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Online Chat Archives – March 2019 – June 2019

  • john macco (01 Jul 2019 6:15pm EDT) : I received a nice return from the USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62). The commissioning cancel that was used in 1995 was used as a cachet. I will scan to facebook page.
  • John Young (01 Jul 2019 7:11am EDT) : Arrived home yesterday, after a week on the Grand Strand and visiting some favorite eateries: Gulf Stream Café, Texas Roadhouse, the Hot Fish Club, Pacino’s Med Grille & the Conch Café

    and can’t forget Sunday breakfast at the Golden Egg.

    Found no covers, but added a sea shell to my collection. No new beer

  • Elgin Sink (30 Jun 2019 5:17pm EDT) : Arrived home to central PA yesterday from Outer Banks NC and hardcopy periodical rate LOG had arrived during the week…nice issue, and emailed copy was just received today.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (29 Jun 2019 2:42pm EDT) : Paper Log arrived in Southwest PA. yesterday.
  • LBrennan (28 Jun 2019 9:22pm EDT) : ELOG not received Paper LOG received this afternoon.
  • john macco (28 Jun 2019 6:39pm EDT) : Were elogs sent? I also received paper log today.
  • Mike Meister (27 Jun 2019 3:51pm EDT) : July paper Log arrived today!
  • Mike Meister (22 Jun 2019 3:25pm EDT) : Nicely done covers in the mail today from USS Leyte Gulf CG 55 dated April 29th.
  • Elgin Sink (18 Jun 2019 10:48pm EDT) : Here is interesting info on the June 11 USS MISSOURI stamp FDOI ceremony…https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=109943
  • guest_1680 (15 Jun 2019 4:32pm EDT) : john galla: well said. your last sentence said it all!
  • Dan Goodwin (15 Jun 2019 7:07am EDT) : John Galla you pretty much nailed it. Thanks for your post.
  • Elgin Sink (14 Jun 2019 10:08pm EDT) : Exactly my thoughts and thanks, John Galla, for adding your insight…The increased speed at which duties must be done in this high-powered digital age certainly does not help the cover handling process.
  • John Galla (14 Jun 2019 11:41am EDT) : I’d like to chime in and offer my two cents on the cover sending matter if all don’t mind. In addition to being a CG veteran having served on a large cutter, I also have been a professional firefighter for 22 years, the last 8 being an officer. My son is also active duty Air Force. I give my background because while email and other electronic things do play into the lack of response, I feel there is another factor involved. And that is the mentality of people today, especially in the 18-30 year old age group. I see it every day and from what I hear, this mentality is everywhere. The fire companies out of my station on my shift are comprised of mostly young and newer firefighters. The interest and enthusiasm for things beyond their regular duties is not there like it once was. We have visitors constantly with various request. Some just want to look at the trucks, some want to trade shoulder patches, others ask if we can move the trucks outside for photos. And what happens with these requests really comes down to who you ask. We have firefighters that will bend over backwards to help people out. And others that just can’t be bothered. If I’m asked, I will always try and help someone out with their request, which as pulling a truck outside for a photo. But, other officers don’t see why they need a photo so won’t do it. At the end of the day, what is the big deal? But, they won’t do it because they don’t want to and that’s that. Translate this to cover requests. At the end of the line, your request is processed by a person. And that person also has a superior. You are at the mercy of what the person’s mentality and their superior’s mentality is. Some go out of the way and others can’t be bothered. And unfortunately, there isn’t really a way around it. I’ve gotten some covers back with extra items and even really nice letters. And there are some that I’m sure have been thrown into the trash. The only thing you can really do it wait a bit of time and try again hoping that the personnel changed and you reach someone more willing to help you. Sorry for the long message, but I really do see this on a daily basis and this “why should I” or “why do they need that” mentality is really everywhere including our nations military. It doesn’t mean they are bad people either, it’s just how they think now. It’s really too bad because I don’t think they realize what a small show of kindness can mean to someone.
