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Online Chat Archive – October – December, 2014


  • John Young (31 Dec 2014 11:50pm EST) : Happy & healthy New Year to one and all/ stay safe. Hope to see most of you at PIPEX in spring.
  • Jimmy Jordan (31 Dec 2014 10:12pm EST) : Happy New Year my friends!
  • Mike Meister (31 Dec 2014 7:26pm EST) : I hope everyone has a very happy, healthy and safe 2015!
  • Mike Brock (31 Dec 2014 6:36pm EST) : Happy New Year Everyone!
  • Stewart B. Milstein (31 Dec 2014 6:33pm EST) : A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL.
  • Tjossem (31 Dec 2014 11:17am EST) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1942: USS Essex (CV 9), the first of a new class of aircraft carriers, is commissioned at Norfolk, Va. Her designation is changed to CVA 9 in October 1952 and eight years later Essex is converted to an anti-submarine warfare support aircraft carrier and redesignated CVS-9. In 1969, Essex is decommissioned and scrapped in 1975.


  • BMCM Jones 3933 (31 Dec 2014 12:26am EST) : Try the second link– the first failed


  • BMCM Jones 3933 (31 Dec 2014 12:24am EST) : https://plus.google.com/photos/104939327622936640529/albums/6098012197901824657
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (31 Dec 2014 12:23am EST) : If you have the January Log, the file showing the scans for the Log Auctions was deleted in error.

    The new url to view the January scans is
    the new URL is

  • esink (30 Dec 2014 9:23pm EST) : Hard copy LOG received in central PA Harrisburg area yesterday; great issue.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (30 Dec 2014 4:12pm EST) : The State Department said Monday that Indonesia has asked the United States for help in locating a missing AirAsia jet, and the Pentagon said it could include detection equipment deployed by air, surface and sub-surface.

    The Navy said Monday it is sending a ship to the general search area to support search operations. The Navy’s 7th Fleet said it is sending the USS Sampson, a San Diego, California-based destroyer that was already deployed to the western Pacific.

  • Mike Brock (30 Dec 2014 1:16pm EST) : Go Ducks at the Rose Bowl!
  • Ed Tomczak 9977 (30 Dec 2014 12:54pm EST) : What is a good source to purchase #6 envelope clear sleeves?
  • Tjossem (30 Dec 2014 11:52am EST) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1959: Commissioning of first fleet ballistic missile submarine, USS George Washington (SSB(N)-598), at Groton, CT.

    Go Seahawks!

  • John Young (29 Dec 2014 6:10am EST) : Looks like Eagles dumped Giants. The reason I called Philadelphia’s team “turkeys” is because of Ben Franklin

    Had Franklin had his way, the turkey
    would have been America’s bird, rather
    than the eagle

    Go Eagles.

  • lbbrennan (28 Dec 2014 3:43pm EST) : Great birthday memory.
  • John Young (28 Dec 2014 1:05pm EST) : Time for some football. I remember my 18th birthday (1958)- got up on a Sunday morning- went to mass at St.
    Luke’s in South Bronx. When I got home
    my father had obtained a ticket to the
    Colt- Giant game at Yankee Stadium.

    He had gotten it at Shannon View the night before- paid six dollars

    Sorry, I didn’t save the stub because that was the game that made today’s pro-football

    Colts beat Giants in over-time. Saw my
    hero. #19 Johnny U & #70 Art Donovan

    Stayed a Colt fan until they went west.

    Go Giants! Beat the Turkeys from Philly

  • lbbrennan (28 Dec 2014 7:17am EST) : E log arrived many thanks

    Happy birthday, John Young

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (28 Dec 2014 12:25am EST) : 335 eLOGs for January 2015 have been sent to those requesting the service.

    Still needing more articles for March and April.

    Have you sent in your dues?

    Have you mailed your election ballots?

    Enjoy the January Log over the New Years holidays.

  • Tjossem (27 Dec 2014 1:10am EST) : Paper LOG arrived in Longbranch, WA today.
  • John Young (27 Dec 2014 12:44am EST) : Hard copy of the JAN 2015 Log arrived in today’s mail.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (26 Dec 2014 9:53pm EST) : Interesting history of USS CANOPUS part 1


  • esink (25 Dec 2014 10:35pm EST) : Happy Holidays to all USCS members and their families and hope many good cover acquisitions are made in the coming year.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (25 Dec 2014 2:57pm EST) : Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy the time with family and friends.
  • Tjossem (25 Dec 2014 1:16pm EST) : Best Wishes to all over the Holiday season!
  • Steve Shay (25 Dec 2014 11:27am EST) : Merry Christmas
  • lbbrennan (25 Dec 2014 5:49am EST) : Merry Christmas and peace to people of good will.
  • John Young (25 Dec 2014 12:21am EST) : Merry Christmas to all our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen & Coast-guardsmen round the world. Keep them
    and their families safe.

    A special Merry Christmas to our first
    responders during the holiday season.
    Stay safe!

  • Mike Meister (24 Dec 2014 10:09pm EST) : I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a safe weekend.
  • lbbrennan (24 Dec 2014 4:17pm EST) : Again a posting i made this mornimg disappeared what is happening?
  • Dan Goodwin (24 Dec 2014 11:01am EST) : Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays from Southern Maine where it has turned to mud season again.
  • Mike Brock (23 Dec 2014 1:47pm EST) : Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Oregon!
  • lbbrennan (23 Dec 2014 8:10am EST) : Jimmy, hang tough back pain is brutal chairs are issues hardback wooden chairs may be better cant sit too long change positions regularly. Motion is helpful regularly light exercise but little lifting can help. How about climbing steps? Meds are two sided i like some heat, heating pad, and cold, bag of frozen peas or corn niblets wrappen in a cloth. Be patient and gentle.
  • Dan Goodwin (23 Dec 2014 8:04am EST) : Jimmy Jordan, I am suffering from exactly the same problem. It is as if you are describing my affliction. Sitting and laying down just about kills me. On a 1-10 scale the pain often hits 9. I have been to three doctors and the only relief I get is at the pain clinic where I get injections into my spine, usually every 5 months or so. They are not cheap either but medicare covers most of it. That helps the back but not the legs. It’s your right leg, for me it’s both legs. I’m learning to live with it but it still hurts like hell. When you work on covers, use a comfortable chair with a seat cushion. Get up and walk around every half hour or so. This has helped me a little. I probably should have put this into an email instead of blasting it all over the internet.
  • Jimmy Jordan (23 Dec 2014 5:44am EST) : Released from the hospital yesterday afternoon after a 3 day stay. Extreme lower back pain and loss of control of my right leg. After multiple xrays, two CT scans, and a MRI the best they could come up with is arthritis and degenerative spine disease. Learn to manage and live with the pain. My family MD said we can do better than that, so more treatment to come. The bad part is that the worse thing I can do for it is sit in a chair. I may have to learn to work on covers standing up. Looks like the Golden Years may turn into the Pyrite Years!

    I wish Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my USCS friends. Hopefully the New Year will be more peaceful and productive than this one has been

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (22 Dec 2014 7:08pm EST) : The Navy awarded a contract, Dec. 22, for the towing and dismantling of the decommissioned aircraft carrier Ranger (CV 61) to International Shipbreaking, Ltd.

    Under the contract, the company will be paid $0.01, a price that reflects the net price proposed by International Shipbreaking, Inc., which considered the estimated proceeds from the sale of the scrap metal to be generated from dismantling.

    The ship will be towed from the Navy’s inactive ships maintenance facility in Bremerton, Washington, to International Shipbreaking, Ltd.’s ship dismantling facility in Brownsville, Texas, for complete dismantling and recycling.

    The ship is expected to depart Bremerton via tow in January or February, and arrive in Brownsville after four to five months. The ship is too large for passage through the Panama Canal and must be towed around South America.

  • Dan Goodwin (22 Dec 2014 4:32pm EST) : My spelling shows that my mind is deteriorating. That should be MERRY Christmas.
  • Dan Goodwin (22 Dec 2014 12:06pm EST) : Very best wishes from the great Northeast for a Mery Christmas. Also happy holidays to my Jewish friends.
  • John Young (22 Dec 2014 9:43am EST) : Son Bill, hosting Christmas dinner on other side of town- with half of the dozen of grandchildren. Should be 14 around the table, while other half will be in Raleigh & Jamaica, Vermont (skiing)

    Still no covers from newest CG cutter
    HAMILTON that was commissioned on 6 DEC 2014.

  • Dan Goodwin (21 Dec 2014 3:44pm EST) : Only 12 at our table for Christmas. 5 more are on the west coast and one is in the army at Ft. Bragg.
  • lbbrennan (21 Dec 2014 3:29pm EST) : Bmcm. Enjoy Christmas. Sounds like a crowd. We’re going to be five. Too much food but we already have too many desserts too. No complaints. See you here before Santa. Best. Larry.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (21 Dec 2014 1:39pm EST) : Everyone must be out shopping.

    I have to go to tote the turkey and heavy sacks for Christmas Eve dinner.

    Just 17 this year–too many in hospital or gone.

  • Dan Goodwin (20 Dec 2014 7:59pm EST) : Real busy site. Everyone is spoiled by FB.
  • esink (20 Dec 2014 2:44pm EST) : Superb FREE frank received today from USS BUNKER HILL CG 52 with corner card, nicely applied ship cachet and clear type 11 short bar cancel dtd DEC 02, 2014.
  • Tjossem (18 Dec 2014 5:11pm EST) : http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=84943
  • Mike Brock (18 Dec 2014 4:35pm EST) : Hello USCS Online Chat…
  • lbbrennan (18 Dec 2014 4:15pm EST) : Good news, Dan!
  • Dan Goodwin (18 Dec 2014 12:32pm EST) : Shipyard to hire 715 new employees

    Thursday, December 18, 2014

    KITTERY, Maine — Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on Thursday announced that it will hire approximately 715 new employees through Sept. 30, 2015.

    Recruitment for the positions will be ongoing throughout the fiscal year, which runs from Oct. 1, 2014 through next September, and will be posted on usajobs.gov.

    The shipyard will be recruiting applicants for the following positions: engineers; engineering technicians; administrative; and various trade skills such as shipfitters, plastic fabricators, shipwrights, outside machinists, pipefitters, temporary services (piping and electrical), sheet metal, welders, electricians and riggers.

    “The shipyard’s hiring plan is based on attrition and increased workload challenges,” said shipyard commander, Capt. William Greene. “Taking into account planned attrition, we will grow our workforce from approximately 4,700 to 5,200 civilian employees. The success of this plan is critical to our ability to execute our workload over the next few years and is a top priority for the shipyard.”

    The shipyard will be hiring more than 100 engineers and approximately 25 administrative personnel. The remaining positions will be hired through the Trades Apprenticeship and Worker Skills Progression Program.

    With more than $450 million in civilian and military payroll alone, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is one of the largest economic engines in the Seacoast. The shipyard continues to prepare for the future with a hiring plan based on projected submarine workload, anticipated workforce attrition and budget limitations, officials said.

    Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is the Navy’s center of excellence for attack submarine maintenance, modernization and repair. As a field activity of Naval Sea Systems Command, Portsmouth is committed to maximizing the material readiness of the fleet by safely delivering first-time quality, on time and on budget.

  • Tjossem (18 Dec 2014 9:55am EST) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1944: Adm. William Halsey’s 3rd Fleet encounters a typhoon northeast of Samar. Destroyers USS Hull (DD 350), USS Monaghan (DD 354) and USS Spence (DD 512) sink, while 21 other ships are damaged.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (16 Dec 2014 2:26pm EST) : John Young and other writers and columnists–I will be glad to take your February material as soon as possible–By the 1st of January if possible.
  • Tjossem (16 Dec 2014 12:02pm EST) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1907: The Great White Fleet departs Hampton Roads, Va., to circumnavigate the world.
  • John Young (15 Dec 2014 6:24pm EST) : Nice job, Boats. What the deadline for
    FEB column

    lbb: exhibit shown twice before ^ got
    Silver both time. Problem was I used
    printed pages- too bad the judges will have to get used to my “polar icepick” pages

    Just want to show icebreakers covers
    on west coast, since STATEN ISLAND was home-ported in Seattle

  • lbbrennan (15 Dec 2014 6:22pm EST) : BMCM, Early bird! Best, Larry
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (15 Dec 2014 3:04pm EST) : January 2015 Log pdf has been proofed and is ready for printing at Minuteman Press
  • lbbrennan (15 Dec 2014 2:28pm EST) : Good luck, John hope the judges know about navophilately and the arctic
  • John Young (15 Dec 2014 1:41pm EST) : Fly by! Send in my prospectus for PIPEX 2015- five frames of polar covers posted

    America’s first icebreaker- USS NORTHWIND, CG (WAG 278), went to
    Russian Navy (1944-51), came back to
    from 1953-65 & returned to the Coast Guard.

    She was decommissioned NOV 1974

    Note: Built as “wind” class icebreaker
    during WW2 & loaned to mother Russia
    under lend-lease with SOUTHWIND & WESTWIND

    All three came back to Navy that named
    icebreakers after island, thence
    Burton Island (AGB 1)
    Edisto (AGB 2)
    Atka (AGB 3, ex-Southwind)
    Glacier (AGB 4) FDC June 1955
    Staten Island (AGB-5 ex-Northwind)
    Westwind (AGB 6) returned USCG

    Coast Guard’s NORTHWIND II (WAG 282)

  • lbbrennan (14 Dec 2014 11:34am EST) : Good dan stay dry
  • Dan Goodwin (14 Dec 2014 8:02am EST) : Still pumpimg water from the basement but I’m in good shape. No mudslides in the northeast.
  • lbbrennan (14 Dec 2014 7:30am EST) : Happy Sunday. Sun up but still gray. Perhaps a pleasant day based on forecasts.
  • John Young (14 Dec 2014 7:23am EST) : Good morning, as the sun rises (7:14 AM) over the Hudson Valley. Have a great day!
  • esink (13 Dec 2014 10:38pm EST) : Correction…USS ANCHORAGE (LPD-23) not 35.
  • esink (13 Dec 2014 10:34pm EST) : Amazing info and film of the Orion Recovery aboard USS ANCHORAGE (LPD-35): http://www.navy.mil/ah_online/ftrStory.asp?issue=3&id=84818
    Anybody get any covers?
  • lbbrennan (13 Dec 2014 7:11pm EST) : Mike. Hope you’ve escaped the heavy rains and bad weather.
  • John Young (13 Dec 2014 6:57pm EST) : Like in my youth, wait until next year for the Dodgers to beat the Yankees.

