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Online Chat Archives – March – April 2018


  • BMCM Jones 3933 (01 May 2018 1:25pm EDT) : PCU TULSA (LCS 16) Commission, San Francisco in late 2018

    Delivered yesterday.

  • PHIL SCHREIBER (01 May 2018 10:47am EDT) : Fleet Week New York – May 23-29, 2018 – SHIPS: PIER 90
    PIER 86
  • D McCoy (01 May 2018 10:43am EDT) : How do I contact you to info you of my husband’s death?


  • Elgin Sink (30 Apr 2018 11:37pm EDT) : Here is nteresting info on postal “modernization” for the USS ZUMWALT: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=105377
  • Neal Mills (30 Apr 2018 10:13pm EDT) : Still looking for the eLog.
  • Elgin Sink (30 Apr 2018 4:25pm EDT) : …mine too also; received periodical rate log in central PA; but no need to read right away because already enjoyed the eLOG yesterday.
  • john macco (30 Apr 2018 12:55pm EDT) : I received elog and hard copy todat 4-30-2018 of May issue.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (29 Apr 2018 9:34pm EDT) : 300+ eLOGs for May have been sent.


  • Elgin Sink (28 Apr 2018 3:25pm EDT) : Just returned from LANCOPEX show in Lancaster, PA…Nice show with many dealers, USPS booth and special show postmark.
  • john macco (27 Apr 2018 1:12pm EDT) : I just received my periodical issue of April 2018 log
  • Elgin Sink (25 Apr 2018 2:08pm EDT) : Nicely processed covers with the pictorial FPO cancel received already from the USS PORTLAND commissioning…no ship cachet was included.
  • BMCM Jones 3933 (24 Apr 2018 8:54pm EDT) : GD Bath Iron Works
    ? @GDBIW
    5h5 hours ago

    General Dynamics Bath Iron Works on Tuesday delivered the future USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001) to the US Navy. #bathironworks

  • John Young (22 Apr 2018 4:56pm EDT) : Ahoy Mates,
    Put together a listing of the Sentinel Class Cutters (WPC) with In Comm, Spec & formal FDC dates. along with their mailing addresses.
    Send SASE for listing!

    My June “Goat Locker” column has data on out-going Island Class patrol
    boats and some USCS cachets that were donated to WPC’s

    On Friday, rec’d cover from USCGC AQUIDECK WPB 1309 posted 11 APR 2018 at NAVSUP FLC BAHRAIN FPO AE 09834 with nice letter from skipper
    LT J.W. Beal. He’s coming home in May, but boat been there since 2003

    Visit www.uscg.mil and get mailing addresses of six WPB in the Middle East. Waiting for 5 other covers in
    lower Hudson Valley.

    Just got email about Jersey Chapter meeting on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at
    Phil Schreiber’s apartment

  • Elgin Sink (21 Apr 2018 11:00am EDT) : My sendings to deployed ships are also down…Only one ship USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT responded after sending to all the of the ships in the group and most of the squadrons. IWO JIMA has also not returned any yet.
  • Lbbrennan (21 Apr 2018 7:32am EDT) : Phil. I’m equally frustrated. But I have thousands of old covers. Sorting boxes of DEs. Now need to work on post WWII DE/FF/DEG/FFGs
  • Lbbrennan (18 Apr 2018 10:50am EDT) : Impossible to read this site on an I phone. We really need to move ahead
  • Lbbrennan (18 Apr 2018 10:49am EDT) : checking in. Bounced off FB because of pfishing issue no idea when i can get Back there not apply.

    Hope someone is getting covers not me. Need to try with deployed units. We will see rate of return.

