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Cover of the Month

December Cover
USS Edsall (DD-219)
By Steve Shay (#L-10,821)
The cover this month was sent by Gunners Mate 1st Class J.E. Loyd of the USS Edsall to Marshall Hall, a naval cover collector. The date of the cancel is the date the search for the Hawaii Clipper was called off, the corner card area noting the dates of the search and the comment “No hope.”Learn More

Member of the Month

Emil Cobos
Member # 7020
Emil joined the USCS in 1972. Around 1977 Emil was approached by USCS member John Wager (#4106) to join the local USS OREGON Chapter #79. The USS OREGON Chapter enjoyed sponsoring covers for the annual Portland Rose Festival/Fleet Week when US Naval, US Coast Guard, and foreign naval vessels docked along the waterfront and shipyards. Learn More

About the Universal Ship Cancellation Society

Founded in 1932, the USCS is an international philatelic organization of over 1,100 members with an interest in postmarks and covers from all maritime services. This includes Navy ships of all countries, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy bases, merchant ships with seapost and paquebot markings, related cachets, and other naval memorabilia.

It is the only organization in the United States devoted to Navy and maritime covers, and is one of the oldest specialized postal history societies in the world. For more information on Naval Covers and Postmarks check out our What is a Naval cover? and What is a Postmark? pages.

American Philatelic Society Affiliate #98. In our 80th Year.

Cover of the Month:
USS Edsall (DD-219)

Cover by
By Steve Shay (#L-10,821)

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