    As a senior, we have to wait another
    year for the Black Knights to sink Navy

    Hats off to the Midshipmen. Stay safe!

  • Mike Brock (13 Dec 2014 6:53pm EST) : Checking in from the Beaver State.
  • lbbrennan (13 Dec 2014 6:16pm EST) : Baker’s dozen
  • lbbrennan (13 Dec 2014 5:49pm EST) : Navy leading 17 to 7 7 mins left sink army
  • John Young (13 Dec 2014 4:04pm EST) : The Black Knights of the Hudson (Army) lead Navy 7-0 in the second quarter. Go, Amry!
  • lbbrennan (11 Dec 2014 5:34pm EST) : Thanks steve i’ve been collecting 48+ years but didnt join the uscs for a few years about 5% have been members for half a century plus
    Dan youre right
  • John Young (11 Dec 2014 4:46pm EST) : Today’s Pity Pot Cafe Luncheon Special: Fish & Chips with Cole Slaw & Banana Cream Pie for dessert.
    $2.99 with coupon
  • Dan Goodwin (11 Dec 2014 4:30pm EST) : Larry, when you get to heaven you may not meet the creators of FFF. They may have gone the other way.
  • Steve Shay (11 Dec 2014 3:16pm EST) : 64 of our members were members 50 years ago.
  • lbbrennan (11 Dec 2014 9:53am EST) : John, Naval covers in heaven. We get to spend all our time chatting with cover sponsors and the great creators of FFFs. Perhaps they will be in a warmer environment. 50 years ago, Wagner was mayor, a token was a dime or 15 cents, a stamp was 4 cents, and the toll over the VZ Narrows bridge was 50 cents each way. And Johnson had just been reelected. Guess it was before the USCG went to racing stripes on the hulls and their new uniforms, But who was president of the USCS and how many living members today were naval cover collectors or members of the USCS. Congratulations. Larry
  • lbbrennan (11 Dec 2014 7:08am EST) : Congratulations john need to pp cafe
  • John Young (11 Dec 2014 7:03am EST) : 50 years ago today I was swore into the police department (NYPD), time flies!

    I’ve been retired since 30 JUN 1999 &
    chasing Naval & Polar covers- full time

    What a great life? Hope the after-life allows a hobby.

  • Tjossem (09 Dec 2014 1:12pm EST) : Larry……..

    Try (253) 884-2581




    8109 – 176th Ave KJPS
    Longbranch, WA 98351-8203


  • lbbrennan (08 Dec 2014 1:49pm EST) : Richard, thanks. Talk with you off line. No apology necessary. The DS operation has been a frustrating and expensive waste. The failure of the presidents to communicate with me on this issue is troubling and sad. I’m beyond disappointed. Best. Larry.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (08 Dec 2014 12:49pm EST) : Larry Brennan

    Sincere apologies on the Data Sheets.

    I thought Paul Helman had them all scanned for posting on our website per Board Meeting Minutes Page 14 column 1-Item 14.c.

    Since they are scanned and ready to go for posting–it seemed logical that Paul could provide a copy of Data Sheet 4 electronically.

  • Tjossem (08 Dec 2014 12:15pm EST) : According to our own USCS web site the following is where our data sheets are presently ordered from:


    Please let me know if there have been any changes made.


  • lbbrennan (08 Dec 2014 10:31am EST) : Dan. Nor easter coming up the coast. Another 2+ inches of snow predicted. Stay dry and warm. Best. Larry
  • Dan Goodwin (08 Dec 2014 7:45am EST) : 8 degrees at sunrise. Thinking of becoming a snowbird.
  • lbbrennan (07 Dec 2014 11:52pm EST) : Thanks for informing me I’ve been relieved as Data Sheet coordiinator. Guess I should have guess that is how things are being done.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (07 Dec 2014 9:38pm EST) : Guest 9056

    You need Data Sheet 4 PEARL HARBOR/TOKYO BAY: Complete listing of all major
    ships in Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack on 7
    December 1941 and in Tokyo Bay for the Japanese surrender
    on 2 September 1945. (10 pages) PRICE $ 2.40

    Order from Paul Helman of USCS

  • Glenn Smith (07 Dec 2014 8:05am EST) : Stewart: I am absolutely convinced that there is no Benshoff Island. That is established as fact by the following Alaska officials:

    • The State Historian,
    • Statewide Ports & Harbor Engineer of Alaska Department of Transportation and Port Facilities,
    • Division of Geological Surveys of Alaska Department of Natural Resources,
    • Head, Historical Collections of Alaska State Library, and
    • Curator, Juneau-Douglas City Museum.

    Having said that, I will certainly consider sending a copy to the NGS and see if they reply.

    Thanks for your interest, Stewart.

  • lbbrennan (07 Dec 2014 7:45am EST) : Took 3 tries to post today.
  • lbbrennan (07 Dec 2014 7:45am EST) : Remember Pearl Harbor.
  • Dan Goodwin (07 Dec 2014 7:21am EST) : Flag lowered to half staff at sunrise.
  • John Young (07 Dec 2014 2:59am EST) : Remember to fly the flag at half mast today, Remember Pearl Harbor
  • guest_9056 (06 Dec 2014 8:04pm EST) : Where may I obtain a list of Dec 7 Pearl Harbor ships that have post marks and preferably hawaii related post marks?
  • Steve Shay (06 Dec 2014 2:57pm EST) : Judge Tim B is also a USCS member.
  • John Young (06 Dec 2014 1:22pm EST) : guest 8293: Checked PIPEX and judges
    listed include Tim Bartsche, Janet Klug,
    Hal Vogel (USCS & ASPP member), Ed Kroft & Steve Zwillingger (apprentice)
  • guest_7693 (06 Dec 2014 11:54am EST) : I have approximately 50 – 75 first day covers found in my home while doing construction.

    They are all from the Bethlehem Steel Co. Quincy Massachusetts for the ships launched for WWII.

    please email billbrids @ gmail.com for information if interested in purchasing.

  • Stewart B. Milstein (06 Dec 2014 11:09am EST) : Thanks John for the vote of confidence.

    Glenn – I know it is a very long shot, but have you given any thought to sending a copy of your article to National Geographic Society and asking them for info about the “island.” They may even publish an excerpt from your fine piece.

  • lbbrennan (06 Dec 2014 8:24am EST) : I’m the guest. Learning to use a droid.

    Hostage rescue attempt in Yemen failed US citizen and South African murdered.

  • guest_8293 (06 Dec 2014 7:25am EST) : Who are the judges , john?
  • John Young (06 Dec 2014 7:00am EST) : Glenn Smith: Only 12 one- frame exhibits will be accepted by PIPEX & you have until 15 FEB 2015 to fill.

    Suggest you sent this month- only saw
    one entry on its website

  • Glenn Smith (05 Dec 2014 5:44pm EST) : Don T: I will certainly consider it, want to see how it is received at SE Stamp EXPO. Then decide.
  • Don Tjossem (05 Dec 2014 1:43pm EST) : Glenn………Think “PIPEX” in 2015 for a Benshoff Exhibit also. Would be great to see it!
  • john macco (05 Dec 2014 8:24am EST) : Orion launched successfully. We will have to wait and see if any prime recovery ship covers were serviced.
  • john macco (05 Dec 2014 8:24am EST) : Rich Hoffner- Can you tell me how many covers I have left with your cover service?
  • John Young (05 Dec 2014 5:27am EST) : Glenn Smith: Glad Mrs. Benshoff’s covers made it to the dance, especially with that brilliant debut in the American Philatelist

    Its the first time her covers were shown
    since 1940, when she won the best theme at 1st USCS Convention in Los
    Angles with “Bird Boats” naval covers printed in their colors & posted aboard
    mine sweepers

  • lbbrennan (04 Dec 2014 12:30pm EST) : Great Glenn. I’m sure it will be a brilliant exhibit.
  • Axel (04 Dec 2014 11:12am EST) : Got the vote ballot today by post, thanks Steve, will complete over the weekend and send back to the address indicated…
  • Glenn Smith (04 Dec 2014 10:49am EST) : John Young: Mrs. Benshoff will be my ‘date’ at the Southeastern Stamp EXPO in Norcross, Georgia Jan 30-Feb 1, 2015 as a single-frame exhibit. We will see how well her debut goes.
  • John Young (04 Dec 2014 3:25am EST) : The USCS Circuits are the best place to shop, better than Ebay and the prices are right

    Found early Crosby with photo of the ship USS ROCHESTER (ex-Saratoga, ex-New York) for $1.25

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (03 Dec 2014 9:32pm EST) : The keel of the future USNS Brunswick (JHSV 6) was authenticated at the Austal U.S.A. shipyard in Mobile, Dec. 2.

    Longtime civil servant and ship sponsor, Alma B. Booterbaugh served as the keel authenticator, etching her initials into the keel plate to verify that the ship’s keel was “truly and fairly” laid.

  • lbbrennan (03 Dec 2014 12:29pm EST) : Lots of overpriced naval covers (and junk) on ebay. Hundreds of covers above $10.00. Amazing if there is a market for some of this stuff. If these prices were real I could retire — my cover collection would be much better than any 401k Still a few Karcher FFFs on ebay. Some start at $6.99 plus postage and a higher buy price.

    Guest, my guess is that Special Delivery would be a way to expedite and protect a valuable gift.

  • John Young (03 Dec 2014 11:55am EST) : Glenn Smith: Finally got copy of your excellent article on Mrs. Benshoff.

    Will keep my eyes open for more of her covers! Time to put together an exhibit

  • Don Tjossem (03 Dec 2014 10:36am EST) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1775: The first American flag is raised on board a Continental ship when Lt. John Paul Jones hoists the Grand Union Flag during Continental ship Alfred’s commissioning at Philadelphia, Penn.
  • John Young (02 Dec 2014 11:56pm EST) : Inclement weather & sick report was a factor in low attendance at New Jersey
    Chapter meeting tonight.

    The usual suspects Jan & Georg came with soda & goodies, Bruno came with
    Dolores’ nut-free brownies & endless coffee was supplies by our host, Phil Schreiber

    Our Snow-bird member in Arizona sent
    two USCS circuits that was “cherry-picked” before going to other members

    Still managed to find a cover or two. Its the thrill of the chase that brings men out in foul weather.

  • esink (02 Dec 2014 5:56pm EST) : Anybody know of any cover possibilities for NASA’s Orion test as shown in the following: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=84687
  • guest_1154 (02 Dec 2014 2:13pm EST) : have a question–I have a special delivery navy parcel(small watch box)from1943–what would be the benefit of special delivery to a military base
  • lbbrennan (02 Dec 2014 12:16pm EST) : I. Was guest 53807.
  • guest_5380 (02 Dec 2014 11:16am EST) : my earlier posting of this morning congratulating Glenn Smith for his continued success didn’t make it.

    Also, nice new cover of the month; thanks Steve Shay.

  • Glenn Smith (02 Dec 2014 8:05am EST) : Don T: Thanks for noticing the article on Mrs.Benshoff. The lady, in my opinion, must be considered as one of the early ‘stars’ of USCS. Reconstructing her collection (it can never be my collection, it will always be her collection) has and is a great deal of fun.

    BTW, also please notice Major Ted Bahry’s very nice piece of Marine Corps postal history!

  • John Young (01 Dec 2014 12:29pm EST) : Master Chiefs never confess! Great meeting & even managed to find some

    One find missed by ” an Eagle-shirted, former coastie” was cover from USCGC
    FINCH (WDE 428) m.c. 12 NOV 1953 at Seattle WA USN 230 BR addressed to
    Dezi Jagyi

    Only second CG destroyer escort cover
    from Korean War era seen by me.

    Another find: S.S. Manchuria postcard,
    posted Canal Zone (1926)- great price
    10 cents. Thanks, Rich

    Great meeting: look the cookies!

  • Rich Hoffner (01 Dec 2014 11:35am EST) : Great attendance at the Yuengling Chapter meeting yesterday. Ten members of the USCS came to enjoy the circuits and sea stories. And did the stories fly. A retired USCG senior chief in attendance confessed to some real duzzies.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Dec 2014 11:33am EST) : News yesterday that USCGC POLAR STAR WAGB-10 departed Seattle for their 2015 Antarctic Deployment. The USCS donated a new cachet stamp for this deployment. It was delivered to the ship in 12-14-14. For those with covers for the USCS Cover Service, keep your fingers crossed that your covers are left at McMurdo for the APO cancel there.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Dec 2014 11:30am EST) : I think Don uploads auctions and thumbnails somewhere just don’t know where.
  • Rich Hoffner (01 Dec 2014 11:27am EST) : Got same message. Perhaps his computer files were hacked?
  • lbbrennan (01 Dec 2014 8:08am EST) : Strange. Just got a facebbok friend request from our late member, Bill Ruggerio, who has been dead half a year.
  • Don Tjossem (30 Nov 2014 8:27pm EST) : Glenn……Nice article in the American Philatelist:

    “The Lady Loved the Navy”

  • Jimmy Jordan (30 Nov 2014 4:39pm EST) : Thanks Larry.

