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Online Chat Archive – August, 2014


  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Aug 2014 10:47pm EDT) : USS William V. Pratt (DDG-44) was a Farragut-class destroyer in the service of the United States Navy. She was commissioned in 1961 as DLG-13 and reclassified as a guided missile destroyer, designation DDG-44, in 1975.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Aug 2014 10:41pm EDT) : Ken DeLineRussell Dare USCS # 5604 wrote a monthly column reporting covers with cachets that were received.He mentions the good service from postal clerk on Pratt in the December 1970 Log.Send me your email and I will send a pdf copy of that LOG.bmcmjones@yahoo.com
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Aug 2014 9:53pm EDT) : The Secretary of Defense ordered the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) and embarked 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Aug. 30, to remain in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility (AOR) until the beginning of October.This represents a 21 day extension to the ARG/MEU’s deployment schedule. Bataan ARG includes USS Bataan (LHD 5), USS Mesa Verde (LPD 19), and USS Gunston Hall (LSD 44).
  • lbbrennan (31 Aug 2014 6:48pm EDT) : Kenneth, Welcome and thanks. I remember William V. Pratt (DLG 13) was rebuilt after being decommissioned in the early 1970s. Guess she was recommissioned about 1973-74 and reclassified as a DDG (can’t remember the hull number) in 1975. She was homeported in Charleston SC when I was stationed there in the late 1970s Perhaps someone else can respond to the details of your question. Thanks for all your good help with covers when you were her postal clerk and thanks for visiting. Best, Larry Brennan
  • guest_3944 (31 Aug 2014 4:03pm EDT) : My name is Kenneth DeLine, I was a postal clerk on the William V Pratt DLG-13 from 1969-1970.I have a letter from 9/23/1970 written by a member of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society at the time. His first name was Russell, can’t make out last name uscs 5604. He wrote an article in your monthly bulletin and was going to mention my service to your collectors.It’s been many years but thought if you had this article in your archives, you could send me a copyThank you,
    Kenneth DeLine
  • lbbrennan (31 Aug 2014 8:29am EDT) : Good morning. Jimmy you’re right. I got a nap from 7 to 815 am.
  • Jimmy Jordan (31 Aug 2014 8:14am EDT) : Good morning, everyone must be sleeping in today.
  • Don Tjossem (30 Aug 2014 5:42pm EDT) : Rainy day in Longbranch. Also working on my exhibit for MILCOPEX. Time is getting short!
  • John Young (30 Aug 2014 1:53pm EDT) : Hope everyone has a safe & healthy Labor Day. Remember to fly the flag
    for our troops.Putting the finishing touches on my
    exhibits (2) for MILCOPEX. Only 3 weeks
    to showtimeOne framer- Deep Freeze ’80 named
    the Coast Guard Invades Antarctica5 frames: Remembering the Campbell’s
    Seven sisters built in 1936=37 and
    sailed the seven seas for five decadesAll except USS ALEXANDER HAMILTON that was lost in January 1942
  • lbbrennan (30 Aug 2014 9:34am EDT) : 29 August 2014Ex-US Navy officer who spied for Soviets dies in prison
    A booking mugshot by the FBI shows John Arthur Walker, Jr. after his arrest in 1985 Officials said Walker’s motive for passing secret codes to the Soviets was greed, not ideologyA former US navy sailor who led a spy ring for the Soviet Union has died in a prison medical centre at the age of 77.Retired Navy Warrant Officer John Walker Jr was sentenced to life in prison in 1985 for passing codes and other sensitive data to the USSR.He had recruited his son, his brother and friend to continue spying after he retired. All were convicted.

    The breach was considered among the largest leaks of military secrets in US history at the time.

    Walker pleaded guilty in 1985, in a deal to gain a lighter sentence for his son, who was released in 2000 after serving 15 years in prison.

    The spy ring began when Walker walked into the Soviet embassy in Washington DC in 1967, and offered to hand over secret coded material on a regular basis.

    The Soviets used the information he and others passed to them over the course of 17 years to decode millions of secret US navy messages.

    Prosecutors said at the time of his arrest that Walker was more motivated by greed than ideology.

    His cause of death was not immediately released.

