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Latest Message: 18 hours, 22 minutes ago
  • Stewart B. Milstein (14 Nov 2018 7:33pm EST) : Scanning of paper ephemera would keep someone busy for a very long time.
  • Jim Willoughby - 11835 (14 Nov 2018 10:48am EST) : I requested an address change in August, received the September Log (forwarded bu USPS) , but never received October and November. My new address is: Jim Willoughby, 2877 Seven Falls Dr. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. Please document change and provide missing issues of the Log. Respectfully! Thanks,

  • Lbbrennan (14 Nov 2018 12:53am EST) : Things seem Aok. Not sure FB works.

    Has USCS thought of scanning and posting launching, commissioning programs and welcome aboard booklets. These might interest other naval
    Enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (13 Nov 2018 12:09am EST) : Anyone have a good FPO address for USS MICHAEL MONSOOR DDG-1001 heading for commissioning at Coronado CA in Jan?
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Nov 2018 10:54pm EST) : While printing my MONTANA Keel Laying covers, I noticed the hand cancel from Newport News VA is an error cancel. Wrong zip. Reads 32607 not 23607.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Nov 2018 7:52pm EST) : I can't locate any publicity for the Keel Laying of VERMONT SSN 792. Usually there is a ceremony to initial a plate to be affixed to the sub. No mention of this in any searches I have made from the Internet. Anyone else find anything? Actually there seems to be very little info on the Christening ceremony on the net.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Nov 2018 1:54pm EST) : John Young. Have you developed a contact to get Launch dates early for the WPC's at Bollinger? Would be nice to get the dates early to send for covers at Lockport LA.
  • Rich Hoffner (11 Nov 2018 1:51pm EST) : Covers just in for KL 974 Montana, KL/Chris 972 Vermont and Chris 971 Delaware. 974 covers a tad late (5-16-18).
  • Stewart B. Milstein (10 Nov 2018 11:10pm EST) : Excellent piece by Norman Friedman toward the rear pages of the current USNI Proceedings. Aside from a very learned look at Gallipoli, his comments about Chinese reliance on sea trade are very good. I have this mental image of mainland China being much like Japan vis a vis the need to import and export.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Nov 2018 9:21pm EST) : Just uploaded many Navy ship programs to benefit Stew Milstein's USCS circuit program. Seller is patchasnaval

    Some have asked how to get to this seller on eBay. First you need to log into your account.

    To find patchesnaval:

    Go to site map at the bottom of the page after you sign in your account.

    On that page scroll down to "Find a member", click on it.

    A new page will open.

    Go down to "sellers"

    Click on "Only show items from", a box will let you type in patchesnaval.

    Then click on search.

    That will do it.
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Nov 2018 12:14pm EST) : I have 114 items listed on eBay with proceeds to USCS. Seller: patchesnaval

    There are covers, patches and other memorabilia listed.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Nov 2018 3:50pm EST) : Here is some "food for thought" from Wolfgang Hechler. Were you trying to figure out a FPO number for a new construction ship?

    On original rules of USPS of the U S Navy the surnames first letter was essential for the zip code. This would be AE 09574 for letter "I" of Ignatius. First name Paul stands for "P" and would be AE 09582.

    I know that the U.S. Navy has forgotten their original rules and often uses first name essential for zip code.
    USS JASON DUNHAM is FPO AE 09567 correctly for "D" and not AE 095675 for "J".

    On the other hand USS FORREST SHERMAN (DDG-98) is bad done AE 09569 for "F" instead of correctly AE 09587 for "S".
    Only big ships: CVN, CV, LHA, LPH, LHD, LCC, AD, AR, AS had their own zip code, same like shore stations.
    USS RAFAEL PERALTA (DDG-115) zip code is AP 96694. This is like big ships in previous years. But correctly should be AP 96675 for "P" or maybe even AP 96677 for "R".
    So you see that the officials nowadays have no clue about zip codes for navy ships.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Nov 2018 2:15pm EST) : The latest secretaries report shows 5 new members. That is a goal we should strive for in the future. Five a month will go a long way toward a stronger society. You can help with retention. Each of us should take a moment to write a note to new members and even include a duplicate cover or two. This will go toward a positive feeling to the new member and perhaps get them to renew after their first year.
  • Rich Hoffner (05 Nov 2018 1:17pm EST) : Tomorrow is an important day. Don't miss out on exercising your right to vote.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Oct 2018 9:00pm EDT) : Bob Montague. Consider selling via eBay offering worldwide shipping. May be some interest.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Oct 2018 8:58pm EDT) : From Portsmouth NH post office today:

    Hi Rich,

    I just spoke to Peggy at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and I believe that there were a couple letters that came early and /or didn’t specify what they wanted. If it is addressed to Postmaster , USS New Hampshire cancellation request – Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, NH 03804-9998 , that should do the trick. If it is addressed to USS New Hampshire request
    345 Heritage Avenue, Portsmouth ,NH 03801-9998 that should get to her too, we get a lot of her mail here and sort it.

    Thanks Again for everything!