  • Elgin Sink (16 Apr 2018 1:35pm EDT) : Rich: Nothing was sent to the COMFORT and probably too soon to expect any returns from MERCY…info follows on current Malaysia visit: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=105157
  • Elgin Sink (15 Apr 2018 12:48pm EDT) : Nice Australian Antarctic Territory first day cover received from “Aurora Australis” ship at Macquarie Island…nicely applied cancels and cachets.
  • Rich Hoffner (12 Apr 2018 7:18am EDT) : There will be a delay in the THRESHER loss pictorial at Kittery ME. First USPS said the building was under-construction while the building was still in use, and the mail was set aside and not opened, until I called and asked about the proposed pictorial. New postmaster was apologetic and said he would get it done. It was the first pictorial he handled. After a back and forth on the lead time (their mistake) it was finally approved. Got a message yesterday that no postmark was in place and he thought Pictorial Cancellations in Kansas City was sending it to him and found out that was not the case. So, after some haggling we are ordering the device for him so don’t expect your covers to return in a timely manner. It was ordered today. PM says he has a hundred requests already.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (11 Apr 2018 11:01am EDT) : Rich H. – No covers received from either Comfort or Mercy during their deployments. I made two separate mailings, one to the COPE and another to the Purser and nothing.
    Anyone ever get anything from USS Lewis B. Puller ESB 3 ? Two separate mailings has produced no response.
  • Rich Hoffner (10 Apr 2018 7:29pm EDT) : Has anyone received covers back from either hospital ship recently? They used to be very friendly with servicing covers, but the last couple of sendings have not returned.
  • John Young (06 Apr 2018 12:46pm EDT) : Coast Guard addresses:
    Visit the Coast Guard website
    www.uscg.mil and under UNITS, go to Atlantic or Pacific Areas, then go to CUTTERS and you will get the homeport addresses of the larger cutters

    Some cutters, buoy-tenders and patrol boast have their own websites and you can get their mailing address

  • Rich H (05 Apr 2018 11:31am EDT) : Perhaps John Young has kept his revised copies of the SDL up to date. He used to supply corrections to the USCG to update their SDL. It left the WWW just after 9-11. Never returned. You can Google each cutter to get their mailing address.
  • John Young (04 Apr 2018 12:03am EDT) : Home from the New Jersey Chapter meeting with a handful of holiday covers including an 1966 USCGC WESTWIND with add-on cachet by Mike Block ( great job) & 1989 USCGC NORTHWIND with add-on cachet by Rich Hoffner

    Some might make the Goat Locker column!

    Great coffee & brownies. Wish the Quakers would stop bringing cheese &
    crackers or keep them down at the other end of the table. Its almost pool

  • John Young (31 Mar 2018 3:23pm EDT) : Ahoy Mates,
    Well covers finally arrived today from POLAR STAR, spray cancel Seattle WA
    980 on 27 MAR 2018. Same great OSC
    that Esink described.

    They were mailed to cutter’s Seattle address at Pier 36 in early December and I had asked that covers be dropped at McMurdo. Maybe next time!

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (31 Mar 2018 1:32pm EDT) : April eLOG pdf has been sent to 300+ members who requested this service.

    Happy Easter-enjoy.

    Richard Jones

  • esink (31 Mar 2018 1:24pm EDT) : Hard copy LOG periodical rate received today in central PA…Nice issue!
  • Mike Meister (30 Mar 2018 5:54pm EDT) : Just checking in
  • esink (30 Mar 2018 3:04pm EDT) : Nicely cacheted cover from USCGC POLAR STAR WAGB 10 spray postmarked MAR 27, 2018 from Seattle Washington. I thought there should have been a ship postmark, but this may have been processed after the polar mission.
  • esink (29 Mar 2018 8:09pm EDT) : Thad, thanks for that info and, as I thought, each CG address will have to be gotten separately.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (29 Mar 2018 4:04pm EDT) : My last Coast Guard Standard Distribution List is from February, 2008. I use it as a reference… not good for much more now.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (29 Mar 2018 4:02pm EDT) : In the past you were able to get the US Coast Guard Standard Distribution List but that isn’t available any longer. I would go to the Coast Guard office for the Port of Pittsburgh and they would make me a copy of the cutter mailing list section. Years ago I went back to get an updated copy and they said it was no longer available. I tried getting it on-line but the list isn’t there with the required information. Your best bet is to look up each individual cutter up on-line for the address as you need it. The good thing about the distribution list was it had ALL coast guard cutters by type and class.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (28 Mar 2018 10:26pm EDT) : Went to the commissioning of USS RALPH JOHNSON Saturday and took a ship’s tour after the ceremony. Ship still had a ‘new car’ smell.

    Really was cold on the pier, but worth it.