    I found the Navy Medicine article but it contained nothing new. In fact, the USCS website article on Dr. Locy is a repeat of the Navy Medicine article.

  • lbbrennan (30 Nov 2014 4:23pm EST) : Jimmy. There’s a Navy Medicine article about Dr Locy. May have some bio. Think it’s on line.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (30 Nov 2014 2:37pm EST) : Rich Hoffner

    The auction links are on pages 28 and 29 of each auction

  • Jimmy Jordan (30 Nov 2014 2:21pm EST) : I’m researching a post card addressed to Master Wm J. Locy, Lansdowne, Pa, post marked Pago Pago, Samoa Sep 3 1925, and signed “Daddy”. Interestingly, the message is dated Aug. 2, 1925 one month earlier than the post mark. It is a picture post card with a “wish you were here” message. I assume this was from a father to a young son.

    Trying to learn if it is connected to “our” Dr. Locy. Handwriting looks similar to writing on known Locy cards and covers, but that could be because that is what I want to see.
    Hours of internet search has turned up very little specific or useful info.

    What I do know: Locy served on the USS Trenton CL 11, unable to find exact dates. The USS Trenton visited Pago Pago in 1925, unable to find exact dates. Locy’s fathers was named William. Unable to learn if Locy had children.

    This could be just a coincident of name, time, and place.

    Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • John Young (30 Nov 2014 3:15am EST) : No need saving Unnecessary chatter i.e. mid rats, pity pot cafe menus, WX
    reports- just something to post when
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Nov 2014 5:13pm EST) : Don Lawson. Was looking for current auction links. Do you post them here? But it looks like you have not been here since August.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Nov 2014 5:09pm EST) : Your webmasters are working on an archive for the chat page. The archives on our original site were useful if you needed to go back and search something someone left that was useful.

    Currently this site only goes back to June. I’m not sure when we made the transfer, but those early posts were automatically dropped. But, now I am contemplating what to save. Do we need “Pity Potty Cafe” saved? Squirrel and weather posts? Just checking in? Then again, it would not be prudent to pay someone to edit the chat posts.

  • Rich Hoffner (29 Nov 2014 4:58pm EST) : Thanks Steve Shay for bringing me up to speed on the DSV Alvin and NS Savannah chapter contacts. Both chapters will appear in the chapter section of this site in a few days.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Nov 2014 3:58pm EST) : I would like to add the two new USCS chapters to the USCS website. If you are associated with our two new chapters, please contact me at pauscg@gmail.com so I can add your contact info to this site.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Nov 2014 3:54pm EST) : Forgot to mention the Longseth post cards will also be available at the chapter meeting.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Nov 2014 3:53pm EST) : Don’t forget, I will be hosting the DC#4 chapter meeting tomorrow at 1PM. Free covers, USCS cover circuits and the Longseth patch collection. Sea stories appreciated. Boasting about NY sports teams prohibited. Go Philadelphia Ducks.
  • lbbrennan (29 Nov 2014 12:07pm EST) : No Eagle game tomorrow. Safe trip. Glad the PP Cafe reopened. Elizabeth wants a turkey sandwich again.
  • John Young (29 Nov 2014 10:42am EST) : Today’s Pity Pot Cafe Special: Egg, Spam & Cheese on Fiat Bagel 99 cents
    or British submarine cover

    Will be attending a Decatur Chapter meeting in EAGLE country tomorrow &
    it might be worth the trip.

  • john macco (29 Nov 2014 10:18am EST) : elog received yesterday. another great issue. When will the data sheets be put on the website?
  • john macco (29 Nov 2014 10:17am EST) : Can somebody tell me the ship classifications of the ships that have post offices?
  • Stewart B. Milstein (29 Nov 2014 10:11am EST) : The covers from the Longseth donation are now available to the membership. 40% of the covers have Longseth’s typed cachet and have been signed by the commanding officer. 40% have the Longseth typed cachet or the unit’s cachet. They are not signed. 20% are uncacheted with either a ship cancel or a shore-based cancel. The covers are concentrated in the years 1964-1974. There are NO space or event (KL, FDC, LDC) available.

    If there is a specific ship, unit, command, squadron, base, or commanding officer please let me know. Be as specific as possible. Requests will be honored in the order they are received. I can be contacted at sbmilstein@gmail.com, 917-453-4612, or snail mail at PO Box 1051, Cortaro AZ 85652.


    On Dec 15th, the dispersal of the covers into circuits will begin.

    Thanks, Stewart

  • lbbrennan (29 Nov 2014 8:17am EST) : Tough Dan. National news about nearly 100k in Maine and NH without power. Warming predicted for Sunday.
  • Dan Goodwin (29 Nov 2014 7:55am EST) : Six degrees here in Maine this morning. It seems that global warming has skipped the Northeast.
  • lbbrennan (28 Nov 2014 10:13pm EST) : BMCM Thanks for another year of great LOGs. Continued success. Larry
  • Jimmy Jordan (28 Nov 2014 10:03pm EST) : John Young – CG covers arrived today. CO’s signature on each cover was a surprise! Thanks.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (28 Nov 2014 10:00pm EST) : Tired of crowds and shopping?

    Your eLOG for December has been sent to the 300+ members who request this service.

    Remember the election ballot is on the print version. eLOG only members will receive a ballot by separate mailing. Please vote for candidates of your choice.

    Dues notices will be mailed in December.

    Can we have 100% voter participation and 100% renewals?

    That would be a great holiday gift.

  • John Young (28 Nov 2014 6:31pm EST) : Marty Morrissey: Its probably a typo, as
    A is next to S on keyboard
  • guest_5348 (28 Nov 2014 3:54pm EST) : Have been perusing the shopping list of ships and noticed one listed as the UAA Tutuila. Is this a typo or what does UAA stand for? I served on the USS Tutuila in 1960-62. Can anyone answer this?
    Marty Morrissey, mmfolk2003@Yahoo.com
  • Mike Brock (28 Nov 2014 3:19pm EST) : Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. Congratulations Richard on the Vermeil Award…well deserved.
  • lbbrennan (28 Nov 2014 8:10am EST) : I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Make time to look at covers.
  • Glenn Smith (27 Nov 2014 4:50pm EST) : BMCM: Well done on the Vermeil at CHICAGOPEX…shoulda been Gold (I’m just saying)!

    Call me biased, but I do not think that there is a better philatelic journal out there!

  • lbbrennan (27 Nov 2014 12:24pm EST) : Dan, Happy Thanksgiving. Sounds like an early tough storm. Glad your generator worked and hope you are dry and warm. Despite the threats we had no snow and a dusting of slush. A little more today but no complains. Hope all is well. Best, Larry
  • Dan Goodwin (27 Nov 2014 11:58am EST) : Finally got power back. Running on generator for several hours. Got a foot of wet heavy snow.
  • lbbrennan (27 Nov 2014 11:42am EST) : Richard congratulations on continued success. Excellent leadership leads to excellent results. Well done. Larry.
  • John Young (27 Nov 2014 11:05am EST) : Congrats to Richard Jones & USCS Log
    for taking Vermeil at Chicago show
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (27 Nov 2014 10:53am EST) : Happy Thanksgiving to all. Time to enjoy family and friends.

    There is nothing in the malls or stores that couldn’t have been bought earlier or on some other day.

  • John Young (27 Nov 2014 10:44am EST) : Steve D: I sent 3 SASE to Commanding Officer, USCGC HAMILTON (WMSL 753),
    1050 Register Street, North Charleston
    SC 29405

    Hopefully, they will service them on FDC (formal) on 6 DEC 2014

    Good luck! Happy Turkey Day

  • lbbrennan (27 Nov 2014 8:23am EST) : Rich. The link is to the current SNDL. Of course no unit numbers

    Happy Thanksgivig to all.

  • Rich Hoffner (27 Nov 2014 12:41am EST) : Also, they have announced that the USPS will accept old format military addresses for several months.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Nov 2014 12:36am EST) : Speaking of updated ship mailing lists, I am told that the MPSA and Navy Supply are working on a new list that will include the new Unit numbers and drop the +4 in the zip codes.
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Nov 2014 12:33am EST) : Larry, what is the list you linked. I don’t think it contains Unit numbers. Perhaps these are UIC numbers?
  • Rich Hoffner (27 Nov 2014 12:28am EST) : Steve D. We sponsored a pictorial postmark for the CGC HAMILTON at Charleston SC. Our Chapter will also prepare a printed cachet for the event.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (26 Nov 2014 10:49pm EST) : A good Thanksgiving to all.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (26 Nov 2014 10:46pm EST) : The USCS LOG received a Vermeil award in the Chicagopex 2014 Philatelic Literature competition.
  • Mike Meister (26 Nov 2014 8:05pm EST) : Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Be safe and try not to eat too much.
  • guest_7438 (26 Nov 2014 6:32pm EST) : thanks for the help sir
  • Glenn Smith (26 Nov 2014 6:17pm EST) : SteveD: If anyone can help you it would be either John Young or Rich Hoffner. I have copied your request and am sending it to them by separate email. Best of luck, and Semper Paratus!
  • guest_7334 (26 Nov 2014 3:14pm EST) : my name is Lionel Lincoln and package of books were sent the wrong ship FPO AE 09578 that is the ship my ship is usns MEDAR Ever t-AKE 13 FPO AE 09568 please contact me at lionellincoln2011@ yahoo.com
  • SteveD (26 Nov 2014 1:56pm EST) : Hello I am a member of USCS and Im trying to obtain a cover from the USCGC Hamilton (WMSL 753) to be commissioned this 6 Dec 14 in Charleston, SC. I already have a cover from Hamilton (WHEC 715) and would perfectly complement my collection. Request assistance in how to obtain one. Thanks!
  • lbbrennan (26 Nov 2014 9:59am EST) : I hit on the link on my first message; and it opened the SNDL Standard Navy Distribution List. The later link was Tango Uniform.
  • lbbrennan (26 Nov 2014 9:58am EST) : dont know why the link didnt show. I will try again



  • lbbrennan (26 Nov 2014 9:57am EST) : Here is a link to the SNDL with addresses for ships, squadrons and other units.

    I do not know why the link is not posted as a resource on the button above. (Steve, I know you work hard at this, perhaps this link will be helpful to collectors].


  • lbbrennan (26 Nov 2014 9:53am EST) : John, Good luck. The Ayatollah is debating to cook the turkey (on the grill on the deck) today or tomorrow. She did the roast beef and ham last night before going out for Italian food. I tolerate meatballs and hamburgers as well as meatloaf. Good luck with the storm. The predictions are improving but the Hudson Valley should get more snow than the city or coast. I am hoping for rain but the forecast is for up to 3 or 4 inches.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • John Young (26 Nov 2014 8:17am EST) : Its the day before Thanksgiving and lower Hudson Valley is bracing for an
    Nor-easter. Get day to cook a turkey
    and write column- so long as we don’t
    have a power failure1
  • John Young (26 Nov 2014 8:13am EST) : John Macco: don’t know of site, but JAN
    LOG 2014. pp 16-17 has POO list of US naval ships
  • john macco (25 Nov 2014 11:28am EST) : Can anybody direct me to a website where I can find contact addresses for navy ships? I have seen one somewhere but I cannot put my finger on it.
  • lbbrennan (25 Nov 2014 8:06am EST) : John, Elgin is correct. Days, weeks, months, years or never. Best, Larry
  • esink (25 Nov 2014 7:09am EST) : John Macco: It varies with location and how soon they are processed which in some cases may be never; my recent response to a middle east aircraft carrier: covers sent 27 OCT 14; cancelled 7 NOV; received 19 NOV…
  • john macco (25 Nov 2014 6:42am EST) : How long does it take for a ship to receive requests for cancels? I know it probably has to do where the ship is located. I mailed a request today to the USS Anchorage and wondered how long it would take.
  • lbbrennan (23 Nov 2014 5:12pm EST) : FLK? Who. Is addressee?
  • Stewart B. Milstein (23 Nov 2014 4:14pm EST) : Have a cover from the USS NEWPORT NEWS dated Oct 1975. The ship was decommissioned in Jun 1975. The cover also has “FREE” franking typed in place. Someone’s idea of a bad joke.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (23 Nov 2014 4:12pm EST) : Mike Treadwell: Sorry about the loss of your dad.
    I am the Chairman of the USCS Heirs & Donation Committee. My e-mail adddress is sbmilstein@gmail.com. My phone is 917-453-4612. I am in AZ. If you will get in touch with me, I might be able to assist you.
    Sincerely, Stewart
  • lbbrennan (23 Nov 2014 12:51pm EST) : Mike. Stewart Milstein handles these issues. He is Chair of Heirs and Estates as. Well as Chair of Sales Circuit. I will alert him to your post. Sorry for your loss. Larry
  • guest_4736 (23 Nov 2014 10:20am EST) : Need some help in finding a good home for a “boatload” of Naval Covers (FDC, LDC etc.) from the 1940s to 1990s.

    My father was a member of the USCS for many years and had many friends through this fine hobby.

    He has passed on but left a lot of covers.

    Does the USCS offer any way of getting these covers distributed?