  • lbbrennan (30 Aug 2014 6:40am EDT) : Happy holiday Saturday.
  • lbbrennan (29 Aug 2014 6:48pm EDT) : Roger normally replies are posted within a few days. Not aware of any threads. Just chron order. Visit early and often.
  • roger_8743 (29 Aug 2014 1:22pm EDT) : Thanks for reply to mine of 15 August. My e-mail is rogerbaty@earthlink.net
    and contacting me before sending news or scans is best since my spam blocker is on high alert.
    So far have heard from the postal clerk mentioned by Rich Hoffner.
    A question about the blog — how do we track replies?
  • Don Tjossem (29 Aug 2014 12:08pm EDT) : Present.
  • lbbrennan (29 Aug 2014 9:04am EDT) : Happy Labor Day weekend to all. As summer comes to an end, while the good weather should continue, I hope our friends and members return here and to the USCS FB page.
  • Dan Goodwin (29 Aug 2014 7:20am EDT) : Paper Log received in Maine yesterday.
  • lbbrennan (29 Aug 2014 6:32am EDT) : Muster.
  • John Young (29 Aug 2014 1:34am EDT) : Last weekend for wearing white!
  • john macco (28 Aug 2014 9:50pm EDT) : received paper log on 8-27-2014.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Aug 2014 6:24pm EDT) : Thanks Richard.. I’ll send him the covers.
  • lbbrennan (28 Aug 2014 4:07pm EDT) : Still no hard copy of Sept LOG in Central NJ but the month hasn’t ended. Read it on line cover to cover.
  • esink (28 Aug 2014 4:03pm EDT) : Hardcopy SEP Log received in central PA today.
  • Mike Meister (28 Aug 2014 3:47pm EDT) : Paper LOG arrived in Columbus today.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (28 Aug 2014 3:06pm EDT) : Thad-I sent Doug Ebert’s address via email to you.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 Aug 2014 11:30am EDT) : Anyone know address for Doug Ebert ? I want to return his covers sent to me by mistake from USS Rushmore.
  • lbbrennan (28 Aug 2014 7:04am EDT) : Morning muster.
  • John Young (28 Aug 2014 12:40am EDT) : Win Grandy USCS #128 sponsored naval & patriotic cachets. but better known for First Day Covers – lived in New Haven CT.He did USCS convention covers 1946 & 1949Most of his work had initials WMG under
    flag or Uncle Sam on ’41 patriotic
  • Mike Brock (27 Aug 2014 8:27pm EDT) : Checking in…
  • guest_4928 (27 Aug 2014 3:42pm EDT) : Hi-I have just found two NE Steamship Co. passes with the name Winfrd M. Grandy on them. They are both dated Oct. 1931. Can you tell me anything about them?Thank you.Jamie Breen
  • lbbrennan (27 Aug 2014 8:50am EDT) : Muster. Off to teach at Fordham Law school. Great new building. Amazing investment at Lincoln Center
  • lbbrennan (26 Aug 2014 4:13pm EDT) : E log opened easily. Not sure I can save it but that is probably me.
  • esink (26 Aug 2014 1:14pm EDT) : Finally got SEP eLOG open last night after trying a couple of different things; great issue, Richard.
  • Don Tjossem (26 Aug 2014 10:56am EDT) : Paper and eLog received in Longbranch, WA on Monday. Another great issue! Thanks to Richard and contributors.
  • Dan Goodwin (26 Aug 2014 7:26am EDT) : No trouble opening eLog.
  • John Young (26 Aug 2014 1:35am EDT) : No trouble with eLog here
  • Jimmy Jordan (25 Aug 2014 7:54pm EDT) : Re: Opening the eLogThe “open attachment” link in the text box would not open the eLog. However, the link in the “Attachments:” line above the text box worked fine.Strange -never had this happen before.
  • esink (25 Aug 2014 7:38pm EDT) : I am unable to open eLOG for first time ever; email received but can’t open attachment.
  • john macco (25 Aug 2014 7:26pm EDT) : Has anybody had trouble downloading the elog? My email address has not changed.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (25 Aug 2014 4:53pm EDT) : 300+ eLOG have been sent.So far 8 rejected because of bad email addresses or mailbox is over quota
  • John Young (25 Aug 2014 3:16pm EDT) : September Log arrived lower Hudson Valley in this afternoon’s mailNice job Boats!
  • Don Lawson (25 Aug 2014 2:05pm EDT) : THAD, You have two Doug Ebert Covers.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (25 Aug 2014 2:00pm EDT) : The USS Rushmore covers mentioned below were unaddressed and returned to me by the ship with my two poorly struck covers.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (25 Aug 2014 1:57pm EDT) : Who is USCS 11,346, initials DRE ? I just received two covers with “RIMPAC 2014” printed cachet from USS Rushmore LSD 47. The covers are poorly struck but I would like to return them to the rightful collector and they can decide to keep them or not.
  • Don Lawson (25 Aug 2014 1:53pm EDT) : Raining here
  • Jimmy Jordan (25 Aug 2014 1:30pm EDT) : Hardcopy edition of the September the USCS Log arrived in Southeastern North Carolina today. Looks like another great issue!New member #12379 Charles Burton of Raleigh NC has already joined the USS North Carolina Chapter 99 and attended his first chapter meeting. Welcome aboard Charles.
  • lbbrennan (25 Aug 2014 11:22am EDT) : Glenn. Sara also intercepted and forced down the terrorists/pirates who seized the passenger ship Achille Lauro and murdered an American named Klinghoffer.
  • Mike Meister (25 Aug 2014 9:30am EDT) : Thanks Elgin & BMCM Jones.
  • Glenn Smith (25 Aug 2014 4:47am EDT) : Elgin/Larry: Clarification: The 1972-73 cruise to Yankee Station was not SARA’s only combat cruise, it was the only Vietnam War combat cruise. SARA also participated in combat ops in Libya and Operation Desert Storm.By comparison, I believe I am correct that FORRESTAL only had five days of combat ops in her entire career, they ended with the famous fire in the Gulf of Tonkin.A book about SARA? No, not enough there in my personal experience…but an article is a possibility.Elgin sent me a great cover scan from SARA’s first Tonkin Gulf (Yankee Station) line trip. It would be a great fit in an article.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (24 Aug 2014 11:44pm EDT) : FPO Updates and Corrections -July LOG Page 3USS AMERICA (LHA 6) FPO AP 96660-1600
    (Upon commissioning)
  • esink (24 Aug 2014 11:36pm EDT) : Mike, I found USS AMERICA LHA-6 FPO AP 96660-1600 on the bottom of http://www.public.navy.mil/surfor/lha6/Pages/default.aspx
  • Mike Meister (24 Aug 2014 9:16pm EDT) : Anyone have the FPO address for PCU AMERICA?
  • esink (24 Aug 2014 3:38pm EDT) : Glenn/very interesting…sounds like you should write a book about the “sara”.
  • lbbrennan (24 Aug 2014 1:13pm EDT) : Glenn. We need a Log article about Sara’s combat cruise and Adm Z’s unshorn locks and sideburns. Great teaser and splendid ship. Thanks, Larry
  • Glenn Smith (24 Aug 2014 7:16am EDT) : Larry is right. I did make the only cruise that SARATOGA made to Yankee Station. We sailed on Tuesday, April 11, 1972 from Mayport on three days notice. We had just finished a week-long at-sea training cruise as part of our work-up for a Med deployment scheduled for May. ADM Zumwalt came to see us off, with his fathom of uncut hair.
    Off Mayport, we rendezvoused with USS DETROIT AOE-4, and took-off for Cape Town, South Africa, refueling every third day. Our transit speed was as close to 30-knots as we could get, slowing to about 20-knots to refuel. At Cape Town, DETROIT said Sayonara, and returned to her home.
    One amusing incident occurred on April 18th as we ‘crossed the line.’ With SARA and DETROIT steaming in a line ahead, a merchantman approached on a reciprocal course, it looked as if she intended to pass fairly close port-to-port. By pure coincidence, when the merchantman was about 2000 yards ahead of SARA, we ‘hit the line,’ and according to custom, hoisted a huge black skull & crossbones pirate’s flag. The merchantman turned hard to starboard and kicked in another gear. He was last seen kicking up a rooster-tail and a’heading for the horizon!
    That was just the beginning of a long deployment.
    Maybe someday I will tell the whole story.
  • lbbrennan (24 Aug 2014 7:06am EDT) : Morning muster. Just new reports of 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Napa.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (23 Aug 2014 9:09pm EDT) : Naval Historical Center records show Submarine Squadron SEVEN was first established during the Second World War, organized with two submarine divisions (COMSUBDIVs 71 and 72), whose mission was to conduct anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training. The command was homeported in Bermuda during the latter part of 1942 and consisted mostly of older R- and S- boats. In April 1943, the Operational Training Command, Atlantic Fleet was established with Rear Admiral D. B. Berry in charge. Operational control of Submarine Squadron Seven was shifted from the Commandant Naval Operating Base, Bermuda, to Commander Operational Training Command.
    (SS78) R-1 (F) (SS89) R-12 (F)
    (SS82) R-5 (SS92) R-15
    (SS83) R-6 (SS93) R-16
    (SS84) R-7 (SS94) R-17
    (SS86) R-9 (FF) (SS95) R-18
    (SS96) R-19
    During 1940, Beaver helped establish a submarine base at Gregerie Channel in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and operated at the seaplane base near Hamilton, Bermuda. She also served as temporary flagship for Atlantic Fleet Submarines before becoming the tender for SubRon 7 based at New London in April. Following American entry into the World War II on 7 December 1941, Beaver led 11 R-class submarines to the seaplane base in Bermuda, arriving there on the 10th. For the next nine months, the tender alternated between Bermuda and New London, supporting submarine patrols along the Caribbean-Bermuda-New England shipping lanes and assisting antisubmarine training for American destroyers.