  • guest_4530 (29 Oct 2018 4:31pm EDT) : Ok. Thanks. I will look for it.
  • Neal Mills (29 Oct 2018 11:33am EDT) : guest 4530: The group's Facebook page is 'universal ship cancellation society'. It is a closed page so you'll have to ask to join but USCS membership is not a requirement.
  • guest_9864 (29 Oct 2018 3:00am EDT) : My name is Rob Montague and I was based in Seattle on the HMAS Darwin from 1983-1985. I produced all of the Ship cancellations celebrating events of Darwin's time in U.S. waters (e.g. 1st missile firing, port visits to Sacremento, Sabn Francisco, San Diego etc and travelling back to Australia before posting off of her in mid 1985. I have a large number of 1st day covers that I would like to sell and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice as to the best way to do this in the USA. I can be contacted on

    Rob Montague
  • guest_4530 (28 Oct 2018 7:40pm EDT) : Do you have a Facebook page?
  • Mike Meister (25 Oct 2018 8:41pm EDT) : Just checking in
  • John Young (23 Oct 2018 3:04pm EDT) : She will home-ported in San Pedro CA
  • John Young (23 Oct 2018 3:02pm EDT) : Rich Hoffner,

    was launched 18 AUG 2018 & will be commissioned in February 2019
  • Elgin Sink (22 Oct 2018 3:38pm EDT) : USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CVN 71 cover...originally sent and requested to be cancelled on OCT 27 2018 which is the 160th Anniversary of the late president’s birth. ‘Must be “back to the future” because received today nicely cancelled OCT 27 2018 with a San Diego “spray” dtd OCT 18...not complaining because always get good processing from this carrier.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Oct 2018 2:43pm EDT) : Following email sent to CO of WPC 1120 to see if I can get a handle on FDC for WPC 1121.

    Sir, can you give me a contact for ROBERT WARD WPC 1121? I would like to make contact with the CO and plan on a pictorial postmark for their commissioning date in San Pedro.


    Rich Hoffner
    Universal Ship Cancellation Society
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Oct 2018 11:08am EDT) : (2018)
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Oct 2018 11:08am EDT) : Not sure why when I type in 2018, an emotion digital image appears
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Oct 2018 11:07am EDT) : Boston post office called me yesterday to let me know the pictorial for USS THOMAS HUDNER (Dec 1, 2018) was approved.
    Send covers to:
    Commissioning Station USS Thomas Hudner
    Greater Boston District Retail
    25 Dorchester Ave Rm 4009
    Boston MA 02205-9600
  • Elgin Sink (19 Oct 2018 1:55pm EDT) : TRUMAN Strike Group enters Arctic Circle for NATO exercise...Cover opportunity for naval and polar collectors?
  • Keith MacKay (19 Oct 2018 6:26am EDT) : Thanks for the suggestion, Rich.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Oct 2018 10:58pm EDT) : Had a call yesterday from the employee at the Portsmouth NH post office with reference to the upcoming anniversary pictorial for USS NEW HAMPSHIRE. The employee who handled pictorials in the past retired and they were having problems figuring out what to do. I referred them to Rubber Stamp Champ, but they were leaning toward a self-inker from a local franchise store. But they mentioned that the last one they had from there was poorly done and gave poor strikes. To go the route of RSC, they do not accept government (USPS eBuy) payments. As a last resort, they asked if the USCS could donate the pictorial. The device has been ordered and should be in place in a few days.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Oct 2018 10:52pm EDT) : Keith, check with USCS member/dealer Paul Huber. He has a nice selection of Hobby Shop cachets. He may have one available.
  • Keith MacKay (18 Oct 2018 9:40pm EDT) : Anyone know where I could find a Hobby Shop fake USS Potomac cover dated in August 1941 commemorating the Roosevelt-Churchill High Seas Meeting?
  • Stewart B. Milstein (18 Oct 2018 5:52pm EDT) : Effective Oct 19 to about May 5, 2019 the Sales Circuit is operating out of PO Box 1051, Cortaro AZ 85652-1051.
    Please consider the Sales Circuit as a way of finding a new home for the covers that you no longer want and as a means of acquiring the funds to purchase the covers you seek.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Oct 2018 10:42am EDT) : Wonder if one of our members purchased the Hobby Shop fake ARIZONA cover. I collect the Hobby Shop cachets and have paid hefty prices from dealers for some, but that selling price is just crazy. Hobby shop did more them USN ships, many are from HMS ships, assorted fraternal and stamp club conventions and rural mail bus covers and some air covers. A catalog of their covers seems in order. Many can be found in the USCS Naval Cover Museum.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Oct 2018 10:37am EDT) : I had pencilled in a projected date for DELAWARE SSN 789 Christening as 10-18, so it appears that the date changed again? Glad I had not sent covers yet.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Oct 2018 10:28am EDT) : Thanks to Neal Mills for the following news item:

    Submarine Vermont to be christened Saturday at Electric Boat

    Published October 16. 2018 8:31PM

    Groton – A christening ceremony will be held for the future attack submarine Vermont SSN 792 at Electric Boat's headquarters here on Saturday (Oct. 20, 2018).