    Mike Treadwell

  • lbbrennan (23 Nov 2014 9:26am EST) : Going to be warmer today and in the upper 60s with rain tomorrow.
  • lbbrennan (22 Nov 2014 2:39pm EST) : The Presbyterian Women’s group had great cupcakes. Always a good group.
  • lbbrennan (22 Nov 2014 9:15am EST) : John, Getting ready for the Holidays. Sounds great but not much I can eat yet. Hope I can get ham and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. But I love apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

    Rocky had a great time at Attica. Best, Larry

  • John Young (21 Nov 2014 7:18pm EST) : Today Pity Pot Cafe Special: Manhattan Clam Chowder, Fish & chips with Cole Slaw, Deep Dish Apple Pie with Vanilla
    Ice Cream
    $4.95 with coupon or Deep Freeze
    cover, posted before 1960

    Mid rats: Turkey Chili & Brown Rice

    Jimmy Jordon: Big State Prison in
    Attica, NY that had riots in 1970/71

  • lbbrennan (21 Nov 2014 9:23am EST) : Great covers

    thanks for sharing. This is a great use of the chat room

  • esink (20 Nov 2014 2:10pm EST) : USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN CVN-72 covers for 25th Anniversary NOV 11, 2014 received today with nice cancel and commemorative cachet.
  • esink (19 Nov 2014 5:11pm EST) : Covers sent to Carrier Strike Group One on 27 OCT 2014 were returned FREE franked from USS CARL VINSON CVN 70 with nice type 11 short bar cancels dtd NOV 7 2014, ship cachet, and handwritten corner card.
  • Jimmy Jordan (19 Nov 2014 4:44pm EST) : Acquired an interesting USS North Carolina BB-55 cover the other day. It is “sailors mail” not official ships mail. There are three postal rates and fees on the face of the cover.

    Letter rate is covered with a “Free” frank, rubber stamped Special Delivery with fees paid by blind canceled stamps, and rubber stamped Registered w/number and fees paid with blind canceled stamps.

    Back stamped with two USS North Carolina Dec 17 1945 Registered circular date stamps, one New York, N.Y. Dec 17 1945 U.S. Fleet Post Office circular date stamp, and two Attica, N.Y. Dec 18 1945 Registered circular date stamps.

    Cover is a little beat up but it sure is a busy little envelope!

  • Mike Brock (19 Nov 2014 4:36pm EST) : USS COLUMBIA #106 Chapter Meeting this Saturday November 22nd @ 1:00pm at the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, Washington.
  • lbbrennan (19 Nov 2014 2:12pm EST) : Sorry I didn’t coRrect the guest signin
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Nov 2014 11:47am EST) : Check USCS Facebook posting of three bar postmark from LPD-21.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Nov 2014 11:39am EST) : 19 degrees in Maine, 7 feet of snow in Buffalo. Sunny and 28 degrees in the Indian Valley. We did have our first snow storm of the year, but just 1″. Very early for this area. Great time for surfing through all those covers I set aside to cull into my collection.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Nov 2014 11:37am EST) : JY come to the DC#4 meeting and we will have a cover swap of USCG circuit covers.
  • Rich Hoffner (19 Nov 2014 11:34am EST) : NEXT DECATUR CHAPTER MEETING

    Sunday November 30th 1 PM at my home.

    Refreshments, free chapter covers a 50c USCS cover circuit, a 1.00 USCS cover circuit and the Longseth jacket patches. Where will you be? All welcome! Bring yourself (spouses, girlfriends and significant others also welcome) and a sea story or two. :-)

  • guest_3 (19 Nov 2014 10:49am EST) : a full day without traffic. Must been the Arctic vortex.
  • lbbrennan (18 Nov 2014 8:11am EST) : Glenn, I think if we can do joint article(s) and then try to move them into mainstream veterans organizations. I am not sure that exhibits get the message across to many. Let’s see what we can do step by step. Great suggestion, as always. Larry
  • Glenn Smith (18 Nov 2014 7:09am EST) : Hmmmm. Thinking out loud…would it be possible to develop a ‘joint’ exhibit of ‘fallen warriors’ that could be displayed at select stamp shows under the banner of the society.

    I believe I also have a few of these, and would be willing to donate them to such an endeavor, if someone (or a small committee) wanted to put together such an exhibit.

    Might be a good promotional effort for the society.

  • Steve Shay (17 Nov 2014 8:32pm EST) : One family of our members who passed away has a collection of Sea Classics Magazines, approximately 1990-2013 complete. It’s yours for the postage. Please contact me if you are interested.
  • lbbrennan (17 Nov 2014 2:13pm EST) : Steve. We should consider publicizing these especially during memorial day and Veterans Day. Think I have four. One from Vietnam and three from 1942. Two of those three were from naval officers who had ships named for them.
  • Steve Shay (17 Nov 2014 1:42pm EST) : Larry, I have covers from those killed in action scattered here and there. USS Houston, a Patrol Squadron, USS Arizona come to mind. Probably a few others if I looked.
  • John Young (17 Nov 2014 10:35am EST) : its on bucket list of future articles
  • lbbrennan (17 Nov 2014 9:27am EST) : John. Worthy of an article or cover of the month.
  • John Young (17 Nov 2014 7:37am EST) : Believe I have three covers from sailor
    that served on three ships (1916-22) &
    was called back into lost for WW Two.
    He was lost when his ship was sunk, early in the war.
  • lbbrennan (17 Nov 2014 6:18am EST) : Quiet time. Wet cold morning. But going to get worse tomorrow and Wednesday. Anyone have recommendations for sources re Marine aviation at Guadalcanal. I have a cover from XO of VMSB 141 who was one of five killed with CO during Japanese naval bombardment.
  • lbbrennan (16 Nov 2014 7:24am EST) : Does anyone have covers from sailors or Marines who were killed in action.
  • lbbrennan (15 Nov 2014 11:33am EST) : Jimmy. Enjoy your NC chapter meeting.

    John. Eggs sound great at PP cafe. Have to fix some boxes of covers in my messy office.

  • John Young (15 Nov 2014 8:25am EST) : Have a safe trip, Jimmy! Hope you find some good covers in the “Round Robin”

    Today’s Pity Pot Cafe Breakfast Special
    Eggs to order, sausage & cheese grits
    99 cents with MAC coupon

    Stewart Milstein: Coast Guard covers arrived Friday- might even find a few

  • Jimmy Jordan (15 Nov 2014 7:54am EST) : 1300Z Underway en route USS North Carolina Chapter 99 meeting.

    Going to be a long day, this one is a 400+ mile round trip. Looking forward to seeing the guys (and the great eats that Bill Wladyka always provide).

  • Dan Goodwin (15 Nov 2014 7:25am EST) : Winter has arived. 19 degrees here this morning. Too lazy to cook breakfast so going to a favorite restaurant.
  • lbbrennan (14 Nov 2014 2:25pm EST) : BMCM. I’m down 45 pounds since July. I’m making flavored rice for lunch now. Haven’t had ice cream, pizza, pastires, in 100+ days. I like chicken. Can’t eat turkey. Been alergic for many years since I had undercooked turkey sandwich. The Ayatollah will make ham and beef in addition to turkey for the girls. Needed to lose weight so I can’t complain. Potatoes sound tempting. No cheese or booze for a year at least. I’m boring. .
  • Glenn Smith (14 Nov 2014 12:37pm EST) : Two of four Rogers brothers were also lost on JUNEAU. My story of the event was published in the April 2009 LOG and was titled ONLY TEN SURVIVED.

    Strong evidence suggests that both George and Albert Sullivan survived the initial attack, Albert dying in the first couple of days, and George a couple days after Albert.

    JUNEAU was built by Federal Shipbuilding of Kearney, NJ and she ‘lived’ from February 14 to November 13, 1942 (one day short of nine months).

    The Survivors. They were:
    • Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Charles Wang
    • Chief Gunner’s Mate George Mantere
    • Signalman First Class Lester E. Zook
    • Machinist’s Mate Second Class Henry J. Gardner
    • Signalman Second Class Joseph P. F. Hartney
    • Seaman First Class Arthur Friend
    • Seaman Second Class Wyatt B. Butterfield
    • Seaman Second Class Frank A. Holmgren
    • Seaman Second Class Victor James (Jimmy) Fitzgerald
    • Seaman Second Class Allen C. Heyn

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (14 Nov 2014 11:00am EST) : Larry-

    With that forced diet, you must be skin and bones. And Thanksgiving dinners are coming soon!

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (14 Nov 2014 10:58am EST) : USS Fort Worth is scheduled to deploy from San Diego Monday for Singapore and Far East for 16 months. Will use 3 rotational crews.

    LCS ships don’t have post offices. Maybe corner cards and a base post office cancel?

  • Don Tjossem (14 Nov 2014 9:52am EST) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1910: Civilian Eugene Ely pilots the first aircraft to take-off from a warship, USS Birmingham (CL 2) at Hampton Roads, Va. He lands safely on Willoughby Spit, Norfolk, Va.


  • lbbrennan (14 Nov 2014 8:53am EST) : Dan Sounds good. Went to the Doctor the other day and got more modifications to my diet. drinks of choice water and hot tea, rice, potatoes, some vegetables and some meats. Nothing with much fat (bye to good chicken soup, onion soup). So ham, chicken and some other meats. Perhaps tomato soup. First day below freezing here and a dusting of snow. But lots of traffic problems to the north thanks to black ice and frost on the highway. Time to find more visitors here for the season?
  • Dan Goodwin (14 Nov 2014 8:17am EST) : I think today’s menu is fried tripe, mashed potato and green beans. Sounds good to me.
  • lbbrennan (14 Nov 2014 6:34am EST) : John. What’s the menu at the PP Cafe.
  • lbbrennan (13 Nov 2014 5:20pm EST) : USS Juneau was commissioned in NY. Thiink she was built in NJ. Had a service life of less than a year.
  • Dan Goodwin (13 Nov 2014 4:08pm EST) : Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan had a flag in their window with 5 stars on it. My grandfather also had a flag in the window with 5 stars on it. Fortunately all 5 of our stars returned from the war (2 navy, 3 army).
  • lbbrennan (13 Nov 2014 2:52pm EST) : Four of the five Sullivan brothers died when Juneau was lost. The fifth survived but died five or six days later. The failure to save the survivors of Juneau is a tragedy worse in some respects than the failure to rescue the crew of Indianapolis.
  • lbbrennan (13 Nov 2014 2:43pm EST) : There is an auto dealer named Sullivan Brothers Nissan in Mass. I wonder if they recognize the irony and know the story.
  • guest_6231 (13 Nov 2014 10:32am EST) : Thanks for the response Jimmy
  • Don Tjossem (13 Nov 2014 10:17am EST) : I was guest # 5730.
  • guest_5730 (13 Nov 2014 10:08am EST) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1942: All five Sullivan brothers are lost when the USS Juneau (CL 52) is destroyed during the naval Battle of Guadalcanal.


  • Jimmy Jordan (13 Nov 2014 7:11am EST) : Most of my cancel requests are for commemorative event covers with a cachet. So, I usually ask for the cancel to strike the lower edge of the stamp. This helps move the cancel more to the right side of the cover and away from the cachet. Fancy pictorial cancels occasionally require a different location due to their size or design. A simple “Please place cancel as shown on this illustration” note enclosed with my request is almost always honored.
  • guest_5644 (12 Nov 2014 6:37pm EST) : when you ask for the cancellation to be placed on the edge of the stamp, do you want it on the top edge or the side edge?
  • lbbrennan (12 Nov 2014 6:17am EST) : Three meals John sound great.
  • John Young (12 Nov 2014 2:14am EST) : No mid rats. Pit Pot Cafe Special today
    Breakfast: Cheerios, strawberries &
    Lunch: Oriental Chicken Salad
    Supper: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes &
    french cut green beans
  • Mike Meister (11 Nov 2014 2:30pm EST) : To all veterans enjoy the day and thank you for your service to AMERICA.
  • John Young (11 Nov 2014 7:43am EST) : A thank you to all those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States.
    Past & present.

    Remember th fly the flag

  • lbbrennan (11 Nov 2014 6:32am EST) : Today is Veteran’ Day. Remember.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (10 Nov 2014 10:44pm EST) : BUSH CSG will be back in Norfolk and Mayport this weekend in time for a well-earned holiday season.
    Something to be Thankful for.
  • lbbrennan (10 Nov 2014 2:18pm EST) : And they ran red line brigs.
  • John Young (10 Nov 2014 1:40pm EST) : These Marines major mission was to protect the Captain and his officers.

    During a naval engagement, these sharpshooters were stationed high in the ship’s mast & take out enemy officers, naval gunners & helmsmen.

    Continental Marines were disbanded, along with the Continental Navy in 1783

  • Don Tjossem (10 Nov 2014 11:59am EST) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1775: Congress votes to raise two battalions of Continental Marines, establishing the Marine Corps.
  • lbbrennan (10 Nov 2014 5:38am EST) : First monring below freezing.
  • lbbrennan (09 Nov 2014 4:40pm EST) : Football Sunday. Jets win. Storm comings. Giants losing to Seattle 7-0 in 1st quarter.
  • lbbrennan (09 Nov 2014 11:43am EST) : Standing by for back to back celebrations.
  • John Young (09 Nov 2014 11:39am EST) : Today’s Pity Pot Cafe Special Broccoli- cheese omelet, home-fries & rye toast
    99 cents or a Marine Corps cover

    Big day tomorrow for Seagoing bell hops
    only joking! Once a Marine, always a

    Two of my former radio-car partners were Marines, but I dd the driving!

    Don’t forget to flay the flag!

    Monday Marine Corps Birthday &
    Tuesday (Veteran’s Day, formerly
    Armistice Day)

  • lbbrennan (09 Nov 2014 5:59am EST) : Neighbors slamming doors and driving away at high speed awakened the Ayatollah again before 6. Just wish I could get more than 2 hours of sleep. This is becoming a weekend issue.

    Reading Craig Symonds Neptune. Worth reading.