    1942 Check DANFS link for each sub –most were recommissioned in 1941 and spent time training off New London or at Coco Solo or sub base St Thomas VI.

  • Rich Hoffner (23 Aug 2014 4:57pm EDT) : Big bucks are being made in the yards scrapping major warships. In the case of the USS SARATOGA, it sold for 1c. Not a bad investment for the ship breakers. My peeve is that while it is giving jobs to that area in Texas, the scrap is being sold in the US, Mexico and other countries. I’m thinking I would like to see the scrap metal stay here, since it is subsidized by U S taxpayers. The Sara, the FID and the Connie are all there so the economy must be booming.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Aug 2014 4:49pm EDT) : Looking for info on Submarine Division 72 and it’s location in 1941. I did dig up some info that said it relocated to Bermuda in the later part of 1942. Where was it in 1941?
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Aug 2014 4:47pm EDT) : Elgin, the printing problem I mentioned with 100% rag envelopes is not with letterpress printing (Beck, Nicholson, me), but desktop printers and cancels that bleed. I gleaned the info from the Cachet Makers of America Facebook page some time ago. Plus, cachet makers are picky, no one agrees on which paper is really best. Each have their favorite.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Aug 2014 4:43pm EDT) : If Brainy Boro branch is like a lot of other offices, unfortunately, management and standard operation procedures gives the window clerk 10 minutes to close out. They are probably done work after they close out. No OT is condoned and any station manager that finds himself with an OT employee is in deep do do so to speak. Working alone I do not find myself in such situations and never lock anyone out. The USPS is concerned about such situations and is reading Yelp postings. Perhaps more need to go there and leave their comments on such treatment. Additionally, your point of sale receipt has a place telling you how to let the USPS know what you thought of your service. They pass these on to Postmasters and Managers to try to fix the problems. Maintenance is required to take the flag down if unlit at night.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (23 Aug 2014 1:14pm EDT) : Sailors on Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) manned the rails Aug. 22 as they headed out to the Pacific Ocean for a planned overseas deployment.Carl Vinson will be accompanied by the rest of the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group as it patrols both 5th and 7th Fleet areas of responsibility.
    USS Bunker Hill (CG 52), Destroyer Squadron 1 and her ships USS Gridley (DDG 101), USS Sterett (DDG 104), and USS Dewey (DDG 105) will deploy with Carl Vinson as part of the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group. Carrier Air Wing 17 will embark Carl Vinson with her aviation squadrons that include the “Fighting Redcocks” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 22, the “Sunliners” of VFA 81, the “Stingers” of VFA 113, the “Mighty Shrikes” of VFA 94, the “Cougars” of Electronic Attack Squadron 139, the “Sun Kings” of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 116, the “Red Lions” of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 15, the “Battlecats” of Helicopter Sea Maritime Strike Squadron 73, and Fleet Logistic Support Squadron 30. Elements of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 3 will also embark USS Carl Vinson.
  • esink (23 Aug 2014 12:46pm EDT) : Rich, (I have already passed this on to Karl) In the mid-sixties the late AAMS member, Milton Ehrlich, sold the 100% ungummed “barber pole” with “Diplomacy Parchment” watermark for first flight covers and the plain white ungummed flap envelopes …These were “rag-content” so had the “rough” texture but worked very well for my needs and held a nice clear cancel/cachet and printed well with Nicholson and Beck cachets. Apparently, “Diplomacy Parchment” type envelopes are still being sold as I have seen them available.
  • esink (23 Aug 2014 12:28pm EDT) : John, What is the postal address for NGCC AMUNDSEN to send covers? Thanks/Elgin
  • lbbrennan (23 Aug 2014 10:06am EDT) : Rich, Adding to my list of why the USPS won’t survive when there is competition, on Thursday afternoon just before closing at 4PM I walked in the lobby of the Metuchen Brainy Boro post office (modesty is their long suit) and before I could enter through the door to the counter one of the usps employees shut and locked the door in my face. I had a single registered letter to mail. Same post office keeps unilluminated flag up all night.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Aug 2014 9:30am EDT) : Karl, I have read some ngative comments on collector cover sites about bleeding on 100% rag content envelopes. I had tried one batch many years ago, but returned to the 25% rag when I saw no benefit. Presently utilizing your “cougar” paper envelopes. They are a tad stiffer and thicker, but have a nice feel to them. Some have had problems feeding these through printers, but I believe it is the age of the printer, not the envelopes that is the problem. The rubber rollers that pull envlopes through get hard with age, causing feeding problems.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Aug 2014 9:23am EDT) : Posted info on COURIER pictorial from work, forgot it does not auto-fill my name.
  • guest_4292 (23 Aug 2014 9:20am EDT) : Stephen Decatur Chapter sponsored a postmark for the 50th Anniversary of “Operation Vagabond”, the Voice of America tramsmitting ship USCGC COURIER. Postmark is available at Yorktown VA 23690-9998 on August 28th and up to 30 days after that.
  • lbbrennan (23 Aug 2014 7:10am EDT) : Thanks Elgin. Oriskany was sunk as a reef. Happy Saturday. Perhaps a day for real food. Long day Friday with Doctor visits at McGuire AFB.
  • John Young (23 Aug 2014 1:18am EDT) : Mid rats: Peanut butter on Banana breadCover today from NGCC AMUNDSEN in
    Canadian Arctic spayed canceled at
    Montreal 14 AUG 14She departed Quebec City (8 JUL 2014) on 97-day journey from Resolute to Barrow AK. Expects to be back in Quebec by Columbus Day
  • Mike Brock (22 Aug 2014 2:19pm EDT) : The folks at Brownsville are going to be busy with the ex-USS SARATOGA & ex-USS CONSTELLATION heading there for scrapping.
  • esink (22 Aug 2014 12:18pm EDT) : How about the USS ORISKANY? Wasn’t that sunk in lieu of scrapping?
  • lbbrennan (22 Aug 2014 11:58am EDT) : Muster. Hi to all and particularly Hi to Karl. I’ve long preferred unglued flaps. Sinking old ships have some risks and problems. Only carriers I know sunk in lieu of scrapping have been Saratoga CV 3 and America CV 66.
  • Mike Brock (21 Aug 2014 8:21pm EDT) : FPO covers arrived from the USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH…great strikes with ship’s crest rubber stamp.
  • Don Tjossem (21 Aug 2014 6:18pm EDT) : Karl, Better than some of the alternatives………..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sunken_aircraft_carriers#United_States
  • Karl Zurn (21 Aug 2014 6:04pm EDT) : You can send me a message karlzurn@gmail.com
  • Karl Zurn (21 Aug 2014 6:03pm EDT) : A number of people asked me about premium 100% cotton envelopes with no glue on the flaps. After a bit of searching I found the material and had a converter produce the envelopes. I paid for these out of my own account but the earnings go to the USCS (ad in the Log). I would be happy to send any USCS member 25 of these with my complements for that very special event you would like to produce a cachet.
  • Karl Zurn (21 Aug 2014 5:50pm EDT) : I was on the first Yellowstone (AD-27). When they did away with ADs I should have realized that was the time to save one as a museum. Too bad I never acted.
  • Karl Zurn (21 Aug 2014 5:45pm EDT) : What do you all think of sinking the old carriers sort of a Burial at Sea
  • esink (21 Aug 2014 3:41pm EDT) : FREE franks cancelled 31 JULY 2014 from USS BATAAN LHD-5 nicely processed with ship cachet and COPE corner card…received today.
  • Don Tjossem (21 Aug 2014 11:35am EDT) : Yo!
  • lbbrennan (21 Aug 2014 8:45am EDT) : First post WW II super carrier built in Brooklyn. Hard luck ship; lots of problems over a long life. Waiting for Glenn to post about his combat cruise to Vietnam.
  • John Young (21 Aug 2014 8:24am EDT) : Morning muster. Hudson Valley presentSad to see. I was a 15 year old Dodger
    fan (lived in the Bronx) when she was commissioned at the B’kyn Navy Yard on 14 APR 1956Farragut Chapter #3 sponsored covers-
    two different by Walter Czubay,Both George Sadworth & Frank Strobel
    had printed cachets”Super Sara” serviced First Day covers
    with hand & machine cancels for the 3
    cents Int’l Naval Review stamp that
    commemorated the Jamestown Festival