    A very stealthy event. I had not seen any previous announcements on this anywhere. Nor have I seen any announcements on a keel laying for SSN 792. I did some searching and found this sentence in with info on the KL of SSN 795. (Other Virginia-class milestones this year include the commissioning of the USS Indiana (SSN 789) and the combined keel laying and christening of USS Vermont (SSN 792), both currently projected to occur in the fall.). So perhaps a new event, a combined Keel Laying and Christening, all wrapped up in one?
  • Mike Meister (17 Oct 2018 6:08pm EDT) : All other FPO AA # are 34090 091 092 and 093 so 087 is a new #
  • Neal Mills (17 Oct 2018 11:09am EDT) : Mike - the October 1st SNDL has a number of ships with FPO AA. It appears to be assigned to ships homeported in Mayport, FL. Don't know if its new or not.
  • Mike Meister (16 Oct 2018 9:40pm EDT) : This is the first I've seen an FPO AA 34087 address. Is this something new?
  • Elgin Sink (15 Oct 2018 7:40pm EDT) : Thanks Neal for that info...
  • Neal Mills (15 Oct 2018 3:39pm EDT) : Elgin - the Hudner's address is:

    Unit 100383 Box 1
    FPO AA 34087
  • Elgin Sink (14 Oct 2018 10:02pm EDT) : What is (or will be) the PCU HUDNER's FPO address?
  • john macco` (14 Oct 2018 11:08am EDT) : I received a cover that was cancelled on July 31, 2018 from the USS Mesa Verde FPO AE 09578 with a cachet which stated First Day Postal Service. Cananybody confirm this or were they using an old cachet? I will post scan on facebook page.
  • Elgin Sink (10 Oct 2018 6:45pm EDT) : ...and especially the buyer!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (10 Oct 2018 3:19pm EDT) : WOW - Good price for a fake. Hope the word got back to the seller or eBay.
  • Elgin Sink (09 Oct 2018 1:38pm EDT) : Thad/ Finally sold for $202 with 26 bids...was too close to the end to send messages when I saw it...
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 Oct 2018 8:52am EDT) : I couldn't find the ARIZONA cover on Ebay. I would have sent a message to seller about the fake
  • Elgin Sink (08 Oct 2018 9:05pm EDT) : If the ARIZONA Hobby Shop fake cover I see now is the one presently going for $186.50 with about 25 bids, it does not even have a completely legible clear cancel wording between the triple killer bars. There are other Hobby Shop covers on eBay advertised honestly as fakes.
  • Dave Kent (08 Oct 2018 6:24pm EDT) : A seller is offering the ARIZONA Hobby Shop fake cover on eBay without identifying it as a fake. I notified him that the cover is a fake several days ago. The bid is now nearly $200. I recommend that everyone bombard this seller with outraged messages demanding that he remove the cover from sale.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (08 Oct 2018 5:42pm EDT) : I just heard back from Huntington Ingalls Industries that the christening of DELAWARE SSN 791 will be October 20, 2018.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (05 Oct 2018 10:07pm EDT) : Looking for info about the S.S, ANDES. Have a straight line name rubber stamp on a cover dated Jan 21, 1898.
  • guest_8269 (04 Oct 2018 6:39pm EDT) : Question regarding Winfred Grandy and your Association. Name & Email

    John Withers
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Oct 2018 8:23pm EDT) : Elgin - I too received the "Red Finger" from USS Lake Erie CG 70 along with USS Rafael Peralta DDG 115. Received nicely service covers from USS Tortuga LSD 46 - new cancel I beleive.
  • Elgin Sink (01 Oct 2018 2:20pm EDT) : USS LAKE ERIE CG 70 covers were sent on JUN 19 for the ship's 25th commissioning anniversary were received today from an LS3 with directory service RTS "finger" on SEP 17. Probably languished in a drawer or slot for 3 months before their return unprocessed.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (28 Sep 2018 10:01pm EDT) : Looking to determine the physical location of USN Fleet Hospital 111. I am not sure whether it was on Saipan or Iwo Jima.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (28 Sep 2018 10:00pm EDT) : Hi Neal: Look fort me using lower case letters, i.e. cva58. I have 20+ covers that will close on Mon. Oct 1.
  • john macco (28 Sep 2018 10:44am EDT) : oct elog arrived today
  • Neal Mills (27 Sep 2018 7:56pm EDT) : Stewart Milstein - have you listed anything on eBay recently? I don't find anything when I look for CVA58.
  • Keith MacKay (guest 5517) (25 Sep 2018 10:34pm EDT) : Thanks, Stewart. I'll check that out in the morning.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (25 Sep 2018 9:40pm EDT) : NAS HALIFAX. Try either googling or go to the Naval History & Hertitage Command site and typing in NAS HALIFAX.

    I have seen covers done by either Czubay and/or Hutnick.
  • guest_5517 (25 Sep 2018 4:26am EDT) : I'm interested in learning about the US Naval Air Station at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Anyone know of a source of info about it and/or covers related to it ?
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Sep 2018 1:55pm EDT) : UPDATES on pictorials and event dates:

    USS INDIANA SSN 789 Commissioning 9-29-18 Cape Canaveral FL 32920 to CC 7-27-18 approved
    USS NEW HAMPSHIRE SSN-778 10th Anniv. In Commission 10-25-18 PORTSMOUTH, NH to Portsmouth NH approved
    USS BUFFALO SSN-715 35th Anniv. In Commission 11-5-18 NORFOLK to Norfolk 8-30-18
    USS HAMPTON SSN-767 25th Anniv. In Commission 11-6-18 NORFOLK to Norfolk 08-30-18

    USCGC FORREST REDNOUR WPB-1129 Commissioning 11-8-18 approved - but mailing address will be to USPS Los Angeles District address not San Pedro CA (see address below)

    USCGC Forrest Rednour – Commissioning Sta.
    Los Angeles District
    7001 S. Central Ave. RM 337a
    Los Angeles, CA 90052-9601

    USS DELAWARE SSN 791 Christening was cancelled (9-15-18) due to Hurricane FLORENCE. No new date set, but a mid- October date is expected.
  • carol derhaaag (18 Sep 2018 8:53pm EDT) : Hi I have covers of the uss New York. With two ships with a small foil at thge bottom with the ship in it. They also say Marry Christmas Happy New Year in red.
    What i want to do is find out how much they are worth. I also want to sale them. Do you know anyone I could talk to. I am in Washington St.