  • esink (08 Nov 2014 4:32pm EST) : Superb FREE frank received today from USS PHILIPPINE SEA with ship cachet nicely applied and clear cancel dtd 26 OCT 2014; hand-written corner card on reverse.
  • lbbrennan (08 Nov 2014 2:43pm EST) : Dan. The Thomas’ English Muffins work for me. They are simple and taste fine with butter or jam. Over the years I’ve used them for hamburgers and even pizze from the toaster oven. It is the flavors of some of the new types of Muffins. Thomas’ has lots of weird flavors and nothing matches the classic in my taste.

    Thanks for the update Stewart.

  • guest_7443 (08 Nov 2014 1:49pm EST) : Just days away from getting the Longseth covers into circuits.
  • Dan Goodwin (08 Nov 2014 11:06am EST) : Today’s store bought English muffins are crap. The good ones are made at home from scratch.
  • lbbrennan (08 Nov 2014 9:11am EST) : Dan if I accepted the ebay “value” of naval covers we all would be rich. I’ve done better on covers than stock. The tea is hot and the Ayatollah made eggs and english muffins. What ever happened to the basic English muffin. These odd tastes are odd. I’m cranky?
  • Dan Goodwin (08 Nov 2014 8:35am EST) : If I actully collected all the money offered to me on junk email I could donate a million to every group I belong to. Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with cover collecting but …..
  • lbbrennan (08 Nov 2014 8:06am EST) : It’s a chilly Saturday morning in NJ. Amazing storm crossing into Alaska. Standby for a big chill. Could be the stongest storm in the Bering Sea. Going to be below freeszng for much of the USA.
  • Don Tjossem (07 Nov 2014 3:58pm EST) : Today in Naval history:

    November 7

    1861 – Naval forces under Rear Admiral Samuel F. DuPont capture Port Royal Sound, SC.

    1881 – Naval Advisory Board submits report recommending the new ships in U.S. Navy be constructed of steel instead of iron.

    1973 – War Powers Resolution becomes law.

  • John Young (07 Nov 2014 3:56pm EST) : Jimmy Jordan: new Coast Guard stamp depicts EAGLE & CG Helo but no date of issue.

    EAGLE usually on Cadet Cruise- July &
    August. They were in Seattle in 1978
    when the 14 cent post card was issued
    on Coast Guard Day

  • Jimmy Jordan (07 Nov 2014 3:23pm EST) : Linn’s Stamp News emailed newsletter sent today said that a U S Coast Guard centennial stamp will be issue in 2015. Linn’s received the information for the USPS on Nov4.

    Quoted from the newsletter:

    “In August, two anniversaries for the U.S. Coast Guard will be remembered with a single commemorative forever stamp. The design shows an oil painting by artist William S. Phillips of the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle with an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter flying above.

    According to the USCG historian’s office, in 1790 Congress authorized the Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, to create a maritime service to enforce customs laws, alternately known as the system of cutters, Revenue Service and Revenue-Marine.

    President Woodrow Wilson signed the Act to Create the Coast Guard on Jan. 28, 1915.”

  • Mike Brock (07 Nov 2014 2:55pm EST) : USCS 59th Convention May 8-10 Portland, Oregon…
  • lbbrennan (07 Nov 2014 10:22am EST) : Let’s inject more life into this group With 1000 uscs members we should have a good discussion. FB is great too but here is a meeting place that provides a virtual chapter. Why not encourage your friends and fellow collectors to visit and chat regularly. There is more to the place than mid rats and John and I joking about cooking (although he is skilled and I am not).
  • lbbrennan (07 Nov 2014 8:38am EST) : Good news Dan. FFG 7s are at the end of their service life in the USN. Getting old.
  • Dan Goodwin (07 Nov 2014 8:34am EST) : BIW receives $78.7 million contract modification
    The Maine shipyard gets an extension of a contract for planning, ship maintenance and modernization.
    The Department of Defense has awarded Bath Iron Works an extension of a planning, maintenance and modernization contract valued at $78.7 million.

    BIW was previously named the “planning yard” contractor for the Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class DDG-51 destroyers and FFG 7-class frigates. The contract announced this week by the Defense Department extends the contract for a third year. As the planning yard, BIW staff will handle design, planning and provide material support for ship maintenance and modernization.

    The General Dynamics subsidiary is also planning yard for two types of littoral combat ships.

    Several Arleigh Burke destroyers and Zumwalt-class destroyers are under construction in Bath. Last week, BIW crews held a keel-laying ceremony for the future USS Rafael Peralta, which is the 35th Arleigh Burke destroyer built in Bath and was named for U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Rafael Peralta, who was killed in action in Iraq in 2004. The shipyard also began fabrication of the future USS Daniel Inouye destroyer, which was named for the late Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii.

    With more than 5,500 employees, BIW is one of Maine’s largest private employers.

  • lbbrennan (07 Nov 2014 7:01am EST) : Hot tea and muffin. Maybe eggs and ham for lunch
  • lbbrennan (07 Nov 2014 5:24am EST) : Axel. Perhaps an ebay search will provide an answer.
  • lbbrennan (07 Nov 2014 1:52am EST) : Successful test of Aegis by USS John Paul Jones.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (06 Nov 2014 9:27pm EST) : Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Ingalls Shipbuilding division on 5 November authenticated the keel of the sixth U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter, Munro (WMSL 755).
  • Jimmy Jordan (06 Nov 2014 7:45pm EST) : Axel – Sorry, but I do not collect FDC and my knowledge of the subject is very limited. Out of the 40+ members of my stamp club, I don’t know of anyone who collects FDC. Wish I could be more helpful.
  • Axel (06 Nov 2014 3:59pm EST) : Thanks Jimmy for the info, so it’s a private person or company who issues covers…Do they have any (special) value as FDC?
  • Jimmy Jordan (06 Nov 2014 7:47am EST) : Axel – There is a Webcraft line of modern First Day and Event covers. They (he?) also adds cachets to old FDC and Event covers but the ones that I have seen have been identified on the back as “cachet added xx date”. That is all I know about them, I’ve seen them around but don’t own any.
  • lbbrennan (06 Nov 2014 12:15am EST) : Congrats Karl. Enjoy.
  • Karl Zurn (05 Nov 2014 9:02pm EST) : Just got my iPhone 6 Plus it GREAT!!!!!!!
  • lbbrennan (05 Nov 2014 8:40pm EST) : Chicken and rice. Most tempting.
  • lbbrennan (05 Nov 2014 8:40pm EST) : Great find John. Think Milwaukee was in the Soviet Navy during WW II.
  • John Young (05 Nov 2014 7:06pm EST) : Tonight’s Pity Pot Cafe Dinner Special:
    Asian Sesame Chicken Stir-fry with
    Brown Rice

    USS MILWAUKEE cover, posted 1 APR
    1938 with PEARL HARB./ T.H. betw killer
    bars arrived today from dealer.

    The light cruiser was made a Goodwill
    Cruise to help celebrate the Australian
    Commonwealth Sesquicentennial with

    The ships traveled 14,009 miles making port calls at Honolulu, Pago Pago, Samoa, Sydney, Australia, Auckland, NZ & Papeete, Tahiti (Jan- April 1938.

  • lbbrennan (05 Nov 2014 2:21pm EST) : Ww ii carriers and CVEs had catapults too. There were some hydraulic catapults also. Think it was Bennington (CV 20) that had a horrible explosion in her catapult room in the early 1950s. Many of the catapults on BBs and cruisers used powder to propel the aircraft often atop the main guns aft.
  • Don Tjossem (05 Nov 2014 11:38am EST) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1915: Lt. Cmdr. Henry C. Mustin, in an AB-2 flying boat, makes the first underway catapult launch from a ship, USS North Carolina (ACR 12) at Pensacola Bay, Fla. This experimental work leads to the use of catapults on battleships and cruisers through World War II and to the steam catapults on present-day aircraft carriers.
  • Axel (05 Nov 2014 10:03am EST) : Can someone explain me what a “webcraft cover” is?

    Thanks in advance


  • John Young (05 Nov 2014 12:21am EST) : Mid rats: French Onion Soup in a Sour-dough bread bowl

    New Jersey Chapter met tonight and managed to find some 87-foot WPB covers in Rich Hoffner’s treasure boxes.

    Stewart, keep those USCS circuits coming. Took home a couple including a Mike Sanders’ 1947 Washington Day
    posted aboard USS WASHINGTON

  • lbbrennan (04 Nov 2014 7:15pm EST) : BMCM. Sounds tempting but it will be a while before I can enjoy food with “animal fat”. Today has been a challenging food day. Waving off NJ chapter meeting.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (04 Nov 2014 5:02pm EST) : I made a gallon of Jack Daniels bbq sauce last night. Cooking a pile of country-style ribs for supper tonight.
    Cole slaw and home-made pumpkin bread to finish it off.

    Polls close in 2 hours. Governor and Marijuana big topics on the ballot in Florida. No hanging chads this time around.

  • John Young (04 Nov 2014 11:59am EST) : Today’s Pity Pot Cafe luncheon special
    features Oven- baked chicken legs, garlic mashed potatoes, Green beans
    & gravy $1.25 or Marine Corps cover

    Last night tail-gate party was great, but
    the Giants need to drop the west-coast offense. Left game- third quarter

    Got to vote before grand-daughters’ State (NJ) Soccer game today

  • lbbrennan (04 Nov 2014 8:26am EST) : Thanks Elgin. That was a bad time. Glad someone reads the Log. I appreciate it. Another warm sunny day today and hopefully tomorrow. Best. Larry
  • esink (04 Nov 2014 8:11am EST) : Larry, my wife’s classmate from upstate PA, Mike Howland, was one of those Iranian hostages…also, great LOG article on SEA ORBIT; I still have an issue of the Interpex stamp magazine from the mid-sixties with an article about the operation.
  • lbbrennan (04 Nov 2014 6:01am EST) : Election day. Vote. Pull the level or wrote on your favorite candidates’ names

    Today is the 35th anniversary of the start of the Iranian Hostage crisis. Iran took US Embassay and hostage. The beginning of the end of Carter Administration.

  • lbbrennan (03 Nov 2014 4:24pm EST) : Nice cover of the month.
  • esink (03 Nov 2014 4:12pm EST) : Hard copy LOG also received in central PA…
  • Dan Goodwin (03 Nov 2014 3:50pm EST) : Log hard copy arrived today in Maine.
  • lbbrennan (03 Nov 2014 1:45pm EST) : Bill. Who is Ron?
  • BILL WISE (03 Nov 2014 12:52pm EST) : IS RON OUT THEAR
  • John Young (03 Nov 2014 9:38am EST) : Today’s Pity Pot Cafe Breakfast Special
    is Streak & Eggs, home fries & toast or
    Buttermilk pancakes & sausage
    $4.00 or 3 Bird-boat covers

    Will be at tonight’s Giant- Colt game in
    the Jersey Meadowlands. Tailgate party
    includes Grandpa”s Chili made with Schaefer beer, Grilled hot dogs, burgers & bratwurst. Coor’s & Yuengling Light

    Go Giants!

  • lbbrennan (03 Nov 2014 9:23am EST) : Warming up and winds are reduced. Should be a good night for football. Heading to the 70s next few days.
  • lbbrennan (02 Nov 2014 7:27pm EST) : Quiet time.
  • Mike Brock (02 Nov 2014 1:49pm EST) : Checking in from Oregon.
  • lbbrennan (02 Nov 2014 1:13pm EST) : Karl. I had proposed it years ago and it was rejected. I’ve been the DS Manager for 5+ years and I learned. About this on line. Hope someone cleans up and format the DS. Many are sloppy and some need updating and correction.
  • Karl Zurn (02 Nov 2014 12:42pm EST) : Great that the data sheets will be on the site. This was proposed a while ago but it received some negative comments.
  • lbbrennan (02 Nov 2014 8:44am EST) : Good deal John. I like Sunday brunch. Cold day and windy tough for runners.
  • John Young (02 Nov 2014 7:06am EST) : The Pity Pot Cafe Brunch Special all day until 2:00 PM. All you can eat $7.01 or a
    polar cover posted before 1957
  • lbbrennan (02 Nov 2014 6:50am EST) : Neighbors are moving to Florida today. They’ve been making noise all night loading the trailer and screaming. Doesn’t make for good sleeping during the longest sleep night of the year.
  • lbbrennan (02 Nov 2014 2:25am EST) : PBS showed “The Caine Mutiny Court Martial”. Great movie. Couldn’t find any strawberries.
  • lbbrennan (02 Nov 2014 1:31am EDT) : Fall back. A good night foor an extra hour of sleep.
  • john macco (01 Nov 2014 8:57pm EDT) : Richard- Thanks for that information. I cannot wait for them.
  • John Young (01 Nov 2014 5:55pm EDT) : Hard copy of November Log arrived in lower Hudson Valley in today’s mail

    Don’t forget to turn clocks back tonight

    Mid rats: Ox tail Soup w/ crackers

  • Glenn Smith (01 Nov 2014 2:00pm EDT) : Making the USCS Data Sheets available on our web site is a huge new step for USCS. This new benefit for members has the potential for attracting new members to our society. It should new widely ‘advertised’ as a membership benefit.
  • Glenn Smith (01 Nov 2014 1:57pm EDT) : Anyone interested in great philatelic journalism should consider joining the new NS Savannah Chapter…if for no other reason than to read Art Cole’s Newsletter. It has a great article on the Russian nuke icebreaker Lenin in the most recent issue.
  • lbbrennan (01 Nov 2014 11:34am EDT) : Today is the 73d anniversary of the transfer of the USCG from Treasury to USN.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (01 Nov 2014 11:31am EDT) : I have a several requests for an article on printing-designing your own cachets.

    It has been several years since I have run an article on the topic.

    Anyone who is currently designing computer generated cachets want to write an article?

    Process you use? software? Printer type/model you find best?
    tips, etc.

    email me if interested.