    Have fair winds & following seas on your final voyage. Thanks for the covers

  • lbbrennan (21 Aug 2014 7:03am EDT) : Morning muster. Have to watch food. Yesterday was unpleasant. I had lunch out Tuesday and Wednesday. Tasted good but not worth the pain.
    Now we’ve learned of failed rescue mission to recover ISIL held captives. The hostages weren’t there.
    BIg USN nuclear training scandal.
  • lbbrennan (20 Aug 2014 7:04pm EDT) : BMCM Sad. I remember SARA and Glen Smith remembers her much better from his combat cruise. It was sad watching SARA and FORRESTAL tied together at the old Destroyer Piers in Newport. Must have been nearly 20 years they were there together. Historic ships are tough to save and expensive to maintain but ships of our your are disappearing. Thanks for the update.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (20 Aug 2014 1:05pm EDT) : The decommissioned USS Saratoga aircraft carrier is set to be hauled away from Rhode Island and brought to Texas to be scrapped.A crew with Esco Marine was scheduled to tow the carrier out of Naval Station Newport on Wednesday and take it to its ship recycling plant in Brownsville, Texas. The departure has been delayed due to weather along the route. A meeting is planned for later Wednesday to reschedule it.The company is being paid a penny by the Navy to dispose of the Saratoga and plans to make money by selling what it recovers from the ship.The Saratoga was launched in 1955 and decommissioned in 1994. The vessel fell into disrepair, and an effort to preserve the ship as a museum failed
  • lbbrennan (20 Aug 2014 8:01am EDT) : Late muster. John. Let me see if I have any USCG type 3z cancels from Herb’s exhibits.
  • John Young (20 Aug 2014 4:40am EDT) : Looking to complete wording within the killer bars of type 3z (US Navy) cancel,
    dated 15 OCT 1943. Words are WE’LL GET/ −-−−-− TIMECancel posted letter from ENS Wacher
    USS SPENCER, CG to relative in Malden
    MassAnybody have other Wacher covers
  • lbbrennan (19 Aug 2014 6:10pm EDT) : Glenn. HMAS Perth should be a large sonar target. Glad to see USN working on findng war losses. Important work.
  • Glenn Smith (19 Aug 2014 4:42pm EDT) : HMAS Perth should be within about a mile of USS Houston.
  • lbbrennan (19 Aug 2014 6:59am EDT) : Divers identify sunken vessel as World War II wreck of USS Houston where 700 troops perishedPublished August 18, 2014
    ·Associated PressFacebook
    17PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii – Navy divers from the U.S. and Indonesia confirmed that a sunken vessel in the Java Sea is the World War II wreck of the USS Houston, a cruiser sunk by the Japanese that serves as the final resting place for about 700 sailors and Marines, officials announced Monday.The Japanese sank the Houston during the Battle of Sunda Strait on Feb. 28, 1942. The ship carried 1,068 crewmen, but only 291 sailors and Marines survived both the attack and being prisoners of war. The Houston’s commanding officer, Capt. Albert H. Rooks, posthumously received the Medal of Honor for extraordinary heroism.

    U.S. Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Harry Harris said Monday that divers have documented evidence the watery gravesite has been disturbed.

    Assessments conducted in June to determine the condition of the Houston found that hull rivets, a metal plate and unexploded ordnance were removed from the ship. There is also oil actively seeping from the hull.

    Officials are working on measures to keep the site from further disturbance.