  • Neal Mills (13 Jun 2019 8:52am EDT) : Has anyone seen new mailing addresses for USS Abraham Lincoln or USS John C. Stennis? They shifted coasts about a month ago.
  • Elgin Sink (12 Jun 2019 11:11pm EDT) : More…John, some collectors (but not me) give very specific instructions on how to apply the cancels to their covers…seems like a great amount of training should not be required for the LS to apply a good legible postmark. However, if the requests are placed in a drawer or totally ignored for any variety of reasons, then that is of course beyond anybody’s control.
  • john macco (12 Jun 2019 6:41pm EDT) : There has to be a way to educate the logistics specialists. Of course the USCS has probably tried to educate them. Elgin and Thad-thanks for your thoughts.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (12 Jun 2019 1:06pm EDT) : John Macco – Unfortunately John most of the ships that do not service the covers just throw them away. They do not want to be bothered with the servicing or even the returning of the original request to the sender. The mail is handled by Logistics Specialists and not Mail Clerks. Most of the LS’s don’t even know what to do when you request a cancel or cachet. Sad.
  • Elgin Sink (12 Jun 2019 11:06am EDT) : I have some covers out earlier than 2018 and believe many other members do too, John…and I do not expect to get them back. This is an unfortunate response for our hobby and to those of us who like to send directly to the ships. That has to be expected with the “chancy” situation of sending covers and with digital communications now used every where.
  • john macco (12 Jun 2019 9:42am EDT) : If ships do not want to service collector covers, they should just return them. I have requests out since 2018 not yet returned.
  • john macco (08 Jun 2019 7:22pm EDT) : Thad- Again thanks for the information. As a recently reinstated member, I decided to try to send for cancels again. You are so right things have definitely changed. I have tried three separate mailings. Will post results.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (08 Jun 2019 1:04pm EDT) : John Macco : The USS Dewey DDG 105 hasn’t serviced covers for several years. They following ships fall into the same category: USS Anchorage LPD 23, USS Ashland LSD 48, USS Bataan LHD 5, USS Boxer LHD 4, USS Benfold DDG 65, USS Carter Hall LSD 50, USS Comstock LSD 45, USS Fort McHenry LSD 43, USS Halsey DDG 97, USS Higgins DDG 76, USS Hopper DDG 70, USS New Orleans LPD 18, USS O’Kane DDG 77, USS Pearl Harbor LSD 52, USS Porter DDG 78, USS Portland LPD 27, USS Preble DDG 88, USS Ralph Johnson DDG 114, USS Ramage DDG 61, USS Russell DDG 59, USS The Sullivans DDG 68 and USS William P. Lawrence DDG 110. Then you have those ships in the yard for modernization: USS Anzio CG 68, USS Cape St George CG 71, USS Chosin CG 65, USS Cowpens CG 63, USS Howard DDG 83, USS Oscar Austin DDG 79 and USS Vicksburg CG 69. Then you have the ships that will service covers on board and then not service covers for a long time. It’s not like the old days when there was a Navy Postal Clerk and the returns were 98-99 %. The electronic age has all but eliminated the need for the sending of mail. Keep trying John and list your returns. Thanks.
  • Elgin Sink (07 Jun 2019 11:31pm EDT) : The Chat room is very valuable…easy and quick to read and convenient for a quick “cut-and-paste” of important info provided by USCS members and visitors.
  • john macco (07 Jun 2019 6:30pm EDT) : Has anybody received cancels from the USS Dewey (DDG-105)? I received my sending envelope stamped moved left no address but the round dater was affixed to the back of the envelope. I will post scan on facebook page. I also received clear cancels from the USS Farragut (DDG-99) which I will also post on facebook page.
  • Neal Mills (07 Jun 2019 11:08am EDT) : Rich Hoffner – Who is the new Chair?
  • Rich Hoffner (06 Jun 2019 11:38pm EDT) : A thought that I sent to the new Chair of the USCS Website committee.