    BMCM Jones, Log editor

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (01 Nov 2014 11:25am EDT) : John Macco

    Once the data sheets are on our website, you should be able to download them and save to a DATA SHEET file on your hard drive.

    Your could then make your own backup file on a CD or jump drive.

    Most people who have the LOG DVD set have loaded them on their hard drives and just keep adding to the master file each month as the eLOG arrives. The monthly eLOG title is set in the same format as the original DVD set for ease in adding to the hard drive master.

  • lbbrennan (01 Nov 2014 9:35am EDT) : Today is the last day of Daylight Savings Time. Fall back and enjoy the extra hour of sleep. Sunrise will be at a more civil hour but sunset will so early. It will be months before I see sun when I get off the evening train. 90 days of gloom and cold. Spring training is the next sign of warmth.
  • lbbrennan (01 Nov 2014 7:30am EDT) : Yesterday was the 73d anniversary of the sinking of USS Ruben James.

    A cold and wet morning. Rained heavily most of night. Forecast for some non accumulating snow in the area. We made it to November with relative warmth.

  • John Young (01 Nov 2014 6:17am EDT) : Today’s Pity Pot Cafe menu features a
    Saturday morning Navy breakfast: Navy Bean soup

    Yes, the Navy served Bean Soup for
    breakfast on Saturday mornings in by-gone days

  • lbbrennan (31 Oct 2014 11:28pm EDT) : Congrat John. Hens’ feet for midrats at the PP.
  • John Young (31 Oct 2014 6:54pm EDT) : Just won interesting Navy Day 1933 w/
    hand-drawn cachet posted aboard USS SEMMES with Rec’g Stamp

    Its second SEMMES cover found on Ebay this month with printed July 4th
    cachet, posted aboard on 4 JUL 1937

    What the difference- well 1933 cover was serviced while SEMMES was USCG
    destroyer deployed in Cuban waters

    SEMMES returned to Navy in 1934 &
    had POA in June 1934

    Remember CG had 31 Navy destroyers
    for nearly a decade during the Rum War
    (Prohibition) 1924-34

    They’re as scarce as hen’s teeth!

  • Jimmy Jordan (31 Oct 2014 4:32pm EDT) : I read in the November LOG that the N. S. Savannah Chapter has been accepted as USCS Chapter #109.

    Thank you Arthur Cole for all your work to establish this Chapter. NS Savannah is a unique (so far) and interesting part of US maritime history.

  • John Young (31 Oct 2014 11:15am EDT) : Pity Pot Cafe Breakfast Special:
    Eggs Benedict, Wheaties & banana or
    Greek yogurt & strawberries
    $2.99 or one submarine cover
  • lbbrennan (31 Oct 2014 8:48am EDT) : EFforts to revise and reform the DS have not been supported.
  • john macco (31 Oct 2014 7:13am EDT) : I hope all Virginia members are ok after the explosion of the Antares rocket at Wallops Island, Va. Rocket was to send supplies to the ISS.
  • john macco (31 Oct 2014 7:11am EDT) : Is there any way the data sheets will become available on cd or dvd as the Log archive was?
  • lbbrennan (31 Oct 2014 6:35am EDT) : Log arrived for Halloween. Good luck trick or treating.
  • John Young (31 Oct 2014 3:37am EDT) : Mid rats: Egg, Taylor Ham & Cheese on
    Kaiser roll
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (31 Oct 2014 12:21am EDT) : Look in the October 30th Postal Bulletin for pictorial cancels you may have missed. Some have a short timeline for sending
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (31 Oct 2014 12:19am EDT) : LOG columnists and writers–
    I need your material this week as I am sending the December copy to the printer early because of the Thanksgiving holidays. Also, the print copy will have the extra outer cover with the Election material and ballots mailed with the LOG.

    The eLOG only members will have a separate ballot sheet mailed by Secretary, Steve Shay for December voting.

    ALSO–dues notices will be going out soon.

    Let’s hope for 100% renewals!

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (30 Oct 2014 11:30pm EDT) : The keel of the future USS Rafael Peralta (DDG 115) was ceremoniously laid at the Bath Iron Works shipyard Oct. 30.

    The ship’s keel was authenticated by the mother, Rosa Maria Peralta and sisters, Karen Peralta and Icela Peralta Donald of ship namesake, Sgt. Rafael Peralta. Each authenticator etched their initials into the keel plate to symbolically recognize the joining of modular components and the ceremonial beginning of the ship.

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (30 Oct 2014 10:05pm EDT) : 300+ eLOGs have been sent out. If you don’t have it in your inbox, you are over quota or you changed your email address and didn’t send the change to Steve Shay.

    I will need more articles to start 2015. One-two pages are fine–try your hand if you haven’t written for the LOG before. We love new authors!

  • John Young (30 Oct 2014 7:42pm EDT) : Don: We’re going to try the Pity Pot Cafe- Heard its great for breakfast or brunch.
  • lbbrennan (30 Oct 2014 1:06pm EDT) : Breakfast at McGuire AFB @ 1000. Egg sandwich at Subway. Not bad but no tea (or coffee). Got the blood without issue. Surprised because I was dehydrated. No complaints.
  • Don Tjossem (30 Oct 2014 11:49am EDT) : Where’s breakfast??
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (30 Oct 2014 11:08am EDT) : MURTHA LAUNCH 10/30/2014 new date @ Ingalls Shipbuilding

    Not christening

  • lbbrennan (30 Oct 2014 8:33am EDT) : Foggy ride. Good drive but the three new lanes on the NJ Turnpike southbound still aren’t open. The northbound new lanes are open doubling the niumber of lanes for most of the turnpike.
  • lbbrennan (30 Oct 2014 5:53am EDT) : Early departuare for doctor visit. Chilly start. End of the days of upper 70s for a long time.
  • lbbrennan (29 Oct 2014 11:30pm EDT) : Congrats to SF Giants on a tremendous win and to KC Royals for one of the best fought world series. Memorable baseball.
  • John Young (29 Oct 2014 4:24pm EDT) : First USS FULTON, later became first Rec’g Ship at Brooklyn Navy Yard in
    June 1829 but it blow up on its first
    Day killing about 35 sailors
  • lbbrennan (29 Oct 2014 2:21pm EDT) : I should walk to the Hudson to see where Fulton sailed. Her AS name sake didn’t get underway much more frequently.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (29 Oct 2014 1:40pm EDT) : PCU JOHN P. MURTHA LAUNCH 10/29/2014 @ Ingalls Shipbuilding

    Not christening

  • Don Tjossem (29 Oct 2014 12:27pm EDT) : On This Day In The Navy:
    1814: The first steam-powered U.S. Navy warship, Fulton, launches at New York City. Commissioned in June 1816, she carries President James Monroe on a day cruise in New York Harbor a year later.
  • lbbrennan (29 Oct 2014 6:50am EDT) : Everyone must be watching the World Series.
  • lbbrennan (28 Oct 2014 8:30pm EDT) : Jimmy. I’ve lost the taste of food since I first was in the hospital. The meatloaf had flavor. Can’t get the answer from my wife. I thought Wordhestershire sauce but the Ayatollah denies it. I’m not a fan of garlic or onions but cold meatloaf on toast was great.
  • John Young (28 Oct 2014 7:42pm EDT) : Sorry about the id rats- trying to get west coast members to participate. We’ll
    go back to real food tonight
  • Jimmy Jordan (28 Oct 2014 3:56pm EDT) : Larry, the only thing better than meatloaf for dinner is a meatloaf sandwich for lunch the next day! Love those left overs.
  • lbbrennan (28 Oct 2014 11:12am EDT) : Meatloaf sandwich. Perhaps chicken or a ham sandwich.
  • John Young (28 Oct 2014 1:26am EDT) : Mid rats: Fish eggs & crackers
  • lbbrennan (27 Oct 2014 8:25pm EDT) : John. I can lend you a real JAG collar device. Too many sea lawyers in my life. Sounds like fun. I have to sharpen my sword and combat knives. Best. Larry
  • John Young (27 Oct 2014 8:10pm EDT) : Sunrise along the Hudson. Only four more days until trick or treating- think I dress up as sea-lawyer
  • lbbrennan (27 Oct 2014 8:47am EDT) : Jimmy. Sad. We (America Chapter) did covers for the commissioning of all six.
  • Jimmy Jordan (27 Oct 2014 7:10am EDT) : Ex- USS Gemini PHM 6 finally scrapped.

    USS Gemini was the last of six Pegasus class hydrofoil coastal patrol craft built, she was commissioned in November 1982. All six vessels were decommissioned in 1993 and sold for scrap in 1996. Four, USS Hercules PHM 2, USS Taurus PHM 3, USS Aquila PHM 4, and USS Gemini PHM 6 we brought to Wilmington, N. C. to be broken up. Gemini escaped the cutter’s torch and was sold to a man wanting to convert her into a yacht. Conversion work was finished in 2006 and the Yacht Gemini sailed from Wilmington to Florida. The yacht was sold to a new owner, brought back to Wilmington in 2009, and hauled out of the water for more modifications. For five years she remained high and dry on the west bank of the Cape Fear River clearly visible from downtown Wilmington and the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial. Last week, as I drove across the Cape Fear River Bridge, I noticed that the “big white yacht” was gone. The boat yard confirmed that the Gemini had been abandoned by the owner and was scrapped this summer.

  • lbbrennan (27 Oct 2014 5:58am EDT) : Today is the 99th birthday of Herb Rommel (27 oct 15).
  • John Young (27 Oct 2014 3:54am EDT) : Happy Navy Day- celebrated to honor the Father of the Modern Steel Navy-
    Teddy Roosevelt

    Born: New York City, Oct 27, 1858 on
    East 20th Street, Manhattan

    Served as one of three Police Commissioners- NYPD 1894-95

    Ass’t Secretary of the Navy & Medal of Honor recipient (2001) for actions at San Juan Hill during Spanish-American

    Governor, New York State

    President of the United States

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (26 Oct 2014 1:24pm EDT) : Working on December Log. I have a few articles for January and February, but the backlog is getting thin.

    Calling for new writers and more articles for 2015.

  • lbbrennan (26 Oct 2014 8:49am EDT) : Sorry for misspelling. Obviously Hockey.
  • lbbrennan (26 Oct 2014 8:48am EDT) : Quiet as a church mouse. Great fall weather, hocket, football, and World Series.

    Anyone have info re Naval Ammo Depot Iona Island, NY on the Hudson River south of West Point near Bear Mountain. Active 1900-47.

  • GREGORY D. HOWELL (24 Oct 2014 5:35pm EDT) : THANKS “BOATS”
  • lbbrennan (24 Oct 2014 9:04am EDT) : Navy to Commission Submarine North Dakota

    The Navy will commission its newest attack submarine North Dakota, during a ceremony Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014, at Submarine Base New London in Groton, Connecticut.

    North Dakota, designated SSN 784, honors the state’s citizens and veterans and their strong military support and heritage from the Frontier Wars through the Cold War and currently the Global War on Terrorism. Seventeen North Dakotans have received the Medal of Honor for actions in combat.

    Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert, will deliver the ceremony’s principal address. Katie Fowler, wife of retired Vice Adm. Jeff Fowler, is serving as the ship’s sponsor. In a time-honored Navy tradition, she will give the order to “man our ship and bring her to life!”

    “USS North Dakota and her crew represent the finest we have to offer in our Navy’s undersea force,” Greenert said. “They will continue a legacy of heroism and rich tradition since the earliest days of our submarine program. This fine crew will benefit from the steadfast dedication and commitment of its sponsor, Katie Fowler; she has devoted herself to the service life of this fine ship and whose spirit and presence will serve as a guide for both ship and crew.”

    North Dakota is the second ship named in honor of North Dakota, and will be the 11th Virginia-class submarine.

    Next-generation attack submarines provide the Navy with the capabilities required to maintain the nation’s undersea supremacy well into the 21st century. They have improved stealth, sophisticated surveillance capabilities and special warfare enhancements that will enable them to meet the Navy’s multi-mission requirements.

    North Dakota has the capability to attack targets ashore with highly accurate Tomahawk cruise missiles and conduct covert long-term surveillance of land areas, littoral waters or other sea-based forces. Other missions include anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare; special forces delivery and support; and mine delivery and minefield mapping.

    Virginia-class submarines are 7,800 tons and 377 feet in length, have a beam of 34 feet, and can operate at more than 25 knots submerged. They are built with a reactor plant that will not require refueling during the planned life of the ship reducing lifecycle costs while increasing underway time.

    To view the ceremony via live webcast, please go to: www.navy.mil

  • lbbrennan (23 Oct 2014 11:27pm EDT) : Gregory BMCM did a great job answering your question. Take a look at Jim Bishop’s book about FDR’s Last Year. He spent much of that time at sea (44-45)
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (23 Oct 2014 10:53pm EDT) : Greg Howell

    F. D. Roosevelt (1933-45) Yacht Sequoia (1933-36)
    Heavy cruiser Houston (1934; 1935; 1938; 1939)

    Yacht Potomac (1936-45)
    Heavy cruiser Indianapolis (1933; 1936)
    Destroyer Phelps (1937)

    Light cruiser Philadelphia (1938)
    Heavy cruiser Tuscaloosa (1939, 1940)
    Heavy cruiser Augusta (1941)

    British battleship HMS Prince of Wales (1941)
    Light cruiser Memphis (1943)
    British seagoing tug Aimwell (1943)
    Small seaplane tender Humboldt (1943)
    Battleship Iowa (1943)

    Heavy cruiser Baltimore (1944)
    Destroyer Cummings (1944)
    Heavy cruiser Quincy (1945)
    Amphibious command ship Catoctin (1945)

  • lbbrennan (23 Oct 2014 12:06pm EDT) : Good to hear from John and Karl. Enjoying a Neaster for a second day. About 2 inches of rain. Glad it isn’t snow. Made eggs and English muffin for breakfast.
  • Karl Zurn (23 Oct 2014 7:48am EDT) : I purchased Apple stock a few weeks ago and I am glad I did after using this dumb Andriod phone.
  • Karl Zurn (23 Oct 2014 7:44am EDT) : After my iPhone 4 crashed I am using an Android phone while waiting for my iPhone 6 Plus. The iphones are much much better!!!! Simple things like voice mail are a pain on an Android.
  • guest_6679 (john young) (23 Oct 2014 6:58am EDT) : Breakfast: bagel w/ peanut butter

    Still on beach: no covers from ATKA washed up along Grand Strand

  • lbbrennan (22 Oct 2014 3:44pm EDT) : John. Come with to Costco and we can get a hot dog and unlimited soda refills for $1.50. Great for birthdays and anniversaries. A stamp was 3 cents now 49 cents or 16+ times increase so there’s a small bargin in the Costco prices.
  • guest_6679 (john young) (22 Oct 2014 9:02am EDT) : Missed mid rats & morning colors!