    Thank you
  • guest_6759 (18 Sep 2018 5:32pm EDT) : I have 14 stamped Constitution covers during the cruise 1931- 1933 is their any interest,
  • Neal Mills (15 Sep 2018 6:14pm EDT) : From the Delaware Facebook page:
    "Unfortunate news, Christening Ceremony scheduled for Saturday the 15th is postponed due to impending weather. Targeting a date in second half of October, will post date once it is finalized."
  • Elgin Sink (14 Sep 2018 1:42pm EDT) : Interesting info on Navy support during Hurricane Florence: Hope all our USCS North and South Carolina members have gotten to safe areas.
  • guest_992 (08 Sep 2018 10:23am EDT) : Hi Peter: The only suggestion that I can offer was that the letter was posted aboard the ship before it docked in NY. The ship may have been on French time which would put it at least 5 hours ahead of NY. The current practice is that many of the passenger vessels that dock in NY do so early in the morning hours (0500-0800). The mail could have been transferred to GPO NY and then it was over-cancelled (not an uncommon practice then and now). Hope this helps. Stewart B. Milstein
  • guest_5478 (04 Sep 2018 11:03am EDT) : I have a cover bearing a single 772 stamp addressed to St. Anne, Illinois. It is postmarked July 4, 1935 at the GPO in New York. It also has a blue double oval cancellation with CIe Gle Transatlantique and Champlain dated 5 Juil 1935.
    Compagnie Générale Transatlantique was the French line of trans-Atlantic passenger ships. Since the letter went from New York to Illinois, does anyone have a suggestion as to why the cancellation was also placed on the envelope.

    Thank you.

    Peter LaPlaca
  • Elgin Sink (01 Sep 2018 5:47pm EDT) : Just returned from BALPEX...nice show and great exhibits with many familiar dealers selling navals including "Fairwinds", Weisz , Hamilton and Geezer's Tweezers. Tomorrow is last day for show.
  • Elgin Sink (01 Sep 2018 5:40pm EDT) : Not yet for me, Thad, except for the USS PORTLAND FPO commissioning pictorial received shortly after the event...
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Sep 2018 9:55am EDT) : Has anyone ever received ship cancelled covers from the USS PORTLAND LPD 27 or USS RALPH JOHNSON DDG 114 ? Neither ship has been responsive to multiple mailings
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (31 Aug 2018 9:55pm EDT) : September eLOGs have been sent to 300+ members for your holiday reading.

  • Elgin Sink (26 Aug 2018 1:24pm EDT) : Thanks for that info Thad...
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (26 Aug 2018 11:08am EDT) : Elgin, on the Facebook page there is a posting of an anniversary cover from LHD 6 on August 4, 2018 that was processed with excellent results. You just never know what or if you are going to get something back these days.
  • Elgin Sink (25 Aug 2018 3:16pm EDT) : previous post; I am guest_2203.
  • guest_2203 (25 Aug 2018 3:15pm EDT) : Covers sent on 4 AUG 18 for commissioning 20TH anniversary of 15 AUG 18 to the USS BON HOMME RICHARD LHD 6 received today with nice ship cachet but no cover had no cancel, another with a "fingerprint", and the third with an ink line through the stamp...possibly sent too late for processing, but did anybody else get same or better treatment?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (21 Aug 2018 9:01am EDT) : Excellent cancels received from USS Milius DDG 69 serviced by LS2(SW) Bottoroff, Jacob; Independent Duty Postal Clerk, USS Milius DDG 69, Unit 100179 Box 1, FPO AP 96672. What is a Independent Duty Postal Clerk? He did a great job !
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Aug 2018 7:41pm EDT) : Listing a large lot of "related material" for the USCS. Seller name is patchesnaval. Includes patches, stickers, welcome aboards and pics. Also have a large lot of ship postcards to list but will wait for eBay to give me some "freebies" to save on listing fees.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (15 Aug 2018 8:57pm EDT) : Anyone interested, just received excellent covers from the USS Chancellorsville CG 62 using the Unit 100312 type cancel. This ship hasn't serviced covers in a very long time. They were perfect.
  • Rich Hoffner (13 Aug 2018 9:45pm EDT) : So, now sorting through all the covers I came home with. One lot, an unlisted lot in the convention auction contained about 1,000 covers (most naval), you name it, it was in the box. It will take a week or more just to sort it out. Thanks Ted Bahry for giving me a gentle push to bid on at and winning it at the starting price. I did remove filler cards and sleeves on the way home as George Marcincin navigated for us.
  • Rich Hoffner (13 Aug 2018 9:38pm EDT) : The JAMES cachet was sent a long time ago, wonder what took so long to get the covers moving?
  • Rich Hoffner (13 Aug 2018 9:36pm EDT) : BTW, we have 71 members who have been members for over 50 years. Hate to admit it, but I am on that list. So, if you are one of us, you are now a Gold member.
  • Rich Hoffner (13 Aug 2018 9:16pm EDT) : Two important changes for the membership passed at the convention. This is a "clip and paste from the secretary's report:

    Rich Hoffner submitted a proposal to reinstate Family (F) memberships. A motion was made and seconded to reinstate the wording from Constitution Article 4b(4), the wording to be: Family members are adults or children, aged 12-18, who reside in the same address as the Subscribing or Life member. Family members do not receive a subscription to the USCS Log and may not vote in elections or hold office, but have all other privileges of membership. This proposal was approved. Dues will be set at $1 per year.