    The chat page: I do not want to see the “chat” section deleted. If a more user friendly substitute is available, that would be great. We have many members who do not want to join Facebook and thus are deprived from seeing what information is posted there and depend on “the chat” to share information. During past upgrades, there were suggestions to not renew the chat, period, that it was unnecessary. The chat page is probably the most utilized area of the site, even if the posts are light. Some just go in, read the messages, glean information they need and leave without posting anything. I don’t know if jpg files could be uploaded to such a site, but if so, that would be a bonus. Many ahve asked that question over the years.

  • john macco (05 Jun 2019 7:17pm EDT) : I received a clear cachet and cancel from the USS Getteysburg (CG-64) I will post scan of cover on facebook page.
  • Carlin (04 Jun 2019 10:07am EDT) : Thank you.
  • Steve Shay (04 Jun 2019 8:33am EDT) : Carlin, Mare Island didn’t build any submarines until the 30’s. Union Iron Works is a good guess where some may have been built in the teens.
  • Carlin (03 Jun 2019 11:45am EDT) : My grandpa told me that brand-new submarines left Mare Island for their maiden voyages to join World War 1 about 1917. I believe these subs may have been built locally. Were they built at Mare Island? or perhaps at the Potrero Union Iron Works ship yards?
  • Elgin Sink (03 Jun 2019 9:02am EDT) : The chat area seems to be receiving periodic inquiries from “visitors” about naval covers they own so possibly scans should be provided so these can be answered. Perhaps some USCS member who is more knowledgeable about cancel types than I am can provide an email for these inquiries.
  • Mike Meister (02 Jun 2019 8:21pm EDT) : Rich. USS Vincennes CG 49 was the CG that shot down the Airbus on 7/3/88.
  • Peter Glover (01 Jun 2019 8:32pm EDT) : I recently acquired a cover dated Sept. 17, 1940. On that day the ship was in Halifax, Nova Scotia with members of the Greenslade board who were negotiating for sites for bases agreed to in exchange for the “Famous Fifty” destroyers. What is unusual about the cover is that the clerk had inserted “HALIFAX/NOVIA SCOTIA” between the 3 bars of the cancel and the location was subsequently obliterated using some kind of oval device. Has anyone seen something similar?
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (01 Jun 2019 2:15pm EDT) : June eLOGs have been sent to all members requesting the service.
  • John Young (31 May 2019 12:36am EDT) : Guest.6855
    The marking on the back T-3 (A-TTT) identify the ship’s cancel (postmark) according to the Locy system of classification of naval postmarks.

    Type 3 means three killer bars that was popular from mid-teens until WW Two.

    A indicates U.S.S. are spaced farther apart than the B

    TTT means fine lines on top of each killer bar, while B indicates lines on bottom