    For those in the Maryland area, the Commissioning Committee for USS SIOUX CITY LCS 11 is taking commissioning ticket reservations for Annapolis MD


  • john macco (28 Mar 2018 7:16pm EDT) : I am also interested in the CG list.
  • esink (28 Mar 2018 1:43pm EDT) : Time to start using the old statement actually used by the post office on their money orders: “Do not Fold, Staple, Spindle or Mutilate”…
  • Stewart B. Milstein (28 Mar 2018 12:34pm EDT) : The Postal Supervisor said that since my Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope from the Postal Office did not say, DO NOT BEND” the clerk was not wrong to fold and bend my stamp order to make it fit into my PO Box. The stamps will be returned to KC for replacement along with the supervisor’s rationale.
  • esink (28 Mar 2018 6:42am EDT) : Thanks, Thad…To clarify my question, I am interested in an address list for all the CG vessels…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (27 Mar 2018 8:30pm EDT) : Elgin – Commanding Officer, USCGC Sherman WHEC 720, 400 Sand Island Parkway, Honolulu, HI 96819-4398
  • esink (27 Mar 2018 6:49pm EDT) : Where is the USCG ship address list available?
  • John Young (27 Mar 2018 9:06am EDT) : Coast Guard News: Information from
    Ted Minter. Thanks, Ted
    USCGC GALVESTON (WPB 1349) had LDC 17 MAR 2018

    USCGC SHERMAN (WHEC 720) will be decommissioned on 29 MAR 2018

    FDC & FDNC (new cachet) for USCGC JOSEPH GERCZAK (WPC 1126) posted with fancy cancel 9 MAR 2018 at Honolulu HI by Hoffner Cover Service

    Cover arrived in USPS envelope.

  • Mike Meister (26 Mar 2018 3:14pm EDT) : Still no March Log here in Columbus.
  • Rich Hoffner (24 Mar 2018 6:59pm EDT) : For those who don’t visit Facebook, John Young was able to determine that the unknown submarine cover cachet maker was T. A. Rice, Jr. USCS # 2612. Covers and information were forwarded to the Naval Cover Museum for Greg C to upload. Go to: https://www.navalcovermuseum.org/wiki/index.php?title=Cachet_Maker_T_A_Rice_Jr
  • Lbbrennan (24 Mar 2018 8:37am EDT) : Checking in
  • esink (23 Mar 2018 5:16pm EDT) : Interesting info about USS RALPH JOHNSON (DDG-114) commissioning tomorrow morning at 10 AM: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=104831
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (21 Mar 2018 9:40pm EDT) : John M.. Don’t know, maybe since it is in the yard with a limited crew. Officially it isn’t decommissioned. I do know they do not have postal facilities now.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Mar 2018 9:05pm EDT) : AT a local stamp club “Spring Show” last weekend, I picked up some cachets that I had never seen before. All were subs in the 1960’s. Some cachets were unique, some copied elements of shipbuilders cachets. All have one thing in common, the address printed on all: 22 Crosby St., East Hartford 8, Conn. No name, no markings on reverse. Any ideas? I’ll upload them to the USCS Facebook page. Take a look.
  • Rich Hoffner (21 Mar 2018 8:59pm EDT) : Senior Chief Mike T, if you are interested the USCS would gladly take the coves as a donation to teh cociety and sell them to members through our circuits. Proceeds would go to the society (USCS). Contact Stew Milstein our cover circuit manager at:


    Looking at very old society membership lists, your dad joined in 1939 while aboard the USS Charleston in the Canal Zone! In 1990 he was awarded a “G” to add to his member # G-1837, a Gold membership for having been a member for fifty years.

  • john macco (21 Mar 2018 8:16pm EDT) : Thad- If the ship was not decommissioned, why was request marked refused ship decommissioned?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (20 Mar 2018 4:50pm EDT) : John M. – USS Vicksburg CG 69 is undergoing modernization and isn’t decommissioned. The modernization started over a year ago I believe. There are four cruisers undergoing modernization USS Cowpens CG 63, USS Gettysburg CG 64, Vicksburg CG 69 and USS Chosin CG 65. I believe USS Cape St. George CG 71 is finishing up or is done.
  • john macco (19 Mar 2018 6:40pm EDT) : Thad- When did the USS Vicksburg (CG-69) decommission? My cancel request was sent 2-20-2018.
  • john macco (16 Mar 2018 7:12pm EDT) : Thad- Thanks for info.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (16 Mar 2018 5:44pm EDT) : John Macco – I checked the covers and they are 6 1/2 months old. I used the address in the January 2017 Log and it is the same as the one for 2018. I hope this “refused” issue doesn’t catch on. I had Higgins and Halsey “refused” and returned this week.
  • guest_6309 (16 Mar 2018 5:22pm EDT) : Hello to all. I was a former member, aretired USN Senior Chief. My father was a long time member of USCS and accumulated quite a collection of covers from the 1940s through the 2000s.