    Rich Hoffner submitted a proposal to reinstate Gold (G) memberships for those USCS members whose membership number has reached 50 years, allows members who have been USCS members for 50 years to be able to add a “G” prefix to their membership number, denoting Gold memberships. A motion was made, seconded and this proposal was approved (edited by me to save space).
  • Mike Meister (09 Aug 2018 7:51pm EDT) : Great time at the convention today.
  • Mike Meister (03 Aug 2018 11:25pm EDT) : Navy reports that ex RACINE LST 1191 was sunk during RIMPAC 2018
  • arthur medina (31 Jul 2018 12:01pm EDT) : I have some 3,300 covers that I wish to sell. Is anyone interested?Kindly contact me via e mail or telnumber . Tel.: 787-722-8742 0r Thank you
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Jul 2018 9:45pm EDT) : Pictorials received from Alexandria, VA for the commissioning of the USCGC Nathan Bruckenthal and all were terrible and not collectible. I think I will just stick to sending to Norfolk and Groton for pictorials. So very disappointing.
  • John Young (30 Jul 2018 3:18pm EDT) : Looks like USCGC JAMES (WMSL 754) has a cachet, as FDU w/ spray cancel
    Pensacola Fl 26 JUL 2018 & penned c/c 1050 Register St., Charleston SC 29405

    Thanks, Rich
  • Elgin Sink (30 Jul 2018 2:38pm EDT) : Hard copy periodical rate August LOG pulled from my mailbox "minutes" before the eLOG was received...(great issue but will take more time to read in greater detail!)
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (30 Jul 2018 2:30pm EDT) : The August 2018 eLOG pdf has been sent to 300+ members who request this service.

    Paper copy received today in Florida
  • Elgin Sink (30 Jul 2018 2:28pm EDT) : Nicely processed 15th Commissioning Anniversary covers received today from USS RONALD REAGAN CVN 76 with ship cachet and clear cancel dtd JUL 12 2018).
  • Mike Meister (27 Jul 2018 9:30pm EDT) : Don't worry Rich, I'll be there all day and probably a couple of other days and I can tell you all about it.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Jul 2018 12:34am EDT) : A follow-up on the USCGC Nathan Bruckenthal pictorial at Alexandria. Have you been without your cell phone for eight days? Mine was being repaired and waiting for a part to come in. Well, I survived but the postal folks in Northern Virginia district and Alexandria post office went apoplectic over me not returning their phone calls. They could have tried email, as they also had that to contact me. On getting my phone back, two calls were recorded. One from the Alexandria post office, asking how I was going to pay for the device and asking that I call and give them a credit card number to pay the invoice. So, the request was sent to them on May 24, so yes, wait until a few days before the event to discuss who is paying for it. The second call was from the District, again asking for a credit card number, and giving me until the next day to get back to them or the postmark would not be issued. Yes, I miss their deadline! The day after I got the cell phone back I attempted to call the Alexandria post office. My call was supposed to be transferred to the person who called me, but went to a recording enumerating every service the post office has for me. As I was halfway through the list for the second time, I hung up. I then called the Northern VA District number and got a voicemail. I left a message reminding them that the postmark was approved and in the latest Postal Bulletin and that many collectors had probably already sent for the cancel. I advised them that the cancel should be provided since that seemed to be the only way to provide good customer service. I also offered that if they had not ordered the device, let me know and I would order it and have it shipped to them and pick up the billing for them. The next day the customer service person from Northern VA District called me and advised that the postmark was in place and that there was no charge. No I am not crazy, but working with the USPS at times can make me think I am loosing it.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Jul 2018 12:13am EDT) : I did hear from the new editor of MPHS and he feels the next issue will be out shortly.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Jul 2018 12:11am EDT) : Good news that the MPHS will meet at the show. Torn between the Shay presentation and the MPHS meeting.

