST) : Elgin, I hope they have a post office. I am sending covers just in case they do. If they don't, I hope they return them like Zumwalt did. Ships aren't all having, post offices. I never did get ship post office cancels from USS Portland LPD 27 or USS Ralph Johnson DDG 114 even after multiple tries.
  • Elgin Sink (14 Dec 2018 2:55pm EST) : Does anybody know if the PCU MONSOOR will have a functioning post office when commissioned? This was not the case with the sister ship USS ZUMWALT when she was brought to life.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (13 Dec 2018 6:54pm EST) : Covers arrived today for the commissioning of the USS THOMAS HUDNER DDG 116, December 1, 2018. Nice ship cancels. Also, covers from the USS GERALD R. FORD CVN 78 posted on November 22, 2018, Thanksgiving Day.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Dec 2018 9:43pm EST) : For the benefit of the USCS there are over 100 covers and programs on eBay, seller is patchesnaval

    Additionally for the benefit of Decatur Chapter more then 140 items are on eBay with seller is cgcoverguy
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Dec 2018 9:41pm EST) : With assistance from Wolfgang Hechler a pictorial is in place in Boston for the THOMAS HUDNER commissioning.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Dec 2018 9:35pm EST) : The USCS has provided the Honolulu HI post office a pictorial for the KIMBALL commissioning. The postmark will not be at the Sand Island address (that is the USCG base address).
  • Elgin Sink (03 Dec 2018 3:06pm EST) : Hard copy periodical rate DEC LOG received in central PA today...super issue!
  • John Young (30 Nov 2018 4:47pm EST) : Ahoy Mates,
    USCGC KIMBALL (WMSL 757) will be
    formerly commissioned in January at ISC Honolulu.

    Its mailing address: 400 Sand Island Pkwy., Honolulu HI 96819-4398
  • Elgin Sink (29 Nov 2018 8:07pm EST) : Here is interesting info and background about USS Thomas Hudner (DDG 116) commissioning this Saturday, 1 DEC:
  • lbbrennan (29 Nov 2018 5:30pm EST) : Checking in. Don't know if this has been working lately.
  • guest_7279 (28 Nov 2018 9:57am EST) : The Sales Circuit has received a consignment of Greenland Arctic Supply Ships, and Foreign Arctic covers, If you want to be included on the circuit, even on a one-time only basis, please let me know.
  • BMCMJONES (27 Nov 2018 12:26pm EST) : The latest update 2018 USCS Catalog of Naval Postmarks pdf was sent to all members who had emails for the USCS eLOG.

    If you did not get the pdf, send me an email request for 2108 Catalog Update to
  • Lbbrennan (25 Nov 2018 8:30am EST) : Happy Sunday of thanksgiving weekend. The cold and rain have broken. Going to be mid 50s

    Anyone else interested in WWI return postcards from ships carrying the AEF home.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (23 Nov 2018 12:03am EST) : Still Thursday in AZ where it is a balmy 52. Much to be thankful for, especially in view of what happened in the fires in CA.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (22 Nov 2018 8:25pm EST) : Dennis, I too have had not been able to access the German site yesterday or today. I thought it was something I was doing. I read it almost everyday when it was up.
  • Dennis Gill (22 Nov 2018 12:21pm EST) : Has anyone been able to access, recently, the "German U.S. Navy" site at I've been trying for the past few days, unsuccessfully. Among other things the site has always been especially useful in showing Wolfgang Hechler's upcoming postal cancel designs.
  • John Young (22 Nov 2018 9:48am EST) : Wishing all, a Happy Thanksgiving on this sunny, but very cold day in lower Hudson Valley.
  • Elgin Sink (19 Nov 2018 6:51pm EST) : Nicely processed FREE frank received today from USS ESSEX LHD-2 with clear corner card and cancel dtd OCT 27 2018 (Navy Day), but no ship cachet.
  • Dan Goodwin (17 Nov 2018 4:41pm EST) : Apparently "service" has been deleted from their name. It appears that way where I live.
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Nov 2018 10:51pm EST) : It appears that my official request paperwork for a Commissioning pictorial at Annapolis MD for USS SIOUX CITY was ignored. I made several calls to several branch offices in Annapolis and none were fruitful. I got busy signals, voice mail and some phones rang without anyone answering. I did find an email for the postmaster, and the entire package was sent to them but no reply. Also sent an email to USPS Cancellations Div. in Kansas City MO with no results.
  • Neal Mills (16 Nov 2018 5:29pm EST) : Guest_2812 -- Walter Crosby was a member, USCS #69.
  • guest_2812 (16 Nov 2018 4:04pm EST) : Can someone tell me is Crosby was a USCS member, and if so what was his number. Thanks
  • Stewart B. Milstein (14 Nov 2018 7:33pm EST) : Scanning of paper ephemera would keep someone busy for a very long time.
  • Jim Willoughby - 11835 (14 Nov 2018 10:48am EST) : I requested an address change in August, received the September Log (forwarded bu USPS) , but never received October and November. My new address is: Jim Willoughby, 2877 Seven Falls Dr. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. Please document change and provide missing issues of the Log. Respectfully! Thanks,

