Exhibit by Steve Shay Frame 3, Page 1

A History of the Submarines Built at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard

USS Scamp SS(N)-588
Skipjack class (No reported postmarks)
Launched October 8, 1960

Upper: Launch cover, sponsored by Mare Island Naval Shipyard Supervisors Association, shipyard machine postmark.
Lower: Commissioning cover, ship’s cachet, shipyard machine postmark.



















 Commissioned June 5, 1961, Skipjack attack class submarine, length of 232′, displacement of 3,500 tons. Serving in the Pacific, operated off Vietnamese coast 1967 and 1971. Began service in Atlantic 1974. A rescue attempt in the Atlantic of a Panamanian freighter during a storm caused damage to the sail and diving planes resulting in early retirement. Decommissioned April 28, 1988, disposed of by scrapping/recycling September 1994.


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