    I see another conflict. Member Mike Meister (Life as a Navy Postal Clerk) presentation vs USPS First Day of Issue. That is a hard call.
  • Rich Hoffner (26 Jul 2018 11:55pm EDT) : Don Campbell, you might want to check with member Neal J. Mills who lives in San Diego. He is a retired Naval officer. Google his name and you will find his address.
  • Elgin Sink (26 Jul 2018 4:18pm EDT) : Here's interesting info and history on the USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN-75) for 20TH commissioning anniversary yesterday:
  • John Young (26 Jul 2018 10:21am EDT) : Ahoy Don,
    Contract Steve Shay and see if he can send you a list of USCS members in your area.
    John Young
  • John Young (26 Jul 2018 10:20am EDT) : Ahoy Don,
  • guest_6020 (25 Jul 2018 8:27pm EDT) : nobody seems to be on chat now. My email address is if anybody wants to provide me an answer. Don
  • guest_6020 (25 Jul 2018 8:23pm EDT) : Sir:
    I am a member of USCS. I am currently in San Diego and working on the USS MIDWAY Museum as a volunteer. I would like to contact a member or members of USCS who live in SD. Donald Campbell #10668.
  • Dave Kent (23 Jul 2018 8:14pm EDT) : The MPHS will hold meetings at Columbus, the general meeting, unfortunately, at the same time as Steve Shay's talk on Saturday. Too many clubs meetings there this year. The next issue of the Bulletin is due out soon (we will hear from the new editor there). Like so many clubs, they are terribly short of willing volunteers.
  • Steve Shay (22 Jul 2018 11:32am EDT) : MPHS has new editor, his name is on their website. They are short a couple of officers though.
  • Elgin Sink (21 Jul 2018 10:23pm EDT) : Rich, I thought MPHS was in the process of changing editors...Perhaps Dave Kent might know.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Jul 2018 9:15pm EDT) : A member asked if the MPHS was inactive. Come to think of it, I don't think I have gotten their publication recently. I checked the Columbus show and they do not have any meetings scheduled. Anyone hear from them recently. I sent an email to the treasurer several days ago, but no response yet. Some of their officers are also USCS members, perhaps one of them has some info to share with us?
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jul 2018 4:52pm EDT) : I had a difficult time in getting info on where to send for the Commissioning pictorial for USCGC NATHAN BRUCKENTHAL WPC 1128. Tracking numbers did not match the address the request was sent to. I was advised by "the caves" to watch the PB for the details. Here is the mailing address for the pictorial dates 7-25-18: Alexandria VA Station, Pictorial Postmark Request, 1100 Wyath St., Alexandria VA 22314-9998.
  • Dave Kent (20 Jul 2018 3:34pm EDT) : The error in INTREPID's branch number was noted long ago and will be corrected in the next edition. Interestingly, the typo was made while correcting an incorrect number that Jim Russell used in the previous (1980) edition. Poor old ship don't get no respect.
    EFFINGHAM straight line has not been previously reported. Please send a photocopy.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jul 2018 2:58pm EDT) : Steve, does this mean that the 1977 catalog has a typo and should show BR # as 15389? I can usually accept covers that have been through the Freiberg and Russell collections as this was. So, a note to be made to correct the catalog.
  • Steve Shay (20 Jul 2018 8:28am EDT) : Rich, Branch 15387 was LST 805
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jul 2018 1:18am EDT) : Newly discovered Nicholson cover, EFFINGHAM APA 165 LD in C, two line marking, SL dated cancel 5-16-46. Not in the Ludo Janssens catalog or additional lists done after the catalog was published. Also SL cancel is not in the 1997 postmark catalog. Scan available if anyone wants to see it.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Jul 2018 9:26pm EDT) : Charlie H, I mailed something to John B yesterday and included a note to call you.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Jul 2018 9:25pm EDT) : Need info on a Branch # cancel. I have a cover from 1945 annotated USS Intrepid CV 11, in pen no less! But Br # is 15389 (t-9) on this cover. Our postmark catalog lists Intrepid Br # as 15387. What ship used 15389?
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Jul 2018 11:43am EDT) : Plans are afoot to also issue a Cinderella stamp to be available at the USCS table at the Columbus show next month. Designed by Greg C, the "stamp" will feature the USCS Logo. I suspect someone will also design a cinderella stamp cover for the table in addition to the USCS convention cover that is planned. Will be a great show with the passports, special markings, first day of issue ceremonies and of course a great mix of naval cover dealers. Where will you be? I'll see you there.
  • Rich Hoffner (18 Jul 2018 11:33am EDT) : Have to make contact again with SUPPO of LPD-27. Sent covers for the ships regular postmark for USCS cover service for FDC date. He says he gave them to LS, but nothing has shown up.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (17 Jul 2018 10:44am EDT) : As anyone received covers back from USS Ralph Johnson DDG 114 or USS Portland LPD 27 using their ships postmark? I have sent several times to each ship with no results. I don't want to waste my time or money if it is a "black hole".
  • Rich Hoffner (16 Jul 2018 6:54pm EDT) :
  • Charlie Hamilton (15 Jul 2018 7:50pm EDT) : Trying to get in touch with John Beirne. If anyone has contact with him please ask him to call me at 540-7293387 or email me at Thanks in advance for the help. Hope to see you at the convention.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Jul 2018 3:20pm EDT) : Great day to sit outside and sort through covers. It is sunny this afternoon in the Indian Valley and 79 in the shade.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Jul 2018 3:17pm EDT) : Wondering out loud. Will tehre be a fire breathing dragon at the convention? A recent APS show featured the Ice Cream issue and pictorial cancels and they had free ice cream on Sunday. A dragon could be a tad dangerous so the Columbus Fire Department should stand-by.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Jul 2018 3:13pm EDT) : Opps... didn't auto fill this time. guest 780 was me.
  • guest_780 (15 Jul 2018 3:13pm EDT) : The July issue of the American Philatelist reports the APS will be handing out free "passports" to attendees at the Summer show in Columbus and that society tables will have a marking to apply to the passport. In addition to that stamp we are in the process of having another marking available at our table. Greg C designed it. The theme of the APS summer show is dragons. Greg found a dragon with a significant U S Navy history. The USCS will also have a cover at the show commemorating the USS COLUMBUS SSN 771 designed by Mike Gilbert.
  • LBBrennan (10 Jul 2018 5:50pm EDT) : Greetings checking in. Happy last day 90 plus degree day for a while Larry
  • Elgin Sink (10 Jul 2018 2:07pm EDT) : Nicely processed RIMPAC 2018 covers received today from USS CARL VINSON CVN 70 nice cachet and cancelled JUL 03 2018 with “spray-on” from HONOLULU dtd 06 JUL ‘18 (missing the cancel) and “RIMPAC 2018 HAWAII” handwritten wording added by the LS clerk...always great response from this carrier.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (09 Jul 2018 8:34pm EDT) : The Sales Circuit has Lindner 820P black album pages, perfect for sheets of stamps and documents for sale at $1.00 per page. (versus $2.20 per if new). They are in very good condition. Tell me how many you want and I will give you the shipping price,
  • Elgin Sink (09 Jul 2018 6:04pm EDT) : 'Arrived home yesterday from my week at the OBX to find the July hard copy periodical rate LOG waiting in my usual a nice issue. Another member's copy from nearby Mechanicsburg was folded inside my issue so put that back in my mailbox to be forwarded to him.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (01 Jul 2018 6:54pm EDT) : July hard copy Log arrived Saturday in Pittsburgh.
  • John Young (30 Jun 2018 2:37pm EDT) : Ahoy Mates,
    July eLOG arrived Friday morning & hard copy arrived in the lower Hudson
    Valley in today's mail.