  • Lbbrennan (14 Nov 2018 12:53am EST) : Things seem Aok. Not sure FB works.

    Has USCS thought of scanning and posting launching, commissioning programs and welcome aboard booklets. These might interest other naval
    Enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (13 Nov 2018 12:09am EST) : Anyone have a good FPO address for USS MICHAEL MONSOOR DDG-1001 heading for commissioning at Coronado CA in Jan?
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Nov 2018 10:54pm EST) : While printing my MONTANA Keel Laying covers, I noticed the hand cancel from Newport News VA is an error cancel. Wrong zip. Reads 32607 not 23607.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Nov 2018 7:52pm EST) : I can't locate any publicity for the Keel Laying of VERMONT SSN 792. Usually there is a ceremony to initial a plate to be affixed to the sub. No mention of this in any searches I have made from the Internet. Anyone else find anything? Actually there seems to be very little info on the Christening ceremony on the net.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Nov 2018 1:54pm EST) : John Young. Have you developed a contact to get Launch dates early for the WPC's at Bollinger? Would be nice to get the dates early to send for covers at Lockport LA.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Nov 2018 1:51pm EST) : Covers just in for KL 974 Montana, KL/Chris 972 Vermont and Chris 971 Delaware. 974 covers a tad late (5-16-18).
  • Stewart B. Milstein (10 Nov 2018 11:10pm EST) : Excellent piece by Norman Friedman toward the rear pages of the current USNI Proceedings. Aside from a very learned look at Gallipoli, his comments about Chinese reliance on sea trade are very good. I have this mental image of mainland China being much like Japan vis a vis the need to import and export.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Nov 2018 9:21pm EST) : Just uploaded many Navy ship programs to benefit Stew Milstein's USCS circuit program. Seller is patchasnaval

    Some have asked how to get to this seller on eBay. First you need to log into your account.

    To find patchesnaval:

    Go to site map at the bottom of the page after you sign in your account.

    On that page scroll down to "Find a member", click on it.

    A new page will open.

    Go down to "sellers"

    Click on "Only show items from", a box will let you type in patchesnaval.

    Then click on search.

    That will do it.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Nov 2018 12:14pm EST) : I have 114 items listed on eBay with proceeds to USCS. Seller: patchesnaval

    There are covers, patches and other memorabilia listed.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Nov 2018 3:50pm EST) : Here is some "food for thought" from Wolfgang Hechler. Were you trying to figure out a FPO number for a new construction ship?

    On original rules of USPS of the U S Navy the surnames first letter was essential for the zip code. This would be AE 09574 for letter "I" of Ignatius. First name Paul stands for "P" and would be AE 09582.

    I know that the U.S. Navy has forgotten their original rules and often uses first name essential for zip code.
    USS JASON DUNHAM is FPO AE 09567 correctly for "D" and not AE 095675 for "J".

    On the other hand USS FORREST SHERMAN (DDG-98) is bad done AE 09569 for "F" instead of correctly AE 09587 for "S".
    Only big ships: CVN, CV, LHA, LPH, LHD, LCC, AD, AR, AS had their own zip code, same like shore stations.
    USS RAFAEL PERALTA (DDG-115) zip code is AP 96694. This is like big ships in previous years. But correctly should be AP 96675 for "P" or maybe even AP 96677 for "R".
    So you see that the officials nowadays have no clue about zip codes for navy ships.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Nov 2018 2:15pm EST) : The latest secretaries report shows 5 new members. That is a goal we should strive for in the future. Five a month will go a long way toward a stronger society. You can help with retention. Each of us should take a moment to write a note to new members and even include a duplicate cover or two. This will go toward a positive feeling to the new member and perhaps get them to renew after their first year.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Nov 2018 1:17pm EST) : Tomorrow is an important day. Don't miss out on exercising your right to vote.
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