    None of the family can use the collection. I would like to donate the collection to anyone interested. Just want to get to someone who would enjoy as well as appreciate them.
    I have tried the Boy Scouts as well as the VA Hospital but to no takers.

    I work in Baltimore but live in West Virginia – so I can deliver anywhere in the Baltimore-Washington area.

    Please let me know if interested. Thanks~

    Mike Treadwell

    Work email: michael.treadwell@ngc.com

  • john macco (15 Mar 2018 8:48pm EDT) : Thad- What address did you use? I used the one that was in January 2018 Log list.
  • john macco (15 Mar 2018 8:47pm EDT) : Thad- Should I try again?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (15 Mar 2018 8:14pm EDT) : John M – I received serviced covers from John Murtha about four months ago with no problem. I have been getting some refused covers back lately also from various ships.
  • john macco (15 Mar 2018 7:02pm EDT) : Has anybody received a successful return from the USS John Murtha? I just received my request marked refused.
  • guest_1636 (15 Mar 2018 6:28pm EDT) : Still no paper Log here in Columbus.
  • esink (15 Mar 2018 3:02pm EDT) : Thad, I had already gotten the “big finger” refusal from the HALSEY so have re-sent the covers, because there was not much of an explanation, if any, about the reason for return…my first try for this ship.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Mar 2018 2:34pm EDT) : Thad. Thanks. I have read over a dozen press releases and all only give arrival date at the SKATE Ice-camp. None reveal the date either sub left their home-ports to start the journey.
  • Rich Hoffner (15 Mar 2018 2:32pm EDT) : Fleet Week Ft. Lauderdale FL: April 30 – May 6, 2018

    Broward Navy Days, Inc. has been informed that the destroyer and submarine originally announced to participate in Fleet Week Port Everglades have been reassigned by the U.S. Navy and will not be visiting this year.

    This change will not affect any previously planned Fleet Week events and we’re still pleased to welcome nearly 2,000 Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen arriving aboard three U.S. Navy vessels and three U.S. Coast Guard cutters for Fleet Week Port Everglades, April 30 – May 6, 2018
    A pictorial is in place for the first day designed by Wolfgang Hechler. It is uploaded to the USCS Facebook page.

  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (15 Mar 2018 2:22pm EDT) : Another ship “Refusal” received in today’s mail. Covers sent to the USS Halsey DDG 97 were returned with the red finger and “Return to Sender”. At least it was returned and the covers will be sent to another ship. USS Halsey was always a cooperative ship in the past.
  • esink (14 Mar 2018 10:28pm EDT) : Thanks for that info, Thad…very useful.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Mar 2018 10:13pm EDT) : Elgin – Submarine Arctic Laboratory (ASL) as in the press release article is where I have sent my covers in the past. They placed them aboard the subs for me.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Mar 2018 10:09pm EDT) : Elgin – Yes it is too late to send. They would have needed the covers on board before they left for the Arctic. They have them posted when they return. I have kept covers with the Arctic Sub Sea Lab in California and they have placed them aboard subs going to the Arctic. I cannot find their address now…it’s buried somewhere. I send a half dozen covers and they last several years with them. You never know which subs are going to the Arctic. It isn’t put out to the public in advance.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (14 Mar 2018 9:58pm EDT) : Rich H – Here is the Navy press release – March 13, 2018 10:33 AM Submarines USS Hartford, USS Connecticut Surface Together in the Arctic Circle
    Story Number: NNS180313-07Release Date: 3/13/2018 10:33:00 AM
    A A A Email this story to a friend Print this story
    By Cmdr. Corey B. Barker, Ice Exercise 2018 Public Affairs

    BEAUFORT SEA, Arctic Circle (NNS) — Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Hartford (SSN 768) and Seawolf-class fast attack submarine, USS Connecticut (SSN 22) both surfaced in the Arctic Circle March 10 during the multinational maritime Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2018 in the Arctic Circle north of Alaska.

    Both fast-attack submarines as well the UK Royal Navy submarine HMS Trenchant (S91), are participating in the biennial exercise in the Arctic to train and validate the warfighting capabilities of submarines in extreme cold-water conditions.

    “From a military, geographic, and scientific perspective, the Arctic Ocean is truly unique, and remains one of the most challenging ocean environments on earth,” said Rear Admiral James Pitts, commander, Undersea Warfighting Development Center (UWDC).