    Never thought I would be routing for the Giants, after the shot heard round the world. To you youngers, that was Bobby Thompson’s home run at the Polo Grounds in 1951

    Beat my Brooklyn Dodgers. Those were the days- three teams in the five boroughs

    The United Nations fought for democracy and a hot dog & soda was a dime

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (21 Oct 2014 10:26pm EDT) : Researchers have identified two wrecks in the water, about 30 miles off the North Carolina coast, as the German U-boat 576 and the freighter Bluefields.

    The two were lost for more than 70 years, according to a news release from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

  • lbbrennan (21 Oct 2014 7:03pm EDT) : Don. Brown rice and chicken for dinner. Taking off the skin isn’t easy but less fat and grease. Not worth challenging yet. I would appreciate some taste. Going to try a little applesauce. Perhaps too much sugar but … Would like some pork or pork chop. Can’t complain. And I get to see World Series game 1. Thanks.
  • Don Tjossem (21 Oct 2014 2:15pm EDT) : Bummer…….:(
  • lbbrennan (21 Oct 2014 12:56pm EDT) : Don. Nothing close for a long time. Tea and toast breakfast. Brown rice and chicken now for lunch. Any lower fat diet it will be water and air. Chicken is fine and.I like rice. Have to cut back on bread and starches. John’s on the road. He must have slept in.
  • Don Tjossem (21 Oct 2014 12:35pm EDT) : What no SOS for breakfast??
  • lbbrennan (21 Oct 2014 11:30am EDT) : Rich remember when there were catagories of interests listed for new members. Lots of catagories (ten plus). I’ve never been a patch guy but Larry Briend had an extensive collection which he started in the 60s. Like most of his collection it is long gone. At the SG were destroyed
  • guest_6679 (john young) (21 Oct 2014 4:45am EDT) : No mid rats today, cook forgot to leave them out. Breakfast; donuts & coffee
  • Mike Brock (20 Oct 2014 7:30pm EDT) : Checking in from Oregon…
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Oct 2014 5:34pm EDT) : Also got the WAGB-10 cover from.Oakland CA. It had a 44c postage stamp so.it was aboard for a long timw.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Oct 2014 5:30pm EDT) : On the naval side, I will resume listing the jacket patches from the Martin Longseth donation on Nov. 1. Proceeds to the USCS. Seller name is patchesnaval. The first 45 were listed at 4.99 with a “buy it now” price of 6.49. Forty two sold at the buy it now price indicating a higher listing price is in order. I will start the next batch at 6.49. Anyone remember when we had a jacket patch group?
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Oct 2014 5:18pm EDT) : Not up on current iphones. Verizon drew us in for free upgraded phones. I chose the Galaxy S4. Peg the iPhone 5. She returned it the next day, didn’t like the narrower screen. I am having “rookie” problems getting acquainted with the S4.
  • Rich Hoffner (20 Oct 2014 5:08pm EDT) : 85 here and sunny on the Caloosatchee. I don’t miss the frost in PA. Hooked up the heat lamp on a timer for the chickens before Peg and I left. No cover dealers here.
  • guest_6679 (john young) (20 Oct 2014 4:43pm EDT) : Rec’d email from Glenn Smith re: my trivia question earlier in the month. He
    can up with an answer that changes what I thought to be true.

    Glenn came up with new information found in 2004 that S.S. MANCHUNIA took Sec’y of War Taft & party of 73 on his Orient Cruise in 1905. T.R.’s daughter Alice Roosevelt was in the party. Now that I think of it, Can’t see
    Taft & his party of 73 standing in the
    battleship’s chow line waiting for SOS

    According to DANFS, USS OHIO took
    Taft to the Orient- she may have escorted the liner- but Chester Nimtz
    was aboard OHIO

    Thanks, Glenn

  • lbbrennan (20 Oct 2014 11:01am EDT) : Quiet time but nearly freezing over night. Monday is the best day of the week. CVN relief in the PG. Get covers out.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (20 Oct 2014 12:14am EDT) : Future USS DETROIT Christened
    The Navy has christened a warship named after Michigan’s largest city.
    U.S. Sen. Carl Levin’s wife, Barbara, broke a bottle of champagne across the bow to formally christen the future USS DETROIT (LCS 7). Barbara Levin is the ship’s sponsor.
    The christening took place Saturday, 18 October on the Menominee River at the Marinette Marine Corp. shipyard in Marinette, Wisconsin.
    The ship will continue to undergo outfitting and testing before delivery to the Navy in 2015. Its homeport will be in San Diego.
    Five littoral combat ships are currently being built at the Marinette shipyard. Construction on a sixth will start Monday, 21 October.
  • lbbrennan (19 Oct 2014 7:42pm EDT) : Able to Log in again. Crisp clear day in NJ. Not a great football day. Off tomorrow to the surgeon after teaching. A long challenging day. Rice has become my favorite meal (except bfast). Tough to complain when I’m home and warm. World Series in 48 hours. I can actually find things in piles on the floor in the tv room.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (19 Oct 2014 7:34pm EDT) : Lightning, thunder and rain here in Tucson as opposed to Brooklyn where it was cool and sunny.
  • Don Tjossem (19 Oct 2014 6:57pm EDT) : Touch-n=go from Longbranch, WA.
  • guest_6679 (john young) (19 Oct 2014 8:53am EDT) : morning colors on the beach
  • lbbrennan (18 Oct 2014 6:38pm EDT) : Karl. Elizabeth got her iphone 6 this week. I’m still nursing a crackberry. Mary Kate is about to replace her Iphone 4. Verizon wireless dropped the load in Manhattan yesterday.

    John. I have to try to remember some good fish resturants on Route 17 between Charleston and Savannah. Have some she crab soup and enjoy the warmth. Turning cool tomorrow.

  • guest_6679 (john young) (18 Oct 2014 2:42pm EDT) : Wx report: warm & sunny in the low country. No covers came ashore today

    Might have to visit ebay or bid start!

  • Karl Zurn (18 Oct 2014 10:47am EDT) : My old iPhone 4S died yesterday (:
    Not backed up. If it could only waited two weeks when I get my 6 Plus. I guess I will start by backing up my new phone
  • lbbrennan (18 Oct 2014 7:25am EDT) : Stewart and John are wandering around took for warmth. Hope they find covers.
  • guest_6679 (john young) (18 Oct 2014 3:41am EDT) : Stewart, another senior moment. That’s three this month
  • Stewart B. Milstein (18 Oct 2014 1:07am EDT) : John: I got the same 3 questions right at the Chapter meeting. Is it a case of out of sight, out of mind?
  • esink (17 Oct 2014 1:48pm EDT) : USCGC POLAR STAR WAGB-10 received today…nice ship cachet with spray cancel dtd OCT 14, 2014 from OAKLAND, CA.
  • guest_6679 (john young) (17 Oct 2014 11:38am EDT) : Greetings from Myrtle Beach- only Larry Brennan answered some of my naval trivia question

    Yes, Wm. Howard Taft (Sec’y of War) & Alice Roosevelt was aboard USS OHIO with Midshipman Chester Nimitz
    on the 1905 cruise t the Orient.

    Unable to get name of the battleship’s Bandmaster at this time. Have many of the band’s daily programs played aboard USS OHIO during the cruise & they home. The programs provide the
    ship’s location & music played nightly

    Might be future Goat Locker column

  • esink (16 Oct 2014 3:48pm EDT) : Nice USS AMERICA LHA 6 commissioning covers received today from San Francisco (originally sent to FPO address).
  • lbbrennan (16 Oct 2014 6:07am EDT) : Another tough weather day in the nyc area. Heavy rain and winds overnight. A bad day for commuters but fortunately the hurricane remains well off shore. Warm, nearly 70f. A good day for covers or articles.
  • Glenn Smith (16 Oct 2014 5:37am EDT) : Buzz Adams:

    Submarine launch covers from the mid-forties (or at any time, actually) are a very popular collecting interest of a number of our USCS members. You should consider joining USCS.

    If you would like to chat about that possibility, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. My contact email is: highlandglenn (at) farmerstel.com.

    Glenn Smith
    USCS APS Representative

  • BMCM Jones 3933 (15 Oct 2014 4:28pm EDT) : The war against the Islamic State now has a name: “Operation Inherent Resolve.”

    That announcement by the Joint Staff comes almost 10 weeks after the U.S. began airstrikes in Iraq and later Syria to blunt the Islamic State, which has carved out a Taliban-like caliphate in both countries.

    Better than “Operation Another Round of Golf”

  • Don Tjossem (15 Oct 2014 11:53am EDT) : At MILCOPEX the USCS Board of Directors passed the following:
    “The President will appoint a committee to study write in votes.”
    Following is this committee and I am pleased that we have so many individuals willing to step forward to help with this study. My thanks to each individual who has agreed to participate in this undertaking.
    The guidelines set forth for this committee is that they will study write in votes until December 1st at which time they will hopefully have a proposal ready to present. If the proposal is finalized it will be presented to the Board of Directors early in December and then be voted upon by January 1, 2015 so that the policy will be in effect for the 2015-2017 election.
    Write-in Vote Committee Members
    Bill Mitchell, Chairman
    Bob Rawlins
    Stewart Milstein
    Larry Brennan
    Mike Brock
    John Young
    Write in slots will be provided on the upcoming ballot and the ballot counting committee will be provided clear instructions on ballot counting prior to their count as a result of this committee’s findings and any Board of Directors decision regarding this study.
  • guest_8860 (14 Oct 2014 4:59pm EDT) : Hello I collected first day of issue stamps when I was younger and had a relative at Electric Boat that sent me many submarine launch envelopes from the mid forties. What is the significance of these and how do they compare to what this group is about?
    Buzz Adams
  • lbbrennan (14 Oct 2014 3:43pm EDT) : First day I got to spend sometime out and in the sun. Glorious and warm day.
  • John Young (14 Oct 2014 6:04am EDT) : Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & sausage
  • Don Tjossem (13 Oct 2014 6:30pm EDT) : Naval Undersea Museum served cake today for the Navy’s Birthday! It was really good!
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (13 Oct 2014 3:41pm EDT) : Tom – Salvor is USNS.
  • John Young (13 Oct 2014 11:33am EDT) : Continental Navy’s Birthday
  • lbbrennan (13 Oct 2014 4:44am EDT) : Happy Navy Day. Or is it Navy Birthday.
  • John Young (13 Oct 2014 3:43am EDT) : Hope everyone had a great Columbus Day weekend. Back from Siena College
    & Vermont trip to Giant lost to Eagles

    Found Crosby USS SAN FRANCISCO 1946 cover on Bid Start for 3 dollars

  • Tom (12 Oct 2014 6:04pm EDT) : A quick check of the zip code comes up with all the references as USS Salvor – is that an issue as it is obviously a USNS ship now …..
  • Axel (12 Oct 2014 4:38pm EDT) : Hi, I tried to order some stamps at USPS but when checking out they don’t let me chose a country except the USA. Anyone here (from outside the USA) encountered the same issue? My profile mentions my country…

    Thanks in advance

  • Jimmy Jordan (12 Oct 2014 4:32pm EDT) : Very nice USS North Carolina Chapter #99 meeting yesterday. Exchanged member produce “modern” covers and picked up some good “older” covers from the Chapter stash. $20 for 20 covers is not bad! Well worth the 320 mile round trip drive to Durham topped of by Duke’s victory over Georgia Tech!

    Larry, glad that you are home and on the mend.

  • guest_9343 (12 Oct 2014 1:02am EDT) : Larry: missed you last Tuesday at USS NJ Chapter meeting! It’s true: There is no place like home!
  • Stewart B. Milstein (11 Oct 2014 7:08pm EDT) : Last 3 circuits in Bklyn were mailed yesterday. Last eBay sale will be mailed out Mon AM. 4 new eBay covers will go up Monday night around d 8:30 PM EDT.

    I have no idea when the first Longseth donation cover circuit will go out.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Oct 2014 6:43pm EDT) : Tom – USNS shps for the most part
    do not have post offices aboard. Sending to the Master should get you a corner card (return address stamp) and possibily a crimp seal if you ask (and he understands what you are asking for). They probably do not have a cachet. The envelopes will be processed at a shore facility. Good Luck.
  • lbbrennan (11 Oct 2014 5:32pm EDT) : Quiet Saturday. Everyone watching football or playoff baseball. Life’s pleasures are simple. Elizabeth came home. Mary Kate visited last night. Dreary day but rain has stopped.
  • Tom (11 Oct 2014 11:41am EDT) : Thanks Thad – I had looked at http://www.navy.mil/navydata/ships/lists/ship-fpo.asp and it didn’t list a zip code …… I am having work done on my home so all of my logs are packed away.
  • Tom (11 Oct 2014 11:30am EDT) : Thanks Thad – do I send to the

    USNS Salvor (T-AGR-22)
    FPO AP 96678-3222

    do you think they have a ship seal for a cachet? No cancel like the USS ships -correct?