    “In my discussions with our Indonesian navy partners, they share our sense of obligation to protect this and other gravesites,” Harris said in a statement. “Surveying the site, of course was only the first step in partnering to respect those sailors who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the freedoms and security that we richly enjoy today.”

    The Navy History and Heritage Command concluded that all of the recorded data is consistent with the identification of the former USS Houston.

    The Houston was nicknamed the “The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast.” Resting off the west coast of Java, Indonesia, the ship, which remains sovereign property of the United States, is a popular recreational dive site, the Navy said.

    The Navy estimates there are more than 17,000 sunken ships and aircraft resting on the ocean floor worldwide.

  • John Young (18 Aug 2014 11:29pm EDT) : Mid rats: Peanut butter & cheese on
    saltine crackers with large glass of milkNot weight-watchers, but I’m in the mood
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (18 Aug 2014 11:56am EDT) : Hundreds welcome USS Iwo Jima, USS Fort McHenry to their new homes in Mayport FL on Sunday 8-17-14.
  • lbbrennan (18 Aug 2014 1:12am EDT) : Touch and go.
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Aug 2014 9:03pm EDT) : A recent communication from the last postal clerk aboard the USS Frank E. Evans (cut in half by HMAS MELBOURNE) says his last mail from the EVANS was sent dated 2 June 1969. He was assisted by a PC from Subic Bay, after the XO accompanied him to the post office aboard the stern of the vessel, and emptied the safe and all postal effects. The clerk, Mike Smith mailed all mail aboard to their destination. He also mailed several envelopes to his home address, but they never arrived. No date for LDPS appears in the postmark catalog. The bow sunk on 3 June 1969. I’m not sure why they decided on 2 June 1969 to cancel mail on hand. If you have covers from FRANK E EVANS, who has a date close to the tragedy?
  • Mike Brock (17 Aug 2014 4:48pm EDT) : Here & Gone…
  • lbbrennan (17 Aug 2014 1:12pm EDT) : got great strikes back under cover from USS George HW Bush. perfect work and thoughtful help
  • lbbrennan (17 Aug 2014 6:21am EDT) : Morning muster
  • lbbrennan (17 Aug 2014 3:10am EDT) : Touch and go. Quiet times. Nice weather.
  • Don Tjossem (17 Aug 2014 12:36am EDT) : Touch-n-go.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (16 Aug 2014 11:53pm EDT) : Ingalls Shipbuilding division christened the company’s fifth U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter (NSC), James (WMSL 754), today in front of nearly 1,000 guests.Charlene James Benoit, great-great niece of the ship’s namesake, Capt. Joshua James, is the ship sponsor. At the culmination of the ceremony, Benoit smashed a bottle across the bow of the ship, proclaiming, “May God bless this ship and all who sail in her.”
  • lbbrennan (16 Aug 2014 7:36am EDT) : Crisp almost fall morning. An outside day in the northeast.
  • John Young (16 Aug 2014 6:38am EDT) : Found some treasures at AMERICOVER 2014 at Somerset NJ but I don’t know what I missed as Stewart Milstein beat
    me to Charlie Hamilton’s dollar boxSaw several friends from USCS, ASPP &
    Christmas Philatelic Club (Doc Rollins)
  • lbbrennan (16 Aug 2014 12:17am EDT) : the official USN investigation into the loss of Frank E. Evans with courts martial result is available on line.
  • lbbrennan (16 Aug 2014 12:13am EDT) : roger how do readers contact you with scans etc. Assume Roger W?
  • lbbrennan (15 Aug 2014 11:44pm EDT) : Thanks Jimmy. Didn’t make it to stamp show to see guys from the chapter. A bit more than I wanted to try. Have to watch food. Simple is better. Chicken rice and soup are safe. Not ready to try challenges. Too much detail but I can read and avoid pain meds. It’s good to see friends here and greatly appreciate your kindness.
  • roger_8743 (15 Aug 2014 7:36pm EDT) : I’m researching the collision between the Frank E. Evans (DD 754) and the Melbourne in 1969. Would appreciate scans of covers in your collection. Formal decommission was 1 July 1969
    Other ships to the rescue were the Kearsarge (CV33) and the Larson (DD830). Scans close to 3 Jun 1969 would probably have the greatest interest. Many thanks
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (14 Aug 2014 2:25pm EDT) : Watch PCU John Warner Christening on Sept. 6The submarine John Warner (SSN 785) will be christened at Newport News Shipbuilding during a ceremony attended by Senator John Warner, Ship’s Sponsor Jeanne Warner, Navy personnel and thousands of shipbuilders. Tickets are required to attend the event in-person. The event will be webcast live on www.warnerchristening.com.
  • Jimmy Jordan (14 Aug 2014 6:28am EDT) : Good morning Larry. Glad to see you are feeling better.
  • lbbrennan (14 Aug 2014 6:26am EDT) : Spent a lot of time in a Chinese resturant on drill weekends at the Brooklyn Navy Yard or Floyd Bennett field. Cold noodles, steamed dumplings, hot and sour soup, and Chinese beer.
  • John Young (14 Aug 2014 5:18am EDT) : Guess, I could do a little Chinese for mid rats, gone are the days of a bowl of chili during the late tours. Remember Brickfords Restaurants
  • lbbrennan (14 Aug 2014 12:05am EDT) : Researching Fleet Air Wing 4 and its predecessor Patrol Wing 4 in Alaska including battle of Midway and the following year attacking Japanese bases and major battle at sea. Also scanning my Eagle boats and gunboats. Good therapy and refocusing. A diet pepsi for midrats.
  • lbbrennan (13 Aug 2014 6:02pm EDT) : Chinese chicken string beans and brown rice. Flavor.
  • lbbrennan (13 Aug 2014 3:18pm EDT) : Great night John. Saw the Beach Boys at Garden State Art Center long time ago. Herman’s Hermit sounds like fun. Glad you missed the weather.
  • John Young (13 Aug 2014 11:12am EDT) : Crossed a “Beach Boys” concert off my
    bucket list last night just before the rain
    “Herman’s Hermits” was opening act- great show!
  • lbbrennan (13 Aug 2014 1:13am EDT) : Post mid rats. Consistent rain.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Aug 2014 9:11pm EDT) : I tried to post this AM around 0700 but the post would not transfer. Tried 2X. See everything seems to be OK now. Interesting that there were no posts between 0150 hrs and 1908 hrs. That is too quiet.
  • lbbrennan (12 Aug 2014 7:08pm EDT) : Quiet. Weather front coming through with soaking rain.
  • lbbrennan (12 Aug 2014 1:50am EDT) : Temptong John but off the diet.
  • John Young (12 Aug 2014 12:40am EDT) : Mid rats Blueberry pancake & vanilla ice cream sandwich
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (12 Aug 2014 12:28am EDT) : Mailing Address:
    FPO-AA 34092-1721
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (12 Aug 2014 12:26am EDT) : Mailing Address:
    FPO AA 34091-1731
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (12 Aug 2014 12:25am EDT) : ThadI am trying to track down the new FPO AA number for the ships.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Aug 2014 2:37pm EDT) : That may explain why the covers sent to the Iwo Jima at AE have been returned recently.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (11 Aug 2014 2:15pm EDT) : The USS Iwo Jima and the USS Fort McHenry, along with their 1,300 sailors, will arrive at their new home port of Mayport Naval Station on Sunday, Aug. 17.The two ships will join the USS New York — a vessel that landed here in December
  • John Young (11 Aug 2014 1:49pm EDT) : Wrote the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee regarding 100th ANNV of the Coast Guard in January 2015.A note in ASPP’s Ice Cap News stated a
    single stamp may be issued, as that we
    have a Distinguished Airmen issue.Since 2000, we’ve had distinguished soldiers, marines & sailors issue every
    five years. If airmen honored next year
    maybe “cuttermen” might be issued in 2020Being P.C., my suggestion for cuttermen
    are Capt Mike Healy, Adm Edwin Iceberg
    Smith, SM 1/c Douglas Munro & Capt
    Dorthy StrattonIf Famous Cutters- BEAR, CAMPBELL, EAGLE & NORTHWIND would span the
    last 100 years.

