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  • Mike Meister (18 Sep 2019 8:30pm EDT) : Well done Rich on the USS G. H. W. Bush cachet! My cover arrived yesterday.
  • guest_7731 (18 Sep 2019 12:40pm EDT) : I have a first day cover commemorating the circumnavigation of the globe by the USS Triton and Captain Edward Beach. It includes a letter from Capt Beach describing the voyage and dated 31 March 1960.
  • guest_7207 Ralph Calabrese #11 (09 Sep 2019 1:10pm EDT) : The September USCS Log mentions a USS Missouri first day cover by Reagan Chapter member Phil Dockster.
    Are They for sale and if so how?
  • Elgin Sink (29 Aug 2019 3:09pm EDT) : REMINDER…BALPEX dates: AUG 30, 31 and SEP 1…
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Aug 2019 1:23am EDT) : Alfred W. Dentino: Consider joining the USCS and you will have access to the navy ship cover auctions we offer our members.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Aug 2019 1:21am EDT) : Guest 3457, if you stop back, this information was written up by Steve Shay about mail from the Liberty Ship you mentioned in your post: “The SS Thomas W Gregory, was a Liberty ship, launched October 6, 1943 and delivered for service on the 19th. The keel laying was August 20, 1943 at the Todd Houston Shipbuilding Corporation. It was a different time, we were at war, and we needed ships and needed them quickly. And the Liberty ships were designed to be pumped out assembly line style. The American Range Liberty Line operated the ship”. If you go to our Facebook page, you might be able to upload scans of what you have.
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Aug 2019 1:15am EDT) : I have listed 297 items (I call them memorabilia). They are listed on eBay with proceeds going to the USCS via the USCS Circuits. Patches, post cards, ships peel-able labels, etc. Seller is patchesnaval.
  • john macco (25 Aug 2019 10:02am EDT) : What is the status of the USS Mitscher (DDG-57)? The reason I ask is the following- I sent a 2 cover request for cancellations on 4-7-19. My covers were returned and serviced as requested. The 2 covers as well as the sase were put back into the mailing envelope and endorsed “RTS UNCLAIMED” Cover was cancelled 8-19-19 Any thoughts???
  • guest_3457 (14 Aug 2019 12:16am EDT) : i have some paper work for the 1st voyage of the Thomas W Gregory and was wondering where i could submit it.
  • John Young (13 Aug 2019 4:11pm EDT) : Alfred Dentino: What are you looking for?
    You Dad’s destroyer was in-service from
    August 1945- Jan 1952 & Dec 1952- Nov 1970

    Suggest you visit Naval Cover Museum and look up his destroyer. Good Luck

  • Alfred W. Dentino (12 Aug 2019 7:33am EDT) : I have begun collecting cancels with cachets from the USS Ernest G. Small DD838 (DDR838), my Dad’s ship for many of his years in the Navy. I have about 40 different examples and am sure there are many more. Is there anyone who can help me expand my collection? Thank you!
  • guest_8936 (08 Aug 2019 3:58pm EDT) : TO GUEST 8750: TO DONATE COVERS TO USCS CONTACT: sbmilstein@gmail.com
  • John Young (07 Aug 2019 12:43am EDT) : Ahoy Guest-8750

    Can you specify ship’s name, etc and
    range of the dates and how many covers

  • guest_8750 (06 Aug 2019 6:22pm EDT) : I have a number of old covers with ship cancellations, many from before WW II that I could donate, if you are interested.
    I bought them in your auctions about 25 years ago.
  • John Young (04 Aug 2019 1:46pm EDT) : Wishing the U.S. Coast Guard a happy birthday on the 229th Anniversary of its establishment by Alexander Hamilton.

    Stay safe!