  • guest_6855 (30 May 2019 3:25pm EDT) : I have a number of ship covers collected 25 years ago. I never did understand what the marks of the backs of covers T_3(… meant. Can you help?
  • john macco (29 May 2019 4:13pm EDT) : Thad- Thanks for the information.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (28 May 2019 8:34pm EDT) : John – USS Vicksburg CG 69 is in the yard for extended modernization and that’s probably why the FPO zip code is inactive.
  • john macco (28 May 2019 7:11pm EDT) : What is the mailing address for the USS Vicksburg (CG-69)? The zip code I have for her was 34093 which agrees with the list published in the Log. They say I need a correct zip code. Please advise. Request was returned to sender.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 May 2019 12:27pm EDT) : Longest covers out: Back in the 1980’s I sent 50 chapter covers to the USS Ticonderoga. The PC was very collector friendly and we had donated a cachet stamp to him previously. He promised to do our covers on an upcoming holiday. Three years later a box arrived at my door, with no return address and a postmark from the western part of Pennsylvania on the return postage. I didn’t recognize the box at all, even though I could tell I had it prepared to return to me. Inside I found the covers from the USS Ticonderoga, dated July 3, 1988. I was really disappointed that they were not postmarked on a holiday, but suspected that they were for July 4 and the wrong dater was in the cancel. Or possibly the date was a Saturday and the 4th was Sunday and the post office aboard was closed. I just didn’t know but was really upset at the loss of the covers since they had a bad date. No note was included in the box from the sender. After setting the box aside for several weeks, I recalled the Ticonderoga shooting down a civilian Iranian airliner. I checked news releases and it was the date the Airbus A300 (Iran Air Flight 655) was downed by the ship in error. I suspect that the PC waited a long time before returning them because of the date/incident. He may have sent them from his hometown. I printed a cachet simply stating “Protecting the sealanes of the world” with a map of the Strait of Hormuz.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 May 2019 12:00pm EDT) : guest 6429. That’s a hard question. Perhaps a collector of ships of the UK Navy will come forward. I recall several years back a collector from Germany attended one of our National Conventions and carried his collection of German ship covers to sell. He was disappointed that there was no one interested.
  • Rich Hoffner (23 May 2019 11:56am EDT) : John Macco. Most ships crests are available via an internet search. You can download as a jpg file, then transfer them to a word document. Depending on the size, most then can be printed on an envelope. I use word to do the printing. Others use other special programs such as Broderbund software. I’m sure others could recommend other ideas or programs to use. I’m actually happy when the cachet stamp is on the reverse or missing as it gives me the opportunity to create my own cachet for the cover. The USCS maintains a cachet donation program. If you get covers back with a distorted or worn out cachet, let me know and we will attempt to donate a new cachet stamp to the ship, USN, MSC and USCG.
  • Elgin Sink (22 May 2019 8:24pm EDT) : In the past, I have returned covers with a nice polite cover letter and SASE a couple times because of inadequate processing (light cancels) or no cachet and had them returned processed nicely. A couple other instances I never got the covers back at all. Sometimes the ship may not even have a cachet available. Like everything in our hobby, the request is “chancy” depending on the responsiveness of the LS clerk and the ship involved.
  • john macco (21 May 2019 10:22am EDT) : What do collectors do when they received a cancel request back with no cachet? Is there anybody I can send these covers to to get a cachet?
  • Elgin Sink (18 May 2019 8:25pm EDT) : My requests directly to the ships always includes to apply the cachets on the front of the covers…Too many times they still get returned applied to the back of the envelope or on the stuffer card.
  • john macco (18 May 2019 6:05pm EDT) : I just received an identical cancel return from the Decatur with the ship rsc on the filler cards. I mailed out these returns 2 weeks apart. I am goingn to write a letter to the COPE thanking them for the clean cancels and suggestion to put the ship’s crest on the left side of the envelopes.
  • guest_6429 (17 May 2019 9:13pm EDT) : My good friend is a retired Royal Navy Submariner. Has beautiful Royal Navy Submarine Service covers to mark the 50th Anniversary of British Submarine service. He’ll visit us in September. Can you advise best way he can connect with someone in your organization in advance? He is selling these.

    S. Affleck
    Newington CT 06111

  • john macco (17 May 2019 6:59am EDT) : i received a nice return from the USS Decatur (DDG-73) clear cancel but the cachet was stamped on the filler card. I will post to Facebook page.
  • RIch Hoffner (16 May 2019 1:05pm EDT) : Tonight is the monthly meeting of the USS New Jersey Chapter. Site is the home of Phil Schreiber in Highland Park NJ. Several Decatur Chapter members plan to attend. See you there?
  • Rich Hoffner (14 May 2019 12:37pm EDT) : LOOKING FOR INFORMATION.

    The USCG had let contracts for construction of several icebreakers and replacement cutters for the Medium Endurance cutters. VT Halter Marine in Pascagoula MS has the icebreaker contract. and Eastern Shipbuilding in Panama City FL has the WMSM contract. If any of you have any information on USCG contacts at these yards, let me know so we can work out contacts for Keel, Launch, Christening and Commissioning dates.