    Semper Paratus

  • lbbrennan (11 Aug 2014 6:20am EDT) : Lots of info re Fleet Air wing Four in Alaska in 42-43. Bit of wandering for the morning
  • lbbrennan (10 Aug 2014 8:05pm EDT) : Found 1943cover from fleet air wing Four to member of crew of USS Migrant IX 66, a former sailing yacht. Think Fleet Air Wing Four was in Alaska but postmark is Seattle. Nice real mail between sailors.
  • lbbrennan (10 Aug 2014 4:39pm EDT) : Quiet time
  • lbbrennan (10 Aug 2014 10:12am EDT) : Happy Sunday.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (10 Aug 2014 12:31am EDT) : The destroyer Mahan DDG 72 will leave Monday 11 August for the Middle East, marking the ship’s first deployment since a sailor was shot and killed on her deck in March.
    The Norfolk-based vessel will be gone about five months, the Navy said in a news release Friday. Mahan is heading to the Arabian Gulf to conduct security operations.
  • lbbrennan (09 Aug 2014 6:53pm EDT) : Thanks Mike. Slow summer day.
  • Mike Brock (09 Aug 2014 2:17pm EDT) : Take it easy Larry.
  • lbbrennan (09 Aug 2014 10:25am EDT) : Out and about to the library for a moment to print some correspondence. Short trip to library. Just about the limit of my endurance now.
  • lbbrennan (09 Aug 2014 7:46am EDT) : Muster.
  • John Young (09 Aug 2014 12:45am EDT) : Mid rats: fluffy egg-cheese omelet
  • lbbrennan (08 Aug 2014 11:02pm EDT) : Mid rats muster
  • lbbrennan (08 Aug 2014 7:23pm EDT) : I enjoy liquid diet. But need a protien. Chicken Is number one. Rice or potato are fine. I like Asian noodle soups. My favorite meal for a few days was ice chips. Dry mouth no fun. Highlight was using electric toothbrush. Need to learn to cook.
  • lbbrennan (08 Aug 2014 5:41pm EDT) : Thanks guys. Hospital food may be better than the Ayatollah’s cooking. Not sure what’s the good food. Think grilled chicken and rice again. I love chicken and rice. But I need to relearn how to eat. Sparse diet. Don’t every get pancraetitis.
  • esink (08 Aug 2014 2:01pm EDT) : Larry, Happy to hear you are recovering and you have been sent home so you can work on covers and your great LOG articles. …Best regards, Elgin
  • Don Tjossem (08 Aug 2014 12:02pm EDT) : Larry, Glad to hear you’re home and on the way to recovery! Lots of time for covers, research and writing for awhile. Enjoy!
  • Rich Hoffner (08 Aug 2014 10:49am EDT) : If you are within drive distance to a chapter meeting in your area, GO! George Marcincin and I have been attending USS New Jersey Chapter meetings and it is worth the 1 1/2 hour drive each way. Great covers, great friends and refreshments. What are you waiting for? See you at the next NJ or DC#4 chapter meetings.
  • Rich Hoffner (08 Aug 2014 10:39am EDT) : My mid rats procedures here are complicated. Dogs each get a cup of dry food and fresh water. Check cats water and food. Break up kitchen left-overs in small bits for the chickens. Feed them and give them fresh water. Gather their eggs. Check bird feeders and fill as necessary. THEN, I get to feed me. All that before I dig into the covers.
  • Rich Hoffner (08 Aug 2014 10:34am EDT) : Larry, hope you are past the liquid diet. Being home must feel good.
  • Rich Hoffner (08 Aug 2014 10:34am EDT) : An unexpected change to a recent Decatur Chapter cover. The cover noted the return from the last patrol of the USS DALLAS SSN-700 (11-25-13). Our cover was based on the official PR release by the US Navy of the return. This year the Navy made a change. uss DALLAS will remain in service but USS NORFOLK SSN-714 will now be deactivated the switch is said to save the Navy $10 million dollars. Our cover has been revised. If you have the original cover feel free to return it for one that has been revised with this news.
  • Steve Shay (08 Aug 2014 8:23am EDT) : Good news Larry. Take it easy.
  • John Young (08 Aug 2014 6:40am EDT) : Breakfast before morning colors
  • lbbrennan (08 Aug 2014 6:07am EDT) : Thanks Jimmy. First morning at home in 10 days. Small progress. The grilled cihcken and rice the Ayatollah made was special. Lots of mail but that’s a few days away. No tubes no roomates and no hospital noises. Got a couple of hours sleep. Invaluable.
  • Jimmy Jordan (08 Aug 2014 5:38am EDT) : Good morning.Larry welcome home. Very good to know you are getting better.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (07 Aug 2014 8:31pm EDT) : 25 October PCU NORTH DAKOTA (784) Commissioning, Groton CT
  • John Young (07 Aug 2014 6:58pm EDT) : Larry: Have a great weekend at home
    and enjoy the time with baseball, beer
    and covers. You can forget the beer!Boats: tentative FDC of North Dakota
  • guest_6344 (07 Aug 2014 6:40pm EDT) : Discharged from hospital. Home. Nice ride from the Ayatollah. Chicken and potato for dinner? Nice not to have roomates however nice.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (07 Aug 2014 3:57pm EDT) : The US nation’s newest and most advanced nuclear-powered attack submarine, North Dakota (SSN-784), returned to the General Dynamics Electric Boat shipyard Tuesday following the successful completion of its first voyage in open seas, called alpha sea trials.North Dakota is the 11th ship of the Virginia Class, the most capable class of attack submarines ever built.North Dakota’s alpha sea trials included a range of submarine and propulsion-plant operations, submerging for the first time, and high-speed runs on and below the surface to demonstrate that the ship’s propulsion plant is fully mission-capable.
  • lbbrennan (07 Aug 2014 10:33am EDT) : Please send all future emails to my home account. LBBMETNJ@aoll.com.