    ICEX provides the U.S. Submarine Force and partners from the Royal Navy an opportunity to test combat and weapons systems, sonar systems, communications and navigation systems in a challenging operational environment. The unique acoustic undersea environment is further compounded by the presence of a contoured, reflective ice canopy when submerged.

    According to Pitts, operating in the Arctic ice alters methods and practices by which submarines operate, communicate and navigate.

    “We must constantly train together with our submarine units and partners to remain proficient in this hemisphere,” Pitts said. “Having both submarines on the surface is clear demonstration of our proficiency in the Arctic.”

    In recent years, the Arctic has been used as a transit route for submarines. The most recent ICEX was conducted in 2016 with USS Hampton (SSN 767) and USS Hartford (SSN 768).

    The first Arctic under-ice operations by submarines were done in 1947-49. On August 1, 1947, the diesel submarine USS Boarfish (SS-327), with Arctic Submarine Laboratory’s founder Dr. Waldo Lyon onboard serving as an Ice Pilot, conducted the first under-ice transit of an ice floe in the Chukchi Sea.

    In 1958, the nuclear-powered USS NAUTILUS made the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean beneath the pack ice. The first Arctic surfacing was done by USS Skate (SSN 578) in March 1959. USS Sargo was the first submarine to conduct a winter Bering Strait transit in 1960.

    The units participating in the exercise are supported by a temporary ice camp on a moving ice floe approximately 150 miles off the coast of the northern slope of Alaska in international waters. The ice camp, administered by the Arctic Submarine Laboratory (ASL), is a remote Arctic drifting ice station, built on multi-year sea-ice especially for ICEX that is logistically supported with contract aircraft from Deadhorse, Alaska. The ice camp will be de-established once the exercise is over.

    ASL is an operational fleet support detachment of the Undersea Warfighting Development Center (UWDC). ASL is also the Navy Program Manager for the Submarine Arctic Warfare Program.

    For more information about ICEX 2018, visit www.dvidshub.net/feature/ICEX2018or .

  • esink (14 Mar 2018 8:50pm EDT) : FYI…I located free franks received from the HIGGINS canceled May 20 2007…
  • esink (14 Mar 2018 8:19pm EDT) : What’s the best address for ICEX subs or should the FPO direct address be used…or is it too late to consider getting anything?
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Mar 2018 7:00pm EDT) : Has anyone seen any press releases for HARTFORD or CONNECTICUT departing for Icex 2018. I can’t find anything on it, only on their arrival at Ice Camp Skate.
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Mar 2018 6:58pm EDT) : Looked at my Higgins covers. Stingy ship. My only covers are from Commissioning Day, regular cancel and ships T-F cancel. A mystery ship. I’m sure that I have sent covers to her in the last 19 years.
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Mar 2018 6:55pm EDT) : A pictorial postmark for USS THRESHER On Eternal Patrol Station on April 10 has been approved and will be published in the March 29 Postal Bulletin. The cancel will be available at Kittery Maine.
  • esink (14 Mar 2018 2:00pm EDT) : …meant “thank you letter in order?”.
  • esink (14 Mar 2018 1:58pm EDT) : Coincidence, Thad, that today I did receive my REFUSED covers signed by Daniel Nadar and dated 16 FEB from the HIGGINS…thank you later in order?
  • Rich Hoffner (14 Mar 2018 12:22am EDT) : Thad. Perhaps you saw the THRESHER pictorial. It did have the wrong date and has since been corrected.
  • esink (13 Mar 2018 8:35pm EDT) : Thad: I have had covers out to HIGGINS since JAN 9 so expecting same action by her…
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (13 Mar 2018 7:11pm EDT) : My mailing to the USS Higgins DDG 76 was returned “Refused” and stamped front and back as well as signed by the LS. It probably would have taken less time and effort to just service the covers inside. This has happen many times with this ship. At least the mailing wasn’t trashed. I will be able to resend the covers to another ship.
  • Keith MacKay (12 Mar 2018 4:38am EDT) : Thanks for the tip, Dave. I’ll follow that lead. Cheers.
  • Dave Kent (11 Mar 2018 10:12pm EDT) : Keith: old Navy ship log books are stored in the National Archives either in downtown Washington or in their facility in College Park, Md. I’m not sure which office has the pre-WW II books. A couple of phone calls would tell. You have to go through some ID stuff to get into the Archives, but there is a lot of interesting stuff in old log books.
  • BMCM JONES 3933 (10 Mar 2018 9:07pm EST) : Guest 8724
    Yorktown was in Haiti Jan 19 1938 on her shakedown and again in March and April 1939 as a participant in Fleet Problem XX along with over 140 other USN ships for those drills.