  • Mike Meister (08 May 2019 5:40pm EDT) : John Macco My longest was USS Santa Fe SSN 763 commissioning covers that I sent well before FDC. They came back with a 5 year anniversary postmark from Groton! Last month I had a cover come back with a note stating that the person was moving and just found it in her things and thought she’d return it. No postmark but it was flown 11 years ago!
  • Rich Hoffner (08 May 2019 3:41pm EDT) : My preceding message should have said “while IT skills would be helpful…”
  • Rich Hoffner (08 May 2019 3:39pm EDT) : NEED SOMEONE TO STEP UP

    The society has a committee to discuss the revamping of our current website, or to decide if we should investigate the replacement of this site with one that is better. While we have members on the committee, we lost our Chairman and need someone to take the helm so we can move forward with someone to guide us. While IT schools would be helpful, leadership skills are essential. Contact Richard Jones if you are interested in taking the chair of this important committee.

  • Rich Hoffner (08 May 2019 3:33pm EDT) : Surfing the archives of our website, I noticed that while the descriptions of the Cover of the Month is archived, the scan of the covers are missing. Is there a reason. The cover is as important as the write-up. Was this a glitch? The archive lists the ships at the bottom of this page. Scroll all the way down.
  • Rich Hoffner (07 May 2019 5:05pm EDT) : Several board members including myself, took part in a historic event for the USCS. We attended the latest USCS board of directors meeting via telecommunications. While I would have rather been there in person, medical issues sidelined me. I’ll be there “live” next year.
  • Rich Hoffner (07 May 2019 5:01pm EDT) : The new owner of the ex-USCGC Bramble had the cutter depart Port Huron and is now in a dry-dock in Alabama. He plans to have the vessel leave in May or June to attempt the passage which the cutter accomplished back in 1967 with the cutters USCGC SPAR and USCGC STORIS. Owner Tom Clarke is a billionaire from Virginia. He is a principle in Chippewa Capital Partners LLC, registered in Minnesota. I have no idea how covers could be sent for. If anyone figures it out, let me know.
  • guest_2602 (04 May 2019 2:55pm EDT) : john macco” re your question “what is longest time for a ship to respond?” For those of us who sent to ships before World War II we had to wait four years , until after V J Day to get them Back. With other covers, just don’t hold your breath–and hope for the best–just like those of us who like to go fishing–there’s no guarantees. but plenty of surprises–whether sending for covers, or dumpster diving in dealers’s junk boxes.
  • Elgin Sink (02 May 2019 9:05pm EDT) : Not Mike…I meant John; Sorry.
  • Elgin Sink (02 May 2019 7:59am EDT) : Mike, About 50+ years ago…it would take a whole year to get covers returned from the Antarctic with a one cover limit per Byrd and Pole Station…but they always came back processed well. The USN cutters were slightly faster, but were returned nicely done.
  • john macco (02 May 2019 6:50am EDT) : What was the longest time somebody waited for a ship cancel to be returned? As many of you may know, I collect astronaut autographes and waited 23 years for a return so I was curious about longest cancel request return.
  • Lbbrennan uscs GL MEMBER 6221 (02 May 2019 12:17am EDT) : Quiet time.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (30 Apr 2019 12:44am EDT) : The 300 plus eLOGs for May have been sent tonight.

    Great time at WESTPEX for our USCS convention. Thanks to all board members who came to WESTPEX.
    All three of our newest board members were on site and exhibited.

    Special thanks to Laurie Bernstein who coordinated getting the board members who were not on site hooked up to the teleconference.

    Our Convention Coordinators, Steve Shay and John Germann deserve special recognition also for their extra efforts to make operations run smoothly.

    Al Eckert deserves our thanks for designing the convention covers and getting them cancelled with the show pictorial. See the June Log for purchase details.

    USCS members who exhibited their collections came away with some top awards!

    Milwaukee is up next for 2020 in a September time frame.