  • John Young (07 Aug 2014 9:25am EDT) : Monday’s Trivia question answer: The OPSAIL review (14 JUL 1964) from the
    deck of USS RANDOLPH (CV 15) by the
    Sec’y of the Navy.Only covers I have are from USCGC
    EAGLE & SSS GORCH FOCKMorning Coffee Break: donuts
  • lbbrennan (07 Aug 2014 2:30am EDT) : Juice. Muster
  • John Young (07 Aug 2014 12:24am EDT) : Mid rats: Navy Beam Soup
  • guest_2600 (07 Aug 2014 12:07am EDT) : Looks like the Connie will stop in Long Beach. Anyone down there that can take pictures?????The Corbin Foss and the USS Constellation will now be departing from Bremerton on August 8th for the first leg of the journey to Long Beach, California for fuel stop and U.S. Customs clearance from United States (last U.S. port).
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (06 Aug 2014 11:51pm EDT) : The future USS Montgomery (LCS 8) launched from the Austal USA shipyard Aug. 6, marking an important production milestone for the littoral combat ship program.Following the launch, the ship will undergo outfitting, and test and evaluation of its major systems at the Austal shipyard.The ship’s christening, a ceremony that marks the official naming of the vessel, is planned for the winter.
  • Mike Brock (06 Aug 2014 9:00pm EDT) : FPO covers received from the USS FARRAGUT & USS WASP.
  • lbbrennan (06 Aug 2014 7:22pm EDT) : Don. On the road. Hope it’s the right course. A little food a little less pain meds but stuLl discomfort. Thanks.
  • Don Tjossem (06 Aug 2014 6:32pm EDT) : Larry…………Any food today??Hope your recovery is going well.Don
  • d lawson (06 Aug 2014 12:25pm EDT) : stopping bye
  • lbbrennan (06 Aug 2014 6:29am EDT) : Morning muster. Maybe some foood today. It has been 10 days.
  • lbbrennan (06 Aug 2014 1:50am EDT) : She crab soup and I’m still on a clear liquid diet. Damn.
  • John Young (05 Aug 2014 11:35pm EDT) : Mid rats: She crab soup in sourdough bread bowlJersey meeting: Phila crew made trip
    to Garwood, where Georg hosted the
    meeting with coffee, soda (look the diet
    root beer) and usual goodies.Stewart brought 400 covers that made
    the rounds with 8 in attendance. Even
    found something!Two on sick report, one had work (Doc
    you to choose which is more important-
    helping people or looking for covers)
    Angus AWOL
  • lbbrennan (05 Aug 2014 6:52pm EDT) : Missing Nj chapter meeting.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (05 Aug 2014 3:55pm EDT) : Thanks Elgin. I sent twice using that zip and it has been return both times.
  • lbbrennan (05 Aug 2014 1:11am EDT) : Muster. Studying for early endoscopy. Nothing after midnight. Noisy roomate all day. Poor soul has real issues.
  • esink (04 Aug 2014 10:18pm EDT) : Thad, I checked the IWO JIMA website and a recent SNDL and found the same FPO AE 09574-1664 you have tried…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (04 Aug 2014 6:37pm EDT) : Anyone know the zip code for the USS Iwo Jima LHD 7? I sent to the zip in the January Log (09574-1664) and it came back again today saying incorrect address.
  • Dan Goodwin (04 Aug 2014 4:32pm EDT) : USS Scranton arrives at PNSYMonday, August 4, 2014PORTSMOUTH — Fast-attack submarine USS Scranton (SSN 756) and her crew of 16 officers and 122 enlisted personnel arrived today at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.While at the shipyard, Scranton will complete various maintenance work and several system upgrades. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is the Navy’s center of excellence for fast-attack submarine maintenance, modernization, and repair.Nicknamed the Iron Horse, Scranton is the second ship of the Navy to be named for the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the sixth “improved” Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered submarine. The improved modifications of this class include retractable bow planes, a reinforced sail for under-ice operations, vertical-launch Tomahawk Cruise Missile capability, ship-quieting enhancements, and an integrated combat systems suite. Assigned to the Atlantic Fleet, Scranton was commissioned Jan. 26, 1991, and is homeported in Norfolk, Virginia.

    Fast-attack submarines like Scranton have multifaceted missions. They use their stealth, persistence, agility, and firepower to deploy and support special forces operations, disrupt and destroy an adversary’s military and economic operations at sea, provide early strike from close proximity, and ensure undersea superiority.

    Scranton returned from her last regularly scheduled deployment to the European and Central command areas of responsibility Jan. 13, where she supported national security interests and Maritime Security Operations. During the deployment, Scranton covered more than 40,000 nautical miles.

    Scranton’s Commanding Officer, Commander Seth Burton, earned a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He also completed studies as an Olmsted Scholar in International Relations at Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany.

    Cmdr. Burton’s operational assignments include tours of duty on USS Jefferson City (SSN 759), engineer officer on USS Kentucky (SSBN 737), and executive officer aboard USS Newport News (SSN 750).

    Ashore, Cmdr. Burton served as the National Program Manager for Submarine and Nuclear Field Recruiting in Millington, Tenn., and Executive Officer of the Tactical Readiness Evaluation Team at Commander, Submarine Forces Atlantic, in Norfolk, Va.

    On Jan. 20, 2012, Cmdr. Burton assumed command of USS Scranton (SSN 756).

    Scranton’s host community is Wells, Maine.

  • Rich Hoffner (04 Aug 2014 11:51am EDT) : Larry you sound worse then the doctor with the Ebola virus that walked out of the ambulance into the hospital yesterday.
    Some scrapple and a Yuengling will also help!
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Aug 2014 11:47am EDT) : OK – hate sites with no spell check:Should be 1790 Coast Guard Day
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Aug 2014 11:47am EDT) : Semper Paratus – 1709 Cost Guard Day.Unofficial motto: “You have to go out, but you don’t have to come back”From a 1954 article about the old days: “A ship was stranded off Cape Hatteras on the Diamond Shoals and one of the life saving crew reported the fact that this ship had run ashore on the dangerous shoals. The old skipper gave the command to man the lifeboat and one of the men shouted out that we might make it out to the wreck but we would never make it back. The old skipper looked around and said, ‘The Blue Book says we’ve got to go out and it doesn’t say a damn thing about having to come back.’”
  • Rich Hoffner (04 Aug 2014 11:44am EDT) : Great cover of the month. Larry lives on in all the covers he sponsored. Guess the PAO of the RHODE ISLAND was cleaning out his drawer. Note my birthday stamped below the cachet, perhaps Larry is saying hello to old friends.
  • R. Wentworth (04 Aug 2014 7:54am EDT) : I have finally managed to get out all my mailings to 25 ships today for the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal on August 15th. How many of you guys did the same??
  • lbbrennan (04 Aug 2014 6:38am EDT) : Morning muster. Hope I can brush my teeth again
  • John Young (04 Aug 2014 1:10am EDT) : Mid rats: None but steak & eggs for breakfast on Coast Guard DayEsink: Memory serves me right- we had
    first OPSAIL in New York harbor, Eagle
    & several tall ships from Europe. Come
    to think Navy carrier & escortsTrivia question: What Carrier?
  • lbbrennan (03 Aug 2014 11:10pm EDT) : Midnight muster. Rich it’s going to be a while to I get to substantive food. Just had a brief roomate from hell. Cramps and misery.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (03 Aug 2014 4:15pm EDT) : Hope you start to feel better Larry… take care.
  • Don Tjossem (03 Aug 2014 3:21pm EDT) : Page 5, August LOG:Randy Pence at 541 Hale Circle SW. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105-0309……Thanks for asking. Sent lots of covers!!
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Aug 2014 2:33pm EDT) : Anyone know who gets donations for the convention cover auction? Checked Log and can’t find any info. Must be looking in the wrong place.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Aug 2014 2:32pm EDT) : Larry get some motzo ball soup. Do the broth first, then work up to the motza balls. You will feel better.
  • Steve Shay (03 Aug 2014 11:12am EDT) : Get better soon Larry.
  • esink (03 Aug 2014 10:17am EDT) : John, I remember the Pinkerton men all over the place at the fair…Good book currently out about the fair is TOMORROW-LAND by Tirella. It’s a great interesting book with quick interesting reading. I remember the navy visiting the fair but have never seen any related covers from any ships.
  • John Young (03 Aug 2014 9:07am EDT) : lbbrennan: Hope your home soon
  • John Young (03 Aug 2014 9:05am EDT) : Esink: Discharged from USCG in January
    and worked as patrolman (Pickerton) at 1964 World’s Fair before joining NYPD in December 1964’64 was good year- except Cardinals
    beat Yankees in 7 games in the World Series. Hated baseball because Dodgers
    went coast. Blamed O’Malley, but it was
    Robert Moses after all.Tomorrow is Coast Guard Day- will celebrate by finishing up exhibit for our
    annual convention at MILCOPEX
    “Remembering the CAMPBELLS”
  • lbbrennan (03 Aug 2014 5:39am EDT) : Morning muster. Same same.
  • lbbrennan (03 Aug 2014 12:35am EDT) : Thanks for the wishes. Up now waiting for pain meds in an hour plus. At least I can have clear liquids. A small move. Thanks shipmates
  • esink (02 Aug 2014 12:58pm EDT) : Larry, hope all is well with you…keep us posted and best wishes.
  • esink (02 Aug 2014 12:51pm EDT) : Today…fifty years after the Gulf of Tonkin incident between USS MADDOX and TURNER JOY and North Vietnamese patrol boats. I was standing in line at the Coke Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair when the news broke. Anybody have covers from these ships at this time?
  • Don Tjossem (02 Aug 2014 12:16pm EDT) : Larry, Best wishes for your health.
  • John Young (02 Aug 2014 11:23am EDT) : Recently learned that USPS is planning a
    stamp for the 100th Annv of the United States Coast Guard in 2015. They are
    also planning the issuance of the four Distinguished Airman stampsThe following Distinguished series honored soldiers (2000), Marines (2005)
    and sailors (2010) and it looks like we
    honor members of the Armed Forces
    once every five years.Since the Air Force was established as
    a separate branch in 1947, can anyone
    name four distinguished airmen who might appear on the stampsThe USPS should issue four stamps that depict four cutters- I suggest
    BEAR, TAMPA (ex-Miami), ESCANABA (WPG 77) & BERTHOLF (WMSL 750)
    that haved served in Coast GuardNote: TAMPA lost WW 1 & ESCANABA
    lost WW 2 with all hands

    The Distinguished Cutterman stamps
    should depict CAPT Michael Healy, USRCS, CWO John A. Midgett, ADM Edward “Iceberg” Smith & Signalman 1/c Douglas Murno, USCG

    While Midgett wasn’t a cutterman- he
    commanded Lifeboat Station in North
    Carolina that rescued men from a torpedoed ship in August 1918

    Healy commanded BEAR (1885-95),
    “Iceberg” Smith commanded the
    Greenland Patrol (1941-45) & Murno
    was awarded the Navy’s Medal of Honor.

    Thanks, Alexander Hamilton for the
    establishment of a system of ten cutters that became today’s Coast

  • lbbrennan (02 Aug 2014 5:23am EDT) : Pre sunrise muster. Ice chips again.
  • lbbrennan (01 Aug 2014 11:37pm EDT) : Thanks John. Prob pancratitias ?spellig?
  • lbbrennan (01 Aug 2014 11:36pm EDT) : MidnigHt muster. Sane venue
  • John Young (01 Aug 2014 9:50am EDT) : Larry, hope all is well! I missed muster.
  • John Young (01 Aug 2014 4:13am EDT) : Thanks, Steve.


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