    Hope everyone has a safe July 4th on Wednesday and half of the Staten Island Fleet Week covers are in the mail.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (29 Jun 2018 10:50pm EDT) : July 2018 USCS eLOGs have been sent for your weekend reading.

    If you don't get the pdf, send an email request for a resend.

    August eLOG is almost finished and starting on September articles.

    Just over a month until the convention and I have had no nominations for the annual awards.

    Consider running for the USCS Board for the next elections.
  • Neal Mills (28 Jun 2018 11:54am EDT) : I knew George Barber through the old San Diego chapter and was on USS DIXON (AS37) when he buzzed us in 1980. He was so low that I thought he'd hit our main mast, and the CO did report him to the FAA. He did get some beautiful pictures of DIXON though.
  • LBBrennan (28 Jun 2018 10:01am EDT) : Checking in.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Jun 2018 1:28pm EDT) : Sad to hear of the passing of George B. Barber of Spring Valley CA. George was a fixture at West Coast conventions for years. I recall several where he came wearing enlisted whites of the Soviet Navy! He was known for buzzing ships off San Diego to take photos for the post card business he ran (Marine Photos & Publishing). I heard he was threatened with being shot down once and was reported to the FAA on several occasions when he didn't let the ships know he was going to fly over them.
  • Rich Hoffner (26 Jun 2018 10:58am EDT) : July 2018 Meeting Notice

    This years Stephen Decatur Chapter picnic/meeting will be held at 415 Moyer Rd., Souderton PA (Just off the Lansdale exit of the NE Extension of the PA Turnpike).
    Date: 8 July 2018
    Time: 1 PM
    Location: 415 Moyer Rd. 18964

    Invited? Members of the chapter and any USCS members in the area are welcome. RSVP
  • Elgin Sink (25 Jun 2018 2:29pm EDT) : Interesting history about USS NIMITZ CVN 68 which had keel laid fifty years ago:
  • Elgin Sink (24 Jun 2018 4:07pm EDT) : Thanks Thad for the RIMPAC list...
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (24 Jun 2018 2:10pm EDT) : Got this from the German Blog - RIMPAC ships - USS Carl Vinson CVN 70, USS Lake Champlain CG 57, USS Lake Erie CG 70, USS O'Kane DDG 77, USS Preble DDG 88, USS Halsey DDG 97, USS Sterett DDG 104, USS Dewey DDG 105, USS William P. Lawrence DDG 110, USS Michael Murphy DDG 112, USS Boxer LHD 4, USS Bonhomme Richard LHD 8, USS Harpers Ferry LSD 49, USS Scout MCM 8, USS Aredent MCM 12, USNS Carl Brashear T-AKE 7, USNS Yukon T-AO 202 and USNS Rappahannock T-AO 204. Most of the above ships are have not serviced cover mail. CVN 70, CG 57, CG 70 and LHD 8 are the only ships to respond to my multiple mailings over the past several months. Good luck and report and returns please.
  • Elgin Sink (24 Jun 2018 10:48am EDT) : Stewart: I have not seen the RIMPAC list yet but will let you know when available...
  • Stewart B. Milstein (24 Jun 2018 9:47am EDT) : Hi Elgin: What ships are with CVN-70 in RIMPAC? Thx.
  • guest_3522 (22 Jun 2018 9:49am EDT) : To Guest of Jun 16.

    I am the Chair of the USCS Heirs & Estate Committee, Please feel free to contact me at or 917-453-4612 for assistance in disposing of the collection you wrote about.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Jun 2018 5:22pm EDT) : If anyone is still awaiting their USS MONTPELIER anniversary covers from March, they have been sent to the Stamp Fulfillment Services Center in Kansas City for cancelling. This information is from the Customer Services Coordinator at Norfolk.
  • Elgin Sink (19 Jun 2018 1:48pm EDT) : Get your covers ready for RIMPAC 2018:
  • guest_3882 (16 Jun 2018 1:26pm EDT) : I am looking for any and all assistance with regards to my deceased father in laws collection of ship and postage cancellation collections. The collection is large and i am in unfamiliar waters. Regards
  • LBBrennan (14 Jun 2018 12:14pm EDT) : Great news about the long-overdue return of covers with new postmarks.