  • Mike Meister (29 Apr 2019 3:52pm EDT) : paper LOG arrived in Columbus today
  • Elgin Sink (29 Apr 2019 3:26pm EDT) : Hard copy periodical rate May LOG received today before the eLOG has even been sent…looks like another great issue, but more reading time is required…
  • john macco (28 Apr 2019 12:12pm EDT) : Elgin- Thanks for information.
  • Elgin Sink (28 Apr 2019 11:40am EDT) : John, I left LANCOPEX at 1PM…was a pretty good show. If trying to get an FPO anniversary cancel from the ship, I try to allow 10 days to 2 weeks, but have gotten successful responses sending 1 week or even less in rare instances before the anniversary. I only send to the ships, not the USPS addresses.
  • john macco (28 Apr 2019 8:39am EDT) : Those who send for anniversary cancellations, how far in advance do you send your request to the ship? Elgin I did not check the chat on friday before I left for Lancaster on saturday.
  • Elgin Sink (26 Apr 2019 6:43pm EDT) : I expect to be in Lancaster tomorrow early, John…From where will you be coming?
  • john macco (26 Apr 2019 4:50pm EDT) : Elgin- Are you going to the show? I’ll be there.
  • Elgin Sink (24 Apr 2019 8:55pm EDT) : For those not attending the San Francisco event, a smaller but great LANCOPEX show is in Lancaster PA this Friday and Saturday, 4/26 and 4/27…
  • Lbbrennan uscs GL MEMBER 6221 (24 Apr 2019 3:58pm EDT) : Quiet time here. The uscs convention. Is this weekend in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the nation and 3,000 miles from
    The east coast. Perhaps we will get some information her for our many members who are not FB fans.
  • Lbbrennan uscs GL MEMBER 6221 (24 Apr 2019 3:56pm EDT) : Chris. Following up belatedly and happy Easter. I’ve searched nearly 500 Korean War naval covers and didn’t find the chuck French covers yet. I will check my carrier covers, particularly CVEs. You’ve motivated me to check some old Korean era covers to add to the group.

    Btw I’ve been posting some covers, cards, photos, etc on Facebook
    Today is the 39 anniversary of the Iranian hostage rescue mission. I posted some photos of the helicopters launched from Nimitz, aircraft, and a cover I sent to my parents a few days later.


  • guest_9405 (13 Apr 2019 2:38am EDT) : Hello and thank you for the reply. Yes the sender is Charkes T French, addressed to a Raymond Milling QMS1′ USNR Staff – MSTS Western Pacific Navy 850. My scanner is not working at the moment but I will take a photo later and email it.
  • Elgin Sink (12 Apr 2019 11:26pm EDT) : The 2 “Chuck French” free franks I have from the USS Bairoko were cancelled the last day of the Korean War…
  • Lbbrennan uscs GL MEMBER 6221 (12 Apr 2019 6:36pm EDT) : Chris. It would help to see a scan of the cover but that is about the time of the exchange of pows because of the ship I suspect the cover was sent by longtime uscs member Chuck French who was an officer in the CVE at that time.

    Please try to post on the uscs face book page of send me a scan at Lawrence.brennan7@gmail.com

  • guest_3179 (12 Apr 2019 11:03am EDT) : Hello from across the pond from an ex-Royal Navy seaman.
    In my philatelic collection I have a a cover with the USS Bairoko handstamp dated Jun 8 AM 1953 with manuscript Free. But what I Cannot find anywhere is the added handstamp: YELLOW SEA, OFF KOREA -SIGN PRISONER EXCHANGE-.
    Can anyone give any assistance on this prisoner exchange as at that date the war had not ended.
    Thank you in anticipation
    Chris Barmby
  • Elgin Sink (04 Apr 2019 5:01pm EDT) : My USS PHILLIPPINE SEA CG-58 covers for the 30th commissioning anniversary of MAR 18 2019 were received today from Tom Kean in Colorado. Thanks Tom for taking the time to return these items. My covers seem to be well-travelled as this is not the first time my covers have been returned by a USCS member in some far-off place. The last time this happened, Mike Brock from Oregon returned my covers which went astray so thanks again, Mike.
  • Elgin Sink (03 Apr 2019 2:09pm EDT) : USS DONALD COOK DDG 75 covers for 20th Anniversary of Commissioning have finally found their way to my mailbox today with nicely processed DEC 4 2018 cancels and ship cachets. I had the pleasure of attending the commissioning ceremony at Penn’s Landing in Philly in 1998.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (02 Apr 2019 8:56am EDT) : Thanks for the info Elgin.
  • Elgin Sink (01 Apr 2019 6:12pm EDT) : Ships announced for 2019 NYC FLEET WEEK: http://militarynews.com/app/fleetweeknewyork/documents/FWNY_19-02.pdf
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Mar 2019 12:36am EDT) : 300+ eLOGs for April 2019 have been sent this morning.