  • john macco (02 Aug 2019 12:17pm EDT) : I resent request.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (31 Jul 2019 9:05pm EDT) : John Macco – Yes, but USS Stockdale is a hit or miss. Over the most recent years I have sent to DDG 106, five or six times and in most cases I never received the covers back and there is the rare occasion the covers actually showed up. One thing about DDG 106 covers that were returned they NEVER had a date in the cancel, only the ships name and number. At least they returned your covers so you can resend them to another ship and just didn’t throw them in the trash like is so often done now days.
  • john macco (30 Jul 2019 3:22pm EDT) : Has anybody received a return from the USS Stockdale (DDG-106? My request which was mailed 4-17-19 was returned unopened.
  • John Young (30 Jul 2019 2:13pm EDT) : Hard-copy AUG Log arrived yesterday in lower Hudson Valley
  • Elgin Sink (30 Jul 2019 1:47pm EDT) : More on Saturday’s USS Paul Ignatius commissioning ceremony: https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=110375
  • Rich Hoffner (29 Jul 2019 4:49pm EDT) : Did you send for the pictorial for the Commissioning of the USCGC Robert Ward in San Pedro CA on 2-2-19? Well, no covers ever returned. Today I made a call and they put me on the phone with the clerk who handles such requests. She tells me that she just took over the job and found a pile of requests including my 50 envelopes. She said she had others. But, no one had processed the request for the pictorial an she has no idea what happened to the request. After a pleasant chat, she promised to cancel all the covers with her CDS on the correct date, in red ink. I have too much patience.
  • Elgin Sink (29 Jul 2019 3:15pm EDT) : Nice periodical rate hardcopy August LOG and eLOG received today in central PA…excited to read in greater detail.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (29 Jul 2019 12:57pm EDT) : Paper version of the August USCS Log arrived today in Florida.
    300+ eLOGs have been sent today early for the month.

    September issue is 80% complete now.

    Looking for new writers with articles for October issue. How about you?

    Richard Jones
    Log editor

  • Elgin Sink (28 Jul 2019 1:20pm EDT) : Iinteresting info on yesterday’s commissioning of USS Paul Ignatius ihttps://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=110356
  • Elgin Sink (27 Jul 2019 2:17pm EDT) : Tom Kean: Thanks very much for forwarding my misdirected USS EMORY S. LAND anniversary covers to me
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Jul 2019 7:29pm EDT) : With a little detective work, Neal Mills also discovered there seems to be a gap in numbers for Donald R. Wilson cachets. Two missing numbers: DRW #146 & DRW #147. These fall within the window of the KL of HARTFORD. Anyone have either of these Wilson cachets?
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Jul 2019 9:38am EDT) : As a member of the website committee, I have been struggling with staying with a “chat” style page like we have or upgrading to a forum style to replace the chat. I was leaning heavily toward staying with a “chat” page. But, considering that covers could be shown in a forum style page, I’m now leaning toward a forum style. My only concern is that a forum can wonder off into the next millennium and might be hard to stay on point or track down previous posts. But we have been advised that we can limit the number of categories the forum will offer. That sounds promising. I want to remind all of you that many users of the chat have over the years asked why they could not upload covers to the chat. Well, this would answer that question. I mentioned before that if you want to offer your thoughts, contact the chair of the committee, John Germann : jghist@comcast.net
  • Rich Hoffner (23 Jul 2019 9:27am EDT) : Elgin. Thanks for the dates. Might try to drop in.
  • Neal Mills (22 Jul 2019 6:56pm EDT) : Does anyone have a keel laying cover for USS HARTFORD (SSN 768)? I have two questions about the cover. First does it exist. I haven’t seen one and don’t know anyone that has one. Secondly, what was the date of the keel laying. I’ve seen two different dates, 22 Feb 92 and 27 Apr 92.
  • Steve Shay (22 Jul 2019 8:36am EDT) : Guest: contact me at shaymur at flash.net
  • guest_3843 (21 Jul 2019 3:32pm EDT) : I’m trying to get in touch with Steve Shea
  • john macco (18 Jul 2019 2:14pm EDT) : I wanted to show my latest return from the USS Jason Dunham . I am posting a scan of the back and front of the cover and any comments appreciated.
  • Elgin Sink (17 Jul 2019 8:26pm EDT) : Rich, BALPEX dates: AUG 30, 31 and SEP 1…
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Jul 2019 4:18pm EDT) : One other issue is what should be behind a “members only” wall. We are considering digital issues of the Log (last two years excluded), membership list (anyone can ask to be excluded), and there was a thought to include members collecting interests in that area of the website. This is your website and your opinion is important. Again, contact the chair of the committee John Germann at: jghist@comcast.net
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Jul 2019 4:13pm EDT) : As most of you are probably aware the Website Committee is now going full steam ahead in doing what we can to either build a new website or restructuring/rebuilding the current website. Funds will be available shortly for a web builder to start work on the project. There is some issues that perhaps users of “the chat” may want to give your opinion to the committee. One item is this “chat” site. Do we continue with a page like this, or transition to a forum style discussion page. We have to decide on one or the other. Your input is important on this. Please forward your thoughts to John Germann at jghist@comcast.net
  • Rich Hoffner (17 Jul 2019 4:05pm EDT) : What dates for BALPEX?
  • john macco (15 Jul 2019 6:46pm EDT) : Elgin- My email address is spacecovers2003@gmail.com Feel free to email me any time with your questions.
  • Elgin Sink (15 Jul 2019 3:03pm EDT) : John Macco, What is your current email as I have a question about certain Apollo space cover events?
  • john macco (12 Jul 2019 12:58pm EDT) : Elgin- I am exhibiting my Apollo-Soyuz Test Project collection at Balpex. I will definitely be there.
  • Elgin Sink (11 Jul 2019 9:54pm EDT) : John, I sent two covers to the McCain on June 19; one was received uncollectible and the other came through fine…Also BTW I saw an article authored by you in a Space unit sample copy distributed at BALPEX last year. Are you planning to attend that show this year? I expect to go mainly because I enjoy those Space unit meeting presentations.
  • john macco (11 Jul 2019 7:11pm EDT) : Elgin- When did you send your covers to the McCain? I sent covers on june 21, 2019.
  • Elgin Sink (11 Jul 2019 2:08pm EDT) : Nice 25th Commissioning Anniversary cover received today from USS JOHN McCAIN DDG 56 with UNIT 100161 cancel dtd JUL 2, 2019 and special anniversary event ship cachet applied nicely…
  • Neal Mills (11 Jul 2019 11:51am EDT) : Michael,