    Thanks for the information and encouragement
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Jun 2018 1:10am EDT) : Several months ago I submitted an order to Zazzle.Com for two designs, each showing a U S Navy SSN at sea (VA Class and LA Class). The order was rejected and monies refunded by them with a notice that the photos I used "may" violate someone's copyright and that they could not violate USPS rules on intellectual property rights. The photos I used were in the public domain. Recently I took them to task to tell me how I can submit evidence that the photos were indeed in the public domain. There was no way to do this when ordering these personal postage stamps on their site. The answer was that they have now suspended issuing photo stamps and that I should take my complaints to the USPS in Washington DC. This should be interesting journey. It took me nearly a year to convince the USPS that I could submit pictorial postmarks showing navy ship crests (also in the public domain). I intend to do as they suggest and chase the windmills as Don Quixote did. How did that story work out?
  • Elgin Sink (12 Jun 2018 10:20pm EDT) : Rich/The commissioning covers arrived (within a week or so) through the mail nicely done from the PORTLAND with the FPO pictorial. I had also sent a couple covers to be processed by the ship and returned in a SASE in case the others might be ruined by an over-cancel. THESE have not been received yet...
  • john macco (12 Jun 2018 6:37pm EDT) : Great job on cover. I was amazed it did not get overcancelled.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Jun 2018 2:12pm EDT) : Covers from Kittery ME 03904 for THRESHER came in today. I did one for all USCS members who have covers on hand for the USCS cover service. Miracle was that they were not over-cancelled.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Jun 2018 2:09pm EDT) : My USS PORTLAND covers from Portland OR came in yesterday. I guess my email to the district folks got them moving. Nothing from ship, have to check on that.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Jun 2018 2:07pm EDT) : Courtesy of Phil Edwards, I received a cancel today from USS BENFOLD DDG 65. Have not had a return from her with a new cancel in a long time. It is a Unit # postmark. Will scan it on the USCS Facebook page.
  • Elgin Sink (12 Jun 2018 1:45pm EDT) : Has anybody received any FPO ship covers from the MITSCHER or ARLINGTON cancelled during the Fleet Week NYC event?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Jun 2018 6:15pm EDT) : Another fine cover received today from a ship I have been sending to for years with no results but now... USS BENFOLD DDG 65 zip 96661. Excellent Unit 100177 cancel.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (06 Jun 2018 5:46pm EDT) : Elgin - just received new cancels from USS WASP LHD 1 (96692) and USS Mesa Verde LPD 19 (09578)- the cancels are new and very good. Also received cover from USS Roosevelt yesterday (nice but very light). I have loads of covers out and not much coming back. Not like the old days when almost 100 percent were returned, including submarines. I quit sending to subs all together... a waste of time and money.
  • Elgin Sink (06 Jun 2018 1:39pm EDT) : Presently experiencing a cover "drought" from navy ships with very few received in quite awhile, and suspect I am not the only one...
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (06 Jun 2018 9:31am EDT) : Has anyone received covers from the CITY of Portland for the commissioning of USS Portland? I sent to address in Postal Bulletin - Commissioning Station - USS Portland, Philatelic/Services Postmarks, PO Box 2229, Portland, OR 97208-2229 - nothing. Received the ship sponsored commissioning pictorial that I sent for. No other cancels from this ship either. How about Fleet Week Everglades? Nothing here also. Sent to address in Postal Bulletin.
  • Elgin Sink (05 Jun 2018 2:02pm EDT) : Thanks, Phil, but only interested in the FPO cancels from the ships.
  • LBBrennan (05 Jun 2018 10:23am EDT) : Guest 524 thanks. That is interesting news. While many of our members are postmark collectors, and USN ships' postmarks were authorized in 1908, the information re US ships is most helpful. Does USPPS have a website? Thanks, Larry Brennan
  • LBBrennan (05 Jun 2018 10:20am EDT) : John please stay seated. I heard that a recent Graf von Spee was beheaded passing under a low bridge. See you next week Enjoy springtime for Germany.
  • LBBrennan (05 Jun 2018 10:19am EDT) : Thanks Phil. The info is always posted on the NY Council Navy League's website when made public. This year was different. We had the CO/XO reception and the NY Athletic Club. Great event and interesting to chat with the officers and sailors who restored my faith in the USN.
  • Elgin Sink (04 Jun 2018 3:38pm EDT) : Anybody try sending covers to NYC Fleet Week #30 event this year? (Have seen minimal publicity this year about the event...)
  • Elgin Sink (04 Jun 2018 1:44pm EDT) : June hardcopy periodical rate LOG received in central PA Harrisburg area today...
  • John Young (04 Jun 2018 11:41am EDT) : Still on the Rhine. Another day, another Catherdal and no stamp shops. Lots of river boats. Wonder if they have any cachet’s.

    Only saw one police boat on the Mosel River
  • Elgin Sink (31 May 2018 11:00pm EDT) : Quick reading of June eLOG just happened, Richard...Superb issue and will take "longer" to absorb the hard copy when received.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (31 May 2018 10:01pm EDT) : June 2018 eLOG pdf version has been sent to 300+ members who requested it.
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