    Also sent a file with the 2018 USCS Log Index Compiled by BOB LAMB (11,832) for the USCS.

    Thanks to Bob for doing the Index again.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (30 Mar 2019 9:24pm EDT) : Thanks Phil.
  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER 9110287 (30 Mar 2019 8:58pm EDT) : Thad: I intend to do two of them for ships in NYC and Staten Island. I’m waiting to learn names of ships.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (29 Mar 2019 2:15pm EDT) : Phil – will there be a pictorial event cancel for Fleet Week?
  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER 9110287 (28 Mar 2019 8:36pm EDT) : FLEET WEEK NEW YORK 2019 MAY22-28,2019. SEE SHIPS & LOCATIONS ON FLEET WEEK NEW YORK 2019 WEB SITE.
  • Mike Meister (27 Mar 2019 8:45pm EDT) : Covers came back from Thomas Hudner with a note saying ships cachet on order.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Mar 2019 4:39pm EDT) : Okay…Phil.
  • Dave Kent (26 Mar 2019 9:44pm EDT) : Been quiet lately, hasn’t it?
  • guest_4693 (26 Mar 2019 3:18pm EDT) : guest_4693 is Elgin Sink, Phil.
  • guest_4693 (26 Mar 2019 3:17pm EDT) : I did, Phil…
  • Elgin Sink (14 Mar 2019 3:14pm EDT) : Here is interesting info on the discovery of the USS WASP (CV-7) wreckage…https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=108901
  • john macco (13 Mar 2019 2:11pm EDT) : Can the USCS put the article on the website? I am sure Linns will allow republish of this article.
  • Elgin Sink (12 Mar 2019 9:22pm EDT) : I have seen the article, John, and, YES, it IS very informative and a nicely written article. It is quite long, (discovered after printing the pages from the Linn’s web site) but really holds one’s interest.
  • john macco (12 Mar 2019 6:46pm EDT) : I highly recommend an article written by Ken Lawrence which appeared in Linns Stamp News February 18, 2019 issue which deals with philatelic activity on December 7, 1941. Anybody with an interest in military history should read this article. Article was very informative and well written. Has anybody else seen this?
  • Elgin Sink (08 Mar 2019 10:27pm EST) : Anybody have covers on the Spacex recovery ship “Go Searcher” for today’s recovery? https://www.npr.org/2019/03/08/701441177/watch-spacex-crew-dragon-set-for-splashdown-in-atlantic-ocean
  • guest_1591 (04 Mar 2019 3:39am EST) : I would like to know how I can request my citizenship letter america
  • Neal Mills (01 Mar 2019 12:05am EST) : Mike Meister — Thank you.
  • Mike Meister (28 Feb 2019 8:54pm EST) : Louisville is on deployment as I just got covers today postmarked in Bahrain on 2/19. Also covers from VFA 151 were postmarked on the Stennis on 1/22! So mail from that area is slow.
  • Mike Meister (28 Feb 2019 8:48pm EST) : Info for SSN 724 is from the boat
  • Neal Mills (28 Feb 2019 4:06pm EST) : Mike Meister – where did you see the info on SSN 724’s decomm?
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