    Photos of all classes and individual submarines exist. Do you know the name, or hull number, of your uncle’s submarine? Most of the mothball fleet was scrapped. A few were sold to other countries but most became razorblades.

  • guest_6081 (11 Jul 2019 2:09am EDT) : When I was in the 8th grade (1962), I toured the WWII submarine fleet mothballed at Mare Island. Whatever happened to the WWII submarines that were mothballed there? Thanks for your time and information.


  • guest_4813 (11 Jul 2019 2:01am EDT) : My uncle was in WWII and did service on a submarine. His mother had an out of water side view of the submarine that he served on. I don’t know what happened to that illustration. As I recall, the illustration of the submarine was larger than 12″ x 12″ and in a frame. Do actual illustrations of all classes of WWII submarines exist? Thanks for your time and information’


  • John Young (10 Jul 2019 3:16am EDT) : Just paying a visit. Looks like we might
    everyone is on facebook.

    The new Website Development Committee might try to update, as
    they have asked for money to update
    the present site.

  • john macco (06 Jul 2019 10:11am EDT) : Fantastic response from the USS BVainbridge (DDG-96). The COPE clearly stamped the ship’s rubber stamp cachet and a clear strike of the ship’s cancel. The COPE inscribed the cover with the following message: Today June 13, 2019 we rescued 26 people from a burning vessel in the Gulf of Oman. Scan of cover on facebook page coming.
  • john macco (03 Jul 2019 4:43pm EDT) : Facebook is not showing any images I posted but when I use my iphone they are there. They have working the problem all day.
  • john macco (03 Jul 2019 6:59am EDT) : Thad- Thanks for information. My return envelope was stamped Missent to USS Howard (DDG-83) The ship’s cachet was stamped on the filler. The COPE wrote the return address of the ship and my address on the covers. I am going to assume the ship’s post office is not functioning during a maintance. I will post scan of cover on facebook page.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (02 Jul 2019 6:09pm EDT) : John Macco – USS Howard DDG 83 is in the yards for maintenance.
  • Elgin Sink (02 Jul 2019 2:39pm EDT) : Here is interesting info on the USS John S. McCain 25th Commissioning Anniversary Ceremony today:
  • john macco (02 Jul 2019 1:32pm EDT) : Has anybody received any recent returns from USS Howard (DDG-83)?
  • john macco (01 Jul 2019 6:15pm EDT) : I received a nice return from the USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62). The commissioning cancel that was used in 1995 was used as a cachet. I will scan to facebook page.
  • John Young (01 Jul 2019 7:11am EDT) : Arrived home yesterday, after a week on the Grand Strand and visiting some favorite eateries: Gulf Stream Café, Texas Roadhouse, the Hot Fish Club, Pacino’s Med Grille & the Conch Café

    and can’t forget Sunday breakfast at the Golden Egg.

    Found no covers, but added a sea shell to my collection. No new beer


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