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Harry “Pete” Musgrove

(USCS #6,106)

By Steve Shay (#L-10,821)

Pete Musgrove is well known to naval cover collectors and students of naval history. He is the author of the “US Naval Ships Data arranged by Hull Classification” series of research volumes. There are six volumes in the series, first published in 1975. Pete started doing research on vessels reclassified during World War II and he’s continued ever since. These volumes are a good source of information on ships. They cover the larger vessels in Volume 1, auxiliaries in Volume 2, Flagships and amphibious ships in Volume 3, Patrol vessels and landing craft in Volume 4, Coast Guard in Volume 5 and Yard and district ships in Volume 6. The data includes keel, launching, commissioning and decommissioning dates and any reclassification or disposition data.

Pete is also a USCS member, joining the society in 1968.

Pete’s collecting interests are fairly narrow, the Eagle boats and spacecraft recovery missions. He also collects beer cans. (A hobby we have in common.)

Pete grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, graduating from White Hall High in 1942. This was followed by service with the Navy 1943-1945, serving with Naval Air in the Aleutians. Pete attended Ole Miss University between 1946-1948 and then the University of Central Arkansas 1949-1951, graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. He remained in the Navy and continued to serve in Naval Aviation 1946-1958. His helicopter squadron flew perimeter sorties around Guantanamo Bay 1957-1958.

Pete is married to wife Sherry with son Dana and daughter Beverly and has 2 grandchildren.

Pete’s professional life saw him working with PanAm Southern in El Dorado, Arkansas, American Oil, Amoco Oil and later Amoco Chemicals during the period 1958-1983. He worked in sales and at one time or another, his territory included the area from the Minnesota line to Louisiana and Denver to West Virginia.

Pete is proud of his Joseph M Hale Award that he received in 1996 for his research activities; he calls it the highlight of his USCS tenure.

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