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Survey of Current U.S. Navy Postmarks

In August 2004, the USCS Board of Directors reasserted the need for an annual survey to obtain sample postmarks from all U.S. Navy ships. Paul Bunter, USCS 11072, volunteered to take on this task. The Postmark Survey is usually sent out in early September to all U.S. Navy ships known / suspected to have a post office.

Postmark Survey Results

The results from all surveys (2004 to the present) can be found here. Ships covered by this survey included the following designations: AOE, AS, CG, CV, CVN, DD, DDG, FFG, LCC, LHA, LHD, LPD, LSD, and others.

 Click here to see the Postmark Survey results


March 2005 Special Survey

This survey went out to 218 ships on March 31, 2005 and was sent to ships that were not included in the normal September survey. Ships covered by this survey included the following designations: ARS, MCM, MHC, PC, SSN, SSBN, T-AE, T-AF, T-AG, T-AH, T-AK, T-AO, and others.

Click here to see the March 2005 Results

The results pages will be updated periodically as more responses are received and when new mailers are initiated.
This page last updated on August 15, 2007.

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