    As for postal history in Haiti, over 200 USN ships are known to have visited the various ports and have covers with postmarks bearing the port name.

    U.S. NAVY POSTMARKS IN HAITIAN WATER, 1914-1939 BY Peter C. Jeannopoulos

  • BMCM JONES 3933 (10 Mar 2018 8:54pm EST) : Rich Hoffner/Heinz Grasse

    Hudner is set for sometime in September.

    Sioux City –no date no info from Commissioning committee

  • guest_8724 (10 Mar 2018 8:19pm EST) : Hello, I am looking at a postal history collection from Haiti and noticed a “shake down cruise” cover from the USS YORKTOWN posted in Gonaives Haiti Jan 19, 1938. I know the history of the Yorktown so this caught my eye. Curios if this should be pulled out of the Haiti collection and is of more interest to a Ship Cancellation collector. Thoughts?
  • Keith MacKay (09 Mar 2018 6:13pm EST) : I’d like to be able to examine USS Arkansas’ log book for September 12-16, 1935. Is that accessible somewhere?
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 Mar 2018 4:20pm EST) : Rich H … SCRATCH what I previously wrote. They are the same… not sure what I was looking at.
  • Thad W. Kaczkowski (09 Mar 2018 4:16pm EST) : Rich H. – I saw the pictorials for both the USS Portland and the one for Portland, Oregon. The commissioning cancellation dates were different. The date from the ship was April and the date in the Portland, OR cancel was one month later, May. Is this an error?
  • Rich Hoffner (09 Mar 2018 1:02am EST) : I think the USS Portland commissioning pictorial postmark for Portland OR is on track. Messages from their retail sales person are unclear but I think she has what she needs to proceed.
  • Rich Hoffner (09 Mar 2018 12:58am EST) : Phil Schreiber, they lost the USCGC MOHAWK WPG 78 in Key West. It was towed away and sunk as an artificial reef in 2012. Too much money needed to maintain her.
  • Rich Hoffner (09 Mar 2018 12:54am EST) : USCS member Heinz Grasse from Germany asked for information and dates to send covers for these three events. Anyone have anything on these?

    USS Sioux City LSC-11 FDC (Annapolis,MD Summer 2018 no date announced yet)

    USS Thomas Hudner DDG-116 FDC (Boston,MA in late 2018 no date announced yet)

    USCGC Richard Snyder WPC -1127 FDC (Atlantic Beach, NC April 2018 but small units like this are extremely hard to find out the commissioning dates)

  • Rich Hoffner (07 Mar 2018 4:50pm EST) : OMAHA LCS 12 Commissioning covers arrived yesterday. Very much over-sized. Glad they gave me a call from San Diego asking where I wanted the chancel applied.
  • Rich Hoffner (07 Mar 2018 4:49pm EST) : First Class Log arrived last Friday. Periodical Log arrived yesterday.
  • Rich Hoffner (07 Mar 2018 4:48pm EST) : ICEX 2018. The Seawolf-class fast attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) from Bangor, Wash., the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Hartford (SSN 768) from Groton, Conn., and the Royal Navy Trafalgar-class submarine HMS Trenchant (S91) will conduct multiple arctic transits, a North Pole surfacing, scientific data collection and other training evolutions during their time in the region.
  • esink (06 Mar 2018 3:11pm EST) : March hardcopy periodical rate LOG just received in central PA Harrisburg area…great issue and nice reading material during impending snowstorm.
  • Rich Hoffner (03 Mar 2018 6:03pm EST) : The USPS Cancellations Division in Kansas City (The Caves) was unable to convince the Denver CO post office to issue the pictorial for the Commissioning Ceremony of the USS COLORADO SSN 778. Not very customer service friendly. ?
  • guest_PHIL SCHREIBER (03 Mar 2018 4:46pm EST) : john young: If you get to Key West try to visit USCG MOHAWK museum ship and send me a postcard with its current cachet
  • John Young (03 Mar 2018 10:35am EST) : On Spring Break in FL for the week’ Hope all north of us= survive northeastern

    Will miss (AWOL with Granny) New Jersey Chapter meeting on Tuesday


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