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2016 Covers of the Month


USS Turkey (AM-13)

2015 Covers of the Month


USS Beaver (AS-5)

USS Gannet thumbUSS Gannet (AVP-8)  USS Cherokee

USS Cherokee (ATF-66)


USS Northhampton (CA 26)

 USS Nevada thumb

USS Nevada

Newjersey-thumbUSS New Jersey  USS Vestal 1 thumb

USS Vesta

S22 thumbnail

 USS S-22 (SS-127)


RADM Franklin Hanford

S 23

USS S-23


USSWeeVee-thumb USS West Virginia

2014 Covers of the Month

USS Colorado
USS Colorado BB-45 
USS Marblehead (CL-12) thumb
USS Marblehead (CL-12)
USS New York (BB-34)
 USS Edsall (DD-219)

USS Edsall (DD-219)

USS Swordfish (SSN-579)
USS Swordfish (SSN-579)
USS Lexington (CV-2)
USS Lexington (CV-2)
WestVirginia-thumbUSS West Virginia (BB-48) Rhode-Island-thumb
USS Rhode Island
(SSBN 740)
Cut Square Cancels
USS Intrepid (Steel Sailing Bark)
USS Vincennes (CA 44)
USS La Jolla (SSN-701)

2013 Covers of the Month

USS Mississippi (BB-41)
USS Honolulu (CL-48)
USS Portland
USS Portland
USS Lexington (CV 2), Earhart search
USS Mount Olympus (AGC-8)
USS Sirius (AK-15)
USS Sirius (AK-15)
USS Mindanao Cover
USS Mindanao

USS Capodanno DE-1093

USS Wasmuth DD-338

USS Dickerson DD-157

2012 Covers of the Month

new year coverUSS San Francisco CA-38 ICEX -86  USS West Virginia USS California BB-44
USS Tullibee SSN 597 USS Chaumont AP-5     USS Belleau Wood CVL 24
USS Congress – Screw Sloop
USS Medusa AR-1 
USS Bismark Sea CVE-95    USS New York BB-34

Past Covers of the Month

(Protected Cruiser No. 16)
USS IDAHO (BB-42) USS Cachalot (SS-170)
USS Pensacola (CL-24) USS Patrick Henry SSB(N)-599 USS Olympia CL-15

USS Rappahannock AF-6

USS Nautilus (SS-168)

USS Honolulu CL-48

USS Pennsylvania (BB -38) USS Brooks (DD-232)
USS SC-1368 USS Broome, DD-210  USS Wahoo (SS-238) An Emergency Cover, 1935

Admiral J. M. Reeves Chapter #14

USS Blackhawk AD-5

USS California BB 44 USS Colorado BB-45
USS Jamestown USS George Washington SSB(N)-598 USS Alabama SSBN 731  USS Arkansas BB-33
USS Glacier AGB 4  U.S.S. GOFF DD 247 USS Fife DD-991  USS V-2 SF-5
USS Constellation IX-20 USS Northampton CL-26 USS Pensacola CA 24

USS William C. Lawe DD-763

USS Aaron Ward DD-132  USS Noa DD-343 USS Yorktown CV-5 USS Eugene A. Greene DD-711
USS Newport PG-12  USS BOXER CV 21  USS Mississippi BB-41  USS Cherokee at 66
USS Pollock SS-180 USS Rochester CA-2 USS Pollack  SSN-603  USS Coucal and USS Tang
 Lincoln’s Birthday 1934 USS TUSCALOOSA (CA 37)   USS Arizona USS Pennsylvania  
 USS Fairfax DD 93 USS Herbert, DD-160
Navy Day 1934
 Non-Philatelic Cover USS Missouri USS Pennsylvania 
Unofficial Fourth of July cover, USS Dallas   Unofficial First Day Cover, USS Concord  USRSC Oliver Wolcott USS Grebe, AM-43 
USS California   USS Luzon Departure of the Great White Fleet  USS Henley DD-391 
 U. S. Naval Hospital Washington, DC USS Tarpon, SS-175    USS Cachalot SS-170 USS Arctic AF-7  
USS WHALE SS-239 Marine Detachment Tientsin, China  USS Texas BB 35 Flag Day, 1932  USS Arctic AF-7 
 USS Herbert DD-160  USS Constitution USS Mount Olypus AGC-8 USS Relief  AH-1
 USS Moffett USS-362  USS Long Island AVG-1  Porpoise SS-172  USCGC Southwind WAGB 280 
 USS Trenton CL-11 USCGC Eastwind WAGB-279  USCGC  Polar Star WAGB 10 USS Franklin CV-13
 USS Whippoorwill AM-35 USS Skate SS-305 USS Mount McKinley AGC-7   USS Juneau
 USS Schenck DD-159 USS Chigago  USS Claxton  USS Oriole AM-7
USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76  USS Swordfish   USS Lyman K Swenson USS Tautog 
Boston Receiving  USS New Ironsides  USS Salt Lake City  USS Thresher 
 USS Mississippi USS Princeton  USS Dale   


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Cover of the Month:
USS Tutuila (PR-4)
Cover by
Steve Shay (#L-10821)
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