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Stan Honeyman Award

Named for Stanton Honeyman, Editor of the USCS Log from 1981 to 1984. Initially this award was for the “best article in a 12 issue volume; in 1998 modified for the best naval/maritime historical article and the best article on postal markings/documentation. In 2003, the board approved a third award for special (not defined) contributions if selected by the committee. This award was first given in 2004.
Recipients receive a certificate and a $25 check  presented at the convention General membership meeting. The awards are also announced in the Log
1994 George Saqqal “NC4 Flies the Atlantic”
1995 Dave Kent “So That’s What Happened to 1908 Cancels”
1996 Curtis R. Kimes “PMs from the Mad Dog of the Pacific”
1997 Dave Kent “Mind your E’s and F’s”
1998 Bob Rawlins (historical)  “The Spanish American War, 100th Anniversary”
George Saqqal (postmark) “In The Beginning, Parts I-XII” (1908 cancel series)
1999 Dave Bernstein (historical) “Ship of the Month” series
Dave Kent (postmark) “Cyclops Cancel”
2000 Dave Bernstein (historical) “Ship of the Month” Series
Sanford Solarz “Covers Tell the Macon Story” series
2001 George Saqqal (historical) “Old Whitehead and the Black Prince” (April)
John Young (postmark) “USCGC POLAR SEA” in Dec. Hooligan News
2002 F. Burton Sellers (historical) “Thirty Seven Whatevers – Were they Haiti Visitors?”
John Young (postmark) “Navophilatelists of Yesterday – Marshall R. Hall”
2003 George Saqqal (historical) “The Second Battle of Guadalcanal 14-15 Nov 1942”
Greg Finnegan (postmark) “U.S. Navy Godown, Hankow, China, 1921-41”
2004 George Saqqal (historical) “Short Philatelic History of the Yangtze Patrol”
John Young ((postmark) “The Philadelphia Story”
2005 Mike Vining (historical) “Fleet Problems in Alaskan Waters”
John Young (postmark) “Navy Day Part VII”
Steve Henderson (special) “USN Censorship” articles
2006 Stewart Milstein (historical)  “Washington Naval Conference”
Phil Schreiber (postmark) “Foreign Navy News”
Mike Vining (special) “Operation Crossroads”
2007 Glenn Smith (historical)  “Screw Steamer PENSACOLA”
Larry Brennan (postal history) “Loss of USS SERPENS”
Bob Rawlins (special) “Tragedy of USS MAINE & John Matza”
2008  Steve Henderson (postal hist.)  “ICB Information Control Branch Censor Marking”
Larry Brennan (historical) “Loss of USS LISCOME BAY CVE-56″
Larry Brennan (special) & “Naval Cover Fraud, Fakes and Forgeries Series”
Frank Hoak III
Richard Hoffner
David Kent
Bob Rawlins
John Young
2009 Bill Payden (postal history)  Monthly Register series
Larry Brennan (historical) From the Starboard Delta
Phil Scheiber (special) “The Banana Boat That Sank a Battleship”
2010 Charles H Bogart (postal hist)  “USS KENTUCKY BB-6 at Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1915-1916″
Stewart Milstein (historical)  “The Search for KAL 007”
Dave Larson & Mark Jurisich  “1964-1965 Surveys of the Balleny  Islands, Antarctica Aboard USS GLACIER”
2011 JT Burnett (historical) “The Story behind the Cover that Survived a Torpedo Attack”
Randy Pence (Postal History) “Yangtze Gunboat Postmarks”
Don Tjossem (optional) “Naval Space Aviators”
2012 Randy Pence (postal history) “Yangtze Patrol Series”
Stewart Milstein (historical) “The US Navy in Asia, 2 September 1945 – 25 June 1950”
George Saqqal (optional) “Deutschland”
2013 David J Larson, Jr. (postal history) ”USS Florida Supports 1919 NC-4 Transatlantic Flight”
Larry Brennan (historical) “From the Starboard Delta: The Unanswered Loss – USS Cyclops (AC 4) March 1918”
Dr. Marion Rollings (PhD) (optional) “A New Member’s Experience and Perspective”
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