Exhibit by Steve Shay Frame 2, Page 10

A History of the Submarines Built at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard

USS Tiru SS-416
Balao class (No reported postmarks)
Launched September 16, 1947

Upper: Ship’s rubber stamp cachet and corner card, USS Simon Lake Type 2(n+)(USS) cancel.
Lower: Decommissioning cover, USS Orion Type 7tn+ cancel, unknown cachet artist.


















Construction began 1944, halted, then resumed 1947. Only Guppy snorkel boat built at Mare Island. Supported United Nations forces during Korean War 1951. Converted to Guppy III 1959, receiving upgraded sonar, lengthened hull and new conning tower. Served in the Vietnam war zone during 1960’s. Transferred to Atlantic Fleet 1970, decommissioned 1975 and sold to Turkey though sale never completed due to tensions between Greece and Turkey. Sunk as target off Norfolk, Virginia July 19, 1979.


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