  • guest_6679 (john young) (11 Oct 2014 10:11am EDT) : Cookie is in the “Orange” Mountain State (Vermont) until Sunday morning
  • guest_6679 (11 Oct 2014 10:07am EDT) : Breakfast: Bacon & eggs with cottage fries & toast. Coffee & blueberry muffin or sliced melon.
  • Stewart B. Milstein (10 Oct 2014 8:47pm EDT) : I volunteer to be a member of the committee to deal with the issue of write-in votes.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (10 Oct 2014 6:02pm EDT) : Tom – USNS Salvor T-ARS-52, not T-AGR-22 is listed in February Log as zip code 96678-3222
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (10 Oct 2014 3:41pm EDT) : PORTLAND, Ore. (NNS) — Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus hosted a ship-naming ceremony today to announce that SSN 793, a Virginia-class attack submarine, will bear the name USS Oregon.

    During a ceremony held at The Battleship Oregon Memorial in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Mabus announced the submarine will be named to honor the long-standing history its namesake state has had with the Navy. Mabus also recognized USS Portland (LPD 27) which he named last year in honor of Oregon’s largest city.

    “Sailors and Marines, like the citizens of Oregon throughout history, are pioneers. They are explorers who are looking willingly toward the unknown, wanting to know what is out over the horizon,” said Mabus. “As we sail deeper into the 21st century, it is time for another USS Portland and another USS Oregon, time to keep those storied names alive in our Navy and Marine Corps.”

    Mabus told the crowd SSN 793 will be the third naval ship to bear the name Oregon. The first was a brig largely used for exploration during World War II. The second was a battleship best known for its roles in the Spanish American War where it helped destroy Admiral Cervera’s fleet and in the Philippine-American War where it performed blockade duty in Manila Bay and off Lingayen Gulf, served as a station ship, and aided in the capture of Vigan.

  • Tom (10 Oct 2014 1:49pm EDT) : Can anyone help? I am trying to find an address to write to the USNS Salvor T-AGR 22 but have been unable to find one? Any ideas on where to find it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Don Tjossem (10 Oct 2014 1:01pm EDT) : Notice! — Deadline soon!
    At MILCOPEX the USCS Board of Directors passed the following:
    “Rich Hoffner submitted a proposal that a member with write in votes be considered as a candidate and that in the absence of a nominee to fill a board vacancy, the member with the most write in votes be seated to fill a vacancy. The proposal was discussed and
    withdrawn. The President will appoint a committee to study write in votes.”
    Now is time to advise me if you would like to be on this committee. Deadline is 12:01AM on October 15th and the committee and the chairman will be announced later that day.
    Don Tjossem
  • lbbrennan (10 Oct 2014 12:24pm EDT) : Thanks Don. Hope to have a solid breakfast soon.
  • Don Tjossem (10 Oct 2014 12:12pm EDT) : Larry……….Glad to hear you’re home again.

    John……..How about something “different” for breakfast??

  • lbbrennan (10 Oct 2014 7:33am EDT) : Forgot the pleasant noise of garbage trucks. No roomate problems, no blood tests, no repeated wakeups.
  • John Young (10 Oct 2014 5:28am EDT) : The cook’s up: Breakfast menu: Chipped Beef on Toast (S.O.S) or Biscuit
    & gravy with coffee
  • lbbrennan (09 Oct 2014 5:13pm EDT) : Thanks to my NJ Chapter friends for their kind and humorous get well card. Missed the meeting but they caused pain with laughter. No complaints. Hope to see them soon. November meeting?
  • Stewart B. Milstein (09 Oct 2014 3:04pm EDT) : As we are leaving for AZ next week, ALL circuits have been sent out. All correspondence should go to the AZ address – PO Box 1051, Cortaro AZ 85652
  • lbbrennan (09 Oct 2014 12:11pm EDT) : Guess I didn’t post at morning muster. Now past new. Time to leave this hospital.
  • John Young (09 Oct 2014 7:53am EDT) : Morning muster: Still no takers to naval
    trivia question. Let’s give it another few
  • John Young (09 Oct 2014 12:26am EDT) : Mid rats: Liverwurst & onion sandwich
  • guest_1592 (08 Oct 2014 11:01pm EDT) : John: I promise that there will be circuits at he chapter meeting even if i am not able to be physically present.
  • Mike Brock (08 Oct 2014 8:26pm EDT) : Saturday November 22nd the USS COLUMBIA Chapter #106 will have a chapter meeting at the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, WA. The latest additional to the museum, a naval undersea rescue vessel, will be on display. There will two presentations by chapter members and covers for sale from dealer/member Dick Keiser.
  • Mike Brock (08 Oct 2014 8:21pm EDT) : Phil…contact Rich Hoffner regarding LDC cover for the USS HALYBURTON.
  • lbbrennan (08 Oct 2014 6:58pm EDT) : Sorry John. Rough day. Not happy and pretty tough day. My roomie is staying and I get a new room
  • PHIL SCHREIBER (08 Oct 2014 5:39pm EDT) : In August I sent to USS HALYBURTON FFG40 for a last day in commission postmark. Today it came back uncancelled undercover with a Baltimore MD spray postmark. Did anyone else try for a LDC from them?
  • John Young (08 Oct 2014 2:41pm EDT) : Only one response on naval trivia!
  • lbbrennan (08 Oct 2014 10:40am EDT) : All I got was the promise of old gallstones. Can Reeves make a cover for me. Roger might be able to paint something.
  • John Young (08 Oct 2014 10:36am EDT) : Great chapter meeting. we had a few laughs, found a few covers. The Eagle fans came up from Philadelphia with
    their cheese & crackers. Jan & Georg
    brought soda & chips. Bruno came with
    his wife’s brownies. I, as usual came
    empty-handed but eat everything.

    Stewart’s departure for Arizona desert
    means six months of darkness in B’klyn

    Its tough on those wagon trains from
    St. Joseph, MO- nothing but wild Indians
    on the other side of the Mississippi

    Only joking, west coast. Go Giants!

  • lbbrennan (08 Oct 2014 8:13am EDT) : Talked to NJ chapter meeting last night. Probably first to attend chapter meeting day of surgery. Technology is wonderful. Maybe food soon. Just hot tea again today.
  • lbbrennan (07 Oct 2014 11:10am EDT) : I hope to become the only uscs member to attend (electronically) a uscs chapter meeting the same dAy that I have surgery and general anesthesia.
  • lbbrennan (07 Oct 2014 6:54am EDT) : Sorry. Don’t know how I became guest again. Larry
  • guest_4712 (07 Oct 2014 6:53am EDT) : A recent book about Taft and Alice Roosevelt concerns this voyage. Perhaps the heavist man elected president. About 300 lbs.
  • John Young (06 Oct 2014 6:44pm EDT) : Naval Trivia:

    What battleship carried Sec’y of War, Wm. Howard Taft to the Orient in 1905

    Who accompanied Taft on the Cruise?

    Who served as a Midshipman on that

    What was the name of the ship’s Bandmaster?

    You must answer all four questions correctly, in order to be eligible to win
    our prize.

  • lbbrennan (06 Oct 2014 6:31pm EDT) : Thanks Karl. Herb’s 99th birthday wiLl be 27. Oct 14.
  • Karl Zurn (06 Oct 2014 1:33pm EDT) : Larry,
    Cool cover from Herb.
  • lbbrennan (06 Oct 2014 1:18pm EDT) : Good luck John. I’ve fractured teeth from strees grinding. And a few root canals. Infections are brutal. Take care. I will be here in the hospital a few more days.
  • Mike Meister (06 Oct 2014 10:53am EDT) : Monday morning touch and go. Hope everyone had a great weekend.
  • John Young (06 Oct 2014 6:09am EDT) : Morning visit- off to dentist. Should never have given up- cigars. Had better
    teeth when I smoked.
  • Axel (05 Oct 2014 3:37pm EDT) : Thanks John for the info, will try to keep it in mind.
  • Mike Brock (05 Oct 2014 3:02pm EDT) : Paper Log arrived in Oregon yesterday. Great article by Lloyd Ferrell along with another great issue.

    John Macco I will contact you regarding printing cachets on covers.

  • lbbrennan (05 Oct 2014 12:14pm EDT) : John sounds great but not until I can have solid foods again. Nothig since last Tuesday. Little sore but now able to have liquids. Hot teas would be great. Ice chips have a special spot.
  • john macco (05 Oct 2014 11:05am EDT) : I’d like to see an article on how to print cachets on covers by those who sponsor covers. I have wanted to dabble in this but have no idea on how to go about doing it. If anybody wants to email me directly my email address is johnmacco007@comcast.net
  • John Young (05 Oct 2014 2:50am EDT) : Mid rats: Knockwurst, sauerkraut & home-fries
  • lbbrennan (04 Oct 2014 12:11pm EDT) : Herb was one of four UsNR officers to command a DD in combat during WW II. Ensign to LCDR in less than 3 years.
  • John Young (04 Oct 2014 7:14am EDT) : Larry, get out of the hospital & work on
    that 1 frame exhibit named after Capt
    Herbert Fox Rommel, USN

    Get healthy and I give that 1931 cover
    found at MILCOPEX- with a penned add
    of a kid in Pennsylvania that grew up to became a naval officer, USCS President,
    cover dealer & USCS exhibitor

  • lbbrennan (04 Oct 2014 6:12am EDT) : Morning reverle. More ice chips and pain meds. I’d like a taste please.
  • lbbrennan (04 Oct 2014 2:39am EDT) : Sounds great John. Ice chips and pain meds.
  • John Young (03 Oct 2014 11:52pm EDT) : Mid rats: OKTOBERFEST begins!
    Bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato pancake & applesauce

    Pretzel, mustard & Yuengling Light

  • lbbrennan (03 Oct 2014 5:24pm EDT) : Thanks guys. Gallbladder and pancreatitis again. Probably some surgery. This time.
  • esink (03 Oct 2014 10:22am EDT) : Best wishes, Larry, for a fast recovery.
  • Karl Zurn (03 Oct 2014 9:42am EDT) : Larry, Get well soon. We will keep you in our prayers.
  • Don Tjossem (03 Oct 2014 2:09am EDT) : Larry……….Hope you have a speedy recovery!
  • John Young (03 Oct 2014 12:31am EDT) : Mid rats: Cheeseburger Soup

    Sorry to hear, Larry Brennan is back in Sick Bay. Pray that you get well soon

  • John Young (02 Oct 2014 7:29pm EDT) : Axel: $1.15 Airmail- buy a sheet of them
    as they’re Forever stamps

    As to using cardboard as filler- not a good idea. Sometimes they seal covers
    and might have to slice open on side.

    If they use scotch tape on them- try a little lighter fluid and gently remove tape

    Lighter fluid drys within minutes & used
    it for decades to check for watermarks
    on stamps. And its cheaper and you can
    use it to remove strains on tie, shirts, etc

  • Axel (02 Oct 2014 4:25pm EDT) : Can anyone tell me what the international postage from the USA to Europe is for a normalized cover (just a cardboard inside to stiffen the cover) so about 20 gr./0.71 ounce I suppose.

    Thanks in advance


  • esink (02 Oct 2014 1:51pm EDT) : Superb FREE frank received today from USS MESA VERDE LPD-19…nice clear cancel dtd AUG 13, 2014 with rubber stamp ship corner card and cachet nicely applied.
  • John Young (02 Oct 2014 1:27am EDT) : Mid rats: Peanut butter on bagel thin & small milk
  • John Young (01 Oct 2014 7:24pm EDT) : Ahoy Dennis Curry.
    USCS Treasurer never comes on Chat Page, try using his email address found on page 2 of USCS Log

    RWW: Well desired!

  • R. Wentworth (01 Oct 2014 3:55pm EDT) : Thank you USCS for awarding me the Walter G. Crosby Award for Excellence in Producing Cacheted Naval Covers. I am honored and flattered!
  • guest_772 (01 Oct 2014 1:43pm EDT) : Mr. Treasurer, I ordered a copy of the Catalog of US Naval Postmarks 5th addition. My check was cashed and so far not catalog has been received. I am Dennis Curry at 277 Panorama Drive Cape Fair MO 65624 member 10861. Check sent 7/30/14, please advise.
  • John Young (01 Oct 2014 10:33am EDT) : MILCOPEX 2014

    Found #10 envelope with printed 2LK/
    MAILED AT/ LITTLE AMERICA, OSC/ T.F. 68 (Highjump), typed c/c Flag Sec’y
    CDR Vogeley, USN

    Posted aboard USS MT OLYMPUS with
    type 2n, dated 1 FEB 1947 its FDU

    Second envelope- CDR Vogeley to Ned
    Clark, Shamskin PA, pmk Rincon Annex,
    San Fran 30 JUL 1949

    Filler has typed: traded 7/23/49 for 100 U.S.assorted USED commemorative stamps- undamaged condition & taped
    column from Our Navy

    It appears that CDR Vogeley was trading signed “Highjump” cover for used stamps that he was sending to collectors he met in Wellington, New

    Question: What was the value of 100 used U.S. commens in 1949 ?

  • Dan Goodwin (01 Oct 2014 7:55am EDT) : Mid rats for me was home made apple pie with vanilla ice cream
  • John Young (01 Oct 2014 4:35am EDT) : Karl: Welcome back. Join us for Mid rats

    Tonight’s menu: Ricotta cheese, crushed pineapple, banana & Kellogg